Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stay Up to Date on The Fat and the Skinny

We are what we eat! We are what we think about food! We are what we think about our weight! Don't miss the upcoming weeks on this blog! It's about you and your loved ones!

                                                                     BI -WEEKLY SCHEDULE

Mondays (twice a month)  Controversial issues related to weight and health:   i.e. Obesity vs. Fat Acceptance; Overweight and Fitness vs. Underweight and Unhealthiness; The Impossibility of Weight Maintenance, Feederism, Fat Fetishism, to name a few topics.

Tuesday (twice a month):  American Cultural Assumptions about weight. (survey questions about people's perceptions related to weight issues.)  Example:  Obese women do not appear to be as industrious or intelligent as thin women.  a)strongly disagree   b)somewhat disagree   c)somewhat agree  d)strongly agree  e)unsure

Wednesday:  Testimonials   Guests and volunteers will weigh in on their weight loss successes, failures, diets, weight loss tips, caveats, carbuncles, surgeries and will post before and after photos, or any other health issues related to fitness, dieting, recepies or meal plans that encourage healthy eating.

Thursday (once a month):  Rotating topics:  1)All About Food Secrets:  Share your secret stories related to food, i.e. a)foods you snuck to the dog when your parents weren't looking; b)foods you've binged on to excess; c)foods you pretended to eat and when the hostess wasn't looking put in a napkin and threw away;   2..Murphy's Laws for Fatties -  A "law" will be presented and you and a guest  will be asked to agree/disagree/discuss the "truth" of the law based upon experience.
3. Food List Five -Each week a list of 5 food items will be given based upon a central idea.  Example: what are 5 food items your family goes through the quickest in a week?

Friday:   Lifestyles Day (Alternative or otherwise)  I will devote this day to reviewing books, websites, diets, recipes, restaurants, other resources, others' review posts about the above especially but not limited to organic, vegan, green, local, live, and forward thinking (books, music, recipes, restaurants, etc.) about healthy eating. I will also have, once a month, JUNK FOOD FIASCO FRIDAYS, devoted to reviewing junk food: restaurants, food items, Food TV shows that subtly promote junky food, advertisements, etc. Contributors will come up with egregious and hypocritical examples of junk food being promoted as healthy...but which is a masquerade of high caloric, highly addictive 0 nutritional  refuse.                     

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Margo Dill said...

I love this schedule. I think you are going to provide a ton of great information for your readers, and as you build more posts and gather views, people from all over the world will come to read your blog. This is a very important topic, and you are doing a great job with keeping it interesting. Fantastic!