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Judge Aileen Cannon is Trump's B*#ch, Not an Impartial, Knowledgeable Justice, BUT AN OBSTRUCTOR OF JUSTICE

Justice Aileen Cannon (MSM)

Donald Trump stole documents from the American People. He took hundreds of documents, many of them Top Secret. He stored the boxes in his bathroom, his ballroom, his bedroom and other places at Mar-a-lago. The US Archives asked repeatedly for documents they knew he had. Trump stalled and delayed. Why? The average person would think that government property must be returned. This wasn't an oversight, was it? Trump thinks money, advantage, opportunity. He is a criminal. He is corrupt. He has lived his life in corruption. He is not average.

Trump kept the documents intentionally. He ignored the government, stung he lost the election. But after a year, it was ridiculous. One would think he would give up? Finally, after months and months of ignoring the Archives, the FBI was called in and then Trump began to turn over documents. But not all of them. He lied to his lawyer and lied to anyone who questioned him. Meanwhile, his workers, caught on video tape, moved boxes and Trump pretended he turned all of them over. Lying to the FBI and duping his own lawyer? Nothing is beyond him. Fred Trump would be proud? Hardly.

Top Secret and confidential documents could be used by a criminal mind, which Trump has proven he has. Recently convicted in New York City of 34 felonies, his crime family of grifters (conflicts of interest-Jared Kushner who worked in the WH receiving $2 billion from Saudi Arabia on January 6th) committed numerous crimes which the DOJ should investigate, (i.e. Ivanka's trade mark deals with China, Trump receiving $7 million in dark money that was traced, most probably he received much more). These are just a few of his conflict of interest grifts.

Thus, his possession of Top Secret documents that can be copied (does he still possess TS documents...possibly) was something the FBI had to go after and did, confiscating those they could find at Mar-a-Lago. As a result, Trump has been indicted for felony cover-ups and other charges by the Grand Jury. Yes, 24 American Citizens said there is enough evidence that he committed felonies and charged him. Special Prosecutor Jack Smith provided the reams and reams of evidence. Judge Aileen Cannon at random was the justice picked for the case. Cannon has little trial experience.


If one is brilliant and a quick study asking for the help of senior justices in the Southern District of Florida, then she could do a great job. That is not what has transpired.

Judge Aileen Cannon has sat on this case for months and months, as Trump's lawyers come up with ridiculous, frivolous motions that any justice in her position would throw out. Obviously, on the surface, she is out of her depth entertaining these motions and delaying this case indefinitely. Legal scholars, former prosecutors and present prosecutors have indicated that never has such incompetence benefited a potential criminal as hers has. And now that Trump is a convicted felon, never has a justice so benefited a convicted felon as she has. The delay is in service to Trump because he plans to win the election and pardon himself, or some such iteration of details.

Is this an incredible coincidence, on the part of Cannon who demonstrates a lack of intelligence, probity and knowledge of the law? The New York Times recently reported on information that two Justices warned her off this case before she took it. They told her she should pass it up; in effect she lacked the knowledge and experience to handle it. Well, her ego denied them and she took it and has proven them correct on one level. She is clueless about what to do. Abjectly clueless. At least, stupidity is what the American voters hope. If she is corruptly serving Donald Trump, a convicted felon, by delaying the trial, then she, herself, has been tainted and is a potential felon conspiratorially defrauding the voters from making an informed decision about a candidate who is a criminal in this case as well as the NY case.

Here is the NYT article that discusses how and why Cannon is inept and extremely biased toward Trump.

I am not a pundit with legal knowledge. However, I do know the convicted felon who is on the other side of Judge Cannon's desk. I understand his MO. He delays all cases he has ever been faced with. People have sued him civilly. What did he do? Delay with motion after motion as a legal tactic. He has been sued probably the most of any defendant in the history of civil lawsuits. Usually, without the commensurate money to answer the motions, the plaintiffs retreat and give up. In a few instances, i.e. his grifting University scheme, he ran afoul because of the class action. There was enough money to challenge him. He ran up enough money to bring the case to trial so he had to settle and Trump University a scam and fraud closed down. He got off easy with $25 million, when the plaintiffs lost a whole lot more.

However, civil suits be damned. This is a criminal case. The tricky problem has been that in this instance, he can't rely on the plaintiff to scream uncle, because it is a criminal case. So. What is the next best thing? Taint the Judge. Perhaps, you may believe that incompetence and unfitness is a weapon that has somehow caused Cannon to stumble and delay indefinitely this case because she is proud, arrogant and an infirm spirit has convinced her she "can do it." 

NOPE! Regardless, she is not unilaterally acting on her own. She has sworn an oath to uphold the constitution or she is worth nothing as a justice. At the least, she must recuse for the sake of the American people who require evidence of Trump's criminal behavior, if it is indeed criminal behavior. They must make an informed decision about whether he should even be a candidate for the presidency. Informed decision. I want to know if he is guilty of the felony crimes he is charged with! That will help me make an informed decision, giving him the benefit of the doubt. The fact that he has even been charged is enough for me, plus the 8 year track record he has left in public service, plus his criminal track record he left in New York. 

But for some who believe Trump as pure as the driven snow, they especially need to know if a jury would convict him on the evidence and case Special Prosecutor will present. Well, Cannon is depriving them of hearing the evidence. She is depriving them of information they need to make an informed decision. She is standing in the way of justice. Her delay is tantamount to obstruction of justice in the service of Donald Trump who wishes justice be delayed and then prevented if he obtains the presidency.

Justice Cannon belies her name. She is neither a judge with probity or sanctity; she is derelict, unfit, negligent and a disgrace. And that is a positive. She is possibly a criminal obstructing the very justice she is supposed to uphold. This is dire. She an employee of the federal government is reprobate. She must be removed, impeached, or outright thrown out for incompetence, or criminal obstruction of justice.

There is a moral imperative here. The American voter. Who is Cannon to favor Trump over the average American voter who wants to know whether a jury will find Trump guilty of the charges he has been indicted for (37 felonies)?  I question Aileen Cannon's motives outright. If she is in the service of the American government, the federal system who brings in her paycheck, she is beholden to the government, not Donald Trump who put her on the bench.

She is not behaving like a Justice. She is Donald Trump's servant, his judge and jury as William Barr was Trump's lawyer. Cannon has been seduced to do his bidding. That is the only conclusion one can reach. If it is not so, then she would seek information from senior justices who know what to do and how to handle the case. She has not. No justice who has a law degree is that stupid. Arrogant, perhaps, but even arrogance presupposes the fear that she will go down in history looking like the stupidest justice ever to be on the bench. Or worse, she would fear being a fraud herself, masking her corruption by pretending to slowly look at every minute detail of Trump's motions.

What does Trump always do when he needs something someone has? He compromises individuals who have the "goods" on him. He throws money at them. Or he throws something at them that they may want. In this instance, he may have thrown the promise of a Supreme Court Justice position. MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell has voiced his opinion on this and believes that Cannon hopes for this. I think it is more than hope. I think she behaves as if a deal has been made and voiced. Of course, Trump must win the election to give her her SC position forcing either Thomas and/or Alito to step down.

However, Trump won't win, despite all the puffery and lies coming out of the lying, fraudulent RNC. Cannon has made a fatal error that will only backfire in her face, ultimately. Either she corrects her position and set trial dates or she will be ousted and shamed worse than any justice in the history of US jurisprudence. That is the Trump effect: shame, humiliation, loser status, career destruction and uncool infamy.

What seems to have happened is Trump somehow has leaked through someone else what he is willing to do for Justice Cannon. Or he could have called her up on a burner phone and made her an offer. He has a habit of calling folks up, i.e. Brad Raffensburger, Secretary of the State of Georgia. And he has called up countless individuals including other secretaries of state, and those he lured who now have been disbarred to do what he wanted, which inevitably is to break the law. Trump has a history of law breaking. He makes Richard Nixon's criminality look like child's play.

Trump is a convicted felon. He is a proven fraud, a liar, a cheat, a thief and an insurrectionist, who intends to be president. Not for the good of the American people, but for the good of Trump, Putin and others who have given him dark money. As president he can pardon himself, and attempt to unilaterally abolish the DOJ, Congress and every US agency. He is psychotic and beyond dangerous to this nation. Not on our watch.

I suggest that Cannon is not as dumb as she appears. She is conspiring with Trump. There are those who know what is going on. For the good of the nation, I pray that they come forward. This act alone will further give the American people an understanding of what the criminal candidate is. This information will show how corruption, fraud, lies and the seduction of quid pro quos, which are illegal, Trump has used to thwart justice before and is probably doing now. Cannon who may have had a pure heart has become like other judges who have lied and steal and are corrupt, i.e. Thomas, Alito, Roberts, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh. These, in the service of Harlan Crow, Trump and others pervert justice and make her dance over hot coals, then laugh and laugh at the silly American people, who believe in a just God and believe that justice arrives right on time. It does on our watch when we call down the wicked powers that keep these people brainwashed and heavily laden under spiritual evil.

  "Christian" Speaker Michael Johnson

May whistleblowers come forward with information about Trump and Cannon's dark agreements. May Trump's lawyers, if they know or find out, come forward. The country is at stake. The American people must have the knowledge to make an informed decision about Trump. Delay is not yielding the truth. It is fraud and Cannon, one who is supposed to deliver justice impartially, is even more of a fraud than Trump. Such negligence is criminal, if indeed, she is negligent and unfit for this case. I think she is smart enough to have been compromised and that will fall to her account. Trump will not be president. Not on our watch. However, Cannon is an important example of corruption and how Trump turns others to do what he wants.

A justice is supposed to deliver a speedy trial to expose the innocent. In the case of Trump, it is safe to say he is guilty or he would never delay the trial. He has encouraged, influenced, pressured, swayed, hoodwinked or seduced with a quid pro quo. Cannon, in dereliction of duty, has answered his call to delay. She is obstructing justice, ipso facto via her indefinite delay of the trial. The result proves what has happened.

Her very actions of bias prove her a fraud justice who Trump, as he is wont to do, has obviously compromised.  If you tell me she's a Christian, like Speaker Mike Johnson, then I'll know where her ethics come from. Not God. If she is truly the stupidest justice who ever lived, then other justices should be able to move her and give her counsel. If she has spurned them, then she has proven herself a conspirator with Trump. SHE MUST BE OUSTED AS A DANGER TO THE COUNTRY. HER BEHAVIOR IS OF MOMENT AND EXTREMELY HARMFUL SHE AND TRUMP ARE A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. SHE MUST BE CONFRONTED AND NOT ALLOWED TO CONTINUE UNTIL SHE IS MADE TO LISTEN TO SUPERIOR, OLDER, KNOWLEDGEABLE JUSTICES TO BE ADVISED ON THIS CASE. IF SHE CAN'T OR WON'T, THEN CLEARLY, SHE IS COMPLICIT WITH TRUMP AND MUST BE REMOVED.

She cannot remain. Not on our watch.

Not to confront her is to be complicit in her perversion of the justice system via dereliction of duty and/or corruption. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHICH. BOTH YIELD THE SAME RESULT; THE DELAY HAS BECOME AN OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. CANNON OBSTRUCTS THE TRIAL, COMPLICIT WITH TRUMP LAWYERS WHO TOSS HER THE BALL WHICH SHE KEEPS SPINNING IN THE AIR. She is stopping the American voter from learning the truth about Trump. She demeans the voters, the DOJ, her fellow justices and the American experiment of which neither she nor Trump are worthy.

She will not hold. Justice is served and Trump is going to jail. Anything less is injustice and obstruction of justice the very crimes for which Trump has been charged by Jack Smith. Enough of Cannon. She intends to continue to obstruct with her delay? No! Not on our watch. Senior Justices must call her in and correct her, or Jack Smith must send the case up to the Court of Appeals.

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