Friday, January 25, 2019

Trump/McConnell Shutdown: Psychosis, Mental Derangement, Inhumanity, Sadism

Federal workers and contractors, of all colors and religions protest the government shutdown (courtesy of Getty Images, see site)
The political situation that currently abides in the United States bears discussing on the basis of mental fitness and the wellness of our nation.

Trump and Republicans have shut down the government with bragging rights. If you are a US taxpayer, and supported the Tea Party movement years ago and expected the Republicans to be fiscally accountable to drive down the debt they smeared the Democrats for causing? Then you are mentally deranged. Sorry, if that is a blunt statement, but truth is the way to healing and wellness. And your mental derangement is the same as the Trump/McConnell's psychosis. Here's why.

The Tax "Reform" Act the Trump/Republicans passed has added trillions of dollars of debt to the budget and raised the average US citizen's tax bill, not lowered it. The billionaires of the nation, whom the poor and average US citizens now subsidize with billionaire welfare, received millions in tax breaks. The Mercers, friends of Steve Bannon and once proud owners of corrupt Cambridge Analytica (a data firm the FBI has records of involvement in 2016 election machinations with Russians) received well needed tax relief.
City Harvest Food Rescue and other national food pantries are doubling down to feed FBI, US Attorneys, TSA, Federal Maintenance Workers, Air Traffic Controllers who run this country, not the traitors to the constitution, Trump/McConnell and various Republicans who work hard to hold US taxpayers hostage in The New American Slavery (photo  from City Harvest site, go there if you can donate to feed 18,000 NYC Fed workers)
Mercer owed US taxpayers a staggering $7.5 billion. With the tax break he most probably has relieved his tax burden now subsidized by US underclasses. Is it any wonder he helped elect Trump by any means necessary using the book Clinton Cash (effected by him, Steve Bannon and others) to smear Hillary Clinton from here to eternity? His tax bill surely got resolved as we carry his load. US citizens have been robbed of what was rightfully theirs to fund the government disproportionately. The underclasses hold the bag while billionaires use BitCoin, dark money centers, offshore accounts, shell corporations, Deutsche Bank and Cypress Bank (hello Wilbur Ross shareholder in CB) to money launder funds they stole from Russian citizens and US citizens they don't want on record.

The government now is going bankrupt. Welcome to Trump/McConnell psychosis, an ever spiraling destruction of their mental health and wellness and ours. Surely, they should commit suicide immediately, instead of this slow process of delusional thinking, directed suicidal behavior, and subverting their own interests which is to say the nation's interests. Unless they are foreign nationals, the Trump/McConnell shutdown is self-harm on a grand scale that impacts everyone in the nation, regardless of bank account.
Federal workers protest the Shutdown, refuse The New American Slavery (courtesy Getty images, see the site)
Economic injustice is at the heart of the Trump/Republican shutdown, now in its 35th day. Billionaires like Trump are largely inviolate and untouched, so they believe. The shutdown does not impact them financially. They received millions in tax cuts. Wilbur Ross yesterday chided harmed federal workers for not getting bank loans to tie them over. The man who is a large shareholder of Cypress Bank, the Putin money laundering bank, is mentally infirm to make such a comment. And the man is Secretary of Commerce? God help us! The poor (if you are a federal worker you are poor) cannot afford bank loans (The micro lending that Mohammed Yunes won a Nobel Peace Prize for is not popular in the US. So micro lending is out.).

To identify how Federal workers are poor is explained in the following discussion. Let us use proportionate comparisons. The billionaire class population that received the tax breaks number a handful of individuals out of the total number of US citizens. Yet this handful owns the largest portion of the wealth of the US. Without this handful, US taxpayers are impoverished, like a third world nation. This is economic warfare that has been going on for years, The New Civil War, if you will primarily established by Reganism. The war is to wrench as much from the Middle Class and Upper Middle Class through sub rosa declines in living standards, rises in inflation, declines in purchasing power, rises in taxes disproportionately giving the bulk of taxation burden to the underclasses while allowing off shore accounts, to serve as tax havens. That is money that could be used for the US budget but will never make it to our nation.

US citizens love the nation who are the Federal Workers. We despise those who in the WH and congress who claim to represent us but only represent foreign adversarial nations (Russia, Saudia Arabia) and the billionaire class.
Thus, in 2019, even if you have 10 million to leave to your progeny, you are not only not wealthy, your money doesn't even begin to compare to the wealth of the billionaire class. Proportionately, you are really not better off but are a few stone throws away from bankruptcy. If Republicans continue to gut healthcare and you get sick, all that money will be exhausted on paying for treatments. Indeed, wellness, mental and physical is predicated on financial wellness, first. Excepting the handful of billionaires whose financial stability guarantees them their human rights of medical access (the right to wellness is not a right, but a privilege enforced by wealth, according to Republicans/Mitch McConnell/Trump who are in lock step with the medical industrial complex), the underclasses especially those who think they have money, have no rights. Not having the right to choose one's doctor regardless of cost, is no right at all. To think the constitution gives us this right is a canard. Billionaires have that right. Everyone else does not. Welcome to The New American Slavery. US Citizens will not tolerate this New American Slavery no matter how hard Republicans try to jam it down our throats. The handwriting is on the WALL, and Republican/Trump/Putin psychosis has blinded them to sound, mental wellness.

Continuing on the subject of healthcare, the medical industrial complex charges unseemly prices for prescriptions and medical procedures. Financial insecurity for all US citizens on the basis of Republican policies about healthcare is a real threat for all not in the billionaire class. Considering that we US taxpayers gave them millions in tax breaks, we are paying for the billionaires' healthcare privileges while destroying our own rights to life and healthcare. Thus, proportionately, the ones least able to gain health are not insured and of course, they are the most likely to get sick and die as they will not be able to recover easily getting no treatment or bad treatment. The ones most able to be "cured" will be "cured" all the more quickly and their physical bodies will continue. It's too bad their mental derangement will increase as a result of the egregious and inhuman inequities. They unconsciously know. And this contributes to their psychosis, in a never ending cycle. Their behaviors give them away. Healthy folks who embrace wellness are generous. The psychotic abide in isolation, hatred and restriction.
Federal workers protest. Polls reveal US taxpayers credit Trump/Republicans for shutdown; they reject the wall sand see it as inhuman. (Getty images, see the site).
As long as this situation abides, the mental derangement of the billionaire class will only worsen. And eventually, that psychosis they demonstrate which at its base is not only genocidal but suicidal, will destroy them and take many of us with them. Since there are more in the other classes that are younger, healthier and mentally sentient and coherent, the underclasses will survive proportionately. The billionaires who have their own progeny will still number a handful.

The delusional lie that the shutdown does not impact the billionaire class is a particularly "in your face lie," if one has the eyes to understand how. First, corporations that depend on the health of the consumer class to keep them going are losing millions of dollars every day. Delta Airlines is an example. Each of the Federal workers who Trump/McConnell have made into slaves is not buying what they used to buy. Their mortgages are collapsing which will impact the banking industry. The small feeder businesses that relied on them, contractors that number in the millions are calculating losses exponentially. Their losses impact those they contract out to and buy from and that impacts the others they contract out to and do business with. The domino effect is now reaching a point of no return.
2017 Women's March in NYC, New Yorkers who know Trump oppose who he is and what he stands for as reprehensible (Carole Di Tosti)
From this shutdown, businesses will go bankrupt. People will die. They are already dying on the border where the impact of this continues and the families and jailed children are being neglected and die. Federal workers cannot afford their medications which has a direct impact on their job performance as does the untold stress of encroaching financial insolvency. The incalculable misery caused by the psychotic McConnell/Trump shutdown because there "must be a wall," is a enslavement to unwellness, physical, emotional, psychological.

The New American Slavery that Trump/McConnell have imposed on the federal workers (many Southern workers supported Trump) is inhuman. For not only does the slavery impact the workers who must spend money to work for nothing, it impacts those who would contract to them to spend and not be paid and never be paid, thus increasing the slavery caused by Trump/McConnell to millions of individuals and of course corporations who depend upon consumers (the airlines and travel industry are being ravaged).
New Yorkers happy to protest an unfit, racist, misogynistic president in NYC, 1/21/2017 (Carole Di Tosti)
At least the Slave Economy of the South had a basis.There was a logic to it. There is no logic to The New American Slavery that forces US citizens to be slaves to pay for the privilege of being slaves if they choose to be federal workers. Oh, by the way, by now, the costs to the federal budget for luxuriating and indulging in Trump/McConnell's psychosis has now exceeded what the wall price was. To reopen the government will cost much more, in fact in the billions. The trillions of US debt increases. So the Tea Party Republicans who scream that Democrats spend? They have proven themselves psychotic, delusional. Why give any money to Trump/McConnell for an absurdity wall that is borne out of political agendas (that very may well be conflicts of interest-Trump friends will benefit from its building) and maintained by psychosis. More money will be needed, more and more and more for a wall of steel slats, or concrete or reeds? The more US taxpayers pay for contracts for this elusive wall that doesn't work, the more trillions Republicans are willing to spend. Entailing the US Taxpayer? Why?  What is causing Trump/McConnell to take such an illogical, intractable position that Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have sanely pointed out to them again and again?

NYC protest 1/21/2017 (Carole Di Tosti)
It is beyond logic. A wall must be built as an emergency? It should have been funded before the tax breaks to billionaires bankrupted the budget. The wall being built because of caravans? More people now are going to Mexico for healthcare than illegal migrants coming here and Mexico welcomes us and is becoming enriched. For Mexico and those looking for cheap, good healthcare,t's a win/win. Capitalism at work for Mexico. Too bad there is no free market capitalism in the US. Only Billionaires enslaving the underclasses in The New American Slavery.

Ann Coulter is adamant in upholding the Trump psychosis. Ann Coulter psychotic? Well, the rationale follows. A wall prevents people from coming here. Really? They are tunneling under, climbing over, flying over, boating to our coasts and bringing drugs in from  Canada. So a physical barrier only benefits the demented for whatever reason: Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Trump/McConnell as their cronies whom they promised contracts to and wait with hands outstretched to construct this "barrier" which is a waste of our money. This is US citizen financial enslavement with no benefits.

Trump's promised wall claims are lies. Mexico will never pay because the leaders of that government are mentally sound. So while US citizens are made slaves. They and go to food banks because they are forced to work and spend to get to work for nothing in return, impoverishing their bank accounts. The same applies  for contractors and corporates like Delta Airlines, etc., while Trump/McConnell are incapable of making a decision despite the Democrats putting up bills they refused, despite passing a bill in the Senate a month ago that funded the government. Trump on TV owned the Shutdown and McConnell is silent; silence is acquiescence, agreement. So McConnell's doing nothing is agreement with Trump. Meanwhile, the situation is now dire, for all of us are impacted, regardless of how much money billionaires have in their bank accounts. Not seeing the truth of this is a blindness, a psychosis. It is an inhumanity that is sadistic and masochistic. And there is no cure for that psychosis. None!

Say a billionaire gets on his private plane. He still has to depend on Air Traffic Controllers to land him, and if not, is he so sure he can avoid a mid air crash with a poor man's airliner? Aviation is not only Air Traffic Control, it is also contractors at airports who maintain planes. If they are understaffed as it is and now working ungodly hours for no pay? Is it safe for billionaire businessmen to fly, risking a poorman's plane might hit him or cause delays at an airport? Is it safe for AirForce One to fly? It used to be flying was safer than driving. Things have changed with the shutdown.

Would a billionaire put up with working for no pay? Would Trump? Absolutely not. He is a billionaire. Yet because "he can," he will force the poor who need a paycheck to suffer the indignity. Well, bottom line is this. Remember his promises? Soooo much winning. He alone was the white savior who would bring prosperity to this nation. Really? Is the Shutdown prosperity and good faith building?

US Taxpayers are helping Federal workers with donations and volunteerism to food banks. They know it is not enough.
 How long do you trust the underclasses 95% of the nation to gladly accept an enslavement that is worse than the enslavement of Southern Planters who at least guaranteed food and shelter to their slaves. Those planters saw their slaves as having a tremendous worth to them. Slaves were more valuable than the poor whites who were lazy and refused to work because they didn't "want to be slaves."  Meanwhile, poor whites had no value. How many died abused and abusing, predators of their own families because they were useless and valueless. The same abides today. But Federal workers will not put up with this, though white supremacists descended from poor whites would because they have the same psychosis as McConnell/Trump. If white supremacists who are the underclass still support Trump/McConnell/Republicans? They are psychotic and delusional still expecting to prosper. I rest my case.

Slaves knew their value. Do Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump understand the import of what they are doing, above all, to themselves as US Citizens? For they are rendering all races, creeds and colors valueless, proclaiming their work is valueless. This is an eye opener. If they didn't know it before, US citizens are being shown what their work is worth, what their selves are worth, what they mean to Mitch McConnell, Republicans and Trump and his cabinet. Can you still support someone who deems you of no worth, especially when you work for them, pay their salaries while you are stiffed? (Congress are "essential workers," don't forget.
For the Republican Party, suckers have become psychotics. Barnum's empire is done forever as will be Trump's
 How many Republicans have foregone their paychecks as Democrats have? Has McConnell? Has McConnell's wife or his other relatives that Trump recently gave jobs to?) Meanwhile, TSA are non essential workers? The Coast Guard that do a fabulous job of keeping our borders safe on the high seas are non essential workers? Law enforcement? US Prosecutors like my cousin, non essential workers who try the very criminals that Trump supposedly is building the wall to keep out? Really? Psychosis. Supporting Republicans who are psychotic along with Trump? Go ahead, be psychotic like them. As for me and my house, God gives a sound mind. I will worship The LORD.

This New American Slavery is a lie under God and under the laws of our constitution to which we pledge allegiance to under God. The Trump/McConnell shutdown will bring McConnell/Trump/Republicans to their knees because it is against our freedoms and right to work and be paid. They will be brought down, if not by impeachment, by election or by lawsuit for the Trump/McConnell shutdown is unconstitutional. By the time the Republicans decide to accept Nancy Pelosi's sound plan, the loss of money and respect of the US taxpayer will be so great, that Putin will not have enough billions (despite Oleg Deripaska getting his money from his sanctions lifted) to fund Republican election campaigns and guarantee a win for them. It will be throwing good money after bad; Putin is not stupid. A Shutdown like this is an event. It will be remembered. And the Republicans have done the Democrats a favor with their Republican psychosis of cruelty. They have revved up the ire of US taxpayers to overwhelm them in the next election and vote Democratic. McConnell/Trump stupidity and suicidal masochism is psychotic. To stick with the party line, Republicans are destroying themselves.
Women's March NYC, 1/21/2017, before the Mueller Investigation and firing of Comey. New Yorkers who know what and who Trump is also knew then that Trump was controlled by Putin, a fact in the last two years that has been proven in plain sight. The only ones who may know this on Fox News are Chris Wallace, Geraldo Rivera and Shep Smith. The other media outlets are apprised of the weird bromance bt Trump/Putin (Carole Di Tosti)
Trump is bankrupt; his slavish behavior to Putin for money quid pro quos is obvious. Putin owns him and now Putin holds the US hostage via Trump/McConnell. But the US taxpayer will not be held hostage to Trump/McConnell/Republicans and their paymaster Putin. Putin can continue to live large and impoverish his own people (1 in 5 have no toilets in Russia). We are not Communists or Putin serfs. And unfortunately, there is a document which guarantees us freedoms though Republicans and billionaires DAILY HAVE WORKED TO ABROGATE THAT DOCUMENT, though they are US citizens. Why? Because they are sick, unwell. mentally unfit, psychotic. Look at the average Republican. Do they appear healthy?

Like US Citizens who will not tolerate this psychosis, neither will the Russian people or those Republics like Ukraine or Latvia and others of the former U.S.S.R. The world is watching what happens here. The shameful and psychotic behavior of Trump/McConnell/Republicans is on record. If Putin remains aligned with them his clever prestidigitation has flown.The psychosis has gripped him as well.
The avalanche is here, MidTerms 2018, 2020 Election. (Carole Di Tosti, NYC, 1/21/2017)
When the psychosis is overthrown, US taxpayers will elect those who will represent their national interests. US taxpayers will no longer subsidize the handful of billionaires with BILLIONAIRE WELFARE. The billionaires will have to pay their proportionate share by kicking into the government coffers, not by paying a pittance, a few millions to obviate their $7.5 billion tax bills through Citizens United and payoffs to election boards in swing states, through payoffs to Republican PACS in exchange for Tax Reform that gives them millions and gives the bill to the underclasses. That dog won't hunt and in fact, that dog is turning on its slavemaster.

The right to life, the freedom to choose to pursue health and happiness is not subject to the infirmity and mental derangement of others who presume to lead but who cannot even govern their own excesses or their fleshly appetites. We of healthy, sound mind know that being slaves of the billionaire class is suicide. Billionaires need to own up to their mental illness and suicidal impulses. The billionaire infirm must go the way of the infirm, the deranged, the way of the deranged. And they must be brought to pay their fair share and have a Jesus moment. There is no place for any more Republican psychotics in our government which gives BILLIONAIRE WELFARE that billionaires take greedily because they are mentally deranged.

The shutdown has exposed The New American Slavery to the light. So be it. There are too many sane US taxpayers who will not allow the mad McConnells/Trumps/Putins/ BILLIONAIRES to continue in their own self-destruction. We are the geese that lay golden eggs. We will not lose our freedoms because riches have made them mentally ill and cupidity has rotted out their souls and minds. If the demented wish to be  consumed by their own insanity feel free folks. But you will not take the US taxpayer, you will not take the federal worker or the contractors that supply them or Delta Airlines or other corporations who are losing massive revenue, or their shareholders. You will have to go lunatic alone without us. You will not kill us, the geese. God gave us sound minds and our US American House resides in the inalienable rights God has given us. We know the difference between freedom and slavery. We choose freedom.
NYC 1/21/2017, I would add we refuse to accept The New American Slavery brought by Trump/McConnell/Republicans psychotic, UnAmerican activities. (Carole Di Tosti)


Sunday, December 3, 2017


Organic farms are springing up in cities as they make use of green space to grow food. How does this relate to fasting?
Much is written about the use of fasting for religious purposes or other purposes. CAVEAT: this is a very basic elemental discussion of fasting, rather an introduction if you are considering its benefits. Look for more comprehensive information to receive the specifics about it. See below for recommendations and sites.

The Master Cleanse is a wonderful way to de-toxify using fresh lemons, purified water and organic maple syrup B.

Fasting is defined as withholding from eating a meal one would normally have at a particular time. It could be as extreme as having nothing to eat or drink for a day as is done with religious ceremonial tradition for Yom Kippur, or it could be as simple as not eating for one meal. Either way, fasting usually allows for drinking clean, purified water with the exception of some religious fasts. Fasting can also be as complex as using a cleanse, like The Master Cleanse for a number of days while restricting food or some other de-tox cleanse. The point is when fasting from food, it is important to drink and hydrate oneself with clean, purified water, teas or any combination of drinks preferably organic, low carbohydrate, non seltzer. Sodas like diet sodas do nothing to help the body cleanse itself and should be avoided as the contents leech out calcium, trace elements and other nutrients in the body which are irreplaceable.

Where do you fit? Hopefully, these symptoms are not yours.

Fasting should only be undertaken by those who do not have any medical condition. That said, the US populace who suffers from some or another malady and is taking medication already is in a severe state of physical stress. The stress is exacerbated by the chemicals of the meds being put into their systems, all of which have side-effects. Additionally, there are the chemicals and toxins that their livers and kidneys have to deal with from toxic, unclean, pesticide/herbicide/GMO laden food. Then there are the environmental toxins in the air, the chlorine in the water and much more. So the caveat for these individuals would be to gradually introduce a situation where they "fast" from eating processed foods, for example. Or if they already are eating fresh fruits and vegetables and meats that are free-ranged with no antibiotics or steroids or growth hormones, then they are going to find it easier to start out by fasting one meal, just drinking clean, purified water and taking in no food.

Tap water, unless it is filtered reverse osmosis, is not a good idea during fasting. Use purified filtered water.

Fasting under the proper conditions, with the right purified or bottled water, mind set and time to activate its benefits is something everyone should do if they are healthy enough to do so. If they are not, entering into a fast should be performed with a nutritionist or a wholistic doctor for the right reasons.
  •  CLEANSING Fasting is a way to purge your body from toxins that have been accumulating for years. These toxins are from the following sources:  processed foods, junk foods, chemicalized foods (i.e. meats filled with antibiotics, or washed with ammonia or GMO meats whose DNA has been tweaked to make the animal larger) vegetables sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals;  as well genetically altered vegetables to serve the Monsanto or other company sold to farmers to receive roundup and other chemicals to destroy fungus and repel insects; genetically altered grains in the service of industry, not the consumer. 
None of these should be used to fast. All contain sugar, a toxin that you should be cleansing from.
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM STRENGTHENING  Fasting is a way to allow the body to concentrate on healing and empowering the organs toward restoration. The digestive system is the key engine of the body. Oftentimes, it is overloaded with excess food. It is overloaded with having to deal with clogs that prevent proper nutrition absorption. Such excesses are decreased to a minimum the longer the fast. When the organs are given a rest from toxin overload and are not being taxed to attempt to expel chemicals, they can restore and repair. That in turn decreases inflammation caused by chemical and toxin intake. The restoration helps the body to more easily rid the body of toxins. Less toxins taken in, less toxins need to be reworked and expelled. No toxins taken in, then the body is left to its own amazing healing parameters. When the immune system is allowed to strengthen in such a way, then one is less susceptible to bacteria. Inflammation decreases. The body becomes more alkaline, less acidic (a condition which creates inflammation) and closer to achieving a homeostatic state.  Healing occurs throughout the body. And the immune system is allowed to function to break down any attacks. This is especially useful if one's own immune system attacks itself. Auto-immune system attacks decrease.
If you have not already done so, change your lifestyle to organic foods and grains before and after a fast.
  •  WEIGHT LOSS  Fasting is a way to lose weight. This must be monitored carefully because such weight loss becomes addictive. The more addictive the personality, the more likely for this to occur. If one is addicted to junk food, alcohol, sugar, salt, pain killers, etc., the greater the likelihood that the fast, once begun may continue despite necessity. The best way to counteract this is to remember to drink water and return to food gradually after a set period of time. The greater the desired weight loss, then fasting may be used intermittently with changing one's lifestyle of eating to organic, free-range meats and dairy and eggs. Additionally one should select organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables and few if any oils or fats in liquid form. Fats from raw nuts and seeds and avocados are preferable. Artisan cheeses are preferable. Eating less before or after a fast is desirable. Again, this must be monitored because the return to food may become problematic. 
Fasting can be addictive once the initial start is conquered. You must monitor your fasting. Try intermittence.

If you decide to fast, write down your behaviors. Read them daily. Write daily what you notice about your emotions and psyche around food. Change your behaviors if they are not working. Attempt to be balanced in your food selection once you begin eating again. Decide to fast for one meal or one day or three days. See the results after you have determined WHY you need to fast. If you are looking for long-range healing, then determine with a nutritionist what the best plan may be. Or determine this without a nutritionist. However, before and after, get a baseline of weight and bloodwork if necessary. If the fast is for more benign reasons, to restrict food intake to give your body a rest and see how you feel, then a less stringent program is useful.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Trumpism and Appearance Fascism

The wonderful Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

 Preface to all of the kind-hearted, beautifully souled, ethical, rational men

Where are the wonderful, fulfilled happy men who have beautiful, soulful relationships with their partners? There are many. We just need to hear about them. This article uplifts them with every line that duns the fascist appearance norms that such men do NOT buy into. Women who are not blind, deaf and dumb? Take heart! This trend is only for a season. Granted it has been a decades long season, however, we are becoming smarter about appearance fascism. The truth always wins out in the end. But now, to acknowledge the currency of the Trump era's appearance fascism be on notice. Like all fascism and totalitarianism it is brittle and has no solid foundation in truth.

The fascism of appearance as promulgated by Trumpism.

Photo courtesy Alex Wong, from site
The Trump fascist regime of beauty and flawlessness to the exclusion of more important values screams audibly. If fascism uplifts one way to be (thin, white, non-ethnic, "beautiful," errorless) and decries ethnicity, then fascism and whiteism and the appearance that upholds this manifests the most un-American, un-patriotic ethos that Trump represents. For example uber thinness oozes from every pour of the white females represented in the WH administration (Ivanka, Hope Hicks, Kellyanne Conway, Betsey DeVos) with the exception of Sarah Huckabee whose obesity is unfathomable. However, her father Mike brings with him the shining patina of faux Christianity. Thus, the message becomes body imperfection is acceptable if the body is founded in Christianity and is Republican. Furthermore, Huckabee Sanders shows obeisance to Trump, a clear legitimacy of Trumpism. She wards off questions as if to exorcise (as in casting out devils) them from the news record. Of course all of it is on the record and her commentary is, like her boss, shamefully un-American.

Appearance fascism undergirded by Trump is threaded with male chauvinism, paternalism, misogyny. Each is useful to oppress, retain power over women and render them inconsequential. As inconsequentials, women become pliable and always at the ready to do oligarch's and chauvinist's bidding. Trump made it clear during the campaign that he loathes ugly women and this follows today with his response to the women he allegedly molested. This posture is purposeful. All know that beauty is relative and in "the eye of the beholder" except Trump, the king of beauty pageants. Trumpism promotes one kind of beauty. Over three-quarters of the American female population don't fit that Nazi "ideal" (tall, slender, bosomy, non ethnic). And 98% of the population do not resemble the "beauty" of Ivanka, Trump's prize possession who in comparison to the Hollywood pantheon of star beauty is a dwarf.

Elizabeth Taylor, courtesy of the site.
Beauty is fantasy is consumer driven. When a woman gets up in the morning and is forced to smile at herself in the mirror, especially as she ages past 35, it is a trial if she used to fit the "ideal" and has gone downhill. The culture and all of the predatory corporate flies that suck off women encourage her to feel this way. Many find this impossible to resist. Thus, women become compelled to buy makeup, get make-up tatoos (a Southern phenomenon), wear spanks, purchase oodles of flattering clothing, go for spa treatments, have lazar treatments, have physical trainers, get cosmetic surgery, get injectables, use diet pills, etc.

 It is especially so for women in the following scenarios: a husband divorces for another woman; a partner leaves for a younger woman; a partner dies and afterward the wife finds viagra he never used with her and receipts from Victoria's Secret for items she never received. Without the illusion of security bestowed by the partner, can the woman beat down the fears of ageism and ugliness manifest in her wrinkles, brown spots, skin blotchiness or the gained or lost pounds during the stress of the partner's leaving? How can a woman not compare herself to the younger woman or the "other" woman? How does one stem the urge to  immediately run to the cosmetic surgeon to feel better? If one does get enhancements will one feel more secure permanently? Or must they perpetually ride the wave of increasing their vigilance against time and fate's fleshly destruction by getting more surgeries?

Stephanie Petit, from site
 Witness Ivanna Trump. She is becoming unrecognizable as many women do after multiple surgeries and injectables. A friend of mine after two face lifts, tummy tuck, tatooed make-up, eye lifts, mini face-lift, botox, restayline, and thousands and thousands spent on all these procedures is incredibly insecure about her looks to this day. Furthermore, she does not resemble herself when she was younger. Have her enhancements turned back the clock? Arguable. Was she more attractive before? Also arguable. She is happy about the procedures until the feeling wears off, depression sets in and she plans for the next procedure. Fear of aging conquered her and is raging more and more in her emotions and intellect. It can never cease until she is in the hands of the undertaker, and even then she will be exerting her will from the afterlife for him to make her look good.

All of the accoutrements women employ counter their insecurity about their appearance, but they don't counter their inner insecurities about their sense of worthlessness. Indeed, the more enhancements they receive, the more they cycle failure in their attainment. By its very nature, the flesh is immutable in its ability to decay. One will never be "young" again. But what is one to do in a fascist culture that depends upon women's insecurity about their looks and drives home the ethic that every woman must be "beautiful?" In this ambience, how can one fight demons of insecurity and inferiority? When one's enemy is within and it competes in a "mirror, mirror on the wall" competition with other women, the enemies are legion. Women besiege themselves and their embattled sisters 24/7 or they give up and let go of their appearance, until they've had enough of ugliness and go get a facelift or the sleeve.

 Men, despite reports to the contrary predominately do not go through this unless they are gay. However, men understand women's war against themselves. They know that women internalize appearance ideals and torture themselves. The kind partners are supportive. The brutal men mine such weaknesses like a vein of gold. They use appearance ideals to attack women's self-esteem, especially if the women are brilliant and powerful.

Taken from a Pinterest site
Can women ever be content with their appearance in a fascist society that prizes youth and a standard of beauty that requires thinness and perfection? No! Inevitably, unless the mores change, women will be kept off balance and unnerved, spending money they may not have on interventions to fit the ideal. Additionally, no amount of flattery helps a woman's soul feel better in the long run. Compliments are an insubstantial, flimsy sop, for the next day brings on new mirror woes, a pound gained, wrinkles glaring back, brown spots widening with pant waist bands.

Without "amazing" looks, women feel worthless and purposeless. Would they be loved by their partner if they didn't keep up? It depends. I've known men who divorced their wives for prettier women when their wives became obese. I've known women who divorced their husbands when a wealthier man steps into the picture. The behavior can increase if the man is financially independent from his wife and she is financially dependent on him. In that instance, she is forced to "keep up." The more "wealth" and self-perceived power men have, the more they may exert their dominance and preeminence over women and use other women to salt wounds of inferiority. No one does this better than Trump. He has done this three times in his personal life. And he has used such fascist appearance ideals to insult both men and women.

But what happens with women who find a way to combat the paternalism, misogyny and chauvinism? What happens when women exert their equality? What happens when they refuse to be cowed by the fascist appearance standards and do not hide themselves under a rock because of their age or their not fitting the appearance ideal? They have appeared in each decade: you know the Eleanor Roosevelts, the Bella Abzugs, the Helen Kellers, the Gloria Steinems, the Hillary Clintons, the Elizabeth Warrens and others. They have not had oodles of cosmetic surgery, but have managed to retain a youthfulness in appearance with help. Theirs is an inner beauty that also shines outwardly and forestalls the incredible self-mutilation that can occur with excessive procedures.

If the women are powerful, they are excoriated. Gloria Steinem is a feminazi. Hillary Clinton is a killer, a cannibal and her foundation supports slavery and she is the most crooked human being who ever existed and certainly more thuggish than Putin. Elizabeth Warren? Pocahontas and a corrupt fraud. Eleanor Roosevelt- incredibly ugly and hated by conservatives. Bella Abzug? Another ugly feminazi. The galactic insults against Steinem, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, etc., come from conservative sites which have morphed into extreme alt-right sites that include Breitbart and Infowars and RT and Sputnik and thousands of Russian trolls and Sock Puppets who spread and spew the poop smears from St. Petersberg, fake IDs, dual-citizenship status Americans. And don't forget the bots. Millions of them.

The epithets are meant to destroy these women's credibility and wipe out what they are saying so no one listens to them. Soon, listeners can just tolerate Fox News and the alt-right and the latest general conspiracy theories because they have been propaganda chipped with closed-mindedness. The effect is that powerful women are not listened to. The switch is turned on to what pleases one's psyche. In effect such women are silenced. This is a step beyond the mantra that has abided for years. That women should shut up and be quiet, like I was told this fall by a debilitated (walking with a cane- obese), Republican I sat near at the HIFF. This New Jerseyite was a preening, self-absorbed Trump supporter who had to discuss with me his latest invention which he "shared with Trump" and which would help save the world's fossil fuel and climate problems. Right! This "brilliant" man was convinced that Trump and others would warm up to his invention; he had investors lined up.

I praised him. Did I have a choice? Women must not be powerful. They must shut up and be passive like Melania. Praise men, act the inferiors. They must not oppose oligarchs and autocrats like Trump and Putin. They must heel. This is the law of the current fascist, oligarchic movement. Naturally, that old, crippled by obesity, fascist I spoke with would embrace Trumpism in the face of his wife, a Hillary supporter, who made more money than he did.

Courtesy of the site.
Thus, the hurtful comments "the leader" of this nation makes about the appearance of various women who stand up to him? Like Hitler did, he speaks from an inherently fascist platform. There is only one way to be; if one is not this, then they are rejected as useless, especially if they attempt to countermand him. Such fascism is at heart cruel and infantile. It stinks of diapers. It uplifts the brutality of the unsupervised playground bully. Such a mentality and ethos Trump exudes with pride. Why does no one call him on it to his face? It is beyond my understanding.

Trumpism is about misogyny, paternalism and chauvinism. For example when the alleged leader recently stated that women are special? Cast that word as reminiscent of the vocabulary used when discussing a classroom of "special" children. In educational circles the word refers to the mentally challenged and emotionally debilitated. Indeed, that view demeans women's intellect. Whether women are brilliant or not is not in the equation of Trumpism. One never hears women referred to by him as brilliant. Only the "leader" is very smart. And that is hyperbole as the facts have borne out.

The point is women must shut up and look "amazing." Intellect, social and emotional intelligence are to be derided. Only appearance matters. And the weight had better be in the 15-19 BMI range to televise well. Yes, then beautiful women are "special." If they don't fit the ideal? They are ugly.

Weight chart. Some argue these numbers are too stringent and inaccurate. Doctors rely on these if they are consulting for lap band surgeries, sleeves and gastric by-pass surgeries.
Backed by Republican Trumpisms this current value strips women's intelligence and soul beauty with great intention. The MO de-energizes powerful women so the Trumpist or Putinist can then squat over them, pee, territorialize and reign like merciless "kings." Is it any wonder that Trump owns and presides over beauty pageants? What a galactic personality weakness viewed as something to admire and envy by various supporters. His ego? Desperate and fearful of being emasculated by women. His immaturity? Abysmally sandbox bully. His betrayal of self? Tragic.

Witness a few examples of Trump's denigrating comments about women. Elizabeth Warren? Pocahontas! Read up on what happened to her (not in Disney's version). Not only was he demeaning Elizabeth Warren's personal integrity and inherent power of kindness and the brilliant humanity of what she says, he demeaned Native American women and Native Americans and women. Three groups with one word. This was fascist Trumpism at its most rabid. It was effectively inhumane. Why consider anything she says? Native Americans were meant to be exterminated so we could take their rich lands. Superiority without humanity. Certain of Trump's white supremacist supporters appreciate bellicosity as strength. They are classic neo-Nazis, babies in diapers, weak-minded, weak-willed. These are the faux Christians who most probably don't akin to the the humble, loving, forgiving Christ dying on the cross for all people.
Which body fits Trumpism? Which does not? Why does it matter?
 Another example of Trumpism occurred before Trump was even thinking of being a candidate for President. It is exemplified in his treatment of Rosie O'Donnell over a decade ago. He excoriated Rosie O'Donnell and drummed her off television when she accused him of being bankrupt and indebted. Her statements were accurate. Nevertheless, he went after her personally, insulting her physical appearance and feminine stature, shredding all semblance of her respectability. The abuse was stunning. I was shocked at his abject cruelty. Obviously, she had hit a sensitive nerve about his need to be perceived as uber wealthy and powerful. I was also cued in that she was being truthful because of his insane attack against her. He was having severe money problems, during one of the four crises of his career as a lousy, scamming businessman and fraud. A patsy for the Russians to compromise with money? Yes. But he had to cover up that he wasn't as "rich" as he wanted others to believe, for money begets banking loans.

The next time I saw Rosie, she was on Youtube. The appearance and power of his "win" over her, I will never forget. Meanwhile, her truthfulness muddied by his epithets about her physical appearance, destroyed the credibility of her words about him. Then and there, Trump's fascism and gas bagging, an MO that has been useful to him, increased its ascendance. Currently, it is as high as the heavens with news outlets identifying such provable gaslighting and lies which have soared over the 2000 mark.

Fascism is useful for the small egoed to rise up the ladder of fraud with the corruption of truth. Hitler's lies were legion. He believed people didn't discern the difference between truth and a lie. Such inability of the average individual to discern paved the way for the holocaust and justified genocide.

Anorexia Nervosa has not been eliminated from the culture. What impact does appearance fascism have on this illness?
Indeed, when a foray of accusations from Trump's sexual victims were aired in the news, he quipped to the effect that he would never "stumpf" (my word) or sexually harass someone like that (the victim was a fatty or ugly-his judgment, not mine). And of course, he demeaned the other "more attractive" women as liars, and denied the charges. Men I know (Trump supporters) applauded him. And some particularly scurrilous ones even echoed his criticisms about the women with relish on FB, also decrying them as ugly. The irony was, these men were old, fat and abjectly disgusting. In life the women they criticized would never even have given them a second glance. However, one never knows. Many off-balanced women are so hungry for any attention in this appearance fascist society, that men have the upper sway, regardless of how ugly, disgusting and obnoxious the men are. Desperate women put up with tremendous abuse. Men know this and abuse them, verbally and physically if they are bullies, just for good locker room sport. It makes them feel powerful. Most probably because mama terrorized them as babies.

Regarding the sexual predation of the women who came forward against Trump? There was no consideration about the PTSD they experienced. There was no empathy for them and there still isn't, except from women. There and now, in some circles, exists a cheering on of Trump's defiance to demean those who came forward. There was also no thought given to recognize the tremendous courage it took for these women to stand against him.

Indeed, most had been bullied and threatened. They knew the nefarious, weak and noxious nature of the man they were blowing the whistle on. And the teens who were preyed upon as a part of Jeffrey Epstein's network? They especially were intrepid in coming forward, for they received countless death threats. For example the woman who intended to come forward and appear on TV during the campaign to discuss her lawsuit against Trump? She didn't. The threats were so traumatizing, she was frightened for her life. If she had appeared on television to discuss the abuse, rape and horror she experienced? Would the 2016 election have gone differently? Who is behind the death threats? Putin's thugs, those who dispatch Putin's enemies?

Courtesy of Rosie O'Donnell's Twitter Feed
 One must consider that sexual abuse lawsuits are still pending against Trump. And more information has come out about the bullying threats he and Epstein (who Trump praised, but who is in jail with a slap on his wrist sentence), leveled at young teenagers if they told the truth of what happened (rape and orgies). However, Trump supporters, women included, believe that these women are lying. Like with Roy Moore, the syndrome of supporting the criminal against the victim is embraced by such women. One wonders if these women too have been psychologically, emotionally and physically abused and cannot bear to consider the abuse as the reality of their lives. For then they would have to look at their own experience and break apart emotionally.

Nevertheless, sexual abuse allegations and pedophilia provide the salacious stench that follows the WH. Considering the credibility of these women (and the pussy grabbing tape which now Trump claims is a hoax), one cannot dismiss them lightly. By his own admission on the pussy grabbing tape, his behavior is scurrilous and sexually predatory. Thus, despite the wall of lies fostered by Fox News, Brietbart, Alex Jones and other extreme right-wing, white supremacist, paternalistic, racist, misogynistic news sites like RT and Sputnik fueled by Russians, the Mercers, the Kochs and more, Trump has left a trail of evidence. It is catching up with him and others as women become empowered by destroying the bloody menses wall of silence.

During the campaign Trump stomped down the looks of women opponents. Carly Fiorina's face?
Carly Fiorina excoriated unfairly by 45. Photo Alex Hanson
His insult was an outrage. His comments rang with the same psychotic brutality that at the least was unkind and kindergartenish. Again, Trump supporters cheered him on. It was tantamount to the sociopathic mentality of crowd hatred spewed at a suicidal person on a ledge as the crowd eggs them on to jump. Trump, indeed, encourages genocidal wickedness in individuals as did Hitler, as do any desperately afraid, weak bullies with the perceived authority to say and do as they please. On the campaign Trump enjoyed revving up the crowd and was caught up in the moment of annihilating his opponents. Was it any wonder metaphorically Carly Fiorina was slaughtered; her reputation, her beauty? When Trump was finished with her, she left the race. No point is too low for him to go to "win." The irony of course is that his psychotic behaviors prove again and again that he is a loser of a human being. Of course, if one is blind, deaf and dumb, one thinks he is a winner. Trumpism is the reversal of all things truly Christian.

The pussy grab video tape manifests the apex of Trump's identity as the weak, viagra-ridden male attempting to appear the brawny, sexual, virile winner. Beautiful women he is drawn to? Oh dear! None of them can be overweight or obese. That is implicit. For obesity and overweight cannot be beautiful. White men everywhere must dump their fat, ugly wives. Can't they get anyone prettier? EWWWW. Guilt by association! Inferior women. Obese men conceivably have more power. Trump is stage I overweight heading toward obese. He throws his weight around.

What does Trumpism say about obese women? Do "ideal" appearance standards apply to men as well?
Currently, fascism, uplifting uber thin white women and dunning all others is the  trend. Trump, owner of beauty pageants is the band leader demanding we goose step our way toward embracing those folkways. Don't worry, white males. You can do anything, be pedophiles, rapists of women or men, you're OK. You are premiere, regardless of your age, intellectuality, reading level, education level, morality, ethics, soul damnation. You are white. You have a penis, however small, however, impotent. At the top of the oligarchic, fascist pyramid you dominate. But only if individuals allow you to do so. Be forewarned! There are many wonderful men who are against you from all diversities, many of them sick and tired of the "white" male ethic trashing their inner souls. And women are empowered not to allow you to get away with bombastic cruelty. They will speak up and not shut up regardless of how many waves of feminism you denigrate them with as if awareness of brutality was a spreading cancer instead of a truth. Except maybe for Hope Hicks and the women around you.

Fascism is its own genocidal and ultimately suicidal representation of the worst and most devilish of human nature. When fascism strikes in the form of appearance norming, principally imbuing the objectification of women as sex objects only, it is nihilistic. The fact that Trumpism dominates the fascist sphere and uses the MO of shaming powerful women is a given. Nevertheless, as women speak up, other women abuse them. The verbal rhetoric leveled at Hillary by various "liberal"  and conservative women was beyond the pale.

Jill Stein was the most noxious example of this.  Russian money was at the foundation of her attacks against Hillary (Jill Stein sitting at the same table as Putin and Michael Flynn at the RT Gala). Stein was used as a tool to redirect reasonable voters toward supporting Stein, a losing candidate who was a spoiler. Stein was perfect as an individual who cared about the environment, like Hillary didn't. (She was smeared as a killer, a child-eating pedophile; how could one conceive she cared about the environment?). You have the perfect face off: a woman loser siphoning off votes from a woman winner helping to make her lose. In her book Hillary noted that Stein siphoned just enough votes in the swing states from delivering a win to Hillary. Jill Stein's martyred loser, a Russian dupe, destroying Hillary's chances is the premiere example of fascism working its miserable nefariousness. It pits women against women. In this instance it was encouraged by Putin, the strong, wealthy, genius male in the redirect. Stein had no problem doing this. There's the extreme pity of turning the  "green party" into a fascist, oligarch's tool.

Thus fascism breeds division, self-hate, nihilism, inhumanity between and among women whether wittingly or unwittingly and between women and men finally. It begins with the fascism that women live with daily in being forced to adhere to appearance norms about weight, beauty and youth. Those mores gnaw at women's collective souls. Unless women gain soul maturity, they feel like worthless dolls or throwaways. That nihilism prevents them from even seeking powerful leadership positions in their careers. Those simplistic divisions lay the groundwork for greater divides in important venues where they compete against men. Thus, many women undercut women in every walk of life and especially when a woman attempts to rise up the career ladder. Unless women acknowledge the roots of this genocidal practice and call it out whenever possible, it will continue to morph like a monster that positions women against women and everyone against everyone else.

It is most noted and most surreptitious: in the fashion industry, diet industry, cosmetics industry, medical industrial complex (purveyors of lap bands, sleeves, gastric bypass, etc., injectables and cosmetic surgery). And from there, it transmutes; women strive with women and then are made to feel unequal in the workplace by companies whose CEOs are male dominated, whose managers and top staff are also male dominated. Women cannot win anywhere especially if she intends to lead. She must be soulfully enlightened and recognize the nullifying mores, overcome them and counter them at every turn.

Her courage and brilliance to run should not be underestimated.  Photo courtesy of Hillary's Twitter feed.
In the past, few women sought to enter the political arena. Will this change as women see the visible results of Trumpism against Hillary Clinton who Trump bullied and stalked and derided? Absolutely. Women and men were outraged when he encouraged crowds to cheer in a gestapo voice to "Lock her up." The extreme irony was that she had committed no crime (stated the second time too late by a wayward and witting FBI director). Indeed, the bully in the "heat of the moment" was encouraging conspiracy by a foreign power to hack emails during the debates. The crime of conspiracy was being committed by Trump right before the news media and the populace. Knowing individuals saw the crime committed right on TV, in plain sight. But the legitimacy was with the criminal, not the accused Hillary. Dictators reverse the laws of right. They make their crimes legitimate. Anyone not abiding by their corrupt laws becomes a criminal. Black becomes white, right becomes left, lies become truth. Trumpism is rotten to its decayed core. How Hillary Rodham Clinton was treated during the campaign and the debates evidences that to the max. Her vilification as a pedophile cannibal, an investor in the slave trade, the evil empire Clinton Foundation sopping up donations from the Uranium One deal with Russia are Fox News favorites. Indeed whenever, Trump raises his nefarious lies or dementia riddled behaviors and Trump's cohorts indicted for crimes, are televised on the news, Hillary is trotted out and whipped. She lost. Trump is in power, but Fox is still treating his running the country like the campaign. It is laughable. Indeed, Fox News is inferring that he has not yet begun to govern. I thought Fox was his support. Such is their hatred of Hillary.

 The fact that she is a woman and meant to be abused? The audacity for her to run. But we have no other woman who ran as her party's presidential candidate to compare her to. She is the first. And what she has been through I doubt no man could go through easily. Thus, this is the opponent's MO. Annihilate powerful women and destroy their words by reducing their credibility constantly and forever. Make it so her hated power, her win of the popular vote, her popularity is annihilated every time she is thought of, her name mentioned. Smear, violate, demean spiritually rape, hate.

Trumpism is the ongoing demented, psychotic behavior that comes out of Washington each day as our democracy is being dismantled and the values which Americans believe in are being shredded by a psychotic sociopath who in other circumstances would be in a hospital. Meanwhile, the neo-Nazis, oligarchs and totalitarians smile. If they can destroy the voice of such powerful women leaders, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and others, they have succeeded for, they are dangerous. (Hillary nearly had Putin ousted. He will stop at nothing to slaughter her metaphorically with the help of Fox News which is becoming a Russian operative.)

Are people opening their eyes? A good part of the country knows there are criminals in the White House. They understand the deplorable Republicans in the House and Senate are filthy with corruption and soiled with payouts and promises of payouts to their PACS by uber wealthy donors. The diaper stench of Republican politicians is a holding tank of poop. Now Republicans are appearing more like Russian agents. They have taken oligarch's money, as has been reported by Scott Dworkin. But criminal politicians have been increasing exponentially since Nixon never went to jail, but was pardoned. The American people have been losing since the early 1970s with him. The economy worsened under subsequent Republicans to the point where the tax structure has been upended. And as the oligarchic tax bill has been passed, the wealthiest will be the least taxed with the understanding that they are to carry the rest of the country by allowing their windfall of millions to "trickle down" to the poor. If the same reasoning abides as did with Regan, there will be stagnant wages, an eroding of the economy a blossoming of the debt we owe to international bankers, the shrinking of our purchasing power and misery. Sooner than later.

The hope lies in the Russia Investigation, Trump's bete noir. Polls are unreliable. However, if one considers all who voted for Hillary, Stein and Johnson to avoid Trump and if one considers the Republican's inability to do anything for the American people except inflame them by decreasing taxes for the wealthy and increasing taxes for the poor and middle incomed, then support for the Trumpist kingdom will continue to decline. Who is left to support him? The duped. And the uber wealthy (including extreme right Republicans) and white supremacist lower middle class. Even moderate Republicans (Bush Jr., Bob Corker, Tim Tiberi etc.) eschew the brutality of cruelty that is manifest in White House corruption and ultra right-wing supporters of the KKK,  neo-nazis, and their media representatives including Goebbals-like Bannon who will not brook any Congressional insult of Trump.

Courtesy of Rosie O'Donnell's Twitter Feed
The tax "reform" that Republicans rammed through without hearings or debate so their wealthy friends are being experienced now in chunks of pennies in salary checks. The billionaires are receiving their windfall cuts and the money to fund the government is rising and will reach the 2.5 trillion mark by the time the billionaires put nothing into US coffers to benefit all Americans. As for the fascism of appearance? That is harder to upend. But the more women take a stand against sexual predation and sexual objectification, the more they empower themselves to stop it. The recent Rob Porter debacle is a step in the right direction. Fired for wife beating and photograph of eye blackening is a step in the right direction. But he never should have been in the WH since the FBI gave no full security clearance, he was an object of blackmail in his lying about domestic violence. Yet, he was one of Trump's boys, a predator, an abuser and worthy of being in the crowd.

Because the scandal hit the media like a missile, someone had to take the fall for being negligent in keeping him on, in hiring him, in letting him hold confidential, top secret documents. It had to be a woman, not John Kelly who justified Porter even after Porter's scandal was made horrifically public. So Trump in typical fashion used a woman. Hope Hicks took the hit for the delay of his firing, though John Kelly had the power, not she. John Kelly should be held accountable. Once again, Trumpism mows down women with men's complicity and they must take it. Surely, Hope Hicks is getting something for this. That she would resign and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth before a Grand Jury? Out of the question. Women say nothing. They are silent. But her days are numbered.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

TFF World Premiere, 'Warning: This Drug May Kill You,' Directed by Perri Peltz

(L-R) Perri Peltz and Producer Sascha Weiss, TFF World Premiere, 'Warning: This Drug May Kill You' (Carole Di Tosti)
 One year and one-half ago, Sheila Nevins (President of HBO Documentary Films), asked a vital question of friend Perri Peltz. "Why are so many young people overdosing. Is this drug abuse or something else?" At the time the numbers were around 72 people-a-day passing out on the streets, in buildings, in their homes, going into comas and dying from a self-poisoning drug overdose.

For an investigative reporter like Perri Peltz, the question had tremendous import. It seemed that she and others she spoke to knew of someone's relative or child or neighbor or friend or friend of a friend's family member who had overdosed. So she decided to investigate and what she discovered was profound. It upended any preconceptions of the demographic of individuals who were overdosing and the families who were living with the trauma and torment of wondering what they might have done to save the lives of loved ones who had died.

Opioid painkillers (photo from the site)
 The film journey took Perri Peltz and her team into the homes of middle class Americans. They were the antithesis of former stereotypes of drug users, abusers and/or dealers. Interestingly, there was one factor in common. Their addiction to opioids and "upgrade" into heroin began with a hospital or doctor's visit prompted by a car accident, a physical fall, a back injury or other pain related trauma. Their drug dealer was not a scruffy, surreptitious, back alley miscreant. It was their medical school educated doctor/general practioner who believed Purdue Pharmaceuticals' aggressive promotional campaign that narcotic painkiller OxyContin because of its time release design was not addictive, but in its new form could be used to safely eradicate pain and allow individuals to function in their complete capacity of wellness.

Nothing was or is farther from the truth. In a 2007 settlement Purdue Pharma executives admitted culpability and pleaded guilty to "misbranding" or not appropriately warning users of the deleterious addictive properties of OxyContin: made of the pure narcotic oxycodone, that contains a large amount of the opiate in each tablet because of the time-release design. Did sales representatives and executives gauge the risk-reward ratio? Did they consider that by the time doctors and families of patients realized the unrelenting addictive properties of OxyContin and sued, the company could still be ahead of the game, reaping tremendous profits after any monetary settlements? Perhaps not, though this has indeed been the case.
Dr. Andrew Kolodny, Co-Director of Opiod Policy Research Collaboration Brandeis University (Carole Di Tosti)
 The product was heavily marketed for six years. In 1996 alone, annual sales reached $1 billion.Perhaps profit wasn't a motive after all, and the promotion that led to the incredible drug sales was not an intentional move by the company to addict and endanger users. However, with the over-prescription of opioids by doctors and the increase of opioid overdose deaths to epidemic proportions, that is a moot point. People are dying of self-poisoning. And this very important film that aired on HBO Monday evening, 1 May, may give those who see it pause, if/when their doctor attempts to over-prescribe an opiate like Oxycodone (such as OxyContin®) or Hydrocodone (such as Vicodin®).

(photo from this site)
 Peltz removes any notion that opioid addiction that morphs to heroin addiction happens to "the other guy or gal." With a clear, cogent and unremitting perspective, she identifies four families who were tragically and fatefully seduced by events that appeared to be benign. A daughter (who was a wife and mother) had kidney stones and was in terrific pain. She gave her medications to her sister who became addicted as she herself became addicted. A beautiful wife and mother in her forties was prescribed opioids after an initial hospital visit; she became addicted. A son was prescribed opioids after surgery to remove a cyst; he became addicted. A daughter was prescribed opioids after she fell and had hip and back pain; she became addicted.

In each instance, Peltz follows family members as they discuss the growing arc from doctor to over-prescription to ending prescription to "graduation" into seeking more and more pills. In four instances out of the five patients, individuals moved into heroin addiction when the prescriptions stopped. Heroin delivers the same effects and it is cheaper. In the instance of the beautiful wife and mother (the husband eventually had to divorce her), her addiction prompted her to physically injure herself to obtain opioid prescriptions from various doctors who complied with her persuasive pleas for narcotic painkillers.

Cole Family: Gail Cole co-founder, Hope and Healing After an Addiction Death, TFF (Carole Di Tosti)
 With heartfelt empathy Peltz examines each of the stories using family and medical testimony, interviews, family photographs and videos, and poignant discussions. She shows how the families were sideswiped into awareness that a nefarious drug was in their midst and it had taken over the soul, body and mind of their loved ones. Though in each instance there was rehabilitation numerous times, there was also relapse.

Only in one instance that Peltz illuminates, is the individual now on the road to recovery and there is light at the end of the long tunnel of addiction. However, the other four patients who began on prescriptions of opiates never were released from the narcotic's hold over them. They poisoned themselves as they attempted to satisfy the great hunger that the opiate increasingly inured them to. They died and are mourned. And this film tells their story in the hope of preventing one more death from opiate overdose.
Jane Rosenthal, Co-Founder/Executive Chair, Tribeca Enterprises, Red Carpet, 'Warning: This Drug May Kill You' (Carole Di Tosti)
 In a Q and A after the film screening, Dr. Andrew Kolodny (Co-Director of Opioid Policy Research Collaborative Brandeis University), Gail Cole (film subject and co-founder, Hope and Healing After an Addiction Death) and others discussed that because of its incredibly addictive side-effects, OxyCotin and other opioids must be prescribed circumspectly. Their most effective use is at end-of-life or other long-term pain conditions. Such examples they gave are unlike the prescription examples for the patients identified in the film who became addicted, then overdosed and died.

Peltz reveals in the title and throughout the film that doctors' inappropriate over-prescription is a hazard. The probability of over-prescription leading to possible self-poisoning by patients along a journey of addiction should not be risked or even entertained. This was further given credence to the announcement Peltz made after the World Premiere of Warning: This Drug May Kill You, that the epidemic numbers of opioid overdose are now higher than 91 deaths-a-day.

This is a monumental film that touches all of our lives whether we recognize it or not. With knowledge comes power and the ability for patients and families to question their doctors about over-prescription of opiates, if the occasion arises. Doctors are also becoming aware of the epidemic and are over-prescribing much less. Advocacy and support of families who are struggling up the long hill of a family member's opiate addiction is an imperative.

Warning: This Drug May Kill You airs on HBO2 on Wednesday. Check this website for times.
For clips of brief interviews with Dr. Andrew Kolodny, Gail Cole, Perri Peltz and Sascha Weiss, check Youtube and Warning: This Drug May Kill You.