Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Master Cleanse

Fasting is Biblical. Oh no. Already I can see people running for their lives and away from the very concept. Of course there's a reason why cultures have been fasting for thousands of years:  for direction, for spiritual healing, to close out the culture's cacophonous influences so one can hear his/her inner voice, for spiritual strength and determination before an arduous task, to cleanse oneself, to pray for others in times of stress.  The list of reasons is endless. During my life I have occasionally fasted for one or more of the above reasons, but never to cleanse my body. After reading The Complete Master Cleanse (I am half way through) by Tom Woloshyn, I have decided to do one after I have finished reading the book.

Obviously, I am impressed with Woloshyn's reasons to conduct a cleanse, the main one being to create alkalinity in the body and eradicate acidity which is associated with various diseases, cancer being a prime example. The second reason I plan to do a cleanse is to detox. With all my bad eating habits over the years, the chemicals I've unconsciously ingested, the dyes, preservatives, metals (I do have mercury fillings) I need to balance my system and cleanse my colon, which three of my cousins who are heavily into holistic medicine (see previous post) claim is the cornerstone of health or illness. (the colon)

My cousin Junko, married to Ben Di Tosti (see post) went on The Master Cleanse. She was having terrible bouts of arthritis and was having difficulty doing the fitness walking they enjoy doing during the week. Now, you must understand that Ben and Junko eat organic and healthily with little or no junk food in their meal plans. They never buy packaged, preservative enriched, chemicalized foods and they supplement with vitamins as well as 10 minutes of sun on top of their heads (Andrew Weil's recommendation).

Because Junko was in such pain and she knew the benefits of the cleanse, she decided to try it for 10 days Her results were phenomenal and she regretted having to stop because she was pain-free, exhilarated, and full of energy. She had detoxed; her immune system kicked in and promoted healing and elevated her alkalinity restoring balance. Wow! She also lost weight; but in Junko's case, she doesn't need to lose more weight. She is fit and slender and lovely. Because she couldn't lose any more weight, she stopped, an ironic opposite for most women past the age of 40 and menopause.

After seeing my other cousin in the hospital and now rehab, recovering from a colon re-sectioning, I've decided it's time to detox. I am aging and I can no longer count on "youthful" cells to pull me through my former abuses creating toxicity, acidity, and body pollution of metals (in fish, deodorants and other substances) and chemicals: dyes, preservatives, flavorings, hydrogenated oils.  I will see if my experience will be like Junko's, increasing to optimal health and I will chronicle my experience online, letting you know if this is "for real" as many cleansers have claimed.

Have you been on The Master Cleanse? Is so, please share.

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