Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maintenanceology: The Laws of Weight Maintenance

For me until these last few years, Maintenance and Weight Loss were mutually exclusive. I couldn't speak both in the same breath. Murphy's Law really suits the concept of Maintenance. So to prevent weight gain, I trot out the "Laws of Maintenance" as a reminder of what had eluded me for a lifetime of weight loss and weight gain. If you've been a Yo-yo dieter like me, you will appreciate these laws. The moment you feel yourself easing up on your lifestyle and "going back to fat," take this list out and review them like the Bible. They are here to encourage you toward PREVENTION! Accidents will happen, but if you look toward prevention, they are less likely.


MAINTENANCE:  DEFINITION – After tremendous weight loss, you are able to stay lean and thin (low normal BMI) without gaining weight.                                               

First Law of Maintenance:
You never get there.

Second Law of Maintenance:
You get to your ideal weight for a day and then gain the weight you’ve lost back all the subsequent days afterward (whether gradually or in spurts).

Third Law of Maintenance
It’s impossible to maintain.

Fourth Law of Maintenance
If you can fall off your maintenance, you will

Fifth Law of Maintenance
            If you can’t fall off your maintenance, you will.

Supreme and Final Law of Maintenance
            Maintenance is a myth.

Good luck, with your continued maintenance of your weight loss  (Fat Joe Rapper, Olivia Ward, Jennifer Hudson, Kirstie Alley, Oprah) and I mean it sincerely.

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