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 Although the analogy may be spurious, at times greedy, profit-hungry Big Pharma execs, the FDA and their prostitutes (mainstream doctors) remind me of religious clergy. You know, the kind who profess being sinless themselves (a patent lie), while commanding their parishioners to live like saints and follow their rules. If they don't, here come the "Hail Marys," and "Our Fathers." These same hypocrites THEN PREY ON LITTLE BOYS AND OTHERS and instead of seeking help or leaving the clergy, they seek asylum in the church and invariably continue their predatory practices. The church cover-ups over the centuries have been far and wide until recently.

Likewise, for years various mainstream medical practitioners' (include Big Pharma researchers and medical device researchers), egregious and erroneous treatments/drugs have largely gone under the radar with their lethal side effects, until recently. When family, patients and investigative medical journalists finally began to wake up and sue, word of medical errors made the papers. Unfortunately, the litigation largely has been a drop of water in an ocean of hypocrisy with mainly the lawyers benefiting as patients have died or have been damaged beyond imagination. Money is a small palliative and in some states (like Texas with torte reform laws) there is little remunerative recourse. 

The bean counters have proven that such litigation in the long term does little to inroad profits of drugs and medical devices and by the time the drug or device has been taken off the market, billions have been made. Why does this process continue?

Medical practitioners have sought the comfort of group think and the "legitimacy" of mainstream M.I.C. practices. These have been sustained by the AMA, FDA and various NGO foundations and for-profit or not-for-profit hospitals, medical universities and colleges and medical centers, etc. All carry with them the patina of "righteousness" and holy perfection. The irony is that this is pure image; the true story is that politics and corruption abide, and oftentimes, great harm is being done. (the burning, poisoning and cutting of cancer treatments are a bleak example). I especially refer to the treatment of chronic disease entities, not the great surgical emergency care delivered in some ERs around the nation. (few proportionately...not all ERs are equal)
Courtesy of Suzanne Somers book.

Of course (as in the instances of those abused by clergy) by the time folks wake up and confront the harm, the obfuscation and confusion and general "lack of ability to articulate" has created such delay that the situation is past correction. Family end up burying their victimized loved ones, not knowing if there was an alternative treatment to health and life. Especially in torte reform states, the medical industrial complex enjoys the money and the "status" of appearing to help.

For the great number of patient deaths that occur yearly (in the hundreds of thousands) NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE EXCEPT THE PATIENT WHO HAS BEEN VICTIMIZED AND SHAMED BY HIS DISEASE. THE EXCUSE OFTEN IS HE/SHE DID NOT ACT QUICKLY ENOUGH TO GET TREATMENT, not that there was a better way other than what conventional medicine offered. The predators have had "their fun." The holy church of science and the medical industrial complex have protected those involved. The FDA with God-like regulation has blessed the situation; the drugs, protocol and players are  "clean." This religious fervor permeates to the ancillary fields of medicine, i.e. psychiatry and extends its tentacles to all supporting rehabilitation and nursing care facilities. Medical practitioners need to wake up and extricate themselves from this religious group think.

For your own benefit and to as best as possible not allow yourself to be preyed upon, you have to become your own doctor/advocate. You have to discover what ultimately may cause symptoms which are the end result of underlying body imbalances that morph to full blown disease. Doctors are only concerned with treating symptoms, not underlying causes. So, get educated.  Read all you can about nutrition, holistic medical protocols, alternative treatments and interventions that do not involve heavy use of chemicals-toxic drugs with egregious side effects like "death," "heart attack," "stroke," "blindness," "nausea," "paralysis," or other symptoms that may cause you to live an impaired existence:  damage your immune system and lead to your early death.

That the FDA has sanctioned drugs whose side effects may be "death" and "stroke" is beyond worrisome. The notion is that the drugs are effective against the disease, but may kill you in the process. Then what? The onus is on your family to hold the company accountable. The escape clause has been that the drug side effects are printed for you and are read on TV in rapid fire nano seconds; you know, the voice over narration rapidly scrolls the long and horrendous list of the drug's side effects. So, you heard THE LIABILITIES (death, stroke, paralysis, etc.) or read them. Yet you risked taking the drug anyway. It is your fault not the FDA which gave the drug clearance to be used. OBVIOUSLY, THE FDA IS "JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!" It is INTO HELPING ITS BIG PHARMA FRIENDS. You are forced to protect yourself and be your own advocate. (but don't "practice medicine without a license") The medical industrial complex with its friend, the WHORE OF BABYLON FDA, have made it a Catch-22. You, the patient/consumer are...DAMNED IF YOU DO, DAMNED IF YOU DON'T. So are any alternative doctors who go overboard and state that they have been successful against killer diseases with alternative protocols.
GM crops cause sickness and weakened immune systems.

Is it worth it to even try alternative doctors? Yes, especially those who are licensed MDs who know both sides of conventional and holistic medicine. These doctors are trained in both aleopathy and homeopathy and are brilliant practitioners WHO WILL BE INTO YOU. They take their professional oaths seriously because they risk defamation and anathema as holistic practitioners. The better and more successful they are, the more the FDA is likely to go after them to protect the M.I.C.

Recently, a few alternative doctors have died. It is a shame because they were successful in helping patients over and above conventional treatment. Dr. Gonzalez of NYC, whose protocols I am familiar with and who has had success in treating many individuals with cancer, is no longer around. His co-partner is in practice. And they have a website. Their treatments live on and they in spirit live on exerting their protocols from another realm of consciousness.
Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, MD is dead.

There are many sites devoted to beneficial alternative treatments. Some of these have been around for decades, centuries and thousands of years and have been used successfully. Examples are those from Eastern medicine or are folk remedies of outlier cultures (i.e. the Amish of Pennsylvania). Some protocols involve herbs, poultices, fasting and teas, clean foods, fruits and vegetables, elements, minerals, vitamins, etc. There are books on herbal or ancient folk medicine. The interesting factor is that there are little or few side effects.

Sometimes, our ancestors, through trial and error jettisoned a remedy if it didn't work and the side effects killed the patient (unlike modern medicine). They kept what had power and efficacy, as in herbal remedies. The process was slower, but it was effective over time and the patient's immune system was able to recover and was even strengthened. Did this work for malaria? Cholera? Sometimes. Great swaths of people died, but some lived. Such illnesses were situational and conditional, pretty much like toxic radiation poisoning (the government kept this officially secret from those living near test sites for years; except for leaks to the press-no one knew). Unlike water born illness or insect born illness, folks who had radiation poisoning had one way to go: speedily into the ground.
Dr. Bruce Hendendal is dead.

When reading through alternative therapies in books and/or on websites, you must learn to sift, cull, weed out and cobble through, then make your own decisions about your own health. Good health is an art; it involves trial and error. As a unique individual with your own DNA, you must assess what works and what doesn't; you are the arbiter of your own health, ultimately. And you are an individual in mind, soul, body. Nothing is as simplistic as the conventional field of medicine in disease diagnosis has made it. The integration of the mind soul and body is what the holistic medical practitioner works best with.

The fact that medical practice is an art as stated in the professional oaths that doctors supposedly swear to uphold, does not mean that they "practice" it as an art. For the most part doctors do not acknowledge that you have a soul and only until recently did they begin to acknowledge the impact of the mental state of being on the body

This is part of the art that holistic doctors acknowledge in their diagnosis. On the other hand, mainstream doctors as a cult of science have not only forgotten proper diagnosis is an art, they have relied as group thinkers on their "esteem" and "honor" as science gods, pandering to the allegedly empirical evidence of scientific protocol. (whose results are founded on profits)

The emotional and unethical basis of such scientific protocol and research results nullifies and pollutes much of the research data because the results are tied to whether the drug is "effective," (regardless of side effects) in stopping symptoms. For example, Lipitor is effective in lowering cholesterol. On the other hand, it causes tremendous damage.

Let's face it, making money is a huge emotional component for practitioners. Company profit grounds the "science" which is supposed to be OBJECTIVE. PR agencies help promote and project the medical industrial complex's image of infallibility, again for huge profit. Medical practitioners work under the presumption that they know all there is to know about your condition, when in fact, there is tremendous uncertainty and the best they can hope for is your truthfulness in describing the condition and their experience with that condition.

Oftentimes, and especially with prescribing meds (doctors receive a profit on the drugs they get patients to use long term), they ignore that each individual is different and often do not accurately take into consideration age, weight, size, demographics, lifestyles, habits, nutrition and many other factors. And of course if one were to check into the research of the drug's acceptance by the FDA, that is a can of worms. The research is often faulty; the results skewed toward acceptance. On the other hand holistic MDs, naturopaths and homeopaths do take into consideration that you are an individual being when delving into the art of diagnosis and intervention. They know the effects of toxicity on the immune system. They do not prescribe toxic medications which can impair your immune system from fighting disease. Or they offer cleanses to purify your system of toxins created on the road to health.
Dr. Teresa Sievers is dead.

To begin to make proper disease assessments, medical practitioners must take a lot of time with you, asking you questions, using their senses to gauge what condition you are in, looking for the hidden information that you may not even realize you are occluding. Time is what mainstream doctors do not have. The naturopath, the holistic medical practitioner uses time as his or her friend. With mainstream doctors, diagnosis is quick and dirty. They rely on the scientific "perfection" of machines and tests to do what they themselves should be doing. Machines do not clarify; oftentimes, they misdiagnose, overdiagnose, hyper find shadows that appear and disappear (this happened to a friend of mine). Machines and lab results require that experienced individuals make sense of the data; God help you if the individual doesn't "get it right." Radiologists sometimes are notorious for this. Lab tests may be erroneous and have to be redone, if someone even thinks to ask for a retest. (misreads happen more frequently than technicians would like to admit)

Oftentimes, patients, worried and fearful, assume that doctors and their data relate the perfect scientific proof, when there is uncertainty. However, in the last 10 years, statistics, widespread and numerous articles on hospital and doctor errors, FDA approved drug disasters that caused death, the publication of the increase in malpractice lawsuits, and many other issues like hospitals being dangerous places (to pick up anti-biotic resistant bacteria like mrsa),  have taught the well read, educated public to dispute, doubt and question.
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez's lost interview.
To question is your right. You have a right to good health and to seek alternatives. No one, least of all medical practitioners and the medical industrial complex who IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU, should be allowed to use you as a guinea pig. You must prevent them from having extended access into your insurance company money allotment. You have a right to govern your finances regarding your right to health. So you CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO QUESTION. Ultimately, in the long run, misdiagnosis or overdiagnosis is much more costly financially, physically, emotionally, psychically and spiritually. And it can be a devastation for your family stuck with debts wondering if they could have done anything different.

If your doctor is spending 5-10 minutes to diagnose what might be ailing you and then relies predominately on testing, he/she is "JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!" Go to someone else who understands that health is achieved by a COMBINATION of art and knowledge of the body, not by the medical device company's or Big Pharma's "science." It has become the norm that drugs and device research is skewed in favor of the drug or protocol which the FDA has assigned a stamp of approval because someone has paid a lot of money to usher in its use, regardless of the malformed research design or inconclusive data "proving" the device or drug is sound. Speak to any hip replacement or knee replacement patients lately? How about mesh vaginal implants? The list is long and lousy of drugs and devices that have caused more injury and damage to people than if they just LEFT THE SITUATION ALONE.
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez is dead.

Ask like minded friends to help you if you don't have the time to comprehensively research your condition on your own. One thing you should know and conclude is this. If you have worked in an environment with suspected carcinogens (even it is not conclusively "proven" by the government-check European standards-they are higher and not as prone to corporate hegemony), toxic air, toxic dust or toxic, fluoride water, polluted products or petrochemicals, then you are at an increased risk that these elements may have poisoned you. Most probably you are suffering from the ill effects of immune system shut down as your body attempts to rid itself of extensive toxicity and stumbles in the process.

Likewise, if you are eating toxins in processed foods in cans and packages, and if you have not been reading labels, begin to do so. The sodium in a can of average chicken noodle soup could give you sodium toxicity over time. Coupled with the other sodium you are ingesting from other processed foods (check out MSG-known as "flavor enhancer"), high blood pressure is a given, among other weakened immune system conditions.

The body needs to be flushed of toxins. What you eat is more dangerous than what you don't eat. Providing you get clean water and clean liquids into your system, cutting out all the toxic processed and unwhole, unlive foods would be a boon for your immune system. If you are not eating organic, clean, sourced food, you are in trouble whether you know it or not. Nutrition involves more than eating vegetables. It involves eating NO POISONS, no herbicides, no pesticides, no DNA toxins inherent in plants (Round-up ready corn or veggies), and animals (put there to convenience and increase profitability for agra-business, not increase your nutrition).

If during your doctor's brief visit with you, he does not discuss nutrition or lifestyle or recommend an organic nutritionist (why should med school-6 hours of nutrition is about what is required despite the multi-complex, chemicalized- food-water-air toxic environment), then face it. HE'S NOT THAT INTO YOU!

These 8 holistic doctors were INTO their patients whom they helped by using other than the medical industrial complex protocols and drugs. BUT NOT ANY MORE. THEY ARE DEAD.

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