Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Joe Biden Jr. 's Inner Faith in the People's Will Overthrows the Tyranny of Donald Trump and Trumpers; The Constitution Holds

Patti Lupone and Randy Rainbow earlier this year with a song they posted on YouTube

 Joe Biden Jr. won the 2020 election with 306 electoral votes to Trump's 232. On December 14th the electors in their state houses confirmed and certified Joe Biden Jr. as President and Kamala Harris as Vice president. President-elect Biden addressed the nation about moving on. 

In his address Biden said that 17 Republican states attorneys general and 126 Republican members of Congress signed on to a baseless Texas lawsuit before the Supreme Court to reject certified vote counts in swing states. With Trump the Republicans intended to get the Supreme Court to wipe out the votes of over 20 million voters. Thankfully, the Supreme Court immediately rejected the suit as lacking merit. They affirmed they wanted no part of this "assault on democracy."

President-elect Biden pointed out that Trump was not denied any course of action he wanted to take to prove the election was rigged. Though he and his lawyers tried, they just couldn't prove his claims legally in a court of law. Trump's lawyers provided no supporting facts or evidence that the election was a fraud. He had petitioned state representatives, judges, secretaries of state and legislatures of swing states to overturn the vote. Georgia had three recounts. Other swing states had recounts. Finally, all the states certified their election counts. For over 60 times, Trump's cases were thrown down and again and again Joe Biden Jr. won. Nevertheless, Trump refused to respect the will of the people, legislatures and courts by persisting in his feeble attempts to nullify the election and disenfranchise Biden voters.

Biden won the Democratic Primary. Hawaii was the last to certify its four electoral college votes for Joe Biden Jr. and Kamala Harris on 12/14/2020

Weird! Trump is the president. He swore an oath to the constitution. He is supposed to respect the will of the people regardless of who they elected. Indeed, he has a sworn obligation to abide by the law. By not accepting the results of the 2020 election, Trump is derelict of the duty that he owes to the people. If on the 6th of January the Congress miscounts the votes that Joe Biden Jr. received and presents Trump as the winner (as Steven Miller suggested might happen with "alternative" electors-a lie) it would be right for the House to summarily impeach Trump all over again in articles charging: Abuse of Power, sedition, treason and dereliction of duty. 

In all of this drama, Trump has proven over 60 times in court challenges that he lost to Biden. It is written in stone. More than eighty judges ruled against him. Democracy prevailed. The integrity of the United States elections remained in tact. This is a relief considering Putin and the Russian Military Intel in a conspiracy with Paul Manafort, Cambridge Analytica, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Robert Mercer, Julian Assange of Wiki Leaks, the RNC and others overthrew the equity and fairness of the 2016 election process to make Trump the illegitimate president, in a presidency John L. Lewis never accepted.

Chris Krebs is a hero for defying Trump, stating this election was the most secure in American History. He showed great courage in standing up for the truth against the liar-in-chief Trump. (CNN.com)
As a result of the Russian meddling of 2016, Christopher Wray (Head of the FBI), Chris Krebs (former Director of CISA [Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency] before Trump fired him) and others made sure that the Russians didn't interfere in 2020. Though they may have attempted to meddle promoting QAnon conspiracies and trolling 24/7 on all social media channels and Russian TV in the US (Sputnik and RT) they failed to re-elect their favored Trump. Mail-in balloting which is very secure, thwarted any attempt at foreign interference and Russian Military Intel hacking. It is almost impossible to hack a paper ballot, despite Trump's assertions and lies to the contrary. The mail-in ballots were so overwhelmingly for Biden as Democrats stayed safe and voted Absentee ballot in this pandemic, the machine vote became moot. If the Republican "day-of" machine votes were tampered with it didn't matter.

Nevertheless, there are the Republicans of the 126 number in the House of Representatives who supported Trump's failed Supreme Court case. They still demand the election results be overturned. Clearly, they are breaking the law and action must be taken. Judgment for their behavior is plainly stated in Article I Section 5 and the Fourteenth Amendment Section 3. 

The Constitution
Article I, Section 5 of the United States Constitution gives each chamber of Congress ultimate responsibility to decide its membership, positing that “[e]ach House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members.”

Nowhere does it state that the President of the United States may be the judge of the elections. Nor does it state that the President may nullify an election which didn't return him the win he wants because he wants it. This is not fiat government.

Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment stipulates that: “No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof…”

In other words to actively fight against the will of the people in the election processes stipulated in the constitution after swearing an oath to the constitution, is an insurrection and or rebellion. Trump, the Attorneys General and the Republicans who contest the results of the 2020 election after all challenges have been thrown down and the electoral college certified Joe Biden's win are guilty of insurrection. We won't get into the "aid" or "comfort" Trump has given to a foreign adversary, for example Vladimir Putin, fulfilling his agenda rather than that of the United States. That's treason for another day as is an examination of the Mueller Report which DOJ AG William Barr scuttled and hid from the American people in obeisance to Trump. (Not any more since he resigned the same day the electoral college confirmed Joe Biden's presidency.)

Republicans who ignore Senator Mitch McConnell (today he acknowledged Joe Biden Jr.'s electoral confirmation) by not publicly accepting Biden's win on made up charges still think it's OK to disenfranchise the 81 million who voted for Biden in an electorally certified vote. And they think it's OK to disenfranchise the voters who elected them to Congress. In supporting Trump's election nullification, they have given up their elected position of power. In nullifying their own election empowerment, they eradicated their role as members in the upcoming session of Congress and cannot be allowed to pretend otherwise. In the very intent to support Trump, they have symbolically renounced their seats in Congress, agreeing their own election was rigged, despite all facts that prove otherwise. In agreeing with Trump in the failed case against the Supreme Court, regardless of what they suspected that outcome to be, these Republicans have turned their back on their party, their roles in Congress and the US constitution.

Rep. Alabama Mo Brooks and other Republicans earlier in December who do not support Biden's win. Some may still back down from the extreme position. (NYT. Al Drago)

They can't have it both ways. Either they accept the 2020 election results and take their positions in the 117th congress and be sworn in accepting the constitution as governing their actions and acknowledge Biden is our 46th president, or they resign and give the votes to their Democratic opponents if they are Members-elect. To not resign and give their votes to their opponents, but to remain in power, is an act of betrayal and fraud that cannot be judged lightly. They cannot take power and then use that power against the voters of this nation to negate the election that gave them power to serve the nation. Either they stop breaking the law or they willfully continue to break the law, destroying their chance to be seated in Congress because they are committing fraud by disenfranchising those who elected them. 

For those who have sworn an oath to the constitution in previous service as Members of Congress like Mo Brooks, if they persist in an attempt to overthrow the electoral college certification and tally of votes on January 6th, they should not be seated in the 117th Congress. They should be impeached and judged for sedition and betrayal of their oath to the constitution and the American people.

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) reminds us all what in arrogance these so-called Republicans have done by rejecting the constitutional vote of the people (their own supporters) and in agreeing with Trump's assertions that the 2020 election should be overturned. Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment disqualifies from service "individuals who would attack American democracy." The 14th Amendment also affirms Congress’s power to exclude Members by majority vote as acknowledged by the U.S. Supreme Court in Powell v. McCormack.

Rep. Bill Pascrell of New Jersey (D) (Julio Cortez, Business Insider)
  “Stated simply, men and women who would act to tear the United States government apart cannot serve as Members of the Congress. These lawsuits seeking to obliterate public confidence in our democratic system by invalidating the clear results of the 2020 presidential election undoubtedly attack the text and spirit of the Constitution, which each Member swears to support and defend,” Rep. Pascrell writes House leaders. “Consequently, I call on you to exercise the power of your offices to evaluate steps you can take to address these constitutional violations." Pascrell goes on to suggest that "these Members-elect and Members of Congress who intend to make Donald Trump an unelected dictator should not be seated in the 117th Congress .”

By virtue of the fact that they signed on to the Amicus Brief in the Texas lawsuit, their intent is manifested by their signatures. They must not be seated unless they publicly state that they renounce and decry what they signed and they publicly affirm that Joe Biden Jr. won the election. If they persist in affirming Trump won, not Biden, they have broken the law. Legal action must follow and the voters themselves may litigate to the Supreme Court their attempted disenfranchisement which is a felony. At this moment, a woman is sitting in prison because she unwittingly voted twice. How much worse is the behavior of sedition and treason of these rogue Congressional Members and Members-elect.

 Trump is a different matter. By accepting his oath as president, he must ipso facto accept the election results. One follows the other. By law there is no other result. If he does not, he must and can be summarily impeached a second time by the House, even though he has only one month left to his presidency. Impeachment is censure; it would send a clear message that his behavior is unpatriotic, unAmerican and a war-like act of rebellion against our democracy. 

There is a Democratic majority. He can be impeached at the very least for an Abuse of Power against the 81 million voters of this nation. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the House can act. Trump has de-legitimized himself as president of the entire United States. He has set himself up as the President of Trumpism and Trumpers who sprinkle across the nation, albeit in a small percentage of the population. (Trump blows up sizes of crowds, hires actors to swell his crowds, lies about all numbers-income, taxes, crowds, popularity, supporters, etc.). Long ago by abrogating the constitution and expanding the executive branch with former Attorney General Bill Barr as his agent to use the DOJ to wink at his crimes and punish his enemies, Trump has gone "rogue." Time and again he has pushed our democracy to the cliff edge as an autocratic ruler uplifting loyalty to him and his own agenda over country, the constitution, the courts, the Congress.

Trump will continue to foment chaos (Trumpers and BLM protestors in Washington, DC. faced off  and 4 were stabbed. In Washington state someone was shot at a protest this weekend.) He will tout he lost a rigged election for as long as possible and months after he has been fumigated from the WH. If he is not censured, he will persist to please his fans with the help of Putin's Russian Military Intel on Twitter. 

During the first year of Trump presidency. (see site)
 Indeed, QAnon rumors suggest that the Trump win is in the hands of Vice President Mike Pence when he goes before Congress on January 6th and opens the envelops to tally up the electoral college votes which may be disputed in writing and signed off by a Republican senator. Ron Johnson and Rand Paul have suggestion they might do this. Then the Congress would meet to discuss the charges and then vote. Four senators voting against the process would vacate this attempt to overthrow the election. Trump may in a last ditch attempt pressure Vice President Pence to ignore the electoral college certification. 

Would the Vice President, Trump and Republicans spearhead such a conspiracy and cabal against the will of the people risking indictments or impeachment, especially if Georgia senate run-off is won by Jon Ossoff and Rev. Warnock? The senate race may determine their action. Regardless, this is insurrection as is the suggestion by some Republicans to secede and form new states (some tried this in California and Nevada). Other Republicans sent alternate electors in Arizona to vote for Trump, another example of insurrection. The Sheriffs refused their admittance into the Arizona state house.

Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been courageous in standing against white  supremacists who abuse the open carry laws in her state. (see the site)

Such acts and those who promote them must not be ignored. They must be factored into deciding whether these "Republicans" are fit members of their party and deserve a place in our democratic government or should be ejected. The handwriting is on the wall and some like Rep Paul Mitchell  agree with Biden that his party's actions are unconscionable. He has left the party. Other Republicans have come out with Mitch McConnell to accept Biden's win with a pledge to work with Democrats after the electoral college certified Joe Biden's win.

In the interim Trump has hired an Acting Attorney General to do his bidding which assures even greater loyalty to Trump than Bill Bar showed; they are plotting. Regardless, for the future of this nation, Trump must be censured. Whether he accepts it or not, the people of the nation who didn't vote in this election (38%, 96,681,873) and Biden voters must understand the full force and power of the constitution that Trump is willfully abrogating. The Republicans "get it" but want the leftovers of Trump's white supremacists in their corner, a fact that is reprehensible and egregious. White supremacists and #QAnon conspiracies which fuel domestic terrorism have no place in our government nor accepted place in our culture.

    Taken at Helsinski where Trump and Putin met for two hours with no public record of their conversation, no translation or notes.Trump gave Putin what he wanted after the meeting. (see site).

As the figurehead of white supremacists, it is enough that Trump has thumbed his nose at the three branches of government (recently against the Supreme Court with tweets) the Courts, the Democratic House and the will of the people who delivered the greatest majority of winning votes a president ever received. Must we not censure Trump's behavior and the behavior of rebellious Republicans? When is enough enough? Donald Trump, if he persists must be summarily impeached. Republicans must not be seated if they do not renounce their disloyalty to the constitution and the will of the people. This must be done to undergird the confidence of electors, voters both Republican (not Trumpers-there is a difference) and Democrat and those who didn't vote.

Trump and Trumpers must pay the price for defiling the goodness of the nation. We must restore that up is up, right is right, truth is truth. By all means Trump and his folks may lie; but their statements must be held to account and have consequences on social media and #Parler must be denounced again and again for what it is, a disreputable, extreme, irresponsible, Russian Military Intel-like brainwashing vehicle. Fox News should be sued for spreading fake news about COVID-19 causing deaths and harm, as must Newsmax and OANN and uber right-wing conspiracy sites which promote falsehoods to gain clicks and money. They must present not one side but both sides with fact-based investigative reporting. The Fairness Doctrine which was removed in 1987 must be refined and restored.

 Taking a stand for the truth always wins in the end. People's eyes remain shut until damage and death fall to them. That is why Joe Biden Jr. and Kamala Harris won this most impossible of elections, in a pandemic and despite the lies, conspiracies, Republican and Russian Military Intel dirty tricks, Michael Flynn screaming "lock up Obama and Biden," Roger Stone's dirty tricks, #QAnon domestic terrorists' insanities and the malaise of non voters. The Democrats and the 81 million Joe Biden voters and those who voted, must not be made a mockery of. US elections hold weight. This is not Putin's Russia. And the US  constitution stands or those who have died of COVID promoted on Trump's watch and those who have died in all of our wars have died in vain for dictatorship. 

    Putin relaxing at the height of his powers when his populace supported him. Now things are shifting in Russia, especially with unrest in the Far East and Trump's loss (see the site)

Trump and Trumpers have lost their greatest ally in this contention for the soul of America. Vlad Putin congratulated Joe Biden Jr. on his win, yesterday. Donald is now alone to face his own inner torment. He knows that those around him don't accept or even like him but obey him for the spoils. He and they have no integrity, no honor. How he must loathe himself because he must keep up appearances. His followers believe in his fantasies. But they are slowly dissolving, only leaving the domestic terrorists and white supremacists to support him in a violence that the FBI and law enforcement across the nation surveil and will handle. Violence and hate speech remain an anathema to a majority of Americans except for the very UNFINE PEOPLE: Neo Nazis, the KKK, white nationalist groups and other hate groups whose psychotic blind following of Trump has proven suicidal. As has been done in Michigan, those who terrorize and threaten and commit federal crimes against the people, including acts of police brutality, must be held accountable. Trump's government encouraged domestic terrorism. Joe Biden's government will not. 

Republicans will not uphold rebellion and maintain power. Without the backing of corporations and their wealthy donors who are sick of throwing billions into Trump's bankrupt money pit in a law of diminishing returns, the Republican Party has lost sway. From the Stock Market's performance when the Biden win was announced, it is apparent they are seeking something new, the opportunities that come with "building back better after Trump's collapse of Main Street. As James Carville predicted, Trump can and will be rendered moot. Biden's goodness and leadership, if allowed, may vaccinate us against hatred and division we've known during these most horrific nightmare years of Trump and this last year of disease and death.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Putin/Trump and the GOP are OFF THE RAILS of US Democracy Which PROCEEDS WITHOUT THEM as Biden Inexorably Transitions


In June Trump, infuriated that Tucker Carlson suggested he was frightened and in the basement of the White House, had police and riot squad rubber bullet and gas peaceful protestors to make way for  photo op above. General Milley later apologized for being duped to be a part.

The patently wicked abuse of congressional, senatorial and presidential power by coward politicians who have sworn an oath to uphold the constitution and protect the American people and its democracy, is blatant for all to see. The very individuals who have run on  the platforms of democracy would now revert them to dictatorship achieved by fraud and the disenfranchisement of black, brown, Native Americans on no factual evidence whatsoever. The evidence of a well-run, very secure and fair election has been indicated by state election boards who have certified the count throughout the country. However, Trump has contested Biden's win and the counts of the states which he wants to declare for himself, as if he had a choice in the matter. 

There is no legitimate evidence the election has been rigged and that Trump has won .The costly court dates (going on 31) have yielded nothing because when judges ask for evidence, Trump's lawyers produced none. Finally, in fear of disgrace, the lawyers gave up. There is one lawyer standing, Rudy Guiliani who has not been a prosecutor for 28 years. He has been the president's personal advocate drumming up funds for himself by pushing conspiracies favorable to Trump. Throughout his illegitimate presidency, Trump has acted out of his own fairy tale world. His psychosis and schizophrenia have produced sycophants he promised favors to. But Americans have spoken, voted and nullified this quid pro quo MO and Trump's presidential illegitimacy.

2017 Woman's March, the largest in the world to date protesting Donald Trump

Thus, Trump has a problem. This is not fiat government created out of thin air because Donald Trump wishes it to be so. Ours is a Constitutional Republic, a democracy with a constitution that lays out strict regulations that Donald Trump cannot get around unless he calls in the military and declares himself supreme dictator. The problem is, the military would revolt. And no one for a second would allow military interference to occur. General Milley has already stated this publicly. This is the United States. It is not Mozambique, nor is it North Korea.

The very notion that votes cast for Biden are fraudulent and those cast for Trump are OK is a Putinesque lie, a canard, a shoddy magic trick. It is ipso facto proof that as a "president" Donald Trump is unfit. It leads into the credibility that Putin elected Donald after meddling extensively in the 2016 election. Putin understood what he was doing; he knew that Trump was and is a feeble incompetent incapable of reigning in his own emotional psychosis to govern this unwieldy nation. With his billions in debts to Putin and his oligarchs, Trump was, and still is until he leaves office, Putin's asset and compromat. In the greatest coup of the Cold War, Putin arranged for the illegitimate to run ragged on the US democracy after he helped elect him. 

An early rendering of the COVIDE-19 MOLECULE
 What both didn't figure was that Trump's incompetence would be so great as to miscalculate the power of a pandemic. Instead of acting immediately and incisively as Joe Biden Jr. would have done (see his Op Ed piece in the New York Times in January) Donald Trump did what he does best: fabricated lies, played golf, rejected the mandate given to him by the constitution to keep Americans safe. He completely botched the COVID response like the incompetent he is. To date, the death toll climbs exponentially. It is currently over 258,000. The US figures are the worst on the globe.

Indeed, one reason why Donald lost the presidency is because the country wants decisive action to confront COVID and regenerate the Main Street economy that has been laid low, despite all efforts to keep Wall Street propped up. Furthermore, Americans overwhelmingly, as the vote indicates, are infuriated with Trump's racism, misogyny, cronyism, nepotism, corruption, transactional conduct favoring quid pro quos with the wealthy and nothing for those poor and middle class who can't give Donald the money he craves. Above all Americans are sick of the divisiveness and politicization into Red States and Blue States. Trump has weaponized COVID for his own glory and made non mask wearing his brand of strength and machismo. To insecure, impotent males looking for an intellectual viagra-like boost, this is ego candy. But it also kills. Trump owns the branding and rejects its consequences, refusing to be accountable for his disastrous approach to fighting COVID.

Thus, Trump with cowardice and murderous intent for those who believe him has continued to kill Americans. Refusing to concede to Joe Biden Jr. and continuing with Depraved Indifference (a crime) to prevent Biden to transition and assess the state of the country's necessities regarding the pandemic, Americans will die in greater numbers as Biden has pointed out.

All of this bespeaks Trump's illegitimacy and nihilism. Putin approves of Trump's disregard and hatred of the United States and Americans; he is one of a few world leaders who has not called to congratulate Joe Biden Jr. on his win. Putin is at war with American democracy and Americans. Donald Trump has been his weapon of choice. But the weapon has been demobilized in the 2020 election. Putin is a failure and will be confronted by Joe Biden Jr. who has been his adversary for decades: Putin has oppressed and harmed the Russian people and Ukrainians. Biden during the Obama administration with the help of Europe inspired Ukranians to depose the corrupt puppet Putin put in power. Putin has a special hatred for Joe Biden Jr. Of course Putin would support Trump staying in power; he does not want to deal with Joe Biden Jr. restoring majesty and power to the US presidency.

Chris Krebs CISA director Trump fired for telling the truth (CNN.com)
Donald Trump's fraud claim has been thrown down and discredited by Chris Krebs Director of CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) in the Department of Homeland Security, who maintained that the 2020 election was the most secure of any in US History. Krebs' statement of fact that Donald Trump said was "inaccurate" effected Krebs' career suicide. Nevertheless, Krebs stood by his assertions courageously. Trump immediately fired him via Twitter, a prima facie case of Krebs putting country over Trump loyalty, a blasphemy for the bankrupt illegitimate and would-be Putin.

Of course the irony is legion. Trump, could fire people on his TV Reality Show when it was fake and staged. In real life, he has fired no one in person. The prospect of looking into an innocent's face while Trump levels his revenge and malevolence is too much for guilty Donald to take. What an irony he played YMCA's (gay group) 'Macho Man' at his former rallies. He is the antithesis of macho. A macho man would concede, would be the bigger person, would not need to get revenge on anyone because he would know his inner core of strength and realize revenge is a psychotic game. 

The Village People told Trump to stop playing their music after he threatened to shoot protestors (Heather Kaplan)
Well, Donald can't realize the strength of his inner core because it doesn't exist. His father made sure never, ever to breed strength, hardiness, goodness and ability into him as evidenced in Mary Trump, Ph.D.'s book about her uncle. All the more pity for this nation.

Back to the election and Chris Krebs. Not only has Krebs thrown down the fraud claim, it is being thrown down by every election board in the US who certifies its vote counts. It has been thrown down by Mitt Romney and other Republicans as well as the Republican governors anxious to start a proper COVID RESPONSE. It has been thrown down by world leaders who see Joe Biden Jr. as the president elect. And it has been thrown down by 79% of the nation who accepts and knows that Joe Biden Jr. won.

The fraud charge, since there is no evidence to back it, has been thrown out of court again and again. Chris Christy, Karl Rove, Rupert Murdock and others, who supported Trump in the past, have either called or come out publicly to tell him it's over. But interestingly, Americans great and small don't figure into Trump world, so he will not listen or be persuaded by them. And not even Mitch can persuade him to concede or allow Biden to transition.

Putin/Trump meeting lasted 2 hours and produced no transcript, a matter of public record

There is one who does figure into Donald's fantasies. And if you consider that 2016 was delivered by Putin and 2020 was delivered by the American people, Donald wants to go back to the past. It is why he stated if he doesn't win, the election is rigged. Well, how did he know that it would be rigged? Because ipso facto, he and Putin had a quid pro quo that, like before, if Donald followed all the steps he followed in 2016, he would win. Putin would do his part to hack, cheat, influence, steal for him and fund him even to paying for actors and shills at his rallies to pump up the crowd size and convince all who watched, that overwhelmingly the nation wanted Trump again. Lest we forget the strategies used in 2016 (smears, Social Media, QAnon lies, etc.) the same was enacted in the 2020 race. There were the various smears against Joe Biden Jr. none of which took hold as they did with Hillary Clinton. Indeed, all of them applied to Trump, instead and appeared to be projections considering Trump's close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein: pederasty, perversions, etc. And there was the repeat charging of Biden's alleged corruption (again a projection since Trump's corruption is legion). And the repeat of 2016 in 2020 even included Trump leading chants to lock up Obama and Biden. 

Trump liberally uses QAnon lies and fantasies which Russian Military Intel promotes 24/7 on social media as it did in 2016. QAnon myths are like hardcore porn to Trump supporters who can't get enough. The more bizarre, the more they believe and believe to their COVID deaths. No wonder the FBI has designated QAnon as a domestic terrorist threat. Day and night the Russian GRU and other agencies create and traffick their wild tales to brainwash and divide Americans  QAnon lies are then spread because they are occult and appear "secret." A key myth is that Trump will save the world when JFK Jr. comes back to be his VP. QAnon scheduled that for 2018. It is 2020 and QAnon followers are still waiting. They've believed in mythologies like Plandemic a film about COVID-19 which purports the Fauci/Gates conspiracy about vaccinations which is like cocaine candy for anti-vaxxers. 

The latest on QAnon is that Donald won and the election was rigged. If you are entertained by lies, QAnon is your go-to site supported by RT and Sputnik, Russian TV in the US. Even Fox draws a line in the sand and recently has thrown down the lies and fantasies, with the exception of Hannity and a few others who are tired of having to baby Donald and get nothing in return. His support is not worth the ridicule; Murdock has given his word. Recently, Tucker Carlson asked Trump lawyer Sidney Powell for proof about outlandish conspiracy theories at a press conference about Trump winning. She never came on his show with evidence and conservative right-wing media attacked Carlson for his disloyalty.

Trump and Putin close buddies
Are people believing that Trump won? Yes stoked by Rush Limbaugh and friends. For some Trump supporters the reality of their lives is so painful, so dire, so awful and their inner core is so empty, anything is better than having to consider who they are and what their purpose is on this great wide earth. Trump is their god whom they adore. Indeed, one caller today on the Rush Limbaugh show pledged he cared for Trump so much that he would sacrifice his life for him. Herman Cain did sacrifice his life attending the Tulsa Rally, and many others have died believing Trump's COVID lies.

When all is said and done, Putin is behind Donald, not out of love, but in his own self-interest. He is driving Trump's and Rudy Guiliani's clownish attempts to salvage the illegitimate presidency. The election of 2016 was the coup. And the revolution reinstating the US democracy was the election of Joe Biden Jr. as president. Putin's regime in the US is done and we must make sure it is finished by remaining vigilant against the social media trolls on Facebook and elsewhere and by supporting superb investigative reporting and whistleblowers who will continue to come forward to expose Trump's corruption, malfeasance, subversion of democracy and conspiratorial treason with foreign adversaries to overthrow our democracy.

On a positive note, Putin's power has ended as Trump flails and founders. Trump may try to subvert the 79 million Biden voters. But he can't subvert what has been established and he cannot silence those millions in the greater majority of citizens who oppose his racist, misogynistic, divisive, anti-American, anti-patriotic perspective and behaviors. Trump is a bungling incompetent propped up by Russian military intel trolls who blur the reality of who and how many support Trump. He has been his own worst enemy, addicted to failure and bankruptcy. He will fail at this impossible attempt to "win," proving himself a loser once more. To reverse 40 year long losing streak, he would have to admit fault, admit his misery and change. Barring Christ appearing to Donald personally in a road to Damascus moment, Donald will not change. 

John L Lewis, Civil Rights Icon believed Trump to be elected by Putin. He believed Trump/Putin stole Hillary Clinton's place in history as the 45 president.

All who grift off Donald's current desperation to keep the presidency (Rudy is allegedly getting $20,000 a day to advocate for Donald to those who will hear him) solidify his supreme unfitness and illegitimacy. They are creating a prima facie case that Donald Trump was elected illegally and fraudulently in 2016 and has continued his failed presidency by not adhering to the constitution's mandate of a peaceful transference of power. If on January 20, 2021 Trump refuses to leave the White House, it will be further proof that Trump does not understand or take the presidency seriously. To contravene the oath he swore is one more example of sedition and treason, behaviors he already is guilty of in his failed attempts to keep Americans safe from COVID-19. 

For those whose eyes are opened, they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Donald John Trump deserved to be impeached last fall. And they know that the Republican senate led by Mitch McConnell failed in a dereliction of duty to uphold the constitution. It was then they followed him into the black hole of cowardice and infamy. If he had been removed then Pence would have been in charge of the COVID response. Things would have turned out differently. But hindsight is an exact science. What is is. Donald Trump is and he is leaving. It is an irony that Trump lost to Joe Biden Jr., Putin's dire enemy whom he hates. It is an incredible blow to the United Russia Party and conservative right-wing governments in Brazil, Hungary and elsewhere.

On January 20 Donald John Trump will be forced to leave in a straight jacket or heavily sedated if he refuses to go under his own power with any shred of dignity. Bannon and Rudy and their fraud screaming attempts to subvert the will of the American people by choosing Republican electors for Biden electors, despite the 306 number, is an idea which has failed. If the race wasn't the landslide it is, and the margins were a few thousand votes, the plan might have worked. But the American people by an incredible margin, despite negative odds against an incumbent president, succeeded in telling Donald Trump they had enough. The only thing left for him to do is vacate and in his own being suppress any obsessive, senile, demented urge to run off the rails rather than realize the difference between truth and a lie.


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

TRUMP PARODY: Patti Lupone and Randy Rainbow Excoriate Trump Singing a Song from 'Gypsy'

                                            Cover art by beloved Broadway illustrator Justin “Squigs” Robertson

Randy Rainbow has gotten me and my friends through very difficult times during the Pandemic. When he released 'Andy' his video about Andrew Cuomo's dynamite leadership during the early months of COVID-19, whenever I was down, I played it. My friend nearly wore out her phone watching his antics and appreciating his voice, lyrics re- playing replaying it before she went to bed at night to stave off nightmares. When we found out that was nominated for two Emmys we cheered him on. 

                                                 Randy Rainbow (courtesy of his website)        

Randy Rainbow's  (nominated for Two Emmys) work is spot-on farce, satire and parody using choice Broadway songs. Usually, the subject of the parody includes ridiculing Trump and the Trump Administration characters. IN his somgs he has also uplifted Governor Andrew Cuomo, his brother CNN TV journalist Chris Cuomo and Kamala Harris. Much of what he does is talent and genius with excellent technical add-ons and well-placed drag in-between. I have even shamelessly referred to him in a play I recently wrote about our country's political divisions via zany family dynamics. 

Randy Rainbow has been turning up everywhere.And now, fortunate for us, he has emerged alongside two-time Tony Award® winner Patti LuPone in their collaboration on a new video parody of a song from Gypsy, "If Momma Was Married."

The following is the Press Release for Wednesday, October 7th, 2020. Two-time Emmy nominee Randy Rainbow released today his first-ever collaboration with . The new parody video/song, “If Donald Got Fired,” is based onIf Momma Was Married” from the classic Broadway musical Gypsy, written by Stephen Sondheim and Jule Styne.



                                                    The legendary Patti Lupone (courtesy of her website)


“This is a dream come true,” Rainbow said. “It’s no secret that I have always been obsessed with Patti LuPone.  She’s been an idol of mine since childhood, so I still can’t believe this actually happened!”


“I’m so thrilled to be part of Randy’s satiric brilliance,” said LuPone. “I wish I could have lived up to it but he’s in a stratosphere all his own.”

The video is available now on YouTube where it will serve as a fundraiser for the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) which is a nonprofit organization founded in 1920 "to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

Additionally, a digital single is also available now from Broadway Records at all major digital music retailers. The single features original cover art by beloved Broadway illustrator Justin “Squigs” Robertson.


For more information on Patti Lupone, Randy Rainbow and Broadway Records, see below.






Wednesday, June 10, 2020

White Supremacists HAVE NO PLACE IN THE U.S./George Floyd Protests

There have been protests globally in support for justice for George Floyd's lynching by Derek Chauvin and the Black Lives Matter Movement. These are in concert with the BLM protests in every state in the U.S. This represents a critical mass against white supremacy (groups lifting up white nationalism, the KKK, the Neo Nazis). Considering that the protests by millions of people have been peaceful, by default the violence that broke out in various cities in the U.S. to disrupt the protests, represents hatred, criminality and cruelty.

Hatred/fear, brutality and criminality are the historical fruits of slavery, colonialism and the wretched aftermath of centuries of discrimination: kidnapping, oppression of ownership of humans, beatings and killings, rape and horrific conditions on plantations while whites lived in luxury. Above all was the separation of children from their parents during slave auctions. The tradition has stained this nation for centuries; the U.S. has never been great as a result.

Perhaps these protests represent the beginning of a long awakening of our society to the horror of institutional genocide (in healthcare, the justice system, the education system). And they should cut at consumerism, which relies on the mass brainwashing through fascist/white supremacist advertising, social oppression and appearance shaming for profit, a sub rosa uplifting of the perfection of white against the inferiority of black, brown and indigenous people.

The following photos are courtesy of AXIOS. CLICK HERE FOR THE SUPERB ARTICLE.


BLM UK, George Lloyd protests, Winston Churchill racist
BLM George Floyd justice protests in the UK. Winston Churchill statue may be toppled. (Axios)

The hatred and violence that is white on black/brown/Native American, comes largely from the U.S. history of slavery, abuse, violence, murder. The same can be said for Western Civilization colonialism which infected practically every nation on the earth.


BLM Protests, George Floyd
Demonstrators outside the United States Embassy on Jin Madrid on June 7. Photo: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images (Axios)

Finally, like a boil, the George Floyd lynching has sliced open the pustule of white supremacy and the brutality toward colored races. The stench is overwhelming; the wound must be cleaned out. And oppression by white men (purchased by the rich) over colored nations and women will not be tolerated institutionally.


Tens of thousands of protesters rallied in Berlin and other German cities against racism on June 6, per DW.com. Photo: Abdulhamid Hosbas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images (Axios)

The police brutality on display during the protests is finally being addressed by police departments Attorneys General in various blue states. The critical mass will encompass red states. The House has written a federal law which nationalizes police reforms that will save lives and would have saved the lives of Breonna Taylor who was killed because of a no-knock warrant, and George Fl who was killed by Derek Chauvin's 8 minute chokehold.


People attend a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Tokyo on June 6. Photo: David Mareuil/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images (Axios)

This nation and our allies across the globe are protesting to insure that justice be served and reforms be instituted so that murders like George Floyd's, Michael Brown's, Travyon Martin's and countless others never happen again. And if they do, justice be swift,k equitable and righteous under the law. The House Bill for reforms must be passed by the Senate. The White Supremacist Mitch McConnell must sign the bill into law or forever expose himself and his Red State senators as White Nationalists who have no place in our capital, and liars who swear to uphold their oath to the constitution, then don't. What constitution are they swearing on? The constitution of the CONFEDERACY?


Demonstrators in Nantes, on June 8. Protesters across France have been defying a ban on large gatherings implemented in response to the coronavirus pandemic to rally against racism. Photo: Loic Venance/AFP via Getty Images (Axios)
A demonstrator holds a banner reading, "It's not whites vs blacks, this is the world vs racism" in front of a burning barricade following the intervention of security forces in Paris, on June 2, amid days-long protests. Photo: Julien Benjamin Guillaume Mattia/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images (Axios)

Enough is enough. If Mitch McConnell doesn't get the Red State senators on board to sign the bill, the handwriting is on the wall. They will be voted out with the White Nationalist in the "White House" in November 2020, despite Georgia Senator Kemp's attempt to disenfranchise whole counties of black voters with the gaslighting ruse of new voting machines which somehow don't work.


Tens of thousands of Australians have protested in cities including Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney, where a traditional indigenous welcoming ceremony is held during a rally outside Sydney Town Hall in Australia on June 6. Photo: Speed Media/Icon Sportswire (Axios)

There have been arguments in defense of the recent police brutality. Arguments have been made against George Floyd- he was a criminal and Chauvin feared for his life. Arguments have been made supporting the legality of the no-knock warrant which ended up in the death of Brianna Taylor. However, these arguments are typical white supremacist gaslighting. And the U.S. populace is not buying it.

They recognize that it is just like the gaslighting by the Minneapolis corner who was pressured by the DA to find George Floyd had drugs in his system which caused his death along with some underlying issues. The very idea that the truth should so be obscured represents white supremacy and unequal justice under oppression. White males in power cover up and protect one of their own against the powerless black "criminal" to escape punishment and to walk with impunity between the raindrops. That way, they can kill again.


A Black Lives Matter demonstration in Stockholm on June 3. Photo: Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP via Getty Images (Axios)

Such killings are reminiscent of those by man-eating tigers who, once they taste the flesh and blood of human beings, savor the taste and go for more kills. Human predators are the same. And they have had free reign in our police departments, whose warrior/soldier mentality has destroyed their humanity and wrecked their mission to be peace officers, a quaint notion that has never really pertained in reality. Does this apply to all police? No. But if even one cop is a killer on a police force, it is one too many and most probably, his "kill" will be a black man or as in the case of Sandra Bland, a black woman.


Protest reference some of George Floyd's final words during a protest in Athens, Greece, on June 4. Photo: Menelaos Michalatos/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images (Axios)

The Floyd family got their own investigator (the same one as the family of Eric Garner) and an autopsy was done. The report showed George Floyd died of asphyxiation. With breaking news today, since Chauvin and Floyd knew one another and there was friction between them as witnessed by the owner of the club where both worked, Chauvin will probably get Murder 1. Considering that Chauvin choked Floyd for 8 minutes and strangled the breath out of him while his police buddies let him, the act was a premeditation. He watched the man die when he should have been saving him. Instead of stopping when George Floyd pleaded for his life and warned he couldn't breathe, Chauvin went on and on. How long can you hold your breath under water before you feel like you're drowning and then drown?


Hand-drawn portraits of George Floyd are hung on a gate outside of the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City on Saturday. The sign reads "Racism kills, here, there, and all over the world." Photo: Pedro Pardo/AFP via Getty Images (Axios)

The protests which have continued for 13 days nationwide, joined by New Zealand, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Ghana, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, the Greek Islands, Syria, Israel, most of the world (except Russia who bans protests). The effect of these global protests has been self-reflection in which the countries have decried their histories inundated with slavery and colonialism. Protestors have thrown down the statues of slavery merchants, colonialists and in the case of Belgium, the notorious abuser and tyrant King Leopold of Belgium who chopped off the hands of black enslaved who didn't produce their quota of rubber. On a dour note, Winston Churchill was decried for his racist remarks. It is a sign of the times when one must look to one's own past to see the villainy there and hopefully expurgate it and reform.


Protesters gather outside of the U.S. consulate in Milan, Italy, on May 31 with signs reading, "I can't breathe," as the country remains in a Phase 2 lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Alessandro Bremec/NurPhoto/Getty Images (Axios)

But for some, reform, apologies and self-reflection are impossible. Donald Trump, the WH, William Barr, the GOP for example, are incapable of reform or of holding up citizens' rights spelled out in the constitution, despite swearing to their oaths of office. Trump has done the reverse with Barr's gaslighting assistance. He has thrown down the constitution following a Putin-like use of military force against U.S. citizens.


Thousands attend a protest at the Vancouver Art Gallery in Vancouver, Canada, on May 30. Photo: Mert Alper Dervis/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images (Axios)

Tearing gassing and rubber pepper bulleting peaceful protestors is not upholding the Bill of Rights to encourage peaceful protest for redress of grievances. For Trump who sees any disagreement with his policies or ideas as treason, of course, the protestors are scurrilous cockroaches. And initially afraid of them and hiding in a bunker (an incredible irony) he emerged in full coward's dress, backed by numbers of officers in riot gear and National Guard troops who bombed and disperse the crowd for his sacrosanct moment in front of St. John's church holding a Bible.

Vilified by former Republican military, the former presidents and Senator Mitt Romney who joined protestors later in the week to reveal he is NOT a Trumpist, one wonders if Trump got the message? No. He has yet to make a national statement of support in favor of the protestors and BLM. He has yet to condemn police brutality.

Donald J. Trump, a stable genius (courtesy of the website)

Instead, he has accused Martin Gugino, a 75-year old Catholic pacifist for tripping himself up and being a conspirator against Trump, a member of ANTIFA. Indeed, if you believe Trump's white supremacist inference the man purposely fell, and let loose a blood squib (used in films) to fake the seriousness of his fall and injuries at the hands of police. If that were true, the "fake" injuries would have been immediately exposed once Gugino was admitted to the hospital. Instead, Mr. Gugino was in critical condition in the ICU. Since then he is undergoing rehabilitation, but has brain injuries according to his doctor.

Trump has been condemned for this psychotic, hyperbolic comment. Everyone that is except #QAnon, the KKK, white nationalists and Neo Nazis online who are charged toward violence by the meme "ANTIFA" a group which does not exist and which the Russian military intel has used to inspire fake protests against it in previous years. Antifa is "anti-fascist" and against Trump. Considering the full meaning of the meme, the U.S. fight against Nazi Hitler's Germany was ANTIFA. Thus, by design, ANTIFA stands for the millions of people who are against white supremacist groups like the Neo Nazis, white nationalists and the KKK. Google Frank Figluizzi (former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI) who has studied hate groups. Antifa is not among them. So if you hear the Trump/Barr dog whistles blow "Antifa," think white supremacist inciting meme.

The KKK is very active in Mitch McConnell's state of Kentucky (courtesy of the site)

Trump and Barr have used references to Antifa to incite to protest and violence. But it's not working. Nor did the white supremacist provocations to burn down black stores and businesses work to continue violence toward race war work. Immediately, there was clean up by protestors the next day as people united to rebuild. And the protests continued. White supremacy isn't working. There aren't enough white supremacists to go around. There are petitions to reinstate the KKK as a domestic terrorist organization. And surely Neo Nazi organizations and groups like Boogaloo Bois and Proud Boys are being put on notice. Their intent to begin a race war is not a dog that will hunt in 2020. They are white, male, violent. That is the only color that the vast numbers of Americans are NOT color blind to.

At the heart of their dumb philosophies rests the confederacy. The confederacy had to be kept alive by rich planters who stayed rich by having an enslaved work force. They brainwashed the poor whites to fight for them, though poor whites couldn't afford slaves and resented that the rich planters didn't fight in order to keep their plantations going. At the heart of the confederacy was the lie that Christianity mandated slavery. There was also an utter disregard for indigenous cultures and peoples. The following quote by Alexander Stephens, the Vice President of the confederacy states in a speech right before the Civil War what the Confederate States believed was the cornerstone of why the confederacy must secede.

Alexander Stephens of the confederacy lived a life of lies. (Wikipedia)

"Its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery—subordination to the superior race—is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth." (Alexander Stephens, VP of the failed confederacy)

The confederacy was a lie. It could not stand because the "new government" was based upon the lie that blacks are not equal to whites. It is a lie that negro inferiority is a "physical, philosophical, moral" truth. The truth which the social contract stands upon is that all human beings (regardless of gender, race, religion) have inalienable rights. Our constitution is supposed to protect the rights of each citizen of the U.S. Then and now, the assertion that one group is racially inferior to another is a lie and cannot stand ever. Interestingly, every culture that attempts to by force and oppression assert that genocidal argument ends up falling and being destroyed by itself. 

William Barr has blown the dog whistle "Antifa" to demean protestors (courtesy of the site)

Thus, all remnants of a destroyed government shall not be uplifted. The confederate flag chic is not chic. It is a failure and a lie. We don't uplift failures and lies. To do so is preserving an immoral, wrong philosophy. It is patently stupid, as stupid and criminally negligent as saying COVID 19 is a hoax.

if you are a white man in black garb with an AR-15 and you are not active military in a country in Africa, but are on the streets of America? You are a terrorist. You are a racist. You are a white supremacist and you are most probably AN ALWAYS TRUMPER and supporter of #QAnon and JFK Jr. becoming Trump's Vice President. (google some of the insanities this group posits...it's probably promoted by Russian military intel).

Being a card carrying member of the KKK or neo Nazi or any hate group is Un-American. Since when is domestic terrorism American? Since when is hate speech at the point of a gun peaceful protest? Since when is violence against any American peaceful protest? The confederacy was a lie in 1866 (the end of the Civil War). And the confederate flag and what it stands for, domestic terrorism against Americans, is worse than a lie: it is an active threat against this country and the constitution. It is the antithesis of patriotism. And white supremacy is against the constitution.

Do these uphold the constitution or the white supremacist president? (courtesy of the site)

If you are active military and are ordered to tear gas and rubber bullet peaceful protestors who have a right to redress their grievances, you should resign. "I'll lose my job." Yes. But is that a job? Or are you a slave to a philosophy that is against the oath you took in your role in the military? Resign or be a coward and traitor to the U.S. constitution.

It is about time the white privileged feel the heat of shame and guilt. Maybe they will grow up. The protestors have nothing to lose. They have already lost their lives to white supremacists in the police force and on the streets of this nation. White supremacist violence has no place in our culture. Women and the LGBT community are on board with color blindness. And there is only one color the world is now recognizing; white supremacist violence by males. The "whole world is watching" for each other's back against ultra conservative right wing groups which uphold violence and brutality out of some lurid assertions that they are superior. Since when are psychoses superior?

Trump and all the white supremacists in his administration and those in the GOP who do not uphold the constitution out of loyalty to Trump are domestic terrorists. Enough is enough.