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Convicting Donald J. Trump, Drawing The Line at Democracy, The Only Option

                                             The CAPITOL, OUR SEAT OF GOVERNMENT 

After Joe Biden Jr. is in, God willing SAFELY, Trump, who has been impeached (of high crimes and misdemeanors) a second time, will undergo a trial by the senate. They must convict him as their duty to the democracy they swore to uphold. 

   Trump and his VP Pence. Who "betrayed" whom? Trump incites violent mob against Pence.


Donald Trump abrogated his sworn oath to the constitution. In its mandate of the duty of the U.S. president to uphold a peaceful transfer of power, he failed. He refused to concede to Joe Biden Jr.'s winning the election of 2020. Instead of upholding his oath of office to acknowledge that he lost, with malice and premeditation, Trump conspired with seditious congressmen who supported him to overturn the election. 

With calls to "fight and be strong" about taking "their" government back ("If you don't fight like hell you won't have a country anymore.") Trump incited insurrection via a violent, well-prepared, armed mob of his white supremacist domestic terrorist supporters. He sustained mob violence by refusing to call in forces like additional Capitol police, the National Guard and others to put down the rebellion at the Capitol. (He waited hours.) Overcoming the Capitol police, the mob breached and defaced the building, holding all at the Capitol hostage to their rampage.

By not stopping the attack, which he is mandated to do via his oath of office, Trump permitted the rioters to desecrate the interior: they smashed windows, broke furniture, invaded congressional offices, took computers with sensitive information (state secrets-tantamount to espionage) took valuable items, spread feces on the walls and urinated on the carpet and elsewhere. By not calling in the National Guard, he permitted the mob to hunt down congress members and the Vice President with the intent to harm, kidnap or kill them. Instead of stopping the mob, Trump, pleased with his supporters whom he later told he loved, he watched the insurrection on television and ignored phone calls asking him for help. All of this resulted in the death of one Capitol policeman and four rioters. 

 Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution

The Article of Impeachment states:    Click here for full text

Trump conspired with Trumpers of the Republican Party to reject the electoral college vote in a pro forma ceremony in the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The overthrow was advertised online and everywhere as "Stop the Steal" lead by Ali Alexander and pushed by three congressmen: Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar. Prior to this act Trump begged, pleaded and extorted secretaries of state in various swing states to "find" votes to give him the election. 

Finally, Trump importuned, bullied and attempted to coerce his V.P. Mike Pence to declare Trump as the 2020 winner at the January 6th electoral acceptance of the 2020 ballots. Because Joe Biden Jr.  legitimately won 2020, V.P. Mike Pence refused to say that Trump won. Pence refused to lie. He refused to rescind his oath of office in the pro forma presentation of electoral votes. Mike Pence did his job under the constitution, bravely. He refused to be an illegitimate V.P. He chose loyalty to his oath and the constitution over his loyalty to Donald Trump. Donald Trump told his supporters that Mike Pence betrayed them. For this betrayal, Trump fomented his supporters' violence. As they rampaged the Capitol, they hunted V.P. Mike Pence chanting, "Hang Mike Pence."

   (L to R): Sean Hannity the chief liar on Fox who enabled Trump in exchange for favors.

Trump's desperate attempt to change the winner from Biden to himself was and is catastrophic. It is a violation of his oath of office to uphold democracy and our constitutional form of government. With every failed attempt he exhausted (60 court appearances, extortion of Sec. of State, recounts, etc.) he affirmed to his white supremacist followers that he won because he labeled every failure, part of the steal. He and his right-wing Trumper segment of the Republican Party refused to acknowledge Joe Biden Jr. won. The lie expanded to include Trumpers throughout the nation and grew to justify this armed insurrection which came in the guise of a peaceful rally where he would affirm his win and Biden's loss with Pence's "giving him the votes." At the rally, Trump's remarks ended with his admonition to march with him to the CAPITOL to fight for their government (and presumably "stop the steal") 

What ensued will go down in American History as a black stain of invasion by American white supremacist domestic terrorists in conspiracy with Donald Trump and his ultra-right wing Trumpers of the Republican Party. Conspiring with him since there were no National Guard permitted, perhaps were the Acting Secretary of Defense and others including the Sergeants of Arms of the House and Senate and other military personnel. There are ongoing investigations to determine who was involved, for example the Acting head of D.O.J. in an act of obedience to Donald Trump and betrayal of his constitutional oath. 

Rep. Alabama Mo Brooks and other Republicans earlier in December who do not support Biden's win. These joined in preparing for the coup on January 6, 2021 (NYT. Al Drago)


Trump provoked this insurrection in a conspiracy that included wealthy donors who flew in private planes and took selfies of their actions and uploaded them proudly on social media. It includes various evangelical Christians whose loyalty to Trump supersedes their loyalty to God, Christ and loving their neighbor, a blasphemy. Present at the insurrection were donors who funded the insurrection and paid for buses filled with conspirators from around the nation all of them loyal Trumpers, who were duped into believing that Trump won. Or worse, they willfully accepted Trump as the winner though they knew otherwise. 

Additional accomplices to the insurgency were members of paramilitary groups, militia, the Proud Boys and other white supremacist domestic terrorist hate groups, members of QAnon, the Boogaloo Boys, retired vets, police from across the country, congressional members (Mo Brook, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Andy Biggs, Paul Goser and others). Also present was Rudy Guiliani who made incendiary comments at the presumably peaceful rally. Relatives of the judiciary, for example Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, were present supporting Donald Trump's overthrow of the constitution's mandate for peaceful transfer of power, nullifying Joe Biden Jr.'s election win of 306 electoral votes. Thomas should resign or be impeached for allowing his wife to pursue a course that will upend his career. And he himself supported Trump unequivocally through the campaign. See the SLATE ARTICLE.

        A screen shot of the Twitter feed of Ginni Thomas, questionable behavior (Slate)


All of the Democratic House members voted to impeach Donald Trump. Ten brave Republican members voted to impeach him. They have received anonymous death threats by colleagues, domestic terrorist Trumpers and perhaps Trump himself via one of his goons. Liz Cheney was particularly courageous in standing for the Republican Party and eschewing white supremacist domestic terrorists who Trump represents. In her vote she commented.

Republican Liz Cheney showed courage and wisdom in voting for impeaching Trump. (courtesy of the site)


"Much more will become clear in coming days and weeks, but what we know now is enough. The President of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack.

"Everything that followed was his doing. None of this would have happened without the President. The President could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence. He did not. There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution." (Liz Chaney)


Donald Trump has been vilified by average Americans, social media platforms, businesses, banks and foreign leaders because he lost the election and refused to tell his supporters that he lost. And he has done this daily from November 4th when he claimed he won at 2:00 a.m. in the morning before the election had been declared until today. For the thousands of times he prepared his supporters for his loss by claiming "if he lost, the election was RIGGED" throughout his presidency, Trump must have spoken #thebiglie one million times. Parroted by his supporters and his conspirators, Trumpers in the ultra-right wing of the Republican Party and extremist right wing media, his lie will go down in infamy and history as "the fraud that nearly broke the US democratic republic." Behind the lie is the unvarnished greed for power at any cost especially the death of those of good will and sincerity who served the country honorably and valiantly in the face of death like Capitol Policeman Brian Sicknick.  

    Brian Sicknick's makeshift memorial. His blood is on Trump and everyone at the insurrection and those who conspired and funded it from far away (courtesy of the site.)

Brian Sicknick's bloodshed at the hands of rioters alone must convict DONALD JOHN TRUMP. It echoes the bloodshed of those who fought for the Union against the rich planters whose greed would continue the inhumanity of slavery and would dupe, blackmail and entail the poor in fighting for a cause that benefited them least. 

In the trial which will take place after Biden's inauguration (DC as an armed camp is reminiscent of the soldiers camped in DC during the Civil War) will examine the extent to which Donald John Trump violated his oath of office, endangered our democracy and rendered Americans unsafe and subject to white supremacist domestic terrorism which Trump has whipped up continually throughout violent events committed by domestic terrorists which he has refused to negate, call down or decry. 

However, in the court of public opinion, the people in all walks of life have spoken against Trump. Their numbers are legion. They have spoken in polls and have spoken in their votes and on blogs on social media and everywhere. These Americans believe in a democratic republic and believe in one voice, one being, one vote. They know truth from the behavior and actions of politicians who keep their word or lie, obfuscate, distract, and fog the truth. They have looked at the fruit of the individuals. They are keenly aware of the lies out of Trump's mouth and the lies of his fog machine in media and from the mouths of supplicants who must be loyal and sign loyalty oaths, not to their constitutional duties, but to Trump. 

  Mass gathering in DC on Saturday after November 3 (courtesy of the site)

The Trump presidency has been illegitimate from the beginning and has ended in illegitimacy and ignominy. He must never hold office again, not even as a dog catcher. His inability to broadly tell his supporters that he lied, that he knowingly lied and that Joe Biden Jr. was elected fairly and legitimately is his great sin of pride which endangers our nation. No one of his kind must ever be elected to office again. And white supremacist domestic terrorists must never hold office either. Those in the senate who currently do not abdicate their loyalty to Donald Trump by voting to hold him accountable in a conviction, must be investigated. To what extent did they promote and enable Donald Trump by supporting his actions throughout his presidency? If they vote for acquittal, they must be viewed as traitors supporting insurrection and the overthrow of our democracy. 

Along with those in the House who did not vote to impeach Trump but came up with excuses, we Americans must hold these representatives to account and move to impeach and censure them in addition to voting them out. Their actions must be investigated; their Twitter and social media accounts must be investigated. And their loyalty to white supremacy domestic terrorism symbolized in Donald Trump must be assessed if it is purposeful or out of fear.

   Black Lives Matter Plaza celebration of thousands in D.C., one of hundreds of joyful Americans who celebrated on Saturday throughout the nation and the world after the announcement that Biden won (courtesy of the site)

As for the senate who has the greater burden, there is no justification for acquitting Donald Trump, especially since he refuses to admit he lied knowingly to commit a fraud or admit that he intentionally wanted to incite an insurrection to remain in power. As long as Trump does not admit fault, and long as Trumper senators do not vote to convict him, then their hearts have truly spoken. No excuse for this action is justified. They, too, must be removed unable to hold office again. There is only one side: that of a democratic republic. Either they are on the side of the United States, or they are on the side of Trump. Trump is not the United States; he never represented this nation in deed. He was a figurehead who worshiped himself and expected his supplicants to loyally worship him or he punished and damned them. His actions have spoken. And now the Trumpers in the Republican Party must speak with their tongues. Vote for the U.S. in a CONVICTION or vote for white supremacy domestic terrorism in a DONALD TRUMP ACQUITTAL.

The American Public must make their voices heard like never before. Contact your senators. Tell them that the senators must vote to convict Donald Trump. If they vote to support white supremacist domestic terrorism's overthrow of our democratic republic in an acquittal of Donald Trump, they cannot serve in the senate. Supporting a violent overthrow with mob force in an attack at the Capitol to give the presidency to Donald Trump is treason.  The fourteenth amendment must be applied. Acquittal is not an option. They will be removed

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

UPDATES: Stockholm Syndrome: The GOP'S Addiction to Sweden's COVID-19 APPROACH

Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)

This post was originally published on May 13, 2020. This is an update, January 6, 2021. Since May, worldometer death rates for the US have been calculated at 362,000 deaths this morning. After I wrote this post, Trump appointed Scott Atlas (a physician-scientist who agreed with Trump and did his bidding) as the 'herd immunity' czar to the WH Coronavirus Task Force in August 2020. Atlas was fired/resigned in December. He pushed the theory of herd immunity which led to a decrease in areas of the country handling COVID-19 with stepped up tracing, testing, quarantining. The following is my original May post with updates.
Seeking "herd immunity" without sheltering in, like that which Sweden implements, is one response to COVID-19. Splendid, thinks the GOP. This policy the GOP loves is that the virus, if allowed to spread without sheltering in, will eradicate COVID-19 because everyone gets it and develops antibodies which provide immunity. To what length of time the immunity lasts is not known and at what strength immunity comes is not known. However, the GOP makes its own distinction. In the GOP UNIVERSE, with their irrevocable and illimitable immunity, you won't get it ever again. (UPDATE-this is not known)

Without consideration, the GOP-style immunity sounds reasonable, right? People get sick and recover since the numbers show (at this point this is a projection and guestimated science-it might be higher or lower) 80% of the population will recover. We have around 330,000,000 in the US. If 20% of the population gets it and dies, that's only 66,000,000. The GOP have done the numbers. Better death than sheltering in; the GOP has been "STOCKHOLMED!"

Caveats. With COVID-19 no one knows if the 80%/20% figures are accurate, nor what immunity specifically means. ( UPDATE) For example long haulers are over the virus but not major symptoms. Is that immunity or a continuation of the virus attenuating the "host?"

Is it true this virus morphs, changes and evolves based upon one's immune system? Perhaps. Expert scientists in the field have discovered rare syndromes developing in children: "toxic shock-like syndrome" resembling Kawasaki's disease. And they have seen that the initial symptoms of COVID-19 have broadened in the anecdotal  reporting of those who have tested positive, some recovering having never made it to the hospital. Many have died at home of strokes and heart attacks. The disease which began in China is perhaps a different strain than the one which traveled to NYC along the coast from Europe. The facts of the disease have changed as more becomes known. For example it has been found in waste water and in semen. In AIDS blood became a toxic substance. Does the same apply for COVID-19 in a positive, actively alive COVID ASYMPTOMATIC?
Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)
So, the roulette wheel of COVID-19 is expanding as I write this. Exactly how and why the disease is changing is unclear; perhaps it is wise to state that it impacts individuals in a wide range of effects before and after one gets it, based upon their genetics and their overall health. And it appears that it leaves lingering effects. Unless one receives an anti-viral like Remdesivir (UPDATE: this information has changed since the fall-update January 6, 2021. Other medications are being used like steriods and monoclonal antibodies)  it takes a long time to recover. But there is too much unknown about this virus to be determinative. One must approximate and embrace the uncertainty principle: we must question what we "know" about this novel virus. One thing for sure. It is 10X more lethal than the flu and is incredibly contagious. Its transmission may be by "any means necessary," even to the rendering of some individuals asymptomatic to achieve, with stealth, a greater transmission and replication in humans.

With the current GOP support system of wealthy donors, corporate investors and owners, and Wall Street, a non-working populace is NOT TO BE BROOKED. Are they going to pay unemployment insurance forever? ARE YOU INSANE? THEY WANT HERD IMMUNITY TO FUNCTION IN THEIR WORKERS AND THE CULTURE. Let's do it in the US just like in SWEDEN. In private circles the GOP has been pushing this from the beginning but Fauci and other scientists are not willing to allow leaders to "RIDE THIS BITCH TO THE BOTTOM."  

But the wealthy have STOCKHOLM SYNDROME to protect their Wall Street myths? Fine. Let's review.

Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)
1) Do we have socialized medicine like Sweden?  No.
2)Do we have a high standard of living for the whole country, i.e. $35.00 an hour so waiters/waitresses don't need tips like they don't in Sweden? No.
3)Is there a Fox news and alternative media equivalents calling COVID-19 a HOAX in Sweden or spreading misinformation that this is just the flu? No.
4)Does the Swedish populace take the danger of COVID-19 seriously? Yes
5)Does the Swedish populace believe and follow the social contract and social responsibility? Yes.
6)Does the Swedish community respect and love the elderly to not spread the infection to them? Yes.
7)Is the Swedish community generous and caring, putting others first to not spread the infection? Yes
8)Are CEOs of Swedish corporations making up to 900X more than their workers? No
9)Does the Swedish populace care for the stress on healthcare workers, not to spread the infection? Yes.
10)Might Swedish hospitals be overcome, letting people with COVID-19 die in the hallways? No
11) Are Swedish hospitals and healthcare state of the art? Yes
12) Is their excellent healthcare system due to SOCIALIZED MEDICINE? Yes
13) Does the Swedish populace gather in crowds of 10 or more in Sweden? No
14) Does the government trust the Swedish people to understand not to spread the virus? Yes
15) Do the people trust the government to keep them safe, well informed and secure? Yes
16) Is there a great economic divide in Sweden of uber rich and poor? No 
17) Does the populace have enough to eat in Sweden? Yes
18)If they don't have enough to eat, can the Swedish people get help to improve their lot? Yes.
19)Does the Swedish populace get the best bang for their tax dollars to have a superior culture and high standard of living? Yes.
20) Is the high standard of living because there is relative financial equity and no great divide between rich and poor? Yes.
Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)
Say I want to strive for herd immunity as they accomplish it in Sweden, in other words be Swedishized with Socialized Medicine and financial equity.

Mitch McConnell will never allow it.
GOP and rich donors will never allow it.
For profit hospitals and insurance companies will NEVER allow Socialized Medicine.
The government has no intention of keeping the American taxpayer safe and secure economically.
The wealthy are exacerbating the economic divide between rich and poor, not decreasing it.

But why is the GOP pushing herd immunity in the US, when it has no intention of being SWEDEN?
They want to create the illusion that the idea will work to get us believe it. They wish to make us STOCKHOLMED.

So the results of trying to achieve herd immunity in the US will never be the same results as in Sweden?

 Is it true that pushing the GOP UNIVERSE of herd immunity, "stockholming the public," indicates the GOP doesn't care if this protocol exacerbates death?

What if the death toll in one year (it won't be over unless the virus is eradicated) is larger than WWII (we have achieved this exploit thanks to Trump and the GOP) and the Civil War deaths (362,000 deaths as of January 6, 2021) over 4-5 year period? Will the GOP care then?
Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)
Will the GOP care if the death toll exceeds that of the Spanish Flu globally in 2 years?
No. Sixty-six million (20% of the population) exceeds the numbers who died from the Spanish Flu in the US. There is no way to calculate the number dead even today since people have died at home of COVID-19 unable to get a test, get to the hospital in time or chose to die at home.

So the rich who shelter in their mansions and have access to tests, drivers, limos, private planes, maids, cooks and other help and all the PPE they need will probably never get this virus?
The likelihood is very low. Tom Hanks and his wife are not in that category of rich.

So the GOP and rich bottom line is more important than Americans suffering and millions of Americans getting COVID-19?

If Americans are asymptomatic, might they suffer the loss of loved ones infected by them if they don't take precaution at home when they return from a trip "outside"?
Of course. Massive testing must be done to gauge whether one is asymptomatic. Massive testing is not happening. It will not happen because the GOP and Trump have STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. And they want the American public to be "stockholmed."

Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)
If the GOP is "stockholming" the American people, what does that mean?
With malice aforethought, Trump, the GOP and his enablers are slowing down an effective response to COVID-19 to "speed up" the herd immunity GOP style. The result is misery, death and desolution of the US as a democracy, something which Vladimir Putin looks forward to along with Trump's reelection.  
(On the eve of the Georgia run-off Mitch McConnell may still retain power if GOP senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue win. Trump will never concede. Instead, he provokes others to do his dirty work, like the 11 Republican senators and many House members who will reject the pro forma acceptance of Biden's win by rejecting Biden electors in swing states...where Biden won. Update January 6, 2021)

Could COVID-19 be fought successfully avoiding stockholming?
Scaling up the DPA to provide PPE and 10 times the tests required for each person in every state in the US, or at least enough tests to adequately provide for everyone to be tested is necessary. Parallel to that, contact tracing if one gets it and quarantining all in that individual's sphere are necessary as the economy returns and people go "outside." At the least millions of tests and lab results should be executed and the results delivered daily. This is a war and a wartime economy against this virus should be engaged creating new jobs to people labs, factories making reagents, tests, masks, medical equipment and the infrastructure to support it in the future as more pandemics will arise. 
(update January 6, 2021...vaccines have been greenlighted and distributed. But getting them into American arms is a disorganized, chaotic mess for many reasons. Thanks to Trump and Mitch who passed a paltry sum in a bi-partisan effort to help the vaccine effort and other needs. States have their own priorities with vaccine distribution. Florida's is disastrous.There is no unified national plan: Trump is only concerned about overthrowing Biden's win, disenfranchising all who voted for Biden: black, white, brown, all races, creeds, genders. On January 5th, 2021 he said the numbers regarding COVID are exaggerated, to massage his Trumpers that all in the health professions, the hospital networks, and recorders are liars and only he is telling the truth about COVID. Thus, the lies continue as Trump has continued to delegitimize COVID'S effects causing destruction and death for those who believe him. Governor Andrew Cuomo in NYS and like-minded governors have been effectively rolling out the two vaccines made available by Pfizer and Moderna)

Is there a tie-in with stockholming and the GOP and Democratic presidential election 2020? 
Of course. More Trump supporters, white supremacists, klansmen, Neo Nazis will die than educated Democrats, unless Democrats can be infected by them and die. More poor will die than Americans with means, a GOP assumption. Greater numbers of GOP voters will be stockholmed and resist protecting the rest of the culture around them by NOT wearing masks or social distancing, etc. STOCKHOLMING makes NOT wearing a mask a macho act and act of resistance. (ironically, in Sweden such action is anathema) So while GOP voters will inevitably die by the 80/20 percentages, they will infect Democrats who also will die by the 80/20%. This is a COVID-19 political warfare of hatred as Trumpists weaponize their inhumanity. The GOP leaders will make sure not to be anywhere in the vicinity of protests against sheltering in. They will send their surrogates after testing them, making sure they are well paid to spread discord, hatred and COVID-19 as weapons.

Will the GOP vote for absentee ballots and mail-in voting and get their supporters to support mail-in voting?

Please read all of the above. They will force people to stand in long lines for early voting in person. They will make Democrats risk getting COVID-19 and dying to exercise their constitutional right to vote. Trumpists will gladly die for Trump and get COVID-19. They are the proud weapons of their own self-destruction. TRUMPERS have been stockholmed.

What do the Republicans stand to lose in this 2020 COVID-19 election? 
They stand to lose all of what they value in this world: the balance of money and power.

What do Americans stand to lose?
COVID-19 is depriving Americans of safety and security because the GOP IS GIVING THEM NOTHING THAT WOULD MAKE THEM SAFE AND SECURE ECONOMICALLY, SOCIALLY, ETC. Trumpists do this by stopping Democrats from signing into law a bill for working families and states to fund the culture that the GOP largely is not a part of because they have created their own culture of wealth. Americans will have little unless the GOP AND DEMOCRATS sign a non-partisan bill to help working families. (UPDATE: A bill has been signed, but it is not nearly enough to pay all the states for PPE and vaccine distribution and salaries of police which the Republicans have defunded, EMS, medical workers, etc., January 6, 2021.)

If the GOP refuses to help working families, there will be a backlash. Indeed, the GOP not allowing mail-in voting will anger the independents and Democratic populace. As a result, as they did in the Wisconsin primary, voters will turn out live, with masks, and vote against the GOP. Not allowing voting by mail indicates how much Trump/GOP disrespects Americans' right to vote against them. To punish them, they would return Americans to the days of the South when blacks were lynched for voting. When individual states allowed early posting of Absentee ballots (mail-in-voting) UPDATE: Trump ordered the head of the USPS-Louis DeJoy to slow down the mails, in some instances jeopardizing military veterans and thousands who received their medications by mail. The massive hue and cry abated this somewhat, but it is not known how many people may have died as a result of skipping medications.)
NYC Women's March 2017 (Carole Di Tosti)
The GOP does not honor elections in a Democracy. They have turned down the Voting Rights Act. They are guilty of voter suppression. It is a foregone conclusion that they welcome foreign adversaries like Russian military intel in a virtual warfare to hack any democratic election that would put in anyone but their bought candidate which happened in 2016. The evidence is overwhelming they supported Putin's hacking 50 states to put in Donald Trump. The GOP always prevent free and fair voting in presidential elections because the American people in overwhelming numbers support kindness, decency, humanity and generosity, qualities lacking in the current presidential candidate and Senate leader Mitch McConnell.  So in our hearts, the American public is like Sweden. But in the hearts of our leaders with the exception of the Democratic party, they are out of the antebellum South and are the Southern Planter class, right down to their white pointy hates and white robes.

Without a viable SOUTHERN PLANTER CLASS dominating the GOP, manifested in CITIZENS UNITED when the GOP gave themselves and their donors trillions in tax breaks and CORPORATE COVID BAILOUTS, can we be like Sweden?
If we vote them out? Yes. It is in the heart of Americans to be Sweden. We only have to consider ourselves worthy of who we believe ourselves to be. 
 (UPDATE: That would be better than Trump who has proven his criminality countless times, the latest to be extorting the Georgia Secretary of State to give him one more vote than Biden received in Georgia. See Washington Post transcript of the tape recording.)
January 6, 2021 UPDATE: THE JOE BIDEN JR. LANDSLIDE  PROVES AMERICANS CARE ABOUT THE VISIONS OF WHAT AMERICA CAN BE AND SUPPORT EQUITY AND DEMOCRACY. Trump and some members of the GOP house and senate who hate democracy intend to show QAnon and white supremacists and Putin that the US constitution is void. With this action they void their own roles as senators and representatives and redefine their roles as all powerful (the conflict of what they're doing is mind boggling-this is unconstitutional and anti-patriotic and unamerican). With their protest their unmistakable intention is to overthrow US history, the constitution and democracy, thereby nullifying checks and balances, the three branches of government and their roles. They are advocating chaos and anarchy. They should be tried for treason, having violated their oaths of office, and at the least, impeached as censure. For Trump impeachment and conviction would insure he can never hold office again in the US.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Joe Biden Jr. 's Inner Faith in the People's Will Overthrows the Tyranny of Donald Trump and Trumpers; The Constitution Holds

Patti Lupone and Randy Rainbow earlier this year with a song they posted on YouTube

 Joe Biden Jr. won the 2020 election with 306 electoral votes to Trump's 232. On December 14th the electors in their state houses confirmed and certified Joe Biden Jr. as President and Kamala Harris as Vice president. President-elect Biden addressed the nation about moving on. 

In his address Biden said that 17 Republican states attorneys general and 126 Republican members of Congress signed on to a baseless Texas lawsuit before the Supreme Court to reject certified vote counts in swing states. With Trump the Republicans intended to get the Supreme Court to wipe out the votes of over 20 million voters. Thankfully, the Supreme Court immediately rejected the suit as lacking merit. They affirmed they wanted no part of this "assault on democracy."

President-elect Biden pointed out that Trump was not denied any course of action he wanted to take to prove the election was rigged. Though he and his lawyers tried, they just couldn't prove his claims legally in a court of law. Trump's lawyers provided no supporting facts or evidence that the election was a fraud. He had petitioned state representatives, judges, secretaries of state and legislatures of swing states to overturn the vote. Georgia had three recounts. Other swing states had recounts. Finally, all the states certified their election counts. For over 60 times, Trump's cases were thrown down and again and again Joe Biden Jr. won. Nevertheless, Trump refused to respect the will of the people, legislatures and courts by persisting in his feeble attempts to nullify the election and disenfranchise Biden voters.

Biden won the Democratic Primary. Hawaii was the last to certify its four electoral college votes for Joe Biden Jr. and Kamala Harris on 12/14/2020

Weird! Trump is the president. He swore an oath to the constitution. He is supposed to respect the will of the people regardless of who they elected. Indeed, he has a sworn obligation to abide by the law. By not accepting the results of the 2020 election, Trump is derelict of the duty that he owes to the people. If on the 6th of January the Congress miscounts the votes that Joe Biden Jr. received and presents Trump as the winner (as Steven Miller suggested might happen with "alternative" electors-a lie) it would be right for the House to summarily impeach Trump all over again in articles charging: Abuse of Power, sedition, treason and dereliction of duty. 

In all of this drama, Trump has proven over 60 times in court challenges that he lost to Biden. It is written in stone. More than eighty judges ruled against him. Democracy prevailed. The integrity of the United States elections remained in tact. This is a relief considering Putin and the Russian Military Intel in a conspiracy with Paul Manafort, Cambridge Analytica, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Robert Mercer, Julian Assange of Wiki Leaks, the RNC and others overthrew the equity and fairness of the 2016 election process to make Trump the illegitimate president, in a presidency John L. Lewis never accepted.

Chris Krebs is a hero for defying Trump, stating this election was the most secure in American History. He showed great courage in standing up for the truth against the liar-in-chief Trump. (
As a result of the Russian meddling of 2016, Christopher Wray (Head of the FBI), Chris Krebs (former Director of CISA [Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency] before Trump fired him) and others made sure that the Russians didn't interfere in 2020. Though they may have attempted to meddle promoting QAnon conspiracies and trolling 24/7 on all social media channels and Russian TV in the US (Sputnik and RT) they failed to re-elect their favored Trump. Mail-in balloting which is very secure, thwarted any attempt at foreign interference and Russian Military Intel hacking. It is almost impossible to hack a paper ballot, despite Trump's assertions and lies to the contrary. The mail-in ballots were so overwhelmingly for Biden as Democrats stayed safe and voted Absentee ballot in this pandemic, the machine vote became moot. If the Republican "day-of" machine votes were tampered with it didn't matter.

Nevertheless, there are the Republicans of the 126 number in the House of Representatives who supported Trump's failed Supreme Court case. They still demand the election results be overturned. Clearly, they are breaking the law and action must be taken. Judgment for their behavior is plainly stated in Article I Section 5 and the Fourteenth Amendment Section 3. 

The Constitution
Article I, Section 5 of the United States Constitution gives each chamber of Congress ultimate responsibility to decide its membership, positing that “[e]ach House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members.”

Nowhere does it state that the President of the United States may be the judge of the elections. Nor does it state that the President may nullify an election which didn't return him the win he wants because he wants it. This is not fiat government.

Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment stipulates that: “No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof…”

In other words to actively fight against the will of the people in the election processes stipulated in the constitution after swearing an oath to the constitution, is an insurrection and or rebellion. Trump, the Attorneys General and the Republicans who contest the results of the 2020 election after all challenges have been thrown down and the electoral college certified Joe Biden's win are guilty of insurrection. We won't get into the "aid" or "comfort" Trump has given to a foreign adversary, for example Vladimir Putin, fulfilling his agenda rather than that of the United States. That's treason for another day as is an examination of the Mueller Report which DOJ AG William Barr scuttled and hid from the American people in obeisance to Trump. (Not any more since he resigned the same day the electoral college confirmed Joe Biden's presidency.)

Republicans who ignore Senator Mitch McConnell (today he acknowledged Joe Biden Jr.'s electoral confirmation) by not publicly accepting Biden's win on made up charges still think it's OK to disenfranchise the 81 million who voted for Biden in an electorally certified vote. And they think it's OK to disenfranchise the voters who elected them to Congress. In supporting Trump's election nullification, they have given up their elected position of power. In nullifying their own election empowerment, they eradicated their role as members in the upcoming session of Congress and cannot be allowed to pretend otherwise. In the very intent to support Trump, they have symbolically renounced their seats in Congress, agreeing their own election was rigged, despite all facts that prove otherwise. In agreeing with Trump in the failed case against the Supreme Court, regardless of what they suspected that outcome to be, these Republicans have turned their back on their party, their roles in Congress and the US constitution.

Rep. Alabama Mo Brooks and other Republicans earlier in December who do not support Biden's win. Some may still back down from the extreme position. (NYT. Al Drago)

They can't have it both ways. Either they accept the 2020 election results and take their positions in the 117th congress and be sworn in accepting the constitution as governing their actions and acknowledge Biden is our 46th president, or they resign and give the votes to their Democratic opponents if they are Members-elect. To not resign and give their votes to their opponents, but to remain in power, is an act of betrayal and fraud that cannot be judged lightly. They cannot take power and then use that power against the voters of this nation to negate the election that gave them power to serve the nation. Either they stop breaking the law or they willfully continue to break the law, destroying their chance to be seated in Congress because they are committing fraud by disenfranchising those who elected them. 

For those who have sworn an oath to the constitution in previous service as Members of Congress like Mo Brooks, if they persist in an attempt to overthrow the electoral college certification and tally of votes on January 6th, they should not be seated in the 117th Congress. They should be impeached and judged for sedition and betrayal of their oath to the constitution and the American people.

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) reminds us all what in arrogance these so-called Republicans have done by rejecting the constitutional vote of the people (their own supporters) and in agreeing with Trump's assertions that the 2020 election should be overturned. Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment disqualifies from service "individuals who would attack American democracy." The 14th Amendment also affirms Congress’s power to exclude Members by majority vote as acknowledged by the U.S. Supreme Court in Powell v. McCormack.

Rep. Bill Pascrell of New Jersey (D) (Julio Cortez, Business Insider)
  “Stated simply, men and women who would act to tear the United States government apart cannot serve as Members of the Congress. These lawsuits seeking to obliterate public confidence in our democratic system by invalidating the clear results of the 2020 presidential election undoubtedly attack the text and spirit of the Constitution, which each Member swears to support and defend,” Rep. Pascrell writes House leaders. “Consequently, I call on you to exercise the power of your offices to evaluate steps you can take to address these constitutional violations." Pascrell goes on to suggest that "these Members-elect and Members of Congress who intend to make Donald Trump an unelected dictator should not be seated in the 117th Congress .”

By virtue of the fact that they signed on to the Amicus Brief in the Texas lawsuit, their intent is manifested by their signatures. They must not be seated unless they publicly state that they renounce and decry what they signed and they publicly affirm that Joe Biden Jr. won the election. If they persist in affirming Trump won, not Biden, they have broken the law. Legal action must follow and the voters themselves may litigate to the Supreme Court their attempted disenfranchisement which is a felony. At this moment, a woman is sitting in prison because she unwittingly voted twice. How much worse is the behavior of sedition and treason of these rogue Congressional Members and Members-elect.

 Trump is a different matter. By accepting his oath as president, he must ipso facto accept the election results. One follows the other. By law there is no other result. If he does not, he must and can be summarily impeached a second time by the House, even though he has only one month left to his presidency. Impeachment is censure; it would send a clear message that his behavior is unpatriotic, unAmerican and a war-like act of rebellion against our democracy. 

There is a Democratic majority. He can be impeached at the very least for an Abuse of Power against the 81 million voters of this nation. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the House can act. Trump has de-legitimized himself as president of the entire United States. He has set himself up as the President of Trumpism and Trumpers who sprinkle across the nation, albeit in a small percentage of the population. (Trump blows up sizes of crowds, hires actors to swell his crowds, lies about all numbers-income, taxes, crowds, popularity, supporters, etc.). Long ago by abrogating the constitution and expanding the executive branch with former Attorney General Bill Barr as his agent to use the DOJ to wink at his crimes and punish his enemies, Trump has gone "rogue." Time and again he has pushed our democracy to the cliff edge as an autocratic ruler uplifting loyalty to him and his own agenda over country, the constitution, the courts, the Congress.

Trump will continue to foment chaos (Trumpers and BLM protestors in Washington, DC. faced off  and 4 were stabbed. In Washington state someone was shot at a protest this weekend.) He will tout he lost a rigged election for as long as possible and months after he has been fumigated from the WH. If he is not censured, he will persist to please his fans with the help of Putin's Russian Military Intel on Twitter. 

During the first year of Trump presidency. (see site)
 Indeed, QAnon rumors suggest that the Trump win is in the hands of Vice President Mike Pence when he goes before Congress on January 6th and opens the envelops to tally up the electoral college votes which may be disputed in writing and signed off by a Republican senator. Ron Johnson and Rand Paul have suggestion they might do this. Then the Congress would meet to discuss the charges and then vote. Four senators voting against the process would vacate this attempt to overthrow the election. Trump may in a last ditch attempt pressure Vice President Pence to ignore the electoral college certification. 

Would the Vice President, Trump and Republicans spearhead such a conspiracy and cabal against the will of the people risking indictments or impeachment, especially if Georgia senate run-off is won by Jon Ossoff and Rev. Warnock? The senate race may determine their action. Regardless, this is insurrection as is the suggestion by some Republicans to secede and form new states (some tried this in California and Nevada). Other Republicans sent alternate electors in Arizona to vote for Trump, another example of insurrection. The Sheriffs refused their admittance into the Arizona state house.

Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been courageous in standing against white  supremacists who abuse the open carry laws in her state. (see the site)

Such acts and those who promote them must not be ignored. They must be factored into deciding whether these "Republicans" are fit members of their party and deserve a place in our democratic government or should be ejected. The handwriting is on the wall and some like Rep Paul Mitchell  agree with Biden that his party's actions are unconscionable. He has left the party. Other Republicans have come out with Mitch McConnell to accept Biden's win with a pledge to work with Democrats after the electoral college certified Joe Biden's win.

In the interim Trump has hired an Acting Attorney General to do his bidding which assures even greater loyalty to Trump than Bill Bar showed; they are plotting. Regardless, for the future of this nation, Trump must be censured. Whether he accepts it or not, the people of the nation who didn't vote in this election (38%, 96,681,873) and Biden voters must understand the full force and power of the constitution that Trump is willfully abrogating. The Republicans "get it" but want the leftovers of Trump's white supremacists in their corner, a fact that is reprehensible and egregious. White supremacists and #QAnon conspiracies which fuel domestic terrorism have no place in our government nor accepted place in our culture.

    Taken at Helsinski where Trump and Putin met for two hours with no public record of their conversation, no translation or notes.Trump gave Putin what he wanted after the meeting. (see site).

As the figurehead of white supremacists, it is enough that Trump has thumbed his nose at the three branches of government (recently against the Supreme Court with tweets) the Courts, the Democratic House and the will of the people who delivered the greatest majority of winning votes a president ever received. Must we not censure Trump's behavior and the behavior of rebellious Republicans? When is enough enough? Donald Trump, if he persists must be summarily impeached. Republicans must not be seated if they do not renounce their disloyalty to the constitution and the will of the people. This must be done to undergird the confidence of electors, voters both Republican (not Trumpers-there is a difference) and Democrat and those who didn't vote.

Trump and Trumpers must pay the price for defiling the goodness of the nation. We must restore that up is up, right is right, truth is truth. By all means Trump and his folks may lie; but their statements must be held to account and have consequences on social media and #Parler must be denounced again and again for what it is, a disreputable, extreme, irresponsible, Russian Military Intel-like brainwashing vehicle. Fox News should be sued for spreading fake news about COVID-19 causing deaths and harm, as must Newsmax and OANN and uber right-wing conspiracy sites which promote falsehoods to gain clicks and money. They must present not one side but both sides with fact-based investigative reporting. The Fairness Doctrine which was removed in 1987 must be refined and restored.

 Taking a stand for the truth always wins in the end. People's eyes remain shut until damage and death fall to them. That is why Joe Biden Jr. and Kamala Harris won this most impossible of elections, in a pandemic and despite the lies, conspiracies, Republican and Russian Military Intel dirty tricks, Michael Flynn screaming "lock up Obama and Biden," Roger Stone's dirty tricks, #QAnon domestic terrorists' insanities and the malaise of non voters. The Democrats and the 81 million Joe Biden voters and those who voted, must not be made a mockery of. US elections hold weight. This is not Putin's Russia. And the US  constitution stands or those who have died of COVID promoted on Trump's watch and those who have died in all of our wars have died in vain for dictatorship. 

    Putin relaxing at the height of his powers when his populace supported him. Now things are shifting in Russia, especially with unrest in the Far East and Trump's loss (see the site)

Trump and Trumpers have lost their greatest ally in this contention for the soul of America. Vlad Putin congratulated Joe Biden Jr. on his win, yesterday. Donald is now alone to face his own inner torment. He knows that those around him don't accept or even like him but obey him for the spoils. He and they have no integrity, no honor. How he must loathe himself because he must keep up appearances. His followers believe in his fantasies. But they are slowly dissolving, only leaving the domestic terrorists and white supremacists to support him in a violence that the FBI and law enforcement across the nation surveil and will handle. Violence and hate speech remain an anathema to a majority of Americans except for the very UNFINE PEOPLE: Neo Nazis, the KKK, white nationalist groups and other hate groups whose psychotic blind following of Trump has proven suicidal. As has been done in Michigan, those who terrorize and threaten and commit federal crimes against the people, including acts of police brutality, must be held accountable. Trump's government encouraged domestic terrorism. Joe Biden's government will not. 

Republicans will not uphold rebellion and maintain power. Without the backing of corporations and their wealthy donors who are sick of throwing billions into Trump's bankrupt money pit in a law of diminishing returns, the Republican Party has lost sway. From the Stock Market's performance when the Biden win was announced, it is apparent they are seeking something new, the opportunities that come with "building back better after Trump's collapse of Main Street. As James Carville predicted, Trump can and will be rendered moot. Biden's goodness and leadership, if allowed, may vaccinate us against hatred and division we've known during these most horrific nightmare years of Trump and this last year of disease and death.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Putin/Trump and the GOP are OFF THE RAILS of US Democracy Which PROCEEDS WITHOUT THEM as Biden Inexorably Transitions


In June Trump, infuriated that Tucker Carlson suggested he was frightened and in the basement of the White House, had police and riot squad rubber bullet and gas peaceful protestors to make way for  photo op above. General Milley later apologized for being duped to be a part.

The patently wicked abuse of congressional, senatorial and presidential power by coward politicians who have sworn an oath to uphold the constitution and protect the American people and its democracy, is blatant for all to see. The very individuals who have run on  the platforms of democracy would now revert them to dictatorship achieved by fraud and the disenfranchisement of black, brown, Native Americans on no factual evidence whatsoever. The evidence of a well-run, very secure and fair election has been indicated by state election boards who have certified the count throughout the country. However, Trump has contested Biden's win and the counts of the states which he wants to declare for himself, as if he had a choice in the matter. 

There is no legitimate evidence the election has been rigged and that Trump has won .The costly court dates (going on 31) have yielded nothing because when judges ask for evidence, Trump's lawyers produced none. Finally, in fear of disgrace, the lawyers gave up. There is one lawyer standing, Rudy Guiliani who has not been a prosecutor for 28 years. He has been the president's personal advocate drumming up funds for himself by pushing conspiracies favorable to Trump. Throughout his illegitimate presidency, Trump has acted out of his own fairy tale world. His psychosis and schizophrenia have produced sycophants he promised favors to. But Americans have spoken, voted and nullified this quid pro quo MO and Trump's presidential illegitimacy.

2017 Woman's March, the largest in the world to date protesting Donald Trump

Thus, Trump has a problem. This is not fiat government created out of thin air because Donald Trump wishes it to be so. Ours is a Constitutional Republic, a democracy with a constitution that lays out strict regulations that Donald Trump cannot get around unless he calls in the military and declares himself supreme dictator. The problem is, the military would revolt. And no one for a second would allow military interference to occur. General Milley has already stated this publicly. This is the United States. It is not Mozambique, nor is it North Korea.

The very notion that votes cast for Biden are fraudulent and those cast for Trump are OK is a Putinesque lie, a canard, a shoddy magic trick. It is ipso facto proof that as a "president" Donald Trump is unfit. It leads into the credibility that Putin elected Donald after meddling extensively in the 2016 election. Putin understood what he was doing; he knew that Trump was and is a feeble incompetent incapable of reigning in his own emotional psychosis to govern this unwieldy nation. With his billions in debts to Putin and his oligarchs, Trump was, and still is until he leaves office, Putin's asset and compromat. In the greatest coup of the Cold War, Putin arranged for the illegitimate to run ragged on the US democracy after he helped elect him. 

An early rendering of the COVIDE-19 MOLECULE
 What both didn't figure was that Trump's incompetence would be so great as to miscalculate the power of a pandemic. Instead of acting immediately and incisively as Joe Biden Jr. would have done (see his Op Ed piece in the New York Times in January) Donald Trump did what he does best: fabricated lies, played golf, rejected the mandate given to him by the constitution to keep Americans safe. He completely botched the COVID response like the incompetent he is. To date, the death toll climbs exponentially. It is currently over 258,000. The US figures are the worst on the globe.

Indeed, one reason why Donald lost the presidency is because the country wants decisive action to confront COVID and regenerate the Main Street economy that has been laid low, despite all efforts to keep Wall Street propped up. Furthermore, Americans overwhelmingly, as the vote indicates, are infuriated with Trump's racism, misogyny, cronyism, nepotism, corruption, transactional conduct favoring quid pro quos with the wealthy and nothing for those poor and middle class who can't give Donald the money he craves. Above all Americans are sick of the divisiveness and politicization into Red States and Blue States. Trump has weaponized COVID for his own glory and made non mask wearing his brand of strength and machismo. To insecure, impotent males looking for an intellectual viagra-like boost, this is ego candy. But it also kills. Trump owns the branding and rejects its consequences, refusing to be accountable for his disastrous approach to fighting COVID.

Thus, Trump with cowardice and murderous intent for those who believe him has continued to kill Americans. Refusing to concede to Joe Biden Jr. and continuing with Depraved Indifference (a crime) to prevent Biden to transition and assess the state of the country's necessities regarding the pandemic, Americans will die in greater numbers as Biden has pointed out.

All of this bespeaks Trump's illegitimacy and nihilism. Putin approves of Trump's disregard and hatred of the United States and Americans; he is one of a few world leaders who has not called to congratulate Joe Biden Jr. on his win. Putin is at war with American democracy and Americans. Donald Trump has been his weapon of choice. But the weapon has been demobilized in the 2020 election. Putin is a failure and will be confronted by Joe Biden Jr. who has been his adversary for decades: Putin has oppressed and harmed the Russian people and Ukrainians. Biden during the Obama administration with the help of Europe inspired Ukranians to depose the corrupt puppet Putin put in power. Putin has a special hatred for Joe Biden Jr. Of course Putin would support Trump staying in power; he does not want to deal with Joe Biden Jr. restoring majesty and power to the US presidency.

Chris Krebs CISA director Trump fired for telling the truth (
Donald Trump's fraud claim has been thrown down and discredited by Chris Krebs Director of CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) in the Department of Homeland Security, who maintained that the 2020 election was the most secure of any in US History. Krebs' statement of fact that Donald Trump said was "inaccurate" effected Krebs' career suicide. Nevertheless, Krebs stood by his assertions courageously. Trump immediately fired him via Twitter, a prima facie case of Krebs putting country over Trump loyalty, a blasphemy for the bankrupt illegitimate and would-be Putin.

Of course the irony is legion. Trump, could fire people on his TV Reality Show when it was fake and staged. In real life, he has fired no one in person. The prospect of looking into an innocent's face while Trump levels his revenge and malevolence is too much for guilty Donald to take. What an irony he played YMCA's (gay group) 'Macho Man' at his former rallies. He is the antithesis of macho. A macho man would concede, would be the bigger person, would not need to get revenge on anyone because he would know his inner core of strength and realize revenge is a psychotic game. 

The Village People told Trump to stop playing their music after he threatened to shoot protestors (Heather Kaplan)
Well, Donald can't realize the strength of his inner core because it doesn't exist. His father made sure never, ever to breed strength, hardiness, goodness and ability into him as evidenced in Mary Trump, Ph.D.'s book about her uncle. All the more pity for this nation.

Back to the election and Chris Krebs. Not only has Krebs thrown down the fraud claim, it is being thrown down by every election board in the US who certifies its vote counts. It has been thrown down by Mitt Romney and other Republicans as well as the Republican governors anxious to start a proper COVID RESPONSE. It has been thrown down by world leaders who see Joe Biden Jr. as the president elect. And it has been thrown down by 79% of the nation who accepts and knows that Joe Biden Jr. won.

The fraud charge, since there is no evidence to back it, has been thrown out of court again and again. Chris Christy, Karl Rove, Rupert Murdock and others, who supported Trump in the past, have either called or come out publicly to tell him it's over. But interestingly, Americans great and small don't figure into Trump world, so he will not listen or be persuaded by them. And not even Mitch can persuade him to concede or allow Biden to transition.

Putin/Trump meeting lasted 2 hours and produced no transcript, a matter of public record

There is one who does figure into Donald's fantasies. And if you consider that 2016 was delivered by Putin and 2020 was delivered by the American people, Donald wants to go back to the past. It is why he stated if he doesn't win, the election is rigged. Well, how did he know that it would be rigged? Because ipso facto, he and Putin had a quid pro quo that, like before, if Donald followed all the steps he followed in 2016, he would win. Putin would do his part to hack, cheat, influence, steal for him and fund him even to paying for actors and shills at his rallies to pump up the crowd size and convince all who watched, that overwhelmingly the nation wanted Trump again. Lest we forget the strategies used in 2016 (smears, Social Media, QAnon lies, etc.) the same was enacted in the 2020 race. There were the various smears against Joe Biden Jr. none of which took hold as they did with Hillary Clinton. Indeed, all of them applied to Trump, instead and appeared to be projections considering Trump's close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein: pederasty, perversions, etc. And there was the repeat charging of Biden's alleged corruption (again a projection since Trump's corruption is legion). And the repeat of 2016 in 2020 even included Trump leading chants to lock up Obama and Biden. 

Trump liberally uses QAnon lies and fantasies which Russian Military Intel promotes 24/7 on social media as it did in 2016. QAnon myths are like hardcore porn to Trump supporters who can't get enough. The more bizarre, the more they believe and believe to their COVID deaths. No wonder the FBI has designated QAnon as a domestic terrorist threat. Day and night the Russian GRU and other agencies create and traffick their wild tales to brainwash and divide Americans  QAnon lies are then spread because they are occult and appear "secret." A key myth is that Trump will save the world when JFK Jr. comes back to be his VP. QAnon scheduled that for 2018. It is 2020 and QAnon followers are still waiting. They've believed in mythologies like Plandemic a film about COVID-19 which purports the Fauci/Gates conspiracy about vaccinations which is like cocaine candy for anti-vaxxers. 

The latest on QAnon is that Donald won and the election was rigged. If you are entertained by lies, QAnon is your go-to site supported by RT and Sputnik, Russian TV in the US. Even Fox draws a line in the sand and recently has thrown down the lies and fantasies, with the exception of Hannity and a few others who are tired of having to baby Donald and get nothing in return. His support is not worth the ridicule; Murdock has given his word. Recently, Tucker Carlson asked Trump lawyer Sidney Powell for proof about outlandish conspiracy theories at a press conference about Trump winning. She never came on his show with evidence and conservative right-wing media attacked Carlson for his disloyalty.

Trump and Putin close buddies
Are people believing that Trump won? Yes stoked by Rush Limbaugh and friends. For some Trump supporters the reality of their lives is so painful, so dire, so awful and their inner core is so empty, anything is better than having to consider who they are and what their purpose is on this great wide earth. Trump is their god whom they adore. Indeed, one caller today on the Rush Limbaugh show pledged he cared for Trump so much that he would sacrifice his life for him. Herman Cain did sacrifice his life attending the Tulsa Rally, and many others have died believing Trump's COVID lies.

When all is said and done, Putin is behind Donald, not out of love, but in his own self-interest. He is driving Trump's and Rudy Guiliani's clownish attempts to salvage the illegitimate presidency. The election of 2016 was the coup. And the revolution reinstating the US democracy was the election of Joe Biden Jr. as president. Putin's regime in the US is done and we must make sure it is finished by remaining vigilant against the social media trolls on Facebook and elsewhere and by supporting superb investigative reporting and whistleblowers who will continue to come forward to expose Trump's corruption, malfeasance, subversion of democracy and conspiratorial treason with foreign adversaries to overthrow our democracy.

On a positive note, Putin's power has ended as Trump flails and founders. Trump may try to subvert the 79 million Biden voters. But he can't subvert what has been established and he cannot silence those millions in the greater majority of citizens who oppose his racist, misogynistic, divisive, anti-American, anti-patriotic perspective and behaviors. Trump is a bungling incompetent propped up by Russian military intel trolls who blur the reality of who and how many support Trump. He has been his own worst enemy, addicted to failure and bankruptcy. He will fail at this impossible attempt to "win," proving himself a loser once more. To reverse 40 year long losing streak, he would have to admit fault, admit his misery and change. Barring Christ appearing to Donald personally in a road to Damascus moment, Donald will not change. 

John L Lewis, Civil Rights Icon believed Trump to be elected by Putin. He believed Trump/Putin stole Hillary Clinton's place in history as the 45 president.

All who grift off Donald's current desperation to keep the presidency (Rudy is allegedly getting $20,000 a day to advocate for Donald to those who will hear him) solidify his supreme unfitness and illegitimacy. They are creating a prima facie case that Donald Trump was elected illegally and fraudulently in 2016 and has continued his failed presidency by not adhering to the constitution's mandate of a peaceful transference of power. If on January 20, 2021 Trump refuses to leave the White House, it will be further proof that Trump does not understand or take the presidency seriously. To contravene the oath he swore is one more example of sedition and treason, behaviors he already is guilty of in his failed attempts to keep Americans safe from COVID-19. 

For those whose eyes are opened, they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Donald John Trump deserved to be impeached last fall. And they know that the Republican senate led by Mitch McConnell failed in a dereliction of duty to uphold the constitution. It was then they followed him into the black hole of cowardice and infamy. If he had been removed then Pence would have been in charge of the COVID response. Things would have turned out differently. But hindsight is an exact science. What is is. Donald Trump is and he is leaving. It is an irony that Trump lost to Joe Biden Jr., Putin's dire enemy whom he hates. It is an incredible blow to the United Russia Party and conservative right-wing governments in Brazil, Hungary and elsewhere.

On January 20 Donald John Trump will be forced to leave in a straight jacket or heavily sedated if he refuses to go under his own power with any shred of dignity. Bannon and Rudy and their fraud screaming attempts to subvert the will of the American people by choosing Republican electors for Biden electors, despite the 306 number, is an idea which has failed. If the race wasn't the landslide it is, and the margins were a few thousand votes, the plan might have worked. But the American people by an incredible margin, despite negative odds against an incumbent president, succeeded in telling Donald Trump they had enough. The only thing left for him to do is vacate and in his own being suppress any obsessive, senile, demented urge to run off the rails rather than realize the difference between truth and a lie.