Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sugar for the Soul, an Uplift for the Spirit, Wellness for the Heart

Many soul-prints have been left for us as guideposts. We can take a measure of the lives of saints or those inour sphere of influence whose wisdom they have given to strengthen us. The following gems are meant to uplift and soothe. Enjoy what Marcia Evans, guest blogger offers to encourage you and strengthen your spirit. Marcia is inspired by the beautiful Lena Horne who was an American singer, actress, dancer and civil rights activist. 

The photos below are two of five Marcia Evans sent me from a collection of Lena Horne photos she selected. They evidence what Horne said about life's troubles and how to deal with them.

                                                                                                                          -Lena Horne

Lena Horne, was an African American singer, actress, civil rights activist and dancer.

 Lena Horne:

The following includes words of wisdom and quotes by those individuals selected by Marcia Evans to uplift and inspire you as Lena Horne continues to inspire us today. Each of these individuals KNEW HOW TO CARRY THE LOAD!.

                                      As A Man Thinketh So Is He!

            Start Where You Are, Use What You Have and Do What You Can!

It's all right to tell a man to lift himself by his own bootstraps, but it is a cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to lift himself by his own bootstraps.

                                                             -Martin Luther King, Jr., civil-rights leader (1929-1968)                       "Great minds have purpose, little minds have wishes"
The older you get, the more you realize it isn't only about material things, or pride or ego.
 It's about our hearts and who they beat for!!!

                                                        -THE AMAZING ACTRESS LORETTA DEVINE

Take care of  your Thoughts because they become our Words
Take care of your Words because they become our Actions
Take care of your Actions because they will become our Habits
Take care of your Habits because they will form your Character
Take care of your Character because it will form your Destiny
and your Destiny will be your life!!!

Being Happy is not a matter of Destiny
It is a matter of Options that WE CHOOSE!!!

"The Law of Action and Reaction is not exclusively for Physics.
 It is also of Human Relationships.
If We Act with Goodness, We will Receive Goodness
If We Act with Evil,  We will Receive Evil"

A nation that continues to year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching SPIRITUAL DEATH!!!
 Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
 "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou
"Soar, eat ether, see what has never been seen; depart, be lost, / But CLIMB" - Edna St. Vincent Millay (Oprah shared this poem w/her 1st graduating class in South Africa school for girls.
 In lieu of the US Open (9-15) my hero comes to mind:
"The ideal attitude is to be physically loose and mentally tight" - Arthur Ashe
"From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life" - Arthur Ashe
Music to me is deeper than Philosophy. 
Music is what I use to communicate when I don't want to relay my thoughts through language. 
Music is when I can't remain silent and I need to express my inner feelings.  
Music allows me to respond with my body in a visceral & intellectual  manner! 
Music sustains my Heart/Mind & Soul! 
- by Marcia Evans

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Prostate Cancer. A Cautionary Tale of My Father

Echinacea has less side effects and has anti-bacterial properties. It is better than chemicals and powerful antibiotics.
After I witnessed the medical profession deal with my father's supposed prostate cancer, I have had a turn around in what I am willing to allow my family to undergo in the hands of the (MIC), the medical industrial complex. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer at 90 years of age, based upon a PSA test. This was in the 1990s; my father died in 1998. Years later, the doctor who created the PSA test wrote an apologetic editorial in the NY Times stating that the PSA test for prostate cancer had been egregiously misused by doctors to justify various treatments including seed radiation, surgery, Lupron, etc., treatments that were in effect, overkill. These were prescribed even for elderly males in advanced years when the cancer was so slow growing as to be practically benign. The creator of the PSA test stated that the use of the PSA was patently wrong and it was obviously being done to advance the bank accounts of doctors and Big Pharma. The editorial was a warning to the general public to be on high alert.

Medical diagnostics like drugs are a slippery slope.
 I wish I had known this when a doctor my sister-in-law (a nurse) recommended told us my father had prostate cancer based upon his PSA. He had an enlarged prostate, no pain and urinated frequently. The doctor insisted on prescribing Lupron for the rest of his life (it should only have been for 1 year). The doctor was wrong. We didn't know it. We followed the prescriptions for Lupron which over a five year period created various complications that the MIC and the doctor did not note or forewarn us of. One of them was increased emotional stress and a change in body chemistry hormones. (lupron is a female hormone). In any case my father who had no other medical condition (no high blood pressure, no heart condition, etc.) and whose body had been pristine and fairly clean (he was very active-gardened and we thought of him as a strong man with a strong immune system) now was receiving dosages of chemicals. Who scientifically knows how this impacted his body, his mind, his soul? All I know is WHAT HAPPENED. Anecdotal evidence is crap to the scientific community, is it not? How convenient.

Dad deteriorated. There was an obvious change in his body chemistry and the Lupron made him hyper emotional and confused and stressed him out. He fell due to loss of blood and was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer...given anesthetic, of course and a drug which made him salivate and become nearly comatose, but kept him from climbing out of bed to get out of the hospital. (his fear was well grounded and he was prescient...but the MIC doesn't believe in a soul or spirit... so he was off his rocker). The nurses LOVED the drug because overworked...he was "out of it" and they could go to other patients (never mind what it did to Dad's body).
The size of a meds dose differs for everyone.

He was discharged. He was put on more prescriptions; he deteriorated more, fell, had a hip replacement and more anesthesia-which caused more memory loss. There were painkillers and more drugs. Then he was put on a catheter which the nurse said he would have for the rest of his life. (she was God and pronounced his death sentence...we were ignorant and believed her). The catheter caused incredible problems and we had to give my Dad antibiotics to stem the frequent infections...more powerful drugs, side effects on top of the Lupron. We had to watch his red blood supply and to counteract the lowered blood count do other things. Indeed, his body chemistry was changed and his immune system was being overcome.

Thus, instead of using homeopathetic protocols to encourage my Dad's immune system to deal, we continued to weaken it with more drugs, more toxins, more chemicals and crappy convenience food. (he did well for a time on Chinese take out, most probably because it was fresh, but the MSG was bad). Big Pharma, the doctors, the hospital bled his Medicare insurance gradually as he kept on returning to the hospital for various reasons: infections, a procedure to see if he had colon cancer, other ridiculous stuff. My God, the man was 92. By this time, his immune system had been tremendously compromised and was not functioning. This was caused not by his prostate cancer at 93, but by the Lupron, antibiotics reflux meds (I never understood this...but it is given to the elderly whether they need it or not), and other meds. My Dad's body was a toxic dumping ground. Thank you for all the legal mainstream medical protocols that work in the name of "making folks better." This irony is incredibly laughable. But I don't find it funny.

Grounding on the beach is crucial to a strong immune system.
 My Dad's doctor who I had a modicum of trust for because he was of Indian extraction and had a great respect for the elderly, was called to India. His own Dad had fallen  ill. I took Dad to another doctor, a female who gave him more drugs, including a water pill which dehydrated him. Did she know of the side effects? My Indian doctor did and when he came back immediately gave him potassium.

This female doctor arranged for a scan to see how "advanced" the cancer was. I had to sign off on the red dyes that were pumped into my father's system to allow the device to "photograph" his condition. I had no clue what the dyes' effect was and I dare say, neither did the substitute doctor (who believed in fighting the cancer after the patient was dead...really sharp tack, she was). The test was needless; the man was 94. I was too in shock to say or think with reason and deny the test. What were they going to do? Cut up his whole body to remove the cancer after he was a corpse? I'm sure they would have if the FDA and the AMA would have been able to arrange it. More money for them.

Dad's weakened body struggled to get rid of these chemicals and inevitably, he died, not of the cancer but because he had been slowly poisoned by all the drugs and the dyes. I MEAN WHY HAVE FOLKS SIGN OFF ON SUCH A TEST???? IT IS OBVIOUSLY POISON INJECTED INTO THE BODY. THAT'S WHY. I WAS AN IDIOT. On top of all the chemicals, the inorganic and processed hospital food was another glorious addition. In the hospital for a long while, my Dad was beginning to go into organ failure. We brought him home for Hospice; my brother was going to "juice" him. Dad was breathing heavily and I suggested he go back to the hospital. Though he was unconscious, in my last moments with him around midnight, I told him once again (I had told him this before on other occasions) that I would be OK. That he could go and be with my Mom, his wife (she died in a car accident years before) and that The Lord would be there to receive him with Mom. A few hours later at 3:00 am he died. He died without complaint and with honor.
Dr. Gonzalez could have helped my Dad. He died this year.

I wish I could believe that I acted honorably. Knowing what I know now, I KNOW I absolved myself of researching my Dad's condition and sticking with alternative protocols to help him. I was as rotten as the doctor who prescribed Lupron and wrote us the surreptitiously threatening letter. My brother and I, especially my brother, tried in the beginning with alternative treatments then gave up; we became exhausted with the draining process of the chemicalization of Dad. He eventually needed 24/7 care and we and an aid spotted each other for 2 years in 4 - 8 hour shifts. Dad remained at home with intermittent hospital visits until the last few hours of his life where he was hospitalized and where extraordinary measures were not taken. He had a living will and himself years before swore that God should take him if he couldn't take care of himself. By his own admission, he was around longer than he would have wished. We weren't ready to let him go.

I think to a great extent I, my brother and my sister-in-law, a nurse, were complicit in effecting his death. We handed my Dad over to the MIC. If my Dad had his druthers, he would have peed his pants every day rather than to have a catheter or even take the Lupron. He kept on telling us he felt fine but had to pass water every now and then when he was 90. Why didn't we listen to him? He had no pain which made us wonder. On the other hand that was great. Why wonder; be thankful. He was in his 90s. Leave him alone. But a few years before my uncle had prostate cancer and it was very painful. Nothing could be done for him; it metasticized very quickly which was unusual for a 91-year-old. Seeing my uncle suffer, I wanted to forestall my Dad's suffering. But my Dad was right when he said, "His story is NOT my story." Why didn't I listen?
By 2300 this symbol will be eradicated.

Though hindsight is an exact science, after going through all this, if the worst of it was an enlarged prostate and frequent urination and no pain, I would willingly have allowed him to pee his pants and use Depends, rather than to have him go through that horrible, terrorizing, emotionally draining process which led him to an earlier death than was necessary. The MIC "wellness" process changed my brother and me. It destroyed us as we daily watched my father slowly weaken, not from the prostate condition but from the LEGAL poisons that were slowly wrecking his immune system and KILLING HIM. Was murder ever so legal? Was murder ever so profitable?

Would it not have been better to leave him alone at 90 when he was diagnosed with cancer? Of course. But to prod us on as the good sheep we were, we received a letter from the cancer doctor warning us that he informed us of Dad's condition and the treatment. It was a CYA letter for him and a manipulation of our emotions. You do nothing? You are responsible for your father's's your ballgame. This is it; the only way to go. (no alternative treatments were listed by that doctor..duh)  Like Pontius Pilate, he was not to be blamed or held liable if we did nothing. It was a creditable spur for us to take the full responsibility of DOING NOTHING. So we "did what the doctor ordered." We did what was legal according to AMA protocols. We followed the US FDA policy on legal drugs and chemicals and the story as you read above unfolded. Bravo and thank you US politicians, policy, the FDA, the MIC. Bravo and thank you to all the Foundations that keep you teeming in money. Bravo.

Filled with Omega 3s and calcium. Good for seniors.
 The total money laid out by Medicare and my Dad's bank accounts, adjusted for inflation was in the millions. My Dad's gradual poisoning and lifeblood draining kept the hospitals and their retinues-nurses, doctors, assistants, aides, janitors, ambulance drivers, etc., moving along and subsidized and sustained. His Medicare insurance and bank accounts allowed his doctors to feel like they made a difference (the Indian doctor did make a difference by being non aggressive and I do appreciate his concern-and the fact he DID NOT BROOK THE TYPICAL AMERICAN DOCTORS' ATTITUDE). The AMA was legitimized; the entire system of Medicare was bilked and the fantasy that the MIC is supporting HEALTH was perpetuated. Multiply my father's situation with the millions that face the MIC yearly; they keep everything afloat and allow the systemic corruption to prevail.

Bravo and thank you. The medicals are happy with the lies, the obfuscations the fantasy...they are functioning in a dream world and are in incredible denial. And they are supposedly brilliant and we must look up to them? Well, the MIC is a house of cards and it will fall because IT IS FAKE. They are charlatans with a modicum of "success" that if their "successes" in disease treatment were really looked at in percentages? We would all run to homeopaths and Chinese herbalists and other alternative medical professionals. Medical Deity forbid.

My eyes have been opened. I write this as a cautionary tale. Be circumspect. Read. Investigate. Don't do what I did, what my family did because we were exhausted, because I was working, because it was convenient. Or do what we did but know there are alternatives out there. Seek them and seek the horrible path of MIC treatments as a last resort. Or at least investigate them first and prepare thousands of questions and watch your mainstream doctor's face. If they don't like your questions, get out of the office fast. You HAVE CHOICES. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Above all seek wellness and wholeness in your lifestyle and have faith. And remember, you are individual and unique. One size does not fit all. Don't let this be yours or your family's story. Peace out!

Mainstream Medical Practice and Clean Nutrition, An Oxymoron.

Bet you don't know these plants.
 Holistic Medicine deals with the whole person, mind, soul, body. It also deals with proper nutrition, that is clean food nutrition. When it comes to processed foods and chemicalized foods like margarine, foods filled with coloring dyes, MSG (flavor enhancer) and junk foods, properly named because they provide little or no nutritional sustenance, holistic medicine acknowledges their toxic effects and eschews it.
Organic farm produce without herbicides or pesticides or GMOs

Medical school in the rush to examine "everything" about the physical body, decries other aspects of the human being which are even more important to understanding disease entities. It does not note the interactions between the mind, the soul and the body. It rarely connects the emotions' impact on the body. The medical industrial complex (MIC), and all of its tentacles (Big Pharma, Health Insurance, Home Health Care, Assisted Living Centers, Rehabilitation Facilities, et. al.), don't deal with encouraging health and wellness. Few insurance companies encourage through cost savings their clients' fitness, clean nutrition or wellness lifestyle to prevent dis-ease.

The MIC's profit agenda perpetuates disease. For them dis-ease as related to THE WHOLE PERSON, mind, soul (they don't even recognize a "SOUL"), body is not efficacious. As for the MIND? Medical practice doesn't acknowledge or review how the mind/soul/emotions impact the body beyond a passing reference to "Stress." The MIC strictly deals with the mechanical functioning of the body as a bio-chemical entity, though a human being's wellness is extravagantly complex. No wonder why in their treatment of disease, they have a high failure rate proportionately. Failure rate percentages in any other profession would be so egregious as to close down the practitioners of that profession.
Small pills, big chemical toxins. Side effects? Yes.

Finally, lifestyle which should be paramount is given very short shrift in medical schools. There is little study of how toxins and chemicals in the environment, let alone in processed foods, impact patients' immune systems and foment disease. Nor is there an attempt to understand the impact of non-organic and GMO foods on the body. Nor does the MIC deal with the impact of patients' longitudinal processed food addictions. Even some of the chemicals used for MRIs and scans involve toxic dyes that the liver and kidneys must filter out of a body which is already compromised by prescription drug toxins that have weakened the immune system.
Humans are the guinea pigs that service the MIC. Higher ups in the corporate world know this, especially those CEOs of food companies and agra-business and MONSANTO. To the best of their abilities they eat organic, clean, non GMO foods and drink filtered, reverse osmosis water that is piped into their water systems at their homes.

Do the CEOs of food companies or various medical related corporations eat processed foods? Michael Moss makes this point in his book Salt, Sugar and Fat. Corporate higher ups in their own personal lives, often eschew the systems that make their companies trillions in profits over decades. And many embrace alternative therapies knowing of the egregious side effects medicines cause. The Rockefeller scion was into natural foods and natural medicine. But check out what medical entanglements the Rockefeller Foundation promoted and promotes to this day.

Side effects anyone?
According to the film The Human Experiment, there are 80,000 chemicals that are in the US whose impact on the human body is unknown because there are few studies to test such chemicals. To date, in the US only 200 chemicals have been tested and in some instances their use has been restricted. GMOs, for example have fallen under the radar of detection in the US, though not in Europe which is much more stringent in their banning of toxic chemicals (they have banned over 1000 +). Though their medical complex embraces chemo, radiation and surgery to "deal with" cancer, many countries in the European Union embrace homeopathic remedies. I saw a special section in the pharmacy when I was in Ireland in April. They are alerted to worry about chemicals' impact on a compromised immune system and acidic body. They are aware that drug and chemical companies are sister industries. In some instances there is even be a carry over of chemicals into processed foods and medicines.

I mind not knowing if the treatment is OK.
 Bottom line: I wouldn't "mind" handing over my bank account if the treatment I was receiving was "perfect." I wouldn't mind if there were no side effects of meds, anesthesia, etc., over the long term. I wouldn't mind if the treatment guaranteed that there was no return of health issues. But that's not the case. With those who have cancer, the cancer stays in their bodies; it may be arrested for a time and doctors gleefully talk about how their "cure" brought the "patient" (look at that word...we have to be patient until the medical profession gets it right...thus far...forget it) into remission. Meanwhile, what is the impact of the chemo, radiation, surgery? What did the doctor do to boost one's immune system through the process?
Wild fish boosts the immune system.

HOW THE FAILURE OF ONE'S  IMMUNE SYSTEM CAUSED DISEASE is not a discussion you will have in a mainstream medical doctor's office. The issue never comes up because it is not cost effective, FOR THEM. Remember your bank account is what is a top priority. So the treatment one receives only deals with the body. We are more than our bodies; We have souls; I am a soul, a mind, my lifestyle patterns: what I eat, drink, rest, etc.

So I am stepping into the doctor's office with all of this information and he/she doesn't want to deal with any of that to assess what treatment to use. WTF? Medical school and their internship trainings only focus on a very narrow segment of the problem, the symptoms because the symptoms are the visible tip of the iceberg (using technology and testing). Meanwhile the full iceberg cannot be seen even to instrumentation ( instrumentation can produce false positives; it also doesn't measure soul sickness). What is the cause of the disease? The MIC doesn't care. What threatens below? The MIC doesn't care. How has my immune system been compromised to cause the disease? The MIC doesn't care. We must rethink relying heavily on a system that doesn't care about the whole human body and life experiences beyond a "medical" history. They do care, though about money. And in keeping with that paradigm, they view us as "consumers," servants, guinea pigs, potential users of its drugs and chemicals for the rest of our lives. The toxic side effects of the chemicals are an afterthought.

Waterfronts help one decompress.
When I step into a mainstream medical doctor's office, my insurance company BY LAW pays for an egregiously high proportion of negative risk. And this is doubly so if one is being cared for by medical practitioners between the ages of 50-60 who came up in a system that didn't even acknowledge that chiropractors were doctors (1987 was the year that the bans were lifted). So the MIC and all of its incumbent influences encourage medical practitioners not to care about how interactions between my mind and soul may be a source of my body's dis-ease. Pharma and my doctor don't care about the meds' side effects to my liver and kidneys, endocrine system, etc. They don't care about a bad diagnosis, or toxic medical complications. The rat wheel of more meds, more side effects, more dis-ease with the underlying iceberg still in tact is typical.
What of prevention? How does the doctor stir my own healing powers in my immune system if he or she doesn't acknowledge that within the mind, soul, body connection lurk the answers to eliminate the root causes of dis-ease? I am not receiving treatment to boost my immune system. I am receiving treatment that most likely will impair it further. If it is not impaired now, the meds will impair it down the road. For this I am handing over my bank account? Not if I can help it.

Naturopaths are different. With them you would be receiving treatment to boost your immune system, learn about proper ways to eat that include regimens of NOT eating GMO foods tweaked with pesticides in their plant DNA. You would be encouraged to eat free range and pasture raised animals, organic seeds, fruits, vegetables and nuts and the like.

You will not hear this in a typical AMA medical industrial complex office of networked insurance for consumers. So? You take a tremendous risk going to a medical "professional." You take a terrible risk going to a hospital where medical errors are staggering and thousands die needlessly. Regardless, doctors and medical "professionals" get paid. At least they could own up to the fact that the  Hippocratic or Professional OATH IS BUNK and their swearing of it is ridiculous if they are NOT planning to "practice" upholding it.

My wishlist is for doctors, themselves to "MAN UP." They need to tell or acknowledge to their patients they are caught in vises and are being squeezed by the AMA, Big Pharma and Mainstream Medical Practice training. They are confined by group think and the threat of malpractice litigation. Do they have anything better to do than care for the people who are the innocents and who want help and put their lives in doctors' hands? No. Honesty would clear the air and maybe create more caring individuals. I should think their consciences would be relieved, those that have consciences free from the guilty weight of worshiping at the altar of Mammon.

Thursday, August 6, 2015


 Although the analogy may be spurious, at times greedy, profit-hungry Big Pharma execs, the FDA and their prostitutes (mainstream doctors) remind me of religious clergy. You know, the kind who profess being sinless themselves (a patent lie), while commanding their parishioners to live like saints and follow their rules. If they don't, here come the "Hail Marys," and "Our Fathers." These same hypocrites THEN PREY ON LITTLE BOYS AND OTHERS and instead of seeking help or leaving the clergy, they seek asylum in the church and invariably continue their predatory practices. The church cover-ups over the centuries have been far and wide until recently.

Likewise, for years various mainstream medical practitioners' (include Big Pharma researchers and medical device researchers), egregious and erroneous treatments/drugs have largely gone under the radar with their lethal side effects, until recently. When family, patients and investigative medical journalists finally began to wake up and sue, word of medical errors made the papers. Unfortunately, the litigation largely has been a drop of water in an ocean of hypocrisy with mainly the lawyers benefiting as patients have died or have been damaged beyond imagination. Money is a small palliative and in some states (like Texas with torte reform laws) there is little remunerative recourse. 

The bean counters have proven that such litigation in the long term does little to inroad profits of drugs and medical devices and by the time the drug or device has been taken off the market, billions have been made. Why does this process continue?

Medical practitioners have sought the comfort of group think and the "legitimacy" of mainstream M.I.C. practices. These have been sustained by the AMA, FDA and various NGO foundations and for-profit or not-for-profit hospitals, medical universities and colleges and medical centers, etc. All carry with them the patina of "righteousness" and holy perfection. The irony is that this is pure image; the true story is that politics and corruption abide, and oftentimes, great harm is being done. (the burning, poisoning and cutting of cancer treatments are a bleak example). I especially refer to the treatment of chronic disease entities, not the great surgical emergency care delivered in some ERs around the nation. (few proportionately...not all ERs are equal)
Courtesy of Suzanne Somers book.

Of course (as in the instances of those abused by clergy) by the time folks wake up and confront the harm, the obfuscation and confusion and general "lack of ability to articulate" has created such delay that the situation is past correction. Family end up burying their victimized loved ones, not knowing if there was an alternative treatment to health and life. Especially in torte reform states, the medical industrial complex enjoys the money and the "status" of appearing to help.

For the great number of patient deaths that occur yearly (in the hundreds of thousands) NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE EXCEPT THE PATIENT WHO HAS BEEN VICTIMIZED AND SHAMED BY HIS DISEASE. THE EXCUSE OFTEN IS HE/SHE DID NOT ACT QUICKLY ENOUGH TO GET TREATMENT, not that there was a better way other than what conventional medicine offered. The predators have had "their fun." The holy church of science and the medical industrial complex have protected those involved. The FDA with God-like regulation has blessed the situation; the drugs, protocol and players are  "clean." This religious fervor permeates to the ancillary fields of medicine, i.e. psychiatry and extends its tentacles to all supporting rehabilitation and nursing care facilities. Medical practitioners need to wake up and extricate themselves from this religious group think.

For your own benefit and to as best as possible not allow yourself to be preyed upon, you have to become your own doctor/advocate. You have to discover what ultimately may cause symptoms which are the end result of underlying body imbalances that morph to full blown disease. Doctors are only concerned with treating symptoms, not underlying causes. So, get educated.  Read all you can about nutrition, holistic medical protocols, alternative treatments and interventions that do not involve heavy use of chemicals-toxic drugs with egregious side effects like "death," "heart attack," "stroke," "blindness," "nausea," "paralysis," or other symptoms that may cause you to live an impaired existence:  damage your immune system and lead to your early death.

That the FDA has sanctioned drugs whose side effects may be "death" and "stroke" is beyond worrisome. The notion is that the drugs are effective against the disease, but may kill you in the process. Then what? The onus is on your family to hold the company accountable. The escape clause has been that the drug side effects are printed for you and are read on TV in rapid fire nano seconds; you know, the voice over narration rapidly scrolls the long and horrendous list of the drug's side effects. So, you heard THE LIABILITIES (death, stroke, paralysis, etc.) or read them. Yet you risked taking the drug anyway. It is your fault not the FDA which gave the drug clearance to be used. OBVIOUSLY, THE FDA IS "JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!" It is INTO HELPING ITS BIG PHARMA FRIENDS. You are forced to protect yourself and be your own advocate. (but don't "practice medicine without a license") The medical industrial complex with its friend, the WHORE OF BABYLON FDA, have made it a Catch-22. You, the patient/consumer are...DAMNED IF YOU DO, DAMNED IF YOU DON'T. So are any alternative doctors who go overboard and state that they have been successful against killer diseases with alternative protocols.
GM crops cause sickness and weakened immune systems.

Is it worth it to even try alternative doctors? Yes, especially those who are licensed MDs who know both sides of conventional and holistic medicine. These doctors are trained in both aleopathy and homeopathy and are brilliant practitioners WHO WILL BE INTO YOU. They take their professional oaths seriously because they risk defamation and anathema as holistic practitioners. The better and more successful they are, the more the FDA is likely to go after them to protect the M.I.C.

Recently, a few alternative doctors have died. It is a shame because they were successful in helping patients over and above conventional treatment. Dr. Gonzalez of NYC, whose protocols I am familiar with and who has had success in treating many individuals with cancer, is no longer around. His co-partner is in practice. And they have a website. Their treatments live on and they in spirit live on exerting their protocols from another realm of consciousness.
Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, MD is dead.

There are many sites devoted to beneficial alternative treatments. Some of these have been around for decades, centuries and thousands of years and have been used successfully. Examples are those from Eastern medicine or are folk remedies of outlier cultures (i.e. the Amish of Pennsylvania). Some protocols involve herbs, poultices, fasting and teas, clean foods, fruits and vegetables, elements, minerals, vitamins, etc. There are books on herbal or ancient folk medicine. The interesting factor is that there are little or few side effects.

Sometimes, our ancestors, through trial and error jettisoned a remedy if it didn't work and the side effects killed the patient (unlike modern medicine). They kept what had power and efficacy, as in herbal remedies. The process was slower, but it was effective over time and the patient's immune system was able to recover and was even strengthened. Did this work for malaria? Cholera? Sometimes. Great swaths of people died, but some lived. Such illnesses were situational and conditional, pretty much like toxic radiation poisoning (the government kept this officially secret from those living near test sites for years; except for leaks to the press-no one knew). Unlike water born illness or insect born illness, folks who had radiation poisoning had one way to go: speedily into the ground.
Dr. Bruce Hendendal is dead.

When reading through alternative therapies in books and/or on websites, you must learn to sift, cull, weed out and cobble through, then make your own decisions about your own health. Good health is an art; it involves trial and error. As a unique individual with your own DNA, you must assess what works and what doesn't; you are the arbiter of your own health, ultimately. And you are an individual in mind, soul, body. Nothing is as simplistic as the conventional field of medicine in disease diagnosis has made it. The integration of the mind soul and body is what the holistic medical practitioner works best with.

The fact that medical practice is an art as stated in the professional oaths that doctors supposedly swear to uphold, does not mean that they "practice" it as an art. For the most part doctors do not acknowledge that you have a soul and only until recently did they begin to acknowledge the impact of the mental state of being on the body

This is part of the art that holistic doctors acknowledge in their diagnosis. On the other hand, mainstream doctors as a cult of science have not only forgotten proper diagnosis is an art, they have relied as group thinkers on their "esteem" and "honor" as science gods, pandering to the allegedly empirical evidence of scientific protocol. (whose results are founded on profits)

The emotional and unethical basis of such scientific protocol and research results nullifies and pollutes much of the research data because the results are tied to whether the drug is "effective," (regardless of side effects) in stopping symptoms. For example, Lipitor is effective in lowering cholesterol. On the other hand, it causes tremendous damage.

Let's face it, making money is a huge emotional component for practitioners. Company profit grounds the "science" which is supposed to be OBJECTIVE. PR agencies help promote and project the medical industrial complex's image of infallibility, again for huge profit. Medical practitioners work under the presumption that they know all there is to know about your condition, when in fact, there is tremendous uncertainty and the best they can hope for is your truthfulness in describing the condition and their experience with that condition.

Oftentimes, and especially with prescribing meds (doctors receive a profit on the drugs they get patients to use long term), they ignore that each individual is different and often do not accurately take into consideration age, weight, size, demographics, lifestyles, habits, nutrition and many other factors. And of course if one were to check into the research of the drug's acceptance by the FDA, that is a can of worms. The research is often faulty; the results skewed toward acceptance. On the other hand holistic MDs, naturopaths and homeopaths do take into consideration that you are an individual being when delving into the art of diagnosis and intervention. They know the effects of toxicity on the immune system. They do not prescribe toxic medications which can impair your immune system from fighting disease. Or they offer cleanses to purify your system of toxins created on the road to health.
Dr. Teresa Sievers is dead.

To begin to make proper disease assessments, medical practitioners must take a lot of time with you, asking you questions, using their senses to gauge what condition you are in, looking for the hidden information that you may not even realize you are occluding. Time is what mainstream doctors do not have. The naturopath, the holistic medical practitioner uses time as his or her friend. With mainstream doctors, diagnosis is quick and dirty. They rely on the scientific "perfection" of machines and tests to do what they themselves should be doing. Machines do not clarify; oftentimes, they misdiagnose, overdiagnose, hyper find shadows that appear and disappear (this happened to a friend of mine). Machines and lab results require that experienced individuals make sense of the data; God help you if the individual doesn't "get it right." Radiologists sometimes are notorious for this. Lab tests may be erroneous and have to be redone, if someone even thinks to ask for a retest. (misreads happen more frequently than technicians would like to admit)

Oftentimes, patients, worried and fearful, assume that doctors and their data relate the perfect scientific proof, when there is uncertainty. However, in the last 10 years, statistics, widespread and numerous articles on hospital and doctor errors, FDA approved drug disasters that caused death, the publication of the increase in malpractice lawsuits, and many other issues like hospitals being dangerous places (to pick up anti-biotic resistant bacteria like mrsa),  have taught the well read, educated public to dispute, doubt and question.
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez's lost interview.
To question is your right. You have a right to good health and to seek alternatives. No one, least of all medical practitioners and the medical industrial complex who IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU, should be allowed to use you as a guinea pig. You must prevent them from having extended access into your insurance company money allotment. You have a right to govern your finances regarding your right to health. So you CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO QUESTION. Ultimately, in the long run, misdiagnosis or overdiagnosis is much more costly financially, physically, emotionally, psychically and spiritually. And it can be a devastation for your family stuck with debts wondering if they could have done anything different.

If your doctor is spending 5-10 minutes to diagnose what might be ailing you and then relies predominately on testing, he/she is "JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!" Go to someone else who understands that health is achieved by a COMBINATION of art and knowledge of the body, not by the medical device company's or Big Pharma's "science." It has become the norm that drugs and device research is skewed in favor of the drug or protocol which the FDA has assigned a stamp of approval because someone has paid a lot of money to usher in its use, regardless of the malformed research design or inconclusive data "proving" the device or drug is sound. Speak to any hip replacement or knee replacement patients lately? How about mesh vaginal implants? The list is long and lousy of drugs and devices that have caused more injury and damage to people than if they just LEFT THE SITUATION ALONE.
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez is dead.

Ask like minded friends to help you if you don't have the time to comprehensively research your condition on your own. One thing you should know and conclude is this. If you have worked in an environment with suspected carcinogens (even it is not conclusively "proven" by the government-check European standards-they are higher and not as prone to corporate hegemony), toxic air, toxic dust or toxic, fluoride water, polluted products or petrochemicals, then you are at an increased risk that these elements may have poisoned you. Most probably you are suffering from the ill effects of immune system shut down as your body attempts to rid itself of extensive toxicity and stumbles in the process.

Likewise, if you are eating toxins in processed foods in cans and packages, and if you have not been reading labels, begin to do so. The sodium in a can of average chicken noodle soup could give you sodium toxicity over time. Coupled with the other sodium you are ingesting from other processed foods (check out MSG-known as "flavor enhancer"), high blood pressure is a given, among other weakened immune system conditions.

The body needs to be flushed of toxins. What you eat is more dangerous than what you don't eat. Providing you get clean water and clean liquids into your system, cutting out all the toxic processed and unwhole, unlive foods would be a boon for your immune system. If you are not eating organic, clean, sourced food, you are in trouble whether you know it or not. Nutrition involves more than eating vegetables. It involves eating NO POISONS, no herbicides, no pesticides, no DNA toxins inherent in plants (Round-up ready corn or veggies), and animals (put there to convenience and increase profitability for agra-business, not increase your nutrition).

If during your doctor's brief visit with you, he does not discuss nutrition or lifestyle or recommend an organic nutritionist (why should med school-6 hours of nutrition is about what is required despite the multi-complex, chemicalized- food-water-air toxic environment), then face it. HE'S NOT THAT INTO YOU!

These 8 holistic doctors were INTO their patients whom they helped by using other than the medical industrial complex protocols and drugs. BUT NOT ANY MORE. THEY ARE DEAD.

To find out about the doctors,  CLICK HERE
Here is a story of the 9th doctor (dentist) who cared for his patients and who is dead at 41. CLICK HERE.
Here is a controversial article suggesting one reason why the particular MDs may have mysteriously died or have been killed. CLICK HERE.

*medical industrial complex 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Flabbies, a Rotten Side Effect of Weight Loss!

This is a slimming arugula salad with provolone.
OK. You've selected the right weight loss and exercise program for yourself and perhaps you are under your doctor's care because you have over 60 pounds to lose. You've bought your foods, have your plan at the ready and have selected the times for your exercise workouts and meetings if you need encouragement from others. Maybe you have already begun or are at the end of your weight loss regimen and are enjoying great success and the compliments of family and friends.

My insane love for bread kills me.
Whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of losing the weight, there is probably something you didn't consider, especially if you are "taking it off fast," and are losing more than 20 pounds. If you are over 30 and are on a weight loss plan and work your gym memberships to a fault, you may not have considered this either. What will your body look like completely nude? If you exercise like a maniac four times a week with a complete weight routine, which you will have to do until you're dead, you should be OK.

However, the older you are, the greater the weight loss, the greater the stretchability of your skin. Eventually, unless you keep up extreme fitness, your body will probably show signs of dimpling in the areas you avoid looking at for long periods of time in the mirror. These are areas you have exercised but are stubborn and resist firming. Regardless, if you lose more than 40 pounds and are over 35, there will be the equivalent of one or more of the following fleshly signs: ripples, creases, the ever-so-gentle tiny waves, uneven undulations or horrors, the curtain folds and/or drapes of flesh.

Do we all have a genetic proclivity for flab after weight loss? As we age and/or lose weight our surface flesh which is very forgiving to accommodate excess adipose (fat tissue) also hangs around when that adipose is long gone.The greater the weight loss, regardless of exercise or slowness of reduction, the greater the likelihood of drooping jiggles marring our new, slender figure. This is especially so for Yo-yo dieters, who lose the same 30, 40, 50 pounds over the decades, like me.
The inevitability of the flabs  after weight loss.

Looking back on my 110-120 pound weight loss, though I exercised, had the right food plans and moved to organic food, little meat and no junk food, and took it off in two years and kept it off, there is something I wish I had considered when I started. I wish I had synchronized my weight loss with targeted exercising. How I wish I had hired a trainer to help me do this. I couldn't do it alone. The trainer might have made a difference, if I had stuck to it.

Some people go for wraps. Wraps might have encouraged areas on my body toward more firmness and less sag. However, I thought that like most weight loss gimmicks, they were a joke. I slowly lost weight. I am a thin, BMI 21 which is uber normal. Yet, I have a flubber effect under my arms that shakes with any severe movement. So when I am bare armed I keep my arms close to my sides, robotic when I remember to hold them in. God forbid, I do not lift them in the summer heat, unless I am playing tennis when everyone on the court is looking at the ball, not my flutters. My shapely legs? The upper part are jellies borne down by gravity. Is it too late to get a trainer to force me to exercise the upper flights of flesh? It's never too late! I just have to get up the will to do it!

I am healthier and much happier having lost all the weight. I have extended the life of my liver and kidneys and heart and the rest of my organs because, unlike before, they are not smothered in fat. Now, they thrum along like efficient tugboats without being  obstacled by the toxicity of any medications except the very occasional, like once in three months use of  one advil in the winter if I play tennis 5 days in a row in back to back sessions. I don't huff and puff going up 6 flights of stairs. And I look great in my clothes. It's a big "Yeah," all around.
This is what I would look like at 100 pounds: anorexic. No way.

But here and there, I catch a sidewise glance in the mirror and see under my neck. To get off this genetic creasing, I need to weigh about 110 pounds and that is an underweight BMI. My arms at that weight will crinkle like a bad case of the crazies. I could get down to 100 pounds of bone, but then family and friends would shake their head (they did this before when I weighed 119) and whisper behind my back how I was anorexic.

There is another way, of course, a way that will bring success, though it is very painful and dangerous with a long recuperation period. Have a cosmetic surgeon take care of the jiggles and jelly butter rolls and flabaroos. Countless women and men are going under the knife with fearless abandon. Many of my friends have spent thousands of dollars and a few of them look better, though I don't know what they would have looked like if they had done nothing. I do have one mentor who are in their 70s. They are normal BMI thin and they are good tennis players. Another friend my age thus far has repudiated cosmetic surgery and look good if she smiles a lot, like I have to do because of those folds around the mouth.

Cosmetic surgery is a viable option, but I am afraid I would lose brain cells to the anesthesia. I am too negative in my thinking perhaps, but I can't get it out of my mind that afterward, like the old Rolling Stones song which my X husband used to quote, I would be "Dazed and Confused."Anesthesia brings complications of memory loss. Many of my friends who have gone under the knife have the attention span of a fly on a wall.

Bottom line, for me, homeopathic methods are better than surgery. So back to the drawing board! I will have to engage in a self-made exercise plan of stretching to do along with my tennis and stair climbing. Maybe I'll hire a trainer. What can I lose? What can I gain? A tighter look. I really want to keep body mutilations and memory loss down to the bare minimum. Cosmetic surgeons, I am not ready for you yet!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Fat Warp Essays #5 The Rebellion of the Obese!

The way of the media, the way of the culture: be thin or be fat shamed.

Until women and men achieve inner resolutions which bring a unity of purpose in a community of spirits abiding in harmony, there will be rebellion, psychological manipulation and the desire to cut off Medusa's head (media images of the hyper thin body as beautiful) with swords of defense. Some obese women have gone into psychological combat to kill the skinny Gorgon superficially represented by celebrities and guests on mainstream media's women's shows. This is because celebrities in 45 second sound bites often are unable to reveal the quasi spiritual and physical wellness they may have achieved losing weight.. Sometimes, the TV program editors are agenda driven. They cannot allow profound topics on a program for the imaginary, dull audiences their bean counting marketers have determined watch the show. Fat people are sickened by such pap and in the past decade have answered with fervency using: fat rebellion, weight gain as a shield, fat rants on Youtube, books praising what it is to be fat and beautiful, apologist's rants to accept the fat body.

In both mainstream and alternative media both mainstream and alternative fat women have speared the unrealities of uber-thinness, photoshopping, the BMI calculator's normal weight index and they have piked these unrealities around the castle that promotes gorgeous appearance and fitness. They are continually raising a challenge to defeat noxious standards of "how thin we should be."

There are the inspiring TED Talks which "spread the word" that it is "OK to be fat." Panting in support of these rumblings against the grain of "looking good," the Fat Acceptance Movement  truncheons "fat ridicule" as discrimination. For them fat lady jokes are as as damnable as telling a woman she is ugly. The Fat Acceptance Movement has redefined what "looks good," adding 50 to 300 pounds as acceptable.

Likewise, in comedies filmmakers use hyperbole about weight and loveliness with celebrity casting to massage the American appetite; recently mindful of their audience, they are benign and gentle about obesity, unless the tone demands otherwise. The importance of one's inner humanity over appearance becomes a film theme when heavyweight heroines (Melissa McCarthy) are featured. However, the majority of women unconsciously are not convinced fat women are heroines. And unlike following the example of the thin and fit, no woman is mentoring and embracing becoming a fatty heroine.
Righteous rebellion of the obese in protest of the uber hype about skinny appearance and healthy eating.
 F.R.A.F. (Fat Rebels Against Fitness)

In a category of their own, not advocating "fat rights," or overtly politicizing their weight or appearance, there are those obese who are in a righteous rebellion. These women embrace the condition of what only can be described as fat pornography, or manifesting an obsession to be fat. In an irrevocable and peculiar turn around, excessive weight is the red flag waved and hauled on high. The mercilessly taunted fatties taunt back, crowding out others with their large bodies. It is as if in their hugeness they say, "Here I am." It is a subtle "F-you!" These obese displace air and oxygen with physicality. As each cubic foot gives way to their mountainous flesh, power is exerted and territory is claimed.

Rebellious fat people have a Walmart, Target notoriety or infamy, if you will; they are the online jokes as people have uploaded photos of their appalling appearance...examples of folks who shop in Walmart or Target. They defy the images of thin; they slap down the culture's lionization of beautiful. They succeed in themselves without acceptance and they boast with their swaying flesh, that the culture's finger pointing is wasted. The very act of "thumbing their nose" at standards of appearance is an outrageous wickedness. For them, that wickedness, is fun. So they intentionally eat to be fat to annoy and provoke. In this way they gain power over the labels by willingly becoming extremist. They are the ungainly, unsightly, grinning and macabre horror. And they enjoy this stature. Happily outrageous and offensive, the uber obese cannot be made to feel ashamed of their weightiness. They have gone beyond the state of humiliation. They revel in their power to terrorize the thin, reminding the beautiful what they can look like if they "let themselves go," or "forget" themselves and eat that extra cookie.

For the thin this fat rebellion is a loss of sanctity. Their usual cultural veneration is displaced by the demonstrated gall of being insanely, madly fat. In amassing flesh, the heavy achieve success by physically taking up space. Displacing air with huge mounds of flesh is an egregious condition for the thin. For who of them wishes to embrace the fat person's distended, misshapen load? The magma blob of earth is an impenetrable fortress and the thin and fit's attempts to ridicule, attack or reason with the fat creatures are like a bobby pin chiseling a battlement. They can only flee from the bulbous fat locker and affirm that the pillow paunches are not normal or reasonable or human. This is how the fat become the alien, the other. Only spiritual individuals, ministers, clerics or Buddhist monks would dare to communicate with the inner beings of such self-engineered, malformed mounds.

Judgment, criticism? "Would you allow yourself to be that fat: 200 pounds overweight?" The hypocritical, less fat, less overweight stare in wonder at the mountain of flesh accumulating on obese bodies. These obese have made themselves into a voyeur's playground. Oogling online pictures of ungainly, unwieldy Walmart fatties trundling or golf carting down the aisles in search of snacks has become a fun, finger-pointing past time for the average overweight person. Meanwhile, the thin cringe.

Doctors and critics are missing the point. Obese folks are projecting self-satisfaction in their rebellion. You can imagine the conversation blooming from their minds:
"The culture prizes slender beauty? Well, I am happy that my quadruple chins and hillock hips torment and torture you so you feel the need to criticize. I have gotten your attention, even if it is negative. I am gleeful and happy. Yes, I am disgusting. But I love it. Pleased to meet you, too! I hoist you on your own petard. I laugh at your disgust."

Anorexia is the reverse of Fat Rebellion; it is skinny rebellion against hyper attention to appearance. Preference?
 The Fat Acceptance Movement  is forced to respond in embarrassment when the unhealthiness of these megaliths is pointed out. What the movement doesn't realize is that the uber obese are not interested in being accepted. They are rebelling against the fascist concept that all must fit into an unrealistic weight image and when every one of us does not, they are ostracized or punished for it. That punishment is monstrous, not the obese person's fat.

Fat rebellion is the obese's clever stand against such monstrous cultural narrowness using physical metaphor, hyperbole and reverse psychology. "You say I must be thin? I'll show you my interpretation of thin!" Though they are are damaging themselves to do it, they are making an extreme point for all of us who hate having to fit these wacko skinny images to be a part of the greater culture's acceptance. The fat rebellious advocacy is just, though it is doubtful it will generate a political movement. It also doubtful that the current "fat acceptance movement" which is tame by comparison will ever fully "accept" the uber obese. However, my hat is off to them in their rebellion. I get it!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hanging in the Balance

Here is the devil I need to make friends with today.
In my house the record keeper of infamy, the scale, has been used for everything but its function. It is an extra shelf on the floor so magazines can be piled on top of it. Scale batteries are never replaced so it is dark if stepped on which it never is. Even better, I've tossed scales in the garage hiding them where I can't easily get to them. There, they molder and rust, unloved, forgotten. Matching my yo-yo weight loss to the loathsome devices, I must have purchased, dumped out and repurchased white scales, clear scales, electronic high points, to fit my bathroom decor and mental readiness. When I've purchased a new one, I fantasized I was turning over a new leaf and readying myself for a different weight loss plan or iconic transformation. "Fat" chance. Over the years I have thrown out fifty in the various Spring clean-ups, probably 100 if I allow for the truth.

When my excess weight is not recorded by sight, in the mirror or on the scale, it doesn't exist in my mind. There is always the comforting thought, I will diet tomorrow. Tomorrow is pushed farther back into next year. Next year never comes. Until there is recognition and fear, the decision to do something is pushed away. But sometimes, the light comes: forgiveness for my ugly fat is accepted, a particle of self-love and acceptance is received and a miracle occurs. I make the decision to diet. This is a long time coming. And though it may come, after initial weight loss, it will leave.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Naturopathy vs. Aleopathy. Should Your Doctor Use Elements of Both? Part II of my Medical Rant

Let's face it. Fifty years ago, doctors and practitioners (mostly aleopathic in the US), were not under the constraints they are today: the threat of medical malpractice, medical school debts, the pressure of the medical device and big pharma allurements, inflationary insurance, the stress of being overworked, new medical insurance under Obamacare, collegial/medical pressures to "fit in" and systemic bending the rules.

Alternative medicine has taken tremendous strides as the pressures have been squeezing mainstream doctors. At times, it would appear that only the few top notch medical industrial complex doctors connected with teaching universities and hospitals attempt to put into practice their professional Hippocratic oath. The public is NOT as stupid as corporate elites would prefer they be. More and more they have turned from aleopathy to naturopathy. There are medical doctors who also practice holistic medicine, implementing the best of both. They are turning away from treatments that they see are often counterproductive to encouraging patients' immune system healing. These doctors are less prone to overdiagnosis and overmedication. They continually read different journals and are not so ready to embrace an industrial medical complex approach. The trick is finding them; they are out there and they are excellent because they use a number of modalities. They reject the "one size fits all," stupidity of chemical protocols and systemic medical complex practices. Some are even specialists in cancer treatment alternatives.

Does your doctor tell you to avoid at all cost processed foods, sodas, white sugar? He/she should.
 The industrial factory office is the place where a doctor spends little time with you. It is the place where a surgeon (before a hugely expensive and risky operation), does not look you in the eye but glances down, looks out the window, or writes notes while talking to a tape recorder. You have to search for a great doctor who treats his patients so they understand the risks, a doctor who spends time with you, a doctor who follows the professional oath he swore to uphold. (see previous post). And for those doctors who use the three minute approach? For three minutes (minus the time you had to wait in the office for your appointment), they get to charge your insurance company upwards of $60-120 for the visit which may be a follow-up "hi" and "goodbye." Because insurance pays, and we pay the Co-pay, we may not think about it. Next time, THINK ABOUT THAT THREE MINUTES. Ask questions; try to GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH! Or switch doctors if it appears that his time and money are worth more to him than caring for your health and well being.

Increasingly, Naturopaths are receiving licenses as states license them. These alternative doctors spend much more time with you. They use a number of ways to check a diagnosis, not the least of which is touch, observation and listening acutely to the patient. They ask many questions and dig deep. They are skilled in the art of diagnosis and use intuition. They understand that as represented in the doctor's professional oath from long ago, medicine is an art which incorporates experience, intuition, research, education and knowledge. Overdiagnosis with medical instrumentation and/or technology which can overblow "every little infelicity" is much rarer. Over testing, overmedication, misdiagnosis and other problems are less frequent. They understand that prevention is better than giving a pill for every occasion, a pill which now more than ever comes with multiple side effects. They are not doctors who adhere to the American Medical establishment's entrenched and egregiously costly protocol in the service of the corporate medical industrial complex model. They exercise more care; use a holistic approach recognizing the person is least of all the body. They treat the whole person, mind, soul, body. And the good ones do this with logic, brilliance and humanity. And many of them are apprised that with the egregious amounts of chemicals and toxins in our environment, that toxins that are making us sick. Aleopaths discount this. Natropaths and doctors who use both modalities do not. (Dr. Mercola and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez are two examples of medical doctors who practice both, Gonzalez specializes in cancer interventions which work).

Gardening heals: mind, soul, body.

Toxic chemicals making you sick? Your mainstream doctor will burden your system with more. It is necessary to de-tox yourself. Click here for an article about this.

I have no problem with the corporate medical industrial complex model of seeing the patient as consumer. I have no problem with their looking for high profits and encouraging the doctors to exploit your illness, disease, anxiety, stresses. I have no problem with industrial doctors acting in the service of pharmaceutical companies who dispense medication like candy and hook doctors with special rates,perks and freebees that they do not pass on to their consumer-patients. I have no problem with doctors treating "patients" more like clients or that euphemistic phrase found in retail clothing stores, "guests," which does not mask that they see you as a walking wallet. I have no problem with side effects for meds that sometimes include "stroke," "blindness," "death." That is fine. JUST OWN UP TO IT and not in a TV ad that lasts 3 seconds or a huge print-out that may not be clear for those who are loath to read and understand the dangerous side-effects.

With the practice of medicine, we are discussing life/death/wellness/harm. The medical industrial complex to a large extent is guilty of predation and exploitation of disease and illness which results in harm/death. The determination can always be, "Well, they died of the disease eventually." Well, if there was NO intervention, would the person have lived longer? There are cases, many of them, where this is true. And of course, the opposite is true. There is a risk one takes with a medical doctor who is mainstream and who treats certain illnesses.

On the other hand, wouldn't it help if we, when selecting doctors, could eliminate the ones concerned with making money, the ones not really adhering to the oath they may have sworn to uphold, the ones who don't care that they are poisoning you in the service of their own profits? In a surreptitious way isn't that occurring when secretaries and assistants hand over the insurance forms for you to fill out? Are they not saying, "Just give us access your bank account" even though the treatment you get may not really prevent illness over the long term? Understand why aleopaths are there: for themselves and their families and to treat your systems. They are not equipped to treat the underlying illness or disease and they are clueless to properly diagnose it within a range of varied symptoms which could be any number of diseases for all may run together after a while and often do. Look. That's OK. Doctors just need to own up to where there are in this dark age of unenlightened science heading backwards. Admit it is all I'm suggesting.