Thursday, October 26, 2023

ENOUGH! Derelict, Criminal Trump Death Threated Speaker Mike Johnson into the Speakership in a Psychotic Fit of Rage Which Republicans Support


Right Wing Republican Insurrectionist Mike Johnson Trump Made his MAGA SLAVE, elected Speaker. (courtesy of Michael Moore's email)

Michael Moore said it all in the following paragraph. 

"Right wing Congressman from Louisiana, Mike Johnson, helped lead the 2021 coup attempt by 147 Republicans to stop Joe Biden from taking his legal oath of office for the position he won — President of the United States. Today, all those Republican traitors who are still serving were joined by every single House Republican present to name coup leader Johnson as the new Speaker of the House."

After the Republicans outsted Kevin McCarthy as Republican Majority Leader and Speaker of the House, effected by the MAGAS who voted him out, the chaos in the Republican party has been historic. Donald Trump, the four time criminal accused, twice impeached president elected with the massive help of Vladimir Putin, has encouraged death threats to all who oppose him in his party. Those who voted against his MAGA candidate for speaker received death threats. These are repeated and pernicious threats, his typical MO, as indicated by his former lawyer Michael Cohen, who is testifying against him in Trump's New York fraud trial, because Cohem knows first-hand Trump's intimate relationship with fraud, lies, criminal behavior, disloyalty to the constitution and anyone but himself.

Kevin McCarthy is a slave of the Trump Party. Republicanism is dead because he has no courage.

After proposing individuals who were moderates for the speaker-ship, in other words, those who didn't support Trump's illegal and treasonous overthrow of the 2020 election, the Republican conference en masse, motivated by intense fear of being killed by Trumpers or primaried, instigated by Trump, voted for Mike Johnson. Johnson, is a Trump surrogate. It is like having Trump as speaker.  He is as inexperienced, derelict, criminal, negligent and incapable of leading as is Trump. Indeed, he "got" the "leadership" because he can't lead. He can only shout, yell and make loud braying noises, though allegedly, he is a gentleman. 

 Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath about his position regarding stare decisis. His fury and anger were coached by Trump, the MAGA wussy way of powerlessness.

Indeed? This recalls to mind the nature of Justice Brett Kavanaugh when Trump put his dirty fingers on him. Justice Kavanaugh was mild mannered before Trump coached him at the hearing which was supposed to determine Kavanaugh's credibility and probity as a justice. He became an argumentative, lunatic liar in front of those who were to accept or reject his candidacy. He insulted the woman who accused him of rape. He lied about stare decisis and a woman's right to choose. He is against citizen rights. He is for corporations and his handlers who vitiated his $250,000 credit card debts. Kavanaugh, a Trumper, is learning the fine art of corruption and fraud, like Justice Alito has and Justice Clarence Thomas and complicit Justice John Roberts. These men have turned their SC Justice tenured positions into a money making billion dollar sinecure.

Thus, Johnson will adopt the insulting, argumentative, abrasive and bellicose way of Trump, the hallmark of Trump's macho "winning," in reality he is the epitome and representative of a MAGA loser. If Trump weren't such a loser (if you win something, you don't try to the death to prove it-thus, psychologically it is apparent he lost), he wouldn't be braying to the contrary. And this is the point. If Trump were God Himself, which some duped MAGAS think, he still would be struggling to "win," "get over," "scam." Trump knows no peace. He is in a constant state of self-hate and denialism and discontent. He can never win enough because he can never be satisfied. Such an individual cannot lead. They cannot even find their way out of a shoe box. 

Putin helped to elect Trump. What did the two men discuss during the Helsinki meeting? The American people have a right to know. Deals made, money, Ukraine, Zelensky, all of it, most probably.


Trump was happy and chanted "Hang, hang," in reference to assassinating Mike Pence for standing up to Trump and not rejecting the ballots for Biden's win. Pence stood up for the nation.

He can only demean, bully and disrespect individuals around him, white men like him, making them his slaves. For all intents and purposes, Trump has made the Republican House members eunuchs. Any women there don't count. He has castrated the Republican men. Castrated them. Indeed, all are negligently impotent nihilists, incapable of forward movement. Welcome Mike Johnson as Trump's eunuch and slave leader. This is not mafia behavior. This is far worse because there is no honor with Trump. There is only cavernous, insatiable lust to make others eat his feces and make a mess with his dirty diapers. Because Mike Johnson turned to Trumpism's craven, criminal loutishness in rejecting the peaceful transfer of power, Trump will attempt to use him as an instrument to enslave the nation to his will.

Poster courtesy of Michael Moore.

It won't work. The American people cannot accept traitors in our government and a selfish, demented psychotic who is out for revenge if he becomes president. Principle in his achievement is Trump's galactic incompetence, his dereliction, his negligence and his abject masochism and thirst for humiliation as a loser. We must help Trump and the traitorous Republican House out of their misery. All must be voted out. These weird, wussy men don't belong. They are the opposite of manliness. They have no courage no BALLS to stand up for the truth and for what is right. Joe Biden won the election. Trump attempted to steal the election and failed and lost and now, he has been criminally indicted. He is a fraud. He is a liar and a loser. God hates liars.

Democratic minority leadership, start the litigation going. The process used to bring in Mike Johnson was corruptly railroaded by Trump, who used extortionary influence and death threats to get a MAGA in. The Republicans have no individual power of their own. Slaves of Trump, they can only do nothing, be nothing, loathe themselves. They are derelict and unworthy. ENOUGH! VOTE THEM OUT!