Saturday, June 1, 2024

Donald Trump Deserves a Prison Sentence For His Felonies: Here's Why

Trump is a convicted felon facing 3 other criminal trials he is trying to delay. If he was innocent, he would hurry to get to trial to work on his campaign. That he doesn't indicates he believes he is guilty.

Donald Trump's conviction involving hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels is about  election interference, business fraud and covering up the truth to deceive voters. The then owner of The Enquirer's David Pecker said covering up the Stormy Daniels' story was the most consequential thing they did for the Trump campaign. 

Understand what that means, "CONSEQUENTIAL." If the truth had gotten out about Trump's sexual prurience in addition to the "Access Hollywood Tape," odds are that he would have lost the election. This was in 2016. There were many evangelical women voters. Hillary lost by 55,000 votes in the swing states. Women would have vilified his scurrilous behavior and either abstained in voting for president or voted for Hillary.

Trump and the RNC who didn't want Trump as their candidate, believed that women evangelicals, women and others thought he was unfit for the White House with the "pussy grabbing" comments caught on the Hollywood Access tape. The Karen McDougal/Stormy Daniels scurrilous information had to be covered up to win. David Pecker was willing to help his friend Trump. So were his accountant and his "fixer," Michael Cohen willing to help Trump win with a "cover up" and to do it they had to commit business fraud. They had to cover up the truth, shutting up Daniels and McDougal in such a way that digging reporters wouldn't find that Trump paid the hush money. 

Trump defrauded the country to win the election by paying hush money for information that would have made women voters turn to Hillary or not vote.

How they covered up the money transference was a malfeasance and a combination of business and campaign finance violations. The cover-up was fraud which denied truthful information to voters to make an informed decision about whether Trump was fit for the presidency. Ultimately, Trump's intent was election subversion using malfeasance, to pay hush money to keep his "clean" reputation.

The sex stories covered up made Trump look like an innocent: a two times divorced father with children from his three marriages. This could be construed as behavior (three marriages), typical of wealthy businessmen. Kellyanne Conway spun the "Access Hollywood" tape comments as locker room talk. With Daniels and McDougal paid off to keep quiet, Republican women were duped to vote for Trump. 

In reality, the Stormy Daniels/Karen McDougal sex intimacies and Access Hollywood Tape ("I just grab them in the pussy") were demonstrations of Trump's untoward, indecent and predatory behavior. His sex with a porn star, his relationship with a woman with whom he had an almost year long affair, while his wife was pregnant was disgusting for women on a continuum from avid church goers to divorced women whose husbands cheated on them. 

A woman's march poster. How many more women would have voted for Hillary? Here the information about Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal was not made public yet in 2017, January.

If Trump had acted like Bill Clinton and paid the money to the women in a lawsuit settlement, there would be no fraud. Instead, he wanted it covered up so the publicity would be quashed and his image was normal/perfect. Using, a "fixer" and passing it through his business to pay Michael Cohen was illegal. It was the tie up with the election, how the funds were handled and tying in his business with overwhelming documentary evidence that forced a jury of 12 to convict Trump. He engineered the payments with his check signatures. He was the only one who benefited from the fraud created so he would win the election.

Segue, an unequal comparison between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Bill Clinton's alleged tryst with Paula Jones was not hush money. It was a settlement in a lawsuit that both mutually agreed upon that uninformed MAGAS who can't read spin as an equivalent. See Snopes  for an accurate differentiation.

Trump believed if the stories got out he'd lose the election, so he paid Daniels off and covered it up with business fraud and illegal campaign finance fraud. Then days before the election of 2016, American Media, Inc. paid $150 thousand dollars to Karen McDougal. American Media, Inc. (Enquirer parent), paid her in a "catch and kill" to cover up McDougal's story about her affair with Trump when Melania was pregnant. Pecker agreed to the catch and kill but not to the paying off of Stormy Daniels, though he alerted Trump that Daniels was calling media outlets

It was imperative that the story of Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal never get out, at least until he was elected. He made what he wanted to happen happen with David Pecker on tape saying what he and Cohen were doing was "consequential."

The fecal meme on this poster has followed Trump since those camera operators on "The Apprentice" called it a "S%&T" SHOW for obvious reasons. (2017, the Woman's March)

He lied to American women then; he is lying to them now, denying he is guilty of any and all of the felonies. And he is defaming Judge Merchan and attacking the verdict as "rigged." It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand he is guilty of fraud (business and campaign finance) and of course is indecent, predatory toward women and a "pig." It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand, that as most criminals do, he rails against getting caught and being held accountable. Except in this instance, Trump was a former president who swore to uphold an oath to the constitution, which is to say, not to break the law. However, as a scam artist who committed fraud in his businesses, he carried that into the election and won by lies and fraud. Now, like an ordinary criminal he rails that the DOJ is rigged and Biden did this.

No, Donald. You did this with your own criminal acts. And the jury was forced to uphold their oath to do their duty with non partisan bias, reading all the documentary evidence and bringing in a guilty verdict.

What would voters have done if they knew the truth before Donald Trump became "the president?" Evangelical women would not have voted for him. Hillary Clinton who won the popular vote would have won the Electoral College. The 55,000 votes that Hillary Clinton needed in the swing states would have been multiplied by a million or more votes by disgusted women who Trump let down. What David Pecker and Michael Cohen and accountant Allen Weisselberg did was indeed, "consequential."

Called evil, a cannibal, a drinker of the blood of babies in memes stoked by Russian military intel trolls in Saint Petersburg, Hillary lost 2016. She was experienced, knowledgeable and would have made a terrific president. MAGAS believe her to be the devil. They have no clue who this woman is.

In 2016 women wouldn't have tolerated Stormy Daniels' description in the bedroom of Trump in his boxer shorts, no promised dinner on the table because he lied to get her to his room. The unappealing sexual act was forced on her, though Daniels admits she should have known better. If women knew her story then and Karen McDougal's story, they would have been appalled. In the woman's march of millions around the world, women drew posters of pink hats and decried Trump's "pussy grabbing" comments. If they knew about Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, before the election, they would have been outraged. He had to cover it up. It was consequential to his winning.

Eight years later, thousands of women who are wavering about electing Trump will not vote for him based on this guilty verdict. That is why Trump and the MAGAS are screaming "rigged," and "mistrial," and looking to punish whomever is in their way because Trump demands they do so. Make no mistake. All of the Republican Party and the MAGAS know he is guilty in the bottom of their hearts and to the tops of their heads. So they are complicit and are conspirators with this convicted criminal making the MAGA PARTY OF TRUMP, (no longer the Republican Party of Reagan) a party of criminals who sanction business fraud, lies and felony malfeasance.

If the shoe were on the other foot, the Democratic Party would never have allowed such a derelict, sexual deviant negligent to be their candidate. If the shoe were on the other foot, MAGAS would be screaming to the heavens "unfit," "pervert," but they do that anyway with Biden because Trump wishes them to distract from his crimes. It's lonely out there being twice impeached and found guilty of 34 felonies in a trial delivered by 12 jurors unanimously. The evidence was not only solid, it was tied so tightly together in logic that not even a bomb blast could tear it apart.

The Republican Party is dead. Trump reformed it as the MAGA PARTY OF TRUMPISM. Indeed, David Pecker's words that what they did was "consequential" stands as fraud and should be called out, especially by old line Republicans, who should turn from Trumpism. Trump's autocracy embraces Putin's Stalinist Communism, something Reagan would hate: remember "Tear Down That Wall, Mr. Gorbachev."

The sentence, the punishment.

In determining punishment for Trump, the point has been brought up that no one monetarily was harmed by his crime. Is this a sound and rational determination? No. It is a ridiculous notion obviating a great truth. Trump's administration gravely harmed the country economically, emotionally, psychically, spiritually. Chaos and confusion reigned at many levels because of Trump's unfitness, inexperience, lack of knowledge, ADHD mentality and growing Alzheimer's, in addition to his being a Putin compromat because he borrowed billions of dollars from Putin. Clearly, the odds favor that Trump woud have lost, if he didn't defraud the American voter. His win left the nation with incalculable damage monetarily, a result from which we will never recover.

Consider his actions. First, he, with the help of the Republican congress, passed a $2 trillion tax cut for billionaires. The tax cut left the middle class holding the cash bag to pay off the shortfall created when the wealthy didn't pay their fair share to fund the government. After Trump was done with his tax cuts and defunding social programs, Muslim bans, stoking the migrant crises at the border, gutting federal agencies like the EPA and much more, Trump's profligate administration (check out the millions in golf trips he took), increased the treasury debt by $8 trillion. $8 trillion. It is the largest debt incurred by any administration since the early twentieth century. 

The Trump administration dumped this on the country and while the wealthy don't pay their fair share of taxes and gain enormous untaxed wealth, the middle class tax burden was increased. To dupe the MAGAS AND QANON (converted to MAGAS), they increased withholding allowances, tricking those who believed that they got a cut too. They didn't. They were allowed more withholding but they needed to  pay more tax. An accurate accounting would be to look at old returns and figure out percentages and compare them with current tax returns. Trump's percentages will be in effect until 2026, unless Biden gets in again with a Democratic House and Senate and changes the tax laws. 

Despite the obtuseness of the MAGAS and unwitting, poor math Americans, their taxes reflect higher percentages proportionately for the middle and upper middle class than for the billionaire class. Warren Buffet states that proportionately, he is paying less in tax than his secretary. Mitt Romney and many of the legislature have decreased taxes while those who are paying their salaries, health benefits (100% with no deduction) who can least afford to, subsidize billionaires and legislators, paying higher taxes proportionately. This is a return to feudalism. This is indentured servitude. And the average American is screaming they have no money and they see the prices higher?

Mitch McDonnell spearheaded the almost $2 trillion tax cut which never would have happened on Hillary's watch. Trickle down never does. Democrats voted against the bill. It passed with the Trump administration who benefited greatly while the little people got dumped on.

They have no money because the rich, by Trump/Republican laws don't fund the government. The little, poor people do. They are paying more taxes and they are paying the high interest on the $8 trillion in debt Trump dumped on us benefiting bankers (who support Republicans) with increased inflation rates (caused by corporate gouging as well), causing the shrinking dollars in our wallets. This is the consequence of Trump winning 2016; his tax cuts are in effect today. Guess who doesn't want Biden in? Bankers. Billionaires. A .007% of the voting American public. We little people outnumber them. But if you think Biden is old and a "pedophile" (more Republicans have been found to be deviants not Democrats), and vote for the convicted felon, you will support the bankers and billionaires keeping you enslaved. And no, THERE IS NO EQUIVALENT BETWEEN BIDEN AND TRUMP ECONOMICALLY. ONE IS A PROVEN FRAUD, THIEF, LIAR, SCAM ARTIST, HITLER FASCIST, AND CONVICTED FELON.

Would this ECONOMIC SHORTFALL FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE have occurred under Hillary? No. Democrats don't advocate tax cuts for billionaires which was done by Reagan and every Republican administration since Nixon. Indeed, the Democrats voted down the bill to lower billionaires' taxes. Democrats attempted to lower the debt left by Republicans as Clinton did and was slammed and smeared for it linking it to his raiding Social Security funds, a patent and outrageous lie.

This is a factor people should consider when they don't understand why the Republicans loathe "the Clintons," and decry them as liberals, pedophiles and cannibals. They throw anything against the wall to demean and denigrate them because of their economic policies and policies in the Middle East. The Clinton administration, in addition to the peace talks in the Middle East and the Oslo Accord (which Bibi's Likud Party never forgave him for), lowered the debt and showed that it could be done. Republicans screamed he stole from Social Security to balance the budget, a lie which those who don't read and didn't do research about it, believed.

With Clinton there was a surplus and attempt at a balanced budget. Bush changed that with 9/11, the war in Iraq and then Afghanistan and the mortgage debacle, enriching the banks (their donors) and restoring the debts the American people are forced to pay off while the wealthy swan away in their luxuries convincing the poor that they, too, one day can be rich.

The beautiful blonde on the left is E Jean Carroll who Trump raped and defamed until she sued and won an $87 million award because Trump kept on defaming her. He denied knowing her. The picture proves otherwise.

Trump vs. Hillary=obtuse, craven, greed & stupidity vs. intelligence: the COVID 19 saga. Trump's COVID botch job speaks for itself; the US has the greatest number of dead globally because COVID is a Democrat, according to Trump. The Democrats were responsible for the virus. Trump politicized COVID, making it a Blue State disease and dividing the country. That is not Hillary's style nor wisdom.

Hillary, apprised of the Obama administration's pandemic office and preparation for global viruses (they handled the Ebola outbreak so seamlessly, that the spread was practically 0%) would have handled the outbreak of COVID directly dealing with it. She wouldn't have eliminated the tools Obama set up to deal with pandemics. She, unlike Trump, would never have politicized the plague and made it a "Republican." But don't think about that, MAGAS. Think that Hillary is a cannibal and a pedophile.

BAD  DEMOCRAT. With Trump, everything bad is a Democrat; every "Republican" who doesn't agree with him is a Democrat, Marxist or Communist. Everything good is Donald Trump. He is innocent and never does anything wrong, despite being twice impeached, found guilty of 34 felony convictions, found guilty of defamation. His innocence includes being charged with stealing Top Secret documents, lying about winning the 2020 election, fomenting an insurrection that killed Brian Sicknick and two other Capitol Police officers, and maiming 150 others. 

Trump always close to Putin has recently told him to go ahead with all the NATO countries and do what he wants. Trump admires Putin and wants to be a dictator. Not on our watch!

Trump conspired with Putin to get his help to win the 2016 election, (proven in the Mueller Report) which Barr gave out in a summation that "vindicated" Trump of conspiracy with Putin, though the report indicted 13 troll farms in Saint Petersberg and recommended TRUMP BE IMPEACHED. Putin admitted he wanted Trump and not Hillary as the US president. Why? When they were in Finland meeting for two hours, why are there no notes from their two hour long talk? Were they just drinking vodka? Why does Putin want Trump instead of Biden? Let's hear the conspiracies...Putin is another innocent, poor fella, poor victim of the big, bad US.

Trump doesn't drink vodka. But for Putin's sake he hates the democracy of Ukraine and has promised Putin, that Putin can do whatever he wants to those bad, bad NATO countries that are democracies that Putin fears will turn "HIS" Russian empire into a democracy and throw him out. Trump admires Putin's killing tactics and being a dictator for life. Trump believes Putin is a wuss who will deal with him. If given the opportunity, Putin will destroy Trump simply because he has no respect for Trump. On the other hand, Putin fears Hillary/Biden so much, he manipulated the 2016 election with a Trump Tower meeting and much more. And he/MAGAS attempt to keep Biden out of the White House by smearing his son with the notorious laptop and scurrilous behaviors that Trump is also guilty of. But remember Democrat BAD, Trump GOOD. Democrat/communist=BAD, Trump (who supports Stalinist Communist Putin) GOOD. 

Putin indeed is a liar, a fraud, a killer and is stupid to believe in Trump. Trump let Putin down. Trump is a loser and now he's a convicted felon. And the American people hate Trump more than old man Biden.

The MAGAS agree with Trump's innocence of all his wrongdoing, despite the jury verdict. Their vociferous attitude against the jury of twelve who convicted Trump is tantamount to criminal complicity. 

TRUMP GOOD. GOOD TRUMP, GOOD. Trump does no wrong. For example, January 6th was a picnic. No one put feces on the walls of the Capitol Building. No one was hurt. Following that, it is surprising that Justice Alito hangs flags upside down in support of January 6th rioters. This is very strange considering it was a picnic. The entire MAGA party is not only irrational in their cult adherence to Trump's cries of innocence, they are derelict and corrupt in their attempt to annihilate the probity and sanctity of our government. This follows Stalinist communist Putin's hatred of democracy. 

BUT MAGAS say Biden is a communist. Wait! Biden? He is completely against Putin. Trump supports Putin with MAGAS, yet Biden is the communist? NO! MAGAS/TRUMP ARE STALINIST COMMUNISTS PUTIN STYLE ON AMERICAN SOIL THEY BOW TO PUTIN ON AMERICAN SOIL?  Yet it is Democrats that MAGAS say are communists and Marxists and fascists. Nope. Not on our watch. Not in our country. And MAGAS' lies are being EXPOSED as I write this.

Fox News was sued by Dominion for defamation and lies. It had to pay, almost $1 billion dollars. Now, they lie about Trump's felonies. They DO NOT evidence investigative journalism. They simulate Pecker's Enquirer, supporting Trump with lies.

While the majority of citizens are grateful that the justice system worked this time to find Trump guilty by a unanimous verdict by average men and women, while he rails that because he is found guilty it is rigged, we must be clear-eyed about the magnitude of Trump's felonies. We must judge it by David Pecker's definition of CONSEQUENTIAL. We must judge it with a "WHAT IF?"

If Hillary had been president, would COVID and all of the horrors associated with it happened (supply chain disruptions, a million deaths in the US, the US giving up its leadership role in fighting the pandemic GLOBALLY, billions and billions in revenue lost, theft, corruption and mismanagement of PPP loans and much more)?  REPUBLICANS WOULD HAVE AN ANSWER-THAT IS EVEN MORE EXTREME THAN TRUMP'S HORRIFIC PRESIDENCY CAUSED THE DESTRUCTION LEVELED BY COVID ON THE AMERICAN PUBLIC AND WORLD. REPUBLICAN/MAGAS ARE FRAUDS AND LIARS.

But one can figure out the behavioral odds of Hillary and Trump's background, experience, leadership style and criminal behaviors using the method used to help the Red Sox finally win the pennant. Sabermetrics, ANALYZING PERFORMANCE, BACKGROUND, ETC, COUPLED WITH CURRENT BEHAVIORS.

Hillary is involved with many children's organizations and advocacy groups and has written a number of books and has helped produce the play SUFFS with Malala both staunch supporters of women's rights. Trump has been indicted 4X and is seeking to delay his trials. Why? Isn't he innocent? Clearly, he is acting like a guilty man. His entire life he committed fraud in his businesses. He never paid those he contracted with and ruined lives. His fiduciary accountability is zero, having gone bankrupt 6 times. Failed businesses, lawsuits and pompous acts have followed his career for the last 5 decades. New Yorkers know this and despise his arrogance and his weak, infirm ego and mind. Presidency? The world "laughed to see such sport, and the dish ran away with the spoon." Hillary Clinton was a public servant most of her life, not a businesswoman. There is no comparison. Pecker was right, paving the way for Trump's "win" was consequential.

Trump told Barr what cases to bring. Trump weaponized the DOJ. They quashed the case against Trump in the Southern District of NY. The case against Hunter Biden failed and the investigation went on for years. Meanwhile, Barr didn't investigate Ivanka Trump's $650 million trade mark deal with China a clear conflict of interest as she was working in the WH. Also, Barr summarized the Mueller Report, lied, and stated Trump was vindicated. Barr committed fraud against the US and should be charged with conflict of interest and conspiracy to cover up the truth. Trump was guilty of conspiracy with Russia for election interference and Mueller recommended he be impeached. Barr buried and redacted the damaging information to Trump in the report. READ IT. IT'S PUBLIC INFO.

Trump in the seat of power is no laughing matter.

Because of Trump's massive dereliction of duty and his corruption and complete incompetence dealing with COVID (drink bleach, it was a blue state disease), the country and citizens suffered emotionally, psychically, financially and are still overcoming trauma if they were in "ground zero" NYC and the outlying areas. For example, how many families were traumatized not being able to be with dying loved ones? Thousands. For them Trump showed no mercy because they were in blue states. And in red States, COVID didn't exist and would go away like a miracle, by Easter. Easter came and went and by October, Trump got COVID and nearly died, requiring the most expensive treatment available. He lived; others unable to afford such treatment, died.

Trump's dereliction and lack of leadership are responsible for the aftereffects we are still dealing with and running from. Most people don't want to think about COVID, as every family was touched by death and traumatized. His lack of leadership impacted and exacerbated the misery, and created chaos and confusion. The medical system was weakened. Long haul syndrome is still impacting individuals who caught COVID.

Trump is an incompetent as proven by his behavior during COVID. The cost we paid for his incompetence and negligence during COVID alone is incalculable. On his watch, COVID became a debacle. He couldn't handle it. He lied, and he revealed he knew how deadly COVID was in Bob Woodward's book Rage and in the interview tapes Woodward recorded with Trump about COVID. 

 E. Jean Carroll is a testimony of Trump's abusiveness and misogyny of women. Check out his relationships with Epstein and underage girls, if you can stomach it. Pecker may be keeping that information under wraps. Trump said nothing bad against David Pecker, but criticized Cohen. Why the difference? What stories were in Pecker's safe? Where are they now?

If women had not been deprived of the truth of Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal after the Hollywood Access tape, Hillary would have been president. Instead, we got COVID on a massive spread which brought death, destruction, chaos, incompetence, lies, corruption and massive economic losses. In addition with Trump we had divisiveness, racism, an uptick in white supremacy (they support Trump's hatreds) bigotry and insults to those in the armed services (LOSERS FIGHT WARS AND JOIN THE MILITARY SAYS BRAVE BONE SPURS). 

Thus, Trump deserves jail for stopping Hillary's presidency with the fraudulent business arrangement made to give Daniels hush money. The only punishment Trump will feel is jail. Fines? He has the money to pay or will get billionaire donors to pay. By defrauding the voter and depriving them of Hillary as president, the country sustained tremendous losses under his derelict presidency. He must be held accountable for the consequences of his fraudulent behavior and his incompetence. Jail time is a beginning.

With a psychotic sociopath and wannabe dictator, permissiveness only makes mentally ill people worse. The British tried to appease Hitler at the beginning of WWII. It only made him worse since appeasement to a bully is CARTE BLANCHE. Trump, a threatening, vengeful bully only understands punishment that is punishment. Fines are not punishment. Jail is punishment. He followed the gag order when Judge Merchan told him he would put him in jail if he didn't shut up. It worked. Trump brought surrogates. But he managed to shut up his own mouth. He is a reprobate unable to be controlled by the law. He cannot uphold the oath he is supposed to uphold if he is president. He didn't do it during or after his presidency, i.e. the insurrection. He has gotten worse. A dictator expects everyone else to uphold HIS LAWS THAT HE HIMSELF IS INCAPABLE OF UPHOLDING. Trump is too infirm, weak, mentally debilitated, Alzheimer's ridden, emotionally destroyed, psychically mangled to follow the law. He can't even follow his own promises. The presidency is so beyond him, as proven from 2016-2020. And now, he is beyond unhinged.

The terrible thing is that Trump must control everything. He is a control freak and will not listen to others, except the ones he remembers, that is the last person to speak to him. He doesn't listen to advisement. He knows almost nothing about civics and running government. Contrast that with Biden's career service. Biden is sentient and knowledgeable, THOUGH TRUMP PROJECTS HIS OWN ALZHEIMER'S ON BIDEN, A COMPLETE LIE. But what do you expect from A PROVEN FRAUD AND A LIAR. Truth??? 

Trump continually demonstrates his lack of control, even down to his fecal incontinence: he wears a diaper because his bowels give way. Look it up on YouTube. If he cannot uphold the law, he cannot be president. His uncontrolled criminal behavior deserves a prison sentence.

As for being a dictator? NOT ON OUR WATCH.

Trump's insurrection on January 6th. Is this a picnic? Hillary lost and didn't foment an insurrection. Trump did and it caused loss of life and monetary losses. When Trump loses to Joe Biden again in 2024, the government will be prepared and any and all violent will be arrested. American citizens will photograph Justice Alito's houses to look for upside down flags again, as well as all MAGA politicians. Treason is unacceptable and as traitors, MAGAS must be impeached from governing if they support insurrection.

Last reason for a jail sentence as punishment. Trump has no remorse. He refuses to accept his guilt or be accountable. In furtherance of that, he bullies and threatens the judge, the DOJ and the courts and the country. He disrespects the DOJ, the rule of law, the constitution. He demeans and threatens the  jurors. He is collecting donations because he lies about being the victim and needs the money, so he fraudulently fund raises on lies. And the RNC, headed up by his daughter-in-law, collects the defrauded money (she and the RNC continue to commit fraud and dupe their followers claiming the 2020 election was rigged-fraud). Trump refuses to see the reality before him and hopes to enrich himself with his crimes. It is a pattern of criminality he will continue like Hitler continued his land grabs in Europe. He deserves jail.

Conspiracy theories, excuses, lies, alternate realities aside, TRUMP WILL BE LIKE HITLER. Not stopped, he will continue to kill (through negligence and dereliction), steal and destroy. (He respects and thinks Putin has his back. Putin has only his own back. He is worse than Trump, who can't ever see Putin coming. Putin hates Hillary, Obama, Biden. They mistreated Putin???  Oh, poor, poor victim Putin. A LIE FLOATED BY RUSSIAN MILITARY INTEL TO GET RUSSIAN AMERICANS DUPED. Putin hates Hillary, Obama and Biden because they are in the way of his Stalinist Communist intention to restore the old USSR. Ask any American Ukrainian about Putin. And if you don't know any, then befriend some Ukrainians to find out. Do your own research.)

Trump must be given a prison sentence, because bullies hate confinement and control and without control/prison, they grow worse. He must go to prison because he and the MAGA party are threatening the DOJ and stoking fear of what will happen if he IS given a prison sentence: the fury of the MAGAS. Nope! Not going to happen. (And if the RNC and Steve Bannon and others again attempt an insurrection, they will go to jail. The MAGAS, like Jim Jordan, who scream and rail against Trump's guilty verdict, will go to jail if they foment violence which is unlawful. Jim Jordan can scream, but like Josh Hawley, a coward, he will run the other way from violence.)

What is Speaker of the House Mike Johnson doing supporting a deviant like Donald Trump for president? God hates liars. Johnson is supposed to be a Christian? He should shun the very appearance of evil. He consorts with Trump, a fraud, criminal, liar, and he denies that justice be served. Johnson is complicit in Trump's crimes. He is no more a Christian than Hitler was.

The very fact that Trump and the weak-minded MAGAS are committing fraud, extortion and making threats using fear tactics is unconscionable and lawless, and an example of rebellion. Why are they doing this? At whose behest? Trump's? Someone else's? It doesn't matter at this point. One cannot be permissive with rebellion. It will only continue. The MAGAS must be held to account. Either way, it would appear that MAGAS can only tolerate their point of view and their control. That is not a democracy. If they are not representing a democracy and the rule of law, they must be ousted.ENOUGH.

If MAGAS foment violence, then they go to jail for breaking the law. The DOJ and Judge Merchan must call their bluff and deliver a jail sentence. It is clear. Trump is a scam artist. He defrauded the nation and covered up the truth of his untoward behavior. The truth is he was unfit for the presidency then and he is even more unfit now. He needs to wake up in a cell to begin to realize what he's done. And if he refuses to admit it, then he needs to be put in a straight jacket, a la, The Madness of King George. With his continued scamming of the American voter, he is a hardened criminal who is psychotic, demented and mentally deranged with Alzheimer's. As such, criminal Trump cannot be president.

On top of his felony convictions, he has three other criminal cases pending. Grand juries delivered a verdict that he committed crimes to warrant a criminal trial. First, he took TS documents, then lied about it and covered up his crimes and got his servants implicated by having them move documents and lie. Second, he fomented an insurrection and was derelict in not stopping the violence at the capitol building for 3 hours, during which Brian Sicknick and two other Capitol police died and 150 police were injured and maimed for life. Third, in the Georgia criminal trial, he is being charged with conspiracy with others to overthrow the peaceful transfer of power.

Trump has money to appeal his 34 felony convictions. It won't change the fact that 12 New Yorkers charged him with crimes. He should have apologized initially to women for duping them and pretending to be the good husband. He should have repented and gotten their votes by earning them with an apology. He should have admitted he was with a porn star and had affairs. He didn't. He covered it up. In the cover up he broke the law and committed business fraud and broke campaign finance laws and now is looking at jail time which he will have to serve, while the case is on appeal.

Bill Barr weaponized the DOJ. He got the cases against Trump quashed in the Southern District of NY and he made sure to put Michael Cohen who testified against Trump unjustly and illegally in solitary confinement in an egregious miscarriage of justice which Cohen appealed and won.

Such a man deserves jail time. You are not permissive with someone like Trump. Merchan must put him behind bars as he would a scam artist, who is a deceiver and who still deceives. Worse than that, Trump conspired against the American public during an election. If the truth got out, he NEVER WOULD HAVE WON. From COVID to reduced tax money for billionaires, the country would be much better off today if Hillary had won. Of course Republicans would fantasize about war, famine, plague that she would have caused. Well, that is what happened, precipitated by Trump's presidency. It is a matter of degree. COVID WAS THE CRUCIBLE THAT STRAINED THE GLOBE BEYOND BELIEF. Hillary would have dealt with that. She was ready to as Obama was ready to. And check her out. She writes her own books. Trump has to hire ghost writers and had to hire folks to do his college classwork and his sister to do his high school homework. Intelligent? Nope. Criminal fraud clever? Yes.

COVID-19 the plague was ground zero in NYC and Trump's botch job spread it throughout the US, giving the nation the largest death count on the globe, over 1 million + dead and counting. The controversy the MAGAS raised about it mute the extent of Trump's allowing the virus to become a cancer that divided the country and still spurs lies and misinformation so that the truth has been buried. Trump, a believer in fraud, lies to cover his tracks. He was the worst person to have as president at the time. My cat would have been a better president; it doesn't lie.

What we lost with Trump becoming president is incalculable. To put a number on it is impossible because it includes the loss of life for his botch job of COVID. People we loved lost their lives because of his dereliction, his negligence and incompetence, destruction of the economy, of businesses, all of it, still being felt today in corporate greed in the run-up to make good on lost revenues during COVID. If we could put a number on it via insurance, it might be $50 trillion, not counting inflation caused by Trump's mammoth $8 trillion in debts and $2 trillion tax shortfall the little people make up while billionaires count their millions in tax savings.

Judge Merchan must send a message to the wannabe dictator and his accomplices who act above the law and wink at crimes, ONLY WHEN HE AND THEY ARE THE ONES COMMITTING THEM. The message is jail. To repeat...his fraud and scamming voters led to 1 million + dead and mammoth monetary losses. We will never recover. If he cries and whines as he does when he is called out? No matter. This miserable man is never satisfied. If you gave him $1 billion dollars for these crimes he committed, he will whine it is not enough. He is like the fisherman's wife in the Grimm's fairy tale, "The Fisherman and His Wife," who is never ever satisfied. Trump is never contented. He wants more and more and nothing is enough. With such an individual, you do not relent, nor do you relent with his lackeys.

Merchan gave this psychotic individual many chances. He disregarded the judge's goodness wanting more. He is infirm, feeble, weak-minded, cowardly and horridly selfish. Such behavior must be noted and punished, NOT FOR HIM. BUT FOR THOSE WHO WONDER WHY THEY CAN'T ACT THE SAME. There are indeed those who wonder if this is actually "good" behavior Trump demonstrates so they can act like that too. 

It isn't. He must be put in jail to show what happens to those who refuse to acknowledge their criminal behavior, and negligence in causing others to die, others he was supposed to protect as president, a job someone else should have gotten, but didn't because American voters were deprived of the knowledge that someone else was more fit, decent (no Hillary is not a cannibal) and brilliant (sorry to the men-she is).

Jail is not enough. Trump owes the country and also should be fined, though the amount must be considerable for him to feel it is "consequential." Finally, he must never hold office again. And if the MAGAS WANT TO BE VIOLENT BECAUSE THEIR POOR VICTIM THEY LOVE IS PUNISHED, THEN THEY CAN BE ARRESTED FOR THEIR VIOLENCE. He and they are liars and criminals. They must be ousted. They are not fit to run the country. They are derelict and negligent in supporting such an indecent, lying scam artist criminal who will destroy the country, even worse than he already has (thought Biden has put the economy back together, despite MAGAS). Enough with the MAGAS PROJECTION OF THEIR INFIRMITIES ON THE DEMOCRATS. THE REPUBLICAN MAGA PARTY ARE THE DERELICT DESTROYERS OF DEMOCRACY.


Having his generals bring out the national guard and military to stop a peaceful protest by firing rubber bullets at them and tear gassing them though they were peaceful, Trump showed his penchant for a dictator then. Now he says, if elected, he will be a dictator with Project 25, which is Hitlerian. Not on our watch. (The Nazis pretended they were Christian too.) Strapped for money Trump has taken to selling Bibles. Is God pleased? Here Trump holds a bible upside down. An irony.