Wednesday, May 24, 2023


 Trump always does Putin's bidding. Putin wants the US to evaporate so he can become head of the USSR, in a return to socialism/communism via Stalinist policies


Donald Trump advocates default. That's because he doesn't know what that means. But all he knows is that is what Putin is pushing him to do. If Republicans can create conspiracy theories, that so can Democrats. Except, Trump is telling McCarthy and his QAnon cultists like Marjorie Taylor Green and others that Biden should be slimed with defaulting the economy. Extort whatever Republicans want, Democrats must be left holding the slop bag. That will position Trump for his great win as "King of the Universe."

E. Jean Carroll won the defamation suit against Trump, once. She'll win twice as he defamed her again at CNN's Town Hall. And she will keep on taking him to court because he will continue to defame her. He hates women, her and himself. Who could ask for anything more? He can't shut his mouth.

Been here, done that with COVID-19. If there's one thing about Trump, it's that he is not an original. He sticks to the same treadmill because when you have limited acuity and creativity, you repeat and repeat and repeat, the same rat running in the wheel, convincing oneself that he is going and seeing for miles and miles. Trump is a fantasist. His father encouraged him to dream big. He did. He went bankrupt six times, is probably bankrupts now, except the RNC is fundraising off his fantasies that will never ever become reality. These are fantasies that his hired audience cheer whenever he says them...and then the true dupes chime in. You know, "The Wall. A Big Beautiful Wall." That was such a money maker, Steve Bannon raised over $100,000 off it and that's only what the Feds could discover. It was probably much more.

Trump fund raises off of anything because he (self-described) as a billionaire has no advantages or privileges, though you can "grab 'em in the pussy" when you're a celebrity, because they let you do anything. If you read accounts of Nicole Simpson, that is what OJ did to her, also. And look where that got her!

Ron DeSantis is waiting in the wings for Trump to implode on himself. He plans to be Trump on steroids. Hey if white supremacists like his anti LGBTQ, women, students, peacenik policies, he can be an even bigger loser than Trump. Is it possible?

Well, Trump wants default? Default means BANKRUPTCY. Is it any wonder that he is pushing default, bankruptcy? That is a territory he is all too familiar with. His administration left us with the highest debts in history. He raised the debt ceiling three times. He gave $two trillion to billionaires. That is OK. But when it comes to scum Democrats? They are not Americans. Democrats are his enemy and Biden who beat him "like a drum," is his enemy. So Biden must suffer. He must be blamed with default...UNLESS. Unless Biden throws millions off medicaid,  cuts Social Security, vitiates Obamacare, stabs Vets in the face and on and on. In other words, McCarthy the puppet must do Trump's bidding just like Trump is doing Putin's bidding. A defaulted US economy means strength for Russia, already debilitated terribly by its failing war in Ukraine. Remember, his generals assured him his "great" military would go in Ukraine and wipe them out in two days?

Trump is pushing McCarthy to default or extort everything he wants, meaning to destroy all social programs which help US voters. Either way, US voters lose. If Biden is smart, he should default. The donors to the Republican party will lose the most, as will Wall Street. That's all of them.

Fantasists. Trump. Putin. McCarthy. Evil is the abuse of power based on lies. Lies never work for very long. Because liars are psychotic and sick to the root. A sick plant never produces fruit that lasts. All it does is create chaos, mostly for themselves so they don't have to look at what they are, losers. Failures. Weak. Debilitated. Handicapped. Infirm.

Trump bankrupted his fortune 7X. He is afloat because the RNC funds him. If the US defaults, what he is advocating, then the Republican donors will lose even greater amounts than the average citizen. Trump's financial ability is so poor, not even his lawyers and accounts can keep him out of arrears or jail. (Alan Weisselberg in jail, Trump indicted for fraud-just the beginning.)

If Biden defaults in this game of chicken, Trump will lose bigely. His loans will be called in. Banks will fail and what then? If Biden gives the Republicans what they want, he will prove he is a tired, old man, not fit to govern. The Democrats will abandon him in droves. He will end his presidency right there. So once again, Trump proves he is a loser by advocating a plan which at the heart of it screws his fans, the American people who are the voters. If he thinks they will vote for him after he is advocating their bankruptcy? He is insane. Truly, as David C. Johnson wrote 'EVERTHING TRUMP TOUCHES DIES.'

Is this the man who is fit to govern this nation, besides the fact that he is twice impeached, criminally indicted, and successfully sued-now for a second time for defamation? Not of sound mind, for sure.

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