Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Teens Losing Weight Use Wrong-headed Thinking!

Do you know a teen who is struggling with obesity? Chances are that they are trying to lose weight, but may not be eating healthily. A recent study of Philadelphia high schools students indicated that 14% needed to lose weight because of obesity and they acknowledged it and were trying. The problem was that they were clueless about an appropriate and healthful weight loss strategy.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolutions for 2012: A Time to Dream a Time to Hope, Only for Some

The stuff dreams/resolutions are made of.
Well, 2011 your "Best and Worst" films, books, mistakes, political gafs, science advances, medical blunders, sports events, blowbacks, tech trends, celebrities/people have vanished into the land of forgetfulness.  Ended are the celebrations and drunkenness and substance induced oblivions and enthusiasms that blottoed the dread of work on Tuesday (if you are lucky) or NO JOB (much worse if no one is there to subsidize you) on Tuesday. And the whip lashing marathon bouts of excess erupting like cheap wine from bottles of New Year's Eve wildness and crescendoing into the morning dawn, then devolving into the drag of New Year's Day bloat and torpor, when quietude and TV voyeurism reel in the mind...they, too, have fled.