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Mainstream Medical Practice and Clean Nutrition, An Oxymoron.

Bet you don't know these plants.
 Holistic Medicine deals with the whole person, mind, soul, body. It also deals with proper nutrition, that is clean food nutrition. When it comes to processed foods and chemicalized foods like margarine, foods filled with coloring dyes, MSG (flavor enhancer) and junk foods, properly named because they provide little or no nutritional sustenance, holistic medicine acknowledges their toxic effects and eschews it.
Organic farm produce without herbicides or pesticides or GMOs

Medical school in the rush to examine "everything" about the physical body, decries other aspects of the human being which are even more important to understanding disease entities. It does not note the interactions between the mind, the soul and the body. It rarely connects the emotions' impact on the body. The medical industrial complex (MIC), and all of its tentacles (Big Pharma, Health Insurance, Home Health Care, Assisted Living Centers, Rehabilitation Facilities, et. al.), don't deal with encouraging health and wellness. Few insurance companies encourage through cost savings their clients' fitness, clean nutrition or wellness lifestyle to prevent dis-ease.

The MIC's profit agenda perpetuates disease. For them dis-ease as related to THE WHOLE PERSON, mind, soul (they don't even recognize a "SOUL"), body is not efficacious. As for the MIND? Medical practice doesn't acknowledge or review how the mind/soul/emotions impact the body beyond a passing reference to "Stress." The MIC strictly deals with the mechanical functioning of the body as a bio-chemical entity, though a human being's wellness is extravagantly complex. No wonder why in their treatment of disease, they have a high failure rate proportionately. Failure rate percentages in any other profession would be so egregious as to close down the practitioners of that profession.
Small pills, big chemical toxins. Side effects? Yes.

Finally, lifestyle which should be paramount is given very short shrift in medical schools. There is little study of how toxins and chemicals in the environment, let alone in processed foods, impact patients' immune systems and foment disease. Nor is there an attempt to understand the impact of non-organic and GMO foods on the body. Nor does the MIC deal with the impact of patients' longitudinal processed food addictions. Even some of the chemicals used for MRIs and scans involve toxic dyes that the liver and kidneys must filter out of a body which is already compromised by prescription drug toxins that have weakened the immune system.
Humans are the guinea pigs that service the MIC. Higher ups in the corporate world know this, especially those CEOs of food companies and agra-business and MONSANTO. To the best of their abilities they eat organic, clean, non GMO foods and drink filtered, reverse osmosis water that is piped into their water systems at their homes.

Do the CEOs of food companies or various medical related corporations eat processed foods? Michael Moss makes this point in his book Salt, Sugar and Fat. Corporate higher ups in their own personal lives, often eschew the systems that make their companies trillions in profits over decades. And many embrace alternative therapies knowing of the egregious side effects medicines cause. The Rockefeller scion was into natural foods and natural medicine. But check out what medical entanglements the Rockefeller Foundation promoted and promotes to this day.

Side effects anyone?
According to the film The Human Experiment, there are 80,000 chemicals that are in the US whose impact on the human body is unknown because there are few studies to test such chemicals. To date, in the US only 200 chemicals have been tested and in some instances their use has been restricted. GMOs, for example have fallen under the radar of detection in the US, though not in Europe which is much more stringent in their banning of toxic chemicals (they have banned over 1000 +). Though their medical complex embraces chemo, radiation and surgery to "deal with" cancer, many countries in the European Union embrace homeopathic remedies. I saw a special section in the pharmacy when I was in Ireland in April. They are alerted to worry about chemicals' impact on a compromised immune system and acidic body. They are aware that drug and chemical companies are sister industries. In some instances there is even be a carry over of chemicals into processed foods and medicines.

I mind not knowing if the treatment is OK.
 Bottom line: I wouldn't "mind" handing over my bank account if the treatment I was receiving was "perfect." I wouldn't mind if there were no side effects of meds, anesthesia, etc., over the long term. I wouldn't mind if the treatment guaranteed that there was no return of health issues. But that's not the case. With those who have cancer, the cancer stays in their bodies; it may be arrested for a time and doctors gleefully talk about how their "cure" brought the "patient" (look at that word...we have to be patient until the medical profession gets it right...thus far...forget it) into remission. Meanwhile, what is the impact of the chemo, radiation, surgery? What did the doctor do to boost one's immune system through the process?
Wild fish boosts the immune system.

HOW THE FAILURE OF ONE'S  IMMUNE SYSTEM CAUSED DISEASE is not a discussion you will have in a mainstream medical doctor's office. The issue never comes up because it is not cost effective, FOR THEM. Remember your bank account is what is a top priority. So the treatment one receives only deals with the body. We are more than our bodies; We have souls; I am a soul, a mind, my lifestyle patterns: what I eat, drink, rest, etc.

So I am stepping into the doctor's office with all of this information and he/she doesn't want to deal with any of that to assess what treatment to use. WTF? Medical school and their internship trainings only focus on a very narrow segment of the problem, the symptoms because the symptoms are the visible tip of the iceberg (using technology and testing). Meanwhile the full iceberg cannot be seen even to instrumentation ( instrumentation can produce false positives; it also doesn't measure soul sickness). What is the cause of the disease? The MIC doesn't care. What threatens below? The MIC doesn't care. How has my immune system been compromised to cause the disease? The MIC doesn't care. We must rethink relying heavily on a system that doesn't care about the whole human body and life experiences beyond a "medical" history. They do care, though about money. And in keeping with that paradigm, they view us as "consumers," servants, guinea pigs, potential users of its drugs and chemicals for the rest of our lives. The toxic side effects of the chemicals are an afterthought.

Waterfronts help one decompress.
When I step into a mainstream medical doctor's office, my insurance company BY LAW pays for an egregiously high proportion of negative risk. And this is doubly so if one is being cared for by medical practitioners between the ages of 50-60 who came up in a system that didn't even acknowledge that chiropractors were doctors (1987 was the year that the bans were lifted). So the MIC and all of its incumbent influences encourage medical practitioners not to care about how interactions between my mind and soul may be a source of my body's dis-ease. Pharma and my doctor don't care about the meds' side effects to my liver and kidneys, endocrine system, etc. They don't care about a bad diagnosis, or toxic medical complications. The rat wheel of more meds, more side effects, more dis-ease with the underlying iceberg still in tact is typical.
What of prevention? How does the doctor stir my own healing powers in my immune system if he or she doesn't acknowledge that within the mind, soul, body connection lurk the answers to eliminate the root causes of dis-ease? I am not receiving treatment to boost my immune system. I am receiving treatment that most likely will impair it further. If it is not impaired now, the meds will impair it down the road. For this I am handing over my bank account? Not if I can help it.

Naturopaths are different. With them you would be receiving treatment to boost your immune system, learn about proper ways to eat that include regimens of NOT eating GMO foods tweaked with pesticides in their plant DNA. You would be encouraged to eat free range and pasture raised animals, organic seeds, fruits, vegetables and nuts and the like.

You will not hear this in a typical AMA medical industrial complex office of networked insurance for consumers. So? You take a tremendous risk going to a medical "professional." You take a terrible risk going to a hospital where medical errors are staggering and thousands die needlessly. Regardless, doctors and medical "professionals" get paid. At least they could own up to the fact that the  Hippocratic or Professional OATH IS BUNK and their swearing of it is ridiculous if they are NOT planning to "practice" upholding it.

My wishlist is for doctors, themselves to "MAN UP." They need to tell or acknowledge to their patients they are caught in vises and are being squeezed by the AMA, Big Pharma and Mainstream Medical Practice training. They are confined by group think and the threat of malpractice litigation. Do they have anything better to do than care for the people who are the innocents and who want help and put their lives in doctors' hands? No. Honesty would clear the air and maybe create more caring individuals. I should think their consciences would be relieved, those that have consciences free from the guilty weight of worshiping at the altar of Mammon.

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