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Trump and Moscow Mitch's GOP: Putin-style Communists/White Supremacists

John Lewis (courtesy of the site)

Up is down, right is left, black is white. Issues and political parties have been turned on their heads since Donald Trump entered the White House. Recently deceased Democratic congressman John Lewis refused to go to Trump's inauguration.

The reason why is manifest. He believed that Hillary Clinton was the rightfully elected president of the United States. He believed that Trump's presidency was illegitimate because of the massive fraud, malfeasance, virtual interference by the Russian Military Intelligence agencies (GRU, SVR, FSB) the virual hacking of ballots, and the overall meddling with the free elections of the United States by Russia and complicit American citizens (Cambridge Analytica, Steve Bannon, Robert Mercer, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Michael Flynn Jr., the Trump family, Breitbart and others). Added to that because of the GOP gerrymandering and voter suppression that occurred in 2016, Hillary was precluded from winning the electoral college. She did win the popular vote.

Trump and Putin (courtesy of the site)

Congressman Lewis died believing that the Trump family and cronies were conspirators in promoting Russia's warfare against US citizens and democracy. It was they who Putin lured with Quid Pro Quos (money) for help in the 2016 election. Putin admitted this at Helsinki when he said that he wanted Trump instead of Hillary Clinton to win. The implication of his power is clear; that's why he didn't deny the allegation. Putin's billions made Trump et. al into willing compromats. The Mueller investigation proving this and the conspiracy was shut down by Barr right before Mueller amassed overwhelming evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump, et. al were de facto traitors against the US. Mueller did indict 13 Russian agencies (Military Intelligence) who hacked, spammed, stole DNC emails, virtually compromised voting systems in the 50 United States, and spread lies and misinformation, in a massive Republican generated smear campaign fueled by bots and Russian stoked #QAnon conspiracies.

Barr has since unconstitutionally vitiated the indictment of the 13 Russian agencies bowing to Trump who bows to Putin who swore Russia never interfered. American justice demanded and still demands that Trump and all who support him, especially Barr who is Trump/Putin's legal whitewasher, receive the punishment and recompense of traitors in a time of what is amounting to a new version of the Cold War. This war is being waged between American citizens and American soldiers fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan against Putin, Trump, the RNC, the GOP and other Russian apologists in the Federalist Society. Some patterns die hard. The problem is when half of the country is fighting a Cold War against US citizens that have been compromised by money from a foreign power (Russia) to maintain their power. Indeed, if they need Russia money to "maintain" power, they have NO POWER. They are a sad and pathetic group of losers.

William Barr, DOJ (courtesy of the site)

I can hear you say as some of my friends have said; your analogy is wrong. The Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist beliefs) was banned in 1991 by Boris Yeltsin after a failed coup attempt. The party still exists but went through a number of transitions and has been renamed. The policies are different, but the tactics and MO are the same.

When Putin usurped the Russian Federation, he consolidated power to create the United Russia party under which is subsumed all of Putin's one man rule policies. What are his policies? All for Putin and Putin for Putin. Under the former KGB agent and his Russian Military Intel network are his complicit cronies many of whom he has made billionaires. They do his bidding and live the high life while ordinary citizens in Russia suffer. (see article on protests)

Assassination and murder are sufficient means to Putin's ends of obtaining power through bullying, threats, theft and money laundering via complicit banks. It's a network of cronyism and thuggery with a feudal paying of tribute to Putin. Putin murdered any number of his opponents who intended to institute democratic processes. There is a subset of apparent economic free markets which have kept some of the Russian people happy along with Putin's PR campaign as their celebrity. The bulk of the wealth resides with corporations owned by communist oligarchs tied to Russian Military Intel overseen by Putin.

United Russia Party members agreeing on no 2016 election meddling (

However, this has turned sour as Internet Media has taken over the young people's interest in the last five years. Putin no longer is their "idol.". Also, his embracing of Trump is not a coup; it is more a fool's game with Putin looking the fool as Trump's unfitness is paramount. Also, Putin's increased hold on power, i.e. making himself president until 2035, have disenchanted many. With his removal of opponents, the seizure of the Crimea in the Ukraine which has grown old, and the problems with his mishandling of the pandemic, Putin's approval rating, like Trump's has plummeted. Ironically, other leaders in Western Europe have been praised for their leadership in the nightmare crisis. 

Nevertheless, Putin's party which Trump and Trumpists embraced when they took Putin's help/money has insinuated itself into American politics. This has been evident with regard to our civil liberties as Trump mirrors Putin's playbook. The playbook is the old, Stalinist tactical MO which nullifies civil liberties: free speech, free press, free elections, free assembly, and uplifts the leader/dictator as exempt from prosecution under the rule of law. In Russia criticizing Putin or a crony could land one in jail or worse. In the past the KGB secret police would arrest you without stating the charges and put individuals on show trials often trumping up violations. Defense was nearly impossible. This is currently being protested in Russia's far east where a popular governor has been removed, murder allegations levied against him by Putin in order to install his corrupt puppet. (see the article)

Belarusian Model,  Anastasia Vashukevich (courtesy of the site)
Today, things are not much better. For example A Belarusian model who had information about Moscow's interference in US elections told CNN she had been ordered by Russian agents (from one of the intel services: GRU, SVR, FSB) to keep silent about her dealings with Russian billionaire Oleg Derapaska who is allegedly Russian Military Intel. The model was on a yacht with Americans and Oleg Derapaska when she heard information about Donald Trump's campaign. Undergoing ordeals in prison in Thailand and petitioning advocates in the US, after 11 months, she was released and remanded to Russian secret police custody and jailed in Russia. She was threatened to remain quiet about any links of the former chairman of Donald Trump's campaign Paul Manafort to Oleg Derapaska. She credits being alive with the media attention she received. Her offense? Pissing off Oleg Derapaska and Putin with threatening to tell the truth about links between Oleg Derapaska and the Trump campaign.

Clearly, if one exposes dirty, embarrassing, incriminating laundry, Vlad will not be happy. The same is true for Trump who has regularly paid friends at The Enquirer to buy unflattering stories which would smear and blacken his already dubious reputation and brand. The cover-ups of Donald Trump's past and present infamies of corruption are legion but covered up with secret servers and Trump's affinity for providing no paperwork, emails, etc., as president (the only president in our history to do this).

Anti Putinizm is frowned upon. Likewise, an anti-Trumper, one who doesn't support Trump, means one disloyal to Trump to the point of death. Anti-trumpers are seen by Trumpers as snowflakes and libtards, anathema and verboten to anyone in the Trumpist/Putin party. Trumpist white supremacists killed (Heather Hier, etc.) and laughed about it. They have threatened those who dare to stand against Trump. Trump fires disloyalists who do not parrot what he wants to hear.  Hiring a team of rivals who give uncomfortable information as Lincoln's Cabinet members did? Never. Trump surrounds himself with toadies and sycophants.

COVID Cover-up artist Alex Azar, former big pharma lobbyist now head of HHS (courtesy of the site)

Trumps disloyalists have received death threats from white supremacists or Putin Party-Russian Military Intel or whomever feels the unction to stand for Trump against them. Thus far, whistleblowers testifying in the Ukraine scandal that led to Trump's Impeachment are some of those who have been singled out. Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, Fiona Hill, Marie Yovanovitch and others were fired and received death threats after Trump was not convicted in the Senate. Regardless, they have great courage and are seen as heroes by the majority of American taxpayers . Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has not uplifted Trump's COVID-19 diminution policies, has also received death threats as has his family. If you are pro masks, in certain parts of the country, to insist on wearing masks is dangerous.

One would think the death threats and bullying are perhaps being promoted not only by white supremacists, but by the creeping U.S. United Russia Party, which increasingly practices Stalinistic repression, intimidation and bullying. This is Putin's brand of communism. It would seem that "handles" and "names' don't matter much anymore when one sees these actions are pure criminality and thuggery. Regardless, such behavior is against the law in the US, whether administered by Moscow Mitch McConnell, Trump, Russian Military Intel bots via Social Media or Trump's para military goons (Portland, Oregon, Lansing, Michigan, Chicago, Ill) masquerading as unidentified "federal" agents.

AR-15s are used to bully and intimidate Governor Whitmer in Lansing, Mi  (courtesy of the site)

The unindentified part is particularly Putin Russian Military Intel. If you have a name, a number and an agency, Americans can sue against the individual if there is abuse. Additionally, Americans can sue claiming constitutional rights of due process. Without identification, you can't. Clearly, these para military belong to an organized group that is not from the United States government. The fact that these goons cannot be identified speaks to the fact that they ARE NOT ON THE FEDERAL PAYROLL, but perhaps the RNC's payroll or mercenaries the likes of Eric Prince's (Betsy De Voss' brother connected with the Russia Sychelles Island meeting) former Blackwater agency. To protect the credibility of  "Federal Agents" and the goon program in Portland, these individuals, should identify themselves. Otherwise, they could be Russian agents or other mercenaries. Either way, without an invitation from the Sovereign States, they have no place in the state, especially if the federal buildings they "guard" are not being threatened. Their presence is unconstitutional. If they have sworn an oath to the constitution, then they are twice damned. In my neophyte opinion, they are not FEDERAL AGENTS.

Moscow Protestors telling Putin to resign. Note the goons ready to crackdown (courtesy of the site)

Trump and Putin appear to be brothers in tyranny. Putin frowns on a free press that is critical to his actions: a chief response of autocrats/dictators/tyrannists/paranoids. Indeed, he kills journalists or jails them. Five hundred have been killed since the 1990s; 200 since Putin has gotten into power, though some say the number is higher. In the US most of our media is skewed, editorialized news. These "information" sites present the lies of leaders as fact. To do otherwise requires investigative journalism which is time consuming but vital to an informed citizenship. To uncover the lies of leaders like Dick Cheney's WMD lie which was used as the pretext to initiate the Iraq war, one must dig; it is not enough to just report, "Vice President Cheney said there are weapons of mass destruction." One must dig into what leaders say to verify and justify the truth of their statements. 

Increasingly, since the news content is voluminous, excessive editorial selection takes over. Thus, PBS like NYT is guilty of lies of omission in highlighting some stories over others. Their selection in not getting out vital information is a form of censorship. For an American public to remain informed, one must read widely which is difficult if one works. Thus, the forward creep of Putin-style United Russia "communism" into American democracy flies under the radar. However, it has impacted our relationship with our constitution's Article 1 and Article 2 powers, (the three branches of government and checks and balances and the power of the executive branch) as well as our constitutional rights. Putin has influenced Trump not only as a compromat, but as a United Russia/Stalinist Party member. This is contrary to the group think playing out in all media, but it bears looking at.

Vladimir Putin and Oleg Derapaska (courtesy of the site)

Putin increasingly has encouraged and bullied Trump into removing sanctions by not acting on them. For example Oleg Derapaska was returned his money ($600 million plus in fines from his Deutsch Bank money laundering schemes imposed by the Obama administration). Trump has relied on Putin's advice; he talks to him often slipping this information to American media every now and then. He spoke with Putin last Thursday, according to The Hill reporting. About what did he speak? It should be public knowledge in his role as US president. It is not. Putin may have been giving him counsel on the Putin agenda in the US: how best to further Trump's Putinesque "law and order" campaign to win the election and prevent Putin enemy Joe Biden from getting in. That would be interference in our sovereign and free elections, interference that Joe Biden proclaimed he would deal when he wins the election.

Trump's goon squad in Portland that he threatens to deploy elsewhere looks like the same para military folks who showed up in camouflage on the steps of Lansing, MI to bully Governor Gretchen Whitmer to "open up" and "liberate." Tear gassing, beating up and hauling away protestors is out of Putin's playbook. He practiced this a week ago; these are typical strong arm tactics that again smack of Trump's membership to the United Russia Party when he duplicates them as he did to clear Lafayette Park in Washington, DC. for a "Biblical" photo op last month.

Lansing, Michigan goon squad to intimidate Gov. Whitmer to "open" up (courtesy of the site)

That the GOP defers to Trump despite their role as constitutional protectors is reprehensible. It appears that they, too have membership in Putin's United Russia Party. They have been silent about everything unconstitutional Trump has done. They do not call down Putin's interference with our elections (Rep. Ron Johnson is currently being courted by Putin as has Rand Paul and other congressmen regarding the 2020 election). A blatant example of Putin-style communist acceptance is by Senator-Moscow Mitch McConnell. He is accepting money/favors from Oleg Derapaska who is building a toxic aluminum factory in Mitch's state of Kentucky against former US sanctions preventing Russian companies operating in the US. Where is Peter Schweizer proclaiming malfeasance and corruption as he did when he falsely twisted details about "Uranium One" as a Hillary Clinton deal with Russia that was a smear campaign lie? Does this blatant malfeasance by McConnell and Russian Military Intel's Oleg Derapaska who was most probably complicit in helping Trump win not bear investigating, Mr. Schweizer as a Quid Pro Quo? When the crimes are GOP United Russia Party malfeasance, it's OK?

The GOP's wholesale acceptance of Putin's United Russia Party to make deals that compromise our National Security is problematic: Oleg Derapaska is Russian Military Intelligence. Trump and the GOP appear to be compromat agressors against the American people. This GOP/Putin aggression into our democracy is further evidenced by Trump's response to our Bill of Rights by criticizing or decrying every right the constitution guarantees (press, assembly, religion-separation of powers, free elections, speech).

 Furthermore, Trump has obviated viewing Putin as an adversary, placing his self-interest (getting Putin money) above the agenda of the US government and state of the nation. Obama leveled sanctions when Putin invaded Crimea with the intent of taking over the Ukraine.  However, in choosing democracy, the Ukrainian people ousted Putin's puppet dictator who robbed the people and gave kickbacks to Putin. Biden/Obama/Hillary Clinton helped the Ukrainians establish a solid democracy. Trump has repeatedly attempted to undermine their democracy regarding those sanctions and especially when he extorted the new Ukrainian leader for a quid pro quo to smear Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son. To the Ukrainian leader's credit, he did not fall for the bait. Such a tactic has Putin's fingerprints all over it. Trump, indeed, supports Putin and his United Russia Party.

Trump and Party compromats (courtesy of the site)

When we ask Cui Bono from the war against U.S democratic processes by Putin and his Russian Military (13 agencies were indicted by Robert Mueller in his Mueller Report investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election) we note the beneficiaries are Putin, Trump and the GRU GOP. With this 2016 act of subverting our election, they became Putin's United Russia Party goons against the US constitution and the three branches of government. In that act and during the three years of Trump's illegitimate presidency, Moscow Mitch, Trump and the Red GOP sent our semi-functional democracy and our number one place as democratic world leader into a downward spiral making us into the SHITHOLE NATION OF THE EARTH UNDER THE SWAY OF PUTIN-STYLED "COMMUNISM."

The great leveler, COVID-19 has revealed these developments. First, it has revealed the GOP'S EMBRACE OF MEMBERSHIP INTO PUTIN'S UNITED RUSSIA PARTY (communism). It has revealed the extent that Trump has become Putin's chump to kill Americans: soldiers bountied by the Taliban. And it has revealed the extent that Trump may murder civilians by not protecting them adequately from COVID-19. His response has been an abject failure.

In regard to both COVID-19 and the killing of American soldiers by Putin's Taliban bounties, we note how Trump and the GOP have embraced Putin-style communism to war against the American people while pretending to lead them. With their inaction toward COVID and the killing of American soldiers, we see a dereliction of duty, massive, willful negligence, and the massive incompetence in making our nation a failed leader of democratic nations in the West. We have the greatest number of COVID-19 cases and deaths. We have massive global liability of crimes against humanity as Trump failed to act when he should have in January when Joe Biden wrote his NY Times editorial imploring Trump to stop the pandemic with various points of action.

Joe Biden wrote a Jan. Op Ed in the NYT imploring Trump to act on COVID (courtesy of the site)

Putin selected well in his puppet compromats and Moscow Mitch keeps Trump/Putin in power to injure the American people daily with their dereliction of duty in not convicting Trump for treason with his conspiracy with Putin in the 2016 election, in the Ukraine scandal, in the American soldier Taliban bounty killing scandal and in the COVID scandal. The deployment of goons, a la Putin style United Russia Party (communism) may be at Putin's directive for Trump to appear as the strongman. Trump's fake "law and order," is artificially the sort of icing on the cake to inspire white supremacist, blind, deaf and dumb Americans that Trump is SUCCESSFUL, after all. The tragic opposite is happening as I write this; COVID deaths mount. Positive cases increase exponentially. White supremacists might want to kill Dr. Fauci, but he speaks the truth. He is the way out. You don't kill your guide to escape unless you are a manic suicide.

Hiding in plain sight: Vladimir Putin showing off his trim, fit self (Business Insider)

If Trump truly were a "law and order president," first, he would abide by the laws of the land, the constitution. Second, he would turn himself in, arrest himself under the laws: for treason with a foreign power, for quid pro quos with many foreign powers to enrich himself, for campaign finance violations, for non payment or shirking of income taxes, for acting with dereliction of duty to not level sanctions against Russia for its Taliban bounty program to kill American soldiers, and last in the admission that he is accountable for criminal willful negligence in not acting immediately to stop COVID as other countries did (Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, Germany, Finland).

Did Trump gear up the DPA to manufacture billions of masks and other PPE and present national mandates for the protection of every American in a national program of guidance with the full force of the UNITARY EXECUTIVE WHICH HE SO LOVES TO PROCLAIM HE IS.  No. He has yet to affirm his EXECUTIVE POWERS for the saving of lives. Does the United Russia Party have anything to do with Trump using the Executive Branch to remove his own crimes and prosecute his enemies? Does Putin influence Trump's not using his EXECUTIVE POWERS to protect and save Americans? Or is Trump trying to please Putin by making the US the last country in the world in MAGADEATH?

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

White Supremacists HAVE NO PLACE IN THE U.S./George Floyd Protests

There have been protests globally in support for justice for George Floyd's lynching by Derek Chauvin and the Black Lives Matter Movement. These are in concert with the BLM protests in every state in the U.S. This represents a critical mass against white supremacy (groups lifting up white nationalism, the KKK, the Neo Nazis). Considering that the protests by millions of people have been peaceful, by default the violence that broke out in various cities in the U.S. to disrupt the protests, represents hatred, criminality and cruelty.

Hatred/fear, brutality and criminality are the historical fruits of slavery, colonialism and the wretched aftermath of centuries of discrimination: kidnapping, oppression of ownership of humans, beatings and killings, rape and horrific conditions on plantations while whites lived in luxury. Above all was the separation of children from their parents during slave auctions. The tradition has stained this nation for centuries; the U.S. has never been great as a result.

Perhaps these protests represent the beginning of a long awakening of our society to the horror of institutional genocide (in healthcare, the justice system, the education system). And they should cut at consumerism, which relies on the mass brainwashing through fascist/white supremacist advertising, social oppression and appearance shaming for profit, a sub rosa uplifting of the perfection of white against the inferiority of black, brown and indigenous people.

The following photos are courtesy of AXIOS. CLICK HERE FOR THE SUPERB ARTICLE.


BLM UK, George Lloyd protests, Winston Churchill racist
BLM George Floyd justice protests in the UK. Winston Churchill statue may be toppled. (Axios)

The hatred and violence that is white on black/brown/Native American, comes largely from the U.S. history of slavery, abuse, violence, murder. The same can be said for Western Civilization colonialism which infected practically every nation on the earth.


BLM Protests, George Floyd
Demonstrators outside the United States Embassy on Jin Madrid on June 7. Photo: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images (Axios)

Finally, like a boil, the George Floyd lynching has sliced open the pustule of white supremacy and the brutality toward colored races. The stench is overwhelming; the wound must be cleaned out. And oppression by white men (purchased by the rich) over colored nations and women will not be tolerated institutionally.


Tens of thousands of protesters rallied in Berlin and other German cities against racism on June 6, per Photo: Abdulhamid Hosbas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images (Axios)

The police brutality on display during the protests is finally being addressed by police departments Attorneys General in various blue states. The critical mass will encompass red states. The House has written a federal law which nationalizes police reforms that will save lives and would have saved the lives of Breonna Taylor who was killed because of a no-knock warrant, and George Fl who was killed by Derek Chauvin's 8 minute chokehold.


People attend a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Tokyo on June 6. Photo: David Mareuil/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images (Axios)

This nation and our allies across the globe are protesting to insure that justice be served and reforms be instituted so that murders like George Floyd's, Michael Brown's, Travyon Martin's and countless others never happen again. And if they do, justice be swift,k equitable and righteous under the law. The House Bill for reforms must be passed by the Senate. The White Supremacist Mitch McConnell must sign the bill into law or forever expose himself and his Red State senators as White Nationalists who have no place in our capital, and liars who swear to uphold their oath to the constitution, then don't. What constitution are they swearing on? The constitution of the CONFEDERACY?


Demonstrators in Nantes, on June 8. Protesters across France have been defying a ban on large gatherings implemented in response to the coronavirus pandemic to rally against racism. Photo: Loic Venance/AFP via Getty Images (Axios)
A demonstrator holds a banner reading, "It's not whites vs blacks, this is the world vs racism" in front of a burning barricade following the intervention of security forces in Paris, on June 2, amid days-long protests. Photo: Julien Benjamin Guillaume Mattia/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images (Axios)

Enough is enough. If Mitch McConnell doesn't get the Red State senators on board to sign the bill, the handwriting is on the wall. They will be voted out with the White Nationalist in the "White House" in November 2020, despite Georgia Senator Kemp's attempt to disenfranchise whole counties of black voters with the gaslighting ruse of new voting machines which somehow don't work.


Tens of thousands of Australians have protested in cities including Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney, where a traditional indigenous welcoming ceremony is held during a rally outside Sydney Town Hall in Australia on June 6. Photo: Speed Media/Icon Sportswire (Axios)

There have been arguments in defense of the recent police brutality. Arguments have been made against George Floyd- he was a criminal and Chauvin feared for his life. Arguments have been made supporting the legality of the no-knock warrant which ended up in the death of Brianna Taylor. However, these arguments are typical white supremacist gaslighting. And the U.S. populace is not buying it.

They recognize that it is just like the gaslighting by the Minneapolis corner who was pressured by the DA to find George Floyd had drugs in his system which caused his death along with some underlying issues. The very idea that the truth should so be obscured represents white supremacy and unequal justice under oppression. White males in power cover up and protect one of their own against the powerless black "criminal" to escape punishment and to walk with impunity between the raindrops. That way, they can kill again.


A Black Lives Matter demonstration in Stockholm on June 3. Photo: Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP via Getty Images (Axios)

Such killings are reminiscent of those by man-eating tigers who, once they taste the flesh and blood of human beings, savor the taste and go for more kills. Human predators are the same. And they have had free reign in our police departments, whose warrior/soldier mentality has destroyed their humanity and wrecked their mission to be peace officers, a quaint notion that has never really pertained in reality. Does this apply to all police? No. But if even one cop is a killer on a police force, it is one too many and most probably, his "kill" will be a black man or as in the case of Sandra Bland, a black woman.


Protest reference some of George Floyd's final words during a protest in Athens, Greece, on June 4. Photo: Menelaos Michalatos/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images (Axios)

The Floyd family got their own investigator (the same one as the family of Eric Garner) and an autopsy was done. The report showed George Floyd died of asphyxiation. With breaking news today, since Chauvin and Floyd knew one another and there was friction between them as witnessed by the owner of the club where both worked, Chauvin will probably get Murder 1. Considering that Chauvin choked Floyd for 8 minutes and strangled the breath out of him while his police buddies let him, the act was a premeditation. He watched the man die when he should have been saving him. Instead of stopping when George Floyd pleaded for his life and warned he couldn't breathe, Chauvin went on and on. How long can you hold your breath under water before you feel like you're drowning and then drown?


Hand-drawn portraits of George Floyd are hung on a gate outside of the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City on Saturday. The sign reads "Racism kills, here, there, and all over the world." Photo: Pedro Pardo/AFP via Getty Images (Axios)

The protests which have continued for 13 days nationwide, joined by New Zealand, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Ghana, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, the Greek Islands, Syria, Israel, most of the world (except Russia who bans protests). The effect of these global protests has been self-reflection in which the countries have decried their histories inundated with slavery and colonialism. Protestors have thrown down the statues of slavery merchants, colonialists and in the case of Belgium, the notorious abuser and tyrant King Leopold of Belgium who chopped off the hands of black enslaved who didn't produce their quota of rubber. On a dour note, Winston Churchill was decried for his racist remarks. It is a sign of the times when one must look to one's own past to see the villainy there and hopefully expurgate it and reform.


Protesters gather outside of the U.S. consulate in Milan, Italy, on May 31 with signs reading, "I can't breathe," as the country remains in a Phase 2 lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Alessandro Bremec/NurPhoto/Getty Images (Axios)

But for some, reform, apologies and self-reflection are impossible. Donald Trump, the WH, William Barr, the GOP for example, are incapable of reform or of holding up citizens' rights spelled out in the constitution, despite swearing to their oaths of office. Trump has done the reverse with Barr's gaslighting assistance. He has thrown down the constitution following a Putin-like use of military force against U.S. citizens.


Thousands attend a protest at the Vancouver Art Gallery in Vancouver, Canada, on May 30. Photo: Mert Alper Dervis/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images (Axios)

Tearing gassing and rubber pepper bulleting peaceful protestors is not upholding the Bill of Rights to encourage peaceful protest for redress of grievances. For Trump who sees any disagreement with his policies or ideas as treason, of course, the protestors are scurrilous cockroaches. And initially afraid of them and hiding in a bunker (an incredible irony) he emerged in full coward's dress, backed by numbers of officers in riot gear and National Guard troops who bombed and disperse the crowd for his sacrosanct moment in front of St. John's church holding a Bible.

Vilified by former Republican military, the former presidents and Senator Mitt Romney who joined protestors later in the week to reveal he is NOT a Trumpist, one wonders if Trump got the message? No. He has yet to make a national statement of support in favor of the protestors and BLM. He has yet to condemn police brutality.

Donald J. Trump, a stable genius (courtesy of the website)

Instead, he has accused Martin Gugino, a 75-year old Catholic pacifist for tripping himself up and being a conspirator against Trump, a member of ANTIFA. Indeed, if you believe Trump's white supremacist inference the man purposely fell, and let loose a blood squib (used in films) to fake the seriousness of his fall and injuries at the hands of police. If that were true, the "fake" injuries would have been immediately exposed once Gugino was admitted to the hospital. Instead, Mr. Gugino was in critical condition in the ICU. Since then he is undergoing rehabilitation, but has brain injuries according to his doctor.

Trump has been condemned for this psychotic, hyperbolic comment. Everyone that is except #QAnon, the KKK, white nationalists and Neo Nazis online who are charged toward violence by the meme "ANTIFA" a group which does not exist and which the Russian military intel has used to inspire fake protests against it in previous years. Antifa is "anti-fascist" and against Trump. Considering the full meaning of the meme, the U.S. fight against Nazi Hitler's Germany was ANTIFA. Thus, by design, ANTIFA stands for the millions of people who are against white supremacist groups like the Neo Nazis, white nationalists and the KKK. Google Frank Figluizzi (former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI) who has studied hate groups. Antifa is not among them. So if you hear the Trump/Barr dog whistles blow "Antifa," think white supremacist inciting meme.

The KKK is very active in Mitch McConnell's state of Kentucky (courtesy of the site)

Trump and Barr have used references to Antifa to incite to protest and violence. But it's not working. Nor did the white supremacist provocations to burn down black stores and businesses work to continue violence toward race war work. Immediately, there was clean up by protestors the next day as people united to rebuild. And the protests continued. White supremacy isn't working. There aren't enough white supremacists to go around. There are petitions to reinstate the KKK as a domestic terrorist organization. And surely Neo Nazi organizations and groups like Boogaloo Bois and Proud Boys are being put on notice. Their intent to begin a race war is not a dog that will hunt in 2020. They are white, male, violent. That is the only color that the vast numbers of Americans are NOT color blind to.

At the heart of their dumb philosophies rests the confederacy. The confederacy had to be kept alive by rich planters who stayed rich by having an enslaved work force. They brainwashed the poor whites to fight for them, though poor whites couldn't afford slaves and resented that the rich planters didn't fight in order to keep their plantations going. At the heart of the confederacy was the lie that Christianity mandated slavery. There was also an utter disregard for indigenous cultures and peoples. The following quote by Alexander Stephens, the Vice President of the confederacy states in a speech right before the Civil War what the Confederate States believed was the cornerstone of why the confederacy must secede.

Alexander Stephens of the confederacy lived a life of lies. (Wikipedia)

"Its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery—subordination to the superior race—is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth." (Alexander Stephens, VP of the failed confederacy)

The confederacy was a lie. It could not stand because the "new government" was based upon the lie that blacks are not equal to whites. It is a lie that negro inferiority is a "physical, philosophical, moral" truth. The truth which the social contract stands upon is that all human beings (regardless of gender, race, religion) have inalienable rights. Our constitution is supposed to protect the rights of each citizen of the U.S. Then and now, the assertion that one group is racially inferior to another is a lie and cannot stand ever. Interestingly, every culture that attempts to by force and oppression assert that genocidal argument ends up falling and being destroyed by itself. 

William Barr has blown the dog whistle "Antifa" to demean protestors (courtesy of the site)

Thus, all remnants of a destroyed government shall not be uplifted. The confederate flag chic is not chic. It is a failure and a lie. We don't uplift failures and lies. To do so is preserving an immoral, wrong philosophy. It is patently stupid, as stupid and criminally negligent as saying COVID 19 is a hoax.

if you are a white man in black garb with an AR-15 and you are not active military in a country in Africa, but are on the streets of America? You are a terrorist. You are a racist. You are a white supremacist and you are most probably AN ALWAYS TRUMPER and supporter of #QAnon and JFK Jr. becoming Trump's Vice President. (google some of the insanities this group's probably promoted by Russian military intel).

Being a card carrying member of the KKK or neo Nazi or any hate group is Un-American. Since when is domestic terrorism American? Since when is hate speech at the point of a gun peaceful protest? Since when is violence against any American peaceful protest? The confederacy was a lie in 1866 (the end of the Civil War). And the confederate flag and what it stands for, domestic terrorism against Americans, is worse than a lie: it is an active threat against this country and the constitution. It is the antithesis of patriotism. And white supremacy is against the constitution.

Do these uphold the constitution or the white supremacist president? (courtesy of the site)

If you are active military and are ordered to tear gas and rubber bullet peaceful protestors who have a right to redress their grievances, you should resign. "I'll lose my job." Yes. But is that a job? Or are you a slave to a philosophy that is against the oath you took in your role in the military? Resign or be a coward and traitor to the U.S. constitution.

It is about time the white privileged feel the heat of shame and guilt. Maybe they will grow up. The protestors have nothing to lose. They have already lost their lives to white supremacists in the police force and on the streets of this nation. White supremacist violence has no place in our culture. Women and the LGBT community are on board with color blindness. And there is only one color the world is now recognizing; white supremacist violence by males. The "whole world is watching" for each other's back against ultra conservative right wing groups which uphold violence and brutality out of some lurid assertions that they are superior. Since when are psychoses superior?

Trump and all the white supremacists in his administration and those in the GOP who do not uphold the constitution out of loyalty to Trump are domestic terrorists. Enough is enough.

Monday, June 8, 2020

White Supremacist President Trump Has no Place In THE WHITE HOUSE

The Whited Wall surrounding the White House, Protest Signs and a future president give it meaning (courtesy of the site)
White supremacy is nothing new in our nation. What is new is a president who upholds racism and white supremacy in a public show of pretentious force. And it is new when our country has lived through racially based crises each generation since the Civil War and Reconstruction and the current administration uplifts RACISM, pushing us back to the "good ole days." Throughout Trump's presidency, he has condoned and enabled white supremacists to rise without decrying or criticizing such behavior. With this administration everything is MAGA.

The Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has inferred that the United States was never really "great," considering its history of racism, discrimination against ethnic groups, women and LGBT communities; and its imperialism and genocide of Indigenous Peoples and more. Trump's very program of MAGA is white supremacist. It obviates the history of oppression and lifts up the preeminence of the white male for being loathsome, indecent and predatory. Such a concept is demeaning to every US citizen and the constitution. It is the crux of why Donald Trump is in the WH with the help of a chief white supremacist, Vladimir Putin.

Proof of Trump's enduring white supremacist notions goes back to his grandfather who was a whoremonger and preyed upon women, then his father who was a racist and supporter of the U.S. Nazi movement in the 1920s. Today, it resides in Trump's appointing a staff member like Steven Miller who is the voice behind the Muslim ban, the immigrant bans and the Southern Border cages where migrants are placed and whose children have been displaced and cruelly separated from parents for months. White supremacists have determined Trump's base. One has only to look online for evidence of this during the years of his presidency.
The photo op that trampled first amendment rights of peaceful protestors (courtesy of the CBS)

After Trump's inauguration, the KKK and David Duke had a celebratory march. Other such marches followed around the country. Trump welcomed them and roiled up the white supremacists in his rallies. These have been enabled by Trump. And they have continued their support of themselves and their cause (replete with neo Nazi and Confederate flags) with marches like the one in Charlottesville, Va. where chants of "Jews will not replace us," and the Nazi slogan "blood and soil" identified their fascist beliefs. Make no mistake. These groups hate people of color, the LGBT community, the #MeToo Movement and religions that are not a fragmented and twisted Christianity.

Domestic terrorists like Dylann Roof responsible for the 2015 massacre at a black church have been on watchlists. But since Trumpism, the active designation of white supremacists as terrorists has been obscured. Christopher Wray head of the FBI to his credit has stood up to Trump attacks. Nevertheless,  hate groups have been given a pass by Trump's rhetoric and his refusal to decry racism and anti-semitic groups like the KKK, the Proud Boys, Daily Stormer, Breitbart (which helped to get him elected) and many more including @QAnon.

Using elements of racism and discrimination, Fox News, The New York Post and other news organizations and groups, have at their foundation, core values that oppose the constitution and amendments (that uphold equality and due process under the law for every citizen). Toward anti-American, domestic, terrorist hate groups, Trump has been silent. On the other hand all former presidents from President George Bush Jr.k to Jimmy Carter as well as former Republicans have spoken against these groups and Trump's position, especially after the march and death of Heather Heyer during the Charlottesville, Va. march of white nationalists.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden speaks out about racism (courtesy of the CBS)

R Acknowledging Trump's criminal negligence in losing so many lives on his watch during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of which have been black and Hispanic, due to economic institutional racism and injustice, U.S. citizens young and old are enraged. The breaking point of George Floyd's lynching has created a turning point. Is it any wonder that the situation has been completely exposed under this president who cares so little for American taxpayers save his wealthy supporters? As for his white supremacist base? He tickles their ears with his jokes, but leaves them in the dust when distributing tax dollars to improve their economic situation which is predominately middle and lower middle class.

Only the wealthy need apply when it comes to the Trumptocracy. It is an irony that the white supremacy which he refused to condemn became unleashed in a wave of police brutality that not even the wealthy white supremacists can overcome with lies. Trumpism is imploding of its own inner rot as I write this. The whole world is watching and joining in protest, and the globe groans with the weight of his incompetence. That, his inequities and iniquities choke off our breath, as does COVID or the knee of red neck discrimination favoring the wealthy over everyone else.

Trump administration and GOP gaslighting keeps racism and discrimination from accurately reporting COVID 19 deaths and POLICE BRUTALIZATION deaths. All is well in TRUMPLAND. See

The Black Lives Matter peaceful protests were a long time coming. It is fitting they should explode into the sunlight with this unjust, tyrannical president. The press which has grown increasingly conservative propped up by editorialists like The New York Times' recently resigned James Bennet have done little in the way of investigative journalism to ameliorate the injustices of Trumpism.

Peaceful protest in front of the White House before tear gassing and rubber bullets were fired (courtesy of the CBS)

Most news organizations have willfully fallen down on their mission to spotlight police brutality. Apparently, it has been unproductive to focus on the massive systemic corruption in American institutions: educational, justice, housing. Articles have appeared by concerned journalists. However they have been a sop extinguished by conservative media both online and televised who refuse to deal with the black experience in America. Trump has drained the lifeblood of a free press by dominating it with his lies, fleshly rhetoric, rants and accusatory victimizations. He has made the nation into a mental institution, a Bedlam, where he unleashes his psychosis and we are left to cringe at his insanities and inanities. To avoid listening to his diatribes and mendacities, many pull the "blanket" of avoidance over their heads. Many were driven to escape into media land distractions, live entertainment, movies, live sports...until the pandemic shut everything down. Woe and hell for the red necks who don't read.

Massive protests in Philadelphia (courtesy of The Insider)

Swelled by Trumpism's brainlessness and wantonness, the media for the most part has obscured difficult and complicated issues which Social media groups attempt to bring to the fore in an election year.

Where there have been gaps, everyday citizens fill in the spaces bravely. With their phone cameras, they are the investigative journalists in real time. The tell-tale George Floyd lynching is the case in point. For the young and the old who have been intentionally obtuse and occupied with their own mess, this has been an eye opening horror. For the 1960s protestors and marchers, it has been a reminder that racism dies hard, lynching is alive and well in the US and injustice in our "glorious" institutions continues to the point that all of us are being smothered by it. We are reeling from the stench and toxicity of poisoned gas coming from the mouth and behind of a criminal president and his lackeys, chief of which William Barr is perhaps the most hideous.

DOJ William Barr is in lock step with Trump obeying his every wish regardless of its legality (courtesy of the CBS)
The mass protests which white supremacists attempted to stop with chaos-burnings and destruction of property- followed by the admonitions of Trump that the protests were either illegal or generated by "Antifa," continue. The peaceful protests are legal. The destruction of property is criminal. The politicized fear spreading by white supremacists is also inciting to riot. The separation between criminal behavior and peaceful protest is a schism. It will be made clear to what extent the destruction and burning of black businesses was effected by white supremacists whose hatred was unleashed at an opportune time.

Barr and Trump blamed Antifa (antifascist) which as Frank Figluizzi (former Assistant Director of Counterintelligence a the FBI) states is a group which isn't even organized and is merely a handle for anyone who is against fascism, meaning against Trumpism.  Blaming this non existent group gives Trump the legitimacy to militarize and weaponize the situation.

Evidence of this is clear. He ordered military troops to use tear gas and rubber bullets to break up a peaceful protest so he could stand with a Bible for his photo op. How he got to this position is humorous. He had to come out looking "strong and brave" after news reports that he wussied out hiding in the WH bunker in fear, as protestors marched outside the WH. He recoiled instead of encouraging their peaceful advocacy against the murder of George Floyd by white supremacist police. His cowardice to hide, as his cowardice to get out of the Viet Nam War by pleading "bone spurs," is typical. Meanwhile, in the aftermath, people place signs and placards around the fence that Trump had built around the WH to wall him in from the American people. He is a creature of walls, of paranoia, of fear. He would spread it when it is convenient: "Antifa" vs. opening up the country to contract COVID 19 so he can boast of a "great" economy for MAGA. His gaslighting is toxic; the "I can't breathe" meme fitting.

Jim Clyburn House Rep. D speaks on CBS about the protests

His photo op backfired with the country and the protests continue, followed by the outcry by American congressmen, mayors, governors in leadership: Andrew Cuomo (NY gov), Nancy Pelosi (Cal. D) James Clyburn (SC-D) and countless others. Of course, the Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden continues to speak out as do former presidents Barack Obama, George Bush Jr., Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

Their raised voices and the voices of peaceful protestors who march chanting "Black Lives Matter" have reached to the heavens. The Pope and other global leaders have come out decrying racism, joining in the chorus to petition for systemic change. Surely, God has heard. If you believe in "freedom and justice for all," tenets espoused by Christ and upheld in the Magna Carta, constitutional amendments, the Torah (in the ten commandments) and other religious belief systems, then followers of Christianity, Judaism, indeed every religion practiced around the world, should support the movement for equality. It is a movement which represents that all should be entitled to equal justice under the law, especially multicultural groups. One should not have to fear being lynched or abused/predatorized for not being a white male.

Trump, Trumpism, the Trumptocracy, including white evangelicals and white supremacists that support it are on notice. Though Trump doesn't say it, events of the past weeks have clarified the situation for American taxpayers. Far be it from Trump to condemn himself and his base of white supremacist, neo Nazi, KKK supporters. And as these groups breathe the Trumpy air in our nation, so does Mitch McConnell, Republican Senator from Kentucky and Lindsey Graham Republican House member from South Carolina support this toxicity. The money blinds them. Their eyes too have not been opened as many white independent voters' eyes have been opened. If they honored their positions and the US taxpayer, they would, like Oedipus, pluck out their eyes in accepting the truth. They cannot, will not, they refuse: unwise accomplices to murder by COVID 19 and the maintenance of a wicked maladministration.

Banksy joined the protests with this work (courtesy of The Guardian)

They and other Americans must acknowledge what black, Latinex (some, not all) Native American, Muslim, and other multicultural groups have recognized with Trumpism. The one who is in the position of the presidency of the U.S. has attained that seat of power, fraudulently with Putin's help. Trump negligence has caused harm, death and destruction. He is a white supremacist and egoist. Neither are acceptable in the executive branch of the government, what is left of it, as there are few checks and balances left except for the lower courts and Sovereign Nation States' Rights.

The truth has been exposed. Evangelical Christianity has been subsumed under the rubric of white supremacy. Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham Jr. and others refuse to denounce the lynching of George Floyd. They refuse to denounce Trump's blasphemy of holding the Bible. That act alone is evidence of his "law and order" (a misnomer if ever there was one) tear gassing peaceful protestors and shredding the first amendment for a photo op. Likewise, the  GOP refuses to denounce the abrogation of the constitution and the abuse of power in using military force against the public, a contravention of our national laws. We must conclude they are white supremacists. We must open our eyes to the ugliness. And we must not allow this to continue. Trump and his administration must go, the sooner the better.

“At first I thought I should just shut up and listen to black people about this issue. But why would I do that? It’s not their problem, it’s mine," Banksy's Instagram page, The Guardian.

Sunday, May 24, 2020


ABC Facebook page
What does Trump refer to when he claims the fake news treats him unfairly?

Trump is always the prime subject of Mainstream Media (MSM). Broadcasting outlets allow Trump to dominate the news cycle, especially during his COVID-19 campaign rallies or announcements. There is little investigative reporting or fact checking with exceptions by WaPo, MSNBC, CNN, The Boston Globe, The Guardian (UK) and other less prestigious media sites around the country.

So one can only think that when Trump refers to fake news, he is referring to himself. Yes, Donald J. Trump! You are your own fake news cycle. By your own assertions, you continually make yourself look uneducated, indecent, arrogant unforgiving, defensive, paranoid, humorless, stupid and classless. Actually, the descriptor list is endless in the negative.

Because Trump is historically, a criminal fraud, we can look back and understand that during the 2016 campaign, Trump morphed his own universe to transform normalcy into a George Orwell-like 1984 world that is Trumpland. In Trumpland black is white, truth is a lie, green is yellow and the "true" narrative which is fraud is what spills from Trump's mouth. You must fact check it or be propagandized. The MSM must fact check Trump with everything all the time. If Trump is somewhere, he lies everywhere. And his lies and frauds must be challenged all the time.
(courtesy of the site)
During the 2016 election cycle on RT, Fox News, PBS, New York Times, Breitbart, Sputnik, Pravda, Rush Limbaugh's podcasts, Daily Stormer and other right wing media, the transformation of truth becoming a lie was promoted exponentially on Social Media by Russian Military Intelligence bots clicking from a Troll Farm in St. Petersburg. There were 13 organizations, thousands of operatives the Mueller Report noted. Since Putin hates Hillary Clinton, God forbid she should win. Putin wanted to make good on his billions in Quid Pro Quos to Trump washing funds through Deutsch Bank and Cyprus Bank. Trump had to win and MSM was duped as a part of the 8 pronged strategy to get Trump elected. The same strategies are being attempted by the RNC to date. But Trump's is about to go down for the count because as James Carville Democrat who ran the Clinton campaign has said: no one wants Trump back. They don't trust him to keep Americans alive during the fight with COVID.

Segue back to MSM (mainstream media).

Not to be left out of revenue gathering in 2016, MSM gradually slid into Trumpland values and memes. Trump's controversial statements on clips (pussy tape, Russia if you're listening, lock her up) fell in the same category of fake news lying media Fox. But the nightmare was that NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, the NYT and other apparently "reputable" news media reported his statements giving them the patina of truth. After all, would the NYT be responsible for reporting lies? Of course. They got caught at it numerous times without fact checking. However, by the time they corrected themselves it was 10 days later and the corrections were on p. 25 in tiny print. Their editors are predominately conservative; their Op Ed page accepts liars who smeared Clinton and Biden. They don't fact check and they discriminate and use the pretense of "all the news that's fit to print," except when it isn't.

(courtesy of the MSNBC FB site)
Thus, after he became president, Trump was his own fake media source turned mainstream.   From the power of the presidential seat, by virtue of the mantle conferred upon him, whether he was suited to it or not, Trump was mainstreamed. DONALD TRUMP'S LIES ARE MAINSTREAM MEDIA presentations. They are not fact checked and in this Pandemic of COVID-19, you listen to them at your own peril. Thank goodness for MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, The New Yorker, Buzzfeed, NPR, Politico, The Boston Globe, and others who have held Trump to account. If you are not reading or listening/watching to these outlets, do so. Save your life. From Trump's FAKES.

Regardless of whether the MSM media wanted to or not, they were forced to cover him because they helped elect him. Things got serious really fast and the MSM was chided and pushed around by Trump if the coverage was unflattering. Only CNN, WaPo and MSNBC wore his criticisms as a badge of honor. The other news sites whined and their editors changed up the narrative to suit Trump. Those editors should be fired for their lack of journalistic integrity.

(courtesy of the site)
By the time they started fact checking Trump's lies, the FBI had been through the crucible, the Pandemic Office had been closed, and the Mueller Report and investigation were invisible. Only the truth seekers, MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, The Boston Globe and the others mentioned stood firm in reporting facts and daring to hold Trump accountable. The other news sources were Trump media, fake news sites compromising their integrity to hold Trump accountable in their lukewarm reporting. If a reporter from their organizations dared to ask him an embarrassing question or ask any of his lackeys an embarrassing question, they were dunned as fake. Thus, MSM gradually was cowed into reflecting Trumpism to be "truthful." Lies became truth, truth lies.

By the time the media had been excoriated by the truth seekers, pundits, journalism professors etc., they woke up. It was too late. Meanwhile, the media truth seekers, fueled by comedy shows, i.e. The Colbert Report, SNL, Bill Maher, etc. showed camera clips and repeated Trump's outrageous gaffs (numbering by now in the hundreds if you count his tweets) and 20,000 lies fact checking them. Trump responded and eventually there was no one to head up the WH Press Secretary while Trump's fake news operation in tandem with MSM fake news soldiered on.

Trump's Under-reported Outlandishness Connecting 2017 to 2020

One of Trump's first outlandish statements was at his Inauguration Speech when he talked about the slaughterhouse he inherited from Obama. (a strange projection of future events which he created when he closed down the Pandemic Office and fired its personnel in 2018 delivering the US into the epicenter of death and destruction.)

Tree Stump Spider pretending to be a branch (courtesy of the site)
In one fell prophesy, he said it all, though no one understood what he was talking about and neither did he. He was intentionally mischaracterizing the Obama White House. There is an irony to this blatant lie. Here we are at 100,000 deaths (red states not reporting accurately). The US is a COVID-19 slaughterhouse. Many have died in our nation's slaughterhouses-meat packing plants. Thus, Trump has prophesied upon his own head and his administration the worst legacy of a US president, turning the country into a slaughterhouse. By ignoring rapid action to stem COVID-19, his failure continues to this day with no national response which is the mandate of the president: the use of his executive powers to keep Americans safe. Instead, it is the blue state governors who have kept Americans safe.

The media whores promoted Trump and the GOP in a chauvinistic, discriminatory, self-aggrandizing knock-down, making sure Hillary Clinton and Democrats would not receive continual free coverage. Trump, knowing the importance of free coverage for branding his image, unfairly took advantage of this and the MSM supported his endeavors, helping to elect him. They must not do the same thing again with Biden. But comments by friends who are not on Social Media indicate that once again Trump's FAKE MSM news cycle covers him without properly committing to investigative journalism and fact checking.

And at times they select clips of VP Biden that are not decisive and  positive, clues that they are part of the Trump fake media. Biden receives sops while Trump is made to appear presidential and cogent. That is an example of MSM FAKE NEWS. If you count Trump's gaffs and his injunctions to take a dangerous drug hydroxycholorquine, to inject Lysol, to drink bleach, Trump finger pointing at Biden is laughable.

(courtesy of the site)
Indeed, if one is a never Trumper, then one should turn off the broadcasts of his speeches or rallies that are filled with his lying assertions and craven misrepresentations to aggrandize himself. I can't stand to hear him. He is a stain on this nation every time he opens his mouth to spread his viral lies.

As for Hillary Clinton, it must be noted that her courage was legion as she sustained Trump's criminality and the collaborative infamy and pompous, self-righteous public trashing by craven Democratic males with influential audiences, i.e. Bill Maher and Michael Moore. In bitterness, they blamed her and her campaign for losing to Trump. Too bad their simple analysis didn't call down complicated 8 pronged RNC strategies to bring in Trump as president, using Putin's Intel, Cambridge Analytica, Kushner's quid pro quos with FB, the hacking of ballots in 50 states, Jill Stein's candidacy to split votes form Hillary and more.

The RNC needed to garner billions in tax cuts for its donors as insurance to maintain the power Citizen's United gave the rich. Media Companies benefited. Folks thought when Trump said fake news, he was referring to the conglomerates like ABC, CBS, etc. He wasn't. He was referring to all media that fact checked him. Naturally, the conglomerates donated to his campaigns; they opposed Net Neutrality. But they were loathe to fact check his lies for fear of being Trump attacked as fake.

(courtesy of the site)
Thus MSM became Trump media like Fox. Interestingly, what was described as Alt Right like Breitbart was also Trump media. Thus Trump media, became lying Trump media as he laid down the gauntlet and MSM followed him like a dog. In the minds of many, MSM made Trump's lies truth. They contributed to the propaganda Trump disseminated. The GOP 2016 win must be laid at the feet of MSM. It must not happen again.

For example, the MSM didn't show video clips of Hillary half as often as they did Trump who managed to be as controversial as possible in click baits which the MSM scarfed up. Despite the illegality of predominately following one candidate, Trump's outrageous statements were useful and that is why he made such comments in a conspiracy with Putin, our virtual adversary we war with today (covered up by the MSM). Thus, MSM and "alternate media" (this is a misnomer-it is smaller segments of Trump media) "covering" Trump lies was promoted by Soc Puppets and Troll Farms set up by Russian Military Intel on Social Media 24/7. The effective campaigning by a foreign adversary, Vlad Putin, to put in his favorite candidate usurped the electoral process of the U.S. Indeed, taxpayers' votes were hacked and Hillary's vote was split by Putin funded American candidate Jill Stein.

(courtesy of the site)
To date, though Robert Mueller in his investigation and the Mueller Report attempted to Trump, Putin, the RNC and this White House accountable, because of the corrupt DOJ-Barr and Trump's lawyers, Trump was never impeached as the Mueller Report demanded. Instead. Trump has used his executive powers to stop justice and attempt to prosecute his enemies, Mussolini-style. He has not used his massive executive powers to keep Americans safe by employing the D.P.A. with the military and a quartermaster to gear up equitable cost-saving contracts for testing, PPE supply and distribution chains and tracing to fight against the spread of COVID-19's. (see prior posts on this site)

2016 Campaign, RNC (courtesy of the site)

Meanwhile, the American taxpayer is now facing the greatest risk in US history in a pandemic which the incompetent, criminal Trump can't handle, except to put Project Airbridge in control which thus far through his son-in-law Jared Kushner et. al. is bilking the American public going on upwards of $1 billion dollars according to reporting by John Allan whom I've heard on MSNBC 5/25/2020.

How the Trump administration contracted for inefficient mask sterilization machines that sterilize for under the time they stated is criminal considering there are people who have lost their jobs and are on food bank lines. Indeed, such inefficiency appears to be malfeasance as the company gave one price, $1 million per machine then used bait and switch charging $7 million per machine. Kickbacks? Cronyism? Quid pro Quos? All of it is theft of the American taxpayer by Donald Trump and Jared Kushner who have benefited from our tax dollar but who refuse to pay cops and fire and nurses by funding the 50 states for keeping Americans alive through COVID.

To the thinking American taxpayer who would discern truth from a lie, Donald Trump as his own mainstream media factory is obvious. But it is the pandemic that has outted his criminality, fraud, lies and psychosis like nothing ever before. All the news channels slavishly followed his COVID-19 rallies which grew increasingly craven, insane and frightening. It is a record of infamy in how a president must not deal with a Pandemic. In one example Trump brought his donors, big box retailers and corporations in front of the camera to tell how they were making PPE. Some of them were ill-equipped to do so.

Larva of Archduke Butterfly pretending to be an evergreen-Mimicry (courtesy of the site)
Later we learned that companies who were not Trump donors offered their services but were snubbed by Trump. They were in the business of making PPE and equipment like ventilators? Yes. This is graft on a massive scale. Who reported this?  THE TRUTH SEEKING NEWS SITES.

Now, we understand why Trump cannot employ the DPA with full force and task the military or a quartermaster and his team to research the companies most aligned to make the equipment and gear up to scale with massive production. They would be loyal to the US constitution and the American taxpayers, not Trump's graft making, cronyism, kick-back, quid pro quo machine. Once again, American taxpayers are paying the bill to be killed on a massive scale while Trump's "incompetence" is made fun of. Incompetent? Hardly. When there's money to be made, the Kushner / Trump family is always at the ready.What importance do the American taxpayers have to them? None.

Hiding in plain sight, it looks like one thing but is another-duping mimicry a defense (courtesy of the site)
Meanwhile, where are the truth seeking investigative journalists reporting this? They are out there and can be found on the usual suspects: MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, etc. Their reporters in the field resort to extremely thoughtful questioning that nails Trump to his lies before the world. Their teams investigate and pull back the cover-ups. Some reporters questioning Trump are excellent. Often they are black and female. Though he attempts not to answer their questions, he falters and eventually must answer if they persist or he will look like the racist chauvinist he is.

When these reporters strike it hot, he retorts with "that's a nasty question," that's a rude question," "you are fake news." Only then do you understand their probes hold a great truth that Trump is forced to cover up with an epithet of "fake news" or "nasty." Thus, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this question is real, it points to facts, Trump has choked on it and his fake news propaganda machine has seized up. At such instances Trump has walked out and has taken a few days to recover. Watch for those moments; they have happened more and more as he attempts to cover-over his failed response to the pandemic which is exceeding 100,000 deaths as I write this. (red state reports and deaths are invisible regarding nursing homes and are largely inaccurate)

But for these rich kernels of fact and truth brought up by Trump's furious response to questions by the "nasty, fake news" reporters, Trump has rendered his broadcasts in all media largely an occasion for fraud and lie spreading. The irony is that Trump, by calling the media fake, is identifying himself as the fake.

Appearance vs. reality, truth vs. fakery-Trump mimicry (courtesy of the site)
Discovering the Fake From the Real

But the only way one is apprised of this is by reading widely investigative news sites (blogs or other city papers, i.e. 'The Boston Globe') and then comparing to MSM FAKE NEWS, in other words Trump media. MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, curators are credible and excellent as investigative news sources which counter the fake MSM by revealing the truth behind Trump's lies.

BUZZFEED has excellent articles. Their article about the PEE PEE tape (which Trump called fake news) is accurate if you walk through Trump's inside relationship with Putin who hates the OBAMA, BIDEN, HILLARY TRIUMVIRATE for their work ousting Putin's corrupt crony in Ukraine. Biden and Clinton helped to establish that country's working elections and democracy. Putin will never forgive them and would kill them if he could; he did character assassinate Clinton, but that action has backfired.  Our eyes are open; the Mueller Report stands in history for all time.

And as I write this, Putin is working with the RNC and Kushner to drum up all sorts of attacks against Biden: witness the NYT Op Eds. about Biden being a weak candidate or hiding in the shadows...sourced by the RNC. The NYT editorial staff accepts RNC editorials but doesn't identify them as such. Well, there's the rub. This is part of the MSM Trump Fake News Cycle. Thus, I do not read the Times. I follow the journalist. Sometimes, the NYT trips up in spite of itself and publishes "all the news that's fit to print." However, its investigative journalism as a whole is pathetic. WaPo is head and shoulders above them. So is The New Yorker, CNN and MSNBC.

Mimicry-defense-pretending to be one thing when one is another (courtesy of the site)
Of course since to Trump, only his commentary is the truth, the exposure behind his commentary, he deems fake. This is key. Look for little truths when he ignores a question or does not answer it directly by responding with "fake news," or "nasty" or "rude" question. Then you know it is true and like all truth to a liar, it is embarrassing and humiliating and must be covered up and derided. He is hiding in plain sight which he does often to protect himself. A free person, a truthful person has nothing to hide.

Trump is the FAKE NEWS Fountain of mainstream media. He is a spokesperson for the malevolent GOP and they will, with the exception of Mitt Romney and a few others, fall on the sword for Trump, until in the last analysis Mitch has realized he has gone too far. By being a select spokesperson for the manufacturers of certain big pharma by pushing everything from dangerous non beneficial drugs to "his" vaccine, he has indicated his quid pro quo schemes and cronyism, malfeasance and criminal behavior. Perhaps the anti-vaxxers will accept the Trump vaccine. They certainly will not accept Fauci or Gates certified vaccines.

Like all liars and fakes, when they exceed their own excessive nature, they out themselves. COVID-19 is Trump's Waterloo. This Memorial Day he has outed himself and there will be no turning back. There is a new normal. And Trump will not be in it, nor will he be the MSM darling for much longer. He is an embarrassment to himself. It's only a matter of recognizing the fraud before the criminal's masochism demands it be held to account. So it will be with the criminal in the White House, his cronies and his accomplices in MSM.