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To COVID or NOT to COVID is NOT the Question.

        COVID-19 Infection rates early on in 2020
I have learned to respect disease like never before since COVID-19 was allowed by the Trump administration to proliferate politically, and evangelicals and QAnon and Trumpers have eaten of the Tree of MAGADEATH, offering eternal corpse-time and suicide to all they attempt to influence. I have followed my faith in God and trust in Him to decide what to do. When credible leaders like former New York Governor Cuomo (forced to listen to guidance from the CDC) and Fauci and others early on announced that wearing masks was not necessary, I didn't dispute them. I dug up some N95 masks I used years ago, and wore them if I shopped or rode in the elevator of my congregate building. I cannot offer my faith in God to others; suffice to say two people in my building died of COVID. And I live 6 miles from the 2020 April epicenter at Elmhurst Hospital that made national news because of the numbers dropping dead in their ER or on lines waiting to be tested.

        Former Governor Cuomo announcing his resignation to the upset of his millions of voters

Cuomo, left holding the COVID bag, led and did a magnificent job for New York State. I listened to his wise briefings about daily COVID numbers and eschewed all the naysayers about COVID: the flu, a hoax, disappearing soon, blah, blah, lies, even discounting my family's take on it. Led by God, as I believe Cuomo was anointed by his faith to rise to the crisis, I stayed safe; friends stayed safe; I didn't travel or celebrate the holidays or go out much until the infection rate was down. The point is that I always followed my faith, used caution, did my own research and as a result got vaccinations and boosters (scientific analysis from experts).

The weapons to fight COVID early on, emphasizing cleaning and disenfecting when COVID was passed via the air transmission. 

I realize the privileged position I have as a divorced older woman. I am not an essential worker; I am retired, a writer; my whole life was perhaps a preparation for this time. Or at the least my skill set, which includes my faith in God, prepared me to live with caution during a national health disaster with recorded deaths (851,000 on Worldometer) greater than the Civil War, to sustain the emotional, physical and psychic trials of a pandemic which whether engineered or fated, has brought misery, death, suffering and emotional duress to every person alive as I write this, many, without means or skill sets in more dire circumstance than myself.

   The former president who encouraged revenge against his former VP for not criminally giving him the 2020 election in a fraud supported by psychotic Republicans

Cuomo and head of the NYS Department of Health, now discredited, followed all of the Trump administration's corrupted CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19, set up to provide incorrect information that would make Trump feel better. Cuomo was damned because the nursing home debacle he was blamed for was based on CDC guidelines, my nurse friends told me. But the botch job of COVID was set in place as early as January 2020 and there was little Cuomo could do about that. Trump ignored doctors who sent messages to his administration about the virulence of the coming pandemic. By doing nothing timely, Trump exacerbated the spread which necessitated the country closing down. That act appalled all in business and on Wall Street. One imagines that the very next day, CEOS, their lobbyists, and especially Republicans in the corporate business community railed against the decision that would eat into their profits. 

Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick who advocated for business by asking seniors to die for opening up the economy. High infection rates produced high deaths in the senior population, until vaccinations.
That a dead populace would eat into their profits more than the closing down to safeguard hospitals and prevent overwhelming medical staff as happened in Italy was beyond their low IQs. The warfare regarding COVID-19 politicized began then, led by corporations and business. It continues today, making our country unnecessarily subject to a forever pandemic which kills and sickens to whatever extent an individual's immune system allows it. Albeit, with vaccinations a minimum of three, now, it doesn't wreak havoc as badly as with many unvaccinated. Important to remember, it is novel, unlike smallpox, polio or other viruses that have been coursing through human civilization for centuries or decades. NOVEL! We just don't know the long term effects. And all of us are the guinea pigs setting the records. All of us, even Marjorie Taylor Green, is subject to it. All!

    Even Q is subject to COVID and its strains
During the Trump administration (2020) Cuomo's encouragement was like no other before Trump/Republicans attacked him, trashed him because business interests and Trump behind the scenes demanded he be stopped. However, for millions globally and the hundreds of thousands of sane New Yorkers who didn't want to get sick or their relatives to get sick, he led us through Trump's selfish, evil breeding darkness of politicized COVID into the light of hope and faith.

Cuomo during his daily press briefings.

The wisdom he expressed in his briefings and in his book help me to this day. Too bad Trump and other leaders didn't read his book and take him to heart. No. They hated him and wanted him out because he showed up their negligence and incompetence. Too bad the Trumper CDC misled him with incorrect guidance on nursing homes; too bad Trump feared him enough to contribute and promote the smear campaign that "harmed" his career. Too bad the business community cared more about their bottom line (they bank on the stupidity of citizens to sell out to them their life and health) than the safety of the nation.Too bad that the NYC and NY police white supremacists and their QAnon brothers despised the concept of police reform.

     Rita Glavin, Cuomo's attorney, disputes the lies of omission and commission in Letitia James biased     investigation, during which she didn't announce her intentions to run for governor.

Too bad according to the research of Rita Glavin, Cuomo's attorney, that Lindsey Boylan, Ron Kim, Joon Kim and other liars and twisters of the truth bastardized the #metoo campaign to the glory of Republicans and twisted it against Cuomo. Too bad that then Letitia James ( Lucretzia Borgia James if you will) in her run for governor decided to push him over the edge with a bogus investigation with questionable conflicting testimony by "witnesses" to pronounce him guilty in the press. IRONY: HE WASN'T ON TRIAL! It was a hanging and a coup forcing Cuomo to drink the hemlock by resigning and not fighting the machinery of lies ranged against him. Cuomo resigned expecting justice to follow. No justice followed; COVID OMICRON followed. And Hochul was and is not up to the task of being the leader Cuomo was to corral the virus from morphing and destroying the victories won during Cuomo's administration, including a phenomenal testing, tracing, tracking program. 

If you look at Worldometer statistics, COVID infections rose in latter August and continued as did death rates after Cuomo left. That rise coincides with Governor Hochul's taking over the former Governor's position, a tragedy for all New Yorkers. I anticipated we were doomed because Hochul's attitude was never, ever, ever, ever to have a toxic atmosphere at the NYS Capitol. She was distancing herself from Cuomo. Tragedy. Apparently, the atmosphere at the NYS Capitol is sweet and clean, now. Whooppeeeee! But the state is now more toxic with COVID/OMICRON than Cuomo would ever present. 

COVID presents death and sickness at a rate greater than any harm Cuomo could have enacted against the twisted Miss Charlootte, the lying Lindsey Boylan and Ms. Cammisso's twisted, conflicting lies of commission; all are perfect icons of the fake #metoo brigade, demeaning women who are trafficked, have legitimate crimes committed against them. (Read my other articles citing Rita Glavin's discussion of the injustice of the twisted and discriminatory investigation and contradictory testimony by these witnesses mentioned, that James conducted with her "independent" hand picked toadies). That the investigation should continue, a conflict of interest, as she was fundraising to be governor of New York (until that plug was pulled) is not lost on all those who voted for Andrew Cuomo and are infuriated that he was couped and his voters were disenfranchised by a nefarious cabal that included James, Ron Kim, Joon Kim, Boylan, others and the piling on Democrats and of course, snickering, gleeful Republicans.     

            Two cases of Omicron variant of Covid-19 detected in Karnataka       

These groups and Republicans and Democrats with their own agendas (not the safety of New Yorkers and the nation which Cuomo as head of the governor's association led in the battle to overcome COVID) clamored to get Cuomo out at the worst possible time, at the beginning of Omicron's South African spread.The warnings were light and few; no one was w watching. No one was prepared, not in New York, not in the nation. Biden's administration, focused on vaccines, was thwarted at every turn. He didn't prepare with billions of tests or n95 masks. (We will never see those, another tragedy.) He needed a loud, powerful Democrat on his flank; he told that loudmouth to resign. And now, "Henny Penny, the sky is raining COVID OMICRON!" Cuomo brought the infection rate down with his team. This is too horrible for Republicans and Trump to have acknowledged and it is an embarrassment to Democrats to acknowledge with Cuomo slimed by "trumped up" scandals.

However, New Yorkers and those globally who watched his briefings counted on his leadership skills to lead the nation through the Trump disaster of COVID. Democrats of New York loathe to praise him, happily welcomed Hochul because she was who she is: an incompetent who would "leave them alone away from "pauses" and enforcing mandates. Hochul allowed the superspreader event at NYC New Year's Eve. She is a walking disaster with no courage or strength to stand up to the MAGAS upstate like Elise Stefanek. Cuomo knew many in the legislature were incompetents who hated him; he got his team together and led us; for that he was ousted. Now the incompetents are running around in chaos pretending they lead. 

And Hochul is hated. My friend's daughter works remotely for the state. She told my friend that Hochul wanted state employees (represented by the unions) to go back to work live (they work remotely in safety) in the midst of OMICRON'S rise. What doesn't she understand that they were working effectively remotely? There was a backlash and another backlash when she tried to make them go in two times a week. She is incompetent, and that is toxic. Cuomo understood the essential workers who work at home were vital. They saw that he cared for them. The unions see that she cares for business, is not making rational decisions and doesn't know what she is doing. So, for every female happy Cuomo is gone at the Capitol...there are hundreds of other state employees infuriated at Hochul, despising her weakness and disconsolate and frustrated that Cuomo is not leading us through this COVID variant and additional variants that are coming down the pike. We are no way out of this pandemic. Cuomo knew that; Hochul didn't have a clue; she was too busy drumming up support for her run for governor as she criss crossed the state while Cuomo was under severe attack by criminal lying Barr, unethical incompetent James and the RED HATS.

 Democrats must stick together against Republicans especially if the smears are libelous and slanderous.

After Biden's mistake telling Cuomo to resign, which showed Republicans his weakness in not supporting Democrats, the entire agenda wallowed in the muddy reddish hands of the DINOS Manchin and Sinema; Biden wasn't about keeping Democrats strong and together; he was about bi-partisinship and ignoring accountability for the crimes of the previous administration. Republicans see this as open season on Biden. Not loudly smashing his enemies is in Trump's (current leader of the flies of the Republican party) perspective weakness to be attacked. Cuomo's voice of support was gone; Hochul is too cowardly to stand in Cuomo's shoes and indeed, she can't without his prodigious skill set and experience. Letitia James is weak and cravenly self-serving. NYS senators Gillibrand and Schumer, likewise are too weak and can't get out of their own way. Biden is a good man but he can't do this alone. Cuomo's absence is a hole that can't be filled.

What makes omicron spread so quickly? A new study offers a tantalizing clue  : Goats and Soda : NPR

    Cuomo would have been on top of OMICRON which was largely ignored until too late.

Throwing Cuomo over the cliff evidences the direction Democrats were and are heading in...stalled bills, division and COVID CHAOS. Without directed leadership we are looking into the pandemics of the future. When a powerful voice, a credible voice is silenced precisely because the person behind it can see and lead, then the "handwriting is on the wall." 

Omicron is many times more infectious than the other Delta and Alpha and Beta variants. Other variants springing off OMICRON because of the unvaccinated, may be not only more infectious, but they will probably be more deadly. Three, four and five "booster" shots will be an imperative and more unvaccinated with issues will die after spreading the new morphing disease, perfecting its attack against human immune systems. Regardless of who is at the head of the nation, this will occur. If Trump/ Republicans get in again, the death numbers will be exponential. They are rising now because the Democrats refused to acknowledge someone whose wisdom they should have followed. Instead, they chose to nullify his power and shut him down at the worst possible moment. The leader appointed to take his place is incompetent to the task and fearful to lead her state in a time of crisis, unlike Cuomo. Thus, NYE events happened; we will see the results in the middle of January and this will continue into March, etc. No leaders are anywhere on our horizon. Hochul is of the dead zone.

Times Square - Wikipedia
    NYE Times Square 2021, a potential superspreader event

Doctors state that Omicron is milder than Delta based upon information from South Africa. That is specious. The United States has been a runaway train of COVID variants morphing through its citizenry who travel globally (we have no vaccine mandates-ridiculous). Doctors state that OMICRON doesn't often land folks on respirators, if they are vaccinated and boosted with either Moderna or Pfizer. There are exceptions and caveats because the situation is novel. The vaccines are novel. OMICRON is novel. Delta is still in the population. Doctors are making their guesstimation based on the best available reports. Before Trump got rid of Obama's pandemic playbook, there was no such thing as COVID-19, DELTA, OMICRON. Trump will go down in history as the botch job of COVID, with his failed autocratic, criminal presidency. Too bad we are still witnessing the botch job as COVID morphing variants can duplicate and spread under the radar until it is too late, as they cleverly evade every mitigation we set up: Regeneron is ineffective against OMICRON. Omicron also blows through the vaccines and boosters if they are not recent. What more variants lurk in the populace spreading because folks don't get vaccinated and can "handle" this disease. No they can't. It's novel, it is handling them and they are strengthening it so that more not less will be subject to future variants.

We don't want hospitalizations to be overwhelmed; rural hospitals have few beds for surgeries

This should strike fear in all citizens' hearts. However, since this is the first crisis that many Americans have faced on this mammoth scale, they are emotionally unfit to deal with fear in themselves during the stresses of a pandemic. And RED Putin communist supporting media (also weaponized against Democracy) encourages them not to fear or have respect for COVID. Thus, in denial, they are angry that there are those with the audacity to care about their own bodies and others' bodies to mitigate. And instead of dealing, they are distracted. All of the neuroses and issues and problems that they had hidden from themselves, including their inherent death wishes, are now coming to the fore via that anger and distraction. They are finding the pandemic untenable. According to leaders and doctors, the people "can't handle another pause." This is a weak, coddling position that tickles Corporate CEO's ears. 

Folks who are emotionally fragile like QAnoners, Trumpers and antivaxxers rebel like children. The rebellion is their death wish. Too bad they take others with them in their insistence not to wear masks, not to get vaccinated, not to quarantine or socially distance. Who has more rights, the people they potentially infect and kill or their right to refuse to wear a mask, be unvaccinated and untested, making themselves a weapon to kill? When does protecting the rights of QAnon ask the rest of us to sacrifice our health and safety? Those are not rights; that is giving them the license to kill. And that is criminal. When will this be litigated by those who have died of COVID because of Fox and other radical right news pushing MAGADEATH RIGHTS? Using the constitution to defend one's impulse to kill another is criminal; it is also the destruction of democracy, a warped infusion of brainwashing by the likes of Russian Military propaganda.

Love your neighbor give him COVID? Insurrectionists take that stance.

That this rhetoric rose to the insanity it has for QAnon Republicans to not want to keep themselves and their neighbors safe reveals the psychotic extent that they crave suicide. They need to be entered into psychiatric wards across this nation. Tucker Carlson, the host that pushes them to stand for "their rights to kill others" needs to be sued as Fox, Trump and Republicans need to be civilly/criminally sued and held accountable for crimes against humanity. At the least there should be a class action lawsuit for they lied to American citizens. If one person listened to Fox/Trump/Republicans and as a result didn't wear a mask or didn't get vaccinated on their word because COVID was a hoax, that is negligent heart murder. Trump's decreasing the testing so that the numbers wouldn't look bad is criminal. (Florida Governor Desantis follows Trump's lead believing he can ride on Trump's incompetence coattails.) Trump's using the PPP money to give to his friends in incredible malfeasance is criminal; Kushner's botch with the respirators early on, malfeasance. For every fraudulent act, people died. And we know through anecdotal reports that many who listened to Fox, et. al., ended up in the hospital; those who live are impaired with long haul syndrome.

  A lovingly macho white supremacist for Jesus? A scriptural insurrectionist, surely.

Macho is not the way to go if one's life and health can be upended by a virus. Many in our culture are being exposed by white supremacist suicides wearing the mask of machismo. Proudly they wear macho, proud to weaponize their bodies for Jesus and Q and Trump; proud and defiant they are weapons that potentially kill. As such these criminals should be in jail or fined for willfully spreading a potentially fatal disease. As long as this suicidal nature is untreated, the death spirals of viruses in this era will continue because QAnon/Fox/Republicans see no need to take the proper step to mitigate or influence others to mitigate the danger of variants. White conservative males have died swearing they didn't have COVID, when they did. Now with OMICRON, middle aged white males are dying at a faster rate than the other races. Meanwhile, all who work at Fox and the other conservative TV stations, Trump and Republicans are vaccinated and boosted, keeping that fact secret. And most probably Putin has gotten access to the most effective vaccines Pfizer and Moderna. These leaders are hypocrites who hate and fear the QAnon, white supremacist monsters they encouraged and created. These monsters will devour them, surely.

Moderna says its COVID-19 shot 93% effective six months after second dose |  Reuters

Viruses are a way of cleansing the culture and building up humanity's immune system. The plagues that wiped out half of Europe were viruses. Our ancestors endured them. What didn't kill the family made it stronger; but this occurred over generations because there were no mitigations. Thus, even with an environment that is truly heavenly with basic needs met and iPhones at the ready, some are adamant about MAGADEATH. Getting COVID and its variants should not be one's mission as the antivaxxers, antimaskers and Republicans propound. Respecting their own bodies and those of their neighbors' should be why getting COVID is not an option. 

    President Biden needed Cuomo on his flank, not Hochul. Resignation should not be an option.

Thus, this resignation that there is nothing that can be done and perhaps all will get it is nihilistic. This attitude of flying blind without instruments to fight a novel virus is patently unscientific, stupid and vengeful. It is almost as if Democrats, while taking all precautions of masking, vaccinations, boosting, are encouraging Republicans and the unvaccinated to come down with it and kill themselves or make themselves sick, weakening their immune systems. Indeed. If you can't lead a horse to water, kill it and the problem is solved. The COVID crises is taking an interesting turn for dying QAnoners and Republicans. For them, death by any means necessary over being a Democrat or getting vaccinated? #gobrandon The readiness is all. We cannot stop a determined suicide if he doesn't infect anyone. But a willful COVID CARRYING MURDERER must be held accountable.

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