Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mainstream Nutritionists VS. Homeopathic Nutritionists

Fresh organic lemon juice and filtered water purify your body.

Western cultures do not practice fasting. In fact going without three meals a day is ANATHEMA. When one skips a meal or two, nutritionists, medical professionals schooled by Western mainstream medicine and the health oblivious, sound the anorexia trumpet.

In fact fasting a meal or two or three is good for you because it gives one's body a rest. Alternative nutritionists who follow homeopathic treatments understand this. However, mainstream nutritionists are blithely ignorant of the health benefits of many things, including fasting.

If you check out the menus of hospital fare prepared by "nutritionists" who have degrees, you will note the foods are mostly processed, the breads-packaged and filled with preservatives and additives, all for the convenience of the hospital or nursing facility not for the health of the patient. They serve JELL-O and other desserts after their horrific meals. And that is "better" than fasting on clean, filtered water and lemon juice or other juices made from herbicide-free, pesticide-free, non GMO fruits and vegetables? I don't think so.

Sodas, diet sodas, seltzers deplete enzymes, calcium and nutrients.
Nutritionists in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living centers should be ashamed of themselves. Indeed, mainstream nutritionists should rethink their "group think" training, unless they are advocating locally sourced, clean foods. Generally, nutritionists who claimed to be "experts" during the past thirty years, as a majority, have not advocated for organic, pesticide and herbicide-free vegetables and fruits, free-ranged, pasture-raised animals not given growth hormones or antibiotics, etc., non processed foods with no additives, let alone fluoride-free, clean, filtered water. They have been in the dark and have, like the AMA, and M.I.C. ONLY advocated for mainstream practices and foods, not seeing the relationships of such products to health and wellness. Such "experts" are limited. Their information has been controlled by the government and corporate networks (food and drink industry, medical industrial complex, etc.) whose agenda is profit. People have died as a result of noxious medical practices, poisonous drugs and medicines, as well as incorrect nutritional advice and more.

In Spring, herbs and medicinal plants in the wild are powerful de-toxifiers
 But in the world of mainstream medicine, mainstream "nutrition," mainstream media, etc., up is down, black is white, pink is green and profit-driven blindness is "good." Indeed, those in the alternative medicinal fields like chiropractors, homeopaths, alternative MDs and doctors advocating against mainstream practices have, like heretics, been excoriated as "quacks." Some have had their licenses revoked and have been jailed by FDA enforcement types. Recently, some have ended up dead. Their questionable deaths which could be murders have not been investigated properly by law enforcement. One has only to review the historical record to understand that this is not a joke or some twisted theory about the nefariousness of the AMA and the MIC. Money is fact. Corporations aligned with government assets could care less about your health and well being for a variety of reasons. So you must be the one who cares and takes charge of your own health. See my discussion in a previous essay.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, MD, alternative cancer doctor is dead.
Hospital/nursing home/rehab facility food is far from nutritious and may be exacerbating the patients' kidney and liver toxic burden Nutritionists and doctors ALLOWING processed or canned food to be given to patients are suspect. In this day and age nutrition is known in alternative medicine to promote health or illness. If doctors have 3 courses in nutrition in their medical training that is amazing, but it is far from sufficient. They need to understand the relationship between clean food, optimal nutrition, and appropriate enzymes and trace minerals to promote healing. Unfortunately, for many in the M.I.C, the idea of restricting unclean, chemicalized processed foods and providing fresh, local, organic foods or home made meals is viewed with skepticism or not considered at all. Let's face it! If hospital/nursing home patients were provided with clean, non chemicalized, non processed organic foods to promote their health, the profitability for the hospital and medical care facility would suffer. If proper nutrition and clean foods provided beautiful health, what need for mainstream medicine's nostrums, pills, drugs, treatments?

This bakery made cake, fresher than a packaged cake, is still toxic.
 Have you looked at the weight and size of those in the medical profession? I do remember as a child I was criticized by male doctors for being fat. I was about twenty pounds over normal size as a kid. The doctors who commented that I must be eating cakes, pies and cookies (worse, I ate pasta 3-4 times a week which my mother served up because it was cheap, easy and my Dad liked it) to make me fat, were no less than 50 pounds overweight themselves. Should we take the advice of preventative healthfulness from those who are out of shape, unhealthy, overweight or obese and are pushing three squares a day of processed hospital food when and if they check up on their patients? Should we accept what these M.I.C. trained folks tell us about fasting being bad for us?

I think not. And besides, holistic doctors and those who practice Eastern medicine advocate fasting for cleansing one's system, strengthening the immune system and promoting healing. Mainstream medical practice protocol vs. holistic protocol! Which works to strengthen one's own metabolic machine toward healing? Is this a trick question? Why is periodic fasting appropriate for homeopathy/holistic/alternative medicine and anathema for aleopathy which allows horrific junk food, processed food, chemicalized food to be served in nursing homes and hospitals? Why do mainstream doctors not discuss the vital necessity of clean, filtered water and clean food nutrition as part of their treatment plan? Why do they just advocate their Big Pharma protocols, indeed, behaving like whorish drug pushers? Why do mainstream nutritionists persist in their noxious food menus, accepting rationales for processed foods? Money, salary, profit, jobs.

For this reason, those nutritionists who do NOT follow the typical mainstream protocols should be noted for their courage. It is they who should be supported and sought out for their advice. If you must go to a nutritionist, seek out one who advocates for organic, pesticide-free, herb-free produce, clean, filtered water and wherever possible, gluten-free products. (Wheat and grain flour, even whole grain is oftentimes GMO. It has been tweaked, the flour refined with nutritional value at nil.) And if the individual advocates fasting and cleanses, then they are worth the money. Your health is priceless as is your life.