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All the protestations of Representative Marjorie Taylor Green that Donald Trump is innocent won't make him less guilty. Green has the Alzheimer's virus that Trump has. The virus has infected every MAGA and seeped into the Republican Party. Do they know they have Alzheimer's, or are they bowing to Trump and saying he's innocent for their own self-interest? Do they know they are accountable and are committing treason to the constitution, not standing for law under our constitution?

As time progresses, it would appear they have Alzheimer's, manifesting extreme forgetfulness. However, with mental illness, unless the truth fumigates the Alzheimer's mind repeatedly, delusions take it over and reality is annihilated. The Alzheimer's patients forget where the truth is, where they are and what is.

Trump forgot his place as the US President in Helsinki, never turning over documents of the meeting with Putin. A symptomatic act revealing Alzheimer's.

This appears to be the disease that Trump infects his followers with so they forget where they are, who they are and what their role is under the Constitution. Their Alzheimer's mind makes them unfit for service. The consequence is to commit a dereliction of duty and violation of their oaths of office..

Infected with disease, Green and the MAGAS treat Trump as their king. They have taken a loyalty oath when their job demands they swear an oath to the constitution to serve the American people. Green and the MAGAS are delusional. This is a constitutional republic. It is not a royal empire; it is not an autocracy or dictatorship. The constitution says what goes. It is the law of the land, however imperfect. However, for MAGAS, Trump is the law, not truth, honor, decency, probity, sanity, or the good judgment represented in the constitution.Trump is their light; the Democrats, their enemies, are darkness. 

Though Democrats' track record monumentally stands for the constitutional rights of citizens, the MAGAS believe despot Putin (a foreign adversary, hungering for the USSR in a return to a COLD WAR) is their friend. They choose him over US citizens, the Democrats; this is how psychotic they are, a MAGA delusion on steroids. MAGAS support Putin as an oppressor. Russians can't even mourn a Russian citizen Alexei Navalny because he told the truth about Putin and proved he stole from the Russian people, lied about a democratic government (elections are a joke) and financial prosperity. MAGAS support this murderer, who upholds NO FREEDOMS EXCEPT HIS OWN. They belong in Memory Care Units, because while they scream and rant enjoying freedom of speech, they only want it to be their speech which is propaganda and brainwashing and Trump's derelict lies. Not the truth.

Jim Jordan turns the House into a Memory Care Unit as he treats Trump as his king when Trump is 4X indicted for committing crimes. Jordan has forgotten his oath to the constitution swearing a loyalty oath to Trump.

MAGA ALZEHIMER'S is unacceptable. Trump and MAGAS are not worthy of the American people who pay their salaries and health benefits and other perks. They do not deserve the influence they garner. They must be ousted or charged or impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. Trump is being held accountable for his crimes (91 federal charges in addition to Georgia and NY state criminal charges)  by the American people in the 4 criminal jury trials for which he was indicted. His MAGA FOLLOWERS IN THE CHAOS CAUCUS SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR NOT CENSURING HIM AND SUPPORTING HIM.



To serve Truth, as Alexi Navalny the Russian opponent of Vladimir Putin did, the spirit must be flooded with courage, strength of will and the faith that goodness will thwart evil if someone takes a stand for it. It would seem those qualities are impossible to muster for the MAGAS. Fear controls them. Lack of probity and mental illness acuity and psychosis flood them as they undermine constitutional principles by obeying Trump and not their constitutional roles. For them it is much easier to uplift and support a fraud and derelict Alzheimer's patient like Trump, who would twist reality and the truth for money and to stay out of jail. It would seem an impossibility for them to stand as Alexi Nevalney would have stood against Trump, as he stood and called out Putin and died for it. Navalny understood that his death at the hands of Putin was more powerful than Putin and the entire autocratic structure Putin set up to stay in power following the old structures of the U.S.S.R. under Stalin.

Alexei Navalny was killed by Putin who couldn't take the truths he spoke about Putin's craven, murderous leadership. (from The Atlantic)

Navalny is right. Putin knows Navalny is right. Navalny's spirit of truth and freedom lives in the hearts of his countrymen. How do your obliterate an idea which makes life worth living and not worth living without it? Putin doesn't have the faith to believe in what Navalny believes in. By comparison Putin is lower than a slug. For himself and his countrymen he is not even a useful idiot. He is only useful as an example of what not to be. That is God's purpose for him and the MAGAS like Steve Bannon, Marjorie Taylor Green and Trump. Here are shining examples of horrible human beings and the evil that can possess the souls of men. I have prayed for Trump to be redeemed by Christ. I know all things are possible to them that believe. But redemption would require that Trump apologizes to the American people and admit fault, as Richard Nixon did and he did far fewer crimes than Trump. 

I don't know if Trump could ever publicly admit fault and ask Joe Biden for forgiveness for how he has treated his son Hunter or how he treats American Citizens every day with such disrespect. How can he stand himself, believe himself, lie about everything, refuse to see his actions? HE HAS ALZHEIMER'S. HE IS UNFIT, DERELICT, NEGLIGENT AND INCAPABLE OF WALKING AND CHEWING GUM...PRESIDENT? What? The perfect puppet and idiot for Putin to play upon.

Navalny was not a puppet. Navalny TERRORIZED PUTIN. That is why Putin tortured him. It only made Navalny more heroic as a martyr and SAINT.

Navalny's courage is stupendous as is his faith that his stand is more powerful than any fleshly power Putin would demonstrate including murdering him. Putin, by comparison, is weak, powerless, fearful. And the MAGAS and Tucker Carlson uplift Putin instead of the United States where the people have more prosperity than the Russian people who Putin oppresses while he steals from them. Carlson, Trump and MAGAS, like Putin are deluded, deranged and cowardly. They don't lead. Theirs is the chaos and disorder and oppression. When Alzheimer's advances, the patients are chaotic and confused. They belong in a MEMORY CARE UNIT.

Americans will not be lead by the GOP who belongs there in the MEMORY CARE UNIT as well. The GOP lost their minds and memories because they bow to a "king" who doesn't exist in reality and never will in our nation. Nor will he be a despot. Currently, in their present psychosis and hallucinating reality, they are blind and they all fall in the ditch.

Two men are cowards. Only Navalny-far right- will live in history for his courage and standing for truth and freedom. (The Daily Beast)

Alexei Navalny was poisoned, attacked, nearly murdered by Putin a number of times until Putin had him killed a few days ago. Putin wanted him dead, to stop running in elections against him because Navalny was popular. The people knew he was for them. All through the persecution Navalny remembered who he was and what his purpose was. His purpose was to expose Putin's corruption and oppressive, unprosperous dictatorship. In articles, videos and essays, Nevalney exposed that Putin, through a complex arrangement with his oligarchs, stole from the Russian people-millions of dollars and spent it corruptly on yachts, properties and a luxurious lifestyle and influence peddling, while the Russian people didn't even have washing machines.

Putin worked to murder Alexei because at heart, Putin, like Trump, like the MAGAS is a coward, afraid of not being in power. Alexei with nothing but his will, his mind, his spirit and his supporting friends and the Russian people, threatened Putin. Likewise Trump is a coward. He has feared Biden would be a better President and would win against him for over a decade. To stop Biden, Trump was impeached twice and criminally indicted 4 times. Now, Trump is terrorized by Biden, jail and oblivion. MAGAS fear losing their jobs, not being able to live off the dole of the American people, and 100% free healthcare. Throwing in their lot with Trump, they can't win for losing.

Such fear and cowardice is unacceptable. The MAGAS are unacceptable. The MAGAS have been put there to obstruct the constitution and function of our culture by billionaire FAUX REPUBLICANS. Since MAGAS are the most obviously derelict and incompetent, they can be bought. They have been bought by mega donors who give money to their campaigns, as sure as the Federalist Society has purchased incompetent Justice Clarence Thomas and other SC justices who act as the slaves, white and Black, of the Federalist Society. The puppet justices give favorable opinions to cases that increase the money and power of Harlan Crow, Paul Singer,  H. Wayne Huizenga, David Sokol and Paul “Tony” Novelly, to name a few.

(L to R): H. Wayne Huiznga, David Sokol, Paul "Tony" Novelly, billionaires who "support" SC justices and specifically Clarence Thomas. Clarified in linked article from Propublica.

Each member of the GOP in the House and Senate knows what Trump is, but they have caught Alzheimer's from him in a vast delusion. They refuse to call out Trump's crimes (4Xs criminally indicted) and hundreds of violations he committed in the presidency from 2017-2021. This was especially so on January 6th-7th the day Joe Biden's landslide electoral ballots were due to be counted by Vice President Mike Pence. Trump had a 6 pronged attack to obstruct the counting, a crime. 

He summoned insurrectionists to commit violence (read the January 6th report) to overrun the Capitol and threaten the lawmakers there and assassinate VP Mike Pence. For three hours he allowed violence to sweep the Capitol, harm the police and others. He did nothing and said nothing for three hours; people died and were permanently injured. He aided and abetted insurrectionists and provided them comfort and cover in a dereliction of duty by saying nothing. In that act of treason and dereliction of duty, he violated the 14th Amendment. Accordingly, he should never hold public office again.

MAGAS wistfully hoping to hang VP Mike Pence. Trump flag flies with the nation's flag, a blasphemy

MAGAS at a picnic with tear gas and Trump flags

There is no more confederacy. This is the first time this flag appeared in the rotunda in 150+ years.

MAGAS in the gallery.

Jesus is a VIOLENT MAGA at the Insurrection? Confusion and memory loss.

If the Supreme Court was like Alexei Navalny, they would rule that Trump disqualified himself with his three hour dereliction of duty not calling off his insurrectionists' violence at the Capitol five-ten minutes into their breaching of the Capitol. He would have told them to go home. He would have called in the National Guard to put down the insurrection at the Capitol. Instead, he had lunch and watched TV and in effect, cheered on the insurrectionists who broke in, hunted for senators and representatives, hunted Mike Pence, stole artifacts, spread feces on the walls and created the chaos that Trump wanted. After 3 hours and pleadings by his children, Sean Hannity, Rep. Kevin McCarthy and others, he made a speech and called them off. BECAUSE TRUMP SUMMONED AND CONTROLLED THEM, THEY STOPPED. THEY WENT HOME. HE WAS THEIR LEADER. IF HE WASN'T, THEY WOULD HAVE CONTINUED RIOTING, KILLING AND DESTROYING WELL INTO THE EVENING.

Liz Cheney in her clear-eyed book Oath and Honor, chronicles the Republican Party on the critical day January 6th-7th. Marjorie Taylor Green ran for cover with other members of the House and Senate. Yet, years after, forgetful Green and the Republicans stick to the MAGA delusions of Trump's fantasies he won 2020. In other words, she, Speaker Mike Johnson, Mo Biggs, Louie Gohmert, House MAGAS and Senate MAGAS continue to delude the American people, despite Biden's holding office, passing bills, meeting with foreign leaders and continuing in the presidency and running again as an incumbent. Some Americans still believe Trump won 2020. Some believe Trump is president.

Some Americans have the Alzheimer's virus they caught from listening to MAGAS on the delusional Fox, OAN and fake Newsmax and Russian troll posts.

Louie Gohmer, Mo Biggs, other MAGA House members voted not to accept Biden's 2020 win. They should be 14th amendment...the uphold their oath to Trump not the constitution and supported a coup with no peaceful transfer of power. Against the 14th, they must not hold any office.

If psychiatrists interviewed Green and the other MAGAS, they would state that January 6th was not violent, despite video evidence, eye-witness accounts by Capitol and Metropolitan police and under-oath testimony. MAGAS would state that it was a picnic, a peaceful protest, a gathering, a support rally and not a breach of the Capitol by all those who were summoned by Trump and believed the delusion there was election fraud. There was no election fraud. Those who have gone to jail expected pardons. Trump promised. Trump never keeps his promises. HE CAN'T REMEMBER THEM. HE HAS ALZHEIMERS.

Trump, Fox News, OAN, Newsmax, conservative media, Social Media posts by Trumpers and Russian and other foreign trolls fueled the delusion and spread fraud. This was a massive failure of the fourth estate-by  delinquent, derelict media owners like Rupert Murdock. Insurrectionists didn't know the election WASN'T stolen. Trump told them it was. Why did he do this? Alzheimer's or willful treason heading up a seditious conspiracy. 

Murdock stepped down after a  lawsuit for defamation Dominion and others sued. Thus far, Dominion won over 700 million. Murdock has Alzheimer's as he forgets the "news" is supposed to be non partisan. He makes money spreading conspiracies, falsehoods, lies, slander.

Trump and Hannity had business dealings in exchange for Hannity spreading Trump lies.

Sean Hannity spoke to the WH and told them to stop the MAGA violence.

 If you consider that GOP representatives still support Trump and do not call him out for the violence and treason to overthrow the peaceful transfer of power, committing the crime of obstructing the electoral count act, then we must come to one conclusion,

 MAGAS (the Republican party who bows to Trump and not the Constitution -though they collect their paychecks, health insurance, perks, etc.) are traitors. We might also think that they are mental defectives, incompetents, derelicts and delinquents.

Either way, they are unfit for office and must be removed. The unfit cannot serve. These do not uphold their oaths. These can't tell the difference between delusions and reality. They traffic in lies as a result. One lie they traffic in is Hur's MAGA lie that Biden has a poor memory. Hur, not a doctor able to assess memory, came to a faulty conclusion out of context. Hur demonstrated a dereliction of duty and abuse of power when he publicly stated Biden had a bad memory in his report, and presented him as a doddering old man. This is partisan defamation, considering Biden upholds his oath of office, when Hur and the MAGAS do not. Who is kidding whom? Who has forgotten their oaths? Who has a bad memory? Who projects their bad memory onto Biden?

MAGA Hur used lies of omission and commission and defamatory language against Biden for Trump's sake. No Alexei Navalny. A coward for not being professional and for abusing his power.

Hur has lost his memory and mind by not upholding his position to be objective as  a Special Prosecutor. His language was colored not objective. His mischaracterization and inflammatory words of judgment should have had no part in the report. The MAGAS in the DOJ, who swore to be non partisan and violated that oath let Hur's partisan defamation stand. Garland, in an act which is tantamount to a dereliction of duty, let Hur's partisan defamation stand. Garland did not suggest the record be corrected to reflect appropriate non partisan language. Garland's dereliction, and the DOJ MAGAS show an abuse of their power. They used the occasion to politicize with negative posturing and criticism. of Biden, projecting their bad memories onto him.

Who is behind this? MAGAS SERVE TRUMP, not the American people. MAGAS commit lies of omission and commission and project their guilt onto others. Their loyalty oath is to Trump, not the constitution. The evidence is this political defamation of Biden. What they accuse Biden of, they are guilty of. Unfit, derelict, abusive, defamatory, they forget where they are, who they are, what their job requires; it requires non-partisanship. Biden states frequently that he serves the United States, all the states, NOT JUST THE BLUE STATES. Hur only obeyed the MAGA line. That is an abuse of power, a dereliction of duty. Hur and MAGAS are unfit.

Garland (pictured with Biden) did nothing to correct Hur's report in a dereliction of duty.

That Garland allowed the unprofessional defamation to stand because he wants to look self-righteous is counter to the objectivity he is supposed to demonstrate as AG. It is a gross dereliction of duty to his own position. In his hope to appear objective, Garland is permissive, selfish and delinquent. He forgot his mission as prosecutor, who must uphold the law without partisanship. His permissiveness is as bad as Barr's partisanship stating the Mueller Report "vindicated Trump. It didn't; it demanded he be impeached. Both Barr and Garland acted with partisanship: one overtly, the other by doing nothing. Garland needed to have Hur correct the language and make it objective. He didn't. Garland is as bad as Barr. Where is an Alexei Navalny truth dealer when we need him in the DOJ? Garland does not show courage or live up to the Navalny ideal.

President Biden, Liz Cheney, former President Obama, E.Jean Carroll, Jack Smith, Judge Chutkin, Ben Kinzinger, Shay Moss and her daughter, Prosecutor Fani Willis, Letitia James and countless others who call out Trump's dereliction, criminality, fraud, negligence, psychosis and unfitness, do live up to the Navalny ideal

Trump, who seeks the presidency in dereliction of duty to the Republican Party, would, as he did in the past, steal from the US treasury having impoverished tax payers pay for his hundreds of golf trips to his clubs, and having them pay for the chaos he created with his COVID botch job. And Americans still pay for ongoing trials of January's 6ths violent insurrectionists to overthrow the legitimate presidency of Joe Biden. Now, in 2024, Trump would have the American people pay the almost $1 billion in legal fees he continues to pile up in the litigation and criminal cases against him. But no fear; he will grift the RNC coffers having Rona McDaniel fired and putting in her place his daughter-in-law, Laura Trump in an act of usurpation and criminality. That way, the fund raising off his frauds and crimes can go directly into his pockets and for legal fees. And the MAGAS AND REPUBLICAN PARTY SAY NOTHING? Correct. They have ALZHEIMER'S. They have forgotten their job, their oaths, and their identities. 

If Trump wins the presidency, Americans will pay in increased taxes for the little people and in punishment for his enemies. Trump would be Putin. At least Putin makes clear what he is, a murderer who takes away the Russian people's civil rights. Trump lies because he has Alzheimer's much more severely than Putin. Both can't hold a candle to Alexei Navalny's leadership example and heart.

Liz Cheney is like Alexei Navalny in her sacrifice of her job to tell the truth about January 6th and co-chair the January 6th Commission. He book 'Oath and Honor' spells everything out clearly, a must-read.

Meanwhile, Trump continues violating the law. He defames NYAG Letitia James, President Biden, Georgia Prosecutor Fani Willis and anyone who calls out the truth against him instead of being quiet. He demands loyalty from the MAGA Party even though he is not a government official and he is not the official primary candidate. The news media cites polls and says Nikki Haley CAN'T WIN. She will do better than they say (controlled by Trump) and continue, regardless because though the MAGAS don't support her, OTHER REPUBLICANS DO SUPPORT HER AS DO INDEPENDENT WOMEN. Trump, who has Alzheimer's forgets he can't call a primary before the Republican Primary is held and the states vote. Nikki Haley doesn't have Alzheimer's. She knows how elections and primaries work. 

Trump can't recite the capitols of each state, nor does he know where each state is on the map. (Alabama hurricane magic marker incident).

Meanwhile, Trump fund raises off the fraud he won the primary-he didn't. He fund raises off lies of omission and commission. Is this legal for a 4X indicted criminal out on bail to do this? CLARENCE THOMAS, ANOTHER DERELICT CORRUPT DEFRAUDING JUDGE THINKS SO. Many Trumpers don't understand why he has been indicted 4 X. Fox doesn't cover it, nor do other media. Trumpers who  don't read. They are ignorant. They don't care; they are functionally non citizens. Migrants would be better citizens then they. They respect our freedoms. Trumpers who have bad memories don't remember that freedom of speech also relates to responsible speech. They can't remember the Bill of Rights. Many have not read the Constitution or Declaration of Independence. However, those in the Blue States do remember and have read copies of these documents. They read and re-read them.

Alexei Navalny and Volodymyr Zelenskyy, leader of Ukraine have read these documents and studied them. They both spoke English. They understand what a Democratic Republic like the US is. Zelenskyy is fighting to keep Ukraine a democracy. We are helping him. Biden is finding funding, under the radar.

Nikki Haley will not bow to Trump. She has called him out. In that she does not fear and is like Alexei Navalny. She was swatted twice and her life is in danger because she dares to stand against Trump. She will continue against him until the Primary. To donate to Nikki Haley's campaign, go to


Where are the Alexi Nevalneys in the "Republican" Party House and Senate? Are there any who will stand and tell the truth loudly on Fox News, OAN and Newsmax, conservative media? Mitt Romney is like Navalny and he has left the former Republican Party. There is Nikki Haley. Thank God for her. We need many more Republicans, especially MAGAS to be like Alexi Nevalney. If conservative media does not allow truth tellers to speak and give interviews against Trump, then their owners must be called out as derelicts and liars. Free speech does not include irresponsible, inflammatory, defamatory speech. Dominion sued Fox and other conservative media for DEFAMATION. Other lawsuits must be leveled against the lying media who supports the patients in the MEMORY CARE UNIT, THE MAGA PARTY.

We need Alexei Navalnys in the fourth estate and all branches of government especially in the MAGA Republican Party. The Democrats are mostly all like Navalny with a few exceptions. We need those to stand with courage, decency, honor to speak the truth to break down the TRUMP/MAGA Alzheimer's delusions. We need MAGAS to cross the aisle and join Democrats to stand with honor and integrity against Trump. Somewhere inside, they remember what the job entails. Somewhere inside of their memories, folks who have been around a while know who they are and what they stand for. Reagan had Alzheimers, but he struggled to remember, worked with Gorbachov to tear down the wall and give immigrants amnesty. Republicans can remember THAT their oaths are to the constitution, not Trump who would be a despot. In that remembering is their freedom from MAGA DELUSION AND FREEDOM FOR THEIR SOUL. In that they can be like Alexei Navalny!

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