Tuesday, March 2, 2021

An Open Letter to Governor Cuomo and Democrats: QAnons, Trumpers, GOP, #metoo disengenuous, NY WHITE SUPREMACISTS DO NOT READ FOR CROWING

New York Governor Cuomo at a briefing (courtesy of the site)

If the smear campaign on you, Governor, is to run you out of office, I pray to God that the individuals behind it are exposed. Trump and the Republicans can act like hedonists, rapists, sexual abusers, physical abusers, but Democrats are excoriated and hanged if women "IMPUTE" their words with "EVIL" INTENTION? Trump bullies with death threats, public insults, ridicule, excoriations and hateful rhetoric of groups and military personnel, and this is acceptable. Of course. Republicans say nothing. For the Democrats i.e. Cuomo to use harsh words in frustration about incompetence, a lack of due diligence or something else job related, he must be noted as a bully. Why, when we put the two together is there an immediate false equivalence, though the Democrats must take the full brunt of the accusations and punishment while the Republicans, badge wearing as the most egregious of offenders, "get off with not even a blink of an eye" with cries of fake news or crickets?
This has to stop. Democrats devouring each other for the sake of "looking good," is delusional and disingenuous self-righteousness that doesn't cut it anymore. Democrats are in a war against the Republicans which perhaps they still aren't aware that they are in. Joe Biden is president, WHEEE?  not according to Trump, QAnon, Trumpers and Republican cowards who have accepted Trump's wicked killing of seniors, blacks, browns and others with his COVID botch job from policies of no masking, herd immunity to sacrifice seniors to open the economy and inadequate vaccine deliverance. 
Yet, you, Governor Cuomo, are scandalized and caluminized for "nursing home deaths" when Red State numbers far exceed New York's and are so bad, they stopped counting them for the public months ago. Why, are you supposed to be walking on water? I don't remember you in your briefings ever calling yourself Jesus Christ. In fact, you called on God and faith and encouraged us to put our faith in ourselves and our own strength in God.
AARP map of nursing homes and deaths (courtesy of the site)
However, I do remember Trump lauding himself as the "Chosen One," and Republicans repeating it and deifying Trump like he is god? Indeed, at CPAC there was a golden idol of him that Republicans were pictured worshiping. Trump never apologizes. Governor, you apologized and have been humble; you accepted responsibility during your briefings. Maybe I am insane to think that, but they are on YouTube if anyone  needs to see them.
I draw the comparisons because the media draws them. You had to lead the nation because Trump abdicated his responsibility. Now, the vengeance is setting in. It sickens me because of the vast hypocrisy. And Governor, now, your apology is called into question by accusers who would read your heart and call you a liar. So indeed, now these women cast themselves as God and judge your apology as wanting. Indeed, is this additional accusation projection? They are like Salome in that they require your head, in other words, your power, your governorship. Unlike Salome they are undignified, shallow, crass and without power. And they certainly CAN'T DANCE! They seek your power by riding on the coattails of global celebrity. Well, talk about cellophane women. They make it lousy for all women. 
I think of the great Michelle Obama; by comparison, I puke thinking of what the "would-be mayor and her consort" and now an ancillary woman attempt. Egregious. If this is an example of the "would-be-mayor's" leadership and governance skills, she must join together with Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boehbart. Their wanton souls conspire and breathe the same air. In fact I find it a joke to think that she has cast herself as a Democrat; really? I don't think so. Jess, investigative journalist of the NYT so happy you have a story that is pushing you to toward glory, please do some investigative journalism here. What are the backgrounds of these women? If they are like Jessica Hahn's, you have been duped. For your sake, I hope not.

Stockholm, Sweden. Sweden followed herd immunity until is realized it was a disaster (courtesy of the site)

Governor, do not resign for by their actions alone, these women are craven, low class, abusers of the #metoo movement, rapers of the good will of New Yorkers, a new class of self-righteous Jezebels. In other words, deceivers, liars, hypocrites cast in the same cloth as QAnon, the GOP, Breitbart, Enquirer and other RED MEDIA...and of course, the kings of all twisted, lying, propaganda campaigns, Russian Military Intelligence whose soc puppets are running on social media with this "scandal." Calumny is a form of slander, if it is designed to destroy an individual's career, is it not?
Governor Cuomo, you called Trump out and identified his responsibility to the nation to prevent death by COVID. You modeled proper action and leadership. You led the nation in how to prevent deaths based on the information you were given at the time, not knowing that the CDC was under the oppression of Trump to lie about the severity of COVID. But eventually, you warned us to be careful because we were "always behind in understanding COVID."
 You noted our nation's inability to deal with it to save lives quickly, before the infection rates so spread that the vulnerable would be killed, AND THEN before we could turn around and realize what was going on. You mobilized the state's hospital system, manufacturers and set up a magnificent testing, tracing and monitoring system. You did this despite Trump's continued obstruction to do so, his commands to open the economy prematurely, his fomenting insurrections in the states against wise leadership regarding COVID, and his policy of herd immunity and decreased testing in RED STATES. This, in fact, increased the spread as did the premature opening of businesses, etc., which is being threatened to happen again though there are more deadly variants on the horizon coming to kill us if the RED STATES HAVE THEIR WAY. You pointed out we are tied together; one person impacts the other, regardless of red or blue. 
What a hell this is to has been to plow with someone like QAnon, Trumpers, GOP, RNC suicides who don't give a damn about others and are too malevolent, hateful and suicidal to care about human life. You kept us from that with statewide masking and your briefings. We can never go back. Do not resign.

The symbol of white supremacy, confederate flag of Jim Crow never in the Capitol before Trump/RNC insurrection against the US constitution. The guy was identified and arrested (courtesy of the site)

You called out Trump's shirking his duties in a massive effort which, if he was looking to get an award, he proved himself to be as incompetent and as delinquent as humanly possible, yet blamed others for his depraved indifference until when it got to be too much for him, he just ignored COVID for the last 8 months of his presidency in his run to win the 2020 election. Sacha Baron Cohen in fury at the Trump Administration took pity on the US and made his second Borat film. And how did his crew breach the security of the administration and speak to Trump lawyer Rudy Guiliani in a scene which makes your imputed actions by these women seem like a cub scout's? Trump/Guiliani took the bait to speak to Maria Bakalova posing as a RED MEDIA JOURNALIST who was reporting on how Trump saved two million lives with his COVID RESPONSE. It was A LIE THAT TRUMP WANTED TO PROMULGATE. That's how Trump/Guiliani/Trump Jr. were tricked, desperate to get good PR. Cohen's brilliant film exposes Trump and his administration for the vicious lying Molochs they and the GOP were and STILL ARE. And so did you.

You, governor, did the unforgivable. You showed how incompetent, hypocritical genocidal, mendacious, bigoted, unloving, hateful, duplicitous, sneaky, satanic Trump and the GOP and RNC and all their supporters were and are. For that you must and will pay for saving New Yorkers and those in the nation who listened to your briefings throughout the intense time. But how?
The Republicans have used any means in their power to get at you. And they have found the weaklings in the group, like wolves singling out the sickly and feeble-minded in the herd of deer. And. as Trump is going to be indicted for financial crimes he has committed in New York and New York City, he and his RED MEDIA like-minded are going to pick off any targets they can find, even if they have to create them falsely. Governor, you are in a position of power, might run for president (many have wished you would because with your eyes closed you lead better than Trump/Republicans ever had the hope of leading) and head up the Governor's Association. You are a bad ass, governor. And QAnon, GOP, RNC, selfish crony-Putin billionaires, KKK, Red Necks in NY hate you for it. Many of them are men, with "white" skins. How do you turn the rest of the populace of the state against you, especially among your biggest fans, women, black and browns who favor you?
The insect's camouflage is gorgeous; some creatures do anything to fit in and exert their will

We are watching this unfold with the "scandals" that reporter Jesse from the NYT stoops to lose his mind to make it a worthy outing similar to the NYP to get readers. Well, I for one, am furious because like sharks to a feeding frenzy, the porpoise Democrats have joined in not realizing it's not their fight. The blood letting is a convenient distraction. I have questions. Why now? Why not during the election season of 2020 did these women not come out? It makes no sense. But then again, every day is election season with the Republicans. Democrats can't let up. Republicans are ranging to kill. It isn't enough they killed 400,000 when Biden took over. (Worldometer numbers were higher). It isn't enough they looked to psych their psycho domestic terrorist racist bigots on Representatives Nancy Pelosi, James Clyburn and even their own, VP Mike Pence to KILL as they terrorized the senate and house Republicans and Democrats. These people are killers. Democrats are wussies easily turned against themselves.
Thus, Governor, as the New York Democrats devour each other, the RNC and GOP AND TRUMP ARE ORGASMIC. It's OK that the women only discuss words, impute fantasies, symbolize a kiss or prospective kiss and lead it over with all sorts of bloodthirsty meaning. Trump and the GOP are guilty of gross actions. Yet, the Democrats must be beaten to death, guilty for Republicans' sins, while the GOP walk between the raindrops. Does THE GOP pay for their mistresses abortions? NEVER! (a canard) They are Christians who love those fetuses. But grownups? Teenagers? Children? EWWWW. Kill them. No rights to pursue happiness for them! They could care less about children's programs in schools to fund them properly; nor are they interested in providing healthcare or birth control for impoverished women which would solve so many problems it makes one's head spin. And they kill with COVID, HAPPILY.

Hospital personnel did the heavy lifting; Governor Cuomo considered their daily risks while we stayed home (courtesy of the site)

Democrats are better than Republicans, the thought goes. Who convinced them of that lie? Republicans, most probably and they laugh at Democrats' acceptance of it. What does that actually mean? And how is this revealed? With insight or gratuitous stupidity wanting to look better but actually doing what Republicans do but worse, against their own? Smear campaigns against their own? Really? Not standing with one who the public perceived AND SEES STILL saves lives? 
Accusations only make you, Democrats, look incompetent, snide, power jealous, fearful and unhelpful. Investigation is right and proper if the wrongdoing rises to the level of Trumpish wrongdoing. Republicans never investigate their own. Why must Democrats? To look better than Republicans? If Republicans are leading the charge to investigate Republicans, great. They don't. But Democrats rush out there; they have to "look good." To whom? Republicans are hysterical laughing at your dis-ingenuousness, your hypocritical grandiose self-righteousness, all female politicians who RANGE IN REVENGE AFTER CUOMO. 
You are guilty in your hearts, too guilty to stand by one who saved lives and instead, join those who would have him crucified. Do you see what you're doing, KG, AOC and others? You are FEMINAZIS, WORTHY OF THE TITLE STEVE BANNON GAVE YOU! INDEED, YOU ARE WORSE; YOU ARE THE INSTRUMENTS OF TORTURE GIVEN INTO THE HANDS OF REPUBLICANS AND THOSE WHO HONOR CUOMO'S SANCTITY SAVING LIVES.
Women legislators and senators of the New York blue, you trash yourselves and you trash the #metoo movement. I am seriously considering allowing the Republicans to wash over you, REMOVE MY SUPPORT AND DONATIONS (I HAVE GIVEN HEAVILY THIS YEAR, I VOW TO END IT THIS EVENING) and teach you a lesson by voting INDEPENDENT OR REPUBLICAN BECAUSE OF YOUR ACTIONS. It is punishing myself. But it will punish you more. Your stupidity in this movement to be the instrument of your own destruction is galactically dumb. Nancy, where are you? TELL THEM, PLEASE. In this disingenuous, self-righteous, "sanctified" caluminizing of Cuomo, they are the Republians' tools to destroy the party. And there will be no return. Either remain unified, or split apart New York. I have more respect for Republicans.
 You don't have it to fight back with the weapons that your dire enemy, the killers are using against you! And who is pushing for investigations anyway? Or resignations? If it's Democrats, they have fallen for the Republicans' duplicitous tricks. And they unwittingly destroy themselves in their blood letting.

But if you engage in smear campaigns, agreeing with the Republicans to be self-righteous, like fools of their creation, when  Republicans are actually encouraging your destruction, then you are as psychotic as Trumpers not wearing masks. Is smearing the way for Democrats? Then they should all resign because none are perfect, least of all those who like self-righteous prigs point the finger but have a mess in their back yard. 
Kirsten Gillibrand. destroyed the career of Al Franken, a good man and helped the Republican Party by removing a dynamo who garnered even Republicans favor with his sharp tongue lashings. Meanwhile, Trump, accused of sexual abuse and sexual physical attacks (26 X) was allowed to be the "big man." The actions are in no way equivalent, yet some women so blinded by their own self-hate and self- discrimination cannot tell the difference. Gillibrand in my book is not in my book. I loathe what she did. And doing the same to Cuomo? I remove my support from her and my money, and the same goes for all women democrats who scream and beat their breasts as Republicans laugh with glee.
 Republicans count on such self-righteousness from Democrats who fall for it every time and commit suicide, choking themselves with their own "clean" garments. NY Democrats must wake up and shut up and not shred each other. If they can't, then go to be the Republican killers they are in their hearts. Trump is going to be indicted; is this the distraction the GOP needs? CUOMO? The insurrection and camera recordings reveal the members of Congress taking rioters on tour the day before January 6th. Nothing is done about this? Run up Cuomo "scandal" on the flagpole and see what Democrats feel compelled by their own guilt to salute. Shameful.

Governor Cuomo supported reforming police, supported the BLM protests QAnon/RNC did not (courtesy of the site)

Democrats smear along with Republicans, making them a tragic smear equivalent. I am sorry. Regarding the nursing homes, the facts are confused and ill reported. I have written articles about herd immunity that Republicans embraced knowing they killed seniors in large numbers for the economy and never reported the numbers. Then what? You, governor, get the smear and you are guilty...I sat through briefings and you reported the deaths.  AND DEMOCRATS GO AFTER YOU? You never supported the death cult of herd immunity, and tried to keep community spread low. The Republicans encouraged the old to die, encouraged high infection rates and yet you get smeared for deaths?
I think the Democrats must have a single digit IQ to not realize what they are doing. They are too dumb to discuss frankly with their constituents who are KKK and NAZIS and QAnon red necks that THEIR OWN ACCEPTANCE OF HERD IMMUNITY WITH TRUMP, KILLED. I am a Democrat because I KNOW WHAT THE OTHER SIDE IS. DEMOCRATS NEED TO WAKE UP AND JOIN THE OTHER SIDE OR SHUT UP and encourage you, governor, to continue to lead. We are not out of the woods. And those who do not want nursing home reform and those who do not want police reform in NYC need to put on their big boy pants and get to work. 
How much of what you have encouraged as reform is being resisted by the people who wish you out so reform will never happen? Stay the course; many remember you got us through a deadly, untenable Spring with COVID and led the nation when Trump/RNC willfully KILLED AMERICANS. We will never forget. You couldn't have led without executive powers, I don't believe. I also don't think that any of your accusers or critics could have done a better job. They didn't have the expertise, skill or background, nor the ability to articulate to the world what was going on. You are craggy; you are able to slay with argument, your logic and support details are excellent. Anyone not coming at you with the same skills, I pity. But then I don't because they are foolish to try. 

A view held by Governor Cuomo and Democrats and opposed violently by RNC, GOP must be fought for assiduously and not forgotten (courtesy of the site)
You were and still are the man for the moment. No one can take that from you, as much as THE QANON crowd, the GOP, the Federalist Society, Trumpers, the RNC (all of whom shudder when your name is mentioned because your leadership was light in their darkness) intend to tar and feather you using Kirsten Gillibrand, AOC and other Democratic FEMINAZIS. All I have to do is think about what is on the other side: Trump rapist, Jeff Epstein, teen girls attacked, etc., the insurrection, #thebiglie, THE HYPOCRISY OF THE RNC, death, herd immunity lies, the death of Brian Sicknick, the lying GOP, and I know that anything that is being done to fuel THEIR CAUSE IS REPREHENSIBLE. Thus, their cause against you is reprehensible. And K.G., AOC and other Republican women of #metoo demean what it means to be a woman abused. 
Democratic women? Cuomo is an easy target. GO AFTER TRUMP AND THE RNC? You can't because they are armed against your foolishness which they have used as a sword to blind you, deafen you and cut out your tongues
Governor, I am not letting you off the hook. BUT YOU DID APOLOGIZE. YOU ALWAYS DO. WHEN DOES TRUMP/RNC/GOP ever admit fault???? You never said you were walking on water. You admitted faults. WAS ANYONE LISTENING???? I and my friends were. I don't think you were being disingenuous. I find it ironic that the women question YOUR APOLOGY AS BEING SINCERE. Yeah. Convenient. I bow to their godhead as I bow to QAnon, Trump, the RNC, lies, Satan, the KKK, bad judgment, wrong-headed thinking, smear campaigns, stupidity, fear, doubt, unbelief. Their dog is dead and dead dogs don't hunt. That comment is as wicked as what they attempt and pretend they don't.
And Governor, regarding Jesse, reporter of the NYT, I'm sorry to say, I deem him a low class whore. He has demeaned the NYT to truck with the likes of the NYP scandal sheet to feather his nest. It is pathetic. He sat through your briefings. He apparently didn't hear or didn't believe what you said. He also didn't do investigative journalism into RED STATE NUMBERS IN NURSING HOMES. He is all about surface and not about depth and research. Quick, dirty, misinformed and OFF. How lovely it is working at the NYT, which I know from my own experience is cursory, shallow and non investigative...depending upon the reporter. Jesse would do well with Murdock. He needs to investigate the real story. Why now? Why them? What do they hope to get? Why don't they think it will backfire and lead them into the weeds of women understanding how the #metoo movement cannot be diluted by claims which pale in comparison to what Trump/Republicans and other gross predators have done?

For example in a private gathering, you touched a woman's bare back at a wedding in 2019 and you touched her cheek and asked if you could kiss her. YOU ASKED?????  HOW DARE YOU. INFURIATING TO REPUBLICANS! WOMEN DEMOCRATS? And Trump...leaving a trail of kissing forced on women and pussy grabbing in addition to a history of pederasty, abuse and rape...that we know of and I'm sure he was busy in the WH leaves Republicans bored? I know of women on FB who would have flirted with you and welcomed a kiss as a joke. DISTORTION, TWISTED, LIES. HOW CONVENIENT FOR THE REPUBLICANS.
These accusers are obviously political. The one who is running for mayor needs to have backup so she doesn't look like the slime she is. She put the call out and is scouring everywhere for other accusers. How BULLY OF HER. If you have to run for mayor on the coattails of smearing a global celebrity and that is your expertise, your experience and your MO...YOU WILL BE A HIDEOUS MAYOR. YOU WILL MAKE DE BLASIO LOOK LIKE A FABULOUS LEADER. Does she really believe that this will garner her votes? Who is supporting her? Who is managing her campaign? Where is she getting the money and is this not a self sabotage kamikaze campaign to destroy the Democratic party and set them to killing each other more than anything else?
Their behavior also dilutes the #metoo movement. What do your daughters think? I'm sure they must be infuriated because it makes women in general appear as users, exploiters and scruff buckets. Why is it that Hillary who had tremendous expertise and brilliance WAS HATED???  QAnon and crass, gross treasonists probably think this "would be mayor" is right on...a Marjorie Taylor Greene superwoman. GOD HELP US.
former VP Mike Pence and Florida N. G. notice the one on the left with the "Q" (courtesy of the site)

It is she who canvassed the other accusers and brought them on board. It's a calling all accusers; let's go. That is Republican MO and QAnon MO and Breitbart MO and Robert Mercer GAI MO. Mercer has tons of money that he got as a scoff-law not paying his 7.5 billion dollar back taxes that was perhaps disappeared when Trump's tax breaks rolled around. How wonderful he is looking for government accountability, only when it relates to his agenda which is money and power for fanatic QAnon, Rush Limbaugh styled lies. Is he funding her efforts? Anything is possible since Republicans have no heart and could care less if seniors died in and out of nursing homes. And now Democrats are cast in the same light. DARKNESS IS SURELY DARK AND DEMOCRATS ARE WORSE THAN REPUBLICANS WHOM I AM RESPECTING MORE AT THIS POINT.
At one point, I thought that the "would be mayor" ( I will not write her name) and the second accuser reminded me of the ACCUSER OF EMMETT TILL and the accuser of the Scottsborogh Boys. But these women are worse. They don't care if the GOP USES them to promulgate CALUMNY and attempt to push you to humiliation and career suicide. How Democrat of her...smearing the Dms and making them 1) look as bad as Republicans-there goes the "DEms are better" approach, wrecking it. 2)discrediting the #metoo movement with false equivalence-Trump rape is the same as Cuomo kiss or sex laden word fantasies. If women vote for her they are NUTS. Hillary had class. The only thing that could smear her was eating the very children she worked to save. Typical Russian Military Intel psycho perversion picked up by happy Republicans.This is the same.

The women are closet QAnon, the Republicans best friends. The Democrats' bĂȘte noire...a Scylla/Charybdis. I appreciated the black legislator at York College...who said, "I STAND WITH GOV. CUOMO." So do I! And so should Democrats.
Stay the course, Governor. I hope the Democrats come to their senses. If not, I shudder to think of how the GOP, RNC AND TRUMP are salivating to turn this state into QANON HEAVEN and what would have happened or will happen if NEW YORK WAS or becomes A RED STATE during COVID or future pandemics. The public is thankful for your leadership through COVID and now beyond...keep on keeping on. I am with you. Not to be with you is suicide.

Monday, March 1, 2021

DJT is the Enemy of the American People as of January 6, 2021: Trump's Treason and Negligent, Depraved Heart Murder, UPDATES

Covid 19 molecule (courtesy CDC)
FIRST PUBLISHED ON Saturday, April 18. UPDATE MARCH 1, 2021.  Covid 19 is welcoming donors. No, these are not donors to food banks. These donations aren't being made to hospitals. Nor are they for medical supplies to soldiers on the front lines of the Covid War (nurses, doctors, food workers, postal service employees) who risk their lives and die keeping American citizens safe and alive.

These specialty donors are wealthy members of the Federalist Society. They are conservative, right-wing anarchists. They despise democracy and the rule of law which protect the American people in a national security crisis like the COVID pandemic. The wealthy are proponents of right-wing media lies which support Trump against governors who are safeguarding American citizens and front line soldiers.

Armed leader in Lansing, Michigan insurrection (courtesy of the site)
Say what? The wealthy right-wing are invoking a war against the American people. They are funding the armed clueless to protest the quarantining in Michigan, Virginia and Minnesota. Encouraged by Trump tweets, armed crowds show up because the economy is faltering with only essential workers out there protecting the populace and everyone else sheltering at home.

Organizing their right-wing media (Fox, Breitbart, RT, Sputnik, Daily Stormer, Rush Limbaugh, etc.) they coordinate by sending an inundation of email blasts to Republicans. They post articles on social media fueled by GRU, SVR, FSB, Russian Military Intel soc puppets and troll farms. Putin hates/fears Biden because of his former policies against Russian hegemony and encouragement of democracy in the Ukraine. Biden, Clinton, Obama help to Ukraine is against Putin/Trump who are enemies of US democracy and the constitution. Any surprise if you look at how Trump defies the checks and balances of the constitution in Article 1? He has vitiated the constitution by nullifying congressional oversight, thereby ending those powers with the help of Mitch McConnell. A very communist Putin action.

(courtesy of the media)
Instead of helping coordinate a massive apolitical effort to end the pandemic by donating the millions they received in tax breaks from the failed administration bailouts to correct the negligent, dilatory Trump response, they war against taxpayers treasonously. With this money they conduct an Erik Prince styled black ops campaign against decent, family values. "Love God as yourself and love thy neighbor as yourself" has been trashed.

Michigan insurrection against staying safe (courtesy of Buzzfeed)
The Red/GOP/TRUMPIST campaign throws away these Christian values. It misdirects and confuses Christians now more than ever. It bastardizes words like "freedom" by misinterpreting and conflating freedom with anarchy and political insurrection, endangering citizens and soldiers on the front line. A child knows the difference between the freedom to choose responsibility with violations of the rules set up to protect everyone. With freedom comes even more responsibility to "do the right thing." So... The billionaire conservatives are using the terrorist Covid 19 with Trump as their champion as they remain safe behind the mansions, expansive forest-green gardens and havens in low COVID-19 countries and states like Hawaii.

Trump, calls himself "a Wartime president" fighting COVID-19. But he leads the charge stripping protections, which correlates to taxpayers dying of the disease, especially the elderly which Republicans target with herd immunity and "breathing the air." So what if seniors have to die for the economy. It's all good, except for seniors and their mourning families. And he does this in the name of Wall Street and his bottom line. He and the RNC instigate the demands to go back to work prematurely. He and the RNC incite black ops to protest for "freedom from quarantine." Additionally, he provokes others to protest with emotion. For his corporate donors' bottom line and his election fantasies, he selfishly ignores the facts of the infection spread and its dire consequences.

Confusion of civil rights vs. responsibilities liability, to spread Covid to Michigan taxpayers (courtesy of Bussfeed)
Do the duped even know what they protest? Welcoming disease and death into their families conflating protection guidance with fascism? Let them spend a day in the ICU of a Queens hospital. Let them experience 2 weeks fighting COVID-19 at home, unable to be tested because they don't have enough of the "right" symptoms. Let them go to FB and join "Survivor Corps" to read some of the testimonies of those who have it, are in a hellish nightmare and are trying to get to the next day.

Michigan Gov. Whitmer (courtesy of the site)
For all the furor to "open" the country by red states and Trumpists," opening is an illusion. The country never closed properly. However, to see a great template, watch the states like New York who paused, allowing essential workers and services, (grab and go, big box stores, the MTA, utilities) and others who could socially distance properly, to stay open.

Red states like the Dakotas and some in the South never completely shifted to just essential workers. They allowed church services, beaches, tourist areas, businesses to remain "open." The benefit of this has been that nursing home deaths have seen an exponential rise of COVID-19 positives. Those with co-morbidities who are now in ICUs in hospitals are on respirators waiting to live or die. A larger percentage of males continue to come down with the disease and are scarred for life after surviving it. Or they die.

The only instance where this has been curtailed is in the states that attempt to shelter in from spreading the disease, by closing down to all but essential services. This act of mitigation, if coupled with testing and monitoring, works to identify the invisible disease, treat it and have the population build up antibodies and immunity though they are still scarred if they had it. At this point only New York has committed to an adequate response thanks to the frenetic and, for Republicans, horrifically effective due diligence of New York's Governor Cuomo. Ironically, Trump rides Cuomo's coattails using the successes of Cuomo's incredible team without seeming to learn anything about how or why their success has been achieved.

On a spiritual and human level, it has been Cuomo's Godly concern to put life above money that has won New Yorkers over. It has been his commitment to swiftly gear up the medical system to provide healthcare to the suffering as equitably as possible. It has been his daily encouragement to inspire New Yorkers to be Godly, to care for their neighbors as they care for themselves. With prayer and the collaboration of hundreds, he has appealed to New Yorkers' and Americans' finer natures to prevent others catching COVID-19 through a "pause." The pause, as Italy's practice has taught New Yorkers, decreases the community spread of COVID-19, and decreases the likelihood that the elderly in and out of nursing homes will die.

It is the least that can be done for the heroes on the front lines who have watched young and old die, who have lost seniors and teens on their watch and who have experienced great joy when one is pulled off the respirator to regain consciousness and then battle the scars COVID-19 has left on their bodies in the aftermath. The level of rehabilitation required after suffering this disease is a subject the media rarely deals with.

New York Governor Cuomo (courtesy of the NYS.gov website)
Cuomo, not to compare him with Trump because there is no earthly comparison, appears made for such a crises where life and death battle in real time. Trump has let the reality of death "wash over" everybody else but him, as the death toll extends upward in a horrific number heading toward the number of those who died in the Viet Nam War (in this update it is soaring past 100,000). UPDATE: as of March 1, 2021 Worldometer US stats are at 525,000. And this is in a mere one month and three days (he began with his task force on March 15). 
How many more will die if he allows the states to "gain freedom" to kill each other with COVID-19 as Americans move with carefree abandon across the nation, unquarantined? How many more will die if they continue to spread the disease, and, as the wealthy suggest Trump do, "ride that bitch to the bottom" delivering a "herd immunity" that may not exist or only exist in part and for a limited time with some? UPDATE The dead will most likely exceed THE CIVIL WAR DEAD of 675,000 as the domestic terrorist former president encouraged a Civil War between the RNC=QAnon and everyone else.

Cuomo has clarified to "open," one must be prudent and follow first with essential businesses and a maximum potential for social distancing. His overarching goal is to "do no harm." This requires a stepping up of the Federal government to test, contact trace and monitor (requiring a small army) to shut down if the spread increases threatening hospital capacity. The governor has also daily pleaded in the name of Republican and Democratic governors, to fund the states and assist them in their herculean efforts to triumph over this disease and save lives, especially those most vulnerable in nursing homes.  
UPDATE: The Democratic President Biden and the Democratic House and State are going to pass the Recovery Bill which will be giving the states the much needed funds, almost a year later.

Facebook post for Mt. Sinai donations to get PPE and other materials to help front line workers (courtesy of Mr. Sinai)
 First, the facts of the spread as the economy is "opened" must be assessed. But facts of the spread are impossible without testing. How can one gauge the spread without knowing who is positive, who is asymptomatic, who has antibodies and is immune for a time? Trump has been deaf to all the governors' cries. He looks to be drowning in this pandemic, nostalgic for a receding past that he wishes to magically make reappear again with the country's "opening." The past with Trump's booming economy will not appear in the next few months as long as COVID-19 rages in the land. You can't open an economy with sick people dying in the streets and in overwhelmed hospitals.

How can the dying keep the economy functioning? Check the failures of previous pandemics. How well do the living function to work during a pandemic which comes in wave after wave until a vaccine is found? How do the diseased function? Like Trump? For three years we have seen the horror of his mental infirmity running things. Trump took credit for the soundness of Obama's well built economy while blaming Obama for every misery created under the sun. Too bad he didn't heed Obama's pandemic response team. I wouldn't be writing this and Trump wouldn't be crying about losing "the greatest economy in the history of the world," a fantastical hyperbole which only a few in the nation benefited from because it never was. Under Trump the poor remained poorer and Main Street suffered before COVID-19. Now? That time recedes and Wall Street has lost trillions if anyone admits it.
Fear of Wall St. tanking caused Trump's inaction, The Storied Bull of Bowling Green (courtesy of the site)
As has been recorded in previous blog posts, Trump's dilatory, negligence in not deploying the military to direct the war effort has led to Trump's failure and increased infection spread. Currently, FEMA desperately tries to steal covertly bought supplies from various states. Because of lack of coordination and directed control by Trump's executive, states are forced to bid against each other and the federal government to purchase supplies from China. Trump refuses to delegate to the military the control of supply purchasing and supplyline distribution to the states. Because Trump only uses the executive branch to protect himself from indictment and cover-up of crimes, he can't see his way clear to employ massive executive power for the public good.
UPDATE: The country overwhelmingly voted against Trumpism, QAnon, the Putin controlled RNC for President Biden who immediately instituted the DPA to gear up production of everything from PPE to the vials for the vaccines which are now flooding every state in the US, and promise to be in the arms of all Americans who want them by August. It's only been 1 month Biden has been in office.

All in his administration are to blame; none has the power to convince him to be presidential and strong in this crisis. Trump is too distracted about losing the election to worry about heroism now in this time when courage and being accountable and proactive would most serve.
At a rally for his presidency without logic or rationality about Covid pandemic (courtesy of Fox)
But to apply effective, organized leadership to stop the spread and save lives is not Trump's priority; the American people never were his priority. His wallet was the priority. He plans to win four more years with money. But even the wealthy get tired of throwing money into a money pit. They have eyes to see the economy will not return like it was. Better they short that Wall Street bitch into the abyss, then buy on the uptick. But the market will take years to come back. Bleeding the taxpayer and inflating our money supply is another downer for the wealthy whose bottom line will shrink regardless. All our money will purchase much less. Sucks for all of us. Super sucks for Trump. COVID-19 has taken him by the tail and spun him around like its monkey. If he had only acted in early January to stop and contain this virus.

As I write this, as crowds drive and walk to the De Santis opened beaches in Jacksonville, Florida, COVID-19 stops for no one; it keeps on debilitating and killing. How many of these will end up with the virus and spread it to others?

Trump's insubstantial rallies which self-aggrandize and misinform, do nothing to mollify a frightened, escapist-leaning public. At his "briefings" Trump rides the coattails of Cuomo's success and applies Cuomo's flattening of the curve to every other state in the nation. This is a misdirection. The other states have been unable to "do their homework" with enough testing. Nevertheless, employing Cuomo's results, Trump attempts to justify HIS opening of the economy, supposedly leaving it up to the states.

Jacksonville, Florida opened beaches, saw record turnout of deaf, dumb and blind (courtesy f the website)
Behind the scenes, imagine the phone calls to red state governors whose help he needs to "open." Indeed, South Dakota, to the peril of the dying in nursing homes and the COVID-19 carriers in a meat processing plant, has never "closed." That, along with a few other states where governors have left their states "open," is disastrous. Without a sheltering in place order, the spread of the disease will expand geometrically. As time passes, the hot spots will engulf all of the nation as Cuomo and Fauci predicted at the outset.

Fox News has never left off its lies about COVID 19. Car accidents, falls in tubs, the flu, cancer, overdoses, yada yada are worse killers. This is an extension of the virus is a "hoax." Their lies are crimes of negligence.

Covid is 10X deadlier. To the addled-minded like Trump, who does not understand the disease as he demonstrates dementia, COVID-19's impact is its terrorism to use the human body as its vector silently through asymptomatics. It creeps in its spread from 1 to 3 to 9, with every person potentially infecting another 3 people if the first case is asymptomatic. Asymptomatics are the fiercest shedders of contagion. Where are they? How does one test for them?

(courtesy of Fox)
Because Fox watchers cannot tell truth from a lie and because they have no patience to understand, wrongly, they associate the disease with density, cities and New York. They are the last to listen to Cuomo, though in the off hours, the hosts of Fox and Trump get their news from Cuomo learning a lot and calming down in their fears of catching this plague.

We see the fruits of Fox if we have lately seen the protestors on the steps of Michigan's capital. They appear on the news and in FB posts. Most probably the leaders without masks have tested negative for Covid. How did they get the tests in this time when tests are scarce? If you are Trump-connected with money, you can get a test and plenty of PPE, and N95 masks though they appear boldy with AR 15s and no masks. If you would appear in crowds, you should be tested daily or must have an antibody test which may prove immunity.The problem is immunity is uncertain.

Governor Ron De Santis of Florida (courtesy of the site)
So even the black ops leaders take a risk? Have they been well paid to lead protests? The other people  in the photos, the overweight white men and women with probable co-morbidities, some holding confederate and Nazi flags, are COVID dupes, the food of Death.

What a novel concept! Protesting protection (mitigation-sheltering in) against a pandemic which the president negligently, criminally caused! Say what? The president's negligence caused this pandemic and thousands of deaths. Yet, the president is supposedly warring against it. But then he turns around and tells states to liberate themselves, free themselves from restrictive sheltering orders that protect people against contracting COVID-19.

The War President Trump, to open the economy to get himself reelected, encourages a black op campaign against the American voters. The weapon of his destruction against the enemy (Americans on quarantine) is human bodies infected with COVID- 19 in protesting crowds. So he is employing terrorism (protestors in crowds who will infect each other) to get what he wants. What does he want? The economy to open which he equates with winning the election because wealthy supporters are losing money and they are pressuring him to go back to what was before; to get back to "normal." These donors are as deluded as he.

To what extent does the Covid 19 molecule morph (courtesy of the CDC)
The protestors, like Trump and Fox News, are living in their man-made alternate reality which is a fraud, a fake, a canard, a lie that kills. There is no going back. Cuomo discusses a "new normal" once the spread has been reduced to 1 in perhaps .5 spreading the disease. But that is guaranteed only with testing and contact tracing (monitoring who has it and who they've been in touch with) for containment. Without containment there is no guarantee the next wave won't explode and create pandemonium. Regardless, without the right equipment for the front lines to fight this war, it is ongoing especially as red states refuse to acknowledge its menacing presence threatening death, as they bow to Trump's wishes and open beaches like Ron De Santis in a state which reached 1400 new cases and over 700 deaths. (update it is much higher but they do not report the cases or deaths for fear of upsetting Trump)

The justification to open prematurely and satisfy the infected "freedom riders" of COVID all the way into the abyss is "the economy must be saved." Suicides must be prevented, Trump has suggested. Meanwhile, the millions of poor have lived with varying states of poverty their entire lives and will not commit suicide. Only the wealthy would choose suicide, than suffer the humiliation of accommodating their lifestyles to becoming middle class.
UPDATE The Michigan protests and protests in other states were a dry run. After BLM protests were quashed by Trumpers, our military illegally and Trump with tear gas and bullets, Trump organized his Trumpers, QAnon and Russian Military Intel trolls to foment an insurrection at the Capitol that killed 5 individuals, all in the name of Trump's revenge for losing the election. Kill Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi was on the lips of the Trumpers who wrecked the Capitol with intent. Trump approved this treason in his continued intent to kill Americans whether through this pandemic or through Charles Manson type incitement to murder, using domestic terrorist white supremacists. 

Sean Hannity, Fox host (courtesy of Fox)
On Fox, while speaking from the security of daily COVID-19 self-testing, the pundits (Hannity, Brit Hume, politicians, church leaders, faux doctors-Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil) (update on 5/23/20 now Fauci and Birx after a campaign to discredit them) have adjured that the economy must be "opened." They have stated that they would sacrifice their lives so the "young" might live. For them, in the safety of access to state of the art self-testing, they imply that grandmas, parents and over sixties have lesser value. Nonna, Nonno, zia and tia, like animals who've served their purpose, should be sent to the glue factory of COVIDto save the economy.

As these FOX pundits embarrass themselves, The New York Times has published the "Red Dawn" emails exposing Trump's delay in confronting the pandemic because he feared the announcement would shake the markets. Trump negligently failed to corral and mitigate the rampaging COVID bull, by seeking to pet the bronze one at Bowling Green. Thus, he "rode that Wall Street bull" for 2  1/2 months, despite warnings to contain the spread by our Intel, W.H.O., the HHS Secretary Azar, Dr. Fauci and others.

Fearful of losing the election, fearful of Biden's campaign, fearful that a trillion dollars could be spent by donors and he would still lose, Trump did the only thing in his mind which "guaranteed" him a win:  he "saved" Wall Street and the economy meaning his wealthy donors' bottom line. Main Street was never a consideration. How a pandemic could impact Main Street and steer it toward a worse Depression than the Great Depression was the last thing he considered. He has no imagination.

Trump failed math. He doesn't read. He is reactive, not proactive. He doesn't analyze. He listens to others who tell him what he wants to hear. His capacity for logic, reason, facts and details is nil. However, he is good at fraud, lies, cover-ups, running after money, persuading wealthy donors he will give them what they want. Above all, he is great at self-deception. His biggest dupe is himself. Sadly, he is going on  3/4 of a century and he has not learned that this MO is not successful. HE IS A LOSER AND HE IS ADDICTED TO LOSING AND BANKRUPTCY. I hope I am wrong, doubt that I am. If I am right, we will have wave after wave of COVID- 19 and must prepare for the long haul.

Governor Cuomo must resist Trump and stay the course. He must do this to save lives, even if that means not budging on where we are in New York, in a pause, waiting for either Trump to deploy the military to take charge of the pandemic response, or find a miracle vaccine. Neither happened. The vaccines created by Pfizer and Moderna had been in the pipeline development for 15 years. Its sustained roll out began to happen after Biden took over the presidency.
(UNDER TRUMP Update Memorial Day weekend 2020, no DPA has been enacted to increase supplies of PPE, etc nationally and Red States opened fudging numbers. Inaccurate counts and deaths are rampant. NY is staying the course and "reopening" gradually while doing no harm...with masks and social distancing by smart, clever New Yorkers).
UPDATE March 1, 2021  Governor Cuomo continues to lead New Yorkers to mitigate the community infection spread to protect the elderly in and out of nursing homes. He has largely created his own testing and tracing system and manufacturing of supplies to support it, bypassing China or the Federal government incompetence, which reversed when President Biden got in. For his wonderful leadership in helping keep New Yorkers safe, the QAnons and Trumpers in New York (a small percentage of the 19 million New Yorkers) support Trump/RNC revenge. Trump is going to be indicted for financial crimes he committed in the state. 
As a distraction and revenge Trump/RNC/QANON/RED EXTREMIST MEDIA smear tactics against Cuomo HAVE BEEN REVERTED. The nursing home charges against Cuomo INSTEAD implicated Trump/RNC herd immunity plan to KILL SENIORS IN AND OUT OF NURSING HOMES. Cuomo's plan to stop community spread and ban herd immunity, sacrificing the old for the economy succeeded in lowering the infection rate in New York in the summer to less than 1%. For a few days, this diligence led to no deaths in New York and no nursing home deaths, revealing the effectiveness of mitigation. On the other hand Trump/RNC/QANON and herd immunity and no masking killed seniors in massive numbers which has not been noted because Trumper governors in RED STATES and RED EXTREMIST MEDIA cover the facts. Since the hypocrisy pointed out the RED STATES, now two women with political agendas who need media attention are accusing Cuomo of harassment, a TRUMPIST MO ploy to distract from TRUMP'S COMING FINANCIAL INDICTMENTS. That dog won't hunt either and the women's agendas are being exposed as I write this.