Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MODELING CURRENTS: Body Images Are Morphing

The concept of modeling is changing, and I'm thrilled. You don't have to be a size 0 to be a high fashion runway model, thank you Victoria Beckam. She prevented 12 models from appearing in her September 2010 New York Fashion week show for "appearing too skinny." Currently, her fashions are being worn by models who encourage a positive, healthy and realistic body image for young girls and women. Bravo! All fashion designers and celebrity fashionistas in addition to Prada, Versace, Armani and the British Fashion Council must embrace Victoria Beckam's shining example.

Uber thinness, long a requirement of high fashion modeling is the condition that most probably contributed to the deaths of Uruguayan model Luisel Ramos and her sister model 18 year old Eliana Ramos. Luisel Ramos reportedly consumed diet coke and lettuce for three months to "make weight," her BMI 14.5 at 5'9" before she collapsed and died. She was 22 years old.

Luisel Ramos, 22 years old

 (The above picture was taken from this site. )

Eliana Ramos, her sister, died on the bathroom floor six months later, not deterred by her older sister's warning signs. Eliana died of a heart attack. See citation. For all the young women, including any young woman who is battling anorexia, her soul squashed by the idea that to be FAT or OVERWEIGHT is a veritable social death sentence, if you like, you can be a Fit Model at your size. You do not have to starve yourself to do so! Fit models come in all sizes: 4-6  7-8  9-10  and Plus sizes.  The key ingredient is to be the exact measurement for the particular size, not uber thinness.

For all the MeMe Roth's out there who are opposed to the Fat Acceptance Movement which is doing its part to nullify the oppressive images that wallpaper our cultural media outlets' products, I say DUH, DUH, and DUH! It's the images that have killed emotionally, mentally, spiritually first; then the physical has followed. Health begins in the mind and soul; the body follows. Love and acceptance first; then health follows naturally. The Fat Acceptance Movement is an extreme to counteract the irrational nihilism that to be a beatific, sanctified, lovely, you must be a stick.

Yes, we know that for the female digital photographic image, still or video, to appear at "normal weight" the woman must be UNDERWEIGHT on BMI charts. DUH! SO WHAT! All of us, especially younger women must realign mentally and emotionally to think fit. Why not think Fit Model to do this? It is reassuring to know that if you have boobs and a butt you will be welcomed!!! (Boy's bodies are for boys anyway.) Do not think runway model to align your iconic image of what your body should look like. Even fashion designers are becoming more realistic and ethical. They do not want more models to drop dead on bathroom floors. Women may stop spending and design their own clothing; it's coming folks, it's coming! I can feel it vibrating in the currents.

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