Thursday, February 8, 2024

Queen Trump Demands Tiny MIke Johnson Head of GOP Eunuchs Do Nothing About the Border.


Queen Trump (see previous post at this link still demands the Border remain open, despite the bi-partisan bill with sweeping changes written by Republican Senator James Lankford, which includes everything Republicans have screamed about for decades. However, it is now clear that Republicans only want to scream like Alzheimer's patients about the Border. They don't want to make things better for American citizens. 

This is especially true of Queen Trump who has commanded his lead eunuch Tiny Mike Johnson to not even read the bi-partisan bill which also includes border closure if too many migrants show up there. Biden has promised to sign it. However, it won't leave the House where it gets a "NO" vote. Tiny Mike obeys the Queen, though she has no official power, and in fact is a 4X indicted criminal who is twice impeached and an utterly disgraced rapist whose friends number dead pederast Jeffrey Epstein (some MAGAS believe the Mossad sprung him from prison and he's still alive).

Jeffrey Epstein and friend Donald Trump in their younger days

Why is the Christian Tiny Mike bowing to Queen Trump (a rapist, adulterer, 4X criminally indicted insurrectionist) when he should be bowing to courage, the sanctity of his oath of office as Republican speaker of the House and his position as head of the Republican conference? Why? Because he is the worst of what a Christian might be: a carnal Christian. He walks by the flesh, lives in the flesh and bows to the arm of flesh, Queen Trump. Is he in violation of God's commandments-the first to love God with all his heart, mind, soul and strength?Of course. God's unction to fear no man and not worship "the beast" (the creature not the creator) is a blasphemy. It is why Tiny Mike cannot stand. His speakership days are numbered. And the MAGAS who control him with their Queen are ready to kick him out. They will never be pleased because they are as delusional as their Queen who is an Alzheimer's patient.

The Queen has spoken. The Queen must be obeyed. Senator James Lankford was warned not to sit down and write a bill which Republicans would like and which would include everything they want at the southern border. He was warned if he did write the bill, the Republican eunuchs and Queen Trump would destroy him. He affirmed last night on news programs that the assault emotionally, the death threats have been happening. However, clearly it is because Senator James Lankford is not a eunuch. He has courage, he has heart, he has a spine to stand up for what is right.

Senator James Lankford
 And if there is one thing eunuchs hate, it is someone like Senator Lankford, who is in full masculine display with his virility in tact. Tiny Mike and his merry band of eunuchs, who have had their masculinity sliced off by Queen Trump, can't abide a virile Senator. And Queen Trump, who is also a eunuch and is currently in full Drag as an official of the Republican Party of eunuchs, can't abide Senator Lankford's virility either. 

Queen Trump's virility was cut off by President Joe Biden in a blow she has not recovered from and has been in a full-blown Alzheimer's attack ever since. She perpetrates the delusion she won the 2020 election. She is so manic and delusional, she has taken to calling Nikki Haley Nancy Pelosi. She has said she beat President Obama in an election; she never ran against President Obama. And she is so distraught in her Alzheimer's fits, she refuses to even acknowledge President Biden, who has been president these past years. However, the Queen and her eunuchs can't argue with facts. If they try, they will only go deeper into psychosis and hallucinations which is apparently happening.

AG Bill Barr came against Donald Trump and called his election lies BS. He affirmed Joe Biden won 2020 and was fired for it by Donald Trump, now an indicted criminal for the fraud.

Queen Trump's Drag act is growing very tiresome. And despite all the RNC polls that lie that Trump has won and Nikki Haley should back off (typical Republican fraud) and skewed polls that show Biden losing (? what? the economy? infrastructure? the stock market? inflation reduction? gas prices lower? job creation-the most in history?), Queen Trump faces the threat to the last vestige to her masculinity, the tiny member between her legs that shrinks at the mere mention of President Joe Biden.

The Queen's Alzheimer's mania must be called out by Tiny Mike and his eunuchs, or they will be held accountable by the American people and sued. So, get the litigation ready for dereliction of duty at the Border, for dereliction of duty with supporting our European allies, get the litigation going for the extent to which the Queen bankrupts everything she touches which dies. It will not be the White House, which had to be fumigated of the bad spirits left there by the Alzheimer's Queen when President Joe Biden took his rightful elected place at the seat of government.

Tiny Mike, eunuchs, Queen Trump are all going over the cliff into the bottomless pit they have dug for themselves.

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