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Trump IS the Prime Source of FAKE NEWS (UPDATES 1/7/2021) UPDATE 3/29/2021

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What does Trump refer to when he claims the fake news treats him unfairly? (First publication in May 2020) 
UPDATE  3/29/2021

Trump is always the prime subject of Mainstream Media (MSM). Broadcasting outlets allow Trump to dominate the news cycle, especially during his COVID-19 campaign rallies or announcements. There is little investigative reporting or fact checking with exceptions by WaPo, MSNBC, CNN, The Boston Globe, The Guardian (UK) and other less prestigious media sites around the country.

So one can only think that when Trump refers to fake news, he is referring to himself. Yes, Donald J. Trump! You are your own fake news cycle. By your own assertions, you continually make yourself look uneducated, indecent, arrogant unforgiving, defensive, paranoid, humorless, stupid and classless. Actually, the descriptor list is endless in the negative.

Because Trump is historically, a criminal fraud, we can look back and understand that during the 2016 campaign, Trump morphed his own universe to transform normalcy into a George Orwell-like 1984 world that is Trumpland. In Trumpland black is white, truth is a lie, green is yellow and the "true" narrative which is fraud is what spills from Trump's mouth. You must fact check it or be propagandized. The MSM must fact check Trump with everything all the time. If Trump is somewhere, he lies everywhere. And his lies and frauds must be challenged all the time.
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During the 2016 election cycle on RT, Fox News, PBS, New York Times, Breitbart, Sputnik, Pravda, Rush Limbaugh's podcasts, Daily Stormer and other right wing media, the transformation of truth becoming a lie, was promoted exponentially on Social Media by Russian Military Intelligence bots clicking from a Troll Farm in St. Petersburg. There were 13 organizations, thousands of operatives the Mueller Report noted. Since Putin hates Hillary Clinton, God forbid she should win. Putin wanted to make good on his billions in Quid Pro Quos to Trump washing funds through Deutsch Bank and Cyprus Bank. Trump had to win and MSM was duped as a part of the 8 pronged strategy to get Trump elected. The same strategies are being attempted by the RNC to date. But Trump is about to go down for the count because as James Carville Democrat who ran the Clinton campaign has said: no one wants Trump back. They don't trust him to keep Americans alive during the fight with COVID.

Segue back to MSM (mainstream media).

Not to be left out of revenue gathering in 2016, MSM gradually slid into Trumpland values and memes. Trump's controversial statements on clips (pussy tape, Russia if you're listening, lock her up) fell in the same category of fake news lying media Fox. But the nightmare was that NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, the NYT and other apparently "reputable" news media reported his statements giving them the patina of truth. After all, would the NYT be responsible for reporting lies? Of course. They got caught at it numerous times without fact checking. However, by the time they corrected themselves it was 10 days later and the corrections were on p. 25 in tiny print. Their editors are predominately conservative; their Op Ed page accepts liars who smeared Clinton and Biden. They don't fact check and they discriminate and use the pretense of "all the news that's fit to print," except when it isn't.

(courtesy of the MSNBC FB site)
Thus, after he became president, Trump was his own fake media source turned mainstream.   From the power of the presidential seat, by virtue of the mantle conferred upon him, whether he was suited to it or not, Trump was mainstreamed. DONALD TRUMP'S LIES ARE MAINSTREAM MEDIA presentations. They are not fact checked and in this Pandemic of COVID-19, you listen to them at your own peril. Thank goodness for MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, The New Yorker, Buzzfeed, NPR, Politico, The Boston Globe, and others who have held Trump to account. If you are not reading or listening/watching to these outlets, do so. Save your life from Trump's FAKES.

Regardless of whether the MSM media wanted to or not, they were forced to cover him because they helped elect him. Things got serious really fast and the MSM was chided and pushed around by Trump if the coverage was unflattering. Only CNN, WaPo and MSNBC wore his criticisms as a badge of honor. The other news sites whined and their editors changed up the narrative to suit Trump. Those editors should be fired for their lack of journalistic integrity.

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By the time they started fact checking Trump's lies, the FBI had been through the crucible, the Pandemic Office had been closed, and the Mueller Report and investigation were invisible. Only the truth seekers, MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, The Boston Globe and the others mentioned stood firm in reporting facts and daring to hold Trump accountable. The other news sources were Trump media, fake news sites compromising their integrity to hold Trump accountable in their lukewarm reporting. If a reporter from their organizations dared to ask him an embarrassing question or ask any of his lackeys an embarrassing question, they were dunned as fake or called down by Trump. Thus, MSM gradually was cowed into reflecting Trumpism to be "truthful." Lies became truth, truth lies.

By the time the media had been excoriated by the truth seekers, pundits, journalism professors etc., they woke up. It was too late. Meanwhile, the media truth seekers, fueled by comedy shows, i.e. The Colbert Report, SNL, Bill Maher, etc. showed camera clips and repeated Trump's outrageous gaffs (numbering by now in the hundreds if you count his tweets) and 20,000 lies fact checking them. Trump responded and eventually there was no one to head up the WH Press while Trump's fake news operation in tandem with MSM fake news soldiered on.

Trump's Under-reported Outlandishness Connecting 2017 to 2020

One of Trump's first outlandish statements was at his Inauguration Speech when he talked about the slaughterhouse he inherited from Obama. (a strange projection of future events which he created when he closed down the Pandemic Office and fired its personnel in 2018 delivering the US into the epicenter of death and destruction of his COVID-19 BOTCHED RESPONSE.)

Tree Stump Spider pretending to be a branch (courtesy of the site)
In one fell prophesy, he said it all, though no one understood what he was talking about and neither did he. He was intentionally mischaracterizing the Obama White House. There is an irony to this blatant lie. Here we are at 100,000 deaths (red states not reporting accurately). (UPDATE: THE NUMBER AS OF 1/7/2021 IS 373,000) The US is a COVID-19 slaughterhouse. Many have died in our nation's slaughterhouses-meat packing plants. It is a woeful symbol that the US is Trump's slaughterhouse as he decries wearing masks, social distancing and quarantining and pushes superspreader events and "OPEN, OPEN" despite COVID's targeting seniors as their prime victims.
Thus, Trump has prophesied upon his own head and his administration the worst legacy of a US president, turning the country into DEATH'S WOMB. By ignoring rapid action to stem COVID-19, his failure continues to this day with no national response which is the mandate of the president: the use of his executive powers to keep Americans safe. Instead, it is the blue state governors who have kept Americans as safe as possible.

The media whores promoted Trump and the GOP in a chauvinistic, discriminatory, self-aggrandizing knock-down, making sure Hillary Clinton and Democrats would not receive continual free coverage. Trump, knowing the importance of free coverage for branding his image, unfairly took advantage of this and the MSM supported his endeavors, helping to elect him. They must not do the same thing again with Biden. But comments by friends who are not on Social Media indicate that once again, Trump's FAKE MSM news cycle covers him without properly committing to investigative journalism and fact checking.

And at times they select clips of VP Biden that are not decisive and positive, clues that they are part of the Trump fake media. Biden receives sops while Trump is made to appear presidential and cogent. That is an example of MSM FAKE NEWS. If you count Trump's gaffs and his injunctions to take a dangerous drug hydroxycholorquine, to inject Lysol, to drink bleach, Trump finger pointing at Biden is laughable.

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Indeed, if one is a never Trumper, then one should turn off the broadcasts of his speeches or rallies that are filled with his lying assertions and craven misrepresentations to aggrandize himself. I can't stand to hear him. He is a stain on this nation every time he opens his mouth to spread his viral lies.

As for Hillary Clinton, it must be noted that her courage was legion as she sustained Trump's criminality and the collaborative infamy and pompous, self-righteous public trashing by craven Democratic males with influential audiences, i.e. Bill Maher and Michael Moore. In bitterness, they blamed her and her campaign for losing to Trump. Too bad their simple analysis didn't call down complicated 8 pronged RNC strategies to bring in Trump as president, using Putin's Intel, Cambridge Analytica, Kushner's quid pro quos with FB, the hacking of ballots in 50 states, Jill Stein's candidacy to split votes form Hillary and more.

The RNC needed to garner billions in tax cuts for its donors as insurance to maintain the power Citizen's United gave the rich. Media Companies benefited. Folks thought when Trump said fake news, he was referring to the conglomerates like ABC, CBS, etc. He wasn't. He was referring to all media that fact checked him. Naturally, the conglomerates donated to his campaigns; they opposed Net Neutrality. But they were loathe to fact check his lies for fear of being Trump attacked as fake.

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Thus MSM became Trump media, like Fox. Interestingly, what was described as Alt Right like Breitbart was also Trump media. Thus Trump media, became lying Trump media as he laid down the gauntlet and MSM followed him like a dog. In the minds of many, MSM made Trump's lies truth. They contributed to the propaganda Trump disseminated. The GOP 2016 win must be laid at the feet of MSM. It must not happen again.

For example, the MSM didn't show video clips of Hillary half as often as they did Trump who managed to be as controversial as possible in click baits which the MSM scarfed up. Despite the illegality of predominately following one candidate, Trump's outrageous statements were useful and that is why he made such comments in a conspiracy with Putin, our virtual adversary we war with today (covered up by the MSM). Thus, MSM and "alternate media" (this is a misnomer-it is smaller segments of Trump media) "covering" Trump lies was promoted by Soc Puppets and Troll Farms set up by Russian Military Intel on Social Media 24/7. The effective campaigning by a foreign adversary, Vlad Putin, to put in his favorite candidate usurped the electoral process of the U.S. Indeed, taxpayers' votes were hacked and Hillary's vote was split by Putin funded American candidate Jill Stein.

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To date, though Robert Mueller in his investigation and the Mueller Report attempted to make Trump, Putin, the RNC and this White House accountable, because of the corrupt DOJ-Barr and Trump's lawyers, Trump was never impeached as the Mueller Report demanded. Instead. Trump has used his executive powers to stop justice and attempt to prosecute his enemies, Mussolini-style. He has not used his massive executive powers to keep Americans COVID-19 safe by employing the D.P.A. with the military and a quartermaster to gear up equitable cost-saving contracts for testing, PPE supply and distribution chains and tracing to fight against the spread of this deadly coronavirus. (see prior posts on this site)

2016 Campaign, RNC (courtesy of the site)

Meanwhile, the American taxpayer is now facing the greatest risk in US history in a pandemic which the incompetent, criminal Trump can't handle, except to put Project Airbridge in control which thus far, through his son-in-law Jared Kushner et. al., is bilking the American public going on upwards of $1 billion dollars according to reporting by John Allan whom I've heard on MSNBC 5/25/2020.

How the Trump administration contracted for inefficient mask sterilization machines that sterilize for under the time they stated is criminal considering there are people who have lost their jobs and are on food bank lines. Indeed, such inefficiency appears to be malfeasance as the company gave one price, $1 million per machine then used bait and switch charging $7 million per machine. Kickbacks? Cronyism? Quid pro Quos? All of it is theft of the American taxpayer by Donald Trump and Jared Kushner who have benefited from our tax dollar but who refuse to pay cops and fire and nurses by funding the 50 states for keeping Americans alive by passing the Heroes Act.

To the thinking American taxpayer who would discern truth from a lie, Donald Trump as his own mainstream media factory is obvious. But it is the pandemic that has outted his criminality, fraud, lies and psychosis like nothing ever before. All the news channels slavishly followed his COVID-19 rallies which grew increasingly craven, insane and frightening. It is a record of infamy in how a president must not deal with a Pandemic. In one example Trump brought his donors, big box retailers and corporations in front of the camera to tell how they were making PPE. Some of them were ill-equipped to do so.

Larva of Archduke Butterfly pretending to be an evergreen-Mimicry (courtesy of the site)
Later we learned that companies who were not Trump donors offered their services but were snubbed by Trump. They were in the business of making PPE and equipment like ventilators? Yes. This is graft on a massive scale. Who reported this?  THE TRUTH SEEKING NEWS SITES.

Now, we understand why Trump cannot employ the DPA with full force and task the military or a quartermaster and his team to research the companies most aligned to make the equipment and gear up to scale with massive production. They would be loyal to the US constitution and the American taxpayers, not Trump's graft making, cronyism, kick-back, quid pro quo machine. Once again, American taxpayers are paying the bill to be killed on a massive scale while Trump's "incompetence" is made fun of. Incompetent? Hardly. When there's money to be made, the Kushner / Trump family is always at the ready.What importance do the American taxpayers have to them? None.

Hiding in plain sight, it looks like one thing but is another-duping mimicry a defense (courtesy of the site)
Meanwhile, where are the truth seeking investigative journalists reporting this? They are out there and can be found on the usual suspects: MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, etc. Their reporters in the field resort to extremely thoughtful questioning that nails Trump to his lies before the world. Their teams investigate and pull back the cover-ups. Some reporters questioning Trump are excellent. Often they are black and female. Though he attempts not to answer their questions, he falters and eventually must answer if they persist or he will look like the racist chauvinist he is.

When these reporters strike it hot, he retorts with "that's a nasty question," that's a rude question," "you are fake news." Only then do you understand their probes hold a great truth that Trump is forced to cover up with an epithet of "fake news" or "nasty." Thus, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this question is real, it points to facts Trump has choked on it and his fake news propaganda machine has seized up. At such instances Trump has walked out and has taken a few days to recover. Watch for those moments; they have happened more and more as he attempts to cover-over his failed response to the pandemic which is exceeding 100,000 deaths as I write this. (red state reports and deaths are invisible regarding nursing homes and are largely inaccurate) (UPDATE: 373,000 AS OF 1/7/2021)

But for these rich kernels of fact and truth brought up by Trump's furious response to questions by the "nasty, fake news" reporters, Trump has rendered his broadcasts in all media largely an occasion for fraud and lie spreading. The irony is that Trump, by calling the media fake, is identifying himself as the fake.

Appearance vs. reality, truth vs. fakery-Trump mimicry (courtesy of the site)
Discovering the Fake From the Real

But the only way one is apprised of this is by reading widely investigative news sites (blogs or other city papers, i.e. 'The Boston Globe') and then comparing to MSM FAKE NEWS in other words Trump media. MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, curators are credible and excellent as investigative news sources which counter Trump's lies by revealing the truth behind Trump's lies.

BUZZFEED has excellent articles. Their article about the PEE PEE tape (which Trump called fake news) is accurate if you walk through Trump's inside relationship with Putin who hates the OBAMA, BIDEN, HILLARY TRIUMVIRATE for their work ousting Putin's corrupt crony in Ukraine. Biden and Clinton helped to establish that country's working elections and democracy. Putin will never forgive them and would kill them if he could; he did character assassinate Clinton, but that action has backfired.  Our eyes are open; the Mueller Report stands in history for all time, though Barr ATTEMPTED TO rewrite history along with Trump. Like everything Trump does, he loses and the record against him proves he conspired with Russia to accept their help during the election via Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and by NOT DECRYING RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE. 
Finally proof that he ACCEPTED THEIR INTERFERENCE LIES IN HIS TREATMENT OF REALITY WINNER. In the film, United States vs. Reality Winner, we see how far his attempt to suppress the truth went and still goes. Winner leaked a NSA document of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Instead of making her a hero of American democracy to prove Russia's adversarial virtual war against democracy, he had her arrested and held without bail for months. She was squeezed to plead guilty or justice would not have prevailed and she might have been in prison for the rest of her life on the Espionage Act. 
Meanwhile, QAnon members of Congress like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mo Brooks, Lauren Boehbert and other Republicans in the House and Senate, conspired with Trump to overthrow the government in an armed insurrection, an act of war against the US Capital building. VP Mick Pence's life was threatened as was Majority House Leader Nancy Pelosi and others. And they walk between the raindrops, traitors to American democracy on 60X court cases that QAnon and the RNC ignored to foment lies that Trump won 2020? Trump lost over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and multiple "over" by the number 60. Sydney Powel and Rudolph Guiliani spread the lies, though they are supposedly creditable officers of the court. Is it any wonder that Domion and the other voting machines used are suing them for $1billion dollars? They should also sue Trump. All are crooks, criminals and will be in jail.
Reality Winner deserves the National Medal of Freedom for her incredible intrepid act of heroism. All of the criminals mentioned above deserve to be in prison for their treason. And Powell and Guiliani must be disbarred.

And as I write this, Putin is working with the RNC and Kushner to drum up all sorts of attacks against Biden: witness the NYT Op Eds. about Biden being a weak candidate or hiding in the shadows...sourced by the RNC. The NYT editorial staff accepts RNC editorials but doesn't identify them as such. Well, there's the rub. This is part of the MSM Trump Fake News Cycle. Thus, I do not read the Times. I follow the journalist. Sometimes, the NYT trips up in spite of itself and publishes "all the news that's fit to print." However, its investigative journalism as a whole is pathetic. WaPo is head and shoulders above them. So is The New Yorker, CNN and MSNBC. As of March 29, 2021, the NYT has discredited itself as the new "respectable" version of the NYP in accepting RATFUCKING by the GOP/RNC PR campaign against Cuomo by #metoo women whoring a once reputable #metoo movement for political purposes.
 PUTIN AND TRUMP'S RATFUCKING SMEAR CAMPAIGN FAILED. BUT THE RNC PR MACHINE AND PUTIN HAVE TURNED ELSEWHERE GETTING READY FOR THE 2022 ELECTIONS IN GEORGIA WITH MASSIVE CRUEL AND INHUMAN VOTER SUPPRESSION. (you cannot give water to a person standing on a 5 hour line in the hot sun or you will go to jail...these long lines will appear in black areas that are largely democratic. The RNC is desperate to lose.) The ACLU IS FIGHTING TO OVERTURN THIS.

Mimicry-defense-pretending to be one thing when one is another (courtesy of the site)
Of course since to Trump, only his commentary is the truth, the exposure of his lies behind his commentary, he deems fake. This is key. Look for little truths when he ignores a question or does not answer it directly by responding with "fake news," or "nasty" or "rude" question. Then you know it is true and like all truth to a liar, it is embarrassing and humiliating and must be covered up and derided. He is hiding in plain sight which he does often to protect himself. A free person, a truthful person has nothing to hide.

Trump is the FAKE NEWS Fountain of mainstream media. He is a spokesperson for the malevolent GOP and they will, with the exception of Mitt Romney and a few others, fall on the sword for Trump, until in the last analysis Mitch has realized he has gone too far (This occurred when he spoke on January 6th along with Lindsay Graham before the congress as both rejected traitorous Josh Hawley's and Ted Cruz's attempts to nullify Biden's win by questioning the pro forma electoral college counting of votes)  
By being a select spokesperson for the manufacturers of certain big pharma by pushing everything from dangerous non beneficial drugs to "his" vaccine, he has indicated his quid pro quo schemes and cronyism, malfeasance and criminal behavior. Perhaps the anti-vaxxers will accept the Trump vaccine if he pushes it like he pushed hydroxy. They certainly will not accept Fauci or Gates certified vaccines.
TRUMP TOOK THE VACCINE BEFORE HE LEFT THE WHITE HOUSE. HE DID NOT ADVERTISE THAT ON FOX NEWS. MSNBC AND WAPO revealed it. Most Republican politicians took the vaccine. They did not reveal it either. The CEO of Pfizer whose parents were Holocaust survivors said that Pfizer was not a part of TRUMP'S WARP SPEED program and took no money from Trump. Thus, Trump should not claim himself responsible for Pfizer or for any of these COVID vaccines which were in the pipeline for years, including the AstroZenica vaccine from Oxford, UK which was being worked on in the labs when I was there in 2019.

Like all liars and fakes, when they exceed their own excessive nature, they OUT themselves. COVID-19 is Trump's Waterloo. This Memorial Day he has outed himself and there will be  no turning back. There is a new normal. And Trump will not be in it, nor will he be the MSM darling for much longer. He is an embarrassment to himself. It's only a matter of recognizing the fraud. His criminal masochism demands he be held to account. So he will be, as will his cronies and his accomplices in MSM. (UPDATE: TRUMP BOTCHED HIS OWN INSURRECTION BY PROVOKING MOB VIOLENCE AT THE CAPITOL ON JANUARY 6, 2021 AND HE WILL BE IMPEACHED.  
 It is now March 29, 2021. Biden has brought in over 100 million vaccines and the country is being vaccinated, something Trump was incapable of doing since he rejected vaccines to spite the country which voted for Biden (the old 'LET THEM DIE' REVENGE). when Biden took office, there was none in the supply. DeSantis was supposedly given vaccines which he distributes to his donors and others who pay. The number of COVID DEAD IS 565,000 via Worldometer.  The Red States still don't wear masks and they follow herd immunity (the kind where you breathe the air, get COVID and allow it to morph into deadly variants so that the vaccines have to have boosters. They are the Republicans states who kill themselves and each other figuring the old should die. The RNC/GOP PR machine fueled by Trump, Robert Mercer and the other crooks are currently trying to RATFUCK Cuomo, to no avail. New Yorkers support him and see through the RATFUCKING TO KNOW IT IS A SHAM and political ploy. Trump is going to jail. He can try to stop it, but he is going to jail.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Ratf**king Cuomo in a GOP Smear Campaign COUP. WHO is MOLESTED and by WHOM? GOP LOVES RATF**KING. So Does PUTIN/Trump

An early mock-up of COVID-19 cell before it morphed via "herd immunity," to variants.


First, came the horrific death toll and pictures, when last March COVID inundated hospitals so badly that folks were turned away and had to die at home. There was no testing. Trump had botched that and everything else he touched regarding the United States health disaster. Trump, though he knew how bad COVID was, did nothing against the massive influx of Europeans with COVID who landed at JFK and Newark airports and asymptomatically spread the disease. With community spread, the infection rates skyrocketed and killed the elderly first. The old were the #1 target of COVID. We knew that early on. Trump knew that early on. He did nothing about it as a national disaster until the press shamed him. But he knew in January about COVID. He pretended it didn't exist for as long as possible, then did something in late February and the second week of March.

Early on exhausted health care workers were applauded in NYC & elsewhere (courtesy of the site)

Trump knew the score in January, as he told Bob Woodward months later in Woodward's book Rage. But regardless, because Trump disrespected the American people and ditched Obama's Pandemic plans in 2018, he was incompetent and negligent to keep Americans safe, let alone New Yorkers. And the RNC and GOP agreed with him and had to paper over his botch job: Fox, Hannity, OAN, RT, SPUTNIK, SINCLAIR NEWS SYNDICATE, NYP, NEWSMAX talked about COVID like it was the flu or a hoax. They are ALL GUILTY OF MURDER of the elderly. All of them because they treated it like it didn't exist. They followed Trump's lead and the GOP's lead. Behind the scenes, news media were scared to death, wore masks, socially distanced and disinfected themselves.

   Hannity and Murdock on Fox News supported Trump's lies and lies and lies (courtesy of the site)


When Trump, on his son-in-law's direction, (allegedly because Trump always finds a scapegoat to blame) left the COVID response up to the states. The only governor who was outspoken, directed and presidential was Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York. He was THE BLASPHEMY against Trump, the RNC and Putin's GOP. By declaring Executive Power because it was a national crisis, Cuomo took charge, prevented inaction, incompetence, laziness and stupidity within his own state governance and led New Yorkers to lower an obscene infection rate (the worst in the world at that time). It was a rate that Trump was responsible for encouraging and spreading because Trump in his twisted logic feared an economic disaster would destroy his reelection.

Cuomo handled Trump's botch job with intelligence and expertise (courtesy of the site)

Blaming blue state governors for mishandling COVID, Trump mishandled COVID. See articles on this blog about how, when and where if you still think Trump is a god and loves you, taxpayer.

I cannot tell you how I and my friends appreciated Governor Cuomo's briefings along with his handpicked team who were among the best and brightest to help keep New Yorkers informed when Trump and the RNC were doing everything in their power to lie, cover-up, stop, not the spread, but stop the truth from being revealed. I made a mistake to think that everyone would think Governor Cuomo was doing a great job. Meanwhile, the Republicans in the state were listening to Trump's cries of "freedom" and "open" despite the pandemic attacking everyone it could get its hands on who didn't use public health measures. Republicans everywhere were enraged daily by Cuomo. He told the truth to New Yorkers and the nation. Trump lied. Trump was the incompetent, depraved negligent. It was obvious. People were cheering Cuomo on to be president. Friends repeated this to me over and over. I stood with Cuomo; he wanted to stay and help New York. Regardless, his leadership was paramount and he gave advice about good leadership in his book. A DOUBLE BLASPHEMY.

Michigan insurrectionists in the making, signaled by Trump to "open" and kill seniors, exacerbating the COVID COMMUNITY SPREAD (courtesy of the site)

The fact that the man is literate, told the truth about COVID and was a presidential danger in the future??? WHAT A NIGHTMARE. The fact that he created a governor's coalition to work together against COVID AND UNITE INSTEAD OF DIVIDE???  A BLASPHEMY OF THE BLUE DEMOCRAT DEVILS!!!  "THEY MUST GOOO," thought Republicans and their allies, Russian Military Intelligence, Putin. CUOMO MADE TRUMP LOOK NEGLIGENT AND HATEFUL.

 Forces ranged against Cuomo, a magnificent leader. (now that has morphed to blue governors). Republicans conspired: Cuomo must be brought down. And Fauci with him. Putin helped as did the RNC PR MACHINE creating PLANDEMIC THE GREAT HOAX OF COVID. (a lie that killed and still kills as Trumpers don't mask or take public health precautions)

 Cuomo must go. That was clear. But how to stop him from his briefings that encouraged and inspired the nation? If you listened but forgot exactly what Cuomo said, the tapes are on YouTube. He was anointed in goodness. That was the biggest outrage of all for the RNC. Satanists hate truth and goodness. No Republican in the United States was as eloquent, uplifting and hopeful from a state that had an infection rate that was beyond nightmarish. What to do? They were losing their power every time Cuomo opened his big, fat, ugly mouth. The goodness must be distorted, slimed, miscategorized, called into doubt. The person must be made to look like a shit, a liar, a douche bag. But how?

Stockholm, Sweden: Trumpers Stockholmed for "herd immunity" to save Trump and the economy, though community spread targeted seniors first with high infection rates (courtesy of the site)

Nursing Homes! One of the places where there are Trumpers and their relatives who hate Cuomo can be riled up, was a perfect place to begin. To distort, mischaracterize what was happening in nursing homes was easy to do because no one knew how COVID got into nursing homes via asymptomatics at the time. There was no widespread testing, tracing and tracking. Certainly, to expect that from Trump in a national plan was INSANE. To expect widespread testing, tracking, tracing pushed by the Republican Party was INSANE. Besides, COVID was a "blue state" disease. Blame Democrats and get reelected. Trump a loser, with a loser mentality selects loser actions. WITH COVID, TRUMP COULD HAVE BEEN A HERO. He elected to choose the loser's way. DIVIDE.

Despite Trump pushing it was a BLUE STATE DISEASE, Trumpers and Trumper families of the elderly got it and died. So much for "blue state" disease. But if it happened in New York, Cuomo must be blamed for doing a bad job. Except, he was doing the best job in the entire US without Trump's determined help, without the help of the Republican Party. Trumpers blamed him regardless of what he did BECAUSE HE WAS TRUE BLUE AND HIS DISGUSTING FATHER BEFORE HIM AND HIS DISGUSTING BROTHER LAWYER ON CNN. DISGUSTING, ROTTEN AND VERY PROGRESSIVE. EWWWW!! Republicans steamed; Trump seathed.

Trump ordered Barr to get nursing home deaths from NY and blue states. Red States had mammoth numbers. They weren't investigated; their numbers were covered up. (courtesy of the site)

The nursing home smear didn't work like the RNC PR machine wanted it to. Cuomo was a disgusting danger to Republicans because Trump was doing nothing according to Cuomo. And Cuomo was right. It didn't have to be this way if they only listened to CUOMO. Trump, a loser always, ignored Cuomo. The numbers spread across the nation while the infection rate in New York decreased. It was obvious to educated New Yorkers: the papers like Murdock's New York Post lied as it always does and misreported the numbers and mischaracterized the deaths. Cuomo stated in his briefings the number of nursing home deaths and then put the nursing home deaths in with the total number of deaths. Deaths were always reported in New York. Deaths were miscounted, covered up and misreported in all the Red States on Trump's demand. 

Where is that investigation of nursing homes in Red States? Well, it won't be done by Republicans. Republicans only feel the need to smear Cuomo and blue states and will investigate Democrats. Why would they investigate their own malfeasance, incompetence, misgovernance, negligence, manslaughter-depraved heart murder? Republicans, themselves said (Lieutenant Governor of Texas) the old should sacrifice their lives for the the economy. If the old die, they have to go sometime; better them than the economy. Better the old sacrifice their lives and open the economy so Trump can win the 2020 election they and Trump reasoned. 

Texas Lieutenant clamors for elderly to sacrifice and die for the economy. Open! (courtesy of the site)

In every RED STATE IN THIS NATION, CHECK THE NURSING HOME DEATHS. Do you know the numbers? Did they reveal them? NO! Yet, Republicans smeared Cuomo with nursing home deaths in New York. And with the help of Trumpers, the white supremacists and the Russian Military Intel soc puppets, the distortions continued. Did Red States want to safeguard nursing home patients? OF COURSE NOT. If they did, immediately, they would have put in place strict mask mandates, and ban superspreader events and close down their states entirely. They didn't. That would violate Trump's OPEN, OPEN policy; and Scott Atlas' herd immunity-breathe the air policy. They did what Trump wanted; they lied, the elderly in and out of nursing homes died and they covered it up. THEY COVERED UP THEIR NURSING HOME DEATHS. THEY LIED. The GOP and RNC lied by ignoring Trump's policy and piling on the lies about Democrats who were dangerous. QAnon/Russian Military Intelligence fomented the lies.

All in the country watched this on Fox and elsewhere as they minimized COVID as an exaggeration and floated the hoax rumors. People died in hospitals of COVID, believing it was something else. Trump encouraged Red States' herd immunity, no mask wearing and superspreader events. With wide ranging community spread always comes deaths of the elderly first. The lower the infection rate, the lower the deaths in nursing homes and elderly anywhere. DUH! Unless you are brain dead, to blame nursing home deaths on Cuomo who tried to lower the spread is an indication of massive stupidity or a political smear campaign. WHERE TRUMP AND THE GOP ARE CONCERNED, IT IS OBVIOUSLY A POLITICAL SMEAR CAMPAIGN.  The simple reason why is to despoil Democrats.

Governor Andrew Cuomo who helped mitigate the mammoth COVID numbers caused by Trump botch job through factual briefings to inspire New Yorkers to save themselves (courtesy of the site)

Today, March 27, 2021, Democrats, spurred on by Trumpers in New York, to "get Cuomo" and continue this mischaracterization and patent political smear are unconscionable. Trumpers lost. They are Satanic liars and they advocate hurting and killing their opponents (AR 15s can't be regulated in their minds). They are insurrectionists who advocate the overthrow of democracy BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. They are racists, homophobes, anti-progressives, anti-LGBTQ, MISOGYNISTS and anti #metoo. They are against economic prosperity for the lower middle class, middle class and upper middle class intending to keep them deprived and enslaved because they have to win elections by letting such folks work three jobs and be disenfranchised and depressed about the government not caring. COVID was just another way for Republicans, Trump and the RNC PR machine to get back at all but the very rich. But it backfired for numerous reasons. (see the articles on this blog) Thus, that Democrats of New York would even breathe the same air as these wicked and evil, who work against them day and night, makes no sense unless they've worked out a quid pro quo with the RNC and Republicans.

All roads lead to Russia? You Betcha, especially the 2016 election that Putin meddled in. See United States vs. Reality Winner. (courtesy of the site)

When Trumpers' cries and Trump's and Barr's screams about New York nursing homes didn't work because Cuomo showed that RED STATES were much worse, and New York was 34th in nursing home deaths, they lied and fronted via all the RED MEDIA. And they ignored COVID while pointing the finger at Biden, Hunter Biden and Cuomo. With TRUMP holding a Hatch Act violating, White House party of 1000, a superspreader event for Amy Coney Barrett's appointment as a Supreme Court Judge (she would make sure Trump would win the election was why she was appointed) it was obvious. The superspreader event, at which few wore masks, turned into a blatant, in-your-face, who cares if old people die, message. Trump got COVID; they lied about its severity. He needed to be on a respirator, and begged and pleaded not to be put on one. He wasn't. $2 million dollars later, at a charge to taxpayers, he emerged breathing heavily and ripped off his mask on the balcony of the WH. He was sick as a dog, but fronted. He had to win the election and appear like Superman, like Rambo, like god, like Thor, like Poseidon, like Hercules, the "chosen" one.

Attention was off Cuomo for a while. But Trump lost the 2020 election as people partied in all the cities in the US and around the world, A BLASPHEMY and terrible blow to Republicans because they lost the executive, the House and the Senate in a trifecta explosion of the ages with the worst president of the ages during one of the worst pandemics of the ages. No matter, Trump conned and fronted with the help of Robert Mercer, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Micheal Flynn (all criminals-except Mercer a tax cheat has the cash to stay out of prison whereas you and I don't) the Proud Boys, Clarence Thomas' wife and Clarence Thomas by proxy, legislators in RED and BLUE states, Oath Keepers, KKK, white supremacist vets and military and Republicans in the House and Senate who conspired with them and the QAnon Parler PR machine. Trump and these criminal traitors threw a huge insurrection party, killed a few folks, injured and left maimed, 150 among them Capital police, left a huge bill at the feet of the taxpayers to clean up the horrific damage, and pay for the thousands and thousands of National Guard to keep the Democrats safe for Biden's inauguration.

The Republicans, RNC PR machine, GOP politicians, QAnon...lost; Trump lost every court case pertaining to the election. QAnon fueled by Russian Military Intel blasted that Trump won and the election was stolen. You would think that with all of the evil and wicked machinations of twisting the DOJ to make it dance, bullying Barr, bullying the RNC and RED MEDIA to help him overthrow the government on January 6th, the millions and millions in fund raising, the thwarting and cutting off the USPS, the lies, the smears about dangerous Democrats Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and his inciting death at the capital building that all the Democrats watching would reject associating with any of these traitors? Well, you would think that. And you would think that Trump with all his exertions would have won. 

The American people hate Trump and the Republicans. The GOP can't win ever. They have proven they war against democracy with Putin. They pay many of their white supremacists to foment hate crimes. They resist good leadership like Cuomo's and Biden's because they don't lead. The Republicans are the laziest bunch of miscreants who sit on their power and resist Democrats; that is how they lead. And anyone who does lead and does get things done for the country? They must be destroyed, smeared, slimed, despoiled, shredded, wiped out, killed.

Representative Mo Brooks leads Republicans to vitiate the election by not accepting electoral ballots.

Republicans to a man and woman are some of the most brutal, masochist and self-destroying because the truth is known to the American people. Biden's wisdom continues; the FBI is arresting Trumpers and insurrectionist goons who Trump didn't pardon. Those who backed the insurrection and delayed the vote in the senate until late night, hoping and praying the insurrectionists would return, finally accepted the electoral ballots. VP Pence after his life was threatened appears to have forgiven and forgotten all because he wants his place at the RNC PIG TROUGH. And Brian Sicknick's death, one of the most infamous in our history, still goes unpunished as Republicans lie about and cover up what happened. To listen to them, the insurrection never happen. To listen to Trump, he won and is still in the White House running the country. Oh and the non mask wearing continues at Mar-a-lago where COVID IS RAMPAGING as Trump folks pay thousands and thousands to get sick and die.

Taken from a brilliant article on Daily Kos about GOP Ratf**king (courtesy of this site)

Now Biden has taken center stage. The RNC ranges for revenge and looks for conspirators. The NY District Attorneys and Attorney General and CUOMO have taken center stage. The nursing homes didn't work all that well because of the fallacy that herd immunity doesn't kill seniors. It does as does high infection rates not mitigated and covered-up in Red States. Thus, something else had to be used to slime Cuomo. Call in the big guns. Bannon, Stone, QAnon/Putin, the RNC's PR machine must step up the, GOP "ratfucking" to eliminate CUOMO for a presidential run or continued help for Democrats. Ratfucking is an American slang term for political sabotage or dirty tricks, particularly pertaining to elections. Trump and the RNC PR campaign had to come up with a smear that couldn't be answered; throw Cuomo off his feet and possibly put in a Republican governor and turn the legislature RED. 

The sickness of QAnon/Russian Military Intel

Divide and conquer. Divide and conquer. Set the Democrats to backbiting and cannibalizing each other for the appearance of righteousness. Go for the weakest and most hypocritically moral. Ratfuck the women; molest the #metoo by having them whore each other. USE SEX to turn men against women; turncoat Democrats for that purpose with whatever they need: money, power, advertising. Who so "highminded who cannot be seduced"  et tu Brute, Kirsten Gillibrand, AOC, Chuck Schumer? Lindsey Boylan was easy and available and so were others. RATFUCKING! POLITICAL WHOREDOMS.

Ratfucking is the smear to beat all smears. Kerry was victimized by ratfucking by the GOP  with "SWIFTBOATING." Hillary was ratfucked by Mercer, Bannon and Schweizer in Clinton Cash picked up by the Russians who stole the election for Trump. "Lock her up" was the cry of Roger Stone (convicted felon Trump pardoned) Michael Flynn (convicted felon pardoned, whose brother in the DOD told the Capital Police to "stand down" when they were screaming for help because the optics were bad.) Obviously, the two bros conspired together to bring Trump the 2020 election like they brought him the 2016 election. FAIL MUCH? Don't believe Putin stole the 2016 election for Trump by meddling rapaciously? See the documentary film United States vs. Reality Winner. She is still in jail for telling the truth, by the way.

Daily Kos article on Ratf**king goes into the GOP DIRTY TRICKS AGAINST DEMOCRATS BETWEEN 2016 THROUGH TO 2020. THE SAME APPLIES TO CUOMO. (see the site)


 The more the "accused" attempts to answer the ratfuck accusation, the more the accusers step forward and pile on. Thus, ratfuckers came up with the #metoo smears against Cuomo, one of the most  progressive to hire and champion women. How do they ratfuck? Make anything and everything Cuomo did appear untoward. Women came forward who championed the ratfucking cause of the RNC, GOP and Trump, just like they did with AL FRANKEN. Take a cultural kindness (Italian warmth) and smear it as filthy. Make Cuomo look like a dirty old man against a young, scared, innocent and frightened chippy. Turn the "Love Gov" touted for his salvation of New York with New Yorkers, into the PERVE GOV. 

HUGE PROBLEM: Cuomo is still popular. Check out his pages every time he speaks on video via Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. Hearts and statements like "stay the course," and "don't resign" appear by the hundreds.

Lest we forget about some allegations that DWARF Cuomo's, that Trump himself verified out of his own "pussy grabbing" mouth. The poor guy he revealed it to has had his career wrecked. (courtesy of the Daily Kos site)

Did Trump's speeches receive global support like Cuomo's did DURING COVID? THEY WERE LIES. THEY INCITED MAGADEATH. HE was told to stop holding COVID briefings because he just puffed up his own doing nothing with lies and told folks to drink bleach and Lysol. When he talked he said nonsense and had to have a dementia test. Finally after he lost, he incited violence and called together his insurrectionists who worked to kill Pence and destroy the Capital. Thus, He had to be removed from Twitter and all Social Media channels for inciting insurrection against our democratic government. Parler has returned so he can be active on it; oh, it is funded by Russian Military Intel. It needs to be bankrupted by the American Government as a danger to our national security. Thus, the pussy grabber non pareil, the rapist, the 25X credible accusations from accusers who pressed charges is now being sued in perhaps 20 lawsuits, state and federal and civil. Compared to the Cuomo allegations by RNC/GOP put up jobs, Trump's predation, the rape of minors at the time, and the full blown friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, a blackmailing madame who trafficked in teenage girls for all aged wealthy males stinks to the heavens.

His continuous women scandals and lawsuits have been ignored by the RNC. It is the truth obviously if Hannity and the GOP all pretend Trump is the pure, innocent, "the chosen one." By comparison, Cuomo's actions are those of a boyscout. The rhetoric by the ratfucking women whoring #metoo for political purposes demeans the #metoo movement and casts Democrats and Republicans together as brothers in ratfucking CUOMO. Why?

Al Franken was Ratf**ked by Democrats and Republicans. Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand couldn't resist devouring Franken, the pawn of laughing GOP (courtesy of Daily Kos)

 If Democrats believe this to be the expedient moment to pile on and accuse Cuomo, they intend to use the same MO as Republians and ratfuck their way to the top of the political mountain. (Rep. Ron Kim) Some have painted Cuomo as a bully without giving the context of the situation. They have cast him as a predator with unproven accusations HIDING BEHIND THE SKIRTS OF #METOO which they prostitute for politics. They have demanded that he not defend himself and resign: in other words, they want to accomplish a new low, a RATFUCKING COUP; a FRANKEN CUOMO COUP. The Democrats urged by the Republicans with whom they conspire and combine with, plan an insurrection of their own. Cleverly, they would have CUOMO FRANK PANTANGELI himself. Except as typical of Democrats who devoured Al Franken via Kirsten Gillibrand, unlike the Italian mafia did with Frank Pantangeli, they won't be "taking care" of Cuomo's family. The RNC PR campaign were infuriated about the Cuomo brothers joking with each other on CNN to inspire Americans to have hope during the Trump exacerbated nightmare of COVID, The Cuomos helped the nation. Pissed, TRUMP FOMENTED AND RAGED, as did the RNC/GOP/QANON.

Best buddies Jeffrey Trafficker Epstein and a younger Donald Trump. (courtesy of the site)

The truth is that New Yorkers don't want Andrew Cuomo to resign. If you want to know why? Read his book. Learn what a leader is and does. Learn what humility is all about. Oh, excuse me. You in the press lie, defame, slime, deface and RATFUCK Cuomo's humility. You, including the New York Times, I CALL YOU OUT! May I remind you that TRUMP never apologized, not even for his sharpie showing the wrong path of a hurricane. He never laughed at himself whereas Cuomo did and always does. And Cuomo always apologizes; he did publicly. He does privately. Trump never does, not publicly nor privately and you never called out Trump??? Why NOT? You ignore Trump's egregious, bullying arrogance; you encouraged his MAGADEATH destructions repeatedly, and conspired with him. That makes you, press, accountable with him for killing THE COVID TRAGIC OF THE US. You sang his praises and worshiped at his alter of pompous assdumb. 

How stupid do you think New Yorkers are? We know the difference between real Trump predation, Trump MAGADEATH and RNC, GOP LIES AND SLANDERS and your mewling testimonials by women whoring #metoo for their own political expediency or quid pro quos. And those who accuse Cuomo of arrogance: date, time, where, when...context, please. We know what RATFUCKING IS.  And we know above all it is calumny and misrepresentation and lies and puffery and gaslighting and smear ignominy, slander and in print-libel. And we know Trump is going to jail. That's not RATFUCKING. That is the truth.

RNC, GOP knew who to pick and who to use to RATF**K Franken. Now Frankening is a term for Democrats cannabilizing Cuomo and whoring the #metoo movement for politics. Gillibrand can't resist devouring Cuomo after Frankening Franken (Daily Kos)

Because Cuomo refuses to do a Frank Pantangeli, the Democrats' political MO is foiled. And the money in their coffers is decreasing as they clamor for the "the investigation." Investigations are interesting: remember the three-year Hillary Clinton smear investigation the RNC used to ratfuck her with Benghazi? Turned up Zero. Remember the Mueller Report? With 13 Russian indictments and heavy information about Russian meddling in the 2016 election that Mueller suggested be used to impeach Trump and certainly indict him? Barr covered it up, lied, said Trump was vindicated. A lie. See the film United States vs. Reality Winner. Reality Winner sacrificed her life for the truth going to jail for leaking a document of proof that Russia meddled with the 2016 election. 

No longer the Russians' idol Putin meddled with our 2016 election and ratfu*ked Biden and anyone the RNC asks. He tried to assassinate Alexy Navalny, the only credible candidate to overthrow Putin. Biden said Putin's a killer (an understatement)

It meddled; the NSA Republicans covered up that the election was thrown to Trump as a result, because to admit otherwise would have thrown the country in an uproar; how nice of the Republican NSA. They always consider the American people's democracy. Standing for the truth is something Cuomo also did telling the truth about COVID and Trump and Mitch McConnell and the RNC and the sniveling NYC police, some of which hate being restricted from police brutality. And if you want to know about nursing home deaths, call up the nursing homes in RED STATES. Oh, they won't give you the numbers; I forgot.

Why is  Cuomo a danger to Trump? Obvious. He doesn't want a prison stay in New York and hopes at the worst he can get in a RED GOVERNOR who will pardon him for his state crimes. Why is Cuomo a danger to the RNC and GOP white supremacists? He supports blacks against police brutality. Cuomo supports women; it's why #metoo is a good ratfucking ploy. And he supports LGBTQ. He is an effective communicator people listen to. He supports a woman's right to choose. He supports equity. He began the $15.00 minimum wage in New York. He supports police reform and nursing home reform. He called the investigation into whether the nursing homes took COVID elderly though they couldn't keep them safe...and he got RNC ratfu*ked for it. He supports gun restrictions. He supports the constitution and voting rights for all citizens. He probably would not only keep the nation safe from any pandemic, he would go after Putin more directly than Biden. 

In other words, he has shown he can lead and he knows what to do to side-step the governance by committee that kills reforms in New York state that legislators dilly-dally on until they are dead, dead, D.E.D. He knows how to lead if he is allowed. The pandemic offered him that opportunity until his Executive Powers were removed. I just looked at the INFECTION RATES TODAY FOR THE STATE ON WORLDOMETER. 8,500 new cases. Thank the New York legislature. Thank the ratfu*king #metoo political whores who are using political expediency or quid pro quos from the RNC to disempower Cuomo. Thank the RNC who don't mask in RED STATES and encourage crowding and no vaccines. Thank the NYS Trumpers screaming OPEN, OPEN, OPEN. OK. Open and if the infection rates continue to go up????  What then? TRUMPERS ARE NATIONAL SECURITY RISKS. THEY NEED TO BE JAILED AS INSURRECTIONISTS AND KILLERS. They just know how to hate. And they hate what is progressive, good leadership reform for New Yorkers and for Americans. 

Russia's Ratf**king operation against democracy succeeded in 2016. Putin failed in 2020 because of the paper ballots in the vast mail in balloting to stay safe from COVID. CUOMO OPENED THE POLLS EARLY IN NY. I sent my absentee ballot in Sept. 28 2020 (Daily Kos)

One thing I know is this: if Cuomo didn't have the power of the executive and we had to rely on the legislature to act, there would be many more thousands of seniors dead inside and outside of nursing homes.

Now that he no longer has the Executive Power, we are in trouble with variants that are unleashed with "herd immunity" that allows mutations to occur by not stopping the infection rates to rise. With JFK and Newark nearby, passengers spread it and fly across the country. Vaccines can prevent this.

The beautiful E. Jean Carroll with Trump and Yvanna and Ron Johnson. She is suing Trump for defamation; she has described his raping her in a dressing room (courtesy of the site)

Cuomo's leadership, knowing who is highly competent and brilliant, would make it so problematic for Republicans if he were president, the party would never recover. Biden is doing a good job. Cuomo would destroy the Republican party by excoriating them for not leading, for lying and for killing Americans. He would work to make domestic terrorism a federal crime. He would make police reform a national issue and gun reform; in effect what he has done in New York he would do on a national scale if he were president. THAT'S WHY CUOMO MUST BE RATFUCKED. And by God, if the Democrats can do it like they did with FRANKEN. Yes!!

The RNC and GOP are working very hard to regain ground. They have over 250 voter suppression proposals in legislatures across the nation. They need to get the Blue Governors destroyed and out. They are trying to recall and ratfuck the California governor Gavin Newsom. They went after the Virginia Governor showing photos of him in BLACKFACE. If you are blue, then the RNC'S MOTTO IS RATFUCKING FOR YOU.

Republican felons like Mike Flynn, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, crooked Trump, the QAnon RNC/GOP criminals, are rats that carry the ratfu*king plague. Vaccinate yourselves against them, Democrats (courtesy of Daily Kos)

RATFUCKING CUOMO, THEY USE THE POWER GRAB BY DEMOCRATS, USE DE BLASIO'S NEED FOR VENGEANCE AGAINST CUOMO OR BID TO RUN FOR GOVERNOR (what a mistake), USE THE DEBASEMENT OF #METOO BY WOMEN WHO WHORE THE MOVEMENT (the innocent, demure accusers) USE THE "RIGHTEOUS"  #AOC, AND #GILLIBRAND, THE FRANKEN QUEEN AS THE SLIMERS AND MUD THROWERS.  The GOP and RNC PR MACHINE are pretty happy with themselves. They believe they are on the road to success getting the Democrats to back their CUOMO COUP. This they plan to follow with an eventual take over of New York by Republicans and an eventual pardon for Trump.


Trump is a loser, however. If there is one thing his life proves is he is a loser. And a liar. And he has played this RATFUCKING HAND before. It is obvious. And because Trump/Stone/RATFUCKER RNC PR SMEAR CAMPAIGNERS are behind it, and we see it, it is a FAIL. Trump never wins. He foments and loses. He spends other people's money. Addleson's, Putin's AND OTHERS who have stood by him. He traitored them and used them for quid pro quos. He is bankrupt and broke and daily, he screws himself not knowing his own body parts.

Ratf**king only works if no one recognizes it. So far #RepAOC and #SenGillibrand don't see Ratf**king Cuomo as a problem, nor do they see the whoring of the #metoo movement a problem either. They've RATF**KED themselves via GOP sabotage (courtesy of Daily Kos)

What Trump did to Herman Cain who believed him, he is doing to all who come near him. He will Cain them and is Caining them. When one accepts a lie for so long, one can't see the CON. Trump believes his own CON, but he is played out. He is like Mitch McConnell threatening the Democrats with their own weakness though they have all the power. All the Democrats need to do is stick together. They need to EXPOSE the ratfucking from Republicans and their PR machine and stop cannibalizing Democrats. They need to be united against the assaults on all sides from Republicans. BE UNITED WITH DEMOCRATS.  BE SUPPORTIVE WITH DEMOCRATS!!!!  They need to, as Cuomo says, "Stay the course."  They need to stick together, because if they don't, 10,000 Republicans will silence the voice of 150,000,000 adult American taxpayers who support what President Biden is doing for them.

New Yorkers have spoken! "Lay off Cuomo." Stop the ratfucking. Stop destroying the Democratic Party. Expose the liars for what they are and for their whoredoms. MAGADEATH is NOT an option. All NY Democrats have to do is listen to their constituents. If they don't other Democrats will run in their stead or worse, there will be such divisions amongst those in the party, a minority party of Republicans will get in. And Trump will be pardoned. That's a 1 to 1 shot, for sure.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Cuomo FRANKENED? #metoo Feminazi Democrats STUPIDLY Join GOP, QAnon TRUMPERS, in a Right-Wing Coup Attempt to Oust The New York Governor

Al Franken was the Democratic senator of Minnesota who was Frankened by #metoo and Kirsten Gillibrand, while Trump walked between the raindrops (courtesy of the site)

In an interesting case of non whataboutism Fox News, The New York Post, The New York Times, all RED radical, right-wing media and BLUE progressives like AOC, Kirsten Gillibrand and NY Democrats agree that Cuomo is a "pig." Yes. The extreme right-wing racists, misogynists, homophobes, fascists, insurrectionists, QAnon and Christian conservatives agree, joining abortionists, BLM, socialistic Democrats, the SQUAD and what Steve Bannon now aligns as his friends, the FEMINAZIS. 

All these SCREAM against Governor Andrew Cuomo for his pigism with the innocent, demure and shy women who have eagerly come forward to brand him with a Trump equation and Trumpish terms without using the name TRUMP (because Trump and Cuomo are polarities and the comparison is outlandish, so they would rather impute and intimate the similarity). The New York Democrats welcome the agreement with Republicans, QAnon, white supremacists. They stand in mutual support friendly and shaking hands to oppose the GOVERNOR MONSTER. 

New York Democrats are galactically stupid. They've been Frankened, a syndrome like Stockholm Syndrome that the GOP fell into by loving on Scott Atlas, the COVID KILLER HERD IMMUNITY KING, THE GENOCIDIST OF THE ELDERLY. Please digress with me a moment.

Scott Atlas the herd immunity COVID KILLING advocate (courtesy of the site)

 It was Trump's bid to make COVID go away miraculously, as he predicted early on. "It will disappear," Trump said as he kept silent in the back of his mind what he told Bob Woodward (read RAGE by Woodward). What did he tell Bob Woodward in countless interviews early on too late made public in July? That COVID WAS 10X MORE DANGEROUS. That COVID also impacted children. That he didn't want to start a panic (in the stock market because he wouldn't get reelected.) And Trump continued this charade of COVID invisibility miracles throughout the last 9 months of his presidency, and even after he got COVID, which people to this day think he faked to get their sympathy.

To follow through that he disappeared COVID, he hired Scott Atlas who advocated "herd immunity" Swedish style, except the US isn't SWEDEN. Thus, Atlas made the regulations regarding COVID in the RED STATES disappear and he oppressed and suppressed the CDC guidance in a further continuance which Trump had begun early on in the pandemic. Atlas just added more pressure to the CDC, stripped them of powers and silenced Birx and Fauci. Thus, in RED STATES and nationally there never were mask mandates. Fewer and fewer tests were called for. Reporting of nursing home deaths related to COVID in RED STATES was underplayed. A Florida whistleblower who reported on the cover-up was fired and retaliated against. Her reputation was smeared and police went to her home guns drawn at her children, in a raid on false charges. He has designs on a presidential run. 


Florida's Republican Governor De Santis fired a whistleblower for challenging COVID data reporting (courtesy of the site)

To prove COVID was lesser than the flu and that one should not fear it, Trump held superspreader rallies like in Tulsa, OK that killed Herman Cain. He insisted on no social distancing and no masking. COVID didn't exist, and Trump was "the chosen one" who controlled the natural order of life. Indeed, if you say something enough, it happens for all who think it so. And herd immunity, the genocide of seniors within and without nursing homes in RED STATES spread COVID everywhere, and  exacerbated community spread and deaths. Trump and the GOP, QAnon, RNC, RED POLITICOS HAD BEEN STOCKHOLMED. STOCKHOLMED. Following avidly, the conservative, radical, right-wing had effectively made COVID disappear, they agreed in their thoughts and behaviors. Except for those who went to funerals of friends and loved ones and read Worldometer charts the RED STATE politicians were lying and Trump was lying. COVID was killing exponentially and Trump was doing little about it. Learning quickly of its own folly, Sweden rescinded its "herd immunity" notions and practices. But Trump and the GOP wouldn't let facts get in the way when lies were and are more convenient.

Clearly, the GOP, RNC, TRUMP, Roger Stone and others make up convenient lies and convert them into memes for fast social media spreading. "Lock her up," was a meme spread about Hillary for example. They are especially handy for those who don't read past the 4th grade level, i.e. the New York Post readership, and those who don't think logically, i.e. the New York Democrats.

The GOP/RNC marketing machine uses syndromes with their memes to control "their" people. However, where Governor Cuomo eschewed Trump/GOP/RNC herd immunity lies and vilified Trump's RED STATE program to kill seniors for "the good of the economy," now the GOP, and NY Democrats who have gone brain dead to their own mission, have embraced these lying syndromes so that they Franken Cuomo. First, in deference to Trump's herd immunity genocide of seniors, NY Trumpers projected Trump's COVID killings onto the Cuomo administration. Despite Cuomo and New Yorkers working to stop community spread of COVID and eventually succeeding despite the odds, the administration was smeared with TRUMP'S massive COVID numbers (Jared Kushner's idea to win 2020). Thus, Trump lied, seniors in nursing homes and outside of nursing homes died and Cuomo was blamed. (See my articles on this in previous posts.)

Sweden rescinded its "herd .immunity" policy early on. Republicans choose to be Stockholmed rather than gradually open the economy like Cuomo did in NY (courtesy of the site)

The Republicans who had been Stockholmed and embraced herd immunity and exacerbated the deaths of seniors for the "sake of the economy" looked for convenient scapegoats to blame. Cuomo was their greatest example of how they should be leading the pandemic, so they targeted this enemy. At the time Democrats stood against Scott Atlas' herd immunity except for wealthy NY Trumpers, QAnon and white supremacists who held LI truck rallies and demanded Cuomo "open up" despite the insanity of this. Following the COVID "herd immunity" playbook, these Trumpers  yearned to kill seniors as effectively as the RED STATES did by opening the New York economy immediately. Cuomo kept New Yorkers safe with low or no community spread in the summer. But the Jewish holidays came and the infection rates went up and kept going up until January. And now Trumpers, Republicans, Democratic politicians have become best friends against Cuomo. Considering what this embrace of friendship entails, it is Democrats' Frankensteinish run into bat shit crazy. Get the straight jackets for Democrats! 

Do they know what they embrace urged on by Fox, OAN, The NY Post, Putin/Trump, Sputnik, RT, indeed all RED media liars? No. The Democrats have become Frankened. They embrace a FRANKEN cult  to "appear pure." And the Republicans have become #metoo to appear "righteous and just." And all this occurs over the "deadening career" of Cuomo. They follow not the money trail of who hired the femmes, but they champion what has become a chorus of complaint for political purposes. #metoo embraced by misogynistic GOP and Trump to Franken Cuomo, is a blasphemy of the noble movement turning it into dung. The women are being whored by Democrats and Republicans in a psychotic power play against the New York Governor without the AG finishing the investigation. Why are they bullying Cuomo to resign and threatening to impeach him with Republicans egging Democrats on in every RED media station? 

The NYP has been in the forefront of the smear campaign and pressuring NY Democrats about Cuomo

 Democrats are FRANKENED. Republicans have used the Democrats' meme "they go low, we go higher" and have gored Democratic entrails with it for Democrats must "look good" for the #metoo movement. You have to hand it to Republican geniuses like Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Putin and all their legion of misogynists, racists, insurrectionists, elder abusers, COVID genocidists, homophobes and fascists to force FEMANAZI #METOO down the throats of Democrats while innocent Charlotte, and other women are whored around by politicos which demean their cause by aligning it with egregiously corrupt power politics.

NY Democrats backing Republicans lowers the integrity of the women further because Democrats sell the femmes for the "purity of the party," immediately making them suspect. AOC, #metoo, progressives, abortionist-minded, LGBTQ, Kirsten Gillibrand and other women progressives align themselves with Republican misogynists, racists, homophobes and insurrectionists. Theirs is a galactically ironic friendship and "deal with the devil." Why now? For whom?

President Biden, experienced in the way of Republican smear campaigns supports the continuation of an investigation into Cuomo and the women. (courtesy of the site)

Republicans have previously slurred these progressive "SOCIALIST WOMEN FEMANAZIS" to now demand that "TO REMAIN PURE," they must slur one of their own. And who it is boggles the imagination. It is not one who was a who hum democrat, but a key and powerful progressive and head of the US Governor's Association. The contradictions are incredible. New Yorkers are grateful for the Governor because he lead the state and all who tuned in across the nation and globe through the COVID HEALTH CRISIS more effectively than any other Democrat or leader in the nation. And as a progressive, he has been non-pareil in getting the legislature to pass everything from a $15.00 minimum wage, to marriage equality, to George Floyd Civil Rights legislation and much more. Now NY Democrats join Republicans to fight him and bring him to dust. How tragic, pathetic and self-destructive. Republicans are brilliant, though, aren't they? New Yorkers see what's going on and support CUOMO. Trump will lose this smear campaign like he loses and fails at everything.

Billy Baldwin, Alec Baldwin's brother expresses his thoughts in support of Cuomo (courtesy of Twitter)

For Democrats to resent the Governor now in the heat of the political season, whoring these women like so many wind-up dolls, makes them lower than Republicans. This is raw sewage poured into the Democratic party. Indeed, Democrats seem not to be able to remove their minds from being Frankened. (Recall that despite Trump's egregious pussy grabbing, rapes, sexual violences and liberties, Al Franken was the one to be forced out for a joke with a comic he worked with and knew, who set him up.)

Republicans Frankened Al Franken with a smear campaign while the pussy grabber walked between the rain drops. Everyone knows Democrats are sanctimoniously pure and must kill themselves and eat their own to "appear" that way. (courtesy of the site)

The Democrats have the Franken syndrome; they've been Frankened by the Republicans. Blinded by their own muddy virtue, NY Democrats are Frankenedsteins. They eschew all Republican principles and noxious policies; they champion the progressive platform which Governor Cuomo has embraced for his terms in office. How can they align with Republicans? Do they forget that Cuomo has brought more laws to bear for this progressive platform under his administration? New Yorkers know that and support Cuomo, the man that kept them safe. Would the legislature have done that, stood up to Trump like Cuomo did to defy his death orders of "herd immunity" and "open up" which would have killed seniors in and out of nursing homes? Hardly.

Democrats delude themselves. Better to be unified and let the RNC screw up as it usually does. Yet, Democrats for the sake of political expediency would rather prostitute these women in a #metoo ploy with white supremacist Republicans, the antithesis of the #metoo. Republicans who call #metoo females Feminazis are Trumper Republicans who are misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes and white supremacist racists. These Republicans are the ones that NY Democrats support in their cries against Cuomo gleefully smeared further by the RED media, Hannity, Fox, etc. They bow to GOP commands to "get rid of Cuomo?" And they rush to Republican judgment made guilty by Trumpers jabs about why it is taking Democrats so long? 

Since when are NY Democrats pushed around by the GOP? The division Republicans are encouraging has so confused NY Democrats, they have lost their direction: up is down, right is left, and left is right. But with Republicans, right is always right, even if it is wrong. New Yorkers know the difference. Democrats need to wake up and see the hand of Trump and the RNC.

Republicans "force" Democrats to be FRANKENED, only if Democrats accept that the SMEAR CAMPAIGN BY THESE POOR, RANDOM, INNOCENTS is just, right and true. It can't be because both political parties are prostituting these women and demeaning #metoo. That's Republican.

 How can Republicans demand Cuomo's head when the investigation is not finished? That is typical of GOP SMEAR CAMPAIGNS fueled by Russian Military Intelligence social media soc puppets. They demanded that Biden be jailed and they lied on Parler that Trump would be president on March 4th, that Trump won the election and that Hillary and all of the cannibal Democrats who enjoyed eating children and drinking their blood (just look at the recipes on Wikileaks) would be rounded up and JAILED. Now these same lying folks lie on Cuomo and Democrats believe them? Good! NEW YORKERS WILL BE FIRING YOU DEMOCRATS. We support Cuomo and want a legislature who will fight for us and him, not one who is being manipulated by Republicans like chickens running around with their heads cut off.

Republicans gleefully support the wind-up dolls and call them true. RED media calls them true without a proper investigation into each and every allegation with the Governor's defense to respond to it. This makes New Yorkers immediately suspect about these women if Republicans support them. Certainly, the Democrats must ask questions and throw the Republicans, RNC, QAnon and Trump under the bus until the situation is clarified. The investigation must continue to its conclusion. A complicating issue is that AG Letitia James may want to run for governor in 2024. Already, her investigation into Nursing Homes came up with a confusing result giving the GOP fodder over misgreporting errors. The divided NY Democratic party can only help Republicans for Republicans always stick together while Democrats have a tradition of Frankening and cannabalizing each other. New Yorkers are more canny than Democrats. Either Democrats support Cuomo or they join the Republican Party. They can't do both: agree to smear Cuomo with Republicans and say they are Democrats. Nope. They are liars.

Another Billy Baldwin Tweet. This chastises NY Senator Chuck Schumer (courtesy of twitter)

Evidence, facts, details and defense testimony are necessary. A pattern of behavior seemingly has been established; it is not what Democrats are looking at sanely. They are looking at Republican smears. It is a political pattern and each and every case must be investigated individually or Republicans and Democrats are one and the same and #metoo is a misogynistic movement of reverse bullying and whorifying  terrorism. If NY Democrats agree with mendacious Republicans, racism, homophobia and xenophobia are uplifted and Democrats are stained with the association. If the two politico parties align over this, neither can be trusted. There is no way to tell them apart. They are one psychotic monster in the pursuit of crass political power. Frankenedstein!

If Democrats would be as Michelle Obama suggested, they would take the high road. They would wait and investigate. They would not, like Republicans, slur like curs. 

To the brilliant Republicans? Bravo! You are downright Putinesque, Russian Military Intel, using the once beauty of the Democrats that got them elected to make them into MUD MEN AND SHRIEKING BANSHEES for political purposes and raw power gains. And I thought that wanton power psychosis and criminality related only to Republicans. I stand corrected. Republicans, thanks for removing the scales from my eyes. Whoredoms are totally political...prostituting women's allegations to smear an adversary is political, something the pussy grabber himself approves of with his "catch and kill" advocates at The Enquirer. The #metoo movement is demeaned as crass as the Frankened NY Democrats become crushed under the Republicans' Al Franken Syndrome. Republicans, be warned. New Yorkers see what you are and what you are doing. And they will seek other Democratic candidates who will not fall for such sanctimonious whoring claptrap, knowing Republicans are smearing liars.