Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now, THE FAT IS GONE!

A colleague I taught with at Copiague High School, Mrs. G. King, knew Johnny Nash. She taught him music in the eighth grade. I'll never forget when she told me this many years before she passed. She was very pleased that he had "made it" with this song. And what a song! It is meta, universal, utterly human, yet completely spiritual: the rainbow signifying that never again will one have to undergo the same type of cataclysm, trial, dark abyss, guaranteed this by God's warrant.

I've chosen it because it is how I feel after my cataclysmic struggle to lose weight and keep it off.  So far it's been one year at the same BMI (normal 21)...AND COUNTING!

Truly: I Can See Clearly Now the FAT is Gone!
This version is by Jimmy Cliff. (Click the link above to redirect to the song.)

This is the original version by Johnny Nash. 
 This was recorded by Nash in 1972. (Click the link to hear.)

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andieclark said...

You indeed has shed a lot of fat and that's good news! I was almost tempted to suggest a Long Island plastic surgery but then good thing you are now on your way to the natural way of losing weight.