Friday, June 17, 2011

Dieting. The Bane of Life in America

In memorium to all those who are currently dieting to lose weight (over 1/2 the country according to statistics) and who will fail at some point in the process, this is for you, my beloved diet-mates. Make no mistake; dieting works. I do not agree with Kate Harding who wrote Lessons from the Fat-O-Sphere. Diets are great. But who can be on a "diet" for life? That's why diets are malevolent! You are tricked into believing you can pursue the specific eating plan, lose your weight, reach your goal and then eat what you like and keep it off. HA!!! HA!!! HA!!! If you can, please contact me. I want to know how you did it!!! I couldn't.

This excerpt is from my book whose title I can't decide yet:  maybe Fat Bully. (That's me bullying  the promulgators of The Culture of Thin.)  It is from a Chapter on "Dietology."

The Length, Breadth and Depth of Dieting
·         No diet is as easy as it looks.
·         Every weight loss program takes longer than it’s supposed to.
·         The longer you diet, the harder it gets.
·         The more diets you have gone on and fallen off of in your life, the harder it is to diet…the longer it takes to go on the next diet and fall off.
·         The more pounds you lose over your life span, the more pounds you will regain.
      Does this make sense to you? It was the way of Dieting for me. Now, I don't diet. I have a plan for life that I stick to, making sure to avoid foods I'm allergic to:  all gluten and any combination of fat, sugar and flour!
      I have buried/disintegrated dieting and all diets with my fat somewhere in the light years of space.  But maybe dieting works for you. If so, Bravo. Let me know about it!

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