Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Mood of Fit

To be fit you have to have the mood for fit. The more occupied you are the less you want to eat which is good. NYTimes reported German research today about breakfasts. The old adage is eat a hearty breakfast to help you burn off calories the rest of the day. WRONG!!  You eat a big breakfast and you eat the rest of the day it is just more calories to burn off. It doesn't help to eat a big breakfast. In fact one of the doctors doing the research said it is better not to eat heavily, eat sparingly so your total calories for the day will be lower. Leaner is better.

Ha!!! Somehow I felt that was right. All these blogs, etc. and quizzes predicting your age and giving you minus points for not eating breakfast will have to recalculate.  They should any way. Less food is more because it is less stress on the body and it boosts your immune system. That's what matters. And of course, eating live foods as much as possible.


Margo Dill said...

Oh no, what are we going to tell our kids now to get them to eat breakfast before they go to school? :) I do agree with you, though, I have always heard it is better to eat several small meals a day.

Interesting stuff!

Carole Di Tosti said...

I realize this is an extreme behavior and certainly inconvenient in our hyper-paced lives, but kids, like all of us are habit addicts. For the younger ones we prepare breakfast for, it is easier. If we establish the first 28 days directing them toward light breakfasts, (not sugary cereal carb fests- convenient but deadly and unhealthy) like fruit - blueberries, strawberries, raspberries (whatever is in season) with nonfat milk and/or oatmeal sprinkled with raw nuts and flavored with organic maple syrup, etc., or another light equivalent, i.e. a fruit-yogart smoothie, they will eventually acquire a taste for this type of healthier breakfast. Unfortunately, it's getting through that first 28 days, the time that it supposedly takes to break an entrenched habit...that's the killer. (especially when they've tasted Captin Crunch or Coco Puffs and the like...or McDonald's breakfast???) Tough one. Any ideas how to deal with the hue and cry for sugar? Hmmm. If that's not their usual breakfast, whew!!! Relief. In any case probably the first 3 days will be the worst. As for teenagers, even if you don't have cereal in the house, or any of the junk food, they have to be super-motivated to eat healthily. It's a tough one if they're not into athletics or modeling or the opposite sex or looking into a career in entertainment...