Thursday, May 16, 2024

Blaspheming Republican House Speaker Johnson Fears Trump MORE THAN GOD


Party before country and party before God. Speaker Mike Johnson obeys 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump and shows up at his federal hush money trial. What is a professed Christian like Johnson doing at the courthouse in Manhattan (May 14, 2024)? What is his presence supposed to do for Trump? Is it supposed to whitewash Trump's behavior and make it pure, legal, lawful? 

If one is a Christian, the answer is his appearance makes Trump look all the more guilty. If one is an atheist, it doesn't matter. But even from an atheist's perspective it appears that Johnson condones Trump's behavior, the illicit sex, the adultery, the cover-up, the fraud. 

Aren't Christians supposed to shun the very appearance of evil? It makes no sense that Johnson was there as a Christian. It makes sense he was there as a politician bowing to Trump. What does it mean to be a Johnson Christian, not calling out Trump's fraudulent behavior? Johnson is beyond carnal, winking at "sin." His Christianity is fake.

Oh, but then Trump says he never had sex with Stormy Daniels. He lies. Trump has no explanation of payments to the porn star with checks signed by him that she testified were given to her to shut her up. As a Christian Johnson demeans himself aligning with Trump on any level, even as "a friend." That dog don't hunt. Trump is a liar. Johnson is his accomplice. That is cowardly.

Now Johnson has made himself a two-fold child of hell by defending his being at the courthouse. He calls the trial an atrocity. To label it "atrocity" is an exaggeration and another lie. Lie upon lie; God gives the power not to fear, but to tell the truth. Johnson is afraid of Trump. But Johnson can't defend what is indefensible. He should be calling out Trump and honestly saying that to even be indicted for such behavior is the atrocity for a presidential candidate. That Trump lies and covers up the sex and lies that he lies and covers it up is compounding lies and hypocrisy. If Johnson supports that, it is worse still.

The documents are facts. Trump's signature is on many checks to reimburse Michael Cohen, Cohen was told by Trump to "FIX" the Stormy Daniels mess and prevent her from talking which Cohen did paying her from his account. Then Trump paid Cohen from his account. He paid Stormy Daniels to shut up and made her sign a Non Disclosure Agreement for which she was sued because she talked. Why would he demand that a NDA if it wasn't true? He would instead have taken her to court for defamation. In such a case, the truth is a defense against defamation. Except, the truth is he had sex with her.

(L to R): Speaker Johnson, former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, Congressman Cory Mills (courtesy of Yahoo news)
Speaker Johnson adds to Trump's lies, demeaning the legal system, judge and prosecution that is holding Trump to account for his lies. The prosecution is to be credited for doing its job. Why doesn't Johnson "good Christian" that he would be, call Trump out? Instead, he bows to Trump and by extension, Johnson turns his back on God who hates liars.

Michael Cohen lied to cover up for Trump's payments to the porn star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election. He lied to protect Trump so Trump's image as a faithful husband would look "perfect" to women voters. But Cohen redeemed himself, turned from his wrongdoing and went to jail. He admitted he lied to protect Trump. He has more honor than Trump and Speaker Johnson put together. He quit the Trump cult for his family. He came clean. Cohen's act chose honor over cowardice. It wasn't easy because he has received death threats continually. He must remain in the public eye for his safety. if anything happens to him, the one person who can be blamed is Trump.

The politicians who attempt to weaponize their positions by showing up to "support" trump are liars. They witness tamper. They have denounced and lied about Judge Marchand and his daughter. They violate the judge's gag order. They are a disgrace to jurisprudence. They demean the legal system for the sake of Donald Trump. They cover up Trump's obvious unfitness as a presidential candidate. They accept Trump's lurid and adulterous sex with a porn star. They accept that Trump says it never happened and he is innocent of all charges. 

We citizens are supposed to believe Trump is always innocent, that Trump never lies, and everyone else lies. We are supposed to believe that the presence of Johnson and Tubberville and the others attest to Trump's truth telling.

Not on our watch. Americans are not obtuse, not the majority of Americans. And those who would accept this show of craven hypocrisy and disgrace, do so at their own peril.

The truth is apparent. And what a truth it is. The MAGA Party wears fraud as a banner. Lies are their truth. They will say anything to deny the facts. This is right out of the autocrat's playbook. It is Putin's MO: lie, deny, lie, deny. Should we care? If we pretend none of this is happening to get on with our lives, we allow these criminals to control our lives financially and physically. Not on our watch. 

(L to R): Donald Trump, Speaker Johnson, Vivek Ramaswamy (courtesy of 'The Hill')

You can't whitewash the facts. Like everything Trump touches, he tarnishes it and turns it to filth. No amount of Fox News will make Trump pure. No amount of lies will make the moment of history Tuesday, May 14, 2024, pure. Speaker Johnson's Christianity is fake. Read St. Paul. Johnson should be decrying Trump. He can't. He doesn't care about anyone but himself and his position of power. He is psychotic. He is a cultist. Trump is a cultist who elevates himself above God. Trump says that he does no wrong because his father told him never admit the truth or take responsibility. So when he makes a proclamation, we know he is lying. His behavior and MO is all about lying. All he does is wrong. He does little that is true and good.

He is a loser, a liar, a fraud and a criminal. He denies he is a loser, though he knows he lost the 2020 election and admitted it to Cassidy Hutchinson and Mark Meadows (both on his staff), a fact which is in Cassidy Hutchinson's book.  Cassidy Hutchinson admitted to the January 6th Commission that he said to her the "loss" looks bad. But to the public, he still refuses to admit he lost the 2020 election. He is a fraud, a liar, a criminal; he eats shame for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Anyone standing by him wears his shame as he forces them to eat lies and filth. Speaker Johnson and the other politicians who show up at the trial and do not call him down take on his shame. They are fakes, cons, frauds. And they are cowards.

If Trump admitted fault and admitted he had sex with Stormy Daniels and committed adultery and was apologetic and remorseful and asked Speaker Johnson to pray with him, that would be Christian. Then, it would be understandable if Speaker Johnson showed up at the trial, as a friend if Trump pleaded guilty. But as I've stated, that is not Trump's MO. He never admits fault. He wants to govern and lead this nation, but he won't accept responsibility for his behavior. This is not a TV show. This is not a game for him to destroy the people in this country. As a leader, he must accept responsibility for his actions. If he refuses to like he did with the COVID botch job where over one million and counting died on his watch, we have learned that he is a liar, unfit, derelict, negligent and incapable of serving us. If you would lead, the Bible states, then you would be the greatest servant. Trump serves no one but himself.

Donald Trump says he is above God; he doesn't admit fault. Johnson showing up in support is agreeing with Trump that he is above God, making Johnson a blasphemer of God. 

Trump is psychotic. I repeat. He is a fraud, a scammer, a con artist, a liar. In other words, Trump is a crook, a criminal. And we hold him accountable. No psychotic will ever be president again. Not on our watch. Speaker Johnson agreeing with a psychotic who is derelict and unfit mentally is negligent and unfit as speaker. And he is a coward not to publicly stand up to Trump and call him out. Not on our watch.

The truth overshadows Trump, Johnson and the others. They have already fallen by their admission that lies are facts and truth. That stance has no power. Such behavior by these fake politicos is useless and weak. It is only a matter of time that what has happened within them, the self-destruction, manifests on the outside. For now, we repudiate and rebuke them. Not on our watch.