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Convicting Donald J. Trump, Drawing The Line at Democracy UPDATE 4/17/2021

                                             The CAPITOL, OUR SEAT OF GOVERNMENT 


 President Joe Biden Jr. and Kamala Harris have done an exceptional job and it's not even 100 days they've occupied the White House. Regardless of the tremendous obstructions the RNC and QAnon Trumpers represented by Sen Josh Hawley, Sen Ted Cruz, Sen Mitch McConnell and other QAnon Republicans, Biden has passed legislation to help the American people. He is passing legislation for his infrastructure plan. And he is rescinding the unequal and unjust tax reform pushed by Republicans to make the rich obscenely destructively rich at the point of death for many Americans, starving them of the resources they need to SURVIVE in a pandemic like COVID-19.

Biden will do what most corporations want: return their taxation to 28%. Republicans, to insure they would get in again lowered it to 21% allowing billionaires and corporations with their offshore loopholes, pass throughs and Caymen Island tax havens to pay -% in taxes. Meanwhile, average Americans subsidize the rich and billionaires paying the greatest percentage of taxes, way over their proportionate fair share. Biden is changing that and Republican and Democrats (75% of Americans) agree with Biden who is widely popular, despite Putin's attempt to push QAnon and Republicans to make him look feeble. Their doctored, lying videos don't work except for the very stupid.

Do-NOTHING Republicans who have no policies to help the American people but encourage their deaths by COVID (OPENING UP RED STATES, avoiding President Biden's mask mandate and encouraging folks to think there is no COVID OUT THERE) kill, kill, kill them. Republicans want to achieve herd immunity by DEATH: breathing the COVID air that is filled in their states with ferocious variants, the SA, the UK and the Brazilian strains. Death and high infection rates continue in the RED STATES. But you wouldn't know it because they don't keep careful records and they HIDE AND COVER UP all. So, clearly, Republicans, QAnon fueled by Russian Military Intel and Putin push division and death so that Biden will fail. 


Except he isn't failing. His support by Democrats and Republicans alike is overwhelming and he has surrounded himself with experts who value life and the prosperity of the American people and business. Both Democrats and Republicans know he cares for the American people. He supports gun reform. Get ready to see gun reform laws that existed decades ago before the mass shootings and police brutality of blacks blossomed during and after QAnon Russian Military Intelligence encouraged it (THEY STARTED DURING THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION ANTICIPATING TO PUT IN TRUMP)

Donald J. Trump entered the White House with the help of Vladimir Putin. Currently, information is coming out, despite Bill Barr's and Trump's corrupt and criminal cover-up. Trump should not only be indicted for his many financial crimes, but he should be indicted for treason in conspiring to overthrow the government on January 6th and for conspiring to receive help to throw the 2016 election by Vladimir Putin. The Biden administration DOJ has released information proving the conspiracy with the Trump campaign and the Russians via Paul Manafort and Constantine Kliminick. Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon, Robert Mercer, Cambridge Analytica had polling data gotten via FB; they turned it over to Kliminick through Manafort. That is the evidence trail. Trump who is and has always been a control freak, knew about it; he controlled everything and as has been revealed in his M.O., all had to be OK'd by him first. 

Of course he wanted to win and would do anything even conspire with Putin, our adversary to do it. He proved he wanted to win 2020 by death and destruction as he summoned his Trumpers who brought weapons and told them "it will be wild," and "sometimes you have to fight" as he promised he'd go with them to the CAPITAL and then abandoned them, going back to watch his WILDING of the CAPITAL ON TV.

He must be indicted for crimes against our democracy, and treason. The insurrection which he led and  the conspiracy to overthrow the fair election of 2016 were both provoked by him...And both were provoked with Russian assistance in a massive conspiracy to overthrow our democratic processes.

Mueller never was able to properly investigate Trump's financial records nor the involvement of Russian Military Intel. Trump prevented the DOJ, fired Jeff Sessions, cowed Rod Rosenstein and sat on Bill Barr. They too are complicit with the overthrow of the government via coverup of the 2016 election conspiracy to prevent Hillary Clinton's win from ever being known (remember Trump refused the recounts?) As the Biden DOJ investigates, the conspiracy to overthrow the government first in 2016 and then at the insurrection in 2020 will be found to be vast, wide and deep including our adversaries who are Trump's friends. 

Trump attempted to void the election of 2016 via Russian assistance which changed the election results for his win. And he still attempts to void the 2020 election which to this day, some QAnon fueled Americans under the power of the brainwashing of Russian Military Intelligence believe Trump won. Currently, the Republicans on the state level are doing everything in their power to void blacks from voting. This is worse than Jim Crow. It is back to slavery days and it is unconstitutional. 

Will the courts bring back the voting rights act? Biden will pass the legislation in H.R. 1. Like in the days of RECONSTRUCTION, to make sure blacks have voting rights, the National Guard will have to be called out to prevent obstruction, open up many polling places in black communities. And the laws which only allow Republicans to win are currently being fought by the ACLU. They are unconstitutional. Republicans can't win; they can't cheat. They need to leave the country and go to Russia where they seem to fit. But they will be jailed there seen as dissidents. Their only use to Putin is to destroy our democracy.

Republican fear is palpable. It stinks to heaven. And their going back to slavery days, the slavery which not only impacts blacks but impacts whites to keep them impoverished and stripped of their constitutional rights is failing. Americans, save the brainwashed QAnon are aware of Republican plans to kill them, kill their rights and their prosperity. The hand writing is on the wall. And the piece de resistance is Trump's indictment, the indictment of the insurrectionist traitors like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Mo Brooks and others who invited rioters in the day for a tour knowing they then would be able to seek out and harass and even kill their colleagues in Congress.This has been perpetrated by Trump and Putin and Russian Intelligence. It is how COMMUNISM came to pass in Russia. It is NOT a democracy.

As a result of the 2016 Russian takeover of our election to prevent Hillary Clinton's win, Putin is being sanctioned. Biden has spoken. The oligarchs will lose their bank accounts in the West. Kentucky should lose its Russian aluminium factory, gotten by a quid pro quo between Oleg Derapaska and Mitch McConnell. McConnell, by the way, did not win fairly. Kentuckians hate him and suffer, one of the poorest states in the union. Instead, McConnell gets his money from a PAC registered in NJ and the Russians like Oleg. 

Well, he, too, lies on his oath like all the Republicans in office who obstruct and kill Americans happily for Russian money's sake. He and they should be thrown out of office the mildest form of punishment they deserve. They should be tried for treason. Hoover, who hated communism (Putin's United Russia party combines communism and oligarchy, but it is communism) would encourage the overthrow of Putin and the punishment of the Republicans who have and continue to commit treason.

Biden is succeeding backed up by the American people. The ones who don't support him are QAnon (Russia Military Intel) Red Media (supported by Russian Military Intel) Trump (Putin's asset) the GOP and RNC (funded by Putin and Russian oligarchs). The Russians are fools. They have spent billions and billions to MRGA (make Russia great again). They have only succeeded in bankrupting themselves and making their own people miserable. The Russian people disagree with the trumped up charges jailing Alexi Navaney the great Russian hero of the 21st century. The disagree with the jailing and killing of the others who the GRU, FSB and SVR (Russian intel) have slaughtered for protest, for example Ukrainians and journalists and all those who raise their voice and speak out against the travesty that has been Putin's sad dictatorship for these long, dark years of an oppressed Russian winter.

So indictments are coming to Trump and Republicans when they least expect it. Biden's DOJ and other agencies are getting cleansed of the traitors and corrupt Trumpers who foul up various departments with their stench. They are doing their job to get rid of traitors who don't support the constitution or democracy. I and Americans both Democrats and Republicans support Biden's successes. They are in the interest of the American people who believe in forming the most perfect union possible under a democracy. The right people are in the government. Lives are and will be saved. Equity is being encouraged and those who would kill, destroy and steal are reaping what they have wrought.


After Joe Biden Jr. is in, God willing SAFELY, Trump, who has been impeached (of high crimes and misdemeanors) a second time, will undergo a trial by the senate. They must convict him as their duty to the democracy they swore to uphold. 

   Trump and his VP Pence. Who "betrayed" whom? Trump incites violent mob against Pence.


Donald Trump abrogated his sworn oath to the constitution. In its mandate of the duty of the U.S. president to uphold a peaceful transfer of power, he failed. He refused to concede to Joe Biden Jr.'s winning the election of 2020. Instead of upholding his oath of office to acknowledge that he lost, with malice and premeditation, Trump conspired with seditious congressmen who supported him to overturn the election. 

With calls to "fight and be strong" about taking "their" government back ("If you don't fight like hell you won't have a country anymore.") Trump incited insurrection via a violent, well-prepared, armed mob of his white supremacist domestic terrorist supporters. He sustained mob violence by refusing to call in forces like additional Capitol police, the National Guard and others to put down the rebellion at the Capitol. (He waited hours.) Overcoming the Capitol police, the mob breached and defaced the building, holding all at the Capitol hostage to their rampage.

By not stopping the attack, which he is mandated to do via his oath of office, Trump permitted the rioters to desecrate the interior: they smashed windows, broke furniture, invaded congressional offices, took computers with sensitive information (state secrets-tantamount to espionage) took valuable items, spread feces on the walls and urinated on the carpet and elsewhere. By not calling in the National Guard, he permitted the mob to hunt down congress members and the Vice President with the intent to harm, kidnap or kill them. Instead of stopping the mob, Trump, pleased with his supporters whom he later told he loved, he watched the insurrection on television and ignored phone calls asking him for help. All of this resulted in the death of one Capitol policeman and four rioters. 

 Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution

The Article of Impeachment states:    Click here for full text

Trump conspired with Trumpers of the Republican Party to reject the electoral college vote in a pro forma ceremony in the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The overthrow was advertised online and everywhere as "Stop the Steal" lead by Ali Alexander and pushed by three congressmen: Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar. Prior to this act Trump begged, pleaded and extorted secretaries of state in various swing states to "find" votes to give him the election. 

Finally, Trump importuned, bullied and attempted to coerce his V.P. Mike Pence to declare Trump as the 2020 winner at the January 6th electoral acceptance of the 2020 ballots. Because Joe Biden Jr.  legitimately won 2020, V.P. Mike Pence refused to say that Trump won. Pence refused to lie. He refused to rescind his oath of office in the pro forma presentation of electoral votes. Mike Pence did his job under the constitution, bravely. He refused to be an illegitimate V.P. He chose loyalty to his oath and the constitution over his loyalty to Donald Trump. Donald Trump told his supporters that Mike Pence betrayed them. For this betrayal, Trump fomented his supporters' violence. As they rampaged the Capitol, they hunted V.P. Mike Pence chanting, "Hang Mike Pence."

   (L to R): Sean Hannity the chief liar on Fox who enabled Trump in exchange for favors.

Trump's desperate attempt to change the winner from Biden to himself was and is catastrophic. It is a violation of his oath of office to uphold democracy and our constitutional form of government. With every failed attempt he exhausted (60 court appearances, extortion of Sec. of State, recounts, etc.) he affirmed to his white supremacist followers that he won because he labeled every failure, part of the steal. He and his right-wing Trumper segment of the Republican Party refused to acknowledge Joe Biden Jr. won. The lie expanded to include Trumpers throughout the nation and grew to justify this armed insurrection which came in the guise of a peaceful rally where he would affirm his win and Biden's loss with Pence's "giving him the votes." At the rally, Trump's remarks ended with his admonition to march with him to the CAPITOL to fight for their government (and presumably "stop the steal") 

What ensued will go down in American History as a black stain of invasion by American white supremacist domestic terrorists in conspiracy with Donald Trump and his ultra-right wing Trumpers of the Republican Party. Conspiring with him since there were no National Guard permitted, perhaps were the Acting Secretary of Defense and others including the Sergeants of Arms of the House and Senate and other military personnel. There are ongoing investigations to determine who was involved, for example the Acting head of D.O.J. in an act of obedience to Donald Trump and betrayal of his constitutional oath. 

Rep. Alabama Mo Brooks and other Republicans earlier in December who do not support Biden's win. These joined in preparing for the coup on January 6, 2021 (NYT. Al Drago)


Trump provoked this insurrection in a conspiracy that included wealthy donors who flew in private planes and took selfies of their actions and uploaded them proudly on social media. It includes various evangelical Christians whose loyalty to Trump supersedes their loyalty to God, Christ and loving their neighbor, a blasphemy. Present at the insurrection were donors who funded the insurrection and paid for buses filled with conspirators from around the nation all of them loyal Trumpers, who were duped into believing that Trump won. Or worse, they willfully accepted Trump as the winner though they knew otherwise. 

Additional accomplices to the insurgency were members of paramilitary groups, militia, the Proud Boys and other white supremacist domestic terrorist hate groups, members of QAnon, the Boogaloo Boys, retired vets, police from across the country, congressional members (Mo Brook, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Andy Biggs, Paul Goser and others). Also present was Rudy Guiliani who made incendiary comments at the presumably peaceful rally. Relatives of the judiciary, for example Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, were present supporting Donald Trump's overthrow of the constitution's mandate for peaceful transfer of power, nullifying Joe Biden Jr.'s election win of 306 electoral votes. Thomas should resign or be impeached for allowing his wife to pursue a course that will upend his career. And he himself supported Trump unequivocally through the campaign. See the SLATE ARTICLE.

        A screen shot of the Twitter feed of Ginni Thomas, questionable behavior (Slate)


All of the Democratic House members voted to impeach Donald Trump. Ten brave Republican members voted to impeach him. They have received anonymous death threats by colleagues, domestic terrorist Trumpers and perhaps Trump himself via one of his goons. Liz Cheney was particularly courageous in standing for the Republican Party and eschewing white supremacist domestic terrorists who Trump represents. In her vote she commented.

Republican Liz Cheney showed courage and wisdom in voting for impeaching Trump. (courtesy of the site)


"Much more will become clear in coming days and weeks, but what we know now is enough. The President of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack.

"Everything that followed was his doing. None of this would have happened without the President. The President could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence. He did not. There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution." (Liz Chaney)


Donald Trump has been vilified by average Americans, social media platforms, businesses, banks and foreign leaders because he lost the election and refused to tell his supporters that he lost. And he has done this daily from November 4th when he claimed he won at 2:00 a.m. in the morning before the election had been declared until today. For the thousands of times he prepared his supporters for his loss by claiming "if he lost, the election was RIGGED" throughout his presidency, Trump must have spoken #thebiglie one million times. Parroted by his supporters and his conspirators, Trumpers in the ultra-right wing of the Republican Party and extremist right wing media, his lie will go down in infamy and history as "the fraud that nearly broke the US democratic republic." Behind the lie is the unvarnished greed for power at any cost especially the death of those of good will and sincerity who served the country honorably and valiantly in the face of death like Capitol Policeman Brian Sicknick.  

    Brian Sicknick's makeshift memorial. His blood is on Trump and everyone at the insurrection and those who conspired and funded it from far away (courtesy of the site.)

Brian Sicknick's bloodshed at the hands of rioters alone must convict DONALD JOHN TRUMP. It echoes the bloodshed of those who fought for the Union against the rich planters whose greed would continue the inhumanity of slavery and would dupe, blackmail and entail the poor in fighting for a cause that benefited them least. 

In the trial which will take place after Biden's inauguration (DC as an armed camp is reminiscent of the soldiers camped in DC during the Civil War) will examine the extent to which Donald John Trump violated his oath of office, endangered our democracy and rendered Americans unsafe and subject to white supremacist domestic terrorism which Trump has whipped up continually throughout violent events committed by domestic terrorists which he has refused to negate, call down or decry. 

However, in the court of public opinion, the people in all walks of life have spoken against Trump. Their numbers are legion. They have spoken in polls and have spoken in their votes and on blogs on social media and everywhere. These Americans believe in a democratic republic and believe in one voice, one being, one vote. They know truth from the behavior and actions of politicians who keep their word or lie, obfuscate, distract, and fog the truth. They have looked at the fruit of the individuals. They are keenly aware of the lies out of Trump's mouth and the lies of his fog machine in media and from the mouths of supplicants who must be loyal and sign loyalty oaths, not to their constitutional duties, but to Trump. 

  Mass gathering in DC on Saturday after November 3 (courtesy of the site)

The Trump presidency has been illegitimate from the beginning and has ended in illegitimacy and ignominy. He must never hold office again, not even as a dog catcher. His inability to broadly tell his supporters that he lied, that he knowingly lied and that Joe Biden Jr. was elected fairly and legitimately is his great sin of pride which endangers our nation. No one of his kind must ever be elected to office again. And white supremacist domestic terrorists must never hold office either. Those in the senate who currently do not abdicate their loyalty to Donald Trump by voting to hold him accountable in a conviction, must be investigated. To what extent did they promote and enable Donald Trump by supporting his actions throughout his presidency? If they vote for acquittal, they must be viewed as traitors supporting insurrection and the overthrow of our democracy. 

Along with those in the House who did not vote to impeach Trump but came up with excuses, we Americans must hold these representatives to account and move to impeach and censure them in addition to voting them out. Their actions must be investigated; their Twitter and social media accounts must be investigated. And their loyalty to white supremacy domestic terrorism symbolized in Donald Trump must be assessed if it is purposeful or out of fear.

   Black Lives Matter Plaza celebration of thousands in D.C., one of hundreds of joyful Americans who celebrated on Saturday throughout the nation and the world after the announcement that Biden won (courtesy of the site)

As for the senate who has the greater burden, there is no justification for acquitting Donald Trump, especially since he refuses to admit he lied knowingly to commit a fraud or admit that he intentionally wanted to incite an insurrection to remain in power. As long as Trump does not admit fault, and long as Trumper senators do not vote to convict him, then their hearts have truly spoken. No excuse for this action is justified. They, too, must be removed unable to hold office again. There is only one side: that of a democratic republic. Either they are on the side of the United States, or they are on the side of Trump. Trump is not the United States; he never represented this nation in deed. He was a figurehead who worshiped himself and expected his supplicants to loyally worship him or he punished and damned them. His actions have spoken. And now the Trumpers in the Republican Party must speak with their tongues. Vote for the U.S. in a CONVICTION or vote for white supremacy domestic terrorism in a DONALD TRUMP ACQUITTAL.

The American Public must make their voices heard like never before. Contact your senators. Tell them that the senators must vote to convict Donald Trump. If they vote to support white supremacist domestic terrorism's overthrow of our democratic republic in an acquittal of Donald Trump, they cannot serve in the senate. Supporting a violent overthrow with mob force in an attack at the Capitol to give the presidency to Donald Trump is treason.  The fourteenth amendment must be applied. Acquittal is not an option. They will be removed

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