Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weird Al Yankovic's Parody, "I'm Bad"

I was visiting Est (sister-in-law) and Gabe (brother) in their apartment before they moved into their Oak Street house (years ago). I heard my 10 year old nephew David in the living room pealing out high pitched guffaws and chortles. Wanting to check out "the rumpus," I walked in to see John Candy on the TV set performing a parody of Michael Jackson's song I'M BAD. I don't remember the channel or show, but his rendition of  I'M FAT, was to me, one of the funniest, most marvelous examples of Candy's genius. I don't remember David ever rolling in hysterics like that, nor I, myself, as I joined in with him. I have been searching for the Candy clip or the show, but have been unable to find this song paean to male and female Fat Acceptance.

Unfortunately, Candy died of a heart attack. He was 43. So the parody has become a rude, ironic, dark joke. But on the positive side, if Candy is in heaven and if a pastor I know is accurate (The pastor jokes that Heaven is the only place you can eat as much as you want because the calories don't count there.)  he's eating a 10,000 calorie diet in a svelt, buff bod, having finally escaped vilification from the fascist thin-culture vultures.

For Memorial Day weekend I have posted a substitute; he has taken up Candy's mantle. And though the performance is not live, nor is Weird Al Yankovic's singing, let your imagination ride the crest of Candy's genius and visualize him doing it, while listening, and viewing the lyrics.

Enjoy: (click for Weird Al's lyrics sung to the music of I'm Bad )

RIP, John Candy.

Have you seen the Candy clip? Do you know where I can locate it?


Margo Dill said...

I don't. I'm guessing you tried You Tube?

Carole Di Tosti said...

Yes. Hoping someone knows where that clip is. Love to get it for my nephew.