Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Memo: Stand Healthy or Give In?

Another celebration (Mother's Day) brings shudders to my lips and hips. How do I not overindulge on the sumptuous home made appetizer pastry puffs, barbecue ribs with special hot sauce, cajun grilled chicken, curried beef, veggie fritters, corn on the cob, cesear salad (with the real home made dressing) and for dessert, butter cookies, hersey vanilla ice cream topping lucious pecan pie or apple crumb pie and mocha creme cheese cake? (We haven't even discussed the alcohol, yet.)

 I'm invited to a gathering. How can I enjoy these foods and not gain a pound, maybe two? I could resist and BMOF (bring my own food), eat the Caesar salad and have two low calorie dishes instead  ( ( keeping my backside to the desserts and my mouth facing forward and away from their alluring visuals. I could just eat the chicken and salad. Basta! But for me, it's never basta where home cooked meals are prepared. Maybe I could be fitted with a muzzle.

I wish we could just go out to eat at Blue Hill Farms restaurant ( for a superb made to order meal, completely organic, with small portions, a reasonable appetite controller. Or maybe Candle 79 ( organic, local, green, healthy, nothing supersized.  Eating out is easier for me. I feel GUILTY not eating what others have labored hard to present beautifully and bountfully. And they always offer dishes for you to take home; too much food!

What are you doing for Mother's Day? Eating out or partying at home? If you are eating out, what is the restaurant, in what city or area, what are its great dishes and does it prepare organic, local or green fare? If you are eating at home or someone's house, how do you approach the holidays? Are you careful or do you sample everything and have seconds if it's exceptional, worrying about the calories tomorrow? After all, it's Mother's Day! You deserve it! Right?  NOT!!!

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Margo Dill said...

So far with holidays, I've just tried portion control. YOu are right, if someone is fixing it, you have to eat it. You can't hurt their feelings. I have 2 holidays this week, too--Mother's Day and my husband's 40th birthday where he wants pizza. I will not resist that!