Saturday, April 18, 2020

Wartime President or Enemy of the People: Trump's Confused, Negligent Leadership

Covid 19 molecule (courtesy CDC)
Covid 19 is welcoming donors. No, these are not donors to food banks. These donations aren't being made to hospitals. Nor are they for medical supplies to soldiers on the front lines of the Covid War (nurses, doctors, food workers, postal service employees) who risk their lives and die keeping American citizens safe and alive.

These specialty donors are wealthy members of the Federalist Society. They are conservative, right-wing anarchists. They despise democracy and the rule of law which protect the American people in a national security crisis like the Covid pandemic. The wealthy are proponents of right-wing media lies which support Trump against governors who are safeguarding American citizens and front line soldiers.

Armed leader in Lansing, Michigan insurrection (courtesy of the site)
Say what? The wealthy right-wing are invoking a war against the American people. They are funding the armed clueless to protest the quarantining in Michigan, Virginia and Minnesota. Encouraged by Trump tweets, armed crowds show up because the economy is faltering with only essential workers out there protecting the populace and everyone else sheltering at home.

Organizing their right-wing media (Fox, Breitbart, RT, Sputnik, Daily Stormer, Rush Limbaugh, etc.) they coordinate by sending an inundation of email blasts to Republicans. They post articles on social media fueled by GRU, SVR, FSB, Russian Military Intel soc puppets and troll farms. Putin hates/fears Biden because of his former policies against Russian hegemony and encouragement of democracy in the Ukraine. Biden, Clinton, Obama help to Ukraine is against Putin/Trump who are enemies of US democracy and the constitution. Any surprise if you look at how Trump defies the checks and balances of the constitution in Article 1? He has vitiated the constitution by nullifying congressional oversight, thereby ending those powers with the help of Mitch McConnell. A very communist Putin action.

(courtesy of the media)
Instead of helping coordinate a massive apolitical effort to end the pandemic by donating the millions they received in tax breaks from the failed administration bailouts to correct the negligent, dilatory Trump response, they war against taxpayers treasonously. With this money they conduct an Erik Prince styled black ops campaign against decent, family values. "Love God as yourself and love thy neighbor as yourself" has been trashed.

Michigan insurrection against staying safe (courtesy of Buzzfeed)
The Red/GOP/TRUMPIST campaign throws away these Christian values. It misdirects and confuses Christians now more than ever. It bastardizes words like "freedom" by misinterpreting and conflating freedom with anarchy and political insurrection, endangering citizens and soldiers on the front line. A child knows the difference between the freedom to choose responsibility with violations of the rules set up to protect everyone. With freedom comes even more responsibility to "do the right thing." So... The billionaire conservatives are using the terrorist Covid 19 with Trump as their champion as they remain safe behind the mansions, expansive forest-green gardens and havens in low COVID-19 countries like Hawaii.

Trump, calls himself "a Wartime president" fighting COVID-19. But he leads the charge stripping protections, which correlates to taxpayers dying of the disease. And he does this in the name of Wall Street and his bottom line. He and the RNC instigate the demands to go back to work prematurely. He and the RNC incite black ops to protest for "freedom from quarantine." Additionally, he provokes others to protest with emotion. For his corporate donors, bottom line and his election fantasies, he selfishly ignores the facts of the infection spread and its dire consequences.

Confusion of civil rights vs. responsibilities liability, to spread Covid to Michigan taxpayers (courtesy of Bussfeed)
Do the duped even know what they protest? Welcoming disease and death into their families conflating protection guidance with fascism? Let them spend a day in the ICU of a Queens hospital. Let them experience 2 weeks fighting COVID-19 at home, unable to be tested because they don't have enough of the "right" symptoms. Let them go to FB and join "Survivor Corps" to read some of the testimonies of those who have it, are in a hellish nightmare and are trying to get to the next day.

Michigan Gov. Whitmer (courtesy of the site)
For all the furor to "open" the country by red states and Trumpists," opening is an illusion. The country never closed properly. And the states like New York who paused, allowed essential workers, grab and go, big box stores and others who could socially distance properly-dollar stores, essential services to stay open.

Red states like the Dakotas and some in the South never completely shifted to just essential workers. They allowed church services, beaches, tourist areas, businesses to remain "open." The benefit of this has been that nursing home deaths have seen an exponential rise of COVID-19 positives and those with co-morbidities who are now in ICUs in hospitals. A larger percentage of males continue to come down with the disease and are scarred for life after surviving it. Or they die.

The only instance where this has been curtailed is in the states that attempt to shelter in from spreading the disease, by closing down to all but essential services. This act of mitigation, if coupled with testing and monitoring, works to identify the invisible disease, treat it and have the population build up antibodies and immunity though they are still scarred if they had it. At this point only New York has committed to an adequate response thanks to the frenetic and, for Republicans, horrifically effective due diligence of New York's Governor Cuomo. Ironically, Trump rides Cuomo's coattails using the successes of Cuomo's incredible team without seeming to learn anything about how or why their success has been achieved.

On a spiritual and human level, it has been Cuomo's Godly concern to put life above money that has won New Yorkers over. It has been his commitment to swiftly gear up the medical system to provide healthcare to the suffering as equitably. It has been his daily encouragement to inspire New Yorkers to be Godly, to care for their neighbors as they care for themselves. With prayer and the collaboration of hundreds, he has appealed to New Yorkers' and Americans' finer natures to prevent others catching COVID-19 through a "pause."

It is the least that can be done for the heroes on the front lines who have watched young and old die, who have lost seniors and teens on their watch and who have experienced great joy when one is pulled off the respirator to regain consciousness and then battle the scars COVID-19 has left on their bodies in the aftermath. The level of rehabilitation required after suffering this disease is a subject the media rarely deals with.

New York Governor Cuomo (courtesy of the website)
Cuomo, not to compare him with Trump because there is no earthly comparison, appears made for such a crises where life and death battle in real time. Trump has let the reality of death "wash over" everybody else but him, as the death toll extends upward in a horrific number heading toward the number of those who died in the Viet Nam War (in this update it is soaring past 100,000). And this is in a mere one month and three days (he began with his task force on March 15). How many more will die if he allows the states to "gain freedom" to kill each other with COVID-19 as Americans move with carefree abandon across the nation, unquarantined? How many more will die if they continue to spread the disease, and, as the wealthy suggest Trump do, "ride that bitch to the bottom" delivering a "herd immunity" that may not exist or only exist in part and for a limited time with some?

Cuomo has clarified to "open," one must be prudent and follow first with essential businesses and a maximum potential for social distancing. His overarching goal is to "do no harm." This requires a stepping up of the Federal government to test, contact trace and monitor (requiring a small army) to shut down if the spread increases threatening hospital capacity. The governor has also daily pleaded in the name of Republican and Democratic governors, to fund the states and assist them in their herculean efforts to triumph over this disease and save lives, especially those most vulnerable in nursing homes.

Facebook post for Mt. Sinai donations to get PPE and other materials to help front line workers (courtesy of Mr. Sinai)
 First, the facts of the spread as the economy is "opened" must be assessed. But facts of the spread are impossible without testing. How can one gauge the spread without knowing who is positive, who is asymptomatic, who has antibodies and is immune for a time? Trump has been deaf to all the governors' cries. He looks to be drowning in this pandemic, nostalgic for a receding past that he wishes to magically make reappear again with the country's "opening." The past with Trump's booming economy will not appear in the next few months as long as COVID-19 rages in the land. You can't open an economy with sick people dying in the streets and in overwhelmed hospitals.

How can the dying keep the economy functioning? Check the failures of previous pandemics. How well do the living function to work during a pandemic which comes in wave after wave until a vaccine is found? How do the diseased function? Like Trump? For three years we have seen the horror of his mental infirmity running things. Trump took credit for the soundness of Obama's well built economy while blaming Obama for every misery created under the sun. Too bad he didn't heed Obama's pandemic response team. I wouldn't be writing this and Trump wouldn't be crying about losing "the greatest economy in the history of the world," a fantastical hyperbole which only a few in the nation benefited from because it never was. The poor remained poorer and Main Street suffered before COVID-19. Now? That time recedes and Wall Street has lost trillions if anyone admits it.
Fear of Wall St. tanking caused Trump's inaction, The Storied Bull of Bowling Green (courtesy of the site)
As has been recorded in previous blog posts, Trump's dilatory, negligence in not deploying the military to direct the war effort has led to Trump's failure and increased infection spread. Currently, FEMA desperately tries to steal covertly bought supplies from various states. Because of lack of coordination and directed control by Trump's executive, states are forced to bid against each other and the federal government to purchase supplies from China. Trump refuses to delegate to the military the control of supply purchasing and supplyline distribution to the states. Because Trump only uses the executive branch to protect himself from indictment and cover-up of crimes, he can't see his way clear to employ massive executive power for the public good.

All in his administration are to blame; none has the power to convince him to be presidential and strong in this crisis. Trump is too distracted about losing the election to worry about heroism now in this time when courage and being accountable and proactive would most serve.
At a rally for his presidency without logic or rationality about Covid pandemic (courtesy of Fox)
But to apply effective, organized leadership to stop the spread and save lives is not Trump's priority; the American people never were his priority. His wallet was the priority. He plans to win four more years with money. But even the wealthy get tired of throwing money into a money pit. They have eyes to see the economy will not return like it was. Better they short that Wall Street bitch into the abyss, then buy on the uptick. But the market will take years to come back. Bleeding the taxpayer and inflating our money supply is another downer for the wealthy whose bottom line will shrink regardless. All our money will purchase much less. Sucks for all of us. Super sucks for Trump. COVID-19 has taken him by the tail and spun him around like its monkey. If he had only acted in early January to stop and contain this virus.

As I write this, as crowds drive and walk to the De Santis opened beaches in Jacksonville, Florida, COVID-19 stops for no one; it keeps on debilitating and killing. How many of these will end up with the virus and spread it to others?

Trump's insubstantial rallies which self-aggrandize and misinform, do nothing to mollify a frightened, escapist-leaning public. At his "briefings" Trump rides the coattails of Cuomo's success and applies Cuomo's flattening of the curve to every other state in the nation. This is a misdirection. The other states have been unable to "do their homework" with enough testing. Nevertheless, employing Cuomo's results, Trump attempts to justify HIS opening of the economy, supposedly leaving it up to the states.

Jacksonville, Florida opened beaches, saw record turnout of deaf, dumb and blind (courtesy f the website)
Behind the scenes, imagine the phone calls to red state governors whose help he needs to "open." Indeed, South Dakota, to the peril of the dying in nursing homes and the COVID-19 carriers in a meat processing plant, has never "closed." That, along with a few other states where governors have left their states "open," is disastrous. Without a sheltering in place order, the spread of the disease will expand geometrically. As time passes, the hot spots will engulf all of the nation as Cuomo and Fauci predicted at the outset.

Fox News has never left off its lies about COVID 19. Car accidents, falls in tubs, the flu, cancer, overdoses, yada yada are worse killers. This is an extension of the virus is a "hoax." Their lies are crimes of negligence.

Covid is 10X deadlier. To the addled-minded like Trump, who does not understand the disease as he demonstrates dementia, COVID-19's impact is its terrorism to use the human body as its vector silently through asymptomatics. It creeps in its spread from 1 to 3 to 9, with every person potentially infecting another 3 people if the first case is asymptomatic. Asymptomatics are the fiercest shedders of contagion. Where are they? How does one test for them?

(courtesy of Fox)
Because Fox watchers cannot tell truth from a lie and because they have no patience to understand, wrongly, they associate the disease with density, cities and New York. They are the last to listen to Cuomo, though in the off hours, the hosts of Fox and Trump get their news from Cuomo learning a lot and calming down in their fears of catching this plague.

We see the fruits of Fox if we have lately seen the protestors on the steps of Michigan's capital. They appear on the news and in FB posts. Most probably the leaders without masks have tested negative for Covid. How did they get the tests in this time when tests are scarce? If you are Trump-connected with money, you can get a test and plenty of PPE, and N95 masks though they appear boldy with AR 15s and no masks. If you would appear in crowds, you should be tested daily or must have an antibody test which may prove immunity.The problem is immunity is uncertain.

Governor Ron De Santis of Florida (courtesy of the site)
So even the black ops leaders take a risk? Have they been well paid to lead protests? The other people  in the photos, the overweight white men and women with probable co-morbidities, some holding confederate and Nazi flags, are COVID dupes, the food of Death.

What a novel concept! Protesting protection (mitigation-sheltering in) against a pandemic which the president negligently, criminally caused! Say what? The president's negligence caused this pandemic and thousands of deaths. Yet, the president is supposedly warring against it. But then he turns around and tells states to liberate themselves, free themselves from restrictive sheltering orders that protect people against contracting COVID-19.

The War President Trump, to open the economy to get himself reelected, encourages a black op campaign against the American voters. The weapon of his destruction against the enemy (Americans on quarantine) is human bodies infected with COVID- 19 in protesting crowds. So he is employing terrorism (protestors in crowds who will infect each other) to get what he wants. What does he want? The economy to open which he equates with winning the election because wealthy supporters are losing money and they are pressuring him to go back to what was before; to get back to "normal." These donors are as deluded as he.

To what extent does the Covid 19 molecule morph (courtesy of the CDC)
The protestors, like Trump and Fox News, are living in their man-made alternate reality which is a fraud, a fake, a canard, a lie that kills. There is no going back. Cuomo discusses a "new normal" once the spread has been reduced to 1 in perhaps .5 spreading the disease. But that is guaranteed only with testing and contact tracing (monitoring who has it and who they've been in touch with) for containment. Without containment there is no guarantee the next wave won't explode and create pandemonium. Regardless, without the right equipment for the front lines to fight this war, it is ongoing especially as red states refuse to acknowledge its menacing presence threatening death, as they bow to Trump's wishes and open beaches like Ron De Santis in a state which reached 1400 new cases and over 700 deaths. (update it is much higher but they do not report the cases or deaths for fear of upsetting the Trump)

The justification to open prematurely and satisfy the infected "freedom riders" of COVID all the way into the abyss is "the economy must be saved." Suicides must be prevented, Trump has suggested. Meanwhile, the millions of poor have lived with varying states of poverty their entire lives and will not commit suicide. Only the wealthy would choose suicide, than suffer the humiliation of accommodating their lifestyles to becoming middle class.

Sean Hannity, Fox host (courtesy of Fox)
On Fox, while speaking from the security of daily COVID-19 self-testing, the pundits (Hannity, Brit Hume, politicians, church leaders, faux doctors-Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil) (update on 5/23/20 now Fauci and Birx after a campaign to discredit them) have adjured that the economy must be "opened." They have stated that they would sacrifice their lives so the "young" might live. For them, in the safety of access to state of the art self-testing, they imply that grandmas, parents and over sixties have lesser value. Nonna, Nonno, zia and tia, like animals who've served their purpose, should be sent to the glue factory of COVIDto save the economy.

As these FOX pundits embarrass themselves, The New York Times has published the "Red Dawn" emails exposing Trump's delay in confronting the pandemic because he feared the announcement would shake the markets. Trump negligently failed to corral and mitigate the rampaging COVID bull, by seeking to pet the bronze one at Bowling Green. Thus, he "rode that Wall Street bull" for 2  1/2 months, despite warnings to contain the spread by our Intel, W.H.O., the HHS Secretary Azar, Dr. Fauci and others.

Fearful of losing the election, fearful of Biden's campaign, fearful that a trillion dollars could be spent by donors and he would still lose, Trump did the only thing in his mind which "guaranteed" him a win:  he "saved" Wall Street and the economy meaning his wealthy donors' bottom line. Main Street was never a consideration. How a pandemic could impact Main Street and steer it toward a worse Depression than the Great Depression was the last thing he considered. He has no imagination.

Trump failed math. He doesn't read. He is reactive, not proactive. He doesn't analyze. He listens to others who tell him what he wants to hear. His capacity for logic, reason, facts and details is nil. However, he is good at fraud, lies, cover-ups, running after money, persuading wealthy donors he will give them what they want. Above all, he is great at self-deception. His biggest dupe is himself. Sadly, he is going on  3/4 of a century and he has not learned that this MO is not successful. I hope I am wrong, doubt that I am. If I am right, we will have wave after wave of COVID- 19 and must prepare for the long haul.

Governor Cuomo must resist Trump and stay the course. He must do this to save lives, even if that means not budging on where we are in New York, in a pause, waiting for either Trump to deploy the military to take charge of the pandemic response, or find a miracle vaccine. (Update Memorial Day weekend, no DPA has been enacted to up supplies of PPE, etc nationally, Red States opened fudging numbers. Inaccurate counts and deaths are rampant. NY is staying the course and "reopening" while doing no harm...with masks and social distancing by smart, clever New Yorkers).

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Doing the Math: Covid 19, the Power of One Transmission

(courtesy of the CDC)
Donald Trump is anxious to get the country up and running. He has created a task force to do this.Together this group is being guided by business leaders. And then there is Dr. Fauci somewhere in the mix.

In the past month when questioned, Donald Trump has stated that "we have done the most testing than any other country in the world." He has also stated in press briefings over the course of the Covid 19 pandemic that in the US anyone who wants a test can get a test." Both of those statements have been false from the time Trump uttered them until today. I have asked those on the front line (friends and relatives) about testing and who gets the tests. They tell me you have to manifest 4 symptoms and be in a high risk category for age or co-morbidities. New York has conducted the most tests anywhere in the world. Tests are very hard to come by.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, does little to scale up testing in the billions to test 1) for Covid 19 positives, 2)for antibodies of the recovered 3)for asyomptomatics. There is no contact tracing to speak of. And reports are coming out on MSNBC that less than 1% of the population has been tested and in fact the testing is decreasing. There isn't even an accurate number of test results in many states like Florida because there is a backlog for results to be given. (see article-click here) And Governor Ron De Santis knows how the death and Covid 19 numbers upset Trump. After all, this virus is supposed to be done, by God. Fewer numbers mean we can re-open the economy.

(L to R): DOJ William Barr, Donald Trump
Trump doesn't get the math. He failed school after school a function of his ADHD or learning disabilities. In those days, no help was given. It explains his insistence on his being a "stable genius," or saying he gets the science of the virus. No he doesn't. If he did, he would have shut down the country in January, geared up the testing in every state and did contact tracing. Math and Covid 19s structure, function and hunger to replicate in a host to the point where it will morph to continue to replicate? Nah. It will be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for Trump to understand the math of Covid's communicability.

Thank God Governor Cuomo and now the other governors in the surrounding states with the help of experts get the mathematics of Covid. One infected person with the severest strain infects 3 people who each infect 3 people: that total is nine. Those 9 people each infect 3 people which is 27 people. Those 27 people infect 3 people each, which is 81 people on a bad day. Thus, with 4 transmissions 81 people are infected and the multiplication continues if these individuals are asymptomatics. Soon the numbers even if the transmissions are not three but two are in the millions. Such is the power of one transmission.

Crowds are the heaven of Covid 19. Cities are more problematic with the density; perhaps. The disease is telling us it isn't city vs. rural area; it is more complex. Even in a rural area for example, a church which has 100 parishioners the disease is a problem when one person has it and transmits. Those folks who get it go home to infect their families and friends. So the lie that Fox and the president would spread that only cities have the problem is criminal and negligent.

(courtesy of Fox)
The problem is the human being. You want to stop Covid 19?  Eliminate humanity's liability to become infected. That means strengthen one's immune system or effect substances that nullify its replication, reducing human liability to catch it. Short of a vaccine there is only one way to stop the death and limit the spread.

Just on the math alone, quarantine is an imperative. We cannot afford people dying in the streets unable to get into packed hospitals for help. If and when we return to work, there must be a way to reduce transmissions to zero; that means temperature taking, three types of testing, contact tracing, masks, gloves, etc. at the work place and getting to and from the workplace. Governor Cuomo has laid out the ground rules to which types of work might open: essential work, guarantees there is no spread. Governor Cuomo and the governor consortium get the math.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (courtesy of the website)
We have a registered 320,000,000 Americans who are potential carrier terrorists or victims. We have tested over 3 million Americans. By the numbers which are imperfect to interpretation a supposed 80 percent have recovered. The rest have died. But because we are so behind the 8 ball, these numbers are probably inaccurate and are just approximations. We just don't know who had it and what happened. The only ones we know of went to the hospital or were tested positive or negative.

 Problems arise with more questions. What about the rest of the untested population, the other 99%? If they are tested one day and then get it three weeks later, what then? Can the ones who have "recovered" get it again as the disease morphs and changes to adapt to survive in its hosts? We don't understand the disease, its spread, its MO. We don't understand completely who gets it or how they spread it. The uncertainties are as exponential as the disease spread.

CDC molecular view of Covid 19
Getting an economy up and running so billionaires can make money is lovely. If they want to be on the front lines to do this, then they need to put up billions in investments and not expect handouts from poor Americans. Trickle down does not work. Besides, they already got millions in tax breaks with Trump's tax reform. What did they do with that money? AND THEY WANT MORE????

 They need to press Trump to operationalize the DPA on a massive scale. He must produce manufacturers in this nation who can produce massive equipment for the battle this is going to take to get workers in places free from Covid 19 with the right supplies.

(courtesy of the website)
Trump, you are the president of job creation and returning manufacturing to Americans? Well, Trump DO IT. HERE'S YOUR CHANCE WITH THE DPA. Produce supplies, tests, chemicals-reagents for the tests, masks, gloves, etc to help workers feel safe returning to work. Have the billionaire corporations guarantee healthcare for their workers... if their employees do get it, they will be covered and taken care of for risking their lives.

Business people like Trump must be generous in this time. They must not expect to just have the American taxpayers throw money into the abyss of their companies. We need guarantees to make a percentage of the profit the companies make with this "bail out." We don't want to "bail out" businesses when they mishandle or ill use what we have given them. Better to let them go bankrupt. They can afford it. Small businesses can't. Save the small businesses and give the states money to save AMERICAN WORKERS SO THEY CAN WORK FOR THESE CORPORATIONS.

There must be accountability and guarantees and the corporations must kick in billions to get billions. There is no free ride for the dead. There is no free ride for small businesses. There is no trickle down anymore when death is standing behind the worker who the corporation intends to shove out onto the floor of their business to do the work for an ill paying job with no benefits. It will get to a point if they have to choose getting this horrible disease and starving, they will eat less and less. Corporations and the wealthy have to do much more or their own lifestyles and lives will be at stake. It will be interesting to see if they value their lives beyond their material wealth, after all. The poor are used to being poor. The wealthy are not. When they lose their material wealth, will they have the strength to face it? See the quote about the rich man and the camel.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Crimes Against Humanity: Fox Disinformation, Unsocial Irresponsibility and Trump

Coronavirus cell (courtesy of the website)
When does a lie matter? Why should the truth and the facts be told? How about when you are up against a pandemic, a global plague like Covid 19?

China lied about their number of dead revealed through cancelled cell phone accounts that American Intel discovered recently and are currently attempting to verify without much help from China. Does it make a difference if over 1 million Chinese have died from Covid 19 as opposed to 4000 Chinese? Does it make a difference if the facts about how the virus spreads are ignored and the severity of its communicability and virulence are downplayed?

Ask the hundreds of families across the United States that are behind the 23,370 death toll for April 13, 2020. What if one of the dead, just one believed President Trump's message repeated on Fox News that the coronavirus was a "Democratic hoax?" What if they didn't take precautions to avoid transmission, didn't take the virus seriously, didn't wash their hands? What if they touched a droplet loaded with the virus, touched their face and unwittingly inhaled it, and ended up in the ICU because of pre-existing conditions where they took a turn for the worse, ended up on a ventilator and never came off it? Can that possibility NOT be taken into consideration when delivering false facts, on fake Fox news segments, for example when Trump stated that the coronavirus was under control and cases would go to zero?

Trish Regan at Fox who was fired (courtesy of the website)
It wasn't under control; nor was it going to zero! Covid 19 was engaging in massive community spread at that point in time. How many believed Fox, went out into crowds or went on Spring Break vacations, flew to Florida or went on cruises, free from fear? Out of those unalerted, how many did the virus secretly, silently, invisibly latch onto, shed by an asymptomatic who stood next to them? And when these unwitting took it home to infect others, how many of those infections were asymptomatic? How many of those infected ended up drowning in their own liquids on a respirator, dying of organ failure?

Here we are. Every state in the US has Covid 19 cases and their numbers, despite folks on Fox implying it is a NYC disease, a metropolitan disease, are spreading in rural areas. These rural areas are ill equipped. They do not have high tech hospitals to handle the complexities of treatment, let alone ventilators.

Willful negligence to make a profit and to provide support for candidate/president Trump are not a justification for wrongful death, and criminal, negligent homicide. Out of the 23,370 dead across the nation, tell me that not one of them believed Fox News disinformation. If even one died because they listened to Fox News' misinformation, believing Donald Trump's persistent, demeaning commentary about the virus being less dangerous than the flu, that is one death too many. If the one who died was confused about who gets it and why, and just threw their hands up in the air reassuring themselves mainstream media was overreacting about Covid 19, that is one too many deaths.

Covid 19 molecule (courtesy of the CDC)
That one death is cause for a wrongful death lawsuit. If you multiply the number of deaths and parallel them with the NYT chronicle about Trump's dilatory actions waiting until March 15 to suggest mitigation in the country, which his own health officials have said was delinquent, then you are looking at a runaway train called crimes against humanity. Add to this the slow closings of Fox News watching red states around the country, and the exponentially increasing number of deaths which will surely follow in the South and Midwest as a result of dilatory actions, this is "megadeath." Indeed, Covid 19 is a bullet train of negligent criminal homicides leaving megadeath in its slipstream wake of contagion.

Experts have warned the time to attack such communicability of a novel virus is the first two weeks. Without due diligence, the virus will gain community spread and then it becomes very difficult to contain. Check out both Sweden's and the UK's reaction/response to Covid 19. Both miscalculated with slow closures. They are now paying for their negligence with high death rates. Also check out what the city of Vo, Italy did (see previous posts on The Fat and the Skinny).

Most probably governors in red states based their policies on Trump/Fox news disinformation to please Trump and to remain loyal to the GOP. How many in that number 23,000 + have died because they based their lifestyle information on Fox? How many died because they based their lifestyle on their red state governor's policies and Trump's initially cavalier, craven and unscientific assessment of Covid 19 as a flu; this, after he was forced to acknowledge it might be a world-wide pandemic?

Tragically, these deaths were unnecessary. The pandemic would have been preventable if someone else were in office. Obama faced three potential pandemics: we didn't even realize it because his presidency was prepared. Even George Bush was apprised of the terrible nature of pandemics and was prepared, though not as much as he should have been. Instead, Hurricane Katrina happened on his watch and that debacle closed down the GOP for the next 8 years.

Worse, this world-wide disaster threatens to close down the US as we knew it. Already, we are realizing that the old US is disappearing into a mirror of the recent past suggesting a new normal of masks, gloves and antibody testing. Unless immediate expansive action to fight this war using the powers of the DPA to assist in overcoming this national security threat of Covid 19, Trump's catastrophic failures to act and his missteps when he did act will never get the nation back to a shadow of its former self. Trump's unction to stop the mitigation and follow billionaires advisement to re-open the country without consideration of the health and protection of all who brave the pandemic is magical thinking.

Would the billionaires, Trump's cronies, kill all who would be killed and allow others to recover following the 80/20 ratio of  typical viruses (without accepting that this is NOVEL)? Good idea if that is what will happen. We don't know. Covid 19 is a radically new virus that is able to morph, seemingly at will. It clocks in with various symptoms that suggest it cannot be pinned down to "one size fits all." Immune today? Dead tomorrow. For how long is one immune and at what strength of antibodies?

Herd immunity may be another branch of magical thinking. There is not enough information from data to reveal that it deals with every person the same way. Only until recently, did doctors begin to accept that people shed it without symptoms as it cleverly sounds no alarm bells. This becomes tragic when attempting to protect the most vulnerable which too, has become an uncertainty. Just who are the vulnerable? Only the elderly? Young people are dying, not just the old and infirm, not just the fifty-somethings with co-morbidities. What is the relationship? Scientists don't know.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar (courtesy of Wikipedia)
Does Trump, does Fox News care to get these facts out to the public repeatedly and accurately? Apparently not. Look at his behavior six months ago. First, Trump refused to acknowledge President Obama's efforts toward the national security threat of bio-terrorism. Even today during his Covid 19 campaign rallies, he continually shoots the former president with claims that Obama handled the swine flu badly. Lies! Meanwhile, Trump ignored Obama's January 2017 briefings on pandemics during his transition into the presidency. He closed the pandemic office and threw away the pandemic guidebook in 2018. He removed personnel from that office who could have helped identify that Covid 19 was a disaster to prepare for. Instead of focusing on the growing threat in China of the virus spread in December 2019, he ignored that and ignored US intel in January 2020, pushing off Secretary of HHS Azar's warnings.

However, according to Trump he banned China flights, though 40,000 Chinese came back into the country in the first three months of the year after enjoying family celebrations for the Chinese New Year. No efforts were made to stop them. Instead, Trump played golf over the holidays and enjoyed himself, something he has repeatedly done throughout his presidency, charging US taxpayers the high bills at his resorts for secret service rooms and meals. Fox does not hold him to account on any of this. Investigative journalism? No. Magical "news," the unfree press, the unsocial, irresponsible network.

Fox News logo (courtesy of the Fox News)
Trump lies about his own performance responding to Covid 19 which he repeats is "great." Unfortunately, we are stuck with a liar. And Trump's behavior starting from when he took over the office of the presidency was negligent and incompetent. Rather than to admit fault, he has gotten away with his behavior by finding an appropriate scapegoat to blame, firing them. However, when one is incompetent and negligent about a pandemic that has a direct cost in American lives and those deaths correlate to the Stock Market and impact the economy, one cannot ignore the financial fallout or shift the blame that easily.

There is blood on Trump's hands the Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe stated. And the negligent, incompetent behavior which Trump covers up with self-praise that Fox News parrots continues to this day. Why hasn't he taken charge of the full force and power of the federal government in this time of war by using the DPA (Defense Production Act) to scale up supplies, equipment, tests in the billions? If you listen to Trump's self-aggrandizement, he has done it. That is a lie; he has not when the governors across the nation and FEMA (the government) are all bidding against each other for supplies. Indeed, if he had ramped up production, FEMA wouldn't have to steal supplies from state governor's orders to fill its stockpile to say it is giving supplies to various states. (as reported on the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, April 13th)

Trump is continuing his misinformation campaign about his Covid 19 response using the mainstream media to spread more lies, a further irony. He has proclaimed mainstream media the fake media. If it's so fake, then why have briefings television by all the media? Caught in his own spin, Trump makes the truth dance to his own fantasies. This is not credibility in the making; it is further proof of his gyrating unfitness to handle this plague. Indeed, with his lengthy Covid rallies, he is convincing the taxpayers he is more obsessed about his and his friends' bank accounts than bringing the nation back to health and wholeness. No wonder why he is concerned about the economy and the stock market which has been trailing the number of Covid deaths in a weird, phantasmagorical irony.

Always, Trump and Fox defend and justify their mendacity by projecting their lies on the media instead of attempting to DISPROVE that their lies are not lies. Disproving Trump's lies is impossible, because video tape doesn't lie. News organizations now fact check Trump and toadying Fox. They play videos of his falsehoods with his back pedaling contradictory statements. They chronicle what Trump says and when he says it and he often has to pile fabrication upon illusion to justify or change what he said.  Fox News then must provide cover and sort out the deceit with distracting palaver by Hannity and other dim minds.

Sean Hannity of Fox News (courtesy of Wikipedia)
Importantly, it is what Trump's lies tell us about Trump and what Fox News' lies tell us about Fox and its supporters: the Federalist Society, the GOP and bottom feeder pilot fish. Lies are guilty coverups for 1)wrongdoing, 2)powerlessness 3)fear 4)cowardice. From such a muddled position, one cannot build a strong foundation of governance. From such confusion how is one able to make decisions? From such changeable, shifting falsehoods how is one to be believed as credible in a time of crisis like a pandemic? Ultimately, upon such mendacity, one cannot lead or feel competent to lead. One cannot take responsibility for one's lies, nor be accountable for one's actions.

Is it any wonder that Trump refuses to take responsibility for his decisions made during this terrible Covid 19 pandemic? He is insecure; his leadership is grounded on shifting sands as he looks for someone else to blame for what he's done. And Fox is his second on the way downhill into the abyss of destruction, financial debacle and death. They are supporting him to his demise so that recovery seems a quaint, fanciful notion.

(courtesy of the Fox News website)
Lars are all about saving face, not about helping the ones they lie to. Trump must save face or die. Fox must support Trump or perish. The Covid 19 virus is the petard that they have hoisted themselves upon, the sword that is slicing through their prevarications to reveal their naked, exposed, wicked amorality, for enabling Covid 19's death-trap on a scale that is augmenting as each tragic day passes. And these liars have so believed their own lies, they refuse to acknowledge they are naked and debilitated. As they continue to stand exposed before the public, the falsehoods dissolve their power and presence. Sadly, all who follow dissolve into a black hole of invisibility with them.

How do we now confront this national security threat, Covid 19, that we and our neighbors perpetuate like terrorists when the federal government has become an absence of superficiality? How do we regain our peace of mind, our regularity of rhythms stolen by a disease enabled by federal, presidential negligence? How do we fight the uncertainty, of an ill-defined, shifting monster bringing illness and misery that stymies caregivers and researchers with its simple structure and complex function and operation?

How do we get out of quarantine, where we are fearful for our lives, suspicious that our neighbors are asymptomatic, deadly carriers?

We stop lying to ourselves and stop accepting lies from Fox and from Trump. We recognize his failed leadership and demand that he turn it around. He must earn our respect as Governor Andrew Cuomo has earned our respect and love managing our health system to save our lives. We think, read, research, examine, question media, both conservative and liberal, then we conclude if we want to continue on the road to death for four more years.

Fox doesn't care about decency, ethics or morality. It prevaricates for money and ratings in a self-made hell of viral greed. Murdock and sons with the aid of now deceased head of Fox, rapist and sexual predator Roger Ailes, spread conservative disinformation. They muscled their way to the top of cable new ratings with supportive propaganda for the Federalist Society conservatives and GOP agenda. Theirs is a totally partisan, anti-journalistic spin. For decades they increasingly have twisted the generosity of liberals to make them appear sick, elitist and evil. Continuous smears sullied trust in Obama's excellence, the ACA and the Democratic Party. Fox never left off defaming Obama's presidency. Just a presentation of his face on "defiled mainstream media" is enough to set them like rabid, starving, deranged dogs after Obama as if he were raw meat.

To assist Trump's campaign, the excoriations, smears, zombie-like character assassinations against Hillary ramped up 24/7 live on Fox and on Social Media with the help of Putin's military intel (FSB, SVR, GRU). Read the Mueller Report to discover how Trump/Federalist Society/Uber Right Wing journals like Breitbart and now defunct Cambridge Analytica with Fox assistance warred against her campaign and candidacy. After Hillary lost, to deflect from Trump's incredible mismanagement-style, they led the charge calling for her arrest. Even today they manage to ridicule Hillary Clinton. .

The Pentagon (courtesy of the website)
When Trump took office, the groveling loyalty of lies and alternate "facts" became Fox's fog machine of mammoth, propagandistic proportions. The uber right wing media (Breitbart, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, RT, Sputnik, etc.) led by Fox became a de facto arm of Trump's corrupt administration.

For its money making motives alone, sacrificing the truth for fraud, the antithesis of investigative journalism, Fox must not be listened to. For its genuflecting, slavish support of Trump and GOP partisanship refusing to cover any negative news about him, Fox should be ignored.

Before Covid 19, here are a few examples out of the thousands that have occurred showing how Fox dealt with negative news about Trump over a three year period. They ignored reporting lawsuits by women stating in interviews that he raped them or sexually preyed upon them. They refused to fact check Trump's 17,000 + lies. They didn't cover Trump's continuous nullification of the rule of law and obviation of the constitution. Nor did they examine his unreasonable explanations for firing anyone who countermanded his "judgment" (the various whistleblowers in non-partisan career positions). The non -existent coverage of the Parkland shooting and march in protest by millions afterward Fox ignored; it didn't exist in their AR-15 toting universe. Their non- coverage of Women's Marches around the world in direct protest of Trump's presidency the day after his inauguration, was woefully missing as was the in-depth, cogent, reasoned analysis of his impeachment and the Mueller Investigation.

All the president's men (courtesy of the website)
Like robots Fox News hosts with the exception of the glorious Shep Smith (until he left) clicked in to support everything the president said and did. With regard to the pandemic, Fox News was in lockstep with Trump exposing themselves to the liability of spreading false information that was the proximate cause of not taking precautions to avoid transmission. They supported him about Covid 19 throughout this period of it's "being less dangerous than the flu," a position he's recently reversed (perhaps) with the death of a friend. And they support him with the push to open the government to stop the financial debacle sure to happen with a lengthy closing down of the country's cities (except for essential workers) especially the economic engine of the country, New York City.

Trump wants to open the nation for his billionaire friends and to save his hotel and resort business. Great. But who is going to go to his hotels if his workers or guests catch the virus or die there? Who is going to go to work on a packed subway, albeit disinfected against Covid 19, not knowing who is asymptomatic and who isn't. If a twenty-something Wall Street broker is asymptomatic, goes into the office and infects the other brokers, is the company ready  to pay for sick leave and costly healthcare? The discussion about only letting the young people go to work is unsound. They also catch the disease and die.

We don't know the triggers; we don't understand the blood types or genetic underpinnings of vulnerability. We don't know why the 100 year-old woman survived, why the 95 year old nonna in Italy made it and why the 21 year old my friend saw carried out in a body bag didn't.

2017 Women's March in NYC, a crowd that today would spread Covid 19 like gasoline on fire (Carole Di Tosti
But by all means, Trump, open up the country by the end of April.

Logically, this involves perspicacity and planning. Who is going to reopen up their sit-in restaurant without testing the entire staff for antibodies, a test which is in scarce supply? And how are you going to figure out if patrons of restaurants, theater, movies, sports events are Covid 19 free and for how long? What if the weeks prior to attending an event they are negative and the day they attend, unbeknownst to them they are positive asymptomatic? An antibody test is inconclusive and complex. How long will the antibodies last to give immunity: for a month, 6 months, a year? The questions are innumerable at this point.

The key one is, if you want to get the economy going, can you do it by forcing people to go in to work? Or will you just have to shut it down again because even more people get sick as the virus morphs into more virulent strains to save itself? We don't even know why it morphs. Is it because it adapts to kill regardless of the genetic fingerprint of the individual? Is it geographically motivated or is this a feature of its unique MO as a killer?

So many questions, so little time before people start to starve. The money given in checks by the federal government simply isn't enough. Google the amounts given by European countries and Canada, including the payment of their medical bills. There is surely a way, but Trump and the GOP are incompetent to find it and those who have secured a place around him to give him advice are more incompetent than he.

Maybe the billionaires like Robert Mercer who Trump and the GOP gave tax breaks to in the millions can donate that money back? Well, those liars supported Trump knowing full well his corruptibility. Did they understand the power of his incompetence and negligent unfitness to commit genocide against American citizens and to destroy the financial fabric of the nation upon which billionaires depend? Perhaps they did. Trump, like the virus, is a perfect destroyer.

(courtesy of the website)
Opening up before the right time will be a disaster. This is a war. The Defense Production Act must be employed to create massive testing and supply capacity with effective distribution centers set up so that all Americans can be tested and given protective gear to wear. US industry must be set up in networks around the nation with adequate, timely supply chains to produce: supplies, reagents, chemicals for the tests, etc. Ramping up production and putting people to work in essential industries to fight this pandemic to produce the supplies needed to function and stay safe is an imperative. The military must be involved, and wise counsel listened to.

Such counsel resides in the governors who closed their states down to only allow essential workers to move in their cities. These decisions were based on logic, statistics, data charting the disease path. Is Trump going to open the country because he feels it is a good time to do so? It's not happening. Even the upper crust exotics will not want to venture into NYC, the city they fled to go to the Hamptons. Unless there are guarantees, these elites will not be infected and end up on a respirator by risking a return to NYC.

So here's a Fox News type lie. We need to open up the nation to save the economy. This lie is courtesy of Fox mantras and Breitbart mantras and right-wing mantras. And then there are the uber liars like Covid 19 Truthers who say the bodies are not piling up at hospitals. And here's another: Trump is doing a fabulous job.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Easter Services Packing Churches in Florida: in Praise of God or Trump?

In defiance of humanity, decency, love, God's commandments, the social contract and the constitution, Governor Ron De Santis is encouraging large worshipful services for Easter by saying he will not "force" or "command" or "order" autocratically, the banning of large crowds in churches. He is not alone in this.

So much for God is love. So much for humility. So much for being as the scripture says, "wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove." So much for "love your neighbor as yourself." So much for "love the Lord your God with all your mind, heart and strength." So much for "God is a spirit; worship Him in Spirit and in Truth."

De Santis has been dilatory, following the lead of Trump and Fox News spreading misinformation CLICK HERE. Like Trump, he lacks the will to take a leadership position to protect the people of the state of Florida. I have elderly cousins who live there. I have friends who live there. I have family who life there. He is jeopardizing all of their lives, by being willfully, criminally negligent.

Republican Governor of Florida Ron De Santis (courtesy of CNN)
First, he has been criminally negligent by not closing down the state to prevent spring breakers and Disney World visitors congregating in mammoth crowds, sweating their asymptomatic Covid 19 molecules all over each other. These same Covid 19 infected then flew back to parts unknown all over the US to shed the disease to families and friends in their communities. Perhaps, they themselves came down with it. This is negligence on a mass scale of the type that Trump and his GOP Death Party are noted for. Shame on all of them!

The folks who congregated during spring break believed the convenient Fox "hoax" lie. Then they believed that Covid 19 was like the flu which killed more Americans, though Dr. Fauci warned hundreds of times that it was NOVEL, we didn't understand it, and that it was 10 X deadlier. The demeaning of the lethality of Covid 19 then morphed to deriding Dr. Fauci when Trump wanted to open by Easter in an Easter miracle. When Trump back tracked realizing the number of deaths that would be effected, he changed his tune and stated that unless we socially distanced, the death toll would be a minimum of 100,000. Still, he kept the sheltering in place voluntary and refused to close down the entire country of 330,000,000.

DOJ Barr and Donald Trump (media website)
That Easter sheltering and the 100,000 death number was a problem for the controversy addicts and liars on Fox and the alternate Federalist Society conservatives. The spin had to change; they pulled in QAnon to create a new meme. The disease morphed on Fox promulgated by Covid 19 Truthers @QAnon. They are spreading the disinformation that the numbers are blown up beyond proportion, as an extension of the "hoax" conspiracy theory. Therefore, the opening of the country should happen sooner than Dr. Fauci and others might suggest.

Meanwhile, genocide in Wisconsin perpetuated by Republicans in concert with the Supreme Court allowed the primary to go on in the pandemic. Wisconsinites had to decide to exercise their constitutional right or allow a conservative judge to win: select sickness and death or stay home. Clever Death Party Republicans had gerrymandered to making Wisconsinites to vote only at a very few select sites. Thus, the lines, populated most probably by some who had Covid 19 curled and lengthened around and around and around as they tried to distance 6 feet, but probably infected each other with aerosol breath. Tell me not one of them spread the disease. 1 X 3 X 9 X 27 X 81 and so on. That is why quarantine is a moral imperative.

The Plague Doctor circa 1650s Edinburgh, UK, the hazmat suit against the Bubonic Plague (Carole Di Tosti)
Back to up is down, right is left conservative news conspiracies and disinformation. According to my relative who tends to embrace conspiracy theories for the thrill of them like an addict hooked on Oxycontin, there were no refrigerator trucks at Elmhurst Hospital, no long lines there, no deaths. He told me it was fake news, the lying media. I invited him to come up and volunteer. Meanwhile, like Trump and all the hypocrites, this relative is scared out of his mind (with the exception of Rand Paul, perhaps). This Florida relative has bought 150 proof alcohol as a disinfectant; he has all sorts of anti-virals he's purchased on homeopathic websites; he has a plentiful supply of masks and gloves to care for his debilited wife, manic that she will become infected and die. The contradictions he is able to live with in a lack of logic is a Trumpy psychosis that Trump and QAnon and alternative media who duns mainstream media as false is their premeditated, murderous, exploitation perpetuating INSANITY. Did you know that INSANITY IS A DRUG AS ADDICTIVE AS HEROIN?

My tool kit against Covid 19 (Carole Di Tosti)
But who am I to judge? I live in the epicenter of the epicenter in Queens. I write reviews for Broadway shows, Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway and New York Botanical Garden and Tribeca Film Festival and SXSW Festival and Edinburgh International Festival all of which are closed down. I do not have the luxury of being blind, deaf and dumb walking on the Florida beaches, swimming in Florida pools and pretending this deadly molecule does not exist. Bully for all those in Florida who ignore the deaths in Miami, the growing number of cases and deaths in Florida nursing homes which are notoriously delinquent with their patients.

(from the church website)
Bully, bully. I am living the sheltering in place to protect all those in the red states from getting this horrific disease. They could care less that their negligent actions supported by their delinquent criminally negligent governors of red states allowed the virus to spread exponentially. (See my previous blog posts on how it spreads unless one isolates.) Well, we in New York are in a PAUSE FOR THEM, FOR THIS COUNTRY, despite every time they defy any shut-down orders or shout MAGA SLOGANS IN THE NAME OF TRUMP. We in New York and in other states who stay at home in quarantine are keeping them safe with good will, despite their believing this is still a hoax, the death numbers are fabricated thanks to @QAnon as they wait for the next pusher drug via Fox News ranting that CNN and MSNBC that try to protect them are FAKE NEWS, FAKE MEDIA, ETC.

The interior of an Episcopal church in the US (courtesy of the website)
Think about it those of you hoaxer drivers and Fox news hypocrites who "pooh pooh" the virulence of Covid 19 while grabbing masks and gloves off camera. Is New York City and NY State acting like this virus does not exist? Go on Google search and see live pictures of the main roads in NYC, 5th Ave. Park Ave. and out on LI, LIE and in Queens, Queens Boulevard, normally traffic filled and bumper to bumper. Why is NY acting in such a way? Is something to wrong, perhaps?

"You can't tell us not to worship!" No one is telling you not to worship. The country, the vulnerable with underlying conditions (50-73 year old men) and the old in nursing homes in your states need you to worship God at home. The young who have underlying congenital conditions they don't know about which a Covid 19 infection exposes because it attacks the immune system, decommissions it then smashes into the lungs needs you to worship God in the way He commands you to worship: IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH. Endangering others' lives with willful, criminal homicidal negligent action is not "loving your neighbor." Do you really think God is a respector of persons or place? He is not! He looks at your heart and your faith and your righteousness. Indeed, your sacrifice not to go to a building and staying at home to pray is a stronger unction than going to a building to be with the sheep and infect one another.

Il Duomo, Milan, Italy which is streaming services (courtesy of the website)
Realistically, congregating and singing hymns so your church and pastor gets on national TV is opening your church to class action lawsuits by the children of parents in nearby nursing homes. Projecting your voices in praise and worship to God causes atmospheric aerosol spread of Covid 19 molecules and will make the church a miasma of Covid 19.  Don't believe me? Google what happened when a choir of 60 held practice though they followed social distancing practices to the max. Two died; 45 came down with Covid 19 people realized later that their praise and singing projection of breath spread the molecules all over the church. There is a reason why crowds are a happy place for this plague.

Churches across the south have found out the danger of congregating for service the hard way. Check the rural areas of Alabama which are woefully underprepared for this disease spread. But it's not supposed to be in RURAL AREAS. Are people living in RURAL AREAS? Yes. Well, Covid 19 goes wherever the people are; people are vectors it loves to inhabit until it destroys them and moves on to another host. That's why one person infects three people. This virus, like people, enjoys society, but as a death-dealer.

(courtesy of the website)
 To governors of red states and Christian churches who are holding Easter services, one question. Are you bowing to Trump when you should be bowing to the Living God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth? Christ expects you to discern after the Spirit of the Living God. Why are pastors holding services, jeopardizing your lives and the lives of your loved ones? Is this not the sin which cannot be forgiven? Is this not Blaspheming the Holy Spirit. HOW? Is this not defying God's commandments with pride and arrogance to not love one's neighbor? How is this defiance of God humble? Isn't this more like Lucifer who questioned God's wisdom and will and placed himself above God then REFUSED TO ADMIT FAULT?

Dr. Fauci has led the country impeccably during this time of coronavirus (courtesy of The Daily Show)
By refusing to care for others in the US, pastors, Fox News, Trump/the WH and the GOP Death Party refuse to apologize for their crimes against humanity in their negligent and dilatory actions. They are not recognizing the lethality of this disease because of its communicability. Indeed, it spreads like wildfire with no one to put it out until it finds a proper host and kills that person by which point in time it has spread exponentially. 

Worship God in your prayer closet at home. Do not continue to be supporting the pharisees and scribes who doubted the Words of Christ. Your prayers in your prayer closet at home will have more effectuality. Read St. James about the "effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous." And have a spiritual resurrection in your Life in Christ at home. Peace Out.