Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Zelensky Speaks to the UN The War Crimes are Denied by Russia. The UN Sees Through Putin's Lies.

 Russian war crimes are apparent. The Russian ambassador denies everything and says the Nazi Ukrainians have cause Putin to go in and save the Russians. Zelensky is Jewish. He is not a Nazi. He is a reformer who got in the crosshairs of a hating Stalinistic Putin.

Reported to be refusing humanitarian aid, Russians rounded up Ukrainians and put them in cleansing camps. Children have been rounded up and taken to camps with adults. However, Putin is not allowing publicity of hese events. Journalists are not allowed to see the camps. In places of Mariupol, no journalists can chronicle the dead in the basements, the maggots crawling on bodies, the other war crimes committed. If Putin was legitimate, he would allow humanitarian aid, doctors, mobile hospital units. He isn't interested in human life. He isn't interested in helping Russians living in Mariupol. He is interested in channeling Stalin's principles of empire building through terrorism, butchery and acts of genocide.

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