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Republicans are Trump's Co-conspirators. 14th Amerndment them all.

This is a poster from the podcast/substack link below by Michael Moore. There, the names of everyone who vote to reject the peaceful transfer of power (voting for a coup) are given. November 8th, they received the votes from their constituents to continue their treason in office which they do to this day.

In Michael Moore's latest email and his podcast on Rumble, among the other points he makes is exposing the 121 Republicans who voted to overthrow the election on the night of January 6th.  He has stated their support of Trump is treasonous and they should be removed via the 14th amendment. I would suggest that and more.

 I would suggest that as I did in the previous post, the House Republicans should be charged as accomplices to the RICO conspiracy in the Georgia indictment by Fulton County Georgia DA, Fani Willis. Days after the January 6th riot, Minority Speaker Kevin McCarthy and others supported Trump and his attempted coup.  As time progressed to the 2022 Mid Term elections, the House Republicans, winning by a slim majority continued to rail with Trump in support of his insistence that he was robbed of the 2020 election. He fund raised off his early announcement of his candidacy for the 2024 election, perhaps the earliest announcement on record. 

Republican members swearing not to uphold the electoral votes as early as December 2020


Trump feared that he would be indicted and he anticipated that they couldn't investigate him. His calculation was wrong. Barr was no longer the head of the DOJ. Finally, AG Garland appointed the amazing Special Prosecutor Jack Smith who has worked diligently in two investigations, bringing two indictments. Trump is now indicted four times. In NYC, Mar-a-lago, Washington, DC and Georgia. What do the Republicans say? Do they censure him? Do they disavow him? Nope!

Instead, following Trump's orders, they are screaming against "the Biden Crime family." Trump initiated an investigation against Hunter Biden because there was nothing against Joe Biden that they could find; and he feared Biden would run for president and would win. He's fears came true. After five years of looking at Hunter Biden's business dealings (as an educated and qualified businessman), there was nothing. But Hunter Biden, unlike Trump went with the investigation and his lawyer established a plea deal on a gun charge (he had an unloaded gun for 11 days) and late payment of his federal taxes. Both charges are misdemeanors, but the screaming Trump and Republicans who call the four indictments against Trump a witch hunt, really are guilty of the prolonged investigation of Hunter Biden. As they project onto Hunter Biden, they are the witches and warlocks looking for anything to smear the Bidens. All lies.

The Hunter Biden investigation was initiated by Trump and carried through Barr's AG term until Trump forced him to resign for calling the 2020 election "fraud" BS.

The investigation is so derelict, it has turned up essentially nothing that no one would be charged with. No one. In fact, Biden's name has convicted Hunter of something which normally would be thrown out of court. So his name has been subjected to the Republicans' and Trump's witch hunt. Meanwhile, they point the finger while Trump's theft and cover up of Top Secret documents, his egregious lies, solicitation of officials to violate their oaths of office in the furtherance of crimes as heading up a RICO conspiracy and plot to reject the peaceful, lawful transfer of power upholding the constitution in the 2020 election has turned up 161 illegal acts and 41 counts against him leading the RICO Conspiracy in the Georgia indictment. 

Do the Republicans own up that their failed candidate is indicted four times charged with horrific crimes committed by a president while in office and running for office, one who jeopardizes the national security, still?  


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy doesn't care about Trump's criminality. All he wants is to remain Speaker. Give him a gavel, 14th amendment him and let the little boy go home and play at being a big man. In his formulaic, artificial position as "Speaker" he has no power, he has no integrity, he has flouted his oath of office and thumbs his nose at God, bowing and scraping to Ozymandias (Trump). Read P.B. Shelley's poem to discover what happened to him.


Indeed, Trump's criminality continues. Instead of shutting his mouth, he persists in stating he won 2020. He insults and defames and threatens every prosecutor who has charged him. Additionally, do you actually think that Trump turned over all the documents? He flushed his notes down the toilet at the WH, destroying any possible trail of evidence in the furtherance of things he knew would implicate him, most probably in the Mueller Investigation.

The National Archive is still looking for possible documents he may have. Is he such a truth teller that he has turned all the documents over when he lied to his lawyers, lied to Congress, has been caught lying about 2020 election fraud by DA Willis who has charged him for his crimes duping the public? So after a psychotic pattern of lying his entire life, he is having a Jesus moment and telling the truth about covering up that he has documents secreted away somewhere? Really?

MAGAS for Trump at the January 6th insurrection. Note the flags.

And the Republicans support him. They do not decry him. He is one of the possible presidential candidates? I suggest that Republicans be held to account. They are accomplices violating their oaths of office in the furtherance of Trump's crimes. What crimes? He still insists the 2020 election was fraudulent and he fund raises off that. That is tantamount to defrauding the American public whom he would disenfranchise. Special Counsel Jack Smith most probably will incur a superseding indictment of wire fraud and clawing back the funds the RNC and Trump PACS got with begging letters for money, money, money to defend against the "illegitimate" president Biden. He still fund raises; he still screams about his vicitimization at being falsely accused in a witch hunt. He is lying. He continues to defraud. But he needs billions and he doesn't care who else he bankrupts to get power and pretend he and his properties are not bankrupt and about to go belly up.

He needs to run to get money from the RNC and the poor working citizens who are duped to believing his lies. He is running so he can be pardoned. Republicans support him. No one dares to say the charges are correct, except Chris Christie and sometimes Mike Pence as those campaigning against him. Every single candidate for the Republican primary should nail Trump's corruption, lies and criminality.

This is a poster from the podcast/substack link below by Michael Moore. There the names of everyone who vote to reject the peaceful transfer of power (voting for a coup) are given. November 8th, they received the votes from their constituents to continue their treason in office which they do to this day.

The 14th Amendment

 In the link to the post below, I discussed how the 14th amendment must be used if Republicans acquitted Trump at his second impeachment trial. Read the article here.

Republicans acquitted Trump. He will be found guilty by American citizens who will judge him wanting and punish him with jail time, I pray to God. Afterward, court cases will go on for years. And will the Republicans hold onto lies in support of Trump? If they do, they are beholden to Putin as well as Trump. They are derelict, negligent and unfit and must be removed. The 14th amendment must be used. Democrats must win with overwhelming numbers the House and the Senate. The charade and parade of negligents must stop.

This is a poster from the podcast/substack link below by Michael Moore. There the names of everyone who vote to reject the peaceful transfer of power (voting for a coup) are given. November 8th, they received the votes from their constituents to continue their treason in office which they do to this day.


The following is taken from Michael Moore's email which he reiterates on his podcast RUMBLE.

121 Republican members of the House and Senate voted to overturn the election on the night of January 6th. The 14th Amendment clearly states that anyone who provides aid or comfort to those who participated in an insurrection shall be permanently barred from ever holding office again. The same rule applies to our ex-president. Trump should not be on any ballot ever again. This position is now getting some traction and it’s a good thing to see. 

See below link to Michael Moore's podcast.  Richt click and move down menu to "Open Link in New Window."


Saturday, August 19, 2023

Republicans and the RNC Should be Charged as RICO Conspirators With Trump, Supporting #THEBIGLIE

          Fulton County DA Fani Willis in a photo shoot for 'Fortune,' 50 Over 50 her achievement.

The Georgia indictment by Fulton County DA Fani Willis charged Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants in a RICO conspiracy which includes 161 acts encompassing their various frauds, solicitation of officials to violate their oaths of office, signing false documents and additional lies/acts in the commission of the furtherance of crimes. What is at the root of their conspiracy and crimes? It's stated in the first sentence of the indictment. Donald John Trump lost the 2020 election. However, he and the co-conspirators (almost all of them lawyers) refused to accept the election results despite losing the over 60 court cases which rejected all Trump's claims of fraud.

Chris Krebs was fired when he stated to Trump it was the most secure election ever.

They insisted there was fraud despite overwhelming evidence of no fraud and the reports of those like Chris Krebs who stated it was the most secure election ever. For that insistence, Donald John Trump fired Chris Krebs via tweet. AG William Barr told Trump that the fraud charges in the election and the election lies were BS. Trump forced him to resign. And when Trump and his co-defendants pushed the #BigLie to their supporters, the duped militias, law enforcement from various states, all of them white nationalists who showed up January 6th to riot at the Capitol, this was part of the furtherance of the scheme to get VP Pence to reject the Electoral College ballots/votes by threatening him, then trying to have Secret Service drive him away. 

But VP Pence refused to leave at great personal risk, and he refused to deny and reject the Electoral College votes. Trump rioters outside the Capitol breached the Capitol and looked to do harm to Democrats and threatened to assassinate VP Pence.


Trump and VP Mike Pence. When this photo was taken, neither man imagined Trump would support with his silence (and he has a big mouth) Pence's assassination.

Trump didn't immediately tweet the rioters to stop, but he waited hours while terrific damage was done by rioters. When he was told of the chants to "hang Mike Pence" Trump was sanguine. In other words, he approved the message sent to Mike Pence. He approved his assassination. He supported VP Mike Pence dying because VP Pence wouldn't reject the ballots as fraudulent. He wouldn't disenfranchise the voters of this nation, 7 million more of them who voted for President Biden in a landslide popular vote. Yes. 7 million more voters voted for President Joe Biden in the popular vote which put Biden over in the Electoral College by the same number Trump in 2016 won and said was a landslide.

Rudolph Giuliani is charged as a co-defendant of the RICO conspiracy to defraud the citizens of the US. The indictment (see link below) spells out the specific acts he is charged with.

Regardless, Joseph Robinette Biden won. DA Fani Willis states that in the Georgia indictment, asserting that there was no fraud in Georgia, despite Trump and his co-defendants screaming at the top of their lungs, the lies that there was fraud. DA Fani Willis charges them with breaking the law on 161 acts.

Republicans who supported no peaceful transfer of power. They rejected Biden's win, as if they could, while accepting their own re-election. Why is one fraudulent and the other not? Because they are greedy for power making them unfit for office. They support Trump? They should be charged as RICO accomplices; they pushed refusing Biden Electoral votes. Charge them.

Republicans in Congress and the Senate refuse to admit on National TV, Fox, OAN, Newsmax that Donald Trump has committed fraud in pushing the #BigLie, that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president, despite there being NO PROOF. Republicans have made themselves co-conspirators in the RICO conspiracy. There should be an additional indictment of these members of Congress, Speaker McCarthy, Representative Mo Biggs, Representative Marjorie Taylor Green, Representative Matt Gaetz, Representative Louie Gohmert and others who join Donald John Trump in speaking out against the indictment and supporting that Joe Biden lost the election. He did not. That lie is fraud.

Rioters at the Capitol. Ginni Thomas went to the ellipse, in support of Trump to defraud the nation.

Republicans who support Trump are unfit, derelict and negligent in their oaths of office. They are not upholding the constitution and the peaceful transfer of power. They uphold violence in the commission and furtherance of crimes. Trump is a four time criminal defendant. He is guilty of breaking the law. This is not a political situation. The political situation is that the Republicans think they can flout the law and help Trump continue his furtherance of crimes with their support. He is furthering his criminal acts and soliciting them to join him in stating he "won" the election when most of the country knows he lost because President Joe Biden is the President. 

As of the indictment, former AG Bill Barr has come out and said Trump lost the election and he the cases against him are strong; he obstructed justice and tried to wipe a server in the documents case. He lied, defrauded his voters and created a scheme to say the Electoral College votes were in question/fraudulent, thereby making way for VP Pence to reject the votes, throwing the vote into the House where Republicans would have voted for Trump and won.

Republicans are breaking the law which states fraud is a felony. The RNC fund raising off the fraud should be charged with a massive felony. They amassed $250,000,000 and they duped Trump supporters to support him fighting the "illegitimate president," a lie. They continue to fund raise off criminal activity that Trump is commissioning. His supporters are committing fraud as I write this supporting Trump as president. No criminal can be president. He will use the office to commit more crimes as Trump did. The position of power doesn't pardon him outright. If he is voted president, he must be tried and charged. But how since he will vitiate all in the DOJ which he has sworn to do. Democracy is at stake. The Republicans know it and the position which they swore to uphold constitutionally, daily, they violate by supporting the criminally indicted Trump. They should be charged with him or our constitution means nothing because their sworn oaths mean nothing.

Immigrants who flee to this nation have more appreciation of the United States of America than these craven. They are fit to be congressional leaders, not those Republicans in the House and the Senate who uplift the four times criminally indicted Trump who broke the law. Not censuring Trump, not acknowledging he is legally charged is a disgrace to their office and oath of office. As ridiculous as it seems, the immigrants fleeing for the US for asylum would uphold the constitution more fervently and righteously than the craven, illegitimate Republicans who are in the Trump abyss, fearful and cowering to lose power. SHAMEFUL AND DISGUSTING POLITICAL ACTORS SUPPORTING CRIMES. That is political. They are political. They can't give up their power; that's political.

Politics is not cause for breaking the law. What Republicans and the RNC do is political. AND, it is illegal. They are breaking the law. They are accomplices to Trump in the commission of fraud in agreeing and supporting him saying he won the 2020 election. That is a lie. That is fraud. Furthermore, the RNC and Trump PACs continue to fund raise off this fraud and scamming of the public. He lost. He says he won. The Republicans say it's a witch hunt. The legal system and the RICO conspiracy charges are fact. There are witnesses. The entire country was and is witness to Trump's furtherance of crimes and behavior still to overthrow the 2020 election. That is against the law. The Georgia indictment spells out clearly what Trump and the co-defendants did breaking the law. It is not political. They tried to call fraud when there was none. Indeed, they are the fraud. Trump's lies are fraud. He fund raises off fraud. So does the RNC. The RNC and Republicans are accomplices to the fraud a criminal act.

   The preeamble to the constitution which represents our laws. Trump/Republicans/co-defendants can't abide by the constitution and continually violate their oaths.

The Republicans must be charged with being accomplices to DJT's defrauding the electorate because they support him. They are a part of the conspiracy. They must be charged as part of the RICO conspiracy on a superseding indictment. Unprecedented? Of course. In the history of this nation such a thing has not happened on this scale and must be charged on this scale. Either the Republicans shut their mouths and silently support Trump, or their speech is not protected because it is in the furtherance of the crime to defraud the citizens of a lie to get money and also to prevent Trump going to jail for his crimes.

Republicans must be charged as co-defendants in the states where there was a submission of false electors as they continue to support DJT. Furthermore, the 14th amendment must be used to sanction Republicans who are accomplices and possible co-defendants in the RICO conspiracy in their furtherance of Trump's and co-defendants' crimes with their speech and active support and donations to the RNC. Their speech is not protected when it is in the furtherance of a criminal who has been charged with illegal acts. That he has violated his former presidential oath of office by obstructing the peaceful transfer of power and soliciting officials to break their oaths of office to the constitution in the furtherance of fraud, should disqualify him campaigning ever again for president. He is unfit, derelict, negligent, criminal in not upholding his oath of office, spreading lies, defrauding the voters and attempting to steal the election, while pointing the finger at the Democrats who stole NOTHING. 

Georgia Fulton County DA Fani Willis wrote an incredible, clear, understandable, specific indictment. She is upholding the constitution, rule of law, sanctity of our citizens' vote and voice in government, and democratic government against tyrants, despots and autocrats who would steal the peoples' rights.

The fraud was all on Trump's side and his co-defendants. All 19 of them have been charged by the DA Fani Willis of Georgia. This is not political. He and they committed crimes, for the sake of keeping power. They are political. They are on a witch hunt by threatening the DA and the Grand Jury witnesses. This is not a joke. Trump, et. al. broke the law. Speaking out and continuing to violate the law with speech that is in furtherance of a crime does nothing to help any of their cases that will be tried in a court of law. As it is in the court of public opinion, most of the voting nation is against what Trump and the co-defendants did breaking the law. These are indicted. They either turn themselves in or they will be arrested. They are going to trial. As of August 26, 2023 all have turned themselves in and for the first time in US History, a former president has a mug shot of him that was the shot against the criminal, would be despot that is heard around the world.

If the Republicans think that they can laugh and shout and carry on that Trump is innocent and that he won the 2020 election, then they should be apprised of their rights to remain silent. They are incriminating themselves as is the RNC by fundraising off #TheBigLie and Trump's PACS fundraising off defrauding the public.They support fraud? Then charge them as accomplices to fraud.

Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy is an accomplice and is supporting DJT in his furtherance of crimes by not coming out and stating he lost 2020 and the Capitol riot was a disgrace.

Trump's silence when his supporters, who he summoned to the Capitol, threatened the life of VP Mike Pence is an additional crime of attempted assassination. He supported their action by saying nothing and allowing the riot to continue. That is negligent heart murder because people were killed. He is responsible. If he accepted Joe Biden's win, no one would have been rioting. Because he and his co-defendants refused to accept that he lost, those 7 people died on his summoning.

The rioters wanted to assassinate VP Mike Pence for not saying the 2020 election was fraudulent.

Read the Georgia indictment courtesy of Michael Moore on Rumble file:///C:/Users/carol/Dropbox/PC%20(2)/Downloads/CRIMINAL-INDICTMENT-Trump-Fulton-County-GA(1).pdf   

More indictments are coming-against additional co-conspirators and accomplices. All of them Republican.