Sunday, August 14, 2011

FAT THINK! Huh, Yeah, What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing!

It's raining today in NYC and I am obsessing about the Master Cleanse, trying to muster the determination to "just do it after this extended "ease in" phase. But hesitation about the laxative angle is really putting me into dither land. So here I am futzing to divert my obsession. Hope the result is entertaining. Anyway, it's enlightening to revisit a superb song like Edwin Starr's WAR if you haven't heard it recently.

I recombined the lyrics to satirize our Culture of Thin's horror of appearing/being fat and obsession with being thinner than a size 2. I feel for younger women who are pressured between the Scylla of stick insect thinness and the Charybdis of iconic blonde hair, tiny perfect features, blue eyes, big boobs, a flat stomach and firm buttocks. We have been bamboozled into FAT THINK, and the competitive warfare agents of the weight loss industry, medical industrial complex, fashion industry, advertising machine and food industry combine to loosen our dirty dollars from our sweaty palms and spend them on a host of dieting gadgets, books and websites, surgeries, exercise equipment and gym memberships, appetite suppressants, fat diverters (Alli) etc., to adhere to the tenets of FAT THINK folkways.  As Edwin Starr in 1968 railed against the Vietnam war, I am enjoining his song, highlighting how social engineering through FAT THINK has warred against our souls to create the fascist Culture of Thin. This misplaced "War Against Fat," is anathema. Cui Bono? (Who benefits?) Certainly not the overweight or obese.

Here are my lyrics to FAT THINK. 
(reconfigured to the song WAR by Edwin Starr)

           FAT  THINK
FAT THINK! Huh. Yeah                                                       
What is it good for?                                                             
Absolutely nothing. Uh-Huh.                                             

FAT THINK! Huh, yeah                                                       
What are you good for?                                                       
Absolutely nothing.                                                             
Say it again, y'all.                                                                  
FAT THINK! Huh, Good God!                                            
What are you good for?                                                       
Absolutely nothing.                                                               
Listen to me.                                                                          
FAT THINK I despise
Because it creates hurt and hell                                            
For many American lives.                                                                                                   
FAT THINK means shame                                                    
For thousands of heavy folks                                               
When they go to school or jobs
They're the butt of laughs and jokes.                                   
I say, FAT THINK, Huh!                                                        .
Good God, y'all.                                                                    
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing.                                                             
I say it again.                                                                       
FAT THINK, whoa, Lord.                                                  
What are you good for?
Absolutely nothing.                                                           
Now, listen to me.                                                               
FAT THINK! Ain't nothing but a soul taker.                                                       
FAT THINK! Friend to the diet maker.                             
Is an enemy to women and men.                                        
Your attempt to control and condemn.                             
Creating anorexics and obesers.                                       
Within the younger generation.                                        
You bully, reject, berate,
No one's a sensation.                                                         
AAAh. FAT THINK!                                                          
Good God! Y'all!                                                                
What is it good for?                                                          
Absolutely nothing! Say, say it, say it.                              

FAT THINK! Huh, yeah.                                                    
What is it good for?                                                            
Absolutely nothing.                                                             
Listen to me.                                                                       
FAT THINK! It ain't nothing but a misery maker.
FAT THINK, friend of weight loss creators.                     
FAT THINK's shattered many a young girl's dreams        
Made them competing bitches, so nasty and mean.          
People must be accepting and loving,                                
Free from FAT THINK's cruel ways.
FAT THINK causes hatred.
And all of us it betrays.

Good God, y'all.
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing.
Say it again.

FAT THINK! Whooaa Lord.
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing.
Listen to me.

FAT THINK! Ain't nothing but a mind raker.
FAT THINK! Friend only to the surgery maker.
Love, Peace and acceptance,
Tell me why have you gone away?
Been replaced by sick cultural values
That cause our soul's decay.

Good God, y'all.
What is it good for?
You tell me.
Say it, say it, say it, say it.

Good God, y'all
What is it good for?
Stand up and rout it!

I wonder what Jackie Chan's take would be on FAT THINK? Here is his take on WAR from Rush Hour.


Anonymous said...

Your creativity amazes me!

Carole Di Tosti said...

You are so encouraging, Abby. Thanks for your support.

Ben the Health Nut said...

Well now you are also a Lyricist.
After doing the Master Cleanse, do a lyric
on this and I'll do the music.

Carole Di Tosti said...

Oh, dear, I'm not there yet with the Master Cleanse! I am doing a partial. I find I can't make it to the end of the day. But I'll try to write something. Maybe I'll just do a song lyric and send it over to you.