Sunday, January 31, 2021

Trump BULLIES Republicans in Massive Jury Tampering; Congress CONVERTS into Complicit Domestic Terrorists

 The riot outside the Capitol on 6th January (courtesy of the site)

Donald Trump may be off Twitter and other Social Media channels. However, he is busy using his phone. The cohorts that showed up when he summoned his "supporters" and "donors" Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and other Neo Nazi/White Nationalist groups, militias and dual Russian citizens, perhaps, or Russian Military Intel to the Capitol to "fight like hell to take the country back," have found other platforms and created their own Trump platform. They persist with #thebiglie to bully Republicans in congress and hold them hostage to it. The House Republicans (140)  cling to it like a life raft that is taking on water: they refused to impeach Trump. Senators (45) voted not to hold the trial because it was unconstitutional. 

In the first impeachment, they voted acquittal because you can't impeach a sitting president. In the second impeachment they voted he can't be tried because he is out of office, a lie since our history shows the impeachment of another who was out of office. However, the point is moot because by not using the legislative powers that they hold, the congress has chosen not to hold accountable a president who warred against the nation's democracy and symbolic seat of power, the Capitol, by inciting insurrection and riot to overturn the peaceful transfer of power. Voting there should be no trial, the Republican party has converted itself into an arm of QAnon domestic terrorism. 

   Rioter in Nancy Pelosi's Office, arrogantly complacent he won't be arrested (courtesy of the site)

 Framing his loss of the election as their loss of the country is a conflation that indicates Trump's insanity. He is fit for a straight jacket, not the seat of presidential power which he held as he fomented terrorism, death, destruction and mob violence on January 6, 2020, the day of epiphany in the Christian calendar and a day of infamy in US History.

For a president fomenting #thebiglie that he had won the 2020 election despite a landslide loss of the electoral college and largest popular vote in the history of the nation to Joe Biden Jr., this lie is the fraud that Trump still promotes. With armed insurrectionists, warring on the seat of government, breaching the Capitol in concert with Republican senators like @SenTedCruz and @SenJoshhawley rejecting the Biden win elector ballots, Trump holds on to the canard. If he caves to the truth, he risks QAnon #trumpterrorists and his own militia coming after him. They desperately want to believe #thebiglie. Why? A million reasons, all of them based on lies, conspiracies, fake news QAnon created via Russian Military Intel, and the fraudulent hope that the US can become a dictatorship under Trump.

    Rioters outside the Capitol (courtesy of the site)

 These groups in the name of anarchy and chaos generationally and historically have been thirsting for CIVIL WAR and predicting it since after Confederate Traitor General Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse. Recently, returning vets who joined white supremacist militia groups got caught up in the PTSD moments of military engagements to turn on any perceived enemy, including their own household: it is a psychosis they have not dealt with, as they are the supreme casualties of war. Instead of selecting suicide (the statistics at one point identified 22 vets committing suicide a day) they have turned their misery and hell outward to make war on others. Trump has attempted to harness this rage with some friends in the military (the Flynn brothers, Eric Prince and others) Bannon, Roger Stone, the Trump pardoned Blackstone murderers of 17 women and children and others. 

If Trump backs down from #thebiglie, they will go after him. One enemy is as good as another, adhering to an inner drive of violence that carries over from wartime military action. Guns are the drive. Who ends up dead isn't that important, apparently as Brian Sicknick, someone who represented law and order, was bludgeoned to death and will be honored lying in state in the place that he attempted to defend.

   Capitol Policeman Brian Sicknick's memorial outside. He will lie in state (courtesy of the site)

 Such folks including members of congress still relay death threats in cowardice, anonymously. Threats on January 6th against Vice President Pence were levied as Trump insinuated his Vice President betrayed him. Pence chose the constitution, his oath of office and the truth over #thebiglie and loyalty to Trump. For that, Pence and his family's lives became endangered at the Capitol as they heard "Hang Mike Pence" being chanted outside and inside as rioters attempted to find him. Most probably, he is getting death threats still, even if Trump personally has to call him up and deliver them. Vengeance is not the Lord's, it is Trump's. 

Well, that duck don't hunt in the US. The FBI is busy getting tips from friends, family, cousins, enemies, divorced former spouses, partners, the engaged and others who have tips that can bring in the arrests. Whistleblowers have come forward and continue to do so as I write this.

  Mike Pence was a sycophant of Trump until he demanded Pence overthrow the election 2020 (courtesy of the site)

 In a week Trump will be put on trial for 1 Article of impeachment that charges him with incitement to overthrow the election and the government. The insurrection which has been extensively filmed via the Capitol cameras and shots uploaded in pride to FB, Instagram, Twitter and other sites identify the rioters. Many of those arrested blame Trump for his call to arms and they, his obedient supporters answered his rallying cry to be "wild" and to "take the country back." 

Trump has fired his lawyers. It's a sure thing. Calling Leader Kevin McCarthy to Trump's resort Mar a Lago, he has been lobbying for acquittal. He has been busy on the phone and getting messages out that he must be acquitted and will make his offers of quid pro quos to Republican senators which is tantamount to jury tampering the senate to acquit him. And thus far, 45 Republicans have violated their oath of office by voting that Trump's trial is not constitutional, led by mentally challenged Rand Paul. 

    Traitorous President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis (courtesy of the site)

Senator Schumer, Senate House Majority Leader pushed back assuring them there will be a trial. There is no defense for insurrection and inciting to riot. Trump had assembled his well organized groups to riot and foment sedition for months, perhaps years. He will accept nothing less than a win. When it didn't materialize after 90 attempts in court and 61 lawsuits, counts and recounts, Trump, organizing in concert with the RNC to provide funding and other Republicans in government, attacked the Capitol in the guise of a protest that required they "fight like hell." 

Thus, insurrectionists brought bear mace, zip ties, guns, bombs, hockey sticks, bats, tasers, combat helmets and military gear to attack the government, kill, injure 50 Capitol Police and hunt down to kill members of Congress. Then, they went home to post selfies and other pictures and videos of the chaos and poop walls and urine pee rugs they left behind. All hail Trump for the deplorables which he himself was upset to see acting like the savages they are. What did he expect? For them to show up in well coiffed hair, suits and neck ties and women in fashionable dress? Is he manic? QAnon and this type prefers the slovenly look.

          Breaching the Capitol after breaking windows (courtesy of the site)

The evidence on video and photos is overwhelming. Eyewitness testimony may be taken by every member of the House and Senate who were there. They heard the mob chanting "Where's Nancy" and "Hang Mike Pence." They heard the sounds of rioters and the sounds of guns being fired. They were rounded up and told to hide by Capitol Police. Did they think they were safe? How did they know they wouldn't be identified as Democrats? And despite this treasonous moment that must be answered by the 14th amendment for those who participated to see the Biden government overthrown in a coup to satisfy Trump's ego, do the insurrectionists in congress really think that the American people will let this pass. It's just a fluky moment?

Nope! For those who don't believe this was a MAGA riot, all they have to do is watch CSPAN or any of the other channels that will show the evidence at trial. They will then see the videos and photographs with Trumpers wearing MAGA hats, and hear the testimony of whistleblowers who will discuss what they did to prepare months in advance for this, including Trump apologists, military, members of congress if they have courage and Trumpers, who find it OK to take lives, deface the Capitol with poop and urine, threaten our leaders, break windows while proclaiming they stand for "law and order." If Republicans pursue #thebiglie and do not convict Trump, then they are the domestic terrorist party of #trumpterrorists. They believe in destroying the constitution, our democracy and uplifting one man rule.

Protestors in the Gallery of the chamber which had been vacated 5 minutes before (courtesy of the site)

The problem is when there is no more constitution, there is no more 2nd amendment. There is no right to bear arms. The greatest safeguard to the 2nd amendment is the constitution and those who uphold it, which in this case would be the Democratic Party. The QAnon folks and the insurrectionists who attempted to overthrow the constitution's peaceful transfer of power and democracy, then vitiated the constitution and 2nd amendment. 

This is doing Putin's bidding. Trump supports Putin who has no democracy and no constitution and no 2nd amendment. So. The incoherence party of domestic terrorists safeguard nothing for themselves except chaos, no 2nd amendment, riot and death and the opposite of law and order. The FBI is coming as are the Democratic voting public who donate to the Democratic party like never before

Incited by Trump, supporters built a noose to hang VP Pence (courtesy of the site)

The Republican #Trumpterrorists' criminality cannot stand. Trump terrorists cannot stand. Trump has convicted himself with his words, deeds and followers' actions. The Trumpist party will go down in infamy as the first group of congresspeople in the House and Senate to be 14thed for attempting to destroy democracy, and the constitution; a constitution which gave them their seats of power which they intend to hold onto while vitiating the constitution by which they hold power. Say what? That dog just don't hunt.




Sunday, January 24, 2021

#THEBIGLIE and #THEGREATBETRAYAL The Reckoing is Coming at The Impeachment Trial for Donald John Trump. (Republicans Committed Treason Acquitting Trump)


Great civil rights icon Rep. John L. Lewis never accepted 45 as a legitimate president (courtesy of the site)


 For New Yorkers Donald Trump has been a con artist his entire life. To think that he would give up his fraudulent behaviors when he entered the White House and accepted the presidential oath of office in the 2017 Inauguration was folly. However, Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate, at that point were traditionalists. They believed that Trump would follow constitutional norms as he implied he would. The American people were duped. Politicians were duped. Trump got over and lied about everything he promised. But a reckoning is coming.


The Democrats, believing that malfeasance happened with regard to Vladimir Putin assisting Trump's win with all manner of chicanery, resisted his presidency. However, Trump duped them into thinking he would eventually change and become presidential. For example, he would abide by the Emoluments Clause, putting his business into a trust, which he promised he would do. He lied! He didn't! (and today the Trump 6 person appointed Supreme Court didn't hear arguments regarding lawsuits challenging his abuse of this clause) Democrats and Republicans thought he wouldn't mix politics with his business. They were wrong. From the moment he entered the White House, the quid pro quos to improve his business coffers began. He used his properties to entertain foreign leaders and the American people paid for his golf trips at his properties as he overcharged for Secret Service room and board to the tune of millions of dollars. Considering that Trump golfed for around 300 days out of the four years he inhabited the presidency, his promise that he wouldn't golf like Obama did, but would work and never leave the White House, was blown up the second or third week he took over the presidency, which he proved, ipso facto, was illegitimately bestowed upon him. 

The beginning of the presidency at a rally (courtesy of the site)

 Democrats and Republicans thought he would adhere to the Hatch Act and not use the White House or any other Federal building and/or Air Force One to further his political campaign. He didn't. He used Air Force One as a backdrop for campaign rallies. With the swearing in of Judge Amy Conan Barrett, the White House Rose Garden was destroyed to make room for a green lawn that could hold 500 + guests. Banners were hung from the back of the White House, advertising Trump as the soon to be elected president for the next four years, and if he could swing it with his cronies in the House and Senate, as long as he remained alive. Many of his staff used their positions to advertise Trump in his campaigns; Kellyanne Conway was key in this. Democrats complained; Republicans watched silently as he broke every tradition of the presidency, every constitutional norm and turned America into Trumpland a place that existed for his benefit alone.


As the duping continued with regard to the immigration catastrophe  and DACA and the wall at the U.S./Mexico border, Trump violated the constitution and was taken to court repeatedly, prompting Mitch McConnell to pack the court with as many conservative judges as possible, though many of them were inexperienced, and unqualified for the Federal Bench. They did have the one element McConnell wanted. They were young and would live long after McConnell was dead. Democrats complained, shocked at his administration's torture and abuse of children. Republicans were largely silent and more than a few white supremacists in the House and Senate supported Trump's abuses of caging children, splitting up families, providing unfit conditions in holding pens for profit and more. 

There was evidence of Trump controlling every a aspect of the presidency. He hollowed out all departments, firing career civil servants. He hired corrupt individuals who were campaign donors with conflicts of interest to his campaign, who eventually ended up resigning and leaving a trail of abuse and corruption behind them (Ryan Zincke, Scott Pruitt, among the many) which should be investigated. Republicans said nothing. Democrats complained.

     Former head of the EPA Scott Pruitt resigned because of egregious corruption (courtesy of the site)


Trump attacked every institution and the staff who might either criticize him or call his desecration of presidential norms into question. The press was an "enemy of the people." What people? The American people? Or Trump? Wasn't it important to identify if Trump's lies? No! The fake news must flatter his presidency. Shouldn't they point out that he was incontinent of his fiduciary responsibility? Didn't that impact everyone in the nation? No. Shut up and put up in autocratic style that even George Bush Jr. condemned.

If the truth reported by the press was unflattering, embarrassing or showed Trump's mismanagement, incompetence or corruption it was dismissed as fake news by every Trump press secretary, the radical extremist right wing and a slurry of 150 characters tweeted by Trump daily. Democrats complained and Republicans said nothing. The press was divided into various degrees of radical right conservative media and radical left liberal media. Social media added to the misinformation campaigns predominately pushed by Russian Military Intel, QAnon and the RNC. The American people were being duped, once more, especially if they didn't read widely, think for themselves, and investigate facts from three or four different sources.


The last four years exemplify Trump's MO, which eventually insinuated itself into the heart of the Republican Party and destroyed its soundness, vitality and wisdom. If you read Michael Cohen's book Disloyal,  it is a template of how Trump's fraud corrupts gradually, pitting enemy against enemy, bullying and extorting, offering quid pro quos, false flattery, and committing criminal behavior pushing decency and legality to the edge and over. Why not? Trump obfuscated, covering up the lawlessness with lies and clouds of projection and shame, blaming everyone else, except the individual manipulating all the players, Trump. Meanwhile, #QAnon swallowed his every word uplifting him as a god and Democrats and the skeptical tried to fact check. But until MSNBC and other outlets actually investigated his lies, it was difficult to know what was misinformation.

Through these years of corruption, abuse of power, lies, chicanery, quid pro quos, Trump never kept his promises. For example coal was supposed to make a come back-it didn't. Trade deals which were supposed to help the US economy, actually bankrupted farmers and others along supply chains. Billionaire tax breaks were promised to trickle down; they flooded upward and the common folks got no relief, and were confused about Witholding which looked like relief until their tax bill came due and they owed more. Infrastructure jobs never came. In fact more jobs were lost on Trump's watch than other presidents despite his galactic claims to the contrary. The market went higher. However, it rode the Obama administration's success. Obama moved the DOW from 7900 to 20,000+. In fact, Trump's Dow trails Obama's and Clinton's DOW (see article).  

Trump's supporters cheered him at his rallies, as he  campaigned during his years as 45. In fact he campaigned more than he worked; he enjoyed the crowds laughing at his vilification of his enemies and the press. They loved his lies believing them truths. They walked away comforted, not looking at their bank accounts after the mammoth tax benefit given to billionaires. And even if they did look, they didn't understand that they actually paid more in taxes proportionately than the average billionaire and the millionaires in the House and the Senate. 

                      It is doubtful whether Trump ever read this document. Every citizen should.


By the time Trump had forced the resignations of most of his cabinet putting in Acting Secretaries who couldn't vote the 25th amendment against him, and the Senate stupidly confirmed William Barr, another con who Democrats and Republicans were duped by, the constitutional checks and balances had been abrogated. Barr supported Trump as a loyalist, made evident when Barr summarized the mammoth Mueller Report in a minimum of paragraphs and stated Trump was vindicated, a lie. We found out later there was no intelligence report and Trump's finances were not investigated; if no conspiracy with Putin was proved, it was because Trump screamed to quash the investigation, threatened to fire Mueller numerous times, and had an Acting AG, Whittaker use chicanery with the Report leaking parts of it. DOJ's actions were questionable, especially if Trump loyalists were scattered here and there in the department. As for the Mueller Report, its grave and comprehensive findings showing Russia's meddling in the 2016 election were swept under the rug and have largely been kept quiet to this day. 

At that point, all that was left of the viable branches of government were the courts, which Mitch McConnell was packing with conservative Republican judges, and the Executive. In fact, the government was Trump, the Executive minus the legislative branch. The Democrats complained and the Trumper Party went along with Trump, eliminating constitutional mandates. For them and Trump, all was well. Quid pro quos went on, The US was sold off to corporations violating the EPA and more.

Loyal William Barr twisted the law and made her dance to Trump's tune. But he didn't accept #thebiglie and resigned (courtesy of the site)

However, the power grab by Republicans backfired in the 2018 elections. Whether they knew it or not in supporting no subpoenas during the Mueller Investigation, the senate had thrown over their own legislative powers. Americans didn't approve of letting Trump believe himself above the law with no congressional checks and balances and the threat of health care being dismantled except for John McCain's support. They voted for a Democratic House that would guarantee and uphold the ACA. Trumper senators defiled their oaths of office being subsumed under the Trump Executive. This was dictatorship in the making. Trump could do as he pleased and not be held to account.

Nowhere was this more evident than in the impeachment trial with no subpoena of witnesses. For the Republicans it was grandstanding and arguments about the fly on the wall process. The Democrats presented a case, rather like Atticus Finch did in To Kill A Mockingbird. It was powerful, but would go nowhere; the jury was rigged to ignore the damning facts and evidence, bowing to Trump and abrogating the constitution and their oaths. Where Tom Robinson was found guilty, though an innocent black man, Trump, of privilege was acquitted, though guilty. Only one brave Republican voted to convict: Mitt Romney who is an untouchable and noted for his incorruptibility. The other Republicans have no shame where corruption is concerned; Trump had made his deals and they gave him an acquittal, despite Rep. Adam Schiff's adjuration to the effect that Trump would abuse his oath of office and his constitutional powers again. They must not give him that opportunity.


Not holding a proper trial in the senate was tantamount to sedition. Trump, the quid pro quo President, made an extortionate proposition to the Ukrainian president, to promulgate a smear campaign against Hunter Biden to emotionally devastate and overthrow Joe Biden's presidential candidacy. In the witnessed call, Trump abused his oath to the constitution and committed an abuse of congress in an attempt to have a foreign power interfere with a candidate for the 2020 election by withholding slated congressional funds so Ukraine could protect itself against Russian aggression. Ukrainian soldiers died while Trump diddled and abused them, our democracy and our congress. But Joe Biden must be smeared to give him the presidency; it was Trump's criminal thinking.

The Ukrainian president held firm and showed the courage the Republican senators could not. He didn't accept the quid pro quo. Trump got caught and courageous whistleblowers came forward testifying against Trump. For their disloyalty to Trump and loyalty to their constitutional oaths and democracy, they received mammoth death threats and were fired, though these were career civil servants. Once again the dictator rose up and showed, "Be loyal to me, not the constitution, or you will be severely punished, lose your career, your pension, reputation, whatever I can smear and defile in your life, I will. You are TOAST!" To this day, these whistleblowers are heroes to the republic and deserve Congressional Medals of Freedom and recompense from Trump's business coffers; they should sue him for damages.

    Rep. James Clyburn was instrumental in Joe Biden Jr. winning the primary (courtesy of the site)

 The vindication by the Republican senate who refused to conduct a trial, empowered Trump for his future dictatorship. There was only one problem. The 2020 election and Joe Biden, the one who Trump tried to get dirt on but couldn't, not even with the help of everyone under the power of his voice, including two dirt bag thugs directed by Rudy Guiliani. Trump tried to foment Bernie winning the primary so he could excoriate the "democratic socialist" with cries against him of "that communist will destroy the economy and Wall St." That too failed. 

Again and again, the smear campaigns about Hunter Biden, the Hollywood blood drinking vampires, Joe Biden as a pederast (actually Trump is the pederast with Jeff Epstein his buddy and testimony to that effect) didn't stick. How pathetic are the posts of some of my relatives about these smears! My relatives are still convinced that Hillary and Podesta used that Pizza Parlor as their witches' den. And they were irate that the gunman who went in to "save the children" found nothing and was taken out in handcuffs. Such conspiracies cannot be answered. It makes me sick that Russian Military Intel via Social Media and radical extremist right wing outlets have burrowed their vapid memes, like canker worms, into my relatives' minds turning the lights off. I don't know if they can ever be turned on again.

                                                       The COVID molecule under magnification


But it was a spiky molecule that SOLIDIFIED Trump's galactic horror show incompetence and MAGADEATH. Instead of being a hero and saving the day, Trump converted a public health crisis into a political crisis; his own BOTCHED inaction (at a time that required immediate, forceful and organized gearing  up to fight the COVID WAR) threw him under the bus. When an infectious virus is spread in a room, everyone, regardless of party, is in jeopardy. Trump, the selfish Executive, forced "his" people to fall on their own sword and prove their loyalty by pretending COVID didn't exist. 

For some this was costly pride. Herman Cain was a casualty, and countless others suicided themselves believing COVID to be the flu. Trump insisted they validate their master by not wearing masks, acting like superpeople in superspreader events. Their patent stupidity in obeying him is a testament that insanity was required of Trump's loyal followers or staff. Patients with COVID have died in their hospital beds believing Trump that COVID is an exaggerated hoax. In an act of COVID KARMA, Trump fell prey to his own bullshit. He did this despite knowing early on in a conversation with Bob Woodward (see his book Rage) that COVID was deadly. His family and 40+ individuals at the White House (some staff didn't make it) got COVID and his friends fell to COVID: Guiliani and Chris Christie. It took millions in treatment, steroids and anticlonal antibodes, etc., for Trump to feel like a new man. Of course this was after he was panting heavily as he lumbered off to the helicopter, barely making it to Walter Reed one fearful sundown in October. 

        Florida Republican Governor De Santis nicknamed Death Santis for his loyalty to Trump's minimalization of COVID and need for masking and regulations (courtesy of the site)

But no matter. Trump got his red state governors to kill their own with no mask mandates and inaccurate recordings of deaths and active cases. The inaccuracies continue to this day, but the jig will soon be up as Biden and his team mandate an accurate accounting. Watch the numbers skyrocket in Florida and elsewhere. Above all, Trump with velvet, iron importunings of money and trips to his resorts and other quid pro quos insinuated his corruption into the MO of "his" senate and house members to do the unthinkable; cover the truth and support his lies, in an always and forever loyalty that will kill them, if not destroy their careers, for Trump demands loyalty, but gives none back. Trumpers in the House and Senate didn't wear masks either and spread COVID.

As the COVID death toll numbers rose and rise, the dead then and now cried out. Blood is on Trump's head and hands, and on the head and hands of all his supporters in the government. Mistake. Since the American people had nothing to lose except their lives, their livelihoods, their children and everything of value, while Trump and his government wallowed in their selfish sty, an act of WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE, women everywhere and of every race and gender spoke and voted, even if their partners were too busy looking the other way.

 Hospital workers under seige in the Spring as death tolls rose in NY. (courtesy of the site)


The American people of all races, creeds, genders, colors rejected Trump and those who backed his lies. Men and women who had had enough voted them out; voted Mitch McConnell out of the senate majority leader position with Reverend Warnock and John Ossoff Georgia wins and brought in a Democratic landslide. After all, the Democrats were accurate about the death rates. You can't cover up that many stinking bodies, even if Trump never held a memorial service or acknowledged the COVID death tolls, and his folks in the press and his politicos minimized COVID as best they could. Everyone knew someone who died miserably and alone of COVID. EVERYONE. And from the grave, those haunted and "invisible" cried and still cry to the heavens for justice.

Their cries have been joined by others long dead. Every union soldier who fought and died during the Civil War cries out for justice at their blood not TO BE SHED IN VAIN.  So do those cry out who sacrificed their good will and love for this democracy: Abraham Lincoln and Grant and Sumner and Daniel Webster and all the greats of that time and the 20th century like FDR, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson who dwarf the cowardly, white supremacist domestic terrorist prone politicians of this time, the lame, halt and blind: Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Mo Brooks, Rand Paul, Andy Biggs, Louie Gohmert, Rep.Paul Goser, Rep Lauren Boebert, Rep Marjorie Taylor Green and others. Not fit to stand in the shoes of our American leaders, these quislings should be removed via the 14th amendment for supporting Trump, mob violence and insurrection at the Capitol. All those senators who conspired to overthrow the electoral college ballots by rejecting them and all the political conspirators supporting Trump's #BIGLIE that he won? Irrevocably, immutably, completely remove them from office so that they may never hold office again. 

   Mo Brooks and his Republican conspirators taking a stand for #thebiglie 12/14 (courtesy of the site)

Trump lost. Biden won. The inauguration where Biden was sworn in happened, despite all QAnon prophecies to the contrary. In one fell swoop #thebiglie EXPLODED and #thegreatbetrayal was stamped on the hearts of his supporters on that day. Trump will NOT pardon insurrectionists who are going to trial. Trump will not save the Trumper Party from itself. He duped them, gaining their loyalty and their donations which he has repeatedly done to the tune of billions. The Trump money con! Where is that money? Surely, much of it was pocketed in shell corporations. Putin and his oligarchs are holders of over a billion in loans. Where is that money he owes Putin, et. al.? Will we ever see his tax returns which he promised?

Trump ALWAYS MADE empty promises, like telling the mob violent supporters that he was marching with them to the CAPITOL. Seriously? Did they really think that "bone spurs" Trump, the coward of all cowards would put himself in harm's way while the angry, violent carried guns, wore swat gear, brandished bear mace, hockey sticks and other weapons to storm the seat of our democracy? Did they really believe that Trump would march into the fray and "fight like hell?" Duped! #thebiglie #thegreatbetrayal.

  Washington DC jubilation after it was announced Joe Biden was the president-elect. #thebiglie begins (courtesy of the site)  


Biden won. Trump lost in a landslide. It is monstrous that senators and congressmen along with Trump  use"the duped" to mount an insurrection to overturn the vote and kill the VP and Nancy Pelosi. Rich Southern planters used poor whites during the Civil War to fight for slavery when the poor least benefited from slavery economics. Yet the poor went. The poor fought. The poor died so that slaves weren't their equals. That same sick #BIGLIE is being used to foment domestic terrorism. Billionaires like Robert Mercer, Koch and other radical right wingers use white supremacists and evangelicals to propagate their agenda of money grab and tax deliverance to only the billionaire class. The billionaire cruelty is egregiously obvious, as the Democrats remain united in one party: progressive, moderate, conservative, liberal, all uplifting the constitution and democracy, one person, one vote, all races, creeds, colors. 

For decades and especially Reagan's administration the wealthy have shown their greed to disenfranchise Americans from constitutional values, what Eishenhower and FDR stated was a right to a good job, reasonably priced medical care, and equitable opportunity. The wealthy never invited lower middle class white supremacists and prosperity minded evangelicals to the tables of their billionaire tax breaks and exponentially increasing prosperity on the backs of working class American families. They left them swinging in a cold wind while billionaires courted foreign autocrats to interfere in our democratic systems to prevent the poor for exercising their rights. #thebiglie  #thegreatbetrayal  Many Americans are aware. But ALL American must open their eyes to this truth, especially QAnon and Trumpers who Trump/Republicans would exploit using anger and hate.

The "duped" by the Trump con have been used, exploited, abused for their votes. Once they support Republicans, the Republicans treat them like scum, curtailing Medicare and Medicaid and getting rid of the ACA, so that Americans must struggle to pay off student loans, struggle to afford doctor's visits and overpriced drugs (Trump never took care of the promise he would make drugs affordable, while he got free treatment for COVID at Walter Reed which taxpayers paid for, while being deprived of their own medical treatments.)

Trump duped "his" blind followers and used them for his own purpose to smear democracy and uplift Putin and autocracy, to gain and keep power and get more money. He riled them up then abandoned the violent mob to stampede each other, brutalize cops and kill their own and one hero, Capitol Policeman Brian Sicknick, whom the mob bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher. Add more blood on Trump's head since not only did his rhetoric foment the violence and send them to the Capitor, but after mischief was afoot there, he watched the bloodshed on TV. And he enjoyed it and laughed and marveled at what "god" wrought, instead of calling in the National Guard like he did for the peaceful protest at Lafayette Park.

    Peaceful protest at Layfette Park which Trump had the riot squad attack them with gas and rubber bullets to clear the area for a photo op (courtesy of the site)

In fact, he most probably sent word to the Department of Defense and Pentagon that no Guard should be sent in despite pleadings by anyone including the Sergeant of Arms of the Senate and House.That is why it was hours of violence, threats to his VP Mike Pence and family, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of congress. That is why there was vandalism, theft, pooping and peeing everywhere, killing 4 Trumpers and Brian Sicknick before the Guard were called in. And after the riot terrorized those who were trying to count the electoral votes and they had to flee to find safety, only hours afterward did Trump begrudgingly make a video telling his violent to go home, assuring them "HE LOVED THEM" FOR WHAT THEY DID. And after the video he was reportedly furious that he was FORCED to make that video to stop the violence. He was furious because it was not his intention to stop it!

Duped. Betrayed. Trumpers were duped about his winning 2020. And they were betrayed because Trump is not in the White House. Biden is. And Biden's justice department will decide what to do about mob violence, death, destruction at the Capitol after viewing all of the video tape and pictures the American people are sending in of the insurrectionists. Because of the voyeurism, the violence is click bait; it's all over the news, as was the Inauguration, the 25,000 National Guard troops at the Capitol and the irrevocability of Biden's win. And with every extremist right-wing media attack of Biden's presidency, the #thebiglie is exposed. Biden won. Biden is president. If Fox is attacking Biden's presidential Executive Orders, it acknowledges he is president, or it wouldn't even give him air time.

Rep Liz Chaney, third highest ranking Republican in the House courageously stood for the constitution and her oath and voted to impeach Trump (courtesy of the site)


If Trump lied about winning and incited hundreds to riot for him then abandoned them, what else has he lied about? Trumpers must consider this. Trump is THE unreliable narrator. To believe everything out of his mouth, then, you would have to wonder why Biden was inaugurated, why Fox news and extreme right wing news covers Biden's actions about travel during COVID, the checks going out to families and Trump's impeachment trial. IMPEACHMENT TRIAL? Trump can't pardon himself or anyone who rioted. Pardons show he is culpable. Not only did he abandon his supporters, he abandoned himself at a self-pardon which shows he is guilty. His only thread of hope is Josh Hawly and seditious senators. But the American people are watching. And so are our forefathers and ancestors of our democracy. The treasonous senators hang in the balance and will be judged if they choose justice or #thebiglie.

 Evangelicals have to face the reckoning of liars. Satan is the Father of lies. Christ stands for the Truth. Is their god Trump lying about just one thing? Or many things? For sure, he didn't win; they were duped. They gave money to support his presidency and the overthrow of the government. Did they support a lie and pay for a lie? How will God judge their religion as not being able to discern between a lie and the truth? Following the lies of Mammon, and the love of money is following a lie. Trump has lied to them continually and they followed a liar. What does that make them before God? If you read Michael Cohen's book Disloyal, you will discover what Trump thinks about religion and God.

 Are all members of the House and Senate worthy to hold their offices if they do not uphold the constitution against an insurrection fomented by the former president? (courtesy of the site)

There will be no pardons for the violent at the Capitol. If Trump secretly pardoned the KKK, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Ginni Thomas and her busloads of insurrectionists, and by design her husband Clarence Thomas and wealthy Trump donors who went along to support the overthrow of #thebiglie, then his secret pardon would incriminate himself as a party to the conspiracy to overthrow the government and Biden's win rejecting a peaceful transfer of power. What of the others who conspired, assisted in the National Guard being told to stand down, jeopardizing Vice President Mike Pence? Whistleblowers are coming forward as I write this. The culpable will swing in the wind and should not hold government service again. They violated their oaths to uphold the constitution. There should be Court Marshals because some members of the military are involved. And for the members in the House and Senate who violate their oaths by supporting Trump's acquittal? They must be removed.

Trump will not give them what they want. All he wants is what he wants. He has proven that one thousand times during his presidency. And now that he is out of power, he can offer nothing. Putin's government is going to fall. He can't offer Putin's money which is going to be in shortfall with the Biden administration which will sanction and target the oligarchs, not the Russian people. He can offer Saudi Arabia. However, the Saudis want to gain favors from Biden. Trump has nothing to offer. Biden holds and will continue to hold power because the American people will make sure of it.

Trump ingratiated himself with powerful people who are cutting ties with him, as the FBI and other intelligence agencies clean up the mess he's made and investigate his criminal acts with foreign countries in a time of virtual war. And with every individual Biden appoints, we will see that these are individuals of the highest caliber who are loyal to democracy, not Biden. They are brilliant, wise, measured and knowledgeable about history and the country which they venerate and serve. They do not take kindly to criminals, violent, white supremacist domestic terrorists attempting to usurp power they do not have simply because of the privilege of being Caucasian (which means mixed race oftentimes).

 A Banksy memorial for the US COVID dead, and now for those who died in the mob violence at the CAPITOL (courtesy of the site)


Trump's reckoning is upon him. Unity comes after justice, only when those who scream for unity, declare they are on the same page as the unifiers. First, they must acknowledge to their supporters and those who voted for Trump #thebiglie. Trump lost and fomented an insurrection. If they support Trump, they hang by a thread and should be removed. They must acknowledge they should be removed. If they can't, they must be removed. If they wish to continue in their positions in Congress, they must decry their actions and turn from Trump. At the least, they must be censured for a period of time and their votes not be counted. If that is too determinative, they can resign. Second, they must go on radical extremist right wing media and state #thebiglie and also state that Trump fomented violence and that they cannot support Trump and still hold office. Indeed, the seditionist senators must either recuse themselves from voting in the trial or must convict Trump to prevent him from running again.

If that is too arduous, they may vote to acquit him and then be removed via the 14th amendment. However, any votes supporting Trump are supporting a treasonous dictator over the US, supporting the abrogation of the constitution, supporting insurrection, violent overthrow and murder. They cannot hold office since they abrogated their power denying a peaceful transfer of power. The same goes for Trump. He abrogated the constitution by betraying his oath of office and annihilating the role of president, refusing to accept the peaceful transfer of power. He must not be acquitted. He must be convicted.

Liz Cheney said, There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.#thegreatbetrayal. For all who support Trump, those who accept #thebiglie and his CRIMINALITY and refuse to see #thegreatbetrayal? I pray your eyes be opened. There cannot be unity unless Trumpers understand the depth of the evil they supported. Understanding how Trumpers fell into the abyss of the TRUMP CON is a moral imperative to begin a return to the truth. May God help those find their way out of the Trumpian darkness.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

UPDATES: Stockholm Syndrome: The GOP'S Addiction to Sweden's COVID-19 APPROACH

Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)

This post was originally published on May 13, 2020. This is an update, January 6, 2021. Since May, worldometer death rates for the US have been calculated at 362,000 deaths this morning. After I wrote this post, Trump appointed Scott Atlas (a physician-scientist who agreed with Trump and did his bidding) as the 'herd immunity' czar to the WH Coronavirus Task Force in August 2020. Atlas was fired/resigned in December. He pushed the theory of herd immunity which led to a decrease in areas of the country handling COVID-19 with stepped up tracing, testing, quarantining. The following is my original May post with updates.
Seeking "herd immunity" without sheltering in, like that which Sweden implements, is one response to COVID-19. Splendid, thinks the GOP. This policy the GOP loves is that the virus, if allowed to spread without sheltering in, will eradicate COVID-19 because everyone gets it and develops antibodies which provide immunity. To what length of time the immunity lasts is not known and at what strength immunity comes is not known. However, the GOP makes its own distinction. In the GOP UNIVERSE, with their irrevocable and illimitable immunity, you won't get it ever again. (UPDATE-this is not known)

Without consideration, the GOP-style immunity sounds reasonable, right? People get sick and recover since the numbers show (at this point this is a projection and guestimated science-it might be higher or lower) 80% of the population will recover. We have around 330,000,000 in the US. If 20% of the population gets it and dies, that's only 66,000,000. The GOP have done the numbers. Better death than sheltering in; the GOP has been "STOCKHOLMED!"

Caveats. With COVID-19 no one knows if the 80%/20% figures are accurate, nor what immunity specifically means. ( UPDATE) For example long haulers are over the virus but not major symptoms. Is that immunity or a continuation of the virus attenuating the "host?"

Is it true this virus morphs, changes and evolves based upon one's immune system? Perhaps. Expert scientists in the field have discovered rare syndromes developing in children: "toxic shock-like syndrome" resembling Kawasaki's disease. And they have seen that the initial symptoms of COVID-19 have broadened in the anecdotal  reporting of those who have tested positive, some recovering having never made it to the hospital. Many have died at home of strokes and heart attacks. The disease which began in China is perhaps a different strain than the one which traveled to NYC along the coast from Europe. The facts of the disease have changed as more becomes known. For example it has been found in waste water and in semen. In AIDS blood became a toxic substance. Does the same apply for COVID-19 in a positive, actively alive COVID ASYMPTOMATIC?
Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)
So, the roulette wheel of COVID-19 is expanding as I write this. Exactly how and why the disease is changing is unclear; perhaps it is wise to state that it impacts individuals in a wide range of effects before and after one gets it, based upon their genetics and their overall health. And it appears that it leaves lingering effects. Unless one receives an anti-viral like Remdesivir (UPDATE: this information has changed since the fall-update January 6, 2021. Other medications are being used like steriods and monoclonal antibodies)  it takes a long time to recover. But there is too much unknown about this virus to be determinative. One must approximate and embrace the uncertainty principle: we must question what we "know" about this novel virus. One thing for sure. It is 10X more lethal than the flu and is incredibly contagious. Its transmission may be by "any means necessary," even to the rendering of some individuals asymptomatic to achieve, with stealth, a greater transmission and replication in humans.

With the current GOP support system of wealthy donors, corporate investors and owners, and Wall Street, a non-working populace is NOT TO BE BROOKED. Are they going to pay unemployment insurance forever? ARE YOU INSANE? THEY WANT HERD IMMUNITY TO FUNCTION IN THEIR WORKERS AND THE CULTURE. Let's do it in the US just like in SWEDEN. In private circles the GOP has been pushing this from the beginning but Fauci and other scientists are not willing to allow leaders to "RIDE THIS BITCH TO THE BOTTOM."  

But the wealthy have STOCKHOLM SYNDROME to protect their Wall Street myths? Fine. Let's review.

Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)
1) Do we have socialized medicine like Sweden?  No.
2)Do we have a high standard of living for the whole country, i.e. $35.00 an hour so waiters/waitresses don't need tips like they don't in Sweden? No.
3)Is there a Fox news and alternative media equivalents calling COVID-19 a HOAX in Sweden or spreading misinformation that this is just the flu? No.
4)Does the Swedish populace take the danger of COVID-19 seriously? Yes
5)Does the Swedish populace believe and follow the social contract and social responsibility? Yes.
6)Does the Swedish community respect and love the elderly to not spread the infection to them? Yes.
7)Is the Swedish community generous and caring, putting others first to not spread the infection? Yes
8)Are CEOs of Swedish corporations making up to 900X more than their workers? No
9)Does the Swedish populace care for the stress on healthcare workers, not to spread the infection? Yes.
10)Might Swedish hospitals be overcome, letting people with COVID-19 die in the hallways? No
11) Are Swedish hospitals and healthcare state of the art? Yes
12) Is their excellent healthcare system due to SOCIALIZED MEDICINE? Yes
13) Does the Swedish populace gather in crowds of 10 or more in Sweden? No
14) Does the government trust the Swedish people to understand not to spread the virus? Yes
15) Do the people trust the government to keep them safe, well informed and secure? Yes
16) Is there a great economic divide in Sweden of uber rich and poor? No 
17) Does the populace have enough to eat in Sweden? Yes
18)If they don't have enough to eat, can the Swedish people get help to improve their lot? Yes.
19)Does the Swedish populace get the best bang for their tax dollars to have a superior culture and high standard of living? Yes.
20) Is the high standard of living because there is relative financial equity and no great divide between rich and poor? Yes.
Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)
Say I want to strive for herd immunity as they accomplish it in Sweden, in other words be Swedishized with Socialized Medicine and financial equity.

Mitch McConnell will never allow it.
GOP and rich donors will never allow it.
For profit hospitals and insurance companies will NEVER allow Socialized Medicine.
The government has no intention of keeping the American taxpayer safe and secure economically.
The wealthy are exacerbating the economic divide between rich and poor, not decreasing it.

But why is the GOP pushing herd immunity in the US, when it has no intention of being SWEDEN?
They want to create the illusion that the idea will work to get us believe it. They wish to make us STOCKHOLMED.

So the results of trying to achieve herd immunity in the US will never be the same results as in Sweden?

 Is it true that pushing the GOP UNIVERSE of herd immunity, "stockholming the public," indicates the GOP doesn't care if this protocol exacerbates death?

What if the death toll in one year (it won't be over unless the virus is eradicated) is larger than WWII (we have achieved this exploit thanks to Trump and the GOP) and the Civil War deaths (362,000 deaths as of January 6, 2021) over 4-5 year period? Will the GOP care then?
Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)
Will the GOP care if the death toll exceeds that of the Spanish Flu globally in 2 years?
No. Sixty-six million (20% of the population) exceeds the numbers who died from the Spanish Flu in the US. There is no way to calculate the number dead even today since people have died at home of COVID-19 unable to get a test, get to the hospital in time or chose to die at home.

So the rich who shelter in their mansions and have access to tests, drivers, limos, private planes, maids, cooks and other help and all the PPE they need will probably never get this virus?
The likelihood is very low. Tom Hanks and his wife are not in that category of rich.

So the GOP and rich bottom line is more important than Americans suffering and millions of Americans getting COVID-19?

If Americans are asymptomatic, might they suffer the loss of loved ones infected by them if they don't take precaution at home when they return from a trip "outside"?
Of course. Massive testing must be done to gauge whether one is asymptomatic. Massive testing is not happening. It will not happen because the GOP and Trump have STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. And they want the American public to be "stockholmed."

Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)
If the GOP is "stockholming" the American people, what does that mean?
With malice aforethought, Trump, the GOP and his enablers are slowing down an effective response to COVID-19 to "speed up" the herd immunity GOP style. The result is misery, death and desolution of the US as a democracy, something which Vladimir Putin looks forward to along with Trump's reelection.  
(On the eve of the Georgia run-off Mitch McConnell may still retain power if GOP senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue win. Trump will never concede. Instead, he provokes others to do his dirty work, like the 11 Republican senators and many House members who will reject the pro forma acceptance of Biden's win by rejecting Biden electors in swing states...where Biden won. Update January 6, 2021)

Could COVID-19 be fought successfully avoiding stockholming?
Scaling up the DPA to provide PPE and 10 times the tests required for each person in every state in the US, or at least enough tests to adequately provide for everyone to be tested is necessary. Parallel to that, contact tracing if one gets it and quarantining all in that individual's sphere are necessary as the economy returns and people go "outside." At the least millions of tests and lab results should be executed and the results delivered daily. This is a war and a wartime economy against this virus should be engaged creating new jobs to people labs, factories making reagents, tests, masks, medical equipment and the infrastructure to support it in the future as more pandemics will arise. 
(update January 6, 2021...vaccines have been greenlighted and distributed. But getting them into American arms is a disorganized, chaotic mess for many reasons. Thanks to Trump and Mitch who passed a paltry sum in a bi-partisan effort to help the vaccine effort and other needs. States have their own priorities with vaccine distribution. Florida's is disastrous.There is no unified national plan: Trump is only concerned about overthrowing Biden's win, disenfranchising all who voted for Biden: black, white, brown, all races, creeds, genders. On January 5th, 2021 he said the numbers regarding COVID are exaggerated, to massage his Trumpers that all in the health professions, the hospital networks, and recorders are liars and only he is telling the truth about COVID. Thus, the lies continue as Trump has continued to delegitimize COVID'S effects causing destruction and death for those who believe him. Governor Andrew Cuomo in NYS and like-minded governors have been effectively rolling out the two vaccines made available by Pfizer and Moderna)

Is there a tie-in with stockholming and the GOP and Democratic presidential election 2020? 
Of course. More Trump supporters, white supremacists, klansmen, Neo Nazis will die than educated Democrats, unless Democrats can be infected by them and die. More poor will die than Americans with means, a GOP assumption. Greater numbers of GOP voters will be stockholmed and resist protecting the rest of the culture around them by NOT wearing masks or social distancing, etc. STOCKHOLMING makes NOT wearing a mask a macho act and act of resistance. (ironically, in Sweden such action is anathema) So while GOP voters will inevitably die by the 80/20 percentages, they will infect Democrats who also will die by the 80/20%. This is a COVID-19 political warfare of hatred as Trumpists weaponize their inhumanity. The GOP leaders will make sure not to be anywhere in the vicinity of protests against sheltering in. They will send their surrogates after testing them, making sure they are well paid to spread discord, hatred and COVID-19 as weapons.

Will the GOP vote for absentee ballots and mail-in voting and get their supporters to support mail-in voting?

Please read all of the above. They will force people to stand in long lines for early voting in person. They will make Democrats risk getting COVID-19 and dying to exercise their constitutional right to vote. Trumpists will gladly die for Trump and get COVID-19. They are the proud weapons of their own self-destruction. TRUMPERS have been stockholmed.

What do the Republicans stand to lose in this 2020 COVID-19 election? 
They stand to lose all of what they value in this world: the balance of money and power.

What do Americans stand to lose?
COVID-19 is depriving Americans of safety and security because the GOP IS GIVING THEM NOTHING THAT WOULD MAKE THEM SAFE AND SECURE ECONOMICALLY, SOCIALLY, ETC. Trumpists do this by stopping Democrats from signing into law a bill for working families and states to fund the culture that the GOP largely is not a part of because they have created their own culture of wealth. Americans will have little unless the GOP AND DEMOCRATS sign a non-partisan bill to help working families. (UPDATE: A bill has been signed, but it is not nearly enough to pay all the states for PPE and vaccine distribution and salaries of police which the Republicans have defunded, EMS, medical workers, etc., January 6, 2021.)

If the GOP refuses to help working families, there will be a backlash. Indeed, the GOP not allowing mail-in voting will anger the independents and Democratic populace. As a result, as they did in the Wisconsin primary, voters will turn out live, with masks, and vote against the GOP. Not allowing voting by mail indicates how much Trump/GOP disrespects Americans' right to vote against them. To punish them, they would return Americans to the days of the South when blacks were lynched for voting. When individual states allowed early posting of Absentee ballots (mail-in-voting) UPDATE: Trump ordered the head of the USPS-Louis DeJoy to slow down the mails, in some instances jeopardizing military veterans and thousands who received their medications by mail. The massive hue and cry abated this somewhat, but it is not known how many people may have died as a result of skipping medications.)
NYC Women's March 2017 (Carole Di Tosti)
The GOP does not honor elections in a Democracy. They have turned down the Voting Rights Act. They are guilty of voter suppression. It is a foregone conclusion that they welcome foreign adversaries like Russian military intel in a virtual warfare to hack any democratic election that would put in anyone but their bought candidate which happened in 2016. The evidence is overwhelming they supported Putin's hacking 50 states to put in Donald Trump. The GOP always prevent free and fair voting in presidential elections because the American people in overwhelming numbers support kindness, decency, humanity and generosity, qualities lacking in the current presidential candidate and Senate leader Mitch McConnell.  So in our hearts, the American public is like Sweden. But in the hearts of our leaders with the exception of the Democratic party, they are out of the antebellum South and are the Southern Planter class, right down to their white pointy hates and white robes.

Without a viable SOUTHERN PLANTER CLASS dominating the GOP, manifested in CITIZENS UNITED when the GOP gave themselves and their donors trillions in tax breaks and CORPORATE COVID BAILOUTS, can we be like Sweden?
If we vote them out? Yes. It is in the heart of Americans to be Sweden. We only have to consider ourselves worthy of who we believe ourselves to be. 
 (UPDATE: That would be better than Trump who has proven his criminality countless times, the latest to be extorting the Georgia Secretary of State to give him one more vote than Biden received in Georgia. See Washington Post transcript of the tape recording.)
January 6, 2021 UPDATE: THE JOE BIDEN JR. LANDSLIDE  PROVES AMERICANS CARE ABOUT THE VISIONS OF WHAT AMERICA CAN BE AND SUPPORT EQUITY AND DEMOCRACY. Trump and some members of the GOP house and senate who hate democracy intend to show QAnon and white supremacists and Putin that the US constitution is void. With this action they void their own roles as senators and representatives and redefine their roles as all powerful (the conflict of what they're doing is mind boggling-this is unconstitutional and anti-patriotic and unamerican). With their protest their unmistakable intention is to overthrow US history, the constitution and democracy, thereby nullifying checks and balances, the three branches of government and their roles. They are advocating chaos and anarchy. They should be tried for treason, having violated their oaths of office, and at the least, impeached as censure. For Trump impeachment and conviction would insure he can never hold office again in the US.