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Is AG Letitia James' Run for Governor The Machinations Behind the Cuomo Character Assassination and Withholding of Evidence to His Attorney Rita Glavin?

Former Governor Andrew Cuomo the day he announced his resignation (msm)

Rita Glavin, Former Governor Cuomo's lawyer last week sent  out a comprehensive letter to New Yorkers who subscribe to her emails. The letter had three attachments informing them of Letitia James' conduct with regard to the supposedly "independent" investigation done by two highly partisan individuals who "adjudicated" the sexual allegations against the governor and then pronounced Cuomo "guilty." The debacle exemplifies one of the worst examples of overreaching by the legal profession and using the press to hatchet job a politician. The report which determined Cuomo "guilty" was released to the press who spread the "guilty" verdict far and wide. Interestingly, even Rudolph Guiliani commented that the former governor, who was not on trial, had been convicted and punished in the press of crimes he hadn't committed.

This slander and libel was egregiously structured to force Cuomo's resignation. One of the alleged grievous acts of harassment occurred before 50 million global viewers when a doctor, bundled up like a mummy against COVID, gave the governor a nasal swab test. His infamy was to tell her ironicaly "she looked good," an obvious joke that was latched onto as sexual harassment. The doctor was counted as one of the "11" who came out against the former governor in a bizarre mixture of impropriety contorted into sexual untowardness by Cuomo haters.

The cabal against the governor (most probably Democratic and Republican) want him out of the running for president or governor or anything. Character assassination was Letitia James intent and this week with the announcement that Glavin predicted would come a few months ago, came. James is running for governor. Gee, really? She wants to be governor? 

Letitia James (courtesy Roy Rochlin/Getty)

VICTORY! James couped Cuomo, disenfranchising over 3 million voters with the help of the salivating long time enemy of Cuomo, Joon Kim. That Letitia James has committed an abuse of her office right out of Donald Trump's playbook, effecting a coup during a pandemic and delivering herself a "clear path" to the governorship appears more and more obvious as details come to light and as James refuses to send Glavin evidence supporting the allegations. Nor will James send the transcript testimony of the full 179 witnesses; the report in glaring lies of omission only included 40 witnesses much of it with incomplete information, dates and conflicting information. 

I and many others smell the body odor of smear campaign and will never, ever vote for James or Hochul for governor under such questionable circumstances. Indeed, with this demeaning of #metoo in a greedy bend for power proving women also can embody the worst of human behavior, I would rather see a Republian in office. At least I know they are against me and for themselves. James, Kim and their cabal have birsmirched the sanctimony of Democrats' virginal purity and decency . In their lust for power Democrats and Republicans are the same. Citizens are the losers.

 James, Kim, Boylan slimed and character assassinated the one man who led the nation through the darkness of COVID-19 when the duck-billed platypus crater brain former president was too busy worrying about polls and his reelection to properly conduct an attack plan against COVID to save the nation. Instead, it was Cuomo who delivered the nation and the world with almost 60 million global listeners. But now, all folks can remember is what Cuomo said during a nasal swab. How terrible, what a sexually degenerate comment. 

Rita Glavin, Former Governor Andrew Cuomo's Attorney (courtesy of the Cuomo Team)

James warped and biased investigation and smear campaign to get Cuomo are unforgivable. Has the current governor led us reasonably? The jury is out; Cuomo would have done more. In the transition process between Hochul and Cuomo, precious time was wasted regarding COVID DELTA infections. Only now has Hochul begun to give the types of reports that Cuomo got up with lightening speed to help New Yorkers through the darkness and death. She simply rode on his coattails; the apparatus was there.

How have Cuomo and Attorney Glavin answered the James coup? Glavin has been prodigious in her attempt to have James respond to her letters which ask for the witnesses testimony. She brings many questions to bear but James has ignored Glavin. James' abject stupidity in not responding suggests James has something to hide. What seems more and more clear is that  as former Governor Cuomo said from the outset, the smear campaign was designed for political purposes. Instead of recusing herself from having any hand in the investigation, James maintained a close watch over it, picked a plaintiff's attorney predisposed to harassment lawsuits, and an enemy of Cuomo who would attempted to investigate him and find something on him for a number of years. The selection of them and James' involvement belies "outside" and "independent" investigation. It has James, Kim's and unseen others' filthy hands all over it.

So as not to appear the craven, James kept quiet her intention to run for governor. Her behavior selling to the press the report's lies of omission and comission over and over is unjustified without answering the questions and amending the report as Glavin has suggested. Sadly, the lies and the coverup she is effecting is as corrupt as Trump's coverups. The brief investigation whose testimony she will not share with Cuomo or the public smacks of Bill Barr's pronouncement of Trump's Russia conspiracy as a "vindication." Vindication was a lie; Russia interfered in the 2016 election. This is James smear campaign and she is hiding the highly unjust nature of the smear. Both are egregious examples of abuse of power. 

     (L to R): Attorney Patricia Clark, AG Letitia James, Attorney Joon Kim, press conference to announce the results of the highly partisan James' led investigation, contrary to what has been "advertised." (courtesy of PBS New Hr, AP)

James is witholding evidence from Glavin and Cuomo who have a right to it. There was never a trial yet Cuomo is "guilty" and has had no ability to publicly refute the allegations except via his attorney Rita Glavin who has incomplete information. Truly, James' behavior and character assassination demean her office and vitiate the public trust of the AG. And now she wants to be governor? Her lack of judgment, not recusing herself from the investigation, not investigating the false allegations and conflicting testimony is behavior not worthy of the governorship.

Cuomo won't be a silent mouse. The slime in the press achieved a new level of muck, as news spilled out that Cuomo is being charged with a misdemeanor for alleged sexual harassment. However, no female has charged him; no lawyer of the plaintiff charged him. The Albany County DA didn't charge him. No! The Sheriff's office charged him. Who is behind this? There are no details and a misdemeanor is a nothingburger. However, the headline scandal mongered by the GOP'S NY Post is enough for James to justify herself; she announced her run for governor. 


        Letitia James at a World Pride NYC and Stonewall 50th celebration in 2019 before COVID (courtesy Alamay)

Indeed, it is obvious she plans to ride into the governor's mansion on the oil slick eminating from possibly malfeasant abuse against the former governor. Why don't we know the details? More lies of omission? Who is the woman? Her lawyer? The specific charge? And how did the Sheriff get the complaint and then blow it up into a misdemeanor, keeping the details hidden? And who leaked it to the press? Oh, and at the same time, she announces her run for Governor? She does not fear even the very appearance of evil. This shameless behavior is Trumpy Republican. Where are the Democrats to point this out? Crickets. For their not standing with the foremost official who led the country through the darkness of COVID, I am staying independent and have stopped giving Democrats money.

Joe Scarborough on Friday's morning show on MSNBC pointed out that if it weren't Cuomo, the sheriff would not be bothered to file such a charge if the offender was Joe Schmo. Indeed, speculation which is tantamount to libel and slander once more hits the air waves about Cuomo. All the media is setting themselves up for lawsuits. As Letitia James attempts to lumber over his "dead" career to get to the mansion, the New York Democrats are looking more pathetic and weak by the minute. Bravo Republicans. You will be able to put up a dog catcher and he/she will win against such slimers.

The abject bungled stupidity of the "charge," James' obvious attempt to set herself up for the catbird seat is laughable. Pull back the veil to see the spiders pulling the levers of power: Kim, James and the cabal who fear and hate Cuomo's competence. James' announcement that she is running for governor in tandem with the misdmeanor charge smacks of craven arrogance as if to say, "I don't care if you think I'm low in using Cuomo to feather my nest. That is the way of the world now." Is it? Then the next governor will be Republican and we will lose the state to the RED. Congratulations. Cuomo was the most powerful voice for the progressive line that succeeded in convincing moderates of the efficay of progressivism. Suburban women supported Cuomo as a result of COVID, as did city women. James' stunts will not be tolerated by them. 

        Joon Kim a long time antagonist of Andrew Cuomo hand picked by Letitia James, one of the partisan attorney's on the investigation with Sex Harassment plaintiff attorney Anne Clark and Letitia James, herself. (courtesy PBS News Hour, AP)

The Democratic Party in New York has fallen to a new low. It takes leadership to restore it, the type of leadership demonstrated during the pandemic by CUOMO. It remains to be seen who  can bring it together. It certainly will not be James or Hochul or De Blasio or others who have the scent of smear  campaign and slime muck all over them. New Yorkers are not as dumb as Democratic politicos think.

The following is a letter to subscribers of Team Cuomo. You will not find this readily on the news, a form of censorship that is tragic. However, I am posting it here because New Yorkers deserve hearing and seeing something other than scandal sheets that have no basis in the law or fact, but are slanderous, libelous and defamatory. 

Rita Glavin, Former Governor Andrew Cuomo's Attorney (courtesy of the Cuomo Team)

“Governor Cuomo’s reputation was destroyed on August 3rd at one of the most prejudicial and unprecedented press conferences I have ever seen in my career.  And what happened there was not meant to be independent, it was meant to be an ambush.  Tish James cannot make these allegations and disavow having to defend them in a forum and then refuse to give the evidence.  It's not right.  It’s not fair.  And as a New Yorker I’m outraged by it.”

- Rita Glavin


Rita Glavin, attorney for Governor Andrew Cuomo made a formal submission to the Attorney General outlining countless errors, inconsistencies, glaring omissions and distortions riddled throughout her August 3rd report — including new information about the AG's motivations, conflicts of interest, and — by her own admission — James' personal violation of the terms of the investigative referral.


The Attorney General's personal interference and violation of the referral made to her office, combined with the resulting inexplicably flawed and biased report raise serious ethical questions amounting to prosecutorial misconduct.


Read the Cover Letter here:

Read the Full Submission here:

Watch the Submission Presentation here:


Eight weeks ago Attorney General Tish James issued a one-sided report presented to exact maximum political damage, generate scathing headlines and purposely mislead the public.  Tellingly, since then, the AG has refused to answer any specific questions regarding the report while herself mulling a run for Governor.


Today's presentation and submission makes clear that the Attorney General's motivations and subsequent actions were political.  She must now appoint a truly independent body to review her report, her violation of the referral order and today's formal submission.  New Yorkers deserve the truth.



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Cuomo Report by Investigators Joon Kim and Ann Clark Overseen by AG Letitia James is Biased, Defamatory, Unworthy of Democrats

Rita Glavin's YouTube presentation about the investigation into Governor Cuomo by Joon Kim and Ann Clark, overseen by AG Letitia James, is nothing short of exculpatory. For days, the media 24/7 uplifted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's "sexual harassment of various women." Headlines stated that the investigation found him "guilty." This is libelous, slanderous and calumnious. The governor was not on trial. He is not indicted. And no criminal charges had been filed. Indeed, one of the women's lawyers would not refer them to the Sheriff's Office. When he didn't, someone else did.


However, the slanders, lies, obfuscations and distortions were meant to make life so difficult for Governor Cuomo that he would resign. Democrats clamored and caterwauled and hooted and hollered. It was so loud and egregious, he finally did resign. And everyone shut up. They had gotten what they wanted. They have left it to late night comics to further perpetuate the slanders, libels and calumny.

                    Governor Andrew Cuomo announces his resignation (Governor's website)

Attorney Rita Glavin presenting a response to the one-sided findings in the report (Governor's website)

Attorney Rita Glavin presenting a response to the one-sided findings in the report (Governor's website)

The fact remains that New Yorkers are left in the shadows. Many did not want him to resign. The contrast with Republicans like Trump, Gaetz, Kavanaugh, Justice Thomas, "Gym" Jordan, Madison Cawthorne and many more over the years is deafening. They have done much worse, than was falsely alleged about Cuomo. As the irrational clamor grew without substantiation or evidence presented, just allegations, many New Yorkers suspected a hatchet job by a combination of Republicans and Democrats, using the women as their tools, a form of abuse to them and demeaning of the #metoo movement. 

The most jarring calls were from Democrats who wanted him out. We are left with questions about the backroom politics, the chicanery, malfeasance, injustice and vengeful smear campaign which has effected a coup to dispose of a great leader who kept New Yorkers safe through the worst pandemic we've seen in a century: a pandemic which the ruling party of Republicans abdicated containment of to the states. This time the coup is by Democrats on trumped up accusations with little credible proof that corroborates the women.

The Governor has not been a sexual harasser like Republicans. He is not even a sexual harasser as underscored by Attorney Rita Glavin's point by point explanation of the incomplete, preconceived and shoddy "report" by Letitia James' office which was a rush to judgment. Attorney Glavin discusses the background nature of the events that brought us to this place in time. These include vengeance, spite, malice, Republican and Democratic politics and Democrat's pushing forth their "Holiness brand." 

Attorney Rita Glavin presenting a response to the one-sided findings in the report (Governor's website)

The allegations began with lying Lindsey Boylan (who ran for Manhattan Borough President and lost). To smear the governor, she threatened that a witness must change his testimony. Glavin states that Boylan said that Cuomo said, "Let's play strip poker," which the witness denied. Because he called it a lie, Boylan threatened to smear him to coerce him to smear Cuomo. In other words, this upstanding woman who wants to run for office, witness tampered. Then, to secure her vengeance, she beat the bushes day and night to find females who might support her smear campaign. She even called for them to come forward frequently using free media coverage (in the vein of Trump). Her mission was revenge because the Governor didn't support her. 

Indeed, the Governor was right not to support a vengeful, spiteful liar who would stop at nothing to vilify another for political purposes. She should be sued for defamation of character and calumny by Cuomo, who can call up the witness who she threatened to testify. This represents the antithesis of #metoo, in fact represents a #hetoo! Her plan most probably backed by Republicans and Democrats alike, was to search high and low for women to take down the governor on sexual harassment charges. 

Attorney Rita Glavin presenting a response to the one-sided findings in the report (Governor's website)

Attorney Rita Glavin presenting a response to the one-sided findings in the report. After Beverly Camisso took a selfie with the governor and posted it on Social, her friend Alyssa McGrath said, "I'm jealous." The next photo below, McGrath's jealousy was assuaged with a photo of the two of them (Governor's website)

Attorney Rita Glavin presenting a response to the one-sided findings in the report (Governor's website) Left is Beverly Camisso and right is her friend Alyss McGrath who got her picture with the governor. Camisso provided contradictory and uncorroborated testimony about the groping incident.

It was slim pickings, however. The testimony of the women to appear credible had to be skewed, distorted and fabricated, and even then it doesn't rise to the level of harassment. It was rather like old world political behavior after the days of Lyndon Baines Johnson who kissed, back-slapped and was touchy feelie with men and women, like a glad handing politician was then, like Chuck Schumer is now and like Joe Biden was until a woman screamed at him and accused him of sexual harassment which was quickly forgotten by the DNC, along with other untoward allegations against Cuomo (the women who said he came on to her, QAnon allegations of pedophilia).

New Yorkers who supported and voted for the Governor stood with him through the initial allegations screamed out daily in the press with furious increasing enumerations. Interestingly, Lindsey Boylan lost, receiving a vote of no confidence by New Yorkers who "got" her "campaign." And few will vote for her in the future. Her actions speak for themselves. She is not to be trusted; Glavin gives evidence to this effect. Listen to Glavin on YouTube.

Attorney Rita Glavin presenting a response to the one-sided findings in the report. (Governor's website)

Attorney Rita Glavin presenting a response to the one-sided findings in the report. (Governor's website)

As a result of their actions in writing the narrative and clamoring and screaming for Cuomo to resign, Joon Kim and possibly the Lieutenant Governor and Letitia James and Bill De Blasio and others who were vengeful against Cuomo, do not have the confidence of New Yorkers. This entire episode of not supporting the governor to allow him to respond indicates their bias, and strongly indicates their malice toward him. Together with the other Democrats, though they say they look for justice, if they can't met it out with a member of their own party to allow them to respond when accused, they cannot be trusted with anyone else, least of all citizens. 

Democrats took the low ground with a great ally of Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, the Disabled, indeed all groups underrepresented by the Republican party. They did this injustice for questionable reasons. In their rush to judgment and blanket condemnation vitiating Cuomo's attempt to respond, all of them are even more untoward and backward then the spurious allegations of harassment leveled against Governor Cuomo. 

Attorney Rita Glavin presenting a response to the one-sided findings in the report (Governor's website)

Globally, millions watched as Governor Cuomo mentored that taking the swab test was not something to be afraid of. He joked beforehand that the doctor looked good in the gown. I didn't know that I was watching sexual harassment. I was thankful that the governor joked in a nervous situation to encourage the hesitant to get a COVID test to monitor the infection rate. Sexual harassment? This doctor was one of the infamous "11" written up as sexual harassment by Kim and Clark in their narrative gone off the rails to "convict" the governor in the media. Attorney Rita Glavin presenting a response to the one-sided findings in the report (Governor's website)

I guess I am used to allegations like those made by the victims of Kavanaugh, Thomas, Gaetz, Trump, Roy Moore, Bill Cosby, Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein and other charges that have arisen during #metoo. The Cuomo allegations do not rise to any level of credibility because in the report, there is little proof given. The report is not the point. The point is the conclusion, which was "guilty."  Those who wrote the report did not intend for the press to investigate and read it. The lame media wanted to spread their "guilty" titillations simply because of what they implied: the governor was a "perve." Indeed, by not allowing the truth to be told, only the allegations, the media proves itself corrupt, wanton, lying, manipulated and paid off in a perversion of justice and extreme bias. 

Just like in the Mueller Report, the result was the point for the media to run with it, the antithesis of investigative journalism. Getting ahead of the report, Barr made up his own summary and "exonerated" Trump  a lie. As in that instance parallel to this, the lie was blathered in the media. The truth was buried for over a year and getting at it has been like digging for gold in the Artic without equipment and a compass.

Unless you actually read the transcripts that had to be released from their redactions you believe the corrupted media lies. Trump committed impeachable offenses as Robert Mueller later stated when the media lied about the report. Likewise, the "guilty Cuomo" in the headlines is the point. That no one will read the report to see how shoddy, incomplete, biased, discriminatory and defamatory it is, is also the point. 

Investigator Ann L. Clark who wrote a damning narrative of guilt that is shoddy, incomplete and skewed against the governor with conflicting details, omitted evidence and testimony as per Rita Glavin's credible presentation on YouTube. ( 

What is worse, of the 179 testimonies taken of which only 41 are reported (because they are negative) the other 138 testimony transcripts which most probably are positive, supporting that witnesses never saw or heard any harassing behavior by Cuomo, are omitted from the report. And Kim and Clark refuse to give those transcripts to Glavin, though she has repeatedly requested them. Thus, Kim and Clark omitted 77% of the testimony transcripts from the report and chose 23% which is less than 1/4 of those interviewed. And of the testimony transcripts reported, they were twisted to serve Kim's and Clark's personal agenda over the welfare of New Yorkers. This is doubly so when the Delta variant numbers are rising and the infection rate is worse than this time last year because CDC guidance and President Biden are afraid to declare a mask mandate because it is partisan. Cuomo was never afraid of the RED STATE MAGAS, the NY KKK, insurrectionist and QAnon Biden hater Elise Stefanik, the Proud Boys or any thugging groups who protested his mandates. That is the problem. Cuomo is beyond cowardice and the QAnon control.

Taking this into consideration, Cuomo must sue for defamation and get his day in court. The media has prosecuted him, tried him and unjustly sentenced him to oblivion, as Rita Glavin and others, even Rudy Guiliani, have suggested.

L-R Ron Kim (who calls for Cuomo's impeachment) and opponent NYPD Sergeant Steven Lee in an acrimonious battle for Assembly District 40. (Queens Daily Eagle June 17, 2020)

Seque about the Southern District of New York where Joon Kim was once a prosecutor hell bent on "getting" Cuomo (like Trump and others). Barr vitiated all the investigations against Trump in the Southern District of New York. Supposedly Barr was looking into Ron Kim's nursing home allegations and wacked numbers smearing Cuomo. But Trump was the one responsible with overwhelming deaths from his COVID botch job. The nursing homes weren't a slimy enough allegation since the Republicans advocated no vaccinating, and no wearing masks or protecting the elderly. The reason why it couldn't stick was that Cuomo tried to make the elderly safe; Republicans told the elderly to sacrifice themselves for the economy and die (see my previous article). Trump and Republicans are easily identifiable as COVID KILLERS. Cuomo saved lives. As much as Boylan, Kim, Clark and others hate to admit it, especially since they are negligent incompetents who can't lead out of a paper bag, Cuomo brought the infection rate from the highest in the world to the lowest, daily encouraging New Yorkers to do all those things which Trump and Republicans refused to do (get tested, wear masks, get vaccinated).

If not for Cuomo's daily briefings and instructions, the COVID infection rates that were the highest in the world would have killed many more people. His encouragement, wisdom and his brilliant team held New York, the nation and the world uplifted. This cannot be diminished by false allegations and a twisted narrative by little minds and hungry ghosts who are vengeful and filled with hate. New Yorkers remember and so do those across the world who wonder at the likes of this smear campaign.

Kim, Ron Kim and his like-minded cabal of Democrats and Republicans needed something more salacious than nursing homes since Barr's investigation was blown up because Barr was blown up. Lindsey Boylan and perhaps those in the Southern District where he attempted to investigate Cuomo for years finally provided a venue that would sully him. They came up with the notorious "11" women (one of whom was the gowned doctor who gave him the swab test in view of millions watching globally).

Attorney Rita Glavin presenting a response to the one-sided findings in the report (Governor's website)

Supporting the defamatory, one-sided report without even reading it, Democrats cannot be trusted. Their calls for Cuomo to resign prove why he needed to establish Executive Powers to martial forces to combat COVID. The other incompetents wouldn't work with him to bring down the infection rate; they would have been negligent obstacles. He selected a brilliant team. They worked with him. And he rallied the most sensate and smartest of congressmen and senators to stand by him to protect New Yorkers (Hakeem Jeffries, Leroy Comrie, Andrea Stewart Cousins, Carl Heastie). 

It is clear, those who voted down his move to have Executive Power are the same negligent, malfeasant and malicious group who called for his resignation. They put their own venal hatreds and political agendas first, and damn New Yorkers' lives. Governor Cuomo knew that. It is why he was forced to give himself Executive Power to bring down the infection rate to .1% from the highest in the world and keep it low, which he did until the September holidays. (This year the infection rate is higher with the Delta variant than last year, and I doubt that Hochul knows what to do to lower it as Cuomo did).

Ron Kim and Boylan are the epitome of the hungry ghost psychotic politicians who mirror the vengeful Donald Trump. They are willing to sacrifice New Yorkers for the sake of "getting" Cuomo. It is a THING, especially with Kim, the congressman. It is downright pornographic that he has a Jones for character assassinating Cuomo. To defame Cuomo over New Yorkers well being because of some psychotic urge is egregious. As justification, he points the finger at Cuomo as a bully. 

Attorney Rita Glavin presenting a response to the one-sided findings in the report (Governor's website)

How laughable. Joon Kim in his behaviors toward Cuomo over the years has bullied, stalked and indeed sought to molest and harass Cuomo. Kim is a regular Javert from Les Miserables, only without the nobility of cause. Too bad he doesn't put that same pornographic urge toward Trump who truly is deserving of excoriation and indictment for his jeopardizing the nation with his COVID botch job and minimizing it as a hoax, his advocating killing the elderly with herd immunity (before vaccination) his financial malfeasance, quid pro quos, insurrection to overthrow Joe Biden's win supported by QAnon Elise Stefanik and his admitted sexual pussy grabbing, rape, sexual molestation, etc.

Now, Kim has won. He must be leaping for joy! His investigation is a hatchet job to oust his long time enemy. Such behavior is not worthy of the Democratic Party. Nor is Ron Kim's going on Fox News to excoriate Cuomo. NYPD Sergeant Steven Lee should have won. He most probably would have proved himself more worthy, than to enact unethical, malfeasant and anti-investigatory behavior. Cuomo should sue him, Boylan, James and others for defamation, liable and slander in addition to congressional malfeasance and misconduct in allowing false allegations to be narrated and represented as though they were unimpeachable and credible.

John L. Lewis who Cuomo admired was a towering example of a Congressman who would not stoop to such machinations as Boylan, RonKim and other Democrats have enacted. The report is a defamatory, one-sided disgrace that Democrats must call down and reveal what happened and why.

Ousting Cuomo comes at a price to the reputation of the Democratic Party. These events with James, Kim, Boylan and Democrats' malice and injustice toward the governor make them exactly like Republicans in fostering their own vengeful agendas and putting themselves first. Governor Cuomo protected us. The other Democrats would have us sacrificed for themselves. Democrats are not to be countenanced accepting lies, distortions, false allegations to coup a popular governor and make him so discredited for 8 days, he was unable to respond. They know better; Republicans have smeared them and lied on them. Now they do the same to members of their own party?  When they didn't support him, when they told him to resign, they betrayed themselves, the justice the party is supposed to stand for and the sound, progressive leadership of Cuomo.

Why is no one investigating behind the investigation by Kim, Clark and their influencers, Democrats as well as Republicans? New Yorkers deserve an explanation why a competent and skilled leader who helped other states get up the necessary testing programs while Trump and Republicans sat and did nothing, is out on harassment charges that are flimsy and hyperbolic at best and outright lies, contradictions and distortions at worst. Regardless, these do not, according to Glavin rise to the level of the report's conclusion which is spurious, because allegations are not proof. Evidence is proof.

Did the investigators show brilliant skill and in-depth analysis as they pieced together witness corroboration, triangulations of time, place, testimony and solid evidence to prove that the Governor did indeed harass the women as the report specified? Nope. Watch Rita Glavin's YouTube presentation and listen carefully. This was a three month rush to judgment so that folks could get their campaigns up and running for the governorship. New Yorkers are not stupid. Whether agreed upon by Republicans and Democrats, those who plan to run for the governorship are not beyond reproach. And those in power during this debacle of investigatory malfeasance, who obviously want the governor out because they did nothing to stop it, look vengeful, ignorant, negligent and incompetent, even more so than Republicans, for whom this malfeasant investigation is heaven sent and surely partially supported and funded (though I have no proof).

The investigation was not worthy of the ethos of the Democratic Party, a tragedy.

Why is the investigation malfeasant? Because only one side was investigated, and cursorily at that. There was no evidence. No corroboration. No supporting testimony. Just allegations. And then the allegations have contradictory information, for example the date of the supposed groping. Two dates were given. This is most probably so because there is no eye-witness testimony of the woman (Camisso) being in the mansion when she alleged the governor scared her and slammed the door, a lie. The other date, she was under observance constantly and was writing a speech. Why did she lie? Who forced her to lie? Was she paid off to lie about the governor in this smear campaign? Is she a dupe of forces ranging against him? And if she comes forward to the press and tells them the backstory, will they print it? If she goes to Senator Schumer or Gillibrand and tells them she felt coerced to incriminate Governor Cuomo, will they listen to her? Or is it in their best interests to let Cuomo die a death? Democrats must look into the report. Or they are not to be trusted.

Because Democrats called for his resignation without reading the report, without examining the way it was written up, they assumed he was guilty. Democrats give New Yorkers the impression that they are happy and this serves their purpose. Serve up Cuomo and they can join with Republicans and be bi-partisan. Except, in their behavior, from the liars like Lindsey Boylan to the vengeful, like Joon Kim, to the #metoo hypocrites Kirsten Gillibrand and touchy feelie Chuck Schumer, Democrats have erred. Where are the Democrats who still support him like me and all in my sphere of acquaintance, friends and family, save my family members in Florida who think DeSantis and Trump are the macho men to be like.

Not standing with Cuomo damns Democrats more than he is damned by twisted allegations. It proves them to be lazy, shoddy, sanctimonious, negligent and self-serving. That Democrats did not come out and say that the report was a rush to judgment and that they had to look it over before supporting it, damns them. It also damns Letitia James. If this is an example of her investigatory overseeing (she also got the nursing home investigation wrong, or rather Ron Kim, once again, got it wrong) she is negligent and incompetent.

She does not have my vote for Governor if she runs. If I were a betting person, I would bet she does along with those Democrats like De Blasio and the socially distanced from Cuomo... Lieutenant Governor Hochul. The investigators Kim, Clark and James must be called into question. Their investigatory skills, acceptance of lies, missed dates, incomplete testimony, shoddy mishandling of information and vitiation of one side that corroborates the falsehoods of the women, cannot be allowed to stand. It blackens the Democrats who called for his resignation, divides New Yorkers and discredits the investigators for their hatchet job, bias, predetermined result and encouraged unjust character assassination of Cuomo in the media. 

The media, too, must be held to account and sued for defamation, like Dominion is suing Fox News for defamation. The media's irresponsible presentation of lies, misinformation, bias, discrimination and defamatory libel and slander must be reckoned with. They can't make the excuse that they just presented what the report said. They didn't even question any of it which is bias in the extreme and rises to libel, slander, calumny and defamation. Certainly, Cuomo's career has been grievously damaged by the slander, libel, calumny and defamation.

Two questions come to mind. Why was Cuomo  treated so abominably when he saved lives, leading New Yorkers through the worst pandemic in a century? See my previous articles on how Republicans actually spread it and killed many more seniors in nursing homes by allowing the infection rates in their states to remain high. Second question, who benefits from this character assassination besides Republicans? And I'll suggest one more question: did quid pro quos occur and did Bit Coin or dark money change hands? If I were a betting woman and I'm not, I bet yes. Follow the money.

                The ideals represented here are not to be trashed by political expediency by callow, hateful and wicked politicians. Yet they are for the sake of greed, power and personal weakness.

Monday, August 9, 2021

Republican's IMPECCABLE Strategy as They FORCE Democrats to Self-Destruct via CUOMO SANCTIMONY


He's guilty, they say! They said he was guilty of thousands of nursing home deaths by COVID, during Trump's botch job, as Governor Andrew Cuomo and New Yorkers fought the mountainous COVID infection rate. That Trump was responsible, because he lied about the dangers of COVID, didn't satisfy Democrats eager to smear Governor Cuomo, who was globally adored and listened to regarding his daily briefings. Many New York Democrats who had it in for Cuomo steamed and waited and plotted with Republican counterparts. When Cuomo called out Trump for his horrific COVID mismanagement, and dogged Mitch McConnell when he told the states to go bankrupt, he did it with spectacular, humiliating take downs. During his briefings Cuomo turned the tides against Republicans and in large measure, cost Trump the election and McConnell the Senate leadership, showing them up as hateful, malfeasant, do-nothings, dangerous to our national security and citizens' lives.

After their MAGADEATH 2020 loss (which they refuse to acknowledge) Republicans have a Jones for destroying Cuomo and every Blue state governor as the guardians of states rights progressive policies. They must be career assassinated; Gavin Newsome recalled and smeared. Cuomo smeared and impeached. Republicans have a Jones for dismantling any vestiges left of our democracy. They are against Black Lives Matter in a spectacular uplifting of white supremacy during the marches in support of George Floyd that protested against police brutality last summer. The Republicans are hell bent on disenfranchising blacks everywhere and are changing the voting laws for example in Georgia so that state legislatures can pick and choose who they want to win, not the voting citizens. But Democrats act like the Republicans are the good guys supporting them to oust the villain Cuomo. This is folly and the end of blue power in New York. That is the point of all of the #metoo infamy of Cuomo.

                                    Sign at the Women's March in NYC (Carole Di Tosti, January 2017

As long as Andrew Cuomo is the governor, there is a formidable opponent the Republicans have to face in New York. Trump would have him killed if he could. The OVERWHELMING appearance of sexual predation is the next best thing. This is especially so since Cuomo touted he was a #metoo advocate. It is fabulous if you can catch a stalwart pompous idiot violating their own mantras. MSNBC catches the pompous, arrogant Trump violating his own promises and memes. But it doesn't count. Trump is perfect. On the other hand, Cuomo is NOT. I have heard it said it's his time in the barrel. No matter what he says and does, it is like Jesus and Pilot...they want his death, career death. Get him out. On this many Democrats side with Republicans. How lovely; they are bi-partisan for this issue. What an accomplishment!

Andrew Cuomo stood for the lives of New Yorkers and led them to victory during a dark nightmare of death and abandonment by Trump and the Republican administration and Republicans generally, save a few like the sane Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan. For leading us, the nation and the world out of the treachery of Trump's spreading COVID, Cuomo should have been given a Congressional Medal of Freedom. Instead, he got an Emmy, a diminution of his saving lives as if to say, all he did was act the showman, not lead. Really clever thinking that; it was the beginning of the end. Instead, Trump ever the psychotic, self-absorbed criminal, gave the medal to Rush Limbaugh. Trump advertiser and loyalist Rush, was the most unworthy of people. He led those who listened and obeyed Fox.and died  They happily died of COVID. Rush uplifted the  Republican/QAnon line (hoax, or flu or exaggeration) and supported Trump.

Andrew Cuomo is the Republicans' bete noir. He has to go and the most humiliating way is the best way. Why? He is not a white supremacist; not even in the closet about it. He stood for and encouraged Black Lives Matter protests and police reform in New York which white supremacist New York City cops and Trumper union leaders abhorred. Reforming police tactics away from brutality as Cuomo suggested? No Way! The masses griped and complained and protested Cuomo's actions to remain closed to save New Yorkers, something Trump wanted but Cuomo ignored. There were calls for him to resign over the nursing homes (when Trump was at fault botching the COVID response). But it threw Cuomo as did the proposed investigation by Barr (himself disgraced and resigning before Trump kicked him out unceremoniously). Regardless, Trump's high infection rates spurred on deaths of the elderly; Cuomo mitigating the infection rate last summer to under .09% saved lives.

George Floyd protests and Lafyette Square debacle when Trump harmed peaceful protestors and General Mark Milley was used by Trump as his military dupe.

The hatred of Cuomo by various Republicans in New York slimes weak Democrats. In the fall as COVID numbers increased and afterward, there was chaffing that Cuomo had to be stripped of his Executive Powers before more progressive reforms could be efficaciously instituted. His sound leadership to gradually open up after COVID was hated by anyone Republican or Republican leaning in the state: businesses, cops, hospital corps, all who listened to Fox. Craven members of the press whipped up divisiveness between Mayor Bill De Blasio who has designs on the governorship and Cuomo. Di Blasio joined the white supremacists in the legislature to hate him. Another bi-partisan coup.

Cuomo's COVID response was too much to take; he proved himself to be a leader that millions listened to and followed. His power was an infamy of competence, obliterating all else in his wake, namely Trump and Republicans, whom he drew up in stark contrast. His bedside manner with stupidity is rough and harsh. The stupid, negligent and incompetent want to be coddled; Cuomo is not a coddler. But Cuomo saw the imperative; people were dying. He and his hand-picked team could act to save lives. THE HORROR IS THAT THEY LEAD NEW YORKERS TO SAVE THEIR OWN LIVES AND BRING THE INFECTION RATE DOWN SO THAT IT WASN'T MENACING THE ELDERLY AS IT DID EXPONENTIALLY IN OTHER STATES. For that Republicans were humiliated and forced to lie and gaslight and cover up their extraordinary numbers.With Putinesque irony they made high infection rates something to crow about and holding super spreader events a "brave, courageous act."

Look at Florida Governor Ron De Santis who exemplifies this "courage," touting "don't Fauci my Florida." He walks between the raindrops with RNC support. He fired the whistleblower who outed his wrong numbers. Others decried that he worked machinations with the vaccination roll out. Florida has the highest infection rate in the nation, now with the Delta variant because of his policies a la QAnon. But to hear it from him, he does a fabulous job protecting the freedoms of citizens' rights to spread the infection and kill themselves and their neighbors. Yeah. OK. Cuomo believes in saving lives. SORRY! He towed the line and spoke the truth about COVID and the Republican botch job. For that HE MUST PAY!!!  REVENGE IS SWEET FOR TRUMP AND HIS PARTY.

Cuomo went on the record in his book and reminded every incompetent leader in congress and the Trump administration about what constitutes great leadership to their great ire. They reversed it that he was crowing about himself, instead of pointing the finger at them. The book was the last straw. In it he underscored all the ideas he said in his daily briefings. (Interesting that Trump who is near illiterate and mentally challenged had it spread around that he got his aids to work on the book. I read the book and saw the briefings; the ideas are Cuomo's as are the phrasings. The book is a chronicle of the COVID events. Republicans are skewered and humiliated. How dare he do that!!!) Cuomo gathered a following enough so that many said he should run for president, not Joe Biden who was considered weak. New Yorkers are still mindful of Cuomo's goodness and of the COVID TRUMP terror he helped us and the nation overcome. He is a symbol of how to lead. That symbol must be destroyed, obliterated, forgotten.

The Republicans and Trump were driven wild with fear by his briefings, his competence, his wisdom. Revenge and character assassination became an imperative along with a Trump win of 2020 which is now a foregone conclusion. (Trump is returning in August according to QAnon; no that's been changed to September). Saving lives from COVID was not important. The peaceful transfer of power? No way was Trump adhering to the constitution. Getting rid of this onerous, competent man who was a threat to run for president in 2024 and beyond had to be accomplished along with the vitiation of other blue governors. Importantly, Cuomo had to be brought down by any means necessary, with quid pro quos and targeted dark money payoffs. And he had to be so vilified that he couldn't be trusted to lead anyone. Ironic that funding is from Republican backers who have squeezed any ounce of independent leadership out of Republicans by buying them off. Republicans do not lead, they take. Cuomo made that clear.

Cuomo has a track record of sound leadership throughout COVID. Republicans REFUSE to acknowledge this, like they REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THEY ATTEMPTED TO OVERTHROW OUR GOVERNMENT. However, Cuomo's ability during COVID shines in history and in the hearts of New Yorkers and others in the nation. Democrats are now loathe to admit it. However, none of them did better. Indeed, he helped the other states gearing up testing, tracing, monitoring of COVID. Have we forgotten? Perhaps, because his egregious, old man, sexual touchy feelies have wiped our memories.

       A close-up of the insignia on a flag of the white supremacist terrorist organization QAnon (msm)

Republicans are the source of the crowing about Cuomo's egregious victimization of the dirty dozen (there must be another woman floating around to even it up roundly) who have hopped on board to eradicate the PROGRESSIVE LEADER ENEMY and stomp him out like the cockroach he is. And insurrectionist Elise Stefanik who seeks to reinstall Donald Trump as president, the bigely Ms. QAnon, who marched to protest Biden that she says in her QAnon fashion stole the election, wants Cuomo jailed. Why not? Her brand of unethics allows her to applaud pederast Matt Gaetz and rapist Trump but villify the touchy feelie Cuomo. Treason is right on and NOT a violation of her oath to bow to Trump. He is first and last her nation, her boss, her guru, her savior. Cuomo is vermin and a traitor to Trump. Note Stefanik's preference is not #metoo. In her world, Cuomo is a traitor to fine white supremacists everywhere, having made Trump and Republicans look bad for months in a global humiliation. 

But not to worry Elise. Ms. QAnon, Trump is coming back next month to throw out Biden. Right? You hate Biden and the SQUAD and all they represent as you hate Cuomo, a progressive. Soon your participation in the insurrection on January 6, 2021, which Cuomo called you down on, will pay off. And the HATED WILL BE OUT OF NY AND THE WHITE HOUSE, so you can run for governor. And then you can vitiate any strides #metoo has made, if you can call the stupidity of being used as an instrument of whoredome to oust Cuomo who championed you, a stride. Stafanik, we know you are a Trumper first and last. Though you happen to be a SHE/HER, you are in the category of wanting to be pussy grabbed by Trump. It depends who grabs your pussy; Trump is totally OK for you. Cuomo?  A blue cockroach appreciated by black men, women, and the disabled??? Horrific! GET AWAY!!!

President Joe Biden and Democrats support Stefanik and the Republicans calling for Cuomo's untoward COCKROACH HEAD. Cuomo has stood by the progressive wing of the party, supports police reform, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, #metoo, Climate Change, all of it. Importantly, he supports life and our national security to lower the COVID infection rate quickly so the elderly wouldn't be killed like they were in the Southern states whose governors suggested they die to keep the economy flourishing. Cuomo's actions are a disgrace to Republicans; the sooner he's out and vitiated "1984 style" from our memories, the better. Democrats must go along. Why? Because they are sanctified by God against all sins. They, like Trump, don't sin, or rather Trump never sins, they try to "avoid the appearance of sinning." Cuomo's look, his reaching out to someone to touch them is SUSPECT, EVIL, THE TOUCH OF A SINNING COCKROACH!!!!!  Democrats can't be associated with him. EWWWW.

Cuomo has committed the #1 sin that sanctimonious Democratic males shudder at, #metoo violations. On the other hand Republicans not only ignore #metoo, but refer to such females as FEMINAZIS. In a brilliant, near Putin-logic turn, the dirty dozen have been pimped out, and used by Republicans to make the Democrats turn their gleaming white swords into their own poopy entrails. Democrats must support the fall of Cuomo or themselves be accused of being lax on "predation."

Meanwhile, Republicans don't have to worry about the egregious sexual abuse of their members: Pederast Matt Gaetz, E.Jean Caroll rapist Trump (27 strong accused him and he admitted to grabbing pussies) Madison Cawthorn, "Gym" Jordan, alleged rapist Kavanaugh, pro porn talking Clarence Thomas, Jeff Epstein pedophile, pederast Roy Moore and many more. Republicans are the very ethos of sexual predators. It's OK for them. They enjoy supporting Republicans who stretch the limits of sexual perversity and push themselves on their victims, groping, grabbing, fornicating, abusing, beating and jerking off. Dark money buys off the women and covers up the stories. It even fosters Jeff Epstein suicides. I wonder how much that cost?

    Best buddies to the last. How did Epstein die? A convenient suicide dark money arranged. All is  forgotten and forgiven in the world of the Republican. Why? It never happened. (msm)

Not so with the "walking on water" Democrats. They are holy. They are righteous. They are clean. Cuomo must die, his career, his good acts, all of it. He is an insect to be stomped. You've heard the media speak of him and support the women. (reminds me of the innocent Jessica Hahn when it first came out about her and Jim Bakker...look it up.) It really doesn't matter if the women are telling the truth or not. It doesn't matter their backgrounds, their connections, their motivations and how they got on board the CUOMO COCKROACH TRAIN. The very appearance of evil is enough to damn him and the Democrats.

Calumny is enough to destroy Cuomo's reputation. The press was just waiting, a dark money, black beast, tongue hanging out with saliva dripping, instigated by Republicans to devour. LOOK! THE HANDS ON HER FACE IN THAT PHOTO...EWWW. The touch of a dirty old pervert. Lindsay Boylan's fierce determination to bring that "bastard" down. What fun in print, in every outlet possible!!! This is verboten for Democrats. (OMG Lyndon Baines Johnson with all his kissing men and women and back slapping???  What they would do to him...but he'd kick their asses...and run roughshod over them. He knew what he was up against. Cuomo and Democrats come out of a different era. However, recently, remember when Biden was touching a woman's shoulder and she freaked? And QAnon has attempted pedophile allegations. But it is agreed, Democrats support Biden; these charges don't stick. But not Cuomo, whose a "no no!") 

Democrats MUST side with these women. They are victims. They are courageous. They are innocent. Because Republicans always tar and feather women liars. When women accuse a Democrat? They do it for the betterment of "mankind." They are not the Feminazis Republicans speak about behind closed doors. They are true and right AND PERFECT FOR REPUBLICAN PURPOSES. It's a weird situation. Remember Emmett Till or Scottsboro Boys and all of JIM CROW (monstrous and horrid and not to suggest an equivalence). The women accused and there was no quarter. The men were guilty. Years later, it was proved that the women lied. Till was lynched for a lie. The Scottsboro Boys were falsely accused; one was murdered, the others were allowed to go free, but scarred for life.

Letitia James' Report (two "independent" prosecutors-vengeful Ron Kim, and weakly influenced Ann Clark) came out without Cuomo's defense included; just the women's allegations were stated. The conclusion? Cuomo guilty. Why the OMISSION?  In effect they are not even calling CUOMO A LIAR. They are not even dealing with Cuomo, just the women. SAAAAYYY WHAT??? They are not even allowing the public to judge between the women and Cuomo! That smacks of white supremacy and fascism. A public hanging by the media. Perfect that it comes from Letitia James' office, a black woman. What? Well, don't forget! Cuomo is a staunch ally of BLM. WHITE SUPREMACISTS HATE HIM. As a form of fascism for Cuomo's defense not to be included is a show trial and conviction. Right there, where is the media's investigative journalism to point this out? This is lawsuit time: slander, lies, defamation, the destruction of a career.

If Cuomo goes, BLM loses one of their most powerful allies, more outspoken than Biden about the insurrection. He supported the George Floyd protests that Trump tear gassed and rubber bulleted as a peaceful protest in Lafyette Square (illegal under the constitution). Shhhhh. No one is the wiser. No one in the press save Joy Reid has the guts to note something stinks about all of this. If Cuomo goes, the black power structure to fight white supremacy is weakened. White supremacists in New York including some weirdo Democrats rejoice. For #metoo, which is more important? Standing against  white supremacy overall? Or standing against misogyny?  The choice to uplift progressive policies and standing against white supremacy includes wiping out misogyny. Yet here, the white supremacists and Stefanik Republicans call for Cuomo to be impeached over #metoo. PERFECT. Now Republicans are #metoo supporters. Really? Where are they on Trump, Gaetz, Kavanaugh, Thomas, Roy Moore, Jeff Epstein murder investigation? Republicans support their sexual infamies, but not Cuomo's not even validated touchy feelies? Gee. Prosecutor Ron Kim has a problem; he is either Republican or a Javert (Les Miserables) psychotic. He is not #metoo or a progressive Democrat.

For speaking out against Trump's insurrection, Liz Cheny was ousted from a leadership position in the party. Elise Stefanik took her place; Cuomo called her out for trying to overthrow Biden's win. Now she and Biden agree against Cuomo? #metoo is more important than our democracy and justice which allows the accused to defend himself? (msm)

This is BEYOND A DOUBLE STANDARD. The Republicans can break the laws, they can foment an insurrection, kill, injure and ridicule the Capitol Police, pile up hundreds of thousands of COVID DEATHS. They can perpetrate police brutality, white supremacy and fascism and Democrats speak about them like they are good people, very fine people. And Biden wants to do deal with them though they don't even recognize him as president? In that Biden needs his chain jerked. WAKE UP SLEEPY JOE! The peaceful transfer of power is over and you have no presidency according to the corporations and dark money who CONTINUE TO FUND #THE BIG LIE. You need all the allies in governorships you can get. You think Republicans agree with ousting Cuomo because they have been converted?

They can pussy grab, rape, have sex with teens, molest college boys, whatever. It's fine. Democrats can't even pretend to touch someone (Al Franken's photo). And if they touch a face or ruffle a blouse (excuse me grope grope which has no evidentiary proof in the report) IT IS A HORROR THAT MUST GO DOWN IN INFAMY. The Republicans with ease, rub the Democrats' noses in their own "purity." It is grand laugh time for Republicans...they got Cuomo and they force Democrats to torture him and turn their backs on him, regardless. Cuomo has friends. But he doesn't have dark money billionaires, GOOD Christians, that support pederasty, misogyny, rape, molestation of college boys, pussy grabbing by Republicans and killing someone like Epstein and making it look like a suicide. Pay Cuomo. Pay!!! Pederasty is funded, Cuomo is not.

    Dan Patrick, Lieutenant Governor of Texas who advocated the elderly die for the economy. (msm)

Republicans enjoy the sexual filth and embrace it, laughing about the #metoo Feminazis who can't get them!!! But by GOD, they will hold Democrats ACCOUNTABLE if one of theirs EVEN HAS THE SLIGHT GARLIC SMELL OF UNTOWARDNESS via allegations with no evidence.

The PERFECT investigation!!!! Two people conducted it, prosecutors, in fact. This IS very up and up. It wasn't Letitia James, per se who has ties to Cuomo. And the prosecutors have the women's testimonies and that is enough. ENOUGH. AND CUOMO'S TESTIMONY OMITTED. GONE. KAPUT from the report. It is a weird play on the Kavanaugh investigation that didn't happen and was shut down. This on the other hand this is a questionable investigation that happened very quickly. Meanwhile, Trump's allegations of rape? Any investigations of that? Other Republicans? Well, a long time coming or not coming at all. And Jeff Epstein conveniently commit suicide. Dead men don't speak. And no one knows what happened. GEE. Never a problem when Republican dark money pays the bills.

But Cuomo? Guilty! Fast, quick, dirty, a done, done investigation and sooooo public. Hang him. Oust him. Get him out of the Governor's Association and put in someone perfect like Ron De Santis; he'll lead the nation's governors. De Santis is the best, the finest they have. He's the next QAnon president. Can hardly wait. Trustworthy. Right-on!. Florida has the highest COVID INFECTION RATE in the nation. And High Rates are what Republicans like. They are in the business of killing blacks and the poor. He's doing a grand job and lying about his killer effects and death numbers. Perfect genocide.

E. Jean Carroll was raped by Trump. Nothing has happened. #metoo doesn't put her case before the press day and night. Gee, it happened too long ago. Cuomo is worse, touchy feelie. COCKROACH! (msm)

Cuomo's investigation? Guilty. No quarter, guilty. His denials? He's a liar, of course!!! Stefanik wants his head. As a traitor, a QAnon, an upstanding treasonous insurrectionist that Biden supports in ousting Cuomo, indeed, Stefanik and AOC and Kirsten Gillibrand are all on the same side. Get Cuomo. How lovely, a bi-partisan group to hang the one man in the nation that did the most to keep people alive during the worst of the pandemic. Love it, ladies. Who and what are you? Opportunists feathering your own careers or just dumb Democrats destroying the party, too stupid to see that siding with Stefanik is your death knell as Republicans toll your bell???  NAH! NEVER, NEVER opportunists. No. But you work and conspire then, with white supremacists. They want you dead. You go after Cuomo who stands against them? Go ahead call for his hanging with Stefanik and see what happens to blue power in N.Y.

Who speaks out about what is obviously happening? No Democratic male white, black, gay, gender-neutral, bi-sexual, transsexual or sexual-sexual will dare to speak up to support Cuomo or discuss this? To career assassinate Governor Andrew Cuomo #metoo was the perfect strategy. Identify and locate the poor victimized, terrorized women who had to swim away from his hands, feet, leering smiles, bad jokes and grabbing tentacles. I applaud the Republicans. They wear egregious hypocrisy as a banner because of the dark money billions backing them, and foreign billions from SA, MBS, Putin. Democrats have to scratch for their thousands. Republicans always win with big money donors. No wonder they dispute the 2020 election. Should they be allowed to control? They are unworthy of leadership and must be called down, Democrats. Where are you? And Ron "Javert" Kim; what are you?

Democrats need to get a backbone and stand with CUOMO TO REVERSE THE DOUBLE STANDARD WITH COURAGE. They can support the women and support CUOMO. Because they do not at this point, they stink like wannabe purists, confused purists. They don't want to be aligned with the appearance of a cockroach Democrat, and their actions have called him a liar when his testimony was expunged from the report. WHY DON'T DEMOCRATS NOTE THAT?. Everyone agrees that Republicans are the worst vermin in existence. It doesn't matter to them about who and what they are. MONEY ANSWERS ALL THINGS. It's Biblical. Look it up. Because we and they agree about their evil, they can get away with murder and folks say, "Oh, they get away with murder, pederasty, groping, sexual abuse and harassment." That paves the way for them to continue with impunity. Meanwhile, what of Democrats? They are supposed to be pure. They will kill one of their own in a career assassination to appear pure.

 Read Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad. In it, the main character's wish for purity damns him. Likewise, Democrats wish to appear pure damns them. Caught up to contrast themselves with Republicans, they are sacrosanct and Republicans are devils. Such a contrast is stupid and insane. Both are human and their behaviors should be treated equivalently; what is right for politicians and what isn't? Otherwise, the parties are in a pissing contest and the Democrats are more damnable than what Trump and the Republicans do lying and reveling in evil. 

For in the Democrats' mission to appear pure and holy, they put ego above those citizens they represent. They act pure and they are not. Republicans put party over citizens and are proud of doing it. In both instances, citizens are hurt and sacrificed. Don't the citizens count? If so, then Cuomo must be allowed his say; he must not be railroaded, his testimony expunged from any report. That is anathema to justice. Ron Kim has delivered vengeance, not justice. He should be disbarred and sued for lies of omission, unethical treatment of a government official, a promoter of slander and his motivations and connections must be investigated to discover WHY there are grave omissions of EVIDENCE in the James report on Cuomo's fake, negligent investigation, like the negligent investigation of the nursing homes.

A flag at the insurrection by good Republican white supremacist terrorists. (msm)

Cui Bono, Andrew Cuomo? What deals have been made to crucify you? By whom? What dark money by Republicans has fueled locating these shy, slight women of "great courage" who have impeccable motivations, are innocents, are pure, sweet and wouldn't hurt a flea? And what of you? You told us the truth always about COVID. In comparison to Trump the liar after Satan, are you now a liar? a predator?

You have said you are sorry, numerous times despite Republican apologists lying that you haven't apologized. You have. Unlike Trump, you said to investigate you. They did, but you call into question parts of the investigation. Is calumny ok to rid the white supremacists of a powerful opponent? Republicans' little feet run swiftly to do mischief to your reputation and your career, of course, for political purposes. Too swiftly. And Democrats are afraid to support you; afraid of what Republicans will say if they do support you! Afraid that #metoo will "Wahhhh Wahhhh" play the victim. At what point can #metoo be used a a bludgeon and not a implement of justice? When politics are involved the lines are blurred and abuse expands. This is especially so when you know those accused are wont to take the blame because their fellow representatives in the HOLY PARTY care more about image than truth. They care more about appearing pure than their citizens and their over all mission of justice against white supremacy and tyranny and fascism. Their mission should be not to look pure, but to be democratic. The Democrats have failed time and time again. One wonders why.

Republicans could care less about Feminazis. But you, Democrats, have made it your BRAND, like Trump has made his billions his brand. Democrats and Republicans are hypocrites. Republicans, daily prove their hypocrisy; pro life, yet killing via COVID and poverty. Democrats? Their rush to prove they're sincerity with #metoo even when they destroy themselves irrationally doing it, siding with those who look to obviate their very system of government which allows them to be Democrats. ARE THEY INSANE AGREEING WITH REPUBLICANS IN THIS WHEN REPUBLICANS WILL NEVER AGREE WITH THEM ON ANYTHING, EXCEPT WHEN SOMEONE LIKE CUOMO IS THROWN TO THE WOLVES? Republicans SEEK TO WIPE OUT DEMOCRATS' 2020 WIN? Democrats "innocence" is suicidal, it is arrogant and pompous and radical and obsessive, and THAT is wicked. It harms the citizens who count on Democrats to make wise and flexible decisions taking everything into consideration.

MIKE PENCE HAS FORGIVEN THOSE WHO WISH TO KILL HIM, STILL. They of the insurrection have NOT forgotten (msm)

Too bad #metoo doesn't differentiate between levels of harassment: a glance, a look, a comment, a touch, a brush, a lean in...etc. in escalating order to pussy grabbing, breast torquing, rape, beating, fumble fondling, back rubbing, pederasty, porn talk and the Republican actions of Thomas, Trump, Gaetz, Jordan, Kavanaugh, Moore, Cawthorn, etc. (ALL DENIED). But with Cuomo, the women's allegations are rotten fish that stink. Under the guise of looking like the Democrats control this, it is Republican led, Republican engineered, Republican screamed and Cuomo hate made public with Democrat Ron Kim. Cui bono at your impeachment, governor? Republicans. If Democrats think they will benefit? They are insane. They, too, are cockroaches, the Lord Jim kind, which is worse...and more damnable because they present themselves as PURE while harming citizens of a great leader and protector of national security. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." 

Republicans KNOW THEY ARE NOT WALKING ON WATE:R. THEY ARE JUST QUIET ABOUT IT. Democrats are NOT walking on water and act like they can and do. Talk about magical thinking that leads to destruction? Yes. In this, the Republicans are the realists; they know they are wicked, they embrace it and say, "So what? Just try to hold us to account. We are backed by billionaires who are Christians. We are absolved by their money. Democrats are trying to get by with grace. GRACE IS FORGIVENESS. Duh! They are into DAMNATION and revenge: Ron Kim-absenting evidence from the report your railroaded in a rush to judgment. Republicans have led Democrats there and they must swallow the hemlock. CUOMO MUST BE AN ANATHEMA: THE ABJECT PIG WITH NO FRIENDS MUST GO!


The Republicans have won, only if Governor Cuomo resigns. If he is impeached, the Republicans have won. They will own the state. God help New Yorkers. And God help Democrats who allow this. I have no faith in the governance of anyone but Cuomo because he has proved himself even during the Republicans' and Trump's attempted take downs. I hope I am wrong. I doubt it. I have seen Cuomo lead and I have seen the joke the others are with the exception of the black legislators who fight against white supremacy like Cuomo does.   


(Governor, don't resign, I wrote a few days ago.) Cuomo did resign. The haters applauded it as "the right thing to do." Only then could Rita Glavin discuss what was in the report. Ron Kim still refuses to release the testimony of 130 some witnesses who discuss Cuomo's innoence.   

New Yorkers support you and need you, especially now with the Delta variant causing rising infection rates. I am a researcher. Don't listen to the polls. They can be easily skewed and misrepresented. To the women, I am truly sorry for you on many levels. Coming forward with such allegations is horrific in and of itself terrible, especially having to confront the situation in remembrance, while facing the onslaught of the press' media blitz, always unnerving. (For politically minded, it's fabulous free publicity if you seek to run for office.) And on another level, I'm sorry these weren't Republicans that did this. It would be very different; you would be wealthier now and wouldn't have to be dragged before the public, as Republicans work in the darkness, far away from the light of truth. You have been caught up in a whirlwind which will end badly; and ultimately New Yorkers have been harmed save QAnon, white supremacists and the confused, duped. Update after Rita Glavin's video, see below:  Cui bono, Ron Kim if "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord?"

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Cuomo Smear Campaign: GOP Ratf**king and ITS OWN PROJECTION OF SINS

It's the sign for uber -right wing Republican white supremacy: QAnon

In previous posts I pointed out that Trump's botch job on COVID -19 was carte blanche for the virus. Trump knew of COVID before last February; in documented tapes he told Bob Woodward how deadly the virus was. (Read Woodward's book Rage.) For his own political purposes he did little to stem COVID'S spread, unlike what President Biden has done since he's taken office. Trump lied saying it was a hoax and then the flu. Such lies persist today, as well as lies about the vaccines and about the purpose of COVID-19. (It was/is A plot to get him out of the White House and a plot to enslave the American public with chips in the vaccines...lies that persist to today in Trump's mind.)

Trump perpetrated these lies amongst his QAnon (Russian Military Intel) followers, Trumpers and Republicans. They encouraged Americans there was no hideous novel COVID-19 and that they should breathe the air and get the "flu" to become immune( A GROTESQUE LIE.) He did this all the while knowing how dangerous COVID was; even admitting to Woodward on tape that it impacted children. As COVID-19 rampaged the Northeast entering through Newark and JFK airports, Trump assembled his RED STATE governors with his plan to be reelected: they should lay low and go with his program. His strategy was to win the 2020 election by slamming Blue STATES with COVID, blaming Democrats for HIS botch job, while he skied past accountability, touting the fabulous job he was doing in his rambling, lying briefings. 

Press typical of what Trump is capable of. He and Matt Gaetz have a fondness for the young.

RED STATE governors and the GOP accommodated Trump. As a result, over the following year RED STATES covered up the truth of their COVID infection rates which skyrocketed when they didn't have to. They covered up their deaths. They covered up their nursing home deaths. All of this happened in order for Trump to use the terrible COVID-19 deaths in and out of nursing homes to tarnish Blue State Governors. It didn't work. They still try to tarnish Governor Cuomo with this lie. It's a lie. And regardless of how they twist it, if Trump had stopped COVID-19 in its tracks with decisive action early on facing the truth and telling Americans, the infection rates would not have spread throughout the communities of New York, thereby not as readily targeting seniors in and outside nursing homes.

Trump and the GOP's dilatory non actions against COVID created high infection rates that spread everywhere. The high infection rates immediately went into nursing homes and killed. The only way to stop the killing was to lower infection rates which CUOMO ENCOURAGED NEW YORKERS TO DO. The only way at the time was to WEAR MASKS, PHYSICAL DISTANCE, STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS, ETC. New York was under COVID siege, the first time in history and in the 21st century. But Cuomo rose to the occasion and UNLIKE ANY OTHER GOVERNOR, BROUGHT DOWN THE INFECTION RATES IN THE STATE FROM THE HIGHEST IN THE WORLD AT ONE POINT (CAUSED BY TRUMP AND THE RNC) TO THE THIRD LOWEST IN THE US. 

Trump, Trumpers, GOP rhetoric was a contradiction. How can you proclaim "OPEN" and NO MASK WEARING, create massive infection rates and not kill people? You can't. The high infection rates everywhere targeted the seniors in and outside of nursing homes. Thus, Trump and his RED STATE governors were directly responsible for high infection rates in the community which KILLED seniors first. When he hired Scott Atlas, a proponent of "breathing the COVID air" to effect "herd immunity" in other words, everyone gets COVID, they sealed the doom of senior citizens in every state in the nation. DOOM. Seniors died because folks who worked in nursing homes brought in COVID. Many were asymptomatics. The elderly breathed the COVID air and died in large numbers in RED STATES. But you won't know this because they undercount deaths and infection rates.

Thus, the GOP, the RNC, Trump and Republicans of RED STATES are directly responsible for senior deaths. How? 1)denying COVID existed  2)propounding herd immunity 3)propounding wearing no masks 4)not taking safety measures to stop this national health crisis 5)lying and covering up their actions. 6)blaming Blue STATE governors like Governor Cuomo for causing deaths in nursing homes.

Any of  1-6 above identifies one as a Republican. Don't look at labels, look at actions. And look at Governor Andrew Cuomo and other BLUE STATE governors to see where their heart is toward the American people. First, RED STATE governors suggested that the elderly should be sacrificed to open the economy. The Lieutenant Governor of Texas stipulated that and it was reiterated on Christian TV. The old lived their lives; die of COVID, but open businesses everywhere. No one would mind. 

Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick advocates seniors sacrifice themselves to COVID to "OPEN."

On the other hand, Governor Cuomo and Governor Whitmer and other BLUE STATE governors closed down their states. What was the result? Fewer elderly died than would have. Fewer people died than would have. Fewer people got COVID-19 and saved the hospitals from becoming overwhelmed as is happening in Toronto, Canada. What did the RED STATES, Republicans and Trump do? Ignored the great job the BLUE STATES were doing because their strategy was to SMEAR and RATF**K BLUE governors while covering up Trump's botch job pushing MAGADEATH from COVID-19. 

Ratfu**ing coined by Donald Segretti, RNC, (Watergate) acts to defame and slime Democrats. RNC, GOP use it today against Gov Cuomo, Al Franken, etc. Dems should be aware of it to call it out.
The RATF**KING has been continued though Trump is out of office. It is being perpetrated by the GOP and RNC to push for a win in 2022 and 2024. Does it matter to them that this SMEAR is an outright lie? NO! Does it matter to them that they have proven that they would rather Americans die of COVID than lead through this national health crisis? NO. Do they care about the elderly? HELL TO THE NO. THEY ADVOCATED THE ELDERLY SHOULD BE SACRIFICED SO BUSINESSES COULD OPEN AND BE FLUSH WITH CASH.  Did they plan to open slowly in a concerted effort to contain COVID yet bring back businesses not sacrificing anyone? NO.

Are Republicans and Trumpers getting vaccinated? NO. However, it's been reported that Trump, his family and friends have gotten vaccinated. Republicans tout that they are not getting vaccinated. However, they are COWARDS. Most probably a vast majority of Republican politicians are vaccinated. They should tell the Trumpers and QAnon believers among the American people to get vaccinated. They won't. By the way, they have also heavily invested in the companies making the vaccines, though they excoriate them for putting chips in the vaccines to monitor Americans. As usual, as Trump does daily, they speak out of both sides of their mouths. They do this while tarring and feathering those like Cuomo, Whitmer, et. al. for speaking one truth and trying to save lives and get the economy up and running.

The militias of Michigan and Trumpers who supported them threatened Gov. Whitmer's life repeatedly and got her to cow to them. As a result, COVID variants are on fire throughout the state. Death is the weapon QAnon/Trump/Putin uses against Americans. "Open, Open" means DEATH, DEATH. What American in their right mind supports this? A Russian asset getting Putin $$$ in quid pro quos.

Republicans plan to win in 2022 and 2024. Thus, they have gotten Democrats to join them in RATF**KING for political purposes. In New York, Senator Gillibrand, Representative AOC and others have joined the RATFU**ING. They have called for Cuomo's resignation, regarding his alleged untoward advances toward highly political women with agendas that look strangely Republican. Thus, Democrats are stupidly, wantonly throwing out the progressive agenda of Governor Cuomo by siding with Republicans who have led the charge of "ratfucking" Cuomo. And this is picked up by media, which despite the labels of being moderate, are Republican and uber-right-wing biased for political purposes. Picking up the lie about Cuomo and running with it are Republicans. Any media outlet who carries those smears, despite what they characterize themselves to be  REPRESENT THE GOP, TRUMPERS, RNC. Republicans enjoy RATFUCKING.

Governor Cuomo's incredible journey in helping New Yorkers mitigate COVID is for the ages. In his book he writes about leadership and how to tackle COVID. Republicans are infuriated about his book because he excoriates them and Trump. As a result, they push reporters to ask embarassing questions to destroy him. It's another example of SMEARING ONE OF THE ONLY POLITICIANS WHO CARED AND LED THROUGH THE PANDEMIC TO SAVE LIVES.

Insurrectionist Marjorie Taylor Greene is an example of white supremacist leadership.

This should never be forgotten. However, the RNC and GOP want other news to occlude these facts. Thus, a reporter named Peter who has been kept safe by the Governor slammed him yesterday in a briefing...trying to smear him with #metoo allegations. Tragically, this reporter is a creature of the paper hunting for bear. Tragically this reporter is owned by his editor and is not even his own person.

He is typical of the RED PRESS. He is not typical of New Yorkers who largely, despite what Republicans are pushing, support Governor Cuomo. Did Republicans keep the American people safe? HELL TO THE NO. THEY ENCOURAGED THE SPREAD OF COVID. Do Republicans take  responsibility for their DEATH ACTIONS USING COVID FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES TO KILL? NO! Republicans refuse to take responsibility for COVID DEATHS IN NURSING HOMES (higher in Red States). Nor do they take responsibility for the vast number of black lives taken under police brutality fomented by white supremacy. Nor do they take responsibility for instituting police reform stopping police brutality. 

Biden/Harris won in a landslide supporting responsible, caring, decent government for all Americans.

Nor do they take responsibility for the fact that 70% of Americans despise Republicans for hating them and wanting them to die. Republicans try to walk between the raindrops. They ignore the truth. Their only policy is to obstruct Democrats who help Americans and the nation; they obstruct democracy; they hate the constitution giving the people the right to their voice. They love power and money and don't stand in their way or they will kill you. (Watch what they say, not what they do. Look at the COVID NUMBERS. LOOK AT THE GUN SHOOTINGS OF CHILDREN. LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF BLACKS KILLED BY POLICE. LOOK AT THE CHILDREN'S DEATHS AT THE BORDER. Oh, there are deaths? What did I say a few sentences up?

But the handwriting is on the wall. Biden is in and despite all of Putin's miserable attempts, he is staying in and Democrats are staying in. Joe Manchin is coming to heel because he has to or be labeled a Republicans, the most hated and repudiated political entity in the nation. Republicans cannot stop voting rights. They cannot bring this country back to slavery and Jim Crow for all Americans who don't have billion dollar bank accounts. And they can't tarnish Governor Cuomo who has stood for gender equality, racial equity, police reform, a woman's right to choose, early voting, mail-in absentee ballots, and New York State as the most progressive state in the United States. GOD FORBID. 

Governor Cuomo led through the death and destruction of COVID BROUGHT BY TRUMP'S DILITORY ACTIONS. This truth can't be subverted. QAnon/Putin/Trump/RNC can't buy heaven.

THOUGH REPUBLICANS ARE TRYING ANY MEANS NECESSARY EVEN IF IT MEANS TURNING DEMOCRATS AGAINST THE GOVERNOR TO GET THEIR WAY AND MAKE NEW YORK A RED STATE, THEY FAIL. As long as Trump leads the GOP, they are assured to fail and they will bankrupt their donors doing so. Their donors are amongst the stupid in the nation. You would think Putin is tired of Trump as a very bad investment????

Biden has sanctioned Putin's Russia for his cyber crimes against the US and destroying the 2016 election results putting in Trump. Putin fears Biden. Putin is on the brink of being ousted.

 New Yorkers won't tolerate Trumpers governing them. Why elect someone, a Trumper, a Republican, to govern them so that THEY CAN KILL THEM AND TAKE AWAY THEIR RIGHTS???  Does Senator Gillibrand see what she is doing? Or AOC? Or Schumer? Every time they stand with Republicans, they stand against themselves and their own progressive platform uplifted and fought for his whole life by Governor Cuomo. Can't they see who is responsible for nursing home deaths? The same ones responsible for the spread of COVID? Can't they see the political ambition of Lindsey Boylan? Is it OK to whore #metoo for political purposes, thereby demeaning it? If you answer "YES" to this, you are a Trumper. Why don't you just take a gun and blow your brains out? It's the same thing.

Governor Cuomo has worked tirelessly with New Yorkers to stop the spread of COVID. He has stood against politicians who are liars and who only care about their own political agendas: this includes all Republican hacks in power and some Democrats who side with Republicans to their demise. New Yorkers are not stupid. They have been kept safe with Governor Cuomo. If any New York Democrats side with Republicans against him, any media siding against Cuomo? New Yorkers are attuned and aware. 

At the insurrection treason attempting to overthrow the US govt. and constitution, QAnon Trumpers were dogwhistled by the failed Trump to riot, destroy and get back his MAGADEATH presidency.

That behavior is unconscionable. All NON TRUMPER'S LIVES MATTER. ALL NON-GOP LIVES MATTER. Those Democrats siding with gender over life like AOC and Gillibrand are revealing their true political agendas. That is reprehensible. In spirit they are Republicans along with Lindsey Boylan, Mayor De Blasio and others who don't support Cuomo, who he is, his progressive agenda and Maverick programs. Republicans and Trumpers and Trump are synonymous with self-destruction and death. Wake up if you don't already know this. You hate yourself; you hate the truth.