Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chain of Fats

I was listening the other day to THE iconic Aretha Franklin song, Chain of Fools which sums up the arc of relationship devastation. Initially, all is great (Not really but if the illusion suits, we wear it until it's threadbare and we are left butt naked, ashamed.) And then. And then. Wham! We find out "we're just a link in a chain" of foolishness and deceit. Do we learn? Do we grow up? As the song says..."one of these mornings." But until then its B.A.U. (business as usual) for the fool maker and torment for us.

And so it went for me and my fat storage problems and my relationship with saturated long chain fatty acids. Now, I promise you, the biochemical science of this song parody is fatuous; this is a poetic attempt at humor, not a discussion of short or long chain fatty acids. I do know that long chain fatty acids strip the myelin sheaths around nerves, potentially reducing brain function in kids with ALD, unless they are put on Lorenzo's Oil. (Director George Miller and researcher, Augusto Odone, beautifully clarify the biochemical processes of the disease ALD in the stunning film Lorenzo's Oil, a favorite of mine.) And that's all I know, except for what I've read about saturated fats being unhealthy for you and polyunsaturated being healthier.

Excessive fat storage is a problem in our obesity-ridden culture and was a problem for me until I conquered it. Hence my devastating relationship with fatty acids. The following is my memorial to them after losing over 100 pounds reaching a Normal BMI of 21.

                                 Chain of Fats

Fat, fat, fat...(fat, fat, fat) fat, fat, fat, (fat, fat, fat) fat, fat, fat...(fat) (fat) (fat) chain of fats.

For many sad years, you've had the upper hand.
But I woke up, now, you know you're in my command.
Oh, I got you where I want you!
I'm no longer your tool.
I end fat orgies, oh,
With life-health rules.

Fat, fat, fat...(fat, fat, fat) chain of fats

Unfastened your chain and keep it undone.
I'm not your puuuuppppet; I got back my strength.
Oh, yeah!

(aw) You want (aw) me to throw you (aw) a bone. (aw)
(aw) My soul said (aw) change your (aw) tone.  (aw)
(aw) My friends said, (aw) "Hey nice (aw) goin'"!  (aw)
(aw) My determination (aw) is much too (aw) strong. (aw)
I've broken your hold...fat, fat, fat...(fat, fat, fat) fat, fat, fat (fat, fat, fat) fat, fat, faaaat......chain of fats.

Oh. All of these sweet days...the chain's aligned
The fat's not comin' back, yeah, 'cause my health is divine.
Oh, yeah!

Fat, fat, fat...(fat, fat, fat) fat, fat, fat, (fat, fat, fat) fat, fat, faaat... chain of fats.
Fat, fat, fat...(short chain fats) fat, fat, fat (short chain fats) fat, fat, faaaat...chain of fats.

Here are the original lyrics to the song. (click link)   Here is Aretha singing it a long time ago. (click)

So long fat storage issues! Bon appetite, America!


Shanan, The Book Addict said...

I am following from E&K Family Book Review. Your six word sum up intrigued me. :)


Carole Di Tosti said...

Unnatural Selection poses a conundrum for women culturally/globally. I support the concept of Planned Parenthood on the one hand, but I'm totally upset about gender genocide going on in this country, NOW. Thanks for your comment. Will check out your blog and follow.