Monday, August 22, 2011

What a Difference Three Years Makes!

All we need is time! Sometimes we forget that a few years can make such a difference in our learning curve, in our healing from sorrow, in our first step toward freedom from a relationship, or in our move toward independence from old habits that we have allowed to destroy our lives. If we don't "turn to the right or left" and we are persistent, regardless of the struggle and pain, we will eventually overcome ourselves or the pitfalls that we have allowed, holding ourselves back. All learning is a funicular ride from the valley to the mountain top and back and again, for as long as we wish until stability comes. And soon, the routine becomes healing, health, wholeness with surprising regularity and we become inured to forgetting the thoughts of the early hardship.

When I look at this picture of myself which I deleted from picture files three years ago, but was able to retrieve (I am glad I did) I have to smile and think back to its origination. I was one year into my change of lifestyle and feeling much better, but I had not discovered my gluten allergy, yet, and I was still eating bread and pasta, though smaller portions. What put me over the edge into discovery were friends who were complimentary but circumspect about my lifestyle plan. They just didn't get it, nor did they understand my determination. It was their covertly annoyed response to my weight loss and impatience with my explanation of the "why" of it that made me realize the danger of my addiction to carbs, sweets and especially food items that were made with combinations of flour, salt, sugar and fats. I'm not sure how, but in explaining to them what I had been going through yo-yoing, I stumbled upon the reality that addictive foods turned off my appetite sensors of fullness. No matter how much I explained this, these folks still didn't get it and stood in judgment warning me not to lose more weight because I would look old, I would be wrinkled, I would look ugly. They said this seriously to my face, decrying every reality they viewed. They did not want me to be thin.

That is why I am happy to post the photo of myself when I weighed about 175 pounds. One relative said I looked no different at that weight than I do now. Meanwhile, at BMI 21 and currently going lower to BMI 20 (two pounds away) I feel great and I think I look younger than I did at BMI 28.7.  You be the judge.

BMI 21    ;-)

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