Friday, July 8, 2011

Knock Them Out So They Can't Get Up Again!

In Knockout: Interviewing Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer and How to Prevent Getting It In The First Place, Suzanne Somers has pitched herself against the medical industrial complex's hearty endorsement of standard cancer treatments, cut, burn and poisoning: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. You may ask is this woman fool hearty or just abjectly naive to question the medical establishment's scientific line. Actually, to her credit, after she briefly presents an anecdotal horror tale in the beginning of the book that makes one not want to enter a hospital ever again for fear of misdiagnosis, she chronicles licensed medical practitioners' successful therapies curing cancer, protocols the American Cancer Society eschews and ignores (God forbid they should investigate them, already? They should be running to these men. Success? You have success? Where? How?)

If you embrace Big Pharma and Allopathy (mainstream medicine) you probably should read this book because it will expand your knowledge base about alternative possibilities and options being offered regarding cancer treatment. There are other paths to take that you may not realize are there; you should be apprised of them. Somers has provided a great service for us to know that we do have a choice. We can choose to be treated with standard care. And we can choose to select other forms which have proven to be successful. We should know about these successes to examine the possibilities before us. There is not just the way of Allopathy, as much as the American Cancer Society might wish it to be so.

In fact, there are many more ways, most likely. One has to do one's own research and be one's own advocate. I knew of a Nurse Practitioner with a Masters Degree (I met her in my Doctoral classes at NYU) who after being diagnosed with breast cancer changed to a macrobiotic, vegan diet, took a leave of absence to reduce the stress from her job and went to a Healer. She was healed of the cancer, went back to the doctor who identified "it" was gone. That was her way; she believed and was a practitioner of Therapeutic Touch, and Naturopathy. She was also a wide reader, brilliant and highly informed on all practices, not just holistic ones, either.

Ultimately, one must choose his or her own way. Why not have as much information as possible before one decides? Unless, of course, that would be too stressful. Some people are happy believing THIS IS THE ONLY WAY INTERVENTION CAN BE DONE. But what if it isn't?

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