Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse is in a Real Rehab, Now

OK. My spirituality is showing. Forgive me atheists, religionistas who believe in a particular denominational doctrinaire of who gets to Heaven and who goes to Helllllll and Doubting Thomases who don't believe in a clarified heaven or hell and just don't know what's out there beyond this "mortal coil." I don't pretend to know either. I've never had an "after life" experience from a hospital bed, floating above my body watching while doctors "pummeled and prodded me back into life."  And God help me, I pray I never will. I would probably be annoyed that they "brought me back," if, following what St. Paul said, "To die is gain" which I do believe is so. But then in spiritual terms, he also could have meant something else by "To die is gain." He might have meant that our flesh (for those of you who are lost...your ego, your pride, your arrogance, your selfishness, your self-absorption, etc.) should die and that is gain. (something akin to what the Dali Lama probably believes as a Buddhist )  I can't tell you how many times my flesh has died, then, ego, pride, arrogance wamped down by the humility of a child. And that brings me to Amy Winehouse's death. For child-like, her death humbles me and braces down my ego, pride and arrogance of life.

The details are immaterial to me. All of what she went through in her life, the messiness of her being found. She is incredibly human. How will any of us be found dead? It will come. The readiness is all. Perhaps Amy was ready. And that is her business and none of us, no matter how the media, including my poor post, feeds off celebrity deaths, platitudes excepted will be able to elevate, decry or discredit who she is. It couldn't be done while she was alive and we were seeing her as we see those who are near and far from us, family and friends and those we do not know, we see them and do not understand who we are looking at. I will speak for myself. I do not understand and I barely am familiar with myself. But I do I live by faith because I do not have the facility or arrogance to think I really can say "for sure." And that faith allows me grace every now to posit with clear eyed rationality until something comes along to knock me off my "high horse." Science/mankind has proven few answers in the long scheme of the earth's historical record. But it's fun guessing. And what have we better to talk about while we're here?

So here is my guess about Amy and my hope for her. That she is in a real rehabilitation center, a spiritual one that can bring her peace and love and joy. That she is surrounded by those who have passed through to the other realm before her, friends and family, and that they are restoring her to herself...that she will continue to use her talent, 100% of the pyramid, we seeing only the topmost tip of it when she was here. And finally that she understand the fullness of her purpose seeing that her life was perfect, undeniable, and very real. Amy, keep on, keeping on!

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