Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Mike Johnson and GOP MAGA Eunuchs Bow to Queen Trump's demand to KEEP THE BORDER OPEN

The Border! Republicans are responsible for the chaos at our Southern Border. The Democrats are not. The Senate Democrats and Republicans in a Bi-Partisan Bill have come up with sweeping changes on the Border, giving Republicans everything they ever wanted. Sweeping changes. These are changes the Republicans wanted for decades. DECADES. This is the biggest, most comprehensive Border Bill ever agreed to, created by Republican Langford and agreed to by all the Democrats in the Senate and House. 

But the Red Queen Trump has spoken, "No!" Tiny Mike, leader of the HOUSE GOP has become a eunuch. So he says NO to the best bill ever written for Republicans by a Republican. It closes the Border! Why is Tiny Mike saying "NO?"


Tiny Mike has been sterilized, castrated willingly by Queen Trump who is head of the eunuchs. Queen Trump is Red, meaning MAGA SOUTH RED STATES. The Red Queen is also a reference to Lewis Carrolls' Alice in Wonderland. The ugly, fat Red Queen repeatedly says, "Off with their heads," if they do not bow and subject themselves to her whims. This is very like Queen Trump, who implies the same, "Off with their heads." If Tiny Mike does not subject his masculinity and virility to Queen Trump, "Off with his head-primaried." If Tiny Mike dares to take a stand against Queen Trump, she will decapitate him in a primary. Even if they have no power in their positions giving it all to Queen Trump, Tiny Mike and the GOP MAGAS would rather stay as castrated eunuchs then face the fear of disobeying their Queen or work hard NOT to be primaried. They are all lazy. Tiny Mike, a Christian against perversion, has allowed himself to be a castrati and the leader of castrati in the GOP House. 

Here, in a "religious" moment, Trump holds the Bible upside down. Remember when?

Queen Trump is an even bigger castrati than Tiny Mike. She has been castrated by Joe Biden, New York State's Letitia James, former Governor Cuomo, Putin, AG Barr, Prosecutor Jack Smith, Prosecutor Fani Willis, Rep Jamie Raskin, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Chris Krebs, Alexander Vinmann, two impeachments, four criminal indictments to name a few. And the Queen's consort, eunuch Tiny Mike has bowed and kissed her high heels, as have his GOP eunuchs who are insurrectionists and Christians like Tiny Mike. Tiny Mike bows to Queen Trump first and foremost. God is way down on his list. If Tiny Mike is a Christian, then Donald Trump is married to Marilyn Monroe.

Queen Trump was a derelict in office, a COVID botch job killer (we have the most deaths by COVID of any in the world.). Now Queen Trump is a derelict out of office. She is obstructing this bi-partisan Border Bill and Tiny Mike and his eunuchs obey her. What this means:

Reason #1

They all don't want Biden to look good. They don't care about people dying of Fentanyl overdoses. They don't care about immigrants dying in cities or crossing over. They don't care about what's best for our nation. They don't care. They lie and say the Border is the most urgent crises. If that was the case, why did Queen Trump tell Tiny Mike NO?

President Joe Biden won the 2020 election. Queen Trump hallucinates she won.

Reason #2

Alzheimers. Delusions. Hallucinations. The Queen thinks her fans (the RNC fills the rallies with paid actors and volunteers to cheer her incoherent statements to keep the Queen happy), will like this.

What US citizen wants chaos, fentanyl, gangs, more drugs, thugs in the US? We do not. We see what Queen Trump and her consort Tiny Mike are doing. They are destroying the once great Republican Party of Reagan which in the 1980s had an amnesty for immigrants, recognizing their contributions to the country. The Queen and Tiny Mike make the Border POLITICAL It isn't. It's a humanitarian crises. Where the Queen goes chaos goes, like Nikki Haley said. But the reason why there is chaos and death where the Queen goes is that the Queen of the Eunuchs is mentally psychotic, delusional

Reason # 3

Queen Trump and her eunuch Tiny Mike and his teeny eunuchs obey Putin. Putin wants no money to go for Ukraine. There is money in the bi-partisan bill for Ukraine. Like Queen Trump, Putin is another eunuch who has no personal, intellectual, soul power, an incredible delusionary coward. He is so desperate, he must kill his best friends and rape and plunder the resources of the Russian people and Ukrainian people who have a democracy to "maintain control," an illusion. He controls nothing. He can't even control his own bodily functions. Putin's war has largely failed. He thought it would be over in 1 week tops. That was two years ago. He counts on Queen Trump to help him. Ridiculous. Biden is a stealthy, clever operative who has out-maneuvered Putin. Putin is deluded to count on the Queen and his consort Tiny Mike. All Queen Trump touches dies. If Putin, the deluded, doesn't see that now, he is blind, deaf and dumb.

2017 Womens' March. Only a fool believes that Queen Trump wasn't in a conspiracy with Putin.

Queen Trump is a castrato. She has no power. She wants power. Tiny Mike and his eunuchs pretend to obey their Queen because they know it's "Off with their heads," primaried if they don't. The problem is Queen Trump has advancing Alzheimer's. She is delusional and hallucinates. In the advancing stages, those with Alzheimer's get very, very angry because they are losing control and they can't think and argue and reason. Because they are mentally out of control, they must control others around them because they fear and are desperate because they lost control of their memory, thoughts, minds.

Queen Trump who had ADHD and read very slowly before, can't read the teleprompter and goes off script making incoherent statements: "Nikki Haley in control of security in the House," was one of his lesser mistakes. Every rally he makes blunders that make Biden's errors look like minnow fish to a shark. Biden reads very fast and gets tongue-tied. Trump reads a word every two seconds because with Alzheimer's they can't recognize words. Tiny Mike and his eunuchs are accountable and should be sued for obeying Queen Trump who has no power and lives in the hallucinations and delusion of power.

Sadly, Tiny Mike and his eunuchs live in fear, not of God, but their Queen Trump who surpasses God in their lives-their new idolatry. Sadly, they are not educated enough to recognize their Queen has advanced Alzheimer's. They are too blind to see, too deaf to hear, to dumb to speak about her and tell her the truth, "You have no power."  They do nothing but obstruct and humiliate themselves as castrati. Don't they see that only a Queen who has Alzheimer's would make them subject their virility to her so she can cut it off? She can't tolerate a man who is virile because Trump became a  castrato Queen who lost her manhood, and power with the 2020 election to Joe Biden. Now, a virile man is an insult to his Queenship Trump.

Taken from a sign at the Insurrectionist's "picnic" on Jan 6th fomented by Queen Trump who whines the election was stolen-an Alzheimer patient's delusion.

The widespread House butchery by Queen Trump to the once male GOP House is death to the Republican Party by many cuts. Number each House member who is afraid of the Queen, who is afraid the next cut will be to their heads. The castrati number in the hundreds. That is why the women (save MAGA women who are men) have more power than the castrati. Women, like Liz Cheney and Nikki Haley can only be grabbed...they can't have their masculinity sliced to bits. 

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