Thursday, May 19, 2011


Dieting!!! #%&*@+!  Yes. I don't have to abuse your eyes for you to know what those symbols mean. That's (translate please) what I want to say when I hear the words, "Well, I've lost 30, 50, 80 pounds on this wonnnnnnderful diet!"  I want to say shut the @#!%*##$ up you self-righteous ONCE FAT PRIG!!!

But I don't. I SUCK IT UP and I look down and stare quietly at my tensed up hands, praying for the next day to come quickly, because I'm not ready, not ready to "diet," "lose weight," "starve myself," "feel achy hunger pangs," see those gorgeous, yummy, delectable apple fritters or scones in Starbucks and have to RESTRICT myself from buying one of them when I want to buy a raspberry scone, then an apple fritter and maybe that morning bun with the mad cinnamon swirls throughout the yeasty dough. Sigh!!! You see, I know every last pastry in that Starbucks case. And since Bloomberg blew in on an ill wind, I also know the bloody calorie content of each.

The above reaction was me, MY MOSTLY FAT LIFE, until three years ago, when I was ready. I had come to the end of me. There was no one degree of separation. All separation between me and me had vanished and somehow, I was whole. I can't explain it. But I knew I had the power to change my lifestyle and I finally made up my mind to do just that. You can read the particulars in the post "I Just Want to Testify." But most importantly, I want to say that no website, no person and not even you can influence you to take charge of your eating habits for the rest of your life. You have to be ready. And if you're not, it's OK. It will come. I am quoting Shakespeare when a famous character of his said, "The readiness is all!" (Do you know what play he quoted that from, all you Shakespeare lovers?)

If you do, then I am offering you to take part in the TAKE THE CHALLENGE CONTEST!  No, no, no. You thought I was going to challenge you to a weight loss contest to lose that last ten pounds you've been slaving to get off, or that last 80 pounds you gained with your last pregnancy twenty years ago, or that 20 pounds you gained recently because your new, honey-man loves to eat and he's well heeled and takes you to places like Jean-Georges or Per Se  in NYC.

No! Have I taught you nothing? Your weight is your business. The readiness is all. I'm not saying not to lose weight. I'm just saying, the readiness is all. And that brings us to the CONTEST. Locate that tiny "comment" link at the bottom of the post and click on it. Tell me if you agree or disagree with me that "the readiness is all" regarding losing weight, and tell me WHY you think that way. Finally, WHAT IS THE PLAY AND WHO IS THE CHARACTER that said those vital words?

For those* who post a comment (agreeing or disagreeing and saying why you think so) and state the name of the play and the character, I will enter your name in a drawing. The winner will receive a copy of Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook. Why Weight Watchers? It's the closest thing to a lifestyle I can think of short of vegetarian, organic, live or vegan. (Have you seen Margo Dill's May 18, 2011 post on this blog? Have you seen Jennifer Hudson lately? Both are Weight Watchers lifestylists.)  The contest will end next Wednesday. Now, go put on your thinking cap then post your comments.

Clue:  There is a film version of the play, and Kenneth Branagh played the title character.

*The contest is only available to those living in the US and Canada


Margo Dill said...

WOW! You are not making this easy. Let's see, my guess for the play/role is: Hamlet and Hamlet said the line?

I do believe you are right. If you start out a "diet" and aren't invested in it for some reason, you will not finish. It's like most things in life. YOU have to be committed to it and have goals to reach. You have to have a plan. It's too easy to stop something that is difficult.

Carole Di Tosti said...

I think you said it all when you commented that you changed your approach. And that change had a positive domino effect. But first, you were ready to do it. Regarding, the play and role, the answer, of course, will be given next week.

Anonymous said...

Good one, Carol! Love the blog. I think the quote is from Hamlet, in the play Hamlet. Oh, to commit or not to commit, that is the question!? Once we promise ourselves to do something, such as lose weight, get in shape, we should do what we can to follow through. I watch what I eat every day, get on the scale daily to see if I'm up or down and excersize everyday, more as I get older. Walking is the best! 1 1/2 miles in the morning and again at lunch or after work. Keep carbs and fat to a minimum and cut out salt when or wherever possible. Green tea 1x/day is also helpful - drink lots of water. Snack on celery, cukes and tomatoes - they have 0 calories and are good fillers. Occasionaly you can treat yourself or splurge for a day. Just go back to your regular routine for the rest of the week and the bad will fall off soon enough. Always keep a positive outlook and know that if you want a bite of that dessert/bread/whatever, you can have it, but only one bite - or not, because it'll be there tomorrow or the next time, so who needs it?! Kudos to you, you look marvelous!

Anonymous said...

Great contest idea! I can testify from "the other side" that "The readiness is all." As a former anorexic, I was fortunate enough to have a caring family who provided all kinds of treatment options. Sadly, a lot of money was wasted and many tears shed before I was "ready," accepted the help and began to get better. Funny, like you said, I had nothing to do with when I actually became ready. It really happened to me.
Sorry, I haven't got a clue who said that line!

Sharon E Hohler said...

I'm a lifetime weight watcher for the 3rd time. That means I've stopped eating and exercising and gained back the weight I lost (the same dog-gone 30 lbs)twice before. This time I'm learning to live here because it's so much work to lose it. And I like my new wardrobe. Each time I've lost weight I've had to get "ready". Thanks for an excellent emphasis.

CarolDagostino said...

Well I guess I didn't read this soon enough as everyone else has already said Hamlet from Hamlet.
As for being ready, I was ready in January to take the challenge and clean up my eating habits. I was very successful -- stopped all caffeine, sweets, etc. Actually started making fruit protein shakes for breakfast and bought a Jack LaLane juicer. Then my husband had a stroke and I slid right back to my comfort foods -- ice cream, candy, fast foods, etc. So I'm now working on getting myself READY once again but I'm putting no pressure on myself as I believe it will fall into place naturally. Good luck with your contest!

SunnySusan said...

I am trying to be a good Weight Watcher...this cookbook would so help me. The readiness is now...from Hamlet by Hamlet and oh Kevin did it so well. Readiness and being prepared is the only way...thanks for the contest....

Carole Di Tosti said...

To b681844e,
It sounds like you have committed yourself to a successful life plan. I too find that weighing myself every day helps keep me on the right track. Plenty of exercise that I like to do, as well and walking with buddies is great and now in the summer, we'll be walking on the boardwalk by the beach.
I also like what you said about snacking on 0 calorie celery, keeping salt to a minimum and ditto for the fats and carbs. Good fats like nuts are OK.
It really sounds like you are on a maintenance program for life. Fabulous! You've given great pointers.

Carole Di Tosti said...

It sounds like you are going through what a lot of us go through with those same 20-30 pounds. But if WW got you through the other times, eventually you will get it right and make it the last time. I went through yo-yoing and much greater weight swings than you. Bravo for keeping the faith...and yes, it's harder each time to lose, so it's best to be at a continual "ready" maintenance: easier said than done!

Carole Di Tosti said...

Every time I put pressure on myself, I ended up staying with it until the pressure was off and that was after one month or two weeks. You have the right idea not pressuring yourself about it. You don't need to stress out about one more thing. Thanks for commenting.

Carole Di Tosti said...

Sunny Susan,
Trying to be a good Weight Watcher is 99 % of the battle. There were times I wasn't looking at what I ate and I didn't even look at myself in the mirror. I knew it would be a disaster. Now, Thank God, been there, done that. Thanks for your comment.

To Everyone,
Good Luck with the drawing and thanks for your posting.

Anonymous said...

The quote was by Hamlet from "Hamlet", and it certainly rings true for me. I had attempted WW a few times over the past 10 years, but I was never truly "ready" to make the lifestyle change permanently. I would quickly revert to my old eating habits, and regain any lost weight. After my son was born in 2009, I was finally ready to make some changes. I'm so glad I've done it- I look better, I feel better. I can eat anything, it's all about balance. Now, the hard part is maintaining the loss... a new cookbook might help! ;)

Good luck and skinny vibes to all of you!

Carole Di Tosti said...


Good for you that you've lost weight and realizing that it's all about balance. I hear you when you mention the hard part. Good luck and skinny vibes right back at ya.!