Monday, August 8, 2011

Calling Tom Colicchio, Eric Ripert, Anthony Bourdain, Gordon Ramsay


 Tom Colicchio, Eric Ripert, Anthony Bourdain, Gordon Ramsey! I have the ideal place for you to present your culinary expertise for a few Top Chef Masters episodes where you would be competitively cooking head to head. Your tasters would be patients from a Nursing Home/Rehab! Because many of the residents or patients in these facilities either have Thrush from being overmedicated with antibiotics, or have lost their taste buds and appetites because of metallic medicine residues from various combinations of meds, this would be a tremendous challenge for each one of you. Just think of it! You would be using all of your foodie powers to stimulate the patients to actually want to eat and to actually taste the goodness of the food they are eating. There would be no expectations; just your raw talent and overweening pride in your master chef skills. What a boon! What an occasion!! What a blessing for everyone!!!

What dynamic episodes  these would be as you wracked your recipes (then accommodated them) to come up with tasty, healthful dishes the elderly would enjoy. Considering that much of the food is left on patients' plates to be thrown away (even though many do not have food restrictions) you either have an impossible challenge or an easy one. After all, hospital food, nursing home food, rehab food may just be God awful. In that case, you will be sending these patients to a heavenly place without transporting them out of the room physically or spiritually. They will love you for it and so will your audience who will laugh at the old folks' antics and be heartened to see them smacking their lips at your food.

After these episodes, then Gordon Ramsay can go into a select rehab or nursing home kitchen and "give 'em hell," especially if the patients gobble down the food the Top Chef Masters have cooked for them, which they probably will. Who knows? This might be a great idea for a foodie show:  "Gordon Ramsay's Worst Rehab Chefs."  He could do a UK and US version. Not only would it bring publicity to the food served in these elderly prisons, the PR might stimulate public outcry for reforming the poor nutrition these facilities egregiously offer to individuals who should be having the finest nutrition. Until euthanasia becomes a public law that most agree with, neglect, masked starvation and zombie overmedication of the elderly should be recognized and banned for what it is. Not only is it inhumane, it breeds neither cost effective nor efficient care of those who are more productive than they are allowed to be.

Guys, you are great! We sure could use your help. It would be for a good cause and it would multiply your earnings and ratings 100 fold. You'd be "casting your bread upon the waters," so to speak. And the blessings that would return would be too abundant to count. You heard it first on The Fat and The Skinny!


Ben the Health Nut said...

This is MORE THAN GREAT! It is so wonderful
to enjoy reading about truthful items we have
often thought about, but felt helpless to do
anything about them. Perhaps this might catch
the eye of those who would do as suggested.

Carole Di Tosti said...

You are sooooo funny! Right? From your pen to their ears!!!