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Crimes Against Humanity: Fox Disinformation, Unsocial Irresponsibility and Trump UPDATES APRIL 18, 2021

Coronavirus cell (courtesy of the website)
I wrote this article in April, 13,2020 in the epicenter of COVID 19, Queens, NY. Since then there are 3 million dead worldwide and the US number of COVID numbering upwards of 600,000. When the pandemic first began, I anticipated because of the news blackout about it, the RED Media outlets calling it a Hoax or the Flu that the numbers would grow exponentially from what Trump proclaimed that there were no cases, then 14, then that "one day, it would like a miracle disappear," in words to that effect.
Because most in the country did not believe Trump's lies, Joe Biden Jr. and Kamala Harris were voted in as President and Vice-President. With the help of Putin and Russian Military Intel social media bots, however, the RNC, GOP, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and treasonous Republican congressmen and senators encouraged the lie that Trump not Biden, won, fomenting the insurrection at the Capitol causing destruction and death on January 6, 2021.
If there is one certainty, I have come to expect from Trump, Putin, Republicans, QAnon Trumpers that little they state is true. They sustain the lies they speak. They do this for power and money. They have no other intention but to keep power to gain money. It's as simple as ham and eggs or burgers and fries, which you shouldn't eat if they are not completely organic and free ranged because the chemical substances are toxic. So are Republican/Putin/Trump's lies toxic. And despite Trump's loss and the Republicans' loss of the House and the Senate (it's 50/50 with Kamala Harris providing the vote to break the "tie") they persist in lying. Believing them has become an act of death-embracing machismo, out of a Monty Python skit.
Remember the knight in the Monty Python skit who dismembers himself gradually to prove how strong he is and how much pain he can take? He has become the new meme for Republicans, QAnon and Trumpers. Their mantra is "We don't care if Trump and Republicans are wrong and lie and don't care. We will let them kill us anyway believing their lies TO THE DEATH because the alternative is worse." Thus, their MO has become "I'd rather commit suicide than be a Democrat" or believe Biden won, is a success and helping improve my life.
In QAnon Trumpers drug addiction, alcoholism, OCD spending habits, an absence of college education, misogyny, racism, abusive relationships are rife. Trump's friends run high to pederasts (Jeff Epstein, Gislane Maxwell, Trump, etc.) and teen sex traffickers (Matt Gaetz) and women beaters (Steve Bannon, Rick Gates, etc.). Such examples of humanity supported by radical evangelicals speaks volumes to why Republicans who hunger after power will do anything to accept their help wantonly without consideration, even to the point of accepting Putin's help in placing Trump in power and attempting to keep him in power by fueling the treasonous insurrection at the Capital on January 6, 2021.
Putin's intent is to MRGA (make Russia great again) and Trump's loyalty goes not to country or party but to money. You give him billions, you are a friend. Putin has given him billions. Too bad the supporters who don't shell out at least a million dollars or more still don't understand that. They offer their throats to be cut. He willingly will do it and especially for money and as we have seen reelection. It is why he wanted to sacrifice seniors and the old to COVID to open the economy. See articles to that effect on this blog. 
But their time is over. Biden has just sanctioned Putin's bank accounts severely because he changed election results (Dare our intelligence services reveal the truth embarrassing themselves and losing their jobs? They have to. The evidence is massive.) Thus, as Republicans and Trump and Putin continue to lie to try to keep power and money, the sound of a deluge of lies coming back to drown them can be heard. The deluge is the American people who will not allow the falsehoods to kill them. Americans will continue to throw out undemocratic, unpatriotic, racist, misogynistic, white supremacist Republicans from the government and elect humane, decent Democrats until the Republican party gets a backbone and cleanses their own corrupt racist, misogynistic, white supremacist prevaricators from out of their midst.
The following was written just about a year ago. How much of the wisdom abides if the facts don't necessarily. I have updated the facts as best as possible in RED.
When does a lie matter? Why should the truth and the facts be told? How about when you are up against a pandemic, a global plague like Covid 19?

China lied about their number of dead revealed through cancelled cell phone accounts that American Intel discovered recently and are currently attempting to verify without much help from China. Does it make a difference if over 1 million Chinese have died from Covid 19 as opposed to 4000 Chinese? (See the film In the Same Breath by Nanfu Wang which identifies the Chinese governments lies and their death toll to high numbers in the hundreds of thousands.)Does it make a difference if the facts about how the virus spreads are ignored and the severity of its communicability and virulence are downplayed? (This is still happening as I write this with "burn the mask rallies in Florida," and super-spreader events in red states and by QAnon and Trumpers in Blue States.)

Ask the hundreds of families across the United States that are behind the 23,370 death toll for April 13, 2020. (The US death toll from COVID on Worldometer, April 18, 2021 is 580, 756). What if one of the dead, just one believed President Trump's message repeated on Fox News that the coronavirus was a "Democratic hoax?" What if they didn't take precautions to avoid transmission, didn't take the virus seriously, didn't wash their hands? What if they touched a droplet loaded with the virus, touched their face and unwittingly inhaled it, and ended up in the ICU because of pre-existing conditions where they took a turn for the worse, ended up on a ventilator and never came off it? Can that possibility NOT be taken into consideration when delivering false facts, on fake Fox news segments, for example when Trump stated that the coronavirus was under control and cases would go to zero?

Trish Regan at Fox who was fired (courtesy of the website)
It wasn't under control; nor was it going to zero! Covid 19 was engaging in massive community spread at that point in time. How many believed Fox, went out into crowds or went on Spring Break vacations, flew to Florida or went on cruises, free from fear? Out of those unalerted, how many did the virus secretly, silently, invisibly latch onto, shed by an asymptomatic who stood next to them? And when these unwitting took it home to infect others, how many of those infections were asymptomatic? How many of those infected ended up drowning in their own liquids on a respirator, dying of organ failure?
Dr. Birx on a CNN special a month ago claimed that because we didn't know enough about COVID early on, nor did Trump act immediately or prepare (see previous articles on his cover up and botch job) we might have saved a tremendous number of lives. She said 100,000 most probably could not have been prevented because of the dilatory actions. However, the rest could. 

Here we are. Every state in the US has Covid 19 cases and their numbers, despite folks on Fox implying it is a NYC disease, a metropolitan disease, are spreading in rural areas. These rural areas are ill equipped. They do not have high tech hospitals to handle the complexities of treatment, let alone ventilators.
 If states had learned from Governor Cuomo's brilliant briefings, they could have avoided the deaths of seniors and those who didn't take precaution. The death toll spans each state. Check worldometer for updates. But be apprised that RED State governors don't accurately report the numbers because they want to support the TRUMP LIE THAT COVID IS WORSE IN BLUE STATES. A patent lie. Indeed, when the facts are reported, and Biden's task force are looking into this, the truth of the immense cover up of death tolls and infection rates in RED states will be revealed.

Willful negligence to make a profit and to provide support for candidate/president Trump are not a justification for wrongful death, and criminal, negligent homicide. Out of the 23,370 dead across the nation, tell me that not one of them believed Fox News disinformation. If even one died because they listened to Fox News' misinformation, believing Donald Trump's persistent, demeaning commentary about the virus being less dangerous than the flu, that is one death too many. If the one who died was confused about who gets it and why, and just threw their hands up in the air reassuring themselves mainstream media was overreacting about Covid 19, that is one too many deaths. 
Not only did Fox spread these lies, RED MEDIA (Newsmax, OAN, RT (Russian media in the US) Sputnik (Russia media in the US) Breitbart, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh and other conservative Republican media outlets support Trump who spread falsehoods. They are directly responsible for lying about COVID-19, Dr. Fauci, Plandemic, Governor Cuomo killing seniors in nursing homes. It was Donald Trump and RED media who counseled OPEN and breathe the air which is a death announcement for seniors who get COVID the fastest and who die of it. The senior death toll throughout the US is the tragic result along with the death toll of blacks and browns who have higher co-morbidity rates.

Covid 19 molecule (courtesy of the CDC)
That one death is cause for a wrongful death lawsuit. If you multiply the number of deaths and parallel them with the NYT chronicle about Trump's dilatory actions waiting until March 15 to suggest mitigation in the country, which his own health officials have said was delinquent, then you are looking at a runaway train called crimes against humanity. Add to this the slow closings of Fox News watching red states around the country, and the exponentially increasing number of deaths which will surely follow in the South and Midwest as a result of dilatory actions, this is "megadeath." Indeed, Covid 19 is a bullet train of negligent criminal homicides leaving megadeath in its slipstream wake of contagion.
This has proven true. Trump and Republicans fueled the train and made it go at top speed. Trump knew about COVID early on. Many doctors heard about it in fall of 2019. Read Bob Woodward's book RAGE. Trump told him in taped interviews in February 2020 that he knew of the nightmare of COVID. But he didn't want to upset Wall Street markets and his business friends. So Trump let seniors in Nursing Homes in New York die rather than to harm Wall Street. He is to blame for NY nursing home deaths, because if the infection rate in NY was low, there would have been no deaths. It was high. When there is high community spread=a high infection rate, seniors are the first to go, inside or outside of nursing homes. Trump didn't care. He wanted Wall Street to keep on BOOMING. Well, it is BOOMING UNDER BIDEN. He killed; he doesn't deserve to be president jeopardizing our nation's health to be reelection. Once again his lies and dumb thinking backfired in his face; he is an inveterate loser.

Experts have warned the time to attack such communicability of a novel virus is the first two weeks. Without due diligence, the virus will gain community spread and then it becomes very difficult to contain. Check out both Sweden's and the UK's reaction/response to Covid 19. Both miscalculated with slow closures. They are now paying for their negligence with high death rates. Also check out what the city of Vo, Italy did (see previous posts on The Fat and the Skinny).

Most probably governors in red states based their policies on Trump/Fox news disinformation to please Trump and to remain loyal to the GOP. How many in that number 23,000 + have died because they based their lifestyle information on Fox? How many died because they based their lifestyle on their red state governor's policies and Trump's initially cavalier, craven and unscientific assessment of Covid 19 as a flu; this, after he was forced to acknowledge it might be a world-wide pandemic? 

Tragically, these deaths were unnecessary. The pandemic would have been preventable if someone else were in office. Obama faced three potential pandemics: we didn't even realize it because his presidency was prepared. Even George Bush was apprised of the terrible nature of pandemics and was prepared, though not as much as he should have been. Instead, Hurricane Katrina happened on his watch and that debacle closed down the GOP for the next 8 years.

Worse, this world-wide disaster threatens to close down the US as we knew it. Already, we are realizing that the old US is disappearing into a mirror of the recent past suggesting a new normal of masks, gloves and antibody testing. Unless immediate expansive action to fight this war using the powers of the DPA to assist in overcoming this national security threat of Covid 19, Trump's catastrophic failures to act and his missteps when he did act will never get the nation back to a shadow of its former self. Trump's unction to stop the mitigation and follow billionaires advisement to re-open the country without consideration of the health and protection of all who brave the pandemic is magical thinking.

Would the billionaires, Trump's cronies, kill all who would be killed and allow others to recover following the 80/20 ratio of  typical viruses (without accepting that this is NOVEL)? Good idea if that is what will happen. We don't know. Covid 19 is a radically new virus that is able to morph, seemingly at will. It clocks in with various symptoms that suggest it cannot be pinned down to "one size fits all." Immune today? Dead tomorrow. For how long is one immune and at what strength of antibodies?

Herd immunity may be another branch of magical thinking. There is not enough information from data to reveal that it deals with every person the same way. Only until recently, did doctors begin to accept that people shed it without symptoms as it cleverly sounds no alarm bells. This becomes tragic when attempting to protect the most vulnerable which too, has become an uncertainty. Just who are the vulnerable? Only the elderly? Young people are dying, not just the old and infirm, not just the fifty-somethings with co-morbidities. What is the relationship? Scientists don't know.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar (courtesy of Wikipedia)
Does Trump, does Fox News (AND ALL RED MEDIA AND RUSSIA) care to get these facts out to the public repeatedly and accurately? Apparently not. Look at his behavior six months ago. First, Trump refused to acknowledge President Obama's efforts toward the national security threat of bio-terrorism. Even today during his Covid 19 campaign rallies, he continually shoots the former president with claims that Obama handled the swine flu badly. Lies! Meanwhile, Trump ignored Obama's January 2017 briefings on pandemics during his transition into the presidency. He closed the pandemic office and threw away the pandemic guidebook in 2018. He removed personnel from that office who could have helped identify that Covid 19 was a disaster to prepare for. Instead of focusing on the growing threat in China of the virus spread in December 2019, he ignored that and ignored US intel in January 2020, pushing off Secretary of HHS Azar's warnings. (TURNS OUT SOME DOCTORS KNEW IN THE FALL OF 2019. TRUMP KNEW IN JANUARY 2020, BASED ON WHAT HE TOLD BOB WOODWARD IN RAGE.)

However, according to Trump he banned China flights, though 40,000 Chinese came back into the country in the first three months of the year after enjoying family celebrations for the Chinese New Year. No efforts were made to stop them. Instead, Trump played golf over the holidays and enjoyed himself, something he has repeatedly done throughout his presidency, charging US taxpayers the high bills at his resorts for secret service rooms and meals. Fox and RED MEDIA does not hold him to account on any of this. Investigative journalism? No. Magical "news," the unfree press, the unsocial, irresponsible network.

Fox News logo (courtesy of the Fox News)
Trump lies about his own performance responding to Covid 19 which he repeats is "great." Unfortunately, we are stuck with a liar. And Trump's behavior starting from when he took over the office of the presidency was negligent and incompetent. Rather than to admit fault, he has gotten away with his behavior by finding an appropriate scapegoat to blame, firing them. However, when one is incompetent and negligent about a pandemic that has a direct cost in American lives and those deaths correlate to the Stock Market and impact the economy, one cannot ignore the financial fallout or shift the blame that easily. REPUBLICANS ARE TO BLAME FOR SUPPORTING TRUMP. AND PUTIN FOR CREATING DIVISIVENESS AND LIES IN ORDER TO SPREAD THE VIRUS. PUTIN DOES THIS VIA SOCIAL MEDIA BOTS OF THE GRU, SVR, FSB (RUSSIAN MILITARY INTELLIGENCE).

There is blood on Trump's hands the Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe stated. And the negligent, incompetent behavior which Trump covers up with self-praise that Fox News and RED MEDIA parrots continues to this day. IT HASN'T STOPPED APRIL 18, 2021. Why hasn't he taken charge of the full force and power of the federal government in this time of war by using the DPA (Defense Production Act) to scale up supplies, equipment, tests in the billions? If you listen to Trump's self-aggrandizement, he has done it. That is a lie; he has not when the governors across the nation and FEMA (the government) are all bidding against each other for supplies. Indeed, if he had ramped up production, FEMA wouldn't have to steal supplies from state governor's orders to fill its stockpile to say it is giving supplies to various states. (as reported on the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, April 13th)  TRUMP NEVER DID. CUOMO REPEATED THAT HE SHOULD GEAR UP THE DPA. HE DIDN'T. BIDEN DID KEEPING HIS PROMISE TO END COVID FOR THE HEALTH OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. IT IS A NATIONAL HEALTH CRISIS THAT TRUMP ENCOURAGED AND ALLOWED FOR THE SAKE OF PUTIN'S MRGA (make Russia great again program).

Trump is continuing his misinformation campaign about his Covid 19 response using the mainstream media to spread more lies, a further irony. He has proclaimed mainstream media the fake media. If it's so fake, then why have briefings been televised by all the media? Caught in his own spin, Trump makes the truth dance to his own fantasies. This is not credibility in the making; it is further proof of his gyrating unfitness to handle this plague. Indeed, with his lengthy Covid rallies, he is convincing the taxpayers he is more obsessed about his and his friends' bank accounts than bringing the nation back to health and wholeness. No wonder why he is concerned about the economy and the stock market which has been trailing the number of COVID deaths in a weird, phantasmagorical irony.

Always, Trump and RED MEDIA defend and justify their mendacity by projecting their lies on the media instead of attempting to DISPROVE that their lies are not lies. Disproving Trump's lies is impossible, because video tape doesn't lie. News organizations now fact check Trump and toadying Fox. They play videos of his falsehoods with his back pedaling contradictory statements. They chronicle what Trump says and when he says it and he often has to pile fabrication upon illusion to justify or change what he said.  Fox News then must provide cover and sort out the deceit with distracting palaver by Hannity and other dim minds.

Sean Hannity of Fox News (courtesy of Wikipedia)
Importantly, it is what Trump's lies tell us about Trump and what Fox News' lies tell us about Fox and its supporters: the Federalist Society, the GOP and bottom feeder pilot fish. Lies are guilty coverups for 1)wrongdoing, 2)powerlessness 3)fear 4)cowardice. From such a muddled position, one cannot build a strong foundation of governance. From such confusion how is one able to make decisions? From such changeable, shifting falsehoods how is one to be believed as credible in a time of crisis like a pandemic? Ultimately, upon such mendacity, one cannot lead or feel competent to lead. One cannot take responsibility for one's lies, nor be accountable for one's actions. REPUBLICANS HAVE REAPED AND WILL CONTINUE TO REAP THE HELLISHNESS OF THEIR LIES WITH DEFEAT, BANKRUPTCY, JAIL TIME, LOSING THEIR POWER AND MONEY LIKE TRUMP.

Is it any wonder that Trump refuses to take responsibility for his decisions made during this terrible COVID pandemic? He is insecure; his leadership is grounded on shifting sands as he looks for someone else to blame for what he's done. And Fox is his second on the way downhill into the abyss of destruction, financial debacle and death. They are supporting him to his demise so that recovery seems a quaint, fanciful notion.

(courtesy of the Fox News website)
Lars are all about saving face, not about helping the ones they lie to. Trump must save face or die. Fox must support Trump or perish. The Covid 19 virus is the petard that they have hoisted themselves upon, the sword that is slicing through their prevarications to reveal their naked, exposed, wicked amorality, for enabling Covid 19's death-trap on a scale that is augmenting as each tragic day passes. And these liars have so believed their own lies, they refuse to acknowledge they are naked and debilitated. As they continue to stand exposed before the public, the falsehoods dissolve their power and presence. Sadly, all who follow dissolve into a black hole of invisibility with them.

How do we now confront this national security threat, Covid 19, that we and our neighbors perpetuate like terrorists when the federal government has become an absence of superficiality? How do we regain our peace of mind, our regularity of rhythms stolen by a disease enabled by federal, presidential negligence? How do we fight the uncertainty, of an ill-defined, shifting monster bringing illness and misery that stymies caregivers and researchers with its simple structure and complex function and operation?

How do we get out of quarantine, where we are fearful for our lives, suspicious that our neighbors are asymptomatic, deadly carriers? GET THE PFIZER VACCINE. WEAR MASKS, WASH HANDS. BIDEN IS MAKING SURE ALL ARE VACCINATED WHO WANT TO BE.

We stop lying to ourselves and stop accepting lies from Fox and from Trump. WE DID. FOX IS BEING SUED FOR LYING ABOUT THE ELECTION. TRUMP LOST. REPUBLICANS ARE IN THE ABYSS WITHOUT POWER TRYING TO BRING BACK SLAVERY FOR ALL AMERICANS, NOT JUST BLACKS. THEY FAIL DAILY AND WILL CONTINUE TO FAIL AS AMERICANS IN AN OVERWHELMINGLY REJECT THEM AT THE BALLOT BOX WITH PAPER BALLOTS SO PUTIN CAN'T LIKE HE DID IN 2016 HACK THE VOTE AND CHANGE THE ELECTION RESULTS-UPDATE THIS WEEK. BIDEN IS SANCTIONING PUTIN FOR CHANGING THE ELECTION RESULTS FROM HILLARY TO TRUMP. We recognize his failed leadership and demand that he turn it around. He must earn our respect as Governor Andrew Cuomo has earned our respect and love managing our health system to save our lives. We think, read, research, examine, question media, both conservative and liberal, then we conclude if we want to continue on the road to death for four more years.

Fox AND RED MEDIA don't care about decency, ethics or morality. All prevaricate for money and ratings in a self-made hell of viral greed. Murdock and sons with the aid of now deceased head of Fox, rapist and sexual predator Roger Ailes, spread conservative disinformation. They muscled their way to the top of cable new ratings with supportive propaganda for the Federalist Society conservatives and GOP agenda. Theirs is a totally partisan, anti-journalistic spin. For decades they increasingly have twisted the generosity of liberals to make them appear sick, elitist and evil. Continuous smears sullied trust in Obama's excellence, the ACA and the Democratic Party. Fox never left off defaming Obama's presidency. Just a presentation of his face on "defiled mainstream media" is enough to set them like rabid, starving, deranged dogs after Obama as if he were raw meat.

To assist Trump's campaign, the excoriations, smears, zombie-like character assassinations against Hillary ramped up 24/7 live on Fox and on Social Media with the help of Putin's military intel (FSB, SVR, GRU). Read the Mueller Report to discover how Trump/Federalist Society/Uber Right Wing journals like Breitbart and now defunct Cambridge Analytica with Fox assistance warred against her campaign and candidacy. After Hillary lost, to deflect from Trump's incredible mismanagement-style, they led the charge calling for her arrest. Even today they manage to ridicule Hillary Clinton. BIDEN'S DOJ IS EXPOSING THE ELECTION COUP IN 2016 LED BY TRUMP CONSPIRACY WITH PUTIN TO PUT TRUMP IN. BARR SHOULD BE JAILED FOR TREASON AND OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE ALONG WITH TRUMP AND ALL REPUBLICANS WHO RECEIVED QUID PRO QUOS SUPPORTING THIS TREASON AND OVERTHROW OF OUR DEMOCRATIC PROCESSES, REPEATED WITH THE INSURRECTION OF JANUARY 6, 2021.

The Pentagon (courtesy of the website)
When Trump took office, the groveling loyalty of lies and alternate "facts" became Fox's fog machine of mammoth, propagandistic proportions. The uber right wing media (Breitbart, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, RT, Sputnik, etc.) led by Fox became a de facto arm of Trump's corrupt administration.

For its money making motives alone, sacrificing the truth for fraud, the antithesis of investigative journalism, Fox must not be listened to. For its genuflecting, slavish support of Trump and GOP partisanship refusing to cover any negative news about him, Fox should be ignored.

Before COVID 19, here are a few examples out of the thousands that have occurred showing how Fox dealt with negative news about Trump over a three year period. They ignored reporting lawsuits by women stating in interviews that he raped them or sexually preyed upon them. They refused to fact check Trump's 17,000 + lies. They didn't cover Trump's continuous nullification of the rule of law and obviation of the constitution. Nor did they examine his unreasonable explanations for firing anyone who countermanded his "judgment" (the various whistleblowers in non-partisan career positions). The non -existent coverage of the Parkland shooting and march in protest by millions afterward Fox ignored; it didn't exist in their AR-15 toting universe. Their non- coverage of Women's Marches around the world in direct protest of Trump's presidency the day after his inauguration, was woefully missing as was the in-depth, cogent, reasoned analysis of his impeachment and the Mueller Investigation.

All the president's men (courtesy of the website)
Like robots Fox News hosts with the exception of the glorious Shep Smith (until he left) clicked in to support everything the president said and did. With regard to the pandemic, Fox News was in lockstep with Trump exposing themselves to the liability of spreading false information that was the proximate cause of not taking precautions to avoid transmission. They supported him about Covid 19 throughout this period of it's "being less dangerous than the flu," a position he's recently reversed (perhaps) with the death of a friend. And they support him with the push to open the government to stop the financial debacle sure to happen with a lengthy closing down of the country's cities (except for essential workers) especially the economic engine of the country, New York City.

Trump wants to open the nation for his billionaire friends and to save his hotel and resort business. Great. But who is going to go to his hotels if his workers or guests catch the virus or die there? Who is going to go to work on a packed subway, albeit disinfected against Covid 19, not knowing who is asymptomatic and who isn't. If a twenty-something Wall Street broker is asymptomatic, goes into the office and infects the other brokers, is the company ready  to pay for sick leave and costly healthcare? The discussion about only letting the young people go to work is unsound. They also catch the disease and die.

We don't know the triggers; we don't understand the blood types or genetic underpinnings of vulnerability. We don't know why the 100 year-old woman survived, why the 95 year old Nonna in Italy made it and why the 21-year-old my nurse friend saw carried out in a body bag didn't.

2017 Women's March in NYC, a crowd that today would spread Covid 19 like gasoline on fire (Carole Di Tosti
But by all means, Trump, open up the country by the end of April. 
Militias in Michigan tried to force Governor Whitman to do so. Later, they threatened to kidnap and kill her. Afraid for her life, she has had an ineffective policy AGAINST COVID, periodically opening and closing and opening, unlike Governor Cuomo who HAS BEEN EFFECTIVE IN HIS ATTEMPT TO SMASH "THE BEAST," KEEPING NEW YORKERS SAFE. 

Logically, OPENING involves perspicacity and planning. Who is going to reopen up their sit-in restaurant without testing the entire staff for antibodies, a test which is in scarce supply? And how are you going to figure out if patrons of restaurants, theater, movies, sports events are COVID 19 free and for how long? What if the weeks prior to attending an event they are negative and the day they attend, unbeknownst to them they are positive asymptomatic? An antibody test is inconclusive and complex. How long will the antibodies last to give immunity: for a month, 6 months, a year? The questions are innumerable at this point. Governor Cuomo has smartly begun this process with the help of businesses and the community throughout the state as well as Federal Funds from Biden and. If Trump had been reelected, the death toll might have been twice what it is now and COVID WOULD BE CONTINUING INTO THE NEXT DECADE. Of course, STATES WHO HAVE NOT HAD WORKING POLICIES, STILL HAVE COVID AT HIGHER INFECTION RATES THAN NEW YORK.

The key one is, if you want to get the economy going, can you do it by forcing people to go in to work? Or will you just have to shut it down again because even more people get sick as the virus morphs into more virulent strains to save itself? We don't even know why it morphs. Is it because it adapts to kill regardless of the genetic fingerprint of the individual? Is it geographically motivated or is this a feature of its unique MO as a killer?

So many questions, so little time before people start to starve. The money given in checks by the federal government simply isn't enough. Google the amounts given by European countries and Canada, including the payment of their medical bills. There is surely a way, but Trump and the GOP are incompetent to find it and those who have secured a place around him to give him advice are more incompetent than he.  BIDEN GOT CHECKS TO AMERICANS. HE PASSED A COVID RELIEF BILL AND IS PASSING AN INFRASTRUCTURE BILL THROUGH RECONCILIATION...FOR ALL AMERICANS. REPUBLICANS DIDN'T SUPPORT EITHER. AMERICANS KNOW THEY DON'T CARE. AMERICANS KNOW REPUBLICANS WANT TO KILL THEM FOR MONEY...JUST LIKE THEY DID WITH SENIORS IN NURSING HOMES THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY. COVID TARGETS SENIORS IN STATES WITH HIGH INFECTION RATES. IN NEW YORK SENIORS HAVE BEEN VACCINATED. SO ONE DEATH TRAP HAS BEEN STOPPED. IF THEY ARE NOT GETTING VACCINATED IN RED STATES, SENIORS IN AND OUT OF NURSING HOMES WILL DIE.

Maybe the billionaires like Robert Mercer who Trump and the GOP gave tax breaks to in the millions can donate that money back? Well, those liars supported Trump knowing full well his corruptibility. Did they understand the power of his incompetence and negligent unfitness to commit genocide against American citizens and to destroy the financial fabric of the nation upon which billionaires depend? Perhaps they did. Trump, like the virus, is a perfect destroyer.

(courtesy of the website)
Opening up before the right time will be a disaster. This is a war. The Defense Production Act must be employed to create massive testing and supply capacity with effective distribution centers set up so that all Americans can be tested and given protective gear to wear. US industry must be set up in networks around the nation with adequate, timely supply chains to produce: supplies, reagents, chemicals for the tests, etc. Ramping up production and putting people to work in essential industries to fight this pandemic to produce the supplies needed to function and stay safe is an imperative. The military must be involved, and wise counsel listened to.
Such counsel resides in the governors who closed their states down to only allow essential workers to move in their cities. These decisions were based on logic, statistics, data charting the disease path. Is Trump going to open the country because he feels it is a good time to do so? It's not happening.  Even the upper crust exotics will not want to venture into NYC, the city they fled to go to the Hamptons. Unless there are guarantees, these elites will not be infected and end up on a respirator by risking a return to NYC.  THIS IS TRUE TODAY. THE COVID RATE MUST BE 0 FOR MONTHS BEFORE THE CITY AND BROADWAY OPENS.

So here's a Fox News type lie. We need to open up the nation to save the economy. This lie is courtesy of Fox mantras and Breitbart mantras and right-wing mantras. And then there are the uber liars like COVID 19 Truthers who say the bodies are not piling up at hospitals. And here's another: Trump is doing a fabulous job.  The DEATH TOLL OF COVID ON WORLDOMETER IS 580,756 IN THE US. THANK TRUMP, RNC, GOP, REPUBLICANS, QANON, PUTIN FOR SPREADING DEATH, MISERY AND HELL TO THE FAMILIES OF THE DEAD. Congratulations, US. The rate will continue to rise as the variants spread in RED STATES but you won't know about it until BIDEN'S TEAM UNCOVERS THE LIES AND STOPS THE KILLING. Meanwhile, in Michigan where militias who are DEATH DEALERS OF COVID in following Trumpers and QAnon, COMMIT SUICIDE AND KILL OTHERS WITH THEIR BREATH FILLED WITH VARIANTS. GET THE VACCINE. WEAR THREE MASKS. WASH YOUR HANDS. IF YOU ARE VACCINATED, TAKE OFF A MASK. WE DON'T KNOW THE EXTENT TO WHICH  THE VACCINE MITIGATES THE VARIANTS AND PROTECTS YOU.

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