Friday, November 11, 2011

My Own Private Southampton

This is the place I go to meditate, think and relax. This was the first time I was here since the summer. Missed it. The beach is desolate at this time of year and not much more peopled during the height of the season except in 90+ degree hot and humid weather.  The seclusion is why I love it so.

Also, I enjoy marking how the tides and wave action play havoc with the beach. Certainly, erosion becomes a dangerous enemy. The gorgeous swim club, which may have been a wag of a Hollywood director's estate before 1913 and income tax, has been well maintained thanks to the dues of the members. However, if you can imagine, 10 years ago, the land was level and there were steps going into the backyard of the club that faces out toward the ocean. Now the steps are buried. That is the effect of the wave action and the tides. Amazing.

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