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TRUMP Republicans SUPPORT PUTIN'S STALINIST COMMUNIST TERRORISM; UPDATE 4/23/2022 (Trump and Moscow Mitch's GOP: Putin-style Communists/White Supremacists

John Lewis (courtesy of the site)

 Since I wrote the July 2020 article, Putin, Trump, Moscow Mitch, Kevin McCarthy and other Trumpers have proven me right. They are Putin's Stalinist Communists in the US. The Republican Party is the party of Communism that had been banned in Russia, but that has been resurrected by Putin, Trump and the QAnon right wing.

Putin's Communism is failing. The Democratic countries in the West and East find his repression, terrorism, genocide of Ukrainians, vitiation (wiping out) of freedoms-of the press, of speech, of religion, of assembly and of the right to bear arms (for Russian citizens attempting to protest Putin's War on Ukraine) to be odious. They reject it combining in NATO with other nations joining, with other nations no longer declaring neutrality.

 Duping the West, Trumpers, Republicans accepted money from Putin illegally, against our laws. They assumed Putin to be kind and turned a blind eye that he is a murderer and a psychotic serial killer. Putin has genocided women and children in Ukraine because they dare to want their freedom. On Putin's orders, his disgraced and humiliated generals and Russian soldiers have committed war crime atrocities, cut out the tongues of Ukrainians for speaking Ukrainian, raped women in front of their children, executed civilians with bullets, burned women's raped bodies, and more as they try to starve Ukrainians in Mariupol. 

Putin's generals on his orders attempt to cover up what they have done (guilt because they know it is wrong and can't take the humiliation of censure in an attempt to avoid punishment) in mass graves. They have been uncovered; satellite images reveal the graves. Genocidist, Putin receives a reckoning, dead or alive. And Russia which Putin turned in his New World Order of Communism is become a land of the desolate, humiliated, derided, isolated.  This is why millions of young Russians are fleeing their country; millions more are leaving Russia because they can't live lies, oppression, fear of speaking out and protesting what is happening in Ukraine. They choose to live free, not under Putin who impoverishes their wallets and nullifies their freedoms.

Any American supporting Putin is a communist. Communism in Russia is one-man dictatorship of oppression that says-you disagree with me, I kill you, I extinct you. You have no right to live. I control everything. All of the money belongs to Putin. The little people have to share with each other the crumbs that are left. The oligarchs are controlled by Putin. Four have been killed because he wants their money, and control of their banks; all are connected to oil. Putin speaks in lies. Nothing he says is true. He lies about the War he started in Ukraine under false pretenses. He lies at who is responsible for sanctions. He lies about the numbers of Russians killed. He lies about the warship in the Black Sea that Ukrainians sank. He lies about his successes in Ukraine. The oligarchs committed suicide after they killed their families? Lies. All of them lies by Putin. For power. For money. Putin can't take the truth. He lives a life of delusion. He believes that Russians believe and love him. All of this is Stalinism, is communism that existed long ago in Russia that never has a tenacious spirit and Putin who loves communism resurrected it. Putin lives in the world of communism-he has it all and everyone must bow to him or be killed/destroyed/tongue cut out/jailed/bullied.

Republicans find this endearing? Ron Johnson? Gym Jordan? Rand Paul? Mitch McConnell? Kevin McCarthy (who originally said that Trump was on Putin's payroll)? And big man Trump loves terrorism, death, destruction, Stalinism, Communism. He wants to be dictator making Republican communists his lackeys. Trump/Republicans  are communists, Putin's communists like Josh Hawley, Mo Biggs, Lauren Bobert, Marjorie Taylor Green and all the QAnon congress or adherents:  Communist Ginni Thomas, Communist Clarence Thomas, Communist Elise Stefanik, Communist Ron DeSantis. 

All support Putin's Stalinist MO. All are New World Order Communists of oppression, death, destruction, dictatorship. All must go. All will go. They are not Americans. They are not patriots under the constitution. They are communists. Our constitution is not a communist constitution. It is a democratic constitution with checks and balances. Communism has no checks and balances. Trump vitiated checks and balances and acts above the law. Trump is a Stalinist communist.

He and the GOP WHO FALSELY SWEAR TO OUR DEMOCRATIC CONSTITUTION AND BEHAVE LIKE COMMUNISTS SHOULD BE DEPORTED. They do not belong in America. They should be removed from office. The American people do not support communists. 

I call on the media to examine what I have said below in July 2020. Since then Putin has manifested his Stalinist communist terrorism and genocide. He will not stop at Ukraine, though he has lost Ukraine forever. If he is allowed to breathe, he will continue, and the Russian people must stop him. Or someone who is kind to mankind must stop him. He stops his NEW WORLD ORDER COMMUNIST TERRORIST BEHAVIORS. Only when he is jailed or mercifully laid to rest. Republicans stop pursuing STALINIST COMMUNIST TERRORISM AND GENOCIDE AND STOP TAKING PUTIN MONEY AS THIS OCCURS.


Up is down, right is left, black is white. Issues and political parties have been turned on their heads since Donald Trump entered the White House. Recently deceased Democratic congressman John Lewis refused to go to Trump's inauguration.

The reason why is manifest. He believed that Hillary Clinton was the rightfully elected president of the United States. He believed that Trump's presidency was illegitimate because of the massive fraud, malfeasance, virtual interference by the Russian Military Intelligence agencies (GRU, SVR, FSB) the virual hacking of ballots, and the overall meddling with the free elections of the United States by Russia and complicit American citizens (Cambridge Analytica, Steve Bannon, Robert Mercer, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Michael Flynn Jr., the Trump family, Breitbart and others). Added to that because of the GOP gerrymandering and voter suppression that occurred in 2016, Hillary was precluded from winning the electoral college. She did win the popular vote.

Trump and Putin (courtesy of the site)

Congressman Lewis died believing that the Trump family and cronies were conspirators in promoting Russia's warfare against US citizens and democracy. It was they who Putin lured with Quid Pro Quos (money) for help in the 2016 election. Putin admitted this at Helsinki when he said that he wanted Trump instead of Hillary Clinton to win. The implication of his power is clear; that's why he didn't deny the allegation. Putin's billions made Trump et. al into willing compromats. The Mueller investigation was proving this. But the investigation into the conspiracy was shut down by Barr right before Mueller amassed overwhelming evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump, et. al were de facto traitors against the US. Mueller did indict 13 Russian agencies (Military Intelligence) who hacked, spammed, stole DNC emails, virtually compromised voting systems in the 50 United States, and spread lies and misinformation, in a massive Republican generated smear campaign fueled by bots and Russian stoked #QAnon conspiracies.

Barr has since unconstitutionally vitiated the indictment of the 13 Russian agencies bowing to Trump who bows to Putin who swore Russia never interfered. American justice demanded and still demands that Trump and all who support him, especially Barr who is Trump/Putin's legal whitewasher, receive the punishment and recompense of traitors in a time of what is amounting to a new version of the Cold War. This war is being waged between American citizens fomented by Putin. It is a surreptitious war among Putin, Trump, the RNC, the GOP and other Russian apologists in the Federalist Society against average Americans. Some patterns die hard. The problem is when half of the country is against US citizens that have been compromised by money from a foreign power (Russia) to maintain their power. Indeed, if they need Russia money to "maintain" power, they have NO POWER. They are a sad and pathetic group of losers.

William Barr, DOJ (courtesy of the site)

I can hear you say as some of my friends have said; your analogy is wrong. The Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist beliefs) was banned in 1991 by Boris Yeltsin after a failed coup attempt. The party still exists but went through a number of transitions and has been renamed. The policies are different, but the tactics and MO are the same.

When Putin usurped the Russian Federation, he consolidated power to create the United Russia party under which is subsumed all of Putin's one man rule policies. What are his policies? All for Putin and Putin for Putin. Under the former KGB agent and his Russian Military Intel network are his complicit cronies many of whom he has made billionaires. They do his bidding and live the high life while ordinary citizens in Russia suffer. (see article on protests)

Assassination and murder are sufficient means to Putin's ends of obtaining power through bullying, threats, theft and money laundering via complicit banks. It's a network of cronyism and thuggery with a feudal paying of tribute to Putin. Putin murdered any number of his opponents who intended to institute democratic processes. There is a subset of apparent economic free markets which have kept some of the Russian people happy along with Putin's PR campaign as their celebrity. The bulk of the wealth resides with corporations owned by communist oligarchs tied to Russian Military Intel overseen by Putin.

United Russia Party members agreeing on no 2016 election meddling (

However, this has turned sour as Internet Media has taken over the young people's interest in the last five years. Putin no longer is their "idol.". Also, his embracing of Trump is not a coup; it is more a fool's game with Putin looking the fool as Trump's unfitness is paramount. Putin's increased hold on power, i.e. making himself president until 2035, have disenchanted many. With his removal of opponents, the seizure of the Crimea in the Ukraine which has grown old, and the problems with his mishandling of the pandemic, Putin's approval rating, like Trump's has plummeted. Ironically, other leaders in Western Europe have been praised for their leadership in the pandemic. 

Nevertheless, Putin's party which Trump and Trumpists embraced when they took Putin's help/money has insinuated itself into American politics. This has been evident with regard to our civil liberties as Trump mirrors Putin's playbook. The playbook is the old, Stalinist tactical MO which nullifies civil liberties: free speech, free press, free elections, free assembly, and uplifts the leader/dictator as exempt from prosecution under the rule of law. In Russia criticizing Putin or a crony could land one in jail or worse. In the past the KGB secret police would arrest you without stating the charges and put individuals on show trials often trumping up violations. Defense was nearly impossible. This is currently being protested in Russia's far east where a popular governor has been removed, murder allegations levied against him by Putin in order to install his corrupt puppet. (see the article)

Belarusian Model,  Anastasia Vashukevich (courtesy of the site)
Today, things are not much better. For example A Belarusian model who had information about Moscow's interference in US elections told CNN she had been ordered by Russian agents (from one of the intel services: GRU, SVR, FSB) to keep silent about her dealings with Russian billionaire Oleg Derapaska who is allegedly Russian Military Intel. The model was on a yacht with Americans and Oleg Derapaska when she heard information about Donald Trump's campaign. Undergoing ordeals in prison in Thailand and petitioning advocates in the US, after 11 months, she was released and remanded to Russian secret police custody and jailed in Russia. She was threatened to remain quiet about any links of the former chairman of Donald Trump's campaign Paul Manafort to Oleg Derapaska. She credits being alive with the media attention she received. Her offense? Pissing off Oleg Derapaska and Putin with threatening to tell the truth about links between Oleg Derapaska and the Trump campaign.

Clearly, if one exposes dirty, embarrassing, incriminating laundry, Vlad will not be happy. The same is true for Trump who has regularly paid friends at The Enquirer to buy unflattering stories which would smear and blacken his already dubious reputation and brand. The cover-ups of Donald Trump's past and present infamies of corruption are legion but covered up with secret servers and Trump's affinity for providing no paperwork, emails, etc., as president (the only president in our history to do this).

Anti Putinizm is frowned upon. Likewise, an anti-Trumper, one who doesn't support Trump, means one disloyal to Trump to the point of death. Anti-trumpers are seen by Trumpers as snowflakes and libtards, anathema and verboten to anyone in the Trumpist/Putin party. Trumpist white supremacists killed (Heather Hier, etc.) and laughed about it. They have threatened those who dare to stand against Trump. Trump fires disloyalists who do not parrot what he wants to hear.  Hiring a team of rivals who give uncomfortable information as Lincoln's Cabinet members did? Never. Trump surrounds himself with toadies and sycophants.

COVID Cover-up artist Alex Azar, former big pharma lobbyist now head of HHS (courtesy of the site)

Trumps disloyalists have received death threats from white supremacists or Putin Party-Russian Military Intel or whomever feels the unction to stand for Trump against them. Thus far, whistleblowers testifying in the Ukraine scandal that led to Trump's Impeachment are some of those who have been singled out. Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, Fiona Hill, Marie Yovanovitch and others were fired and received death threats after Trump was not convicted in the Senate. Regardless, they have great courage and are seen as heroes by the majority of American taxpayers . Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has not uplifted Trump's COVID-19 diminution policies, has also received death threats as has his family. If you are pro masks, in certain parts of the country, to insist on wearing masks is dangerous.

One would think the death threats and bullying are perhaps being promoted not only by white supremacists, but by the creeping U.S. United Russia Party, which increasingly practices Stalinistic repression, intimidation and bullying. This is Putin's brand of communism. It would seem that "handles" and "names' don't matter much anymore when one sees these actions are pure criminality and thuggery. Regardless, such behavior is against the law in the US, whether administered by Moscow Mitch McConnell, Trump, Russian Military Intel bots via Social Media or Trump's para military goons (Portland, Oregon, Lansing, Michigan, Chicago, Ill) masquerading as unidentified "federal" agents.

AR-15s are used to bully and intimidate Governor Whitmer in Lansing, Mi  (courtesy of the site)

The unindentified part is particularly Putin Russian Military Intel. If you have a name, a number and an agency, Americans can sue against the individual if there is abuse. Additionally, Americans can sue claiming constitutional rights of due process. Without identification, you can't. Clearly, these para military belong to an organized group that is not from the United States government. The fact that these goons cannot be identified speaks to the fact that they ARE NOT ON THE FEDERAL PAYROLL, but perhaps the RNC's payroll or mercenaries the likes of Eric Prince's (Betsy De Voss' brother connected with the Russia Sychelles Island meeting) former Blackwater agency. To protect the credibility of  "Federal Agents" and the goon program in Portland, these individuals, should identify themselves. Otherwise, they could be Russian agents or other mercenaries. Either way, without an invitation from the Sovereign States, they have no place in the state, especially if the federal buildings they "guard" are not being threatened. Their presence is unconstitutional. If they have sworn an oath to the constitution, then they are twice damned. In my neophyte opinion, they are not FEDERAL AGENTS.

Moscow Protestors telling Putin to resign. Note the goons ready to crackdown (courtesy of the site)

Trump and Putin appear to be brothers in tyranny. Putin frowns on a free press that is critical to his actions: a chief response of autocrats/dictators/tyrannists/paranoids. Indeed, he kills journalists or jails them. Five hundred have been killed since the 1990s; 200 since Putin has gotten into power, though some say the number is higher. In the US most of our media is skewed, editorialized news. These "information" sites present the lies of leaders as fact. To do otherwise requires investigative journalism which is time consuming but vital to an informed citizenship. To uncover the lies of leaders like Dick Cheney's WMD lie which was used as the pretext to initiate the Iraq war, one must dig; it is not enough to just report, "Vice President Cheney said there are weapons of mass destruction." One must dig into what leaders say to verify and justify the truth of their statements. 

Increasingly, since the news content is voluminous, excessive editorial selection takes over. Thus, PBS like NYT is guilty of lies of omission in highlighting some stories over others. Their selection in not getting out vital information is a form of censorship. For an American public to remain informed, one must read widely which is difficult if one works. Thus, the forward creep of Putin-style United Russia "communism" into American democracy flies under the radar. However, it has impacted our relationship with our constitution's Article 1 and Article 2 powers, (the three branches of government and checks and balances and the power of the executive branch) as well as our constitutional rights. Putin has influenced Trump not only as a compromat, but as a United Russia/Stalinist Party member. This is contrary to the group think playing out in all media, but it bears looking at.

Vladimir Putin and Oleg Derapaska (courtesy of the site)

Putin increasingly has encouraged and bullied Trump into removing sanctions by not acting on them. For example Oleg Derapaska was returned his money ($600 million plus in fines from his Deutsch Bank money laundering schemes imposed by the Obama administration). Trump has relied on Putin's advice; he talks to him often slipping this information to American media every now and then. He spoke with Putin last Thursday, according to The Hill reporting. About what did he speak? It should be public knowledge in his role as US president. It is not. Putin may have been giving him counsel on the Putin agenda in the US: how best to further Trump's Putinesque "law and order" campaign to win the election and prevent Putin enemy Joe Biden from getting in. That would be interference in our sovereign and free elections, interference that Joe Biden proclaimed he would deal when he wins the election.

Trump's goon squad in Portland that he threatens to deploy elsewhere looks like the same para military folks who showed up in camouflage on the steps of Lansing, MI to bully Governor Gretchen Whitmer to "open up" and "liberate." Tear gassing, beating up and hauling away protestors is out of Putin's playbook. He practiced this a week ago; these are typical strong arm tactics that again smack of Trump's membership to the United Russia Party when he duplicates them as he did to clear Lafayette Park in Washington, DC. for a "Biblical" photo op last month.

Lansing, Michigan goon squad to intimidate Gov. Whitmer to "open" up (courtesy of the site)

That the GOP defers to Trump despite their role as constitutional protectors is reprehensible. It appears that they, too have membership in Putin's United Russia Party. They have been silent about everything unconstitutional Trump has done. They do not call down Putin's interference with our elections (Rep. Ron Johnson is currently being courted by Putin as has Rand Paul and other congressmen regarding the 2020 election). A blatant example of Putin-style communist acceptance is by Senator-Moscow Mitch McConnell. He is accepting money/favors from Oleg Derapaska who is building a toxic aluminum factory in Mitch's state of Kentucky against former US sanctions preventing Russian companies operating in the US. Where is Peter Schweizer proclaiming malfeasance and corruption as he did when he falsely twisted details about "Uranium One" as a Hillary Clinton deal with Russia that was a smear campaign lie? Does this blatant malfeasance by McConnell and Russian Military Intel's Oleg Derapaska who was most probably complicit in helping Trump win not bear investigating, Mr. Schweizer as a Quid Pro Quo? When the crimes are GOP United Russia Party malfeasance, it's OK?

The GOP's wholesale acceptance of Putin's United Russia Party to make deals that compromise our National Security is problematic: Oleg Derapaska is Russian Military Intelligence. Trump and the GOP appear to be compromat agressors against the American people. This GOP/Putin aggression into our democracy is further evidenced by Trump's response to our Bill of Rights by criticizing or decrying every right the constitution guarantees (press, assembly, religion-separation of powers, free elections, speech).

 Furthermore, Trump has obviated viewing Putin as an adversary, placing his self-interest (getting Putin money) above the agenda of the US government and state of the nation. Obama leveled sanctions when Putin invaded Crimea with the intent of taking over the Ukraine.  However, in choosing democracy, the Ukrainian people ousted Putin's puppet dictator who robbed the people and gave kickbacks to Putin. Biden/Obama/Hillary Clinton helped the Ukrainians establish a solid democracy. Trump has repeatedly attempted to undermine their democracy regarding those sanctions and especially when he extorted the new Ukrainian leader for a quid pro quo to smear Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son. To the Ukrainian leader's credit, he did not fall for the bait. Such a tactic has Putin's fingerprints all over it. Trump, indeed, supports Putin and his United Russia Party.

Trump and Party compromats (courtesy of the site)

When we ask Cui Bono from the war against U.S democratic processes by Putin and his Russian Military (13 agencies were indicted by Robert Mueller in his Mueller Report investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election) we note the beneficiaries are Putin, Trump and the GRU GOP. With this 2016 act of subverting our election, they became Putin's United Russia Party goons against the US constitution and the three branches of government. In that act and during the three years of Trump's illegitimate presidency, Moscow Mitch, Trump and the Red GOP sent our semi-functional democracy and our number one place as democratic world leader into a downward spiral making us into the SHITHOLE NATION OF THE EARTH UNDER THE SWAY OF PUTIN-STYLED "COMMUNISM."

The great leveler, COVID-19 has revealed these developments. First, it has revealed the GOP'S EMBRACE OF MEMBERSHIP INTO PUTIN'S UNITED RUSSIA PARTY (communism). It has revealed the extent that Trump has become Putin's chump to kill Americans: soldiers bountied by the Taliban. And it has revealed the extent that Trump may murder civilians by not protecting them adequately from COVID-19. His response has been an abject failure.

In regard to both COVID-19 and the killing of American soldiers by Putin's Taliban bounties, we note how Trump and the GOP have embraced Putin-style communism to war against the American people while pretending to lead them. With their inaction toward COVID and the killing of American soldiers, we see a dereliction of duty, massive, willful negligence, and the massive incompetence in making our nation a failed leader of democratic nations in the West. We have the greatest number of COVID-19 cases and deaths. We have massive global liability of crimes against humanity as Trump failed to act when he should have in January when Joe Biden wrote his NY Times editorial imploring Trump to stop the pandemic with various points of action.

Joe Biden wrote a Jan. Op Ed in the NYT imploring Trump to act on COVID (courtesy of the site)

Putin selected well in his puppet compromats and Moscow Mitch keeps Trump/Putin in power to injure the American people daily with their dereliction of duty in not convicting Trump for treason with his conspiracy with Putin in the 2016 election, in the Ukraine scandal, in the American soldier Taliban bounty killing scandal and in the COVID scandal. The deployment of goons, a la Putin style United Russia Party (communism) may be at Putin's directive for Trump to appear as the strongman. Trump's fake "law and order," is artificially the sort of icing on the cake to inspire white supremacist, blind, deaf and dumb Americans that Trump is SUCCESSFUL, after all. The tragic opposite is happening as I write this; COVID deaths mount. Positive cases increase exponentially. White supremacists might want to kill Dr. Fauci, but he speaks the truth. He is the way out. You don't kill your guide to escape unless you are a manic suicide.

Hiding in plain sight: Vladimir Putin showing off his trim, fit self (Business Insider)

If Trump truly were a "law and order president," first, he would abide by the laws of the land, the constitution. Second, he would turn himself in, arrest himself under the laws: for treason with a foreign power, for quid pro quos with many foreign powers to enrich himself, for campaign finance violations, for non payment or shirking of income taxes, for acting with dereliction of duty to not level sanctions against Russia for its Taliban bounty program to kill American soldiers, and last in the admission that he is accountable for criminal willful negligence in not acting immediately to stop COVID as other countries did (Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, Germany, Finland).

Did Trump gear up the DPA to manufacture billions of masks and other PPE and present national mandates for the protection of every American in a national program of guidance with the full force of the UNITARY EXECUTIVE WHICH HE SO LOVES TO PROCLAIM HE IS.  No. He has yet to affirm his EXECUTIVE POWERS for the saving of lives. Does the United Russia Party have anything to do with Trump using the Executive Branch to remove his own crimes and prosecute his enemies? Does Putin influence Trump's not using his EXECUTIVE POWERS to protect and save Americans? Or is Trump trying to please Putin by making the US the last country in the world in MAGADEATH?

Tuesday, April 19, 2022


                                Trump's attempted coup, ordered, organized by Trump and others. (the site)     The Coup attempt on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 was encouraged by individuals in the DOD when they did not immediately send in the National Guard to assist the Capitol Police. As a result they sustained violence and couldn't stop the breach of the Capitol. Assistance arrived over three hours later. With that negligence, five people died, 150 capitol police were traumatized and badly injured, Brian Sicknick fatally. The horrific violence and chaos unprecedented in the history of the nation resulted in 800 arrests, thus far. 

The DOJ (also probably crawling with Trumpies and white supremacists, white nationalists, KKK and coup supporters) has been nearly negligent in not moving quickly to arrest congressmen on record supporting the coup. The congressmen violate the 14th amendment and they rescind their own oath of office assisting Trump to void the votes of those who gave Biden a landslide win. These in congress and some in the senate are traitors. They cannot adequately administer their oath of office while supporting insurrection which that oath vitiates.

  Mo Biggs and others attempting to disenfranchise voters of Biden's 2020 win (courtesy of the site)

Like the old corrupt Ukraine (see Servant of the People) which promoted theft, no corrupt officials who stole from the citizens were ever judged in court. A convenient excuse to NON PROSECUTION was a "lack of evidence." A lie. The judges were paid off. In the US instance it is apparent that the DOJ may have Trumpers within that use the same excuse; not enough evidence to prosecute. Liz Cheney and pundits have said there is enough evidence for indictments. Legal authorities have said there is enough evidence. The DOJ is not only slow to act, it appears that their excuse like that of Alvin Bragg in NYC investigation against Donald J. Trump states the same: THERE ISN'T ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO CHARGE JUST YET. 

 Liz Cheney voted to impeach Trump for treason of the attempted coup. She states there is enough evidence to charge him and others for the coup attempt.

In both instances, the DOJ charging Trump and congressional coup plotters and Alvin Bragg's investigation, there is enough evidence. In the first instance, Liz Cheney tells us so. In the second example of Bragg, two prosecutors resigned to make the point that Bragg lacked the will, the guts to prosecute Trump because there was enough evidence. In the case of the DOJ, Merrick Garland's slowness and self-righteous attempt to be pure is helping Trump/Republicans. His self-righteousness, a deadly virus of Democrats is JUSTICE DENIED. In the case of Alvin Bragg, a Democrat, caught with his pants down, ass exposed by the two resignations, Bragg made mewling comments about continuing the investigation. No seasoned prosecutor resigns in protest, except to send the message that the DA is corrupt. Bragg is corrupt? Garland is negligent and incompetent?  

What did these two conspire on during Helinski? Putin's War on Ukraine, dissolution of NATO



Jill Stein, Michael Flynn and Putin at an RT dinner (Washington Post)

      RT Dinner.   Flynn received money from Putin and his people. He lied to the FBI and was charged and imprisoned. Trump pardoned him. Flynn's alignment to Putin is clear (Washington Post)

Michael Flynn's brother works at the DOD. Have we not forgotten? Michael Flynn was pardoned by disgraced coup plotter Donald Trump as was Roger Stone, both of whom were present at the Capitol rally on January 6th as they plotted to overthrow Joe Biden's win of the 2020 election. Surely, Michael Flynn's brother provided conspiratorial help in the DOD. Proof? Insurrectionists were allowed to overrun the Capitol wreaking destruction and threatening legislators. Flynn's brother made up excuses about sending a "BAD IMAGE" if the Guard went in. THIS BULLSHIT IS LAUGHABLE. The bad image is to Trump and his insurrectionists. Is anyone investigating FLYNN'S BROTHER? Clearly, Michael Flynn is a Putinista (see the 2015 picture of him sitting at Putin's table at the RT Gala), as is Paul Manafort who helped install Putin's Ukrainian puppet who was then outsted during Ukraine's Orange Revolution, freeing Ukrainians from Putin which precipitated his invasion of Crimea in 2014.

        While the slow walk continues, Mariupol has been destroyed-before and after photos. People are reliving Stalin's Holodomor starving in basements-Putin's genocide of Ukrainians

And that War in Ukraine in 2014 has led to the larger War in Ukraine now. Ukraine is the canary in the coal mine of the DOD. Why has it slow walked policy to help Ukraine? Is it filled with Putinista Trumpers who support Putin's Stalinistic communistic terrorism killing women and children? This slow walking that began after Putin gave Trump the 2016 presidency has been encouraged by Trump/Putin who conspired in Helinski, Finland during a two hour meeting that no one, not even the translator on either death threats or handsome payouts, ever translated for the American public. What did they discuss? Those notes of that meeting never emerged to the light. Why not? How much money was Trump promised personally? What was the quid pro quo? Clearly this is the very appearance of criminal behavior and treason that Trump refuses to bring to the light and no one in a position of power is even seeking. Where is the DOJ and other investigative agencies?

Perhaps the DOJ should hire another 5000 attorneys and investigators to get to the bottom of this. That would be money well spent. Where will they get the money to investigate the Putin/Trump Helinski meeting? Unfreeze Russian money held in sanctions for Putin's War in Ukraine, and as Lawrence Tribe says use Russian money to pay for Ukraine's weapons. And I would add hire attorneys to get to the bottom of the Trump/Putin conspiracy and treason and to complete the Mueller investigation into Trump/Putin payoffs which Mueller never investigated because Robert Mueller lacked the will to stand up to the AG Barr, Trump's lackey and Trump.


    The once beautiful Mariupol at night before Putin's oppression/destruction/genocide of Ukrainians in Mariupol (courtesy of the site)
 Meanwhile, Republicans RACED TO CALL HILLARY A BABY EATER (Taken out of the annals of Ukraine's history of Holodomor when in 1932-33 Stalin confiscated all Ukraine's grain and starved Ukrainians for their audacity to want to be a republic and split from Stalin's Russia. Widespread reports flourished that some Ukrainians ate their babies and resorted to cannibalism. This lie about Hillary Clinton was created and propagated by Putin's Russian Military Intel to help Trump win the 2016 election. The lie about Clinton's cannibalism was propagated via QAnon (Russian Military Intel fueled propaganda) to much success, though Clinton won the popular vote against Donald Trump in 2016.

Democrats predominately have not been found guilty of crimes. Trump/Republicans have gone to jail. Trump pardoned his crony criminal friends. Under Republican administrations there have always been many times the indictments and prosecutions than there are with Democrats. Trump is the apotheosis of grifting, the president most sued in history, many times over other presidents. He is in 19 court battles presently, being sued for financial improprieties, tax evasion, fraud and his fomenting the coup of January 6th. Though he denies accountability, he is most assuredly responsible, because during his time on this planet after he was running the Trump Organization and then when he was in the WH, nothing moved unless he ordered it to, whether softly or in a rant. 

 Over 1 million dead in the US of COVID. The US got off to a terrible start. Trump's herd immunity policy contributed to targeting seniors who COVID targeted first with high community spread rates.

The US is still suffering under the weight of Trump's criminally negligent botch job politicizing COVID and causing many more thousands of deaths than Hillary or any other Democrat had they been in office when COVID hit in 2020. We have over 1 million fifteen thousand deaths to date. Trump only values his own flesh. Most Democrats are servants of the people. Trump the pig at the trough keeping others away, only serves himself and looks for quid pro quos. He was the perfect Putin compromat.

That is why Trump is against Zelensky and Ukraine because Putin is against Ukraine. That Putin is a genocidist communist terrorist doesn't matter to him; Trump wants money. IT IS STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. HE IS A WANNABE ENAMORED OF PUTIN'S POWER AND MONEY. But make no mistake, his white supremacist followers in the DOD AND DOJ support him. JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED. UKRAINE DELAYED IS UKRAINE DENIED. DENY UKRAINE AND YOU PLAY INTO PUTIN'S COMMUNISTIC STALINISTIC WISH TO BRING BACK THE OLD USSR. By extension Trump supporters are Putin's, meaning they are terrorists, communists, Stalinists. To suggest anything else is a blindness this country can't afford.

Before and after pictures of Mariupol. The truck has the word children written on it. Putin's orders are for extinction or surrender. Ukraine's independence from Russia is not recognized. Tongues that speak Ukrainian are cut out. This is genocide. This is Stalinist communist terrorism.
PROOF? Trump was impeached for blackmailing Ukraine's President Zelensky by not sending over $400 million in weapons for Ukraine's fight against Putin. Clearly, he favored Putin and disfavored Ukraine which he tried to smear continually saying Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election instead of Putin, an abject lie. Hunter Biden's laptop was another smear against Ukraine slated to make Biden appear corrupt. Did this come of the Helinski meeting? Or are Putin and Trump in constant contact on a Burner phone or on What's App? Clearly, Trump bows to Putin; Putin's war on Ukraine was "genius." Terrorism and GENOCIDE are genius. Trump is clearly a Stalinist like Putin supporting genocide. But then his father supported Hitler. Money is what matters. Women and children dying don't matter; that's why he appointed Steven Miller whose policies at the Southern border were cruel and brutal.

In the past VP Biden supported Ukraine. In the present, President Biden was the first NATO leader who called out Putin as a KILLER and called out the war crimes and genocide in Ukraine as Putin's brutality. Hillary Clinton supported and still supports Ukraine. President Obama still supports Ukraine. On the other hand Republicans have been slow to show their support once Trump entered the picture. In fact Trump has numbers of individuals that support him in the DOD (white supremacists, KKK, white nationalists, anti-Obama and Biden folks) who thus don't support Ukraine. He has supporters in the DOJ. These individuals are not civil servants. They are partisans and need to be fired, beholden to Trump, lying on their oaths to the constitution, traitors to the US, if they put Trump first.

Trumpers are among law enforcement and the DOD and military. Here men chat with Pence then later Trump's group looked to "Hang Mike Pence" for his not bowing to Trump



President Zelenskyy of Ukraine has repeatedly asked for weapons to stop Putin's genocide. Why is there a slow walk when President Biden is promising millions? Malcolm Nance is so fed up he has joined in fighting the Ukrainian soldiers to give his expertise. Other Americans have also joined.


American tax payers are paying for CIVIL SERVANTS to do a job. They are not paying TRUMPERS WHO ARE NEGLIGENT PUSHING THE REPUBLICAN AGENDA. These negligents must be called out. Trump fired Democrats who were competent civil servants merely because they were Democrats. Biden needs to remove the Republican negligents. 

One example is the Tampa Judge, a Trumper who has blood on her hands for removing the mask mandates on flights, etc. The BAR association said she was unfit for the job; Trump raced to put her in because she was his and unfit, a negligent. Likewise the fungus which she and other Trumpers represent should have been removed or not allowed to flourish. The Biden Administration needs to look to the saboteurs around them who are not civil servants, but are liars and negligents. They must be removed because they will sabotage the Biden agenda, something which Republicans have attempted to do at every turn. Republicans prove themselves talkers about nothing and doers of their own agenda which covers two things.

Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis uses the culture to gain power and money. Meanwhile, he allows the water quality in his state to be subpar. He allows COVID to flourish misreporting the deaths. He allows environmental standards to be subpar. But he plans to be president.

1)reelection by any means necessary 

2)money in their pockets to become like the 100 billionaires they serve.

Republicans are not servants of the people. They are only in the House/Senate or other positions to serve themselves.

President of Ukraine has tremendous courage. Would Republicans display such courage? Would Putin?

Ukraine cannot afford Republican saboteurs in the DOD to slow walk support to Ukraine. The blood of children and women in Putin's genocide is on their heads.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Zelensky Speaks to the UN The War Crimes are Denied by Russia. The UN Sees Through Putin's Lies.

 Russian war crimes are apparent. The Russian ambassador denies everything and says the Nazi Ukrainians have cause Putin to go in and save the Russians. Zelensky is Jewish. He is not a Nazi. He is a reformer who got in the crosshairs of a hating Stalinistic Putin.

Reported to be refusing humanitarian aid, Russians rounded up Ukrainians and put them in cleansing camps. Children have been rounded up and taken to camps with adults. However, Putin is not allowing publicity of hese events. Journalists are not allowed to see the camps. In places of Mariupol, no journalists can chronicle the dead in the basements, the maggots crawling on bodies, the other war crimes committed. If Putin was legitimate, he would allow humanitarian aid, doctors, mobile hospital units. He isn't interested in human life. He isn't interested in helping Russians living in Mariupol. He is interested in channeling Stalin's principles of empire building through terrorism, butchery and acts of genocide.