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E.Jean Carroll Rape Case Against Trump Reveals Trump's Hatred For Women

E. Jean Carroll (courtesy of MSM)
Machismo brands men as masculine. Rape brands men as masculine. If a man has sexual problems (he has to take Viagra for ED or may suffer from premature ejaculation) then his masculinity suffers, especially in his image of himself. The culture in movies, films and TV programs has presented rape as a highly sexualized act, instead of what it is, an act of hatred, annihilation, infirmity and chronic fear of women. 

Rape is committed by men with severe sexual, psychological and emotional problems. The longer the problems go unchecked, the more damaged the man is in his image and his being. If men resort to pornography frequently, (of young women or men), especially if they are married, it is an indication of these issues at play. Unchecked to the extreme, severe sexual, psychological and emotional problems lead to physical violence and hatred for women. At their most extreme, men rapists are also killers.

In the world of LBGTQ individuals, this appears to be less so. Research should be done, however, to see if similar folkways even apply. One might imagine if the same applies, then victims say little to protect the LGBT partner and community. Regardless, folkways of male violence against women fronting as sexual power have existed for millennia. Clearly, rape during wartime is a weapon used to subdue, defeat, annihilate and demoralize the enemy. For violently psychotic males who hate women, raping women gives them a false sense of psychological power and massive sense of masculinity.

Both the power and the masculinity are lies. If raping helped such males, they would only do it once and never rape again. Such is not the case; the underlying infirmity, debility and weakness is still there and always be there until it is dealt with. For men who are married and rape or grope or predatorize other women, clearly, the relationship they have with their wives is a front, a lie, a fraud. In the case of Donald Trump he was a predicate wussy weakling, handicapped in his marriage and in his dealings with women.

E. Jean Carroll and Donald Trump (courtesy of MSM)
If a man has severe sexual, psychological and emotional problems, he will not be able to see women as anything but a threat to his masculinity/being especially if he has ED and needs Viagra. She may not even be his wife or partner, however, she provides an occasion to exploit his need for power and sense of masculinity to prove he is not infirm and weak. To a matter of degree, all men may experience this. Each man is individual. The more balanced the man, the healthier psychologically and emotionally, the healthier he is in his attitudes toward women and the more easily he understands or tries to understand such issues. The more loving, the healthier he is.

Rape is not sexual. Rape is hatred. Rape is "male." Rape is the most obvious example of a man's sexual infirmity and debility physically. A raping man is a wussy, a weakling. A male who rapes and forces himself on women or men is committing an act of hatred and violence. It is metaphorical murder. It is also one of the weakest, frightened acts a man can commit.

In the E Jean Carroll case, Carroll and the two witnesses who came forward, especially in the example of Jessica Leeds, testified about the changes they went through after the rape or groping. In both instances Carroll and Leeds changed their appearance to deflect attention on them. E. Jean Carroll was traumatized to the extent she never pursued another relationship again. Leeds said she cut her hair short and toned down her femininity in her outfits. 

Their mistaken assumption was that they could avoid the same happening again by adhering to the folkways which suggest that a woman's "allurement" entices men to rape. Such folkways belie the underlying truths: rape is a psychotic response to the female gender for whatever reason in the particular male. In war it is a weapon. In peacetime it is a weapon warding off the illusory power of the woman which the man fears is greater than his masculinity. One need not be beautiful, attractive or homely to rape her. She must only be a woman. Her gender is the threat to the wussy male who needs to prove he is more powerful and machismo to counteract the fear he is a wussy.

    Jessica Leeds (courtesy of MSM)

For E Jean Carroll and Jessica Leeds, in not coming forward, in their psyche, Trump continued to rape and molest them. It only begins to go away when the woman speaks out and identifies the violence done to her which is illegal under our laws. To not speak out the victim criminalizes herself and frees the perpetrator of accountability for his criminal behavior. Thus, she dons the clothing of the "sin," and feels guilty, dirty, annihilated, unimportant. In exchange the rapist and groper feels justified, energized, his masculinity validated. But once is not enough for the underlying feelings of immobility and powerlessness in the male if he never gets help for his feelings of helplessness, weakness and wussiness.

E Jean Carroll and Jessica Leeds made another mistaken assumption. Not speaking out was what women did in the past. True; they didn't then, they don't now. Women don't easily say they've been sexually predatorized in any era because they, their gender is annihilated, de-sexualized. Oftentimes, rape victims either eschew men altogether or go the opposite way; they attempt to dominate and control men with many sexual relationships, sometimes only once before they move to another man. They look to control. In their attempt to control, they hate, they ridicule the man, they seek revenge psychologically. If they assert themselves, they overcome the powerlessness they felt during the rape. It doesn't work, however. It only makes them weaker, depressed, sometimes suicidal and drug-dependent.

Even in the era of #metoo, depending upon their situation, women still do not speak out today against their violent attackers. Why? Look at Trump's reactions: denial, ridicule, counter-suit, deflection and insult. Trump demeaned Leeds' and Carroll's appearance (an irony because it was decades ago when they were younger-prettier, not that looks matters because 75 year-old women have been raped). To come out against one's attacker and enemy, women have to first overcome the annihilation and slime (guilt, dirtiness, objectification) he has covered her with. She must process it through herself which is incredibly painful psychically, emotionally, physically. Then, she must overcome the male onslaught of folkways that further blame her for "her crime." For the fact that she was raped is her fault. She did something to "provoke" the rapist with her mythic allurement, the fraud of all frauds. So, women must overcome this "folkway" bias established throughout history. 

Re-education that rape is a war crime, that it is a weapon to annihilate spiritually and emotionally a woman's gender by a baby-male who fears women, must happen in our culture and our schools. I suggest that all the males and the women who have bought into the myths to use them to create entertainment rethink what they are doing to promulgate the myth. It is a lie. It shows wussy men. Ironically, gay men are stronger emotionally and psychically then these women hating wussy weaklings who use rape to restore their lost masculinity. A raping man has a terminal illness; he is a wussy forever, unless he attempts to get help to correct this psychosis. Considering how many shows, films, TV programs, books capitalize on men forcing sex on women? The number is in the millions. Re-education is a necessity. Not banning. Besides, the male machismo rape culture is promulgated by Southerners along with the gun machismo culture. No banning would ever happen in the South. They perpetuate their psychoses, happily and call their sickness "owning the libs." They only thing they own is their inferiority, psychosis, emasculated unloving wussy selves.

Women who Trump attacked and came forward to the public (courtesy of MSNBC)
Another reason why women rarely come forward is that according to the folkways, she must "victimize" the violent annihilator by identifying that he is a true weakling and wussy to other men who may have the same fears, but not on that level. Oftentimes, she must identify the wussy coward to the very gender that often goes into policing because it is a "MASCULINE" job. Thus, she must affirm that one of their gender manifested a supreme fear of women by raping to prove his machismo. In other words, the cop is subjected to weakness and psychosocial infirmity which he himself may feel against women. 

The uncomfortableness that the victim feels in reporting her rape? In reporting it, she victimizes the male who hears her story and her strong position of identifying the wussy male. No wonder rape kits haven't been tested by police departments. It is a psychologically victimizing situation for the males whose gender has been emasculated by the rapist trying to prove he is not a wussy. It is uncomfortable for some cops, who themselves, most probably in one way or another are trying not to prove they are wussies.

Back at the time of Trump's predatorization of these women, the folkways blamed the woman for being sexy and luring the male. Because he is such a macho man, he can't resist them. This incredible lie hides that Trump, like all rapists, fears the female gender. His buddy Jeffrey Epstein was so psychotic and wussy, he had to rape teens to feel that machismo which made him forget he was a wussy. 

That folkway of teen girl allurement (the myth that she is too naive to protest or fight back) exists today. It dies hard, especially in religious countries in the Middle East. Thus, women must be hidden, covered up from the male gaze because their beauty is so alluring, the males will rape them, and then in certain sects and areas, the woman is damaged goods and may have to be further annihilated in an honor style killing. This occurs because the men are afraid of being wussies and identified to themselves as the infirm debilitated that they are. 

(L to R): Trump (back to the camera), E. Jean Carroll, John Johnson, Ivana Trump (courtesy MSM)

Indeed, all human beings are debilitated...handicapped. What is the problem? Male's fear of wussiness! By the way, men don't fear being gay, they fear being wussy in regard to females. I imagine even gays fear being wussy.

The folkways of rape using women's beauty is a cover-up for the real crime of hatred and resentment against the difference in gender. It is a gender annihilation. Thus, Trump's initial violent attacks against E. Jean Carroll and Jessica Leeds boosted his image of his machismo to himself and if he bragged about it to other men, he was then, a "man's man." This notion is affirmed by the presumptuous "pussy grabbing tape," aired. What it proves is that Trump is infirm and debilitated, a wussy's wussy, a weakling who feels emasculated by the female gender. No wonder why he felt compelled to ridicule a man with a debility who dared to challenge him. Trump is a walking debility (don't look at his outer appearance). That reporter may physically have CP but inside he is whole and Trump is in fragments.

Perhaps we should use another term instead of the word "rape." Wussy seems to apply. Trump and Weinstein wussied those women. Or perhaps it can be changed to "annihilation;" they annihilated their gender. That is what happens to women who predators attack, defile and slime with their own scut, in exchange for looking less "wussy" than they fear they are. Speaking out, telling others is paramount to decry that annihilation and unmask the wussy who is trying to get off on appearing "the man's man." Annihilation is appropriate because in that violent, hateful act, the rapist kills. Rape is a war crime of the war of the sexes; the wussy male vs. the powerful female. Raping males, proven beyond a shadow of doubt must receive penalties and re-education for their self-crime of wussy hatred.


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