Monday, June 13, 2011

MeMe Roth, What Can You Do?

MeMe Roth is like a big, fat, ominous tornado confronting the "obesity crisis" head on. President/founder of National Action Against Obesity, Roth has made a name for herself vilifying fatties. Why not? Everyone in the culture does. In between the fat jokes and the thin politics, a national past time, there are folks like MeMe. What's one more voice in the chorus of howling trolls?

I love the handle she's chosen for herself, don't you? It's all about being generous, empathetic, kind. What more could you want when helping others confront the FACILE issue of losing weight? We're just bodies that get fat; we can be retrained with good nutrition, the kind that MeMe offers. Right?  NOTTTTTTT! Murphy's Law. Extremely complicated problems have easy to understand WRONG solutions. Welcome to MeMe's world.

If I had sought out the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I'm afraid I would have been enthusiastic initially, but like every other time I attempted to lose weight, MY LIFE, my issues, my soul, my emotions and my gluten allergy and oil allergy would have intervened. This is not to say one should not try everything in one's power to become healthy, but one must take all things under consideration, remembering to know one's own body, soul, eating habits, allergies, psychology first and foremost before any $$$$$ money letting undertaking. There are no quick solutions, except quick wrong solutions for weight that has taken years to put on.

In any case, MeMe has been a highly vocal and visible marketer of MeMe. But you cannot expect any less, can you? Perhaps I would be more flexible if she were not blond, very slender and attractive. If she were downright unattractive, then maybe I would listen; if she were overweight, then I would really listen! Am I being too crass and critical? Well, we must question, must we not? And this is my day to question both the Fat Acceptance Movement and those who oppose it "to the death," like MeMe Roth, a true railer against whales. I shudder and quake to think how I would have felt in her presence, knowing I had a huge red target on my face, my broad butt, my entire body. Judgment? Condemned! Yes. These are the sanctimonious scarecrows who fashion justice for us orcas. Well, though I appear thin, I am still an orca.  Make no mistake; hypocrisy is not for me and neither is self-promoter MeMe Roth, who is  a day late and a dollar short with her campaign, a campaign whose moment has probably come and gone.

Why? The biggest marketers of the pornography of thin, the fashion industry, have morphed themselves into being more flexible, more tolerant of the unlovable. They finally realize that the $$$$ is with the average overweight and obese American woman who wants beautiful clothing in  sized 14 and up to Woman's 3X. Why not? Obese women spend money, too. And now the industry designers are going after the dollars by crafting big women, big girl clothing that is appealing and attractive. No more black tents, dark blue tailored suits, A-lined skirts for the blimpy hips.

Oh, MeMe, MeMe, what will you do? The handwriting is on the wall. You are going to meet your Waterloo, Napoleon with all this fashion acceptance of the Big Woman, in your world, the ruinous. And I would imagine the last place you will be seen will be this week is the "Full-Figured" fashion show in Manhattan.  But I would counsel you to go and take a look at your swan song. Croak! Fat may be here to stay! It certainly is becoming more popular with top fashion designers who are finally acknowledging that fatties are people, too.

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