Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bagnoli Del Trigno's Artist, Luigi Proietti

This post is inspired by the memory of my cousin Luigi Proiette, Bagnoli Del Trigno's artist. Luigi Proietti, the oldest of three brothers returned to Bagnoli in the summers and featured the town of his heritage in his art. The clip of Luigi discussing the meaning of "meraviglioso," "meravigliosa" shows in the background the lights of the band stage which shine brilliantly during an evening concert in Bagnoli during the annual celebration week in August. Then, Bagnolesi from Roma, Milano, Perugia, Agnone, the US, Canada and as far as Australia have come back to take part in the festivities honoring the town's patron saints. The week is scheduled to include Ferragosto (Assumption Day) when all of Italy closes down and the hotels are jammed with celebrants who party through the night.

You can read more about this amazing mountain town in the article first published as Bagnoli Del Trigno on Technorati.

Special thanks go to Chris Black who produced Meraviglioso Luigi.


Anonymous said...

I have decided to take the courses with the Christian Writer's Guild. I am going to try to test into the Journeyman level. I hope maybe you can join me here eventually, if that's where God leads you. I hope to take Margo's November class. I promise to keep keeping in touch. I am so glad we "met" and I love your blog!

Carole Di Tosti said...

Thanks, Abby. Will keep in touch. Good luck with the Journeyman test. I am going to check it out. I'll let you know this week. I've been busy going to the US Open (I'm a tennis player and huge tennis fan. I've also posted about it on the blog.)