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What does Trump refer to when he claims the fake news treats him unfairly?

Trump is always the prime subject of Mainstream Media (MSM). Broadcasting outlets allow Trump to dominate the news cycle, especially during his COVID-19 campaign rallies or announcements. There is little investigative reporting or fact checking with exceptions by WaPo, MSNBC, CNN, The Boston Globe, The Guardian (UK) and other less prestigious media sites around the country.

So one can only think that when Trump refers to fake news, he is referring to himself. Yes, Donald J. Trump! You are your own fake news cycle. By your own assertions, you continually make yourself look uneducated, indecent, arrogant unforgiving, defensive, paranoid, humorless, stupid and classless. Actually, the descriptor list is endless in the negative.

Because Trump is historically, a criminal fraud, we can look back and understand that during the 2016 campaign, Trump morphed his own universe to transform normalcy into a George Orwell-like 1984 world that is Trumpland. In Trumpland black is white, truth is a lie, green is yellow and the "true" narrative which is fraud is what spills from Trump's mouth. You must fact check it or be propagandized. The MSM must fact check Trump with everything all the time. If Trump is somewhere, he lies everywhere. And his lies and frauds must be challenged all the time.
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During the 2016 election cycle on RT, Fox News, PBS, New York Times, Breitbart, Sputnik, Pravda, Rush Limbaugh's podcasts, Daily Stormer and other right wing media, the transformation of truth becoming a lie was promoted exponentially on Social Media by Russian Military Intelligence bots clicking from a Troll Farm in St. Petersburg. There were 13 organizations, thousands of operatives the Mueller Report noted. Since Putin hates Hillary Clinton, God forbid she should win. Putin wanted to make good on his billions in Quid Pro Quos to Trump washing funds through Deutsch Bank and Cyprus Bank. Trump had to win and MSM was duped as a part of the 8 pronged strategy to get Trump elected. The same strategies are being attempted by the RNC to date. But Trump's is about to go down for the count because as James Carville Democrat who ran the Clinton campaign has said: no one wants Trump back. They don't trust him to keep Americans alive during the fight with COVID.

Segue back to MSM (mainstream media).

Not to be left out of revenue gathering in 2016, MSM gradually slid into Trumpland values and memes. Trump's controversial statements on clips (pussy tape, Russia if you're listening, lock her up) fell in the same category of fake news lying media Fox. But the nightmare was that NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, the NYT and other apparently "reputable" news media reported his statements giving them the patina of truth. After all, would the NYT be responsible for reporting lies? Of course. They got caught at it numerous times without fact checking. However, by the time they corrected themselves it was 10 days later and the corrections were on p. 25 in tiny print. Their editors are predominately conservative; their Op Ed page accepts liars who smeared Clinton and Biden. They don't fact check and they discriminate and use the pretense of "all the news that's fit to print," except when it isn't.

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Thus, after he became president, Trump was his own fake media source turned mainstream.   From the power of the presidential seat, by virtue of the mantle conferred upon him, whether he was suited to it or not, Trump was mainstreamed. DONALD TRUMP'S LIES ARE MAINSTREAM MEDIA presentations. They are not fact checked and in this Pandemic of COVID-19, you listen to them at your own peril. Thank goodness for MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, The New Yorker, Buzzfeed, NPR, Politico, The Boston Globe, and others who have held Trump to account. If you are not reading or listening/watching to these outlets, do so. Save your life. From Trump's FAKES.

Regardless of whether the MSM media wanted to or not, they were forced to cover him because they helped elect him. Things got serious really fast and the MSM was chided and pushed around by Trump if the coverage was unflattering. Only CNN, WaPo and MSNBC wore his criticisms as a badge of honor. The other news sites whined and their editors changed up the narrative to suit Trump. Those editors should be fired for their lack of journalistic integrity.

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By the time they started fact checking Trump's lies, the FBI had been through the crucible, the Pandemic Office had been closed, and the Mueller Report and investigation were invisible. Only the truth seekers, MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, The Boston Globe and the others mentioned stood firm in reporting facts and daring to hold Trump accountable. The other news sources were Trump media, fake news sites compromising their integrity to hold Trump accountable in their lukewarm reporting. If a reporter from their organizations dared to ask him an embarrassing question or ask any of his lackeys an embarrassing question, they were dunned as fake. Thus, MSM gradually was cowed into reflecting Trumpism to be "truthful." Lies became truth, truth lies.

By the time the media had been excoriated by the truth seekers, pundits, journalism professors etc., they woke up. It was too late. Meanwhile, the media truth seekers, fueled by comedy shows, i.e. The Colbert Report, SNL, Bill Maher, etc. showed camera clips and repeated Trump's outrageous gaffs (numbering by now in the hundreds if you count his tweets) and 20,000 lies fact checking them. Trump responded and eventually there was no one to head up the WH Press Secretary while Trump's fake news operation in tandem with MSM fake news soldiered on.

Trump's Under-reported Outlandishness Connecting 2017 to 2020

One of Trump's first outlandish statements was at his Inauguration Speech when he talked about the slaughterhouse he inherited from Obama. (a strange projection of future events which he created when he closed down the Pandemic Office and fired its personnel in 2018 delivering the US into the epicenter of death and destruction.)

Tree Stump Spider pretending to be a branch (courtesy of the site)
In one fell prophesy, he said it all, though no one understood what he was talking about and neither did he. He was intentionally mischaracterizing the Obama White House. There is an irony to this blatant lie. Here we are at 100,000 deaths (red states not reporting accurately). The US is a COVID-19 slaughterhouse. Many have died in our nation's slaughterhouses-meat packing plants. Thus, Trump has prophesied upon his own head and his administration the worst legacy of a US president, turning the country into a slaughterhouse. By ignoring rapid action to stem COVID-19, his failure continues to this day with no national response which is the mandate of the president: the use of his executive powers to keep Americans safe. Instead, it is the blue state governors who have kept Americans safe.

The media whores promoted Trump and the GOP in a chauvinistic, discriminatory, self-aggrandizing knock-down, making sure Hillary Clinton and Democrats would not receive continual free coverage. Trump, knowing the importance of free coverage for branding his image, unfairly took advantage of this and the MSM supported his endeavors, helping to elect him. They must not do the same thing again with Biden. But comments by friends who are not on Social Media indicate that once again Trump's FAKE MSM news cycle covers him without properly committing to investigative journalism and fact checking.

And at times they select clips of VP Biden that are not decisive and  positive, clues that they are part of the Trump fake media. Biden receives sops while Trump is made to appear presidential and cogent. That is an example of MSM FAKE NEWS. If you count Trump's gaffs and his injunctions to take a dangerous drug hydroxycholorquine, to inject Lysol, to drink bleach, Trump finger pointing at Biden is laughable.

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Indeed, if one is a never Trumper, then one should turn off the broadcasts of his speeches or rallies that are filled with his lying assertions and craven misrepresentations to aggrandize himself. I can't stand to hear him. He is a stain on this nation every time he opens his mouth to spread his viral lies.

As for Hillary Clinton, it must be noted that her courage was legion as she sustained Trump's criminality and the collaborative infamy and pompous, self-righteous public trashing by craven Democratic males with influential audiences, i.e. Bill Maher and Michael Moore. In bitterness, they blamed her and her campaign for losing to Trump. Too bad their simple analysis didn't call down complicated 8 pronged RNC strategies to bring in Trump as president, using Putin's Intel, Cambridge Analytica, Kushner's quid pro quos with FB, the hacking of ballots in 50 states, Jill Stein's candidacy to split votes form Hillary and more.

The RNC needed to garner billions in tax cuts for its donors as insurance to maintain the power Citizen's United gave the rich. Media Companies benefited. Folks thought when Trump said fake news, he was referring to the conglomerates like ABC, CBS, etc. He wasn't. He was referring to all media that fact checked him. Naturally, the conglomerates donated to his campaigns; they opposed Net Neutrality. But they were loathe to fact check his lies for fear of being Trump attacked as fake.

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Thus MSM became Trump media like Fox. Interestingly, what was described as Alt Right like Breitbart was also Trump media. Thus Trump media, became lying Trump media as he laid down the gauntlet and MSM followed him like a dog. In the minds of many, MSM made Trump's lies truth. They contributed to the propaganda Trump disseminated. The GOP 2016 win must be laid at the feet of MSM. It must not happen again.

For example, the MSM didn't show video clips of Hillary half as often as they did Trump who managed to be as controversial as possible in click baits which the MSM scarfed up. Despite the illegality of predominately following one candidate, Trump's outrageous statements were useful and that is why he made such comments in a conspiracy with Putin, our virtual adversary we war with today (covered up by the MSM). Thus, MSM and "alternate media" (this is a misnomer-it is smaller segments of Trump media) "covering" Trump lies was promoted by Soc Puppets and Troll Farms set up by Russian Military Intel on Social Media 24/7. The effective campaigning by a foreign adversary, Vlad Putin, to put in his favorite candidate usurped the electoral process of the U.S. Indeed, taxpayers' votes were hacked and Hillary's vote was split by Putin funded American candidate Jill Stein.

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To date, though Robert Mueller in his investigation and the Mueller Report attempted to Trump, Putin, the RNC and this White House accountable, because of the corrupt DOJ-Barr and Trump's lawyers, Trump was never impeached as the Mueller Report demanded. Instead. Trump has used his executive powers to stop justice and attempt to prosecute his enemies, Mussolini-style. He has not used his massive executive powers to keep Americans safe by employing the D.P.A. with the military and a quartermaster to gear up equitable cost-saving contracts for testing, PPE supply and distribution chains and tracing to fight against the spread of COVID-19's. (see prior posts on this site)

2016 Campaign, RNC (courtesy of the site)

Meanwhile, the American taxpayer is now facing the greatest risk in US history in a pandemic which the incompetent, criminal Trump can't handle, except to put Project Airbridge in control which thus far through his son-in-law Jared Kushner et. al. is bilking the American public going on upwards of $1 billion dollars according to reporting by John Allan whom I've heard on MSNBC 5/25/2020.

How the Trump administration contracted for inefficient mask sterilization machines that sterilize for under the time they stated is criminal considering there are people who have lost their jobs and are on food bank lines. Indeed, such inefficiency appears to be malfeasance as the company gave one price, $1 million per machine then used bait and switch charging $7 million per machine. Kickbacks? Cronyism? Quid pro Quos? All of it is theft of the American taxpayer by Donald Trump and Jared Kushner who have benefited from our tax dollar but who refuse to pay cops and fire and nurses by funding the 50 states for keeping Americans alive through COVID.

To the thinking American taxpayer who would discern truth from a lie, Donald Trump as his own mainstream media factory is obvious. But it is the pandemic that has outted his criminality, fraud, lies and psychosis like nothing ever before. All the news channels slavishly followed his COVID-19 rallies which grew increasingly craven, insane and frightening. It is a record of infamy in how a president must not deal with a Pandemic. In one example Trump brought his donors, big box retailers and corporations in front of the camera to tell how they were making PPE. Some of them were ill-equipped to do so.

Larva of Archduke Butterfly pretending to be an evergreen-Mimicry (courtesy of the site)
Later we learned that companies who were not Trump donors offered their services but were snubbed by Trump. They were in the business of making PPE and equipment like ventilators? Yes. This is graft on a massive scale. Who reported this?  THE TRUTH SEEKING NEWS SITES.

Now, we understand why Trump cannot employ the DPA with full force and task the military or a quartermaster and his team to research the companies most aligned to make the equipment and gear up to scale with massive production. They would be loyal to the US constitution and the American taxpayers, not Trump's graft making, cronyism, kick-back, quid pro quo machine. Once again, American taxpayers are paying the bill to be killed on a massive scale while Trump's "incompetence" is made fun of. Incompetent? Hardly. When there's money to be made, the Kushner / Trump family is always at the ready.What importance do the American taxpayers have to them? None.

Hiding in plain sight, it looks like one thing but is another-duping mimicry a defense (courtesy of the site)
Meanwhile, where are the truth seeking investigative journalists reporting this? They are out there and can be found on the usual suspects: MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, etc. Their reporters in the field resort to extremely thoughtful questioning that nails Trump to his lies before the world. Their teams investigate and pull back the cover-ups. Some reporters questioning Trump are excellent. Often they are black and female. Though he attempts not to answer their questions, he falters and eventually must answer if they persist or he will look like the racist chauvinist he is.

When these reporters strike it hot, he retorts with "that's a nasty question," that's a rude question," "you are fake news." Only then do you understand their probes hold a great truth that Trump is forced to cover up with an epithet of "fake news" or "nasty." Thus, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this question is real, it points to facts, Trump has choked on it and his fake news propaganda machine has seized up. At such instances Trump has walked out and has taken a few days to recover. Watch for those moments; they have happened more and more as he attempts to cover-over his failed response to the pandemic which is exceeding 100,000 deaths as I write this. (red state reports and deaths are invisible regarding nursing homes and are largely inaccurate)

But for these rich kernels of fact and truth brought up by Trump's furious response to questions by the "nasty, fake news" reporters, Trump has rendered his broadcasts in all media largely an occasion for fraud and lie spreading. The irony is that Trump, by calling the media fake, is identifying himself as the fake.

Appearance vs. reality, truth vs. fakery-Trump mimicry (courtesy of the site)
Discovering the Fake From the Real

But the only way one is apprised of this is by reading widely investigative news sites (blogs or other city papers, i.e. 'The Boston Globe') and then comparing to MSM FAKE NEWS, in other words Trump media. MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, curators are credible and excellent as investigative news sources which counter the fake MSM by revealing the truth behind Trump's lies.

BUZZFEED has excellent articles. Their article about the PEE PEE tape (which Trump called fake news) is accurate if you walk through Trump's inside relationship with Putin who hates the OBAMA, BIDEN, HILLARY TRIUMVIRATE for their work ousting Putin's corrupt crony in Ukraine. Biden and Clinton helped to establish that country's working elections and democracy. Putin will never forgive them and would kill them if he could; he did character assassinate Clinton, but that action has backfired.  Our eyes are open; the Mueller Report stands in history for all time.

And as I write this, Putin is working with the RNC and Kushner to drum up all sorts of attacks against Biden: witness the NYT Op Eds. about Biden being a weak candidate or hiding in the shadows...sourced by the RNC. The NYT editorial staff accepts RNC editorials but doesn't identify them as such. Well, there's the rub. This is part of the MSM Trump Fake News Cycle. Thus, I do not read the Times. I follow the journalist. Sometimes, the NYT trips up in spite of itself and publishes "all the news that's fit to print." However, its investigative journalism as a whole is pathetic. WaPo is head and shoulders above them. So is The New Yorker, CNN and MSNBC.

Mimicry-defense-pretending to be one thing when one is another (courtesy of the site)
Of course since to Trump, only his commentary is the truth, the exposure behind his commentary, he deems fake. This is key. Look for little truths when he ignores a question or does not answer it directly by responding with "fake news," or "nasty" or "rude" question. Then you know it is true and like all truth to a liar, it is embarrassing and humiliating and must be covered up and derided. He is hiding in plain sight which he does often to protect himself. A free person, a truthful person has nothing to hide.

Trump is the FAKE NEWS Fountain of mainstream media. He is a spokesperson for the malevolent GOP and they will, with the exception of Mitt Romney and a few others, fall on the sword for Trump, until in the last analysis Mitch has realized he has gone too far. By being a select spokesperson for the manufacturers of certain big pharma by pushing everything from dangerous non beneficial drugs to "his" vaccine, he has indicated his quid pro quo schemes and cronyism, malfeasance and criminal behavior. Perhaps the anti-vaxxers will accept the Trump vaccine. They certainly will not accept Fauci or Gates certified vaccines.

Like all liars and fakes, when they exceed their own excessive nature, they out themselves. COVID-19 is Trump's Waterloo. This Memorial Day he has outed himself and there will be no turning back. There is a new normal. And Trump will not be in it, nor will he be the MSM darling for much longer. He is an embarrassment to himself. It's only a matter of recognizing the fraud before the criminal's masochism demands it be held to account. So it will be with the criminal in the White House, his cronies and his accomplices in MSM.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Stockholm Syndrome: The GOP'S Addiction to Sweden's COVID-19 APPROACH

Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)

Seeking "herd immunity" without sheltering in, like that which Sweden implements, is one response to COVID-19. Splendid, thinks the GOP. This policy the GOP loves is that the virus, if allowed to spread without sheltering in, will eradicate COVID-19 because everyone gets it and develops antibodies which provide immunity. To what length of time the immunity lasts is not known and at what strength immunity comes is not known. However, the GOP makes its own distinction. In the GOP UNIVERSE, with their irrevocable and illimitable immunity, you won't get it ever again.

Without consideration, the GOP-style immunity sounds reasonable, right? People get sick and recover since the numbers show (at this point this is a projection and guestimated science-it might be higher or lower) 80% of the population will recover. We have around 330,000,000 in the US. If 20% of the population gets it and dies, that's only 66,000,000. The GOP have done the numbers. Better death than sheltering in; the GOP has been "STOCKHOLMED!"

Caveats. With COVID-19 don't really know if the 80%/20% figures are accurate, nor what immunity specifically means.

Is it true this virus morphs, changes and evolves based upon one's immune system? Perhaps. Expert scientists in the field have discovered rare syndromes developing in children: "toxic shock-like syndrome" resembling Kawasaki's disease. And they have seen that the initial symptoms of COVID-19 have broadened in the anecdotal  reporting of those who have tested positive, some recovering having never made it to the hospital. Many have died at home of strokes and heart attacks. The disease which began in China is perhaps a different strain than the one which traveled to NYC along the coast from Europe. The facts of the disease have changed as more becomes known. For example it has been found in waste water and in semen. In AIDS blood became a toxic substance. Does the same apply for COVID-19 in a positive, actively alive COVID ASYMPTOMATIC?
Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)
So, the roulette wheel of COVID-19 is expanding as I write this. Exactly how and why the disease is changing unclear; perhaps it is wise to state that it impacts individuals in a wide range of effects before and after one gets it, based upon their genetics and their overall health. And it appears that it leaves lingering effects. Unless one receives an anti-viral like Remdesivir, it takes a long time to recover. But there is too much unknown about this virus to be determinative. One must approximate and embrace the uncertainty principle: we must question what we "know" about this novel virus. One thing for sure. It is 10X more lethal than the flu and is incredibly contagious. Its transmission may be by "any means necessary," even to the rendering of some individuals asymptomatic to achieve, with stealth, a greater transmission and replication in humans.

With the current GOP support system of wealthy donors, corporate investors and owner,s and Wall Street, a non-working populace is NOT TO BE BROOKED. Are they going to pay unemployment insurance forever? ARE YOU INSANE? THEY WANT HERD IMMUNITY TO FUNCTION IN THEIR WORKERS AND THE CULTURE. Let's do it in the US just like in SWEDEN. In private circles the GOP has been pushing this from the beginning but Fauci and other scientists are not willing to allow leaders to "RIDE THIS BITCH TO THE BOTTOM."  

But the wealthy have STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. Fine. Let's review.

Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)
1) Do we have socialized medicine like Sweden?  No.
2)Do we have a high standard of living for the whole country, i.e. $35.00 an hour so waiters/waitresses don't need tips like they don't in Sweden? No.
3)Is there a Fox news and alternative media equivalent calling COVID-19 a HOAX in Sweden or spreading misinformation that this is just the flu? No.
4)Does the Swedish populace take the danger of COVID-19 seriously? Yes
5)Does the Swedish populace believe and follow the social contract and social responsibility? Yes.
6)Does the Swedish community respect and love the elderly to not spread the infection to them? Yes.
7)Is the Swedish community generous and caring, putting others first to not spread the infection? Yes
8)Are CEOs of Swedish corporations making up to 900X more than their workers? No
9)Does the Swedish populace care for the stress on healthcare workers, not to spread the infection? Yes.
10)Might Swedish hospitals be overcome, letting people with COVID-19 die in the hallways? No
11) Are Swedish hospitals and healthcare state of the art? Yes
12) Is their excellent healthcare system due to SOCIALIZED MEDICINE? Yes
13) Does the Swedish populace gather in crowds of 10 or more in Sweden? No
14) Does the government trust the Swedish people to understand not to spread the virus? Yes
15) Do the people trust the government to keep them safe, well informed and secure? Yes
16) Is there a great economic divide in Sweden of uber rich and poor? No 
17) Does the populace have enough to eat in Sweden? Yes
18)If they don't have enough to eat, can the Swedish people get help to improve their lot? Yes.
19)Does the Swedish populace get the best bang for their tax dollars to have a superior culture and high standard of living? Yes.
20) Is the high standard of living because there is financial equity and no great divide between rich and poor? Yes.
Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)
Say I want to strive for herd immunity as they accomplish it in Sweden, in other words be Swedishized.

Mitch McConnell will never allow it.
GOP and rich donors will never allow it.
For profit hospitals and insurance companies will NEVER allow Socialized Medicine.
The government has no intention of keeping the American taxpayer safe and secure economically.
The wealthy are exacerbating the economic divide between rich and poor, not decreasing it.

But why is the GOP pushing herd immunity in the US, when it has no intention of being SWEDEN?
They want to create the illusion that the idea will work to get us believe it. They wish to make us STOCKHOLMED.

So the results of trying to achieve herd immunity in the US will never be the same results as in Sweden?

 Is it true that pushing the GOP UNIVERSE of herd immunity, "stockholming the public," indicates the GOP doesn't care if this protocol exacerbates death?

What if the death toll in one year (it won't be over unless the virus is eradicated) is larger than WWII and the Civil War deaths over 4-5 year period? Will the GOP care then?
Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)
Will the GOP care if the death toll exceeds that of the Spanish Flu globally in 2 years?
No. 66,000,000 (20% of the population which is probably larger) exceeds the numbers who died from the Spanish Flu. There is no way to calculate the number dead even today since people have died at home of COVID-19 unable to get a test or get to the hospital in time.

So the rich who shelter in their mansions and have access to tests, drivers, limos, private planes, maids, cooks and other help and all the PPE they need will probably never get this virus?
The likelihood is very low. Tom Hanks and his wife are not in that category of rich.

So their bottom line is more important than Americans suffering and maybe 270,000,000 million Americans getting COVID-19?

If Americans are asymptomatic, might they suffer the loss of loved ones infected by them if they don't take precaution at home when they return from a trip "outside"?
Of course. Massive testing must be done to gauge whether one is asymptomatic. Massive testing is not happening. It will not happen because the GOP and Trump have STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. And they want the American public to be "stockholmed."

Stockholm, Sweden (courtesy of the site)
If the GOP is "stockholming" the American people, what does that mean?
It is, with malice aforethought, slowing down an effective response to COVID-19 to "speed up" the herd immunity GOP style. The result is misery, death and desolution of the US as a democracy, something which Vladimir Putin looks forward to along with Trump's reelection.

Could COVID-19 be fought successfully avoiding stockholming?
Scaling up the DPA to provide PPE and 10 times the tests required for each person in every state in the US, or at least enough tests to adequately provide for everyone to be tested is necessary. Parallel to that, contact tracing if one gets it and quarantining all in that individual's sphere are necessary as the economy returns and people go "outside." At the least millions of tests and lab results should be executed and the results delivered daily. This is a war and a wartime economy against this virus should be engaged creating new jobs to people labs, factories making reagents, tests, masks, medical equipment and the infrastructure to support it in the future as more pandemics will arise.

Is there a tie-in with stockholming and the GOP and Democratic presidential election 2020? 
Of course. More Trump supporters, white supremacists, klansmen, Neo Nazis will die than educated Democrats, unless Democrats can be infected by them and die. More poor will die than Americans with means, a GOP assumption. Greater numbers of GOP voters will be stockholmed and resist protecting the rest of the culture around them by NOT wearing masks or social distancing, etc. STOCKHOLMING makes NOT wearing a mask a macho act and act of resistance. (ironically, in Sweden such action is anathema) So while GOP voters will inevitably die by the 80/20 percentages, they will infect Democrats who also will die by the 80/20%. This is a COVID-19 political warfare of hatred as Trumpists weaponize their inhumanity. The GOP leaders will make sure not to be anywhere in the vicinity of protests against sheltering in. They will send their surrogates after testing them, making sure they are well paid to spread discord, hatred and COVID-19 as weapons.

Will the GOP vote for mail voting and get their supporters to vote for mail voting?

Please read all of the above. They will force people to stand in long lines for voting in person. They will make Democrats risk getting COVID-19 and dying to exercise their constitutional right to vote. Trumpists will gladly die for Trump and get COVID-19. They are the proud weapons of their own self-destruction. They've been stockholmed.

What do the Republicans stand to lose in this 2020 COVIDE-19 election? 
They stand to lose all of what they value in this world: the balance of money and power.

What do Americans stand to lose?
COVID-19 is depriving Americans of safety and security because the GOP IS GIVING THEM NOTHING THAT WOULD MAKE THEM SAFE AND SECURE ECONOMICALLY, SOCIALLY, ETC. Trumpists do this by stopping Democrats from signing into law a bill for working families and states to fund the culture that the GOP largely is not a part of having created their own culture of wealth. Americans will have little unless the GOP AND DEMOCRATS sign a non-partisan bill to help working families.

If the GOP refuses to help working families, there will be a backlash. Indeed, the GOP not allowing mail voting will anger the independents and Democrats populace. As a result as they did in the Wisconsin primary, voters will turn out live, with masks, and vote against the GOP. Not allowing voting by mail indicates how much the GOP disrespects Americans' right to vote against them. To punish them, they will return Americans to the days of the South when blacks were lynched for voting. 
NYC Women's March 2017 (Carole Di Tosti)
The GOP does not honor elections in a Democracy. They have turned down the Voting Rights Act. They are guilty of voter suppression. It is a foregone conclusion that they welcome foreign adversaries like Russian intel in a virtual warfare to hack any democratic election that would put in anyone but their bought candidate. The evidence is overwhelming they supported Putin's hacking 50 states to put in Donald Trump. The GOP always prevent free and fair voting in presidential elections because the American people in overwhelming numbers support kindness, decency, humanity and generosity, qualities lacking in the current presidential candidate and Senate leader Mitch McConnell.  So in our hearts, the American public is like Sweden. But in the hearts of our leaders with the exception of the Democratic party, they are out of the antebellum South and are the Southern Planter class, right down to their white pointy hates and white robes.

Without a viable SOUTHERN PLANTER CLASS dominating the GOP, manifested in CITIZENS UNITED who gave themselves and their donors trillions in tax breaks and CORPORATE COVID BAILOUTS, can we be like Sweden?
If we vote them out? Yes. It is in the heart of Americans to be Sweden. We only have to consider ourselves worthy of who we are.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Wartime President or Enemy of the People: Trump's Confused, Negligent Leadership

Covid 19 molecule (courtesy CDC)
Covid 19 is welcoming donors. No, these are not donors to food banks. These donations aren't being made to hospitals. Nor are they for medical supplies to soldiers on the front lines of the Covid War (nurses, doctors, food workers, postal service employees) who risk their lives and die keeping American citizens safe and alive.

These specialty donors are wealthy members of the Federalist Society. They are conservative, right-wing anarchists. They despise democracy and the rule of law which protect the American people in a national security crisis like the Covid pandemic. The wealthy are proponents of right-wing media lies which support Trump against governors who are safeguarding American citizens and front line soldiers.

Armed leader in Lansing, Michigan insurrection (courtesy of the site)
Say what? The wealthy right-wing are invoking a war against the American people. They are funding the armed clueless to protest the quarantining in Michigan, Virginia and Minnesota. Encouraged by Trump tweets, armed crowds show up because the economy is faltering with only essential workers out there protecting the populace and everyone else sheltering at home.

Organizing their right-wing media (Fox, Breitbart, RT, Sputnik, Daily Stormer, Rush Limbaugh, etc.) they coordinate by sending an inundation of email blasts to Republicans. They post articles on social media fueled by GRU, SVR, FSB, Russian Military Intel soc puppets and troll farms. Putin hates/fears Biden because of his former policies against Russian hegemony and encouragement of democracy in the Ukraine. Biden, Clinton, Obama help to Ukraine is against Putin/Trump who are enemies of US democracy and the constitution. Any surprise if you look at how Trump defies the checks and balances of the constitution in Article 1? He has vitiated the constitution by nullifying congressional oversight, thereby ending those powers with the help of Mitch McConnell. A very communist Putin action.

(courtesy of the media)
Instead of helping coordinate a massive apolitical effort to end the pandemic by donating the millions they received in tax breaks from the failed administration bailouts to correct the negligent, dilatory Trump response, they war against taxpayers treasonously. With this money they conduct an Erik Prince styled black ops campaign against decent, family values. "Love God as yourself and love thy neighbor as yourself" has been trashed.

Michigan insurrection against staying safe (courtesy of Buzzfeed)
The Red/GOP/TRUMPIST campaign throws away these Christian values. It misdirects and confuses Christians now more than ever. It bastardizes words like "freedom" by misinterpreting and conflating freedom with anarchy and political insurrection, endangering citizens and soldiers on the front line. A child knows the difference between the freedom to choose responsibility with violations of the rules set up to protect everyone. With freedom comes even more responsibility to "do the right thing." So... The billionaire conservatives are using the terrorist Covid 19 with Trump as their champion as they remain safe behind the mansions, expansive forest-green gardens and havens in low COVID-19 countries like Hawaii.

Trump, calls himself "a Wartime president" fighting COVID-19. But he leads the charge stripping protections, which correlates to taxpayers dying of the disease. And he does this in the name of Wall Street and his bottom line. He and the RNC instigate the demands to go back to work prematurely. He and the RNC incite black ops to protest for "freedom from quarantine." Additionally, he provokes others to protest with emotion. For his corporate donors, bottom line and his election fantasies, he selfishly ignores the facts of the infection spread and its dire consequences.

Confusion of civil rights vs. responsibilities liability, to spread Covid to Michigan taxpayers (courtesy of Bussfeed)
Do the duped even know what they protest? Welcoming disease and death into their families conflating protection guidance with fascism? Let them spend a day in the ICU of a Queens hospital. Let them experience 2 weeks fighting COVID-19 at home, unable to be tested because they don't have enough of the "right" symptoms. Let them go to FB and join "Survivor Corps" to read some of the testimonies of those who have it, are in a hellish nightmare and are trying to get to the next day.

Michigan Gov. Whitmer (courtesy of the site)
For all the furor to "open" the country by red states and Trumpists," opening is an illusion. The country never closed properly. And the states like New York who paused, allowed essential workers, grab and go, big box stores and others who could socially distance properly-dollar stores, essential services to stay open.

Red states like the Dakotas and some in the South never completely shifted to just essential workers. They allowed church services, beaches, tourist areas, businesses to remain "open." The benefit of this has been that nursing home deaths have seen an exponential rise of COVID-19 positives and those with co-morbidities who are now in ICUs in hospitals. A larger percentage of males continue to come down with the disease and are scarred for life after surviving it. Or they die.

The only instance where this has been curtailed is in the states that attempt to shelter in from spreading the disease, by closing down to all but essential services. This act of mitigation, if coupled with testing and monitoring, works to identify the invisible disease, treat it and have the population build up antibodies and immunity though they are still scarred if they had it. At this point only New York has committed to an adequate response thanks to the frenetic and, for Republicans, horrifically effective due diligence of New York's Governor Cuomo. Ironically, Trump rides Cuomo's coattails using the successes of Cuomo's incredible team without seeming to learn anything about how or why their success has been achieved.

On a spiritual and human level, it has been Cuomo's Godly concern to put life above money that has won New Yorkers over. It has been his commitment to swiftly gear up the medical system to provide healthcare to the suffering as equitably. It has been his daily encouragement to inspire New Yorkers to be Godly, to care for their neighbors as they care for themselves. With prayer and the collaboration of hundreds, he has appealed to New Yorkers' and Americans' finer natures to prevent others catching COVID-19 through a "pause."

It is the least that can be done for the heroes on the front lines who have watched young and old die, who have lost seniors and teens on their watch and who have experienced great joy when one is pulled off the respirator to regain consciousness and then battle the scars COVID-19 has left on their bodies in the aftermath. The level of rehabilitation required after suffering this disease is a subject the media rarely deals with.

New York Governor Cuomo (courtesy of the website)
Cuomo, not to compare him with Trump because there is no earthly comparison, appears made for such a crises where life and death battle in real time. Trump has let the reality of death "wash over" everybody else but him, as the death toll extends upward in a horrific number heading toward the number of those who died in the Viet Nam War (in this update it is soaring past 100,000). And this is in a mere one month and three days (he began with his task force on March 15). How many more will die if he allows the states to "gain freedom" to kill each other with COVID-19 as Americans move with carefree abandon across the nation, unquarantined? How many more will die if they continue to spread the disease, and, as the wealthy suggest Trump do, "ride that bitch to the bottom" delivering a "herd immunity" that may not exist or only exist in part and for a limited time with some?

Cuomo has clarified to "open," one must be prudent and follow first with essential businesses and a maximum potential for social distancing. His overarching goal is to "do no harm." This requires a stepping up of the Federal government to test, contact trace and monitor (requiring a small army) to shut down if the spread increases threatening hospital capacity. The governor has also daily pleaded in the name of Republican and Democratic governors, to fund the states and assist them in their herculean efforts to triumph over this disease and save lives, especially those most vulnerable in nursing homes.

Facebook post for Mt. Sinai donations to get PPE and other materials to help front line workers (courtesy of Mr. Sinai)
 First, the facts of the spread as the economy is "opened" must be assessed. But facts of the spread are impossible without testing. How can one gauge the spread without knowing who is positive, who is asymptomatic, who has antibodies and is immune for a time? Trump has been deaf to all the governors' cries. He looks to be drowning in this pandemic, nostalgic for a receding past that he wishes to magically make reappear again with the country's "opening." The past with Trump's booming economy will not appear in the next few months as long as COVID-19 rages in the land. You can't open an economy with sick people dying in the streets and in overwhelmed hospitals.

How can the dying keep the economy functioning? Check the failures of previous pandemics. How well do the living function to work during a pandemic which comes in wave after wave until a vaccine is found? How do the diseased function? Like Trump? For three years we have seen the horror of his mental infirmity running things. Trump took credit for the soundness of Obama's well built economy while blaming Obama for every misery created under the sun. Too bad he didn't heed Obama's pandemic response team. I wouldn't be writing this and Trump wouldn't be crying about losing "the greatest economy in the history of the world," a fantastical hyperbole which only a few in the nation benefited from because it never was. The poor remained poorer and Main Street suffered before COVID-19. Now? That time recedes and Wall Street has lost trillions if anyone admits it.
Fear of Wall St. tanking caused Trump's inaction, The Storied Bull of Bowling Green (courtesy of the site)
As has been recorded in previous blog posts, Trump's dilatory, negligence in not deploying the military to direct the war effort has led to Trump's failure and increased infection spread. Currently, FEMA desperately tries to steal covertly bought supplies from various states. Because of lack of coordination and directed control by Trump's executive, states are forced to bid against each other and the federal government to purchase supplies from China. Trump refuses to delegate to the military the control of supply purchasing and supplyline distribution to the states. Because Trump only uses the executive branch to protect himself from indictment and cover-up of crimes, he can't see his way clear to employ massive executive power for the public good.

All in his administration are to blame; none has the power to convince him to be presidential and strong in this crisis. Trump is too distracted about losing the election to worry about heroism now in this time when courage and being accountable and proactive would most serve.
At a rally for his presidency without logic or rationality about Covid pandemic (courtesy of Fox)
But to apply effective, organized leadership to stop the spread and save lives is not Trump's priority; the American people never were his priority. His wallet was the priority. He plans to win four more years with money. But even the wealthy get tired of throwing money into a money pit. They have eyes to see the economy will not return like it was. Better they short that Wall Street bitch into the abyss, then buy on the uptick. But the market will take years to come back. Bleeding the taxpayer and inflating our money supply is another downer for the wealthy whose bottom line will shrink regardless. All our money will purchase much less. Sucks for all of us. Super sucks for Trump. COVID-19 has taken him by the tail and spun him around like its monkey. If he had only acted in early January to stop and contain this virus.

As I write this, as crowds drive and walk to the De Santis opened beaches in Jacksonville, Florida, COVID-19 stops for no one; it keeps on debilitating and killing. How many of these will end up with the virus and spread it to others?

Trump's insubstantial rallies which self-aggrandize and misinform, do nothing to mollify a frightened, escapist-leaning public. At his "briefings" Trump rides the coattails of Cuomo's success and applies Cuomo's flattening of the curve to every other state in the nation. This is a misdirection. The other states have been unable to "do their homework" with enough testing. Nevertheless, employing Cuomo's results, Trump attempts to justify HIS opening of the economy, supposedly leaving it up to the states.

Jacksonville, Florida opened beaches, saw record turnout of deaf, dumb and blind (courtesy f the website)
Behind the scenes, imagine the phone calls to red state governors whose help he needs to "open." Indeed, South Dakota, to the peril of the dying in nursing homes and the COVID-19 carriers in a meat processing plant, has never "closed." That, along with a few other states where governors have left their states "open," is disastrous. Without a sheltering in place order, the spread of the disease will expand geometrically. As time passes, the hot spots will engulf all of the nation as Cuomo and Fauci predicted at the outset.

Fox News has never left off its lies about COVID 19. Car accidents, falls in tubs, the flu, cancer, overdoses, yada yada are worse killers. This is an extension of the virus is a "hoax." Their lies are crimes of negligence.

Covid is 10X deadlier. To the addled-minded like Trump, who does not understand the disease as he demonstrates dementia, COVID-19's impact is its terrorism to use the human body as its vector silently through asymptomatics. It creeps in its spread from 1 to 3 to 9, with every person potentially infecting another 3 people if the first case is asymptomatic. Asymptomatics are the fiercest shedders of contagion. Where are they? How does one test for them?

(courtesy of Fox)
Because Fox watchers cannot tell truth from a lie and because they have no patience to understand, wrongly, they associate the disease with density, cities and New York. They are the last to listen to Cuomo, though in the off hours, the hosts of Fox and Trump get their news from Cuomo learning a lot and calming down in their fears of catching this plague.

We see the fruits of Fox if we have lately seen the protestors on the steps of Michigan's capital. They appear on the news and in FB posts. Most probably the leaders without masks have tested negative for Covid. How did they get the tests in this time when tests are scarce? If you are Trump-connected with money, you can get a test and plenty of PPE, and N95 masks though they appear boldy with AR 15s and no masks. If you would appear in crowds, you should be tested daily or must have an antibody test which may prove immunity.The problem is immunity is uncertain.

Governor Ron De Santis of Florida (courtesy of the site)
So even the black ops leaders take a risk? Have they been well paid to lead protests? The other people  in the photos, the overweight white men and women with probable co-morbidities, some holding confederate and Nazi flags, are COVID dupes, the food of Death.

What a novel concept! Protesting protection (mitigation-sheltering in) against a pandemic which the president negligently, criminally caused! Say what? The president's negligence caused this pandemic and thousands of deaths. Yet, the president is supposedly warring against it. But then he turns around and tells states to liberate themselves, free themselves from restrictive sheltering orders that protect people against contracting COVID-19.

The War President Trump, to open the economy to get himself reelected, encourages a black op campaign against the American voters. The weapon of his destruction against the enemy (Americans on quarantine) is human bodies infected with COVID- 19 in protesting crowds. So he is employing terrorism (protestors in crowds who will infect each other) to get what he wants. What does he want? The economy to open which he equates with winning the election because wealthy supporters are losing money and they are pressuring him to go back to what was before; to get back to "normal." These donors are as deluded as he.

To what extent does the Covid 19 molecule morph (courtesy of the CDC)
The protestors, like Trump and Fox News, are living in their man-made alternate reality which is a fraud, a fake, a canard, a lie that kills. There is no going back. Cuomo discusses a "new normal" once the spread has been reduced to 1 in perhaps .5 spreading the disease. But that is guaranteed only with testing and contact tracing (monitoring who has it and who they've been in touch with) for containment. Without containment there is no guarantee the next wave won't explode and create pandemonium. Regardless, without the right equipment for the front lines to fight this war, it is ongoing especially as red states refuse to acknowledge its menacing presence threatening death, as they bow to Trump's wishes and open beaches like Ron De Santis in a state which reached 1400 new cases and over 700 deaths. (update it is much higher but they do not report the cases or deaths for fear of upsetting the Trump)

The justification to open prematurely and satisfy the infected "freedom riders" of COVID all the way into the abyss is "the economy must be saved." Suicides must be prevented, Trump has suggested. Meanwhile, the millions of poor have lived with varying states of poverty their entire lives and will not commit suicide. Only the wealthy would choose suicide, than suffer the humiliation of accommodating their lifestyles to becoming middle class.

Sean Hannity, Fox host (courtesy of Fox)
On Fox, while speaking from the security of daily COVID-19 self-testing, the pundits (Hannity, Brit Hume, politicians, church leaders, faux doctors-Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil) (update on 5/23/20 now Fauci and Birx after a campaign to discredit them) have adjured that the economy must be "opened." They have stated that they would sacrifice their lives so the "young" might live. For them, in the safety of access to state of the art self-testing, they imply that grandmas, parents and over sixties have lesser value. Nonna, Nonno, zia and tia, like animals who've served their purpose, should be sent to the glue factory of COVIDto save the economy.

As these FOX pundits embarrass themselves, The New York Times has published the "Red Dawn" emails exposing Trump's delay in confronting the pandemic because he feared the announcement would shake the markets. Trump negligently failed to corral and mitigate the rampaging COVID bull, by seeking to pet the bronze one at Bowling Green. Thus, he "rode that Wall Street bull" for 2  1/2 months, despite warnings to contain the spread by our Intel, W.H.O., the HHS Secretary Azar, Dr. Fauci and others.

Fearful of losing the election, fearful of Biden's campaign, fearful that a trillion dollars could be spent by donors and he would still lose, Trump did the only thing in his mind which "guaranteed" him a win:  he "saved" Wall Street and the economy meaning his wealthy donors' bottom line. Main Street was never a consideration. How a pandemic could impact Main Street and steer it toward a worse Depression than the Great Depression was the last thing he considered. He has no imagination.

Trump failed math. He doesn't read. He is reactive, not proactive. He doesn't analyze. He listens to others who tell him what he wants to hear. His capacity for logic, reason, facts and details is nil. However, he is good at fraud, lies, cover-ups, running after money, persuading wealthy donors he will give them what they want. Above all, he is great at self-deception. His biggest dupe is himself. Sadly, he is going on  3/4 of a century and he has not learned that this MO is not successful. I hope I am wrong, doubt that I am. If I am right, we will have wave after wave of COVID- 19 and must prepare for the long haul.

Governor Cuomo must resist Trump and stay the course. He must do this to save lives, even if that means not budging on where we are in New York, in a pause, waiting for either Trump to deploy the military to take charge of the pandemic response, or find a miracle vaccine. (Update Memorial Day weekend, no DPA has been enacted to up supplies of PPE, etc nationally, Red States opened fudging numbers. Inaccurate counts and deaths are rampant. NY is staying the course and "reopening" while doing no harm...with masks and social distancing by smart, clever New Yorkers).