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Easter Services Packing Churches in Florida: in Praise of God or Trump?

In defiance of humanity, decency, love, God's commandments, the social contract and the constitution, Governor Ron De Santis is encouraging large worshipful services for Easter by saying he will not "force" or "command" or "order" autocratically, the banning of large crowds in churches. He is not alone in this.

So much for God is love. So much for humility. So much for being as the scripture says, "wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove." So much for "love your neighbor as yourself." So much for "love the Lord your God with all your mind, heart and strength." So much for "God is a spirit; worship Him in Spirit and in Truth."

De Santis has been dilatory, following the lead of Trump and Fox News spreading misinformation CLICK HERE. Like Trump, he lacks the will to take a leadership position to protect the people of the state of Florida. I have elderly cousins who live there. I have friends who live there. I have family who life there. He is jeopardizing all of their lives, by being willfully, criminally negligent.

Republican Governor of Florida Ron De Santis (courtesy of CNN)
First, he has been criminally negligent by not closing down the state to prevent spring breakers and Disney World visitors congregating in mammoth crowds, sweating their asymptomatic Covid 19 molecules all over each other. These same Covid 19 infected then flew back to parts unknown all over the US to shed the disease to families and friends in their communities. Perhaps, they themselves came down with it. This is negligence on a mass scale of the type that Trump and his GOP Death Party are noted for. Shame on all of them!

The folks who congregated during spring break believed the convenient Fox "hoax" lie. Then they believed that Covid 19 was like the flu which killed more Americans, though Dr. Fauci warned hundreds of times that it was NOVEL, we didn't understand it, and that it was 10 X deadlier. The demeaning of the lethality of Covid 19 then morphed to deriding Dr. Fauci when Trump wanted to open by Easter in an Easter miracle. When Trump back tracked realizing the number of deaths that would be effected, he changed his tune and stated that unless we socially distanced, the death toll would be a minimum of 100,000. Still, he kept the sheltering in place voluntary and refused to close down the entire country of 330,000,000.

DOJ Barr and Donald Trump (media website)
That Easter sheltering and the 100,000 death number was a problem for the controversy addicts and liars on Fox and the alternate Federalist Society conservatives. The spin had to change; they pulled in QAnon to create a new meme. The disease morphed on Fox promulgated by Covid 19 Truthers @QAnon. They are spreading the disinformation that the numbers are blown up beyond proportion, as an extension of the "hoax" conspiracy theory. Therefore, the opening of the country should happen sooner than Dr. Fauci and others might suggest.

Meanwhile, genocide in Wisconsin perpetuated by Republicans in concert with the Supreme Court allowed the primary to go on in the pandemic. Wisconsinites had to decide to exercise their constitutional right or allow a conservative judge to win: select sickness and death or stay home. Clever Death Party Republicans had gerrymandered to making Wisconsinites to vote only at a very few select sites. Thus, the lines, populated most probably by some who had Covid 19 curled and lengthened around and around and around as they tried to distance 6 feet, but probably infected each other with aerosol breath. Tell me not one of them spread the disease. 1 X 3 X 9 X 27 X 81 and so on. That is why quarantine is a moral imperative.

The Plague Doctor circa 1650s Edinburgh, UK, the hazmat suit against the Bubonic Plague (Carole Di Tosti)
Back to up is down, right is left conservative news conspiracies and disinformation. According to my relative who tends to embrace conspiracy theories for the thrill of them like an addict hooked on Oxycontin, there were no refrigerator trucks at Elmhurst Hospital, no long lines there, no deaths. He told me it was fake news, the lying media. I invited him to come up and volunteer. Meanwhile, like Trump and all the hypocrites, this relative is scared out of his mind (with the exception of Rand Paul, perhaps). This Florida relative has bought 150 proof alcohol as a disinfectant; he has all sorts of anti-virals he's purchased on homeopathic websites; he has a plentiful supply of masks and gloves to care for his debilited wife, manic that she will become infected and die. The contradictions he is able to live with in a lack of logic is a Trumpy psychosis that Trump and QAnon and alternative media who duns mainstream media as false is their premeditated, murderous, exploitation perpetuating INSANITY. Did you know that INSANITY IS A DRUG AS ADDICTIVE AS HEROIN?

My tool kit against Covid 19 (Carole Di Tosti)
But who am I to judge? I live in the epicenter of the epicenter in Queens. I write reviews for Broadway shows, Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway and New York Botanical Garden and Tribeca Film Festival and SXSW Festival and Edinburgh International Festival all of which are closed down. I do not have the luxury of being blind, deaf and dumb walking on the Florida beaches, swimming in Florida pools and pretending this deadly molecule does not exist. Bully for all those in Florida who ignore the deaths in Miami, the growing number of cases and deaths in Florida nursing homes which are notoriously delinquent with their patients.

(from the church website)
Bully, bully. I am living the sheltering in place to protect all those in the red states from getting this horrific disease. They could care less that their negligent actions supported by their delinquent criminally negligent governors of red states allowed the virus to spread exponentially. (See my previous blog posts on how it spreads unless one isolates.) Well, we in New York are in a PAUSE FOR THEM, FOR THIS COUNTRY, despite every time they defy any shut-down orders or shout MAGA SLOGANS IN THE NAME OF TRUMP. We in New York and in other states who stay at home in quarantine are keeping them safe with good will, despite their believing this is still a hoax, the death numbers are fabricated thanks to @QAnon as they wait for the next pusher drug via Fox News ranting that CNN and MSNBC that try to protect them are FAKE NEWS, FAKE MEDIA, ETC.

The interior of an Episcopal church in the US (courtesy of the website)
Think about it those of you hoaxer drivers and Fox news hypocrites who "pooh pooh" the virulence of Covid 19 while grabbing masks and gloves off camera. Is New York City and NY State acting like this virus does not exist? Go on Google search and see live pictures of the main roads in NYC, 5th Ave. Park Ave. and out on LI, LIE and in Queens, Queens Boulevard, normally traffic filled and bumper to bumper. Why is NY acting in such a way? Is something to wrong, perhaps?

"You can't tell us not to worship!" No one is telling you not to worship. The country, the vulnerable with underlying conditions (50-73 year old men) and the old in nursing homes in your states need you to worship God at home. The young who have underlying congenital conditions they don't know about which a Covid 19 infection exposes because it attacks the immune system, decommissions it then smashes into the lungs needs you to worship God in the way He commands you to worship: IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH. Endangering others' lives with willful, criminal homicidal negligent action is not "loving your neighbor." Do you really think God is a respector of persons or place? He is not! He looks at your heart and your faith and your righteousness. Indeed, your sacrifice not to go to a building and staying at home to pray is a stronger unction than going to a building to be with the sheep and infect one another.

Il Duomo, Milan, Italy which is streaming services (courtesy of the website)
Realistically, congregating and singing hymns so your church and pastor gets on national TV is opening your church to class action lawsuits by the children of parents in nearby nursing homes. Projecting your voices in praise and worship to God causes atmospheric aerosol spread of Covid 19 molecules and will make the church a miasma of Covid 19.  Don't believe me? Google what happened when a choir of 60 held practice though they followed social distancing practices to the max. Two died; 45 came down with Covid 19 people realized later that their praise and singing projection of breath spread the molecules all over the church. There is a reason why crowds are a happy place for this plague.

Churches across the south have found out the danger of congregating for service the hard way. Check the rural areas of Alabama which are woefully underprepared for this disease spread. But it's not supposed to be in RURAL AREAS. Are people living in RURAL AREAS? Yes. Well, Covid 19 goes wherever the people are; people are vectors it loves to inhabit until it destroys them and moves on to another host. That's why one person infects three people. This virus, like people, enjoys society, but as a death-dealer.

(courtesy of the website)
 To governors of red states and Christian churches who are holding Easter services, one question. Are you bowing to Trump when you should be bowing to the Living God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth? Christ expects you to discern after the Spirit of the Living God. Why are pastors holding services, jeopardizing your lives and the lives of your loved ones? Is this not the sin which cannot be forgiven? Is this not Blaspheming the Holy Spirit. HOW? Is this not defying God's commandments with pride and arrogance to not love one's neighbor? How is this defiance of God humble? Isn't this more like Lucifer who questioned God's wisdom and will and placed himself above God then REFUSED TO ADMIT FAULT?

Dr. Fauci has led the country impeccably during this time of coronavirus (courtesy of The Daily Show)
By refusing to care for others in the US, pastors, Fox News, Trump/the WH and the GOP Death Party refuse to apologize for their crimes against humanity in their negligent and dilatory actions. They are not recognizing the lethality of this disease because of its communicability. Indeed, it spreads like wildfire with no one to put it out until it finds a proper host and kills that person by which point in time it has spread exponentially. 

Worship God in your prayer closet at home. Do not continue to be supporting the pharisees and scribes who doubted the Words of Christ. Your prayers in your prayer closet at home will have more effectuality. Read St. James about the "effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous." And have a spiritual resurrection in your Life in Christ at home. Peace Out.


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