Sunday, January 30, 2011

Under Construction

Like me and my weight loss, this blog is a record of construction, the costs, mental, emotional and physical, the hardships, time, energy, sacrifices of the foods I most adore eating, among other things. Why is it never easy when trying to lose weight? Well, reader, if you have been FAT or in clinical doctorese, OBESE, then the answer is as ephemeral as the "ethereal" background initially (but not permanently) chosen for this blog. It is a job, hard work. And who likes to work for nothing???????  God, if it were a different time and place, and I were a different person, I would apply for THE BIGGEST LOSER TV show. But, of course, it is too late. I have already lost 100 pounds! And I am writing about it here and everywhere I can. Why? To keep it off and lose more. This is my beginning with more to follow. I promise to tell all, give tips I used to help lose weight, the biggest one being to trust yourself if you are overweight. Create your own plan, especially if you have tried to lose weight, yo-yoed a number of times and gained the lost weight back. YOU ARE YOU. YOU KNOW YOURSELF BEST. CREATE YOUR OWN PLAN. Take control of your life...don't give it to others to do for you, i.e. weight loss gurus and others. You know your own body. More tomorrow about my gluten allergy that no one, and I mean no one figured out, except me. But it was a major clue to my obese eating habits.