Sunday, June 12, 2011

Junk Food's Siren Song: Reach Out, I'll Be There

Do you ever "reach out" for milk and Oreos, M & Ms, barbecue-flavored potato chips and  smooth onion dip, Godiva dark chocolate, chocolate dipped butter cookies, salted cashews (my favorites) or any of your Wowy treats during a blue funk or an emotional abyss that rivals Dante's trip to the third ring of hell (not where the gluttons are)?  A reformed fatty, of course, this has been my MO for decades. No more. I'm stuck with the mood, now and confront it in all its gruesome terror. But in the past, the wonderful, snif, snif past, I ran for the shelves where my safety net was stored to prevent the plummet. This reworking of The Four Tops' beloved "Reach Out I'll Be There," is a "remembrance of those days past when I needed my food fix, fattening myself up for any wicked witch or warlock who was ready to feast on my self-esteem. (making things better in my life...NOT!)

                                          Junk Food's Lure:  Reach Out, I'll Be There

When you feel that you can't go on  (can't go on)
And loneliness is your only song   (only song)
And your life is a wheel of contusions  (wheel of contusions)
You're so stressed in emotional confusion  (emotional confusion)
And your peace of mind is crumbling down, darlin
Reach out,
Come on, you know you need me
Reach out,
Hunger for me.

I am here with the comfort that will satisfy you.
I am here with the tastes that will see you through

When you're depressed and have no where to turn  (no where to turn)
Cause your family has shown no concern  (shows no concern)
And you feel that they don't understand  (don't understand)
And you feel things are way out of hand  (way out of hand)
And you need sweet/salt lovin' from me.
Reach out,
Come on you're crying for me.
Reach out,
You have to have me.

I am here with the yummies that will keep you true.
I am here with the treats that will deaden your mood.
I am here, with my love you are no longer blue.
I am here, you'll forget your pain and loneliness too.

I can tell the way your mouth curls down (mouth curls down)
And your expression is always a frown,   (always a frown)
And frustration has knocked you around,   (knocked you around)
Mashed all hope, flattening you to the ground.  (you to the ground)
I know what you're feeling.
You're mad, tormented, alone, darlin
Reach in,
Reach into the pantry I'm stored.

Here I am to numb your emotional throes.
Here I am to stop your tormenting woes.
Here I am to fatten you down to your toes.


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