Thursday, March 4, 2021

The New York Legislature vs. Governor Cuomo=Wrong Headed Thinking


       New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (courtesy of the site)
Governor Cuomo led New York State through the disaster of COVID last year, largely with the help of his temporary Executive Powers. The legislature balked at this but a majority won and gave him the powers to act. Considering what the New York death rates from COVID might have been, it was the right move. However, businesses livid that they lost money, were sharks about Cuomo's PAUSE and mask mandates, biting their representatives at every turn. They didn't care if folks died. They loved their bottom line. The quarantines, mask mandates, slow openings, all of it infuriated them as they sequestered themselves in places where infection wasn't as great, i.e. went to their mansions out east or upstate.

Now, the legislature has caved to the state's businesses who enviously looked at the greener grass of RNC and Trump despite their killing 400,000 before President Biden got in. The illusion of the economy being OPEN is what they love, though it is an illusion. FOR AS LONG AS COVID EXISTS AND THE VACCINES WILL NOT ERADICATE IT SINCE THE UNVACCINATED MORPH THE DISEASE AND SPREAD THE VARIANTS, WE WILL SPREAD THIS VIRUS EFFECTIVELY AND KILL EACH OTHER. I will look forward to wearing a mask the rest of my life to avoid other humans that are COVID suicides who could give a damn about weaponizing COVID TO KILL ME. Wheeee.

 Trump started it. He gets the full credit of death and destruction via COVID from now until doomsday, in my book. With no national plan to fight COVID, Trump exacerbated an "intellectual" war between the wealthy who pushed for the economy to be OPEN prematurely, and those who wisely said, mitigate the spread of COVID using experts, science and technology to do this gradually. For his part Governor Cuomo was the light in the darkness, a darkness perpetrated by Trump, the RNC, GOP and business owners who could care less people were dying. They wanted their bottom line to be as rich as it had been before COVID, winking at Trump's complete botch job and depraved indifference in killing the elderly (Texas Lieutenant governor said the old should be sacrificed for the economy). Cuomo painstakenly shepherded New Yorkers to the truth. Turns out, the New York Legislature, in their brilliance, incompetence and ambitions in bowing to their constituent interests chaffed and were tormented. 


New York City mask mandates are followed (courtesy of the BBC)

Finally, they won; Cuomo's powers are "needed no more."


1. Is this sound? 

2. Is this their agenda and the agendas of big business in New York state who see Governor Cuomo as a thorn in their side? 

3. Will the rescinding of powers impact the health of New Yorkers if they remove the mask mandates, social distancing, enforcement of such practices, and allowance of those who refuse to mask and vaccinate to morph COVID TO HUNDREDS OF DIFFERENT VARIANTS?


5. In the legislators cry CUOMO, NURSING HOMES, are they guaranteeing they will prevent deaths? Or are they using those cries to go about their regular business of their constituents business and their own power agendas?

6. Is this a play for power between Democrats against the Governor? If so, what is the Legislature choosing: The good will of the entire state or their own constituents? If their constituents' interests go against the entire state, will that not in turn eventually come back to destroy them? 

7. What is so odious about Governor Cuomo's approach toward COVID that they think is worse than theirs?

8. Is it time to remove the Executive Powers before April 30? Why and how do they know this? 

Jake Tapper, Marjorie Taylor Greene (courtesy of CNN)

By not passing the Heroes Act early on, the Republicans forced this morass in New York state. By not helping "the little people" they allowed them to suffer and starve and they starved businesses. Instead of blaming and faulting where the fault lies, the RNC and GOP use the starvation to their own best advantage by exacerbating the spread of COVID for the sake of the economy being opened. Death rates didn't matter; Governor Cuomo proved in New York how to prevent death. The RNC, GOP AND REPUBLICANS, AND ESPECIALLY TRUMP don't care about deaths of Americans. Their values are not Cuomo's and Democrats values. Let the dead Democrats bury the dead which is what happened when President Biden held a memorial before his inauguration and recently.

The NY legislature apparently not schooled in herd immunity is not aware that a rise in infection rates and a rise in community spread parallels nursing home deaths. Cuomo got that and worked to lower the infection rates with New Yorkers. He took a number of steps. That wasn't good enough; the facts were twisted and distorted and smear campaigns evolved regarding Cuomo to a roar of scapegoating. I have written about this at length in previous articles.

New York is in a state of flux. The Legislature hungry for its power has complained miserably and set itself to biting itself then in agreement eventually turned on Cuomo, unhappy with their own circumstances and his latest fiasco scandal promulgated by the wannabe politico running for Manhattan Borough President. Hers and her pathetic call to arms (did she check HR records to find another "like" her?) is a canard of distortion and closet QAnon/RNC/GOP tempest in a teacup useful for her agenda of notoriety. This is a tragedy for #metoo who have been accused of being Feminazis by the uber right wing RED MEDIA and Trumpers. They surely are adopting the mantle well. If they can tar and feather Governor Cuomo everyone is a potential target to be brought down.

Q (stands for QAnon, or the secretive leader who is?) (courtesy of the site)





Give assurances to #metoo WOMEN with unresolved PTSD from sexual attacks in their youth. Democratic men will wear straight jackets, penis guards AND DUCK TAPE THEIR MOUTHS. They will do this at all weddings, funerals, conferences, events and anywhere alcohol is served.  This self-righteous action will prove Democrats will not even entertain the violence of putting a hand gently on a woman's back or near her eyes on her face. (not to be confused with another type of cheek)


BE GREENLIT on all physical, sexual violence, like pussy grabbing, kissing repeatedly, forcing women to have various degrees of sex with them and they must make hefty sexual comments. This is in keeping with fist pumping macho Republican/Trumpism, and proudly reveals the antithesis of caring actions about women. Up with misogyny! Good Republican Women of QANON, i.e. Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauren Boehbert and others, will not protest hands on their cheeks, breasts, backs, up their skirts or anywhere on their person. This is the REPUBLICAN, GOP, RNC, QANON way to stand by their powerful MACHO MALES in the party. 

Not wearing masks spread disease and death. Republicans willfully spread disease and killed. So? Folks gotta die sometime. How does Republican/Trumpist misogyny relate?


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