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Cuomo FRANKENED? #metoo Feminazi Democrats STUPIDLY Join GOP, QAnon TRUMPERS, in a Right-Wing Coup Attempt to Oust The New York Governor

Al Franken was the Democratic senator of Minnesota who was Frankened by #metoo and Kirsten Gillibrand, while Trump walked between the raindrops (courtesy of the site)

In an interesting case of non whataboutism Fox News, The New York Post, The New York Times, all RED radical, right-wing media and BLUE progressives like AOC, Kirsten Gillibrand and NY Democrats agree that Cuomo is a "pig." Yes. The extreme right-wing racists, misogynists, homophobes, fascists, insurrectionists, QAnon and Christian conservatives agree, joining abortionists, BLM, socialistic Democrats, the SQUAD and what Steve Bannon now aligns as his friends, the FEMINAZIS. 

All these SCREAM against Governor Andrew Cuomo for his pigism with the innocent, demure and shy women who have eagerly come forward to brand him with a Trump equation and Trumpish terms without using the name TRUMP (because Trump and Cuomo are polarities and the comparison is outlandish, so they would rather impute and intimate the similarity). The New York Democrats welcome the agreement with Republicans, QAnon, white supremacists. They stand in mutual support friendly and shaking hands to oppose the GOVERNOR MONSTER. 

New York Democrats are galactically stupid. They've been Frankened, a syndrome like Stockholm Syndrome that the GOP fell into by loving on Scott Atlas, the COVID KILLER HERD IMMUNITY KING, THE GENOCIDIST OF THE ELDERLY. Please digress with me a moment.

Scott Atlas the herd immunity COVID KILLING advocate (courtesy of the site)

 It was Trump's bid to make COVID go away miraculously, as he predicted early on. "It will disappear," Trump said as he kept silent in the back of his mind what he told Bob Woodward (read RAGE by Woodward). What did he tell Bob Woodward in countless interviews early on too late made public in July? That COVID WAS 10X MORE DANGEROUS. That COVID also impacted children. That he didn't want to start a panic (in the stock market because he wouldn't get reelected.) And Trump continued this charade of COVID invisibility miracles throughout the last 9 months of his presidency, and even after he got COVID, which people to this day think he faked to get their sympathy.

To follow through that he disappeared COVID, he hired Scott Atlas who advocated "herd immunity" Swedish style, except the US isn't SWEDEN. Thus, Atlas made the regulations regarding COVID in the RED STATES disappear and he oppressed and suppressed the CDC guidance in a further continuance which Trump had begun early on in the pandemic. Atlas just added more pressure to the CDC, stripped them of powers and silenced Birx and Fauci. Thus, in RED STATES and nationally there never were mask mandates. Fewer and fewer tests were called for. Reporting of nursing home deaths related to COVID in RED STATES was underplayed. A Florida whistleblower who reported on the cover-up was fired and retaliated against. Her reputation was smeared and police went to her home guns drawn at her children, in a raid on false charges. He has designs on a presidential run. 


Florida's Republican Governor De Santis fired a whistleblower for challenging COVID data reporting (courtesy of the site)

To prove COVID was lesser than the flu and that one should not fear it, Trump held superspreader rallies like in Tulsa, OK that killed Herman Cain. He insisted on no social distancing and no masking. COVID didn't exist, and Trump was "the chosen one" who controlled the natural order of life. Indeed, if you say something enough, it happens for all who think it so. And herd immunity, the genocide of seniors within and without nursing homes in RED STATES spread COVID everywhere, and  exacerbated community spread and deaths. Trump and the GOP, QAnon, RNC, RED POLITICOS HAD BEEN STOCKHOLMED. STOCKHOLMED. Following avidly, the conservative, radical, right-wing had effectively made COVID disappear, they agreed in their thoughts and behaviors. Except for those who went to funerals of friends and loved ones and read Worldometer charts the RED STATE politicians were lying and Trump was lying. COVID was killing exponentially and Trump was doing little about it. Learning quickly of its own folly, Sweden rescinded its "herd immunity" notions and practices. But Trump and the GOP wouldn't let facts get in the way when lies were and are more convenient.

Clearly, the GOP, RNC, TRUMP, Roger Stone and others make up convenient lies and convert them into memes for fast social media spreading. "Lock her up," was a meme spread about Hillary for example. They are especially handy for those who don't read past the 4th grade level, i.e. the New York Post readership, and those who don't think logically, i.e. the New York Democrats.

The GOP/RNC marketing machine uses syndromes with their memes to control "their" people. However, where Governor Cuomo eschewed Trump/GOP/RNC herd immunity lies and vilified Trump's RED STATE program to kill seniors for "the good of the economy," now the GOP, and NY Democrats who have gone brain dead to their own mission, have embraced these lying syndromes so that they Franken Cuomo. First, in deference to Trump's herd immunity genocide of seniors, NY Trumpers projected Trump's COVID killings onto the Cuomo administration. Despite Cuomo and New Yorkers working to stop community spread of COVID and eventually succeeding despite the odds, the administration was smeared with TRUMP'S massive COVID numbers (Jared Kushner's idea to win 2020). Thus, Trump lied, seniors in nursing homes and outside of nursing homes died and Cuomo was blamed. (See my articles on this in previous posts.)

Sweden rescinded its "herd .immunity" policy early on. Republicans choose to be Stockholmed rather than gradually open the economy like Cuomo did in NY (courtesy of the site)

The Republicans who had been Stockholmed and embraced herd immunity and exacerbated the deaths of seniors for the "sake of the economy" looked for convenient scapegoats to blame. Cuomo was their greatest example of how they should be leading the pandemic, so they targeted this enemy. At the time Democrats stood against Scott Atlas' herd immunity except for wealthy NY Trumpers, QAnon and white supremacists who held LI truck rallies and demanded Cuomo "open up" despite the insanity of this. Following the COVID "herd immunity" playbook, these Trumpers  yearned to kill seniors as effectively as the RED STATES did by opening the New York economy immediately. Cuomo kept New Yorkers safe with low or no community spread in the summer. But the Jewish holidays came and the infection rates went up and kept going up until January. And now Trumpers, Republicans, Democratic politicians have become best friends against Cuomo. Considering what this embrace of friendship entails, it is Democrats' Frankensteinish run into bat shit crazy. Get the straight jackets for Democrats! 

Do they know what they embrace urged on by Fox, OAN, The NY Post, Putin/Trump, Sputnik, RT, indeed all RED media liars? No. The Democrats have become Frankened. They embrace a FRANKEN cult  to "appear pure." And the Republicans have become #metoo to appear "righteous and just." And all this occurs over the "deadening career" of Cuomo. They follow not the money trail of who hired the femmes, but they champion what has become a chorus of complaint for political purposes. #metoo embraced by misogynistic GOP and Trump to Franken Cuomo, is a blasphemy of the noble movement turning it into dung. The women are being whored by Democrats and Republicans in a psychotic power play against the New York Governor without the AG finishing the investigation. Why are they bullying Cuomo to resign and threatening to impeach him with Republicans egging Democrats on in every RED media station? 

The NYP has been in the forefront of the smear campaign and pressuring NY Democrats about Cuomo

 Democrats are FRANKENED. Republicans have used the Democrats' meme "they go low, we go higher" and have gored Democratic entrails with it for Democrats must "look good" for the #metoo movement. You have to hand it to Republican geniuses like Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Putin and all their legion of misogynists, racists, insurrectionists, elder abusers, COVID genocidists, homophobes and fascists to force FEMANAZI #METOO down the throats of Democrats while innocent Charlotte, and other women are whored around by politicos which demean their cause by aligning it with egregiously corrupt power politics.

NY Democrats backing Republicans lowers the integrity of the women further because Democrats sell the femmes for the "purity of the party," immediately making them suspect. AOC, #metoo, progressives, abortionist-minded, LGBTQ, Kirsten Gillibrand and other women progressives align themselves with Republican misogynists, racists, homophobes and insurrectionists. Theirs is a galactically ironic friendship and "deal with the devil." Why now? For whom?

President Biden, experienced in the way of Republican smear campaigns supports the continuation of an investigation into Cuomo and the women. (courtesy of the site)

Republicans have previously slurred these progressive "SOCIALIST WOMEN FEMANAZIS" to now demand that "TO REMAIN PURE," they must slur one of their own. And who it is boggles the imagination. It is not one who was a who hum democrat, but a key and powerful progressive and head of the US Governor's Association. The contradictions are incredible. New Yorkers are grateful for the Governor because he lead the state and all who tuned in across the nation and globe through the COVID HEALTH CRISIS more effectively than any other Democrat or leader in the nation. And as a progressive, he has been non-pareil in getting the legislature to pass everything from a $15.00 minimum wage, to marriage equality, to George Floyd Civil Rights legislation and much more. Now NY Democrats join Republicans to fight him and bring him to dust. How tragic, pathetic and self-destructive. Republicans are brilliant, though, aren't they? New Yorkers see what's going on and support CUOMO. Trump will lose this smear campaign like he loses and fails at everything.

Billy Baldwin, Alec Baldwin's brother expresses his thoughts in support of Cuomo (courtesy of Twitter)

For Democrats to resent the Governor now in the heat of the political season, whoring these women like so many wind-up dolls, makes them lower than Republicans. This is raw sewage poured into the Democratic party. Indeed, Democrats seem not to be able to remove their minds from being Frankened. (Recall that despite Trump's egregious pussy grabbing, rapes, sexual violences and liberties, Al Franken was the one to be forced out for a joke with a comic he worked with and knew, who set him up.)

Republicans Frankened Al Franken with a smear campaign while the pussy grabber walked between the rain drops. Everyone knows Democrats are sanctimoniously pure and must kill themselves and eat their own to "appear" that way. (courtesy of the site)

The Democrats have the Franken syndrome; they've been Frankened by the Republicans. Blinded by their own muddy virtue, NY Democrats are Frankenedsteins. They eschew all Republican principles and noxious policies; they champion the progressive platform which Governor Cuomo has embraced for his terms in office. How can they align with Republicans? Do they forget that Cuomo has brought more laws to bear for this progressive platform under his administration? New Yorkers know that and support Cuomo, the man that kept them safe. Would the legislature have done that, stood up to Trump like Cuomo did to defy his death orders of "herd immunity" and "open up" which would have killed seniors in and out of nursing homes? Hardly.

Democrats delude themselves. Better to be unified and let the RNC screw up as it usually does. Yet, Democrats for the sake of political expediency would rather prostitute these women in a #metoo ploy with white supremacist Republicans, the antithesis of the #metoo. Republicans who call #metoo females Feminazis are Trumper Republicans who are misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes and white supremacist racists. These Republicans are the ones that NY Democrats support in their cries against Cuomo gleefully smeared further by the RED media, Hannity, Fox, etc. They bow to GOP commands to "get rid of Cuomo?" And they rush to Republican judgment made guilty by Trumpers jabs about why it is taking Democrats so long? 

Since when are NY Democrats pushed around by the GOP? The division Republicans are encouraging has so confused NY Democrats, they have lost their direction: up is down, right is left, and left is right. But with Republicans, right is always right, even if it is wrong. New Yorkers know the difference. Democrats need to wake up and see the hand of Trump and the RNC.

Republicans "force" Democrats to be FRANKENED, only if Democrats accept that the SMEAR CAMPAIGN BY THESE POOR, RANDOM, INNOCENTS is just, right and true. It can't be because both political parties are prostituting these women and demeaning #metoo. That's Republican.

 How can Republicans demand Cuomo's head when the investigation is not finished? That is typical of GOP SMEAR CAMPAIGNS fueled by Russian Military Intelligence social media soc puppets. They demanded that Biden be jailed and they lied on Parler that Trump would be president on March 4th, that Trump won the election and that Hillary and all of the cannibal Democrats who enjoyed eating children and drinking their blood (just look at the recipes on Wikileaks) would be rounded up and JAILED. Now these same lying folks lie on Cuomo and Democrats believe them? Good! NEW YORKERS WILL BE FIRING YOU DEMOCRATS. We support Cuomo and want a legislature who will fight for us and him, not one who is being manipulated by Republicans like chickens running around with their heads cut off.

Republicans gleefully support the wind-up dolls and call them true. RED media calls them true without a proper investigation into each and every allegation with the Governor's defense to respond to it. This makes New Yorkers immediately suspect about these women if Republicans support them. Certainly, the Democrats must ask questions and throw the Republicans, RNC, QAnon and Trump under the bus until the situation is clarified. The investigation must continue to its conclusion. A complicating issue is that AG Letitia James may want to run for governor in 2024. Already, her investigation into Nursing Homes came up with a confusing result giving the GOP fodder over misgreporting errors. The divided NY Democratic party can only help Republicans for Republicans always stick together while Democrats have a tradition of Frankening and cannabalizing each other. New Yorkers are more canny than Democrats. Either Democrats support Cuomo or they join the Republican Party. They can't do both: agree to smear Cuomo with Republicans and say they are Democrats. Nope. They are liars.

Another Billy Baldwin Tweet. This chastises NY Senator Chuck Schumer (courtesy of twitter)

Evidence, facts, details and defense testimony are necessary. A pattern of behavior seemingly has been established; it is not what Democrats are looking at sanely. They are looking at Republican smears. It is a political pattern and each and every case must be investigated individually or Republicans and Democrats are one and the same and #metoo is a misogynistic movement of reverse bullying and whorifying  terrorism. If NY Democrats agree with mendacious Republicans, racism, homophobia and xenophobia are uplifted and Democrats are stained with the association. If the two politico parties align over this, neither can be trusted. There is no way to tell them apart. They are one psychotic monster in the pursuit of crass political power. Frankenedstein!

If Democrats would be as Michelle Obama suggested, they would take the high road. They would wait and investigate. They would not, like Republicans, slur like curs. 

To the brilliant Republicans? Bravo! You are downright Putinesque, Russian Military Intel, using the once beauty of the Democrats that got them elected to make them into MUD MEN AND SHRIEKING BANSHEES for political purposes and raw power gains. And I thought that wanton power psychosis and criminality related only to Republicans. I stand corrected. Republicans, thanks for removing the scales from my eyes. Whoredoms are totally political...prostituting women's allegations to smear an adversary is political, something the pussy grabber himself approves of with his "catch and kill" advocates at The Enquirer. The #metoo movement is demeaned as crass as the Frankened NY Democrats become crushed under the Republicans' Al Franken Syndrome. Republicans, be warned. New Yorkers see what you are and what you are doing. And they will seek other Democratic candidates who will not fall for such sanctimonious whoring claptrap, knowing Republicans are smearing liars.

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