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MAGA Conspiracy With Putin, Alzheimer's Trump, Incompetent, Delusional MAGAS Forget Their Oaths to the Constitution, Forget REALITY, DECENCY, MORALITY, THE TRUTH

MAGA Marjorie Taylor Green forgot January 6th was an insurrection. She needs to be examined by a head doctor and asked what the videos of the day show her. She has severe memory loss about it. She supported the insurrection and is unfit for office, one of the MAGA traitors that should be impeached.

The traitors of the oppression caucus with Marjorie Taylor Green, et. al are in a conspiracy to overthrow the presidency of President Joe Biden because their insurrection with Trump to overthrow the 2020 election didn't work. Biden's landslide election win humiliated Trump and his emasculated, cowardly MAGAS. Brought up on 91 charges related to his treason and crimes, thus far Trump has four criminal indictments, 4 True Bills delivered by ordinary Americans on 4 Grand Juries. Trump, despite his manic, delusional, Alzheimer's attempts to delay justice. But make no mistake! He is indeed going to trial for his criminality. His plans to pardon himself or appoint a VP or Acting AG to vitiate the cases will fail. Trump is a loser. Only with Putin's help did he steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton via a massive smear campaign by 13 troll agencies in St. Petersberg, Russia. 

This is the MAGA Special Prosecutor who slimed and defamed Biden. The link is the real report, not Hur's in which he forgot his oath of office, his unction to not be partisan, and the truth.

The worm has turned, despite what MAGAS and Republican billionaires want you to think and despite what the unprofessional MAGA SPECIAL PROSECUTOR wants you to think. These MAGAS and Trump have forgotten reality. But just because they have forgotten reality and live in delusion doesn't mean reality will go away. The American people see reality. They are sick of Trump, his criminality, Hur, MAGAS, THE DELINQUENTS. The American people will remember on election day 2024, despite all the lies, and amnesia and forgetfulness of the MAGAS, who delude themselves THEY ARE KINGS AND LORDS which they are not. The rabid deliquents are rabidly afraid of losing again in a Biden landslide win. They need to auto correct and dump Trump and maybe save themselves. They won't because they can win for losing.

Biden and Garland who appointed MAGA Hur who sees Garland as weak

Trump, unfit even for a golf game where he doesn't cheat, has forgotten where he is. He has forgotten his hideous record as president causing over 1 million deaths for his COVID botch job. He forgot the terrible pressure he was under so he took 150 golf trips or more, leaving the US treasury with the millions in bills. He forgot he couldn't speak to foreign leaders and feel comfortable. He forgot his misery in the presidency because he was clueless about geopolitics, civics, government structure. Indeed, his mistakes and memory lapses were so monumental, (a minor one was he pointed out the path of a hurricane in Alabama). 

Now, he forgot all that and wants to do it again? Well, this is The United States, not Russia, Tucker Carlson, Putin's fool. The American people know what Trump is and they know what the derelict, incompetent and ignorant MAGAS are. Americans live with reality every day, unlike Alzheimer's Trump and hallucinating MAGAS. And we're not having this Alzheimer's patient and the incompetent, derelict, ignorant and forgetful of reality MAGAS back in office. Their time is up.

According to Liz Cheney's book Oath and Honor, the Republican MAGAS who bow to Trump (he has MAGATIZED them taking their virility and making them eunuchs) support and still support Trump's criminal behavior and the insurrection and 2020 election fraud. Cheney voted to impeach Trump, but the MAGATIZED AND COWARDLY couldn't take a stand for the truth. So they lied and lied and still lie. They are delusional. They forgot that they ran for cover and screamed for protection when the mob attacked the Capitol with Trump flags flying. They forgot it was violent and they were afraid. How can they live with themselves supporting Trump? They are delusional; like him they have advancing Alzheimer's. They are unfit for office and clearly, as they are negligent and delinquent and do nothing, their severe memory loss makes them incapable of doing their jobs.

Liz Cheney is sentient. She never forgot her oath to the constitution. Brave, she stood against the MAGAS and they forgot their honesty and integrity. They stripped her of her leadership roles. Her rewards are coming. She was Vice Chair of the January 6th Commission. Read her book. 

LIZ CHENEY'S PAC TO STOP THE Alzheimer's MAGAS (Trump, Kari Lake, etc.) see below link.


Many said the insurrection was a picnic, or a protest. They forgot they were scared for their lives. They forgot their duty and oath to the constitution to impeach Trump for his high crimes and misdemeanors- trying to stop the peaceful transfer of power and counting of electoral ballots, a crime.. They STILL FORGET THEY ARE ACCOMPLICES AND CONSPIRATORS AFTER THE FACT. They still forget their patriotism and their duty and service to the American people. They forget the reality of their position. Derelict, ignorant, ADHD, on drugs, hallucinating. What other explanation is there for their behavior and unfitness for office? Alzheimers? Yes, regarding Trump. For them, willful, neglectful nihilism. They forget they are alive. They forget their purpose. MAGAS ARE THE WALKING DEAD.

Mo Biggs, Louie Gohmer and other congressmen rejected the electors, part of John Eastmann's scheme

Does this look like a picnic for VP Mike Pence? Note the Trump flags on January 6th

MAGAS deny this was an insurrection. That's tear gas, Trump flags. Trump summoned them to the Capitol to stop the electoral count act, a crime. 5 people died. 150 Capitol police and Metropolitan police were injured. Two committed suicide. Liz Cheney will never forget. Neither will Policeman Michael Fanone and Harry Dunn. Nor will Brian Sicknick's family. Brian Sicknick died that day. MAGAS CAN'T REMEMBER? Have a doctor give them a memory test about that day.

Trump forgot his duty and oath he swore to the constitution. For three hours he did nothing. It was the greatest dereliction of duty by a US president, ever. He is a criminal and traitor and unfit for office. Now let's talk about Hillary Clinton and her refusal to accept a peaceful transfer of power.

And these MAGA insurrectionists who can't remember their oaths to the constitution or their patriotism to the US say President Biden has a poor memory? Alzheimer's ridden like Trump and Putin, all are in various advancing stages. They have forgotten morality or ethics or decency or kindness or Christianity. They have forgotten what it is to be a Christian which they profess to be. They have forgotten their way, and they have forgotten how to check themselves. They should be tested for drugs. Only drugs can wipe out memories as we see happening to the delusional Republican Oppression caucus.

Combined together, the memory loss of the MAGA caucus and Trump is galactic, staggering. For them and Hur (who forgot what a prosecutor does) to stand in judgment of President Joe Biden is a travesty. For them to stand in judgment of Biden, they first would have to remember their oaths to the constitution. They don't and can't; they forgot who they are and what they do, so their words are meaningless. They only remember their loyalty oath to Trump. They have vitiated their power; of course, they do nothing. They have no power and neither does Trump who is not even a government official. Indeed, when he goes to jail, he should lose his government pension along with his civil rights.

Biden, who is doing a magnificent job, who remembers his oath to the constitution, who has handled the S__it pile incompetent, derelict Trump (Liz Cheney's words-read her book) left him, is almost as great as FDR. We are fortunate to have him. He has turned around a horrible situation (Trump's COVID botch job deaths, Trump's economic disaster, Trump's disastrous foreign policies, Trump's daily dereliction). He has created the most jobs ever in the modern presidency, a roaring economy, infrastructure bills, lower drug prices, etc.

Biden has a sharp sense of humor. He can be feisty and edgy. He remembers his oath to the constitution and his track record as president speaks volumes about his competence, unlike Hur who can't even remember what his role is as Special Prosecutor. Hur should be fired for unprofessionalism and dereliction and negligence.

How has Biden accomplished so much? Biden is sane. He knows the difference between reality and delusions and fantasies. He has an excellent memory and he understands the reality of  the presidency which he works at every day, unlike Trump who mostly golfed and went to his hotels for business purposes, revealing he forgot he was president of the US. Unlike the walking delusionary and forgetful MAGAS. (Don't believe me? Check out how many times under oath in hearings they said, "I don't recall.") Biden works hard at his job upholding his oath to the constitution. Under tremendous pressure, Biden's memory is not only in tact, he can even joke about it. 

Special Prosecutor Robert Hur, a MAGA incompetent and derelict. Read the real report above.

Robert Hur's report was full of lies of omission in an abuse of power. Hur's job was to be non partisan. He was partisan. He abused power. He is unfit and because he forgot what he was supposed to do and how he was supposed to write the report up, he is a historically noted incompetent. A teacher, for such incompetence would be fired, as would anyone on the job being overseen for their performance. Hur should be fired for incompetence.

Trump was fired for incompetence by the American people. He didn't accept it because he forgot he was supposed to, and in a six prong attack, ordered others to the Capitol and with others constructed a plan to STOP THE ELECTORAL COUNT-A CRIME. He tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power of the presidency-a crime. Trump forgot the rules of the presidency. Talk about a severe memory loss, the man demonstrated exceptional talent for forgetting his job title. He forgot others saw the reality of the situation, like VP Mike Pence. 

Thankfully, Mike Pence doesn't have Alzheimer's and remembered his oath of office. He didn't commit the crime of interfering with the Electoral Count Act. However, to repeat and remind readers, not only did Trump demonstrate an incredible incompetence and dereliction of duty in the presidency, especially right after the 2020 election and events leading up to January 6th, his memory loss about his duty and oath led to death, destruction, waste, millions of dollars lost and chaos before getting the Biden administration up and running.

President Biden and his administration showed exceptional dexterity in leaping over the obstacles that the Alzheimer's patient Trump threw at him via his incompetence and lack of ability because of his poor memory. Biden has shined ever since. One with less experience, intelligence, grace, stamina and faith in this country could not have done what Biden did and has continued to do. Thank God for President Biden.

In Helinski, two hours of their conversations were never made public or given to the government archives. Did they discuss Putin's war on Ukraine? Did he tell Trump to unfund NATO? Trump is at it again, completely clueless about WWII, NATO, the necessity of our alliance and keeping NATO strong. He complains about NATO countries not paying bills? He never pays his bills. Ever. The RNC and his PACS are paying his legal bills. He STIFFS EVERYONE. His complaint about NATO is PROJECTION. He should pay his bills first. Secondly, NATO is not a renter. TRUMP IS CLUELESS.

Once again to remind readers, Trump forgot his oath. It is not a matter of willful disregard. Do not give him that power. He doesn't remember. He forgot the role and rules of the presidency, every day he was president. HE FOROT AND BECAUSE HE HAS ALZHEIMER'S HE IS FORGETTING MORE AND MORE. He is not fit for the presidency. To put him in the role of president because he can't remember what the role entails or doesn't know (it is hard to tell the difference) he shouldn't be put under that pressure. He can't handle it with his growing mental decline and drug use. Joe Biden, clearly, can. The difference between them is legion. Trump will do whatever the last person he speaks to tells him. Why? He can't remember what the people who saw him earlier in the day said to him. This is not transactional; it is symptomatic of Alzheimer's. Short term memory is gone. That is why people made sure to see Trump last. If they were first in line, Trump didn't remember he had seen them.

The worst of this is that Trump forgets he's a human being. He can't tell jokes about himself that imply fault. He's perfect. But that's typical of Alzheimer's patients. Because they are afraid of what is happening to their cognitive decline, everything they do is right. They don't have it in them to understand or listen to reason and logic. And make no mistake, the MAGAS are so deluded and dislocated from reality, they actually think Trump is cogent, sentient, sane, and knowledgeable. And forgetting their oath to the constitution to serve the citizens responsibly with decency and honor, they join Trump's Alzheimer's program being deluded and forgetful with him. To have such Alzheimer's patients with little or no memory for what they are supposed to do is terrible for the American people and country. The derelict Republicans must be voted out. Democrats to a woman are the sentient party.

Mitt Romney is a sentient, cogent vibrant Republican. But he's leading because MAGAS are not his party. Mitt Romney will not vote for Trump because of the insurrection and his incompetence, lack of character and unfitness. That's Matt. Have you heard ONE Republican MAGA state that Trump is unfit for the presidency because of his mental defectiveness and Alzheimer's? Have you heard ONE MAGA state that they will not listen or obey Trump because he is illogical, irrational, unreasonable or daft or derelict or negligent? NO. They obey him, though they don't have to because (UPDATE-THIS CHANGED THE WEEK OF SUPER TUESDAY) 1)he isn't a declared candidate for the presidency, Nikki Haley is still in the race for the Primary 2)he has NO OFFICIAL POWER but what they give him. Indeed, he has stripped their strength of will rendering them spiritual enuchs.

When you have "in-dict-ment" Marjorie Taylor Green judging Biden's intellect and fitness, it's a moot point. She is an incompetent who forgets her oath of office. Green grossly mispronounced "in-dict-ment;" the verbose language she read on camera was clearly beyond her because she could only read it following the words with her finger. And she is in Congress? She, like Trump is functionally illiterate. So you have MTG, one ADHD functionally illiterate supporting Trump, another functional illiterate, ADHD incompetent. Both have no clue. And they have forgotten they have no clue. And the other MAGAS have no clue and have forgotten that truth, too. They project their dereliction on President Biden. If that is their argument, it is illogical, irrational, confused. It is a Alzheimer's argument. It is unacceptable for their positions. They are unfit, their judgment is bad and they must censured or impeached.

     MAGA JIM JORDAN A PART OF THE INSURRECTION. He protected a pedophile, yet is quick             to label others as such. A typical Trump eunuch whose virility has been cut off. If he was voted speaker, there would have been protests about his fitness. He backed away.


This Republican caucus is derelict, uneducated, negligent, incompetent. One of their job tasks is to stand for the truth. They forgot that. And Robert Hur is no better. He is supposed to be competent. Instead, he abused the power of his position. That is not competence, that's a dereliction of duty. Hur, in typical MAGA projection calls Biden's memory bad when he has forgotten his oath to the constitution, his job prescription and proscription (the rules of the position) and morality, decency and probity. Biden is fit for his job as shown by his record. Hur is not fit for his position, as shown from his abuse of power, caving in to politics, to feather his own nest. 

Hur is A MAGA. They project. They are derelict, incompetent, unprofessional. They are unfit. They forget where they are and what they are supposed to do. They don't know reality. They believe their lies are reality. And they do this as a conspiracy of oblivion and forgetfulness. Talk about memory loss...they can't distinguish reality from fantasy because they don't remember what reality is. And as the typical MO of MAGAS, instead of checking their own incompetence at the door, they project it onto others.

This is what Hur aspires to? This is moving to the top? Didn't his mama and daddy teach him anything? If they did, he forgot his honor, he forgot their guidance, he forgot the importance of truth.

Trump, the leader of these delusional Alzheimer's patients really thinks their platform is to go after every Democrat in governance to punish them. He has already started his platform of revenge by unleashing death threats and insults against anyone who would countermand him inspiring fear and cowardice, not courage and kindness. He especially has done this with his thugs to go after Liz Cheney types who remember who they are and the position they competently filled. Those who are capable of upholding their oath of office and oath to the constitution, are those who Trump fears and rejects and insults and threatens. Why is obvious. They are reality. He can't abide reality. He has Alzheimer's. He lives in a fantasy. He can't remember roles and duties. Soon, he won't be able to remember who he is.

The MAGAS have FORGOTTEN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THEIR SERVICE TO THEM. I realize now, AND AM THANKFUL FOR this bruhaa about President Biden's excellent memory which they would make as bad as theirs, FOR THEY ALWAYS PROJECT ONTO OTHERS WHAT THEY WOULD NOT BE THEMSELVES, BUT ARE. Indeed, it is not malevolence. It is INCOMPETENCE on a galactic scale: Alzheimer's psychosis, delusions, hallucinations. They don't know reality. They don't see it. They have given new meaning to Christ's dictum, "The blind lead the blind and they all fall into the ditch."

With competence and skill Biden got the country vaccinated. Trump politicized the health crisis and many Republicans died of COVID, refusing to mask or get vaccinated. Check the Southern states' COVID death numbers on Worldometer.

 On a very bad day which President Biden had, submitting to an interview for five hours because he didn't want to be delinquent like all those Republicans and MAGAS WHO DEFIED SUBPOENAS OR IGNORED THEM (TRUMP), he did the right thing. He is OLD SCHOOL. He remembers what it is like to be upright and keep one's promises, to be a sincere Christian and to uphold one's oath of office. So, Biden turned over documents himself and testified for an investigation that was cut and dried. There were no crimes he committed.


AND HE STANDS IN JUDGMENT OF BIDEN'S MEMORY? Egregious, unjust, demeaning to himself, AG Garland, President Biden and even the MAGAS, his "friends." Since when is it honorable to delude oneself that one speaks the truth, when instead one relates lies of omission, distortions and patently forgets one's own position and role? It's not honorable. It's SHAMEFUL. The Alzheimer's psychosis is on Hur, as it is on ALL MAGAS. 

Before he invaded Ukraine in 2014 and after with the Euromaiden he was quite the "cool" despot.

Biden's memory for the facts and truth is 100% in comparison to the incompetent and near illiterate Green, Hur-an unprofessional hack who forgot his role as a Special Prosecutor at the DOJ- and of course, Trump, whose Alzheimer's is advancing daily. Additionally, Putin's interview with Tucker Carlson, who forgot his patriotism and aided and abetted Putin's lies about Poland (little Poland) being the aggressor country FORCING Germany to invade, reveals Putin's Alzheimer's as well. Talk about forgetting the facts...Germany invaded Poland for no reason except it was there. Read Maus I and Maus II by Art Spielgman. It's easy. It's a graphic novel. Putin's memory loss is almost as severe as Trump's. And they stand in judgment of Biden? Putin's illness and hatred is destroying his mind. Same with Trump and the MAGAS. When you forget where you put the truth, you are the walking dead (that's Biblical).

And these derelict incompetents (congresspeople) and the derelict Hur who forget they swore an oath to the constitution and their positions to be truthful to the best of their ability, reveal THEY ARE UNFIT AND SHOULD BE REMOVED. Unprofessional, unethical, unpatriotic; supportive of treason and insurrection at a time when they should be working on passing a superb Border Bill and other legislation. As for Hur? He is in the abyss, a partisan hack; he forgot his position, his probity, his honesty and his constitutional duty, all for the DELUSIONAL MAGA LINE. God help us. Alzheimer's has taken over these unfit. Unless they are ousted, it will only get worse. They need to go to a head doctor. He or she can ask whether January 6th was a picnic or insurrection as a gauge of their severe memory loss.

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